Old Inns and Pubs of Leeds – Barrie Pepper

Published by Alewords in 1997 this 68 page paperback is a second edition, with additions of the book first published by Barrie in 1989 when Leeds had six hundred pubs, I don’t Old Inns and Pubs of Leeds 877know how many it had in 1989 I suspect, no I know, there are a lot less now. It is a well illustrated book Barrie points out it is not intended to be a guide book but he does list twenty pubs worth a visit (remember that was in 1989, how many are still there needs someone dedicated enough to do a pub crawl to find out. The index of pubs runs to three pages.

This book is on sale for £4.00 in my shop, Not in Heckmondwike Book Shop, but the challenge to find me open might prove too much of a task, even though I do like to keep people informed of my “intention” to be open on my Not In Heckmondwike face book page.

However if you find the task of visiting my shop too difficult I am happy to post you a copy to any address in the UK for the modest sum of £5.00.

Book inc P&P in UK

Though a second-hand book shop, this particular book is not “pre-owned”. It is second hand.


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