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Hank Janson

I think these cover artists are into shoulders in a big way “Noiquet” especially. I know it is not everyone’s taste but I don’t think Reginald can be beaten for the early Hank Janson covers. Did you know he also illustrated children’s books?


All titles £5.00 except Model in Mayhem at £3.00 and Make Mine Mink and Globe Probe at £2.50.

James Hadley Chase


James Hadley Chase ; titles I have catalogued
Come Easy-Go Easy  -Panther £2.50
Lady Here’s Your Wreath – Jarrods £6.00
Lady-Here’s your Wreath – Panther £2.50
Lay Her Among the Lilies  – Panther £2.50
Miss Hemingway Waves a Hand  -Panther £4.00
No Orchids for Miss Blandish / Panther £2.50
Safer Dead  /Robert Hale £10.00
Strictly for Cash / Panther £3.00
The Doll’s Bad News /Panther £2.00
The Soft Centre /Corgi £2.50
The wary Transgressor /Panther £4.00
What’s Better than Money? /Panther £2.50
Trusted Like a Fox /Corgi £2.50
We’ll Share a Double Funeral /Corgi £2.50
Goldfish Have no Hiding Place /Corgi £2.50
My Laugh Comes Last /Corgi £2.50
Tiger by the Tail /Panther £2.50
An Ear to the Ground /Panther £2.50
The Doll’s Bad News /Panther £2.50
Believed Violent /Panther £2.50
You’ve Got it Coming Panther £2.50

Hard Boiled or Private Detective

Not sure what to call this genre. Is Hard Boiled still in use?


Peter Cheyney; Dangerous Curves, White Circle are not exactly in the first division of cover design. I have too many Cheyney in stock to list, so if you are looking for something please contact me. I do try to check my email from time to time.

Carter Brown;

Carter BrownJohn P Marquand;

John P Marquand

James Hadley Chase;

James Hadley Chase

Brett Halliday;

Brett Halliday







More Hank Janson

I had difficulty in choosing what covers to use, I have a strong feeling that the Amorous Captive cover is not historically accurate, the slave masters shoes don’t seem practical.

Todays Varied Listings

Agatha Christie, Bram Stoker and Arthur C Clarke not exactly books that you would put together especially if you add Leonard Cottrell and Poetry books.




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