Richard S Prather

220px-RichardSPratherRichard Scott Prather was an American mystery novelist, best known for creating the “Shell Scott” series. He also wrote under the pseudonyms David Knight and Douglas Ring.

Born in California in 1921 he died in 2007. Not quite as prolific as John Creasey, but a respectable output never the less.

Most of the copies I have were published by Gold Medal some covers more interesting than others.


Strip for Murder Five Star 0 £5.00
The Scrambled Yeggs Five Star 0 1974 £2.50
Dance with the Dead Gold Medal 554 1st 1962 anon vg
Take a Murder Darling Coronet F 127 1st 1967 Photo vg £2.00
tcot Vanishing Beauty Gold Medal US s 1249 B? vg
The Kubla Khan Caper Four Square 1933 1st 1967 anon vg £2.50
The Meandering Corpse Four Square 1935 1st anon vg+ £3.50
The Wailing Frail BAG 1 0 £2.50
Lie Down Killer Gold Medal US d 1637 1st Berys? vg
Strip for Murder Gold Medal US d 1604 1st anon vg
Bodies in Bedlam Gold Medal UK 668 rep vg £3.00
Case of the Vanishing Beaty Gold Medal UK 663 2nd vg £4.00
Dance With the Dead Gold Medal UK 554 vg £3.00
Darling it’s Death Gold Medal UK 661 r 1963 anon vg- £2.50
Find This Woman Gold Medal UK 665 2nd anon vg £3.00
Joker in the Deck Gold Medal 718 1st vg £3.50
Kill the Clown Gold Medal UK 613 1st 1963 Hooks vg £3.00
Lie Down Killer Gold Medal UK 669 2nd 1963 vg £3.00
Pattern for Panic Gold Medal UK 0 1st 1962 vg- £3.00
Pattern for Panic Gold Medal US 573 1st 1962 anon vg £3.00
Shell Scott’s Seven Slaughters Gold Medal UK 548 1st anon vg £3.00
Shell Scott’s Seven Slaughters Gold Medal UK 672 r 1963 anon vg £2.50
Strip for Murder Gold Medal UK 667 2nd vg £3.00
Take a Murder Darling Gold Medal UK 671 vg £3.00
The Comfortable Coffin Gold Medal UK 0 1st vg £3.00
The Wailing Frail Gold Medal US 592 1st 1956 vg- £4.00
The Wailing Frail Gold Medal UK 664 r 1963 anon vg £3.00
Too Many Crooks Gold Medal UK 666 2nd 1963 Kays vg £3.00

prather 2

If there is no price shown it means I couldn’t find it at my last stock check.


Stephen Daniel Francis a.k.a. HANK JANSON

I am posting this text from home and have been more than surprised about how little Google or Wikipedia have on this author, not only because he was so prolific, but also the pivotal roll he had in the UK censorship fiasco that culminated in the stage managed Lady Chatterley Show Trial.

The persecution he faced in the UK that saw him move to Spain to avoid arrest, Reginald Head (the illustrator of many Hank Janson titles) changing his name to Cy Webb and the publishers ending up in jail. All of these “facts” may not be true as I am relying on my memory, though I am sure I have a full account of the trials and tribulations somewhere in the shop.

Apparently all the Hank Janson novels from 46 to 53 were written by Stephen Francis and a number of the later novels.


Naked City -The Fault in our Stars Consul 790 1st anon vg £3.00
Naked City -Panic in the City Consul 791 1st anon vg £3.00
Naked City -The Day the Island Almost sank Consul 792 1st anon vg £3.00
Twilight People Consul 1291 1st photo vg £6.50
Pattern of Life Consul 1341 1st anon vg £10.00

collage HJ
Janson Hank Bid for Beauty BAG 09
Janson Hank Delicious Danger BAG 09
Janson Hank Fame and Fortune BAG 09
Janson Hank Hellcat BAG 09
Janson Hank Passionate Waife BAG 09
Janson Hank Frails Can Be So Tough Gaywood
Janson Hank Hotsy-You’ll be Chilled Gaywood
Janson Hank “Amerous Captive “”Bygone Ages Vol 2” HJ
Janson Hank Amerous Captive Vol. 3 HJ
Janson Hank Devil’s Highways HJ
Janson Hank Hell’s Angel HJ
Janson Hank Slaves for Seduction HJ
Janson Hank Sultry Avenger HJ
Janson Hank 48 Hours Moring
Janson Hank Bewitched Moring
Janson Hank Bring me Sorrow Moring
Janson Hank Desert Fury Moring
Janson Hank Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Janson Hank Flight from Fear Moring
Janson Hank Hellcat Moring
Janson Hank Hell’s Angel Moring
Janson Hank Invasion Moring
Janson Hank Jack Spot Moring
Janson Hank Kill This Man Moring
Janson Hank Murder Moring
Janson Hank Persian Pride Moring
Janson Hank Revolt Moring
Janson Hank Sinister Rapture Moring
Janson Hank Situation Grave Moring
Janson Hank Strange Destiny Moring
Janson Hank Sweet Fury Moring
Janson Hank Tension Moring
Janson Hank Tomorrow and a Day Moring
Janson Hank Untamed Moring
Janson Hank Whiplash Moring
Janson Hank Wild Girl Moring
Janson Hank Obsession UPC
Janson Hank Brazen Seductress Gold Star
Janson Hank Fanny Gold Star
Janson Hank Expectant Nymph Gold Star
Janson Hank Quiet Waits the Grave R & V
Janson Hank Ripe for Rapture R & V
Janson Hank Sentence for Sin HJ
Janson Hank This Hood for Hire R & V
Janson Hank Break For a Lovely HJ
Janson Hank This Hood For Hire HJ
Janson Hank Beloved Traitor R & V
Janson Hank Beloved Traitor R&V
Janson Hank Come Quick Honey R&V
Janson Hank Passionate Waif Moring
Janson Hank Cool Sugar Moring
Janson Hank Deicious Danger HJ
Janson Hank Janson Go Home! HJ
Janson Hank Crowns Can Kill HJ
Janson Hank Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Janson Hank Reluctant Hostess HJ
Janson Hank Short-Term Wife HJ
Janson Hank Break For A Lovely HJ
Janson Hank Beauty and the Beat HJ
Janson Hank Chicago Chick HJ
Janson Hank Crime on my Hands HJ
Janson Hank Uncover Agent HJ
Janson Hank Take This Sweetie HJ
Janson Hank Honey For Me HJ
Janson Hank Mistress of Fear HJ
Janson Hank Too Soon to Die HJ
Janson Hank Kill Me For Kicks HJ
Janson Hank Twist for Two HJ
Janson Hank Angel Astray Compact
Janson Hank Dateline Diane Compact
Janson Hank Go With a Jerk HJ
Janson Hank I for Intrigue Compact
Janson Hank Brand Image Compact
Janson Hank Heartache Compact
Janson Hank The Love Makers Compact
Janson Hank Strange Ritual Compact
Janson Hank Hillary’s Terms Compact
Janson Hank Nerve Centre Compact
Janson Hank Fast Buck Compact
Janson Hank V for Vitality Compact
Janson Hank Visit from a Broad Compact
Janson Hank Lake Loot Compact
Janson Hank Fan Fare Compact
Janson Hank Voodoo Violence Compact
Janson Hank Will-Power Compact
Janson Hank Doctor Fix Compact
Janson Hank Pattern of Rape Compact
Janson Hank Square 1 Compact
Janson Hank The Last Lady Compact
Janson Hank Double Take Compact
Janson Hank Limbo Lover Compact
Janson Hank Model in Mayham Compact
Janson Hank Berlin Briefing Compact
Janson Hank Junk Market Compact
Janson Hank Tail Sting Compact
Janson Hank Why Should Sylvia Compact
Janson Hank Mayfair Slayride Compact
Janson Hank Bid for Beauty Compact
Janson Hank F.E.U.D. Compact
Janson Hank Make Mine Mink Compact
Janson Hank Zero Takes All Compact
Janson Hank The Young Wolves Compact
Janson Hank Love – In and Lamentation Compact
Janson Hank Sprung Compact
Janson Hank Globe Probe Compact
Janson Hank The Spy in my Bed Compact
Janson Hank Frame and Fortune Compact
Janson Hank Lament for a Lover Compact
Janson Hank Ultimate Deterrent Compact
Janson Hank Twilight Tigress Compact
Janson Hank Villon of the Peace Compact
Janson Hank The Long Arm Compact

Most of my photographs are taken with the book in a bag, so if labels are shown they are usually on the bag not the book. If you are interested please contact me, or better still visit, for a more detailed description.

Hank Janson – Hotsy-You’ll Be Chilled / Gaywood Press – Head Cover

Hank Janson - Hotsy-You'll be Chilled117

A classic Head cover on this, one of the harder to find Hank Janson titles. There seems to be a page missing before the title page on this otherwise very tidy clean copy for sale for £25.00

Other Hank Janson Titles in stock (I think)
Bid for Beauty BAG 09
Delicious Danger BAG 09
Fame and Fortune BAG 09
Hellcat BAG 09
Passionate Waife BAG 09
Angel Astray Compact
Berlin Briefing Compact
Bid for Beauty Compact
Brand Image Compact
Dateline Diane Compact
Doctor Fix Compact
Double Take Compact
F.E.U.D. Compact
Fan Fare Compact
Fast Buck Compact
Frame and Fortune Compact
Heartache Compact
Hillary’s Terms Compact
I for Intrigue Compact
Junk Market Compact
Lake Loot Compact
Lament for a Lover Compact
Limbo Lover Compact
Love – In and Lamentation Compact
Mayfair Slayride Compact
Nerve Centre Compact
Pattern of Rape Compact
Sprung Compact
Square 1 Compact
Strange Ritual Compact
Tail Sting Compact
The Last Lady Compact
The Long Arm Compact
The Love Makers Compact
The Spy in my Bed Compact
The Young Wolves Compact
Twilight Tigress Compact
Ultimate Deterrent Compact
V for Vitality Compact
Villon of the Peace Compact
Visit from a Broad Compact
Voodoo Violence Compact
Why Should Sylvia Compact
Will-Power Compact
Zero Takes All Compact
Frails Can Be So Tough Gaywood
Brazen Seductress Gold Star
Expectant Nymph Gold Star
Fanny Gold Star
Break For a Lovely HJ
Go With a Jerk HJ
Janson Go Home! HJ
Reluctant Hostess HJ
Sentence for Sin HJ
This Hood For Hire HJ
48 Hours Moring
Sweet Fury Moring
Beloved Traitor R&V
Obsession UPC
Bewitched Moring
Bring me Sorrow Moring
Desert Fury Moring
Flight from Fear Moring
Hellcat Moring
Invasion Moring
Jack Spot Moring
Kill This Man Moring
Murder Moring
Sinister Rapture Moring
Situation Grave Moring
Strange Destiny Moring
Beloved Traitor R & V
Quiet Waits the Grave R & V
Ripe for Rapture R & V
Amerous Captive Vol. 3 HJ
Beauty and the Beat HJ
Break For A Lovely HJ
Chicago Chick HJ
Crime on my Hands HJ
Crowns Can Kill HJ
Deicious Danger HJ
Devil’s Highways HJ
Honey For Me HJ
Kill Me For Kicks HJ
Short-Term Wife HJ
Slaves for Seduction HJ
Sultry Avenger HJ
Cool Sugar Moring
Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Passionate Waif Moring
Revolt Moring
Come Quick Honey R&V
Globe Probe Compact
Make Mine Mink Compact
Model in Mayham Compact
“Amerous Captive “”Bygone Ages Vol 2” HJ
Hell’s Angel HJ
Mistress of Fear HJ
Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Hell’s Angel Moring
Persian Pride Moring
Take This Sweetie HJ
Too Soon to Die HJ
Twist for Two HJ
Uncover Agent HJ
Tension Moring
Tomorrow and a Day Moring
Untamed Moring
Whiplash Moring
Wild Girl Moring
This Hood for Hire R & V

Satan is a Woman – Gil Brewer / Gaywood Press

Gil Brewer - Satan is a Woman 118

Gaywood Press, undated but has a 1952 copyright date Fawcett USA. The cover seems to be identical (or very similar) but different colours to the Gold Medal edition published in 1951 in the USA. This copy has parts of spine missing and has been repaired with “magic tape, otherwise a very compact and tidy copy.

Available for £25.00 (free p&p in UK)

Hank Janson

I think these cover artists are into shoulders in a big way “Noiquet” especially. I know it is not everyone’s taste but I don’t think Reginald can be beaten for the early Hank Janson covers. Did you know he also illustrated children’s books?


All titles £5.00 except Model in Mayhem at £3.00 and Make Mine Mink and Globe Probe at £2.50.

James Hadley Chase


James Hadley Chase ; titles I have catalogued
Come Easy-Go Easy  -Panther £2.50
Lady Here’s Your Wreath – Jarrods £6.00
Lady-Here’s your Wreath – Panther £2.50
Lay Her Among the Lilies  – Panther £2.50
Miss Hemingway Waves a Hand  -Panther £4.00
No Orchids for Miss Blandish / Panther £2.50
Safer Dead  /Robert Hale £10.00
Strictly for Cash / Panther £3.00
The Doll’s Bad News /Panther £2.00
The Soft Centre /Corgi £2.50
The wary Transgressor /Panther £4.00
What’s Better than Money? /Panther £2.50
Trusted Like a Fox /Corgi £2.50
We’ll Share a Double Funeral /Corgi £2.50
Goldfish Have no Hiding Place /Corgi £2.50
My Laugh Comes Last /Corgi £2.50
Tiger by the Tail /Panther £2.50
An Ear to the Ground /Panther £2.50
The Doll’s Bad News /Panther £2.50
Believed Violent /Panther £2.50
You’ve Got it Coming Panther £2.50

Hard Boiled or Private Detective

Not sure what to call this genre. Is Hard Boiled still in use?


Peter Cheyney; Dangerous Curves, White Circle are not exactly in the first division of cover design. I have too many Cheyney in stock to list, so if you are looking for something please contact me. I do try to check my email from time to time.

Carter Brown;

Carter BrownJohn P Marquand;

John P Marquand

James Hadley Chase;

James Hadley Chase

Brett Halliday;

Brett Halliday







More Hank Janson

I had difficulty in choosing what covers to use, I have a strong feeling that the Amorous Captive cover is not historically accurate, the slave masters shoes don’t seem practical.

Todays Varied Listings

Agatha Christie, Bram Stoker and Arthur C Clarke not exactly books that you would put together especially if you add Leonard Cottrell and Poetry books.




Please state title post free in UK


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