What’s It all about

BOOKS & stuff

Mainly books, mainly paperbacks and mainly pre ’75 paperbacks, but I do have loads of other stuff, I even know where I have put some of it.

The illustration is not typical, many parts of the shop do indicate a degree of order, for instance I can easily locate 99% of the books I have catalogued

When we emerge from lock-down I intend to open by appointment but when I am open I will put my sign out theoretically to catch passing trade

The search below only searches books I have put on the website, if you want me to search my database (over 10,000 listed) or even my shelves (about 1000 feet) or in desperation my stockroom (including stuff I have squirreled away at home) then don’t hesitate to contact me, email is the most reliable way, but I have been known to answer my phone now and again.

I must warn you if you do sign up for notifications that I aim to add a blog at 18:00 every day.

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