Have you noticed how many women feature on the covers when very few appeared in the stories in this period?


1Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) C M Kornbluth – Calvin M Knox – Algis Budrys – (Cover Jose Rubios )£10.00
2Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) Jerry Sohl – James Blish & Phil Barnhart – Robert Randall – (Cover Jose Rubios )£9.00
5Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) Ivar Jorgenson – Edmund Hamilton – Calvin M Knox – (Cover Emsh )£7.50
6Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne Whiteford – Nelson Sherwood – Arthur Sellings – George Chailey ( Cover Bradshaw )£7.50
7Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) James White – Nelson Sherwood – Clive Jackson (Cover Lewis )£7.50
8Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Jay Williams – Philip Stratford – Cliford C Reed (Cover Lewic)£7.50
9Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne Whiteford – Cliford C Reed (Cover Lewis )£7.50
11Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Clifford C Reed – Robert Presslie – E R James (cover Lewis )£7.50
12Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne N Whitford – Kenneth Bulmer – Robert Silverberg – Lin Wright (Cover Lewis )£7.50
13Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Clifford C Reed – James White – (cover Lewis )£7.50
14Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – E.C. Tubb – Clifford C Reed (cover Lewis )£7.50
15Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Lan Wright – Nelson Sherwood – Brian W Aldiss – Jim Harmon (cover Jarr )£7.50
16Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Brian W Aldiss – E C Tubb – Francis G Rayer – John Kippax (Cover Lewis )£7.50
17Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – Lan Wright – Alan Barclay (cover Jarr )£7.50
18Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) John Ashton – Kenneth Bulmer – E C Tubb – Robert Hoskins (cover Lewis )£7.50
19Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Nelson Sherwood – Francis G Reyer – Gordon R Dickson – Dale Hart (cover Lewis )£7.50
20Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – Robert Silverberg – Tevis Cogswell (cover Lewis)£7.50
21Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) William F Temple – John Ashcroft – (cover Lewis )£7.50
22Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Lan Wright – David Rome – W T Webb (cover Lewis )£7.50
23Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Nelson Sherwood – John Kippax – Noel Baddow Pope – Bertram Chandler (cover Lewis )£7.50
24Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg+) J G Ballard – David Rome – Lee Harding – (Cover Lewis )£150.00
25Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg+) John Brunner – Philip E High – Michael Moorcock – Alan Burns – Steve Hall (cover Lewis )£7.50
26Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg) Nelson Sherwood – John Brunner – P F Woods – (cover Lewis )£7.50
31Science Fiction Adventures1963(vg+) Richard Graham – John Brunner – Claud & Rhoda Nunes – Peter Vaughan (cover Quinn )£7.50

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NEW WORLDS Science Fiction


412New Worlds195112(g) F G Rayer – Gregory Francis – Sydney J Bounds – J T M’Intosh – George Longdon – E C Tubb (Clothier)£5.00
515New Worlds195205(vg) John K Aiken – Charles Gray – John Christopher – Peter Hawkins – E C Tubb (Cover Quinn)£7.50
616New Worlds195207(vg) J T M’Intosh – R G Reyer – E C Tubb – George Longdon – A Bertram Chandler (Cover Clothier)£7.50
617New Worlds195209(vg) Lan Wright – E R James – James Macgregor – A Bertram Chandler – F G Rayer – J T M’Intosh (Cover Quinn)£7.50
822New Worlds1954(vg) Kornbluth – Arthur C Clarke – John Wyndham – Christopher – Barclay – McIntosh (Cover Kinnear )£7.50
925New Worlds195407(vg) White – Gardner – Wright – James – Rayer – Peter Hawkins – Robert Sheckley (Cover Quinn)£7.50
927New Worlds195409(vg) White – Rayer – del Ray – Wright – Burke – Tucker ( Cover Quinn )£7.50
1029New Worlds195411(vg) Wright – Bester – Tubb – Kornbluth – James (Cover Quinn )£7.50
1030New Worlds195412(vg) Dye – Cutler – Morgan & Kippax – Francis – Tubb (Cover by Quinn )£7.50
1235New Worlds195505(vg) Tubb – White – John Wyndham – Rowland – Merril – Guthrie (Cover Quinn )£7.50
1339New Worlds195509(vg) Tucker – Barclay – Oliver – Morgan – Newman – Flood (Cover Quinn)£7.50
1545New Worlds195603(vg) Rayer – Bulmer – Lamont – Guthrie – Bryning – Woodcott (cover Terry)£7.50
1647New Worlds195605(vg-) Rayer – Brunner – Morgan – Quinn – Rowland – Wright (Cover by Quinn )£7.50
1648New Worlds195606(vg) Barclay – Brunner – Rayer – James – Lamont – Wright (Cover by Terry )£7.50
1852New Worlds195610(vg) White – Wilson – Longdon – Bulmer – Rayer – (Cover Terry)£7.50
1853New Worlds195611(vg) Kippax – Longdon – Barclay – Sellings – Bounds – White (Cover Terry)£7.50
1854New Worlds195612(vg) Barclay – J G Ballard – Asimov – Wilson – Morgan – White (cover by Quinn )£7.50
1955New Worlds195701(vg) Wright – Arthur C Clarke – J G Ballard – Polinda – Guthrie – White (Cover Terry)£7.50
1956New Worlds195702(vg) McIntosh – Bryning – Guthrie – Betram Chandler – Philip E High – James White (Cover Terry)£7.50
2266New Worlds195712(vg) Brunner – Silverberg – Parks – Wright – Chandler – Aldiss – (Cover Lewis)£7.50
2367New Worlds195801(vg) Bulmer – Malcolm – Aldiss – Phillips – Brunner ( cover by Terry )£7.50
2368New Worlds195802(vg-) Tubb – Morgan – Bulmer – Presslie – Brunner (Cover Terry )£5.00
2369New Worlds195803(vg) Eric Frank Russell – Boland – Harrison – Presslie – Rayer – Silverberg (Cover Lewis )£7.50
2573New Worlds195807(vg) Aldiss – Wyndham – Bounds – del Rey – Kippax – Sellings – (Cover Lewis)£7.50
2575New Worlds195809(vg) Brian W Aldiss – John Wyndham – Clifford C Reed – Harry Harrison – Harlan Ellison (cover Lewis)£7.50
2677New Worlds195811(vg) White – Kapp – Presslie – Aldiss – Kippax – Sellings – Arthur C Clarke – ( Cover by Lewis )£7.50
2678New Worlds195812(vg) Wright – Ashton – Presslie – Aldiss – del-Rey (cover Lewis)£7.50
2780New Worlds195902(vg) Silverberg – Aldiss – Kippax – Malcolm – Wright (Cover Edwards)£7.50
2780New Worlds195902(tatty) Silverberg – Adiss – Kippax – Johns (Cover Edwards)£2.50
2781New Worlds195903(vg) Charles Eric Maine – James White – John Brunner – Philip E High – Betram Chandler (cover Lewis)£7.50
2781New Worlds195903(vg) Maine – White – Brunner – High – Cvhandler – (Cover Lewis)£7.50
2882New Worlds195904(g) Kapp – Barclay – Aldiss – Presslie – Maine – (Cover Lewis)£4.00
2985New Worlds195907(vg) John Brunner – Lan Wright – Robert Silverberg – Francis G Rayer – E R James – Kenneth Bulmer (cover Lewis)£7.50
2986New Worlds195908(vg) Donald Malcolm – E R James – Philip E High – Kenneth Bulmer – Peter Hawkins (Cover Lewis)£7.50
2987New Worlds195910(vg) White – Longdn – Kapp – Bulmer (Cover Lewis)£7.50
3088New Worlds195911(vg) White – Ballard – Malcolm – Langdon – Robinson & Sones (Cover Lewis )£7.50
3089New Worlds195912(vg) Philip K Dick – Kapp – Silverberg – Barrington – Barclay – (Cover – Lewis )£15.00
3191New Worlds196002(vg) Kapp – Lane – Tubb – Rayer – Guthrie – Philip K Dick (Cover by Lewis )£15.00
3192New Worlds196003(vg) Aldiss – Porter – Ballard – Bullard – Brunner – Whieford – Malcolm – (Cover by Lewis )£7.50
3193New Worlds196004(vg) Brunner – Wright – Tubb – Aldiss ( Cover Jarr )£7.50
3294New Worlds196005(vg+) Rackham – Malcolm – Silverberg – Aldiss – (Cover by Jarr )£7.50
3294New Worlds196005(vg+) Rackham – Malcolm – Silverberg – Chandler -Aldiss ( Cover by Jarr )£7.50
3295New Worlds196006(vg+) White – JG Ballard – Maddock – Aldiss – High ( cover by Jarr )£7.50
3295New Worlds196006(vg) James White – J G Ballard – Brian W Aldiss – Larry Maddock – High (Cover Jarr)£5.00
3296New Worlds196007(vg+) Bulmer – Whitford – Graham – Tilly – Whitley – Horne ( Cover by Lewis )£7.50
3397New Worlds196008(vg+) Bill Spencer – David Porter – Harold Parsons – Larry Maddock – George Whitley – Kenneth Bulmer (cover Jarr£7.50
3398New Worlds196009(vg) Rackham – Whiteford – Malcolm – Wilson – Bulmer (cover Lewis)£7.50
3399New Worlds196010(vg+) White – Kapp – Tubb – Webb – Ballard (Cover by Jarr )£7.50
34100New Worlds196011(vg+) Temple – Kapp – John Wyndham – Hynam – Aldiss – Brunner – Tubb – White – Cover Lewis£7.50
34101New Worlds196012(vg+) Rackham – Bulmer – Kapp – Tilley – Maddock (Cover by Lewis )£5.00
34102New Worlds196101(vg) Sturgeon – Hawkins – Brandon – Graham – Morgan – Sellings – (cover by Jordan )£5.00
35103New Worlds196102(vg) Thomas – Rayer – Hoskins – Silverberg – High – Sturgeon – Cover Lewis£5.00
35104New Worlds196103(vg) Aldiss – Davies – Tubb – Stewart – Wright – Sturgeon (Cover Lewis )£5.00
36106New Worlds196105(vg+) Rackham – Ashcroft – High – Barclay – J G Ballard (Cover Lewis)£7.50
36108New Worlds196107(vg=) David Rome – J G Ballard – John Rackham – D D Stewart – John Brunner (Cover Lewis)£7.50
37109New Worlds196108(vg) John Rackham – Robert Silverberg – Mike Davis – Kenneth Jones – John Brunner Cover Joran£5.00
37110New Worlds196109(vg) J G Ballard – James White – John Kippax – George Whitley – David Rome – D E Ellis (Cover Quinn)£5.00
37111New Worlds196110(vg+) Kapp – Wright – Langalaan – Harding – J G Ballard (Cover by Lewis )£5.00
38112New Worlds196111(vg) Clinton – Harding – Ballard – Whiley – High ( Cover by Quinn )£5.00
38113New Worlds196112(vg+) Hawkins – Ballard – High – Rome – Clinton – (Cover Lewis )£5.00
39115New Worlds196202(vg) Ball – Harding – Green – Adiss – Draper – White ( Cover Lewis )£5.00
39116New Worlds196203(vg) Bulmer – Brunner – High – White (Cover by Quinn )£5.00
39117New Worlds196204(vg) Rackham – Harding – James – Green – Burns (cover by Brian Lewis )£5.00
40119New Worlds196206(vg+) Aldiss – J G Ballard – Rayer – James – Harding (Cover Brian Lewis)£7.50
40120New Worlds196207(vg) Malcolm – Hall – Ballard – Rayer – Woods – Aldiss£5.00
41121New Worlds196208(vg) Green – Presslie – Rayer – James – Aldiss£5.00
42124New Worlds196211(vg) Presslie – Hall – Green – High – Markham – Potts£5.00
42125New Worlds196212(vg) Kapp – Markham – Rome – Rayer – Corey – Green£5.00
46136New Worlds196311(vg) Kapp – Rackham – Ball – Baxter – Woods – Busby£5.00
48145New Worlds196411(vg) Moorcock – Collyn – Hill – Fry – Woods – Hamilton£5.00
48148New Worlds196503(vg) Bayley – Asrthur C Clarke – Malcolm – J G Ballard – Moorcock – Tilley£5.00
48149New Worlds196504(vg) E C Tubb – Mackelworth – Collyn – Walters – Morgan – Mackin – Roberts – Woods£5.00
49151New Worlds196506(vg) Bayley – Vinge – Collyn – Macleworth – Tubb£5.00
49152New Worlds196507(vg) Platt – Jones – Williams – Richardson – Gordon – Aldiss -Fry£5.00
49153New Worlds196508(vg) Harrison – Aldiss – Collyn – Webb – Reynolds – Moorcock – Hoare£5.00
49154New Worlds196509(vg) Aldiss – Masson – Harrison – Colvin – Silverberg£5.00
50163New Worlds196606(vg) Baxter – J G Ballard – Tate – Hill – Bennett – Bounds (Cover Roberts )£5.00
50164New Worlds196607(vg) Collyn – Maclean – DeCles – Redd – Neville – Baxter – Cheetham£5.00
50167New Worlds0(vg) Charles Platt – Knight – Disch – Bailey – Macbeth – Zelazny – Butterworth – Harrison – Collyn – Redd – Ballard£10.00
50168New Worlds0(vg-) J G Ballard – Disch – Clute – Mundis – Tate – Sladek – Platt – Hall – Castell£20.00
50170New Worlds0(vg+) J G Ballard – Clark – Hall – Roberts – Reed _ Macbeth – Disch – Cawthorn£20.00
50172New Worlds0(vg) Judith Merril – Woods – Disch – Sellings£10.00

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New World Science Fiction –

Single copy (please Specify) listed at £5.00 (or less), with postage to UK address £6.00 Please contact me for price for multiple copies


New Worlds Science Fiction

Single Copy listed at £7.50, with postage to UK address Please contact me for price for multiple copies or postage to other locations



The Best of NEW WORLDS edited by Michael Moorcock

Brian W Aldiss – J G Ballard – John Brunner – Harry Harrison – Arthur Sellings – E C Tubb Compact H287 1st edition vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


ANALOG – Update

As I am stock checking I am updating the contents, but it depends how knackered I am as to wether I type names in full or only surnames, sorry about that. But they should come up on a surname search.


167Analog196009Garrett – Cory – Harris – Mark Phillips – Isaac Asimov
168Analog196010Anvil – Harris – Frank Herbert – Campbell Jnr – Mark Phillips
1610Analog (UK)196012(vg) Reynolds – Silverberg – Brunner – Anvil – Anderson – Cover Schoenherr
171Analog (UK)196101(f) Gordon – Cole – Fyfe – Sanders – Poul Anderson
172Analog (UK)196102Pauline Ashwell – Mack Reynolds – Darrel T Langart –
173Analog (UK)196103(f) Phillips – Piper – Thomas – EC Tubb – Hal Clemont
174Analog196104(Fine) Anderson – Harry Harrison – Kallis – Westlake – Mark Phillips – Campbell
174Analog (UK)196104Anderson – Harry Harrison – Kallis – Westlake – Phillips
176Analog (UK)196106Everett B Cole – Christopher Anvil – Mack reynolds – Mark Phillips
177Analog (UK)196107Mack reynolds – Poul Anderson – Clifford D Simak – Arthur W Orton
178Analog (UK)196108Clifford D Simak – H B Fyfe – Walter Bupp – R D Locke – J F Bone – Anvil
179Analog (UK)196109Christopher Anvil – Arthur C Clarke – Schmitz – Sterling E Lanier – Clifford D Simak –
1711Analog (UK)196111(f) McGuire – Tinker – Kastle – Anvil – Simak
1712Analog (UK)196112David Gordon – Frederik Pohl – C M Cornbluth – H B Fyfe – Larry M Harris – Mack reynolds
181Analog (UK)196201Harry Harrison – R Garrett – Walter Bupp – D E Westlake – D T Langart
182Analog (UK)196202Schmitz – Gordon – Harris – Harry Harrison
183Analog (UK)196203Anvil – Wannamaker – Harry Harrison –
184Analog (UK)196204Reynolds – Godwin – Gordon – Fehreenbach – Dickson
185Analog (UK)196205Reynolds – H Beam Piper – E C Tubb – Gordon R Dickson
186Analog196206Jones – Argo – Dickson – Goble
186Analog (UK)196206Raymond F Jones – Sam & Janet Argo – Gordon Dickson – Neil Goble
187Analog (UK)196207Garrett – Anderson – Anvil – Dee – Brunner -Fyfe
187Analog (UK)196207Randall Garrett – Poul Anderson – Christopher Anvil – Roger Dee – John Brunner – H B Fyfe
188Analog (UK)196208Reynolds – Piper – Harry Harrison – FitzPatrick
189Analog (UK)196209Langart – Westlake – Bova – Harris – Bone
189Analog (UK)196209Darrell T Langart – Don Westlake – Ben Bova – Larry M Harris – J F Bone
1810Analog (UK)196210(g+) Thomas- Schmitz – Dickson – Constant – Langart
1810Analog (UK)196210Thomas – Schmitz – Dickson – Constant – Langart
1811Analog (UK)196211John Brunner – William Lee – Schmitz – Mack Reynolds
1812Analog (UK)196212Anvil – Randall Garrett – Schmitz – Mack reynolds
191Analog (UK)196301James Blish – Schmitz – Reynolds – Lockhard – Martin – Teddy Keller
192Analog (UK)196302Phillifent – McKettrig – Anvil – Porges – James Blish
193Analog (UK)196303H Beam Piper – Robert F Young – Mackenzie – William Carroll –
721Analog196309Sanders – Raphael – William J Smith – Javor – Hall
731Analog196403Murray Leinster – Norman Spinrad – Robin Scott – Richmond
732Analog196404Sanders – G O Smith – Porges – Richmond – Brand – Murray Leinster
733Analog196405Schmitz – Raphael – John Brunner – Temple – Anvil
734Analog196406Berryman – McIntosh – Gordon Dickson – Poal Anderson – Richmond – Schmitz
735Analog196407Burkett – Poal Anderson – Banks – Phillips
736Analog196408Reynolds – Damon Knight – Geffe – Burkett
741Analog196409Garrett – Schmitz – Piers Anthony – Hotaling – Burkett
742Analog196410Reynolds – Phillifent – Pembrokre – Frank Herbert – Lockhard
744Analog196412Murray Leinster – Richmond – Anvil – Harry Harrison – Norman Spinrad – Mack Reynolds
552Analog196504Schmitz – Reynolds – Perkins – Frank Herbert (Dune)
553Analog196505Schmitz – Brunner – Anvil – Frank Herbert (Dune)
554Analog196506Garrett – West _ Anvil – Frank Herbert
755Analog196507Poul Anderson – Gordon R Dickson – Mack Reynolds – Christopher Anvil – Scott Nichols – Lawrence A Perkins
756Analog196508FitzPatrick – Anvil – Schmitz – Garrett – Anderson
761Analog196509Reynolds – Bupp – Karageorge – Dickson – Bova – sanders
762Analog196510MacKenzie – Conquest – Olin – Reynolds
763Analog196511Piper – Brunner – Conquest -Reynolds
764Analog196512Reynolds – Poyer – Dickson – Meadows –
765Analog196601FitzPatrick – Anvil – Silverman – Reynolds
766Analog196602Schmitz – Harness – Reynolds – Ash
771Analog196603Vinge – Poyer – McCaffrey – Malec – Laumer
772Analog196604Ellern – Scott – Anderson – Jones – Correy
773Analog196605Ash – Harness – Dickson – Anvil – Poyer –
774Analog196606Anderson – Dempsey – Scott – Anvil – Herbert
775Analog196607Anthony – Hall – Cartier – Loran – Reynolds – Aanvil – Anderson
776Analog196608Garrett – Herbert – Berryman – Poyer – Spinrad – Shaw
781Analog196609Clement – Martino – Scott – Anvil – Garrett
782Analog196610Aanvil – Panshin – Reynolds – Garrett
783Analog196611Leinster – Anvil – Robb – Garrett
784Analog196612Reynolds – Bova – Neville – Edey – Latham
785Analog196701Anderson – Harrison – Fyfe – Laumer – Reynolds
00Analog196705BAG 11
793Analog196705Sipes – Anvil – Shaw – Hodous – Harrison
794Analog196706Reynolds – Anvil – Biggle – Martino – Perkins
795Analog196707Harrison – Philifent – Anvil – von Wald – Perkins – Reynold
796Analog196708Anderson – Herbert – Anvil – Richmonmd – Reynolds
801Analog196709Anvil – Reynolds – Wodhams – von Wold – Foray
00Analog196710BAG 12
802Analog196710McCaffrey – Capps – McIntosh – Purdom – MacFarlane
803Analog196711McCord – Loran – Anthony – Wodhams – Poyer –
804Analog196712McCaffrey – Wodhams – Panshin – Anthony – Anvil – Reynolds
805Analog19685(vg) Green – Jones – FitzPatrick – Richmond – Lanier – Daniels – Ben Bova – Anne McCaffrey
841Analog196909James Tiptree – Herbert Jacob Bernstein – Robert Chilton – W Macfarlane – E G Von Wald – Jack Wodhams
843Analog196911(vg) Kapp – J B Clarke – Macfarlane – Wellen – Dalmas
844Analog196912Harry Harrison Hallus – Chapman – Scortia – Lippa
845Analog197001J Russell Seitz & Ben Bova – Robert Chilson – Bruce Daniels – Howard L Mayers – A Bertram Chandler – Harry Harrison
846Analog197002(vg) Poul Anderson – Chilson – Howard – Wodhams – Harry Harrison
851Analog197003Carrigan Mcfarlane – Anver – Dempsey – Shaw – Wodhams
852Analog197004(vg) Cole – McDaniel – Hank Dempsey – Perkins – Frank Herbert – Carrigan
853Analog197005(vg) Dalmas – Schmitz – Killough – Dempsey – Carrigan
854Analog197006(vg) Hal Clement – Schmitz – Dempsey – Buckley – Laumer – Larson
855Analog197007Chilson – Wodhams – Hughes – Burrows – Hal Clement
856Analog197008Hal Clement – W Macfarlane – Harlan Ellison – Ben Bova – Howard L Myers – Robert Chilson –
861Analog197009Schmidt – Chandler – Tall – Wodhams – Clement
862Analog197010Dickson – MacLean – Dalmas – Shaw – Perkins
863Analog197011Laumer – Chilson – Vinge – Burrows – Dickson
864Analog197012Chilson – Wodhams – Myers – Anvil – Dickson
865Analog197101Schmitz – Wodhams – Hallus – Anver – Dickson
866Analog197102Lloyd Biggle Jr. – Myers – Green – Anvil – Wodhams
871Analog197103Katherine MacLean Anvil – Schmidt – Biggle –
872Analog197104Stanley Schmidt – Macfarlane – Wilson – Biggle
873Analog197105Gordon R Dickson Schmitz – Chapdeaine – Pournelle – Scithers
874Analog197106James H Schmitz – Boult – Thomas – Foster – Dickson
875Analog197107Martino – Boult – Wilson – Schmitz – Dickson
876Analog197108James H Schmitz – Callin – Anderson – Fulthorpe – Kapp – Wilson
881Analog197109F Paul Wilson – Phillifent – MacFarlane – Wodhams – Schmitz
882Analog197110John T Phillifent – Henry – Morrison – Green – Hallus – Thomas
883Analog197111Glen Bever – MacKann – Chilson – Stephenson – Macfarlane – Phillifent
884Analog197112Jerry Pournelle – Wodhams – Vinge – Butler – Curtis – Bova
885Analog197201Wade Curtis – Anvil – Chilson – simov – Wodhams – Pournelle
886Analog197202William J Frogge – Sauter – Young – Green – Pournelle
891Analog197203Frederik Pohl – Larry Niven – Schmitz – Myers – Noakes – Glasser
892Analog197204Harry Harrison Schmidt – Anderson – Myers – Rounsley – Paul
894Analog197205S Kye Boult – Waldrop – Simak – Asimov – Harrison
894Analog197206Joe W Haldeman – Marcus – Rogers – Myers – Harry Harrison
895Analog197207S Kye Boult Janifer – Pournelle – Myers – Gilette – Welch
896Analog197208Gordon R Dickson Ruse – Wodhams – Curtis – Green – Vinge
901Analog197209James H Schmitz – Anvil – Strausbaugh – O’Brien – Conley – Gordon R Dickson
902Analog197210David Lewis – Buckley – Olin – Hamil – Berrman – Dickson
903Analog197211Clifford D Simak – Miller – Durham – DeBaun – Lewis – Gloeckner – Purdy
904Analog197212George R R Martin – Allred – deFord – Vinge – Wilson – Simak
905Analog197301Daniel B James Myers – Spinrad – Lunan – Edmundson – Witkin – Simak
906Analog197302Poul Anderson Hallus – Macfarlane – Robinson – Walling – Beaumont
911Analog197303John Brunner – Jerry Pournelle – Herbie Brennan – Mark K Roberts – Poul Anderson
922Analog197304William E Cochrane – Tom Purdom – G H Scithers – Pat De Graw – Poul Anderson
933Analog197305Jerry Pournelle Effinger – Tuning – Wolfe – Martin – Janifer – Modesitt
914Analog197306Frank Kelly Freas Janifer – Deitchman – Snatsky – Pierce – Pournelle
915Analog197307McCaffrey – Lyon – Prosterman – Lambery – Wellen
916Analog197308Dickson – Chilson – Lewis – Fisher – Perkins – Hudgins
921Analog197309Schurmack – Maxwell – Rager – Janifer – Martin – Gorden R Dickson
922Analog197310G Harry Stine – Cochrane – D’attore – McIntyre – Richmond – O’Donnell – Dickson
923Analog197311Schmidt – Haldeman – Goulart – Dorman – Plauger
924Analog197312Goulart – Baumont – Perkins – Cain – Schmidt
925Analog197401Cochrane – DeBaun – Niven – Schmidt
926Analog197402Nemeth – Walling – Haldeman – Plauger – Coad – Gillette – Thompson
931Analog197403Pournelle – Green – Malzberg – Barton – Brennan – Nemeth – Walling
932Analog197404Brenda Pearce Spider Robinson – Larry Niven – Charles Eric Maine – Nemeth – Walling
933Analog197405(vg) Jesse Miller – Tak Hallus – Martin – Phillifent – Lloyd Biggle – Brennan
934Analog197406Tak Hallus – R R Martin – Van Scyoc – Bester – Silent
935Analog197407Jerry Pournell – Plauger – Buckley – Zelazny – Burns – Hallus
936Analog197408Dickson – Olsen – Marcus – Bunn – Hallus
941Analog197409Rotsler – Melen – Deitchman =- Brennert – Haldeman – Ewing – John W Clark
942Analog197410(vg) Jueneman – Haldeman – Harlan Ellison – Saberhagen – Drake – Offutt – Garrett
943Analog197411(vg) Bester – Robinson – Modesitt – Halderman – Peirce –
944Analog197412(vg) William Walling – Bob Buckley – Alfred Bester – Eisenstein –
945Analog197501Larry Nivan – Joe Halderman – Katherine MacLean
952Analog197502(f) Gordon R Dickson – Harry Harrison – Keith Laumer – Stephen Robinett – Chuck Wilson – Bob Buckley – Oberg
953Analog197503William Tuning – Ewing Edgar – PJ Plauger – Sonya Dorman – Heyford Peirce – Dickson – Harrison
954Analog197504(f) Brenda Pearce – Gregory Benford – Gordon R Dickson – Harry Harrison – Sullivan – Baird – Albus
955Analog197505(f) Lisa Tuttle – George R R Martin – Algis Budrys – Spider Robinson – Macfarlane – Sutch
956Analog197506Roger Zelazney – James Gunn – Dr.Irving Michelson – Bever – Bartholomew – Vinicoff – Martin
957Analog197507R R Martin – Norman Spinrad – Roger Zelazny – Borski – Fisher – Brennert – Peirce
958Analog197508Jerry Pournelle – Robert L Forward – Joan & Vernor Vinge – Peirce – Zelazny – Oberg – Durant
959Analog197509(vg) Hoagland – Dickson – Eklund – Benford -Hanson
9510Analog197510(vg) Green – Robinson – O’Donnell – Haldeman – White – Spinrad – Davids
9511Analog197511(vg) Zelazny – Green – Vinicoff – Martin – Tuite – Spider Robinson –
9512Analog197512Anderson – Dozois – Shaw – Dern – Green
961Analog197601Frank Herbert – Morris – Grant – Brennan
962Analog197602Bear – Peirce – Asimov – Herbert
963Analog197603Laumer – Brennan – Herbert – Robinett
964Analog197604de Camp – Peirce – Buckley – Schaub
965Analog197605Richard & Nancy Carrigan – George O Smith – Gordon Eklund – Robinett – Ford
966Analog197606Stanley Schmidt – Christpher Anvil – B Harry Stine – Peirce – Schumack – Carrigan
967Analog197607Joe Haldeman – Norman Spinrad – Warwick – Guthridge – Schmidt
968Analog197608Robert Silverberg – Carl Sagan (interview) – Vinicoff – Martin – Sparhawk
969Analog197609Cochrane – McIntyre – Darnay – Underhill – Silverberg
9610Analog197610Joan D Vinge – Robert Silverberg – Thomas A Easton – Dern – Patrouch – Carr
9611Analog197611Spider Robinson – Margaret L Silbar – George Sassoon – James E Oberg – Sam Nicholson – Muurray Yaoo – Melissa Leach Dowd – William Walling
9612Analog197612Buckley – Plauger – Bunn – Leigh – Eklund – Garrett
971Analog197701Skinner – Sparhawk – Peirce – Tellur – Darney – Robinett – Williamson
972Analog197702Silber – Gribbin – Bryant -Brennert – Cochrane – Ing
973Analog197703Spider & Jeanne Robinson – James Gunn – Sam Nicholson – Christopher Anvil – C L Grant – Henry Melton Heyford Peirce
974Analog197704George R R Martin – Randall Garrett – George M Ewing – Stephen Leigh – Roy L Prosterman – Bernard Deitchman Freitas
975Analog197705Hoagland – Haldeman – Preston – Farlow – St.Clair – Martin
976Analog197706Joan D Vinge – Leigh Kennedy – Trudy E Bell – Sheldon – Carr – Tellure – Martin
977Analog197707David Drake – Stanley Schmidt – George R R Martin – Schmidt – Wood – Czerwony – St. Davids
978Analog197708Robert Lynn Asprin – Larry Nivan – Kevin O’Donnell Jr – Arthur M Dula – Card – Macfarlane – Tellure – Nicholson
979Analog197709Keith Laumer – Stanley Schmidt – Rachel C Payes – David Drake – Charles Ott – Sam Nicholson – Ron Goulet – Edmundo Hamiltowne
9710Analog197710Mack Reynolds – Laumer – Spider Robinson – Marcia Martin – Eric Vinicoff – Jeff Hecht – Nahin
9711Analog197711McLaughlin – Buchanan – Reynolds – Robinson – Baker – Card – Patrrouch
9712Analog197712Schmidt – Gallun – Ragsdale – Nicholson – Barr – Reynolds
981Analog197801Nicholson – Ing – Schmidt – Silbar Modesitt – Darnay – O’Donnell
982Analog197802Vinge – MsIntyre – Mrtin – Gribbin – Card – O’Donnell – Maize
983Analog197803Olney – McIntyre – McCollum – Joan D Vinge – Douglass – Matthews –
984Analog197804Kingsbury – Card – Adams – Tucker – Nahin – Buckley – Vinge
985Analog197805Algis Budrys – Orson Scott Card – Stephen Robinett – Johns – Rothman – Cox – Sheffield
986Analog197806Joan D Vinge – Gregory Benford – Schumacher – Stewart -Garett – McDonald – Henderson
987Analog197807Donald Kinksbury – Jack Williamson – Jack Chalker – Hamil – Nahin – Sheffield – Farlow – Modesett – Darney
988Analog197808Sam Nicholson – Jack Williamson – Harlan Ellison – Deitchman – Milton – Card – Carr – Hamiltowne
989Analog197809Spider Robinson – Dean Ing – Joe Goodavange – Benford – O’Donnell – Biggle
9810Analog197810Greg Bear – Frederik Pohl – Neil Ruzic – Spider Robinson Mobbs – Card – Malzberg Eisenstein
9811Analog197811Anderson – Poyer – Card – Halderman -Robinson – St. Davids – Sullivan – Kohn
9812Analog197812Jack Williamson – Joan D Vinge – Frank Herbert – F M Busby
991Analog197901Varley – Lomberg – Rose – Nicholson – Schutz – Lambert – Card – St.Marie – Thurston
992Analog197902Frank Herbert – Moravec – Martin – Hamiltowne – Ruse – Varley
993Analog197903Varley – Stone – Nicholson – Bell – Arbel – Reynolds – Janifer – Suffet
994Analog197904McCollum – Harper – Nahin – Bulychev – Byers – Benford – Sucharitkul – Sullivan – Varley
995Analog197905Orson Scott Card – George W Harper – Thomas A Easton – Dueifer – Delany – Nahin – Stone – Vinicoff – Martin
996Analog197906Cochrane – Niven – Barnes – Ettinger – Lambert – O’Donnell – Bester – Stewart
997Analog197907Cochrane – McCollum – Bainbridge – Bishop – Buckley – Annas – Nahin – Corey – Lee Robinson
998Analog197908Nicholson – Cramer – Easton – Bryant – Tall – Cochrane
999Analog197909Card – Ritchie – Stewart – Lambe – Lambert – Croft – Byers – Zahn
9910Analog197910Simak – Reynolds – Quick – Carr – Hendrickson
9911Analog197911Mark J McGarry – Roger Arnold & Donald Kingsbury – Kevin O’Dingonnell – Thomas E Easton – Clifford D Simak
9912Analog197912Donald Kingsbury – Clifford D Simak – Roger Arnold – McLaughlin – Croft – Nahin
1001Analog198001Lisa Tuttle – Martin – Gottfried – Kennedy – Ben Bova – Asimov
1002Analog198002Longyear – Gallum – Tuttle – Martin – Easton – Patrouch
1003Analog198003Buckley – Reynolds – Correy – Quick – Malzberg – Gaugil
1004Analog198004Martin – Buckley – Roach – Simak –
1005Analog198005Smith – Buckley – Easton – Tuning – West
1006Analog198006Williamson – Robinson – Franson – Nahin – Lambe – Easton
1007Analog198007Ing – Zahn – Janifer – Vinicoff – Martin – Ruse
1008Analog198008(vg) Dickson – White – Ing – Rothman – Nicholson – Lewis
1009Analog198009(vg) Byers – Reynolds – Ruse – Sheffield – Schwartz – MacLean – Rucker – Gould
10011Analog198011McCollum – Ray Thorne – de Camp – Ted Reynolds – Stigier – Janifer – Tuning
1012Analog198102Anderson – Sheffield – Vinicoff – Correy – Wodhams
1014Analog198103Harness – Zahn – Rucker – Freitas – Stewart – Byers – Paul J Nahin
1015Analog198104Modesitt – Zahn – Forward – Easton – Longyear – Oliver – Brin
1015Analog198104(vg) Mclaughlin – Modesitt – Zahn – Forward – Easton – Longyear – Oliver – Brin
1016Analog198105McLaughlin – Harness – David Brin – Matzner – Rothman – Tannehill – Shwartz
1016Analog198105(vg) McLaughlin – Hasrness – Brin – Matzner & Rothman – Tannehill – Shwartz
1017Analog198106(vg) Esenstein – Zahn – Parkinson – Kube-McDoell – Craven – McLaughlin
1018Analog198107(vg) McLaughlin – Stewart – Zahn – Freitas – Green – Alston – Easton – Martino
1019Analog198108(vg) McCollum – Stine – Gould – Goulart – Greenburg – Wilber – Sykes – Banks
1021Analog198201White – Byers – Zahn -Callin – Dulski
1022Analog198202Kingsbury – Stine – McLaughlin – Vinicoff – Anvil – Malzberg –
1025Analog198205Zahn – Johnson – Kingsbury – Griffin – Easton – Chilson
1026Analog198206Delaney – Stiegler – Kube-McDowell – Spider Robinson – Kyle – Petrouch
1027Analog198207Dulski – Zahn – Andrews – McDowell
10211Analog198211Larry Niven – Barnes – Delaney – Mark C Jarvis – Harper – Carr – McCollum
10212Analog198211(vg) Ashwell – Brown – Vinicoff – Stiegler – Shiner – Erikson – Oltion
10213Analog198212(vg) Forward – Zahn – Hoagland – Duiski – Brown – Burrows
1033Analog198303Poul Anderson – Dickson – Ray Brown – Rob Chilson – Silverberg – Lyon – Jerry Oltion
1034Analog198304(vg) Delaney – Shwartz – Martino – Goodavage -Kallis – Bove – Carrico
1035Analog198305(vg) Correy – Brin – Zahn – Stiegler – Janifer – Page
1036Analog198306(vg) Bear – Delaney – Woodcock – Green – Hamiltowne
1037Analog198307(vg) Zahn – Correy – Stone – Caraker – Catalano
1038Analog198308(f) Brown – Carr – Sakers – Kallis – Schenck – Forward -Vinicoff
10310Analog198309(vg) Oliver – Brown – Delaney – Stewart – Halderman – Thompson – Zahn
1039Analog198309(vg) Delaney – Duiski – Anderson – Cramer – Peirce – Callin – Green
10311Analog198310(f) Niven – Delaney – Vinge – Harness – Brown – Burdick – Mitchell (Cover Di Fate)
10312Analog198311(f) Anderson – Niven – Thompson – Janifer – Zahn – Brin – (Cover Kidd)
10313Analog198312(f) Zahn – Niven – Lofstrom – Robinson – Andrews – Benson (Cover Beekman)
1041Analog198401(vg) Niven – Gunn – Oiton – Lesney – Brin – Janifer – Ceasar
1043Analog198403(vg) Bova – Zahn – Moryasu – Caraker – Killough – Janifer
1044Analog198404(f) Byers – Delaney – Sheffield – Chilson – Gould – Zahn
1046Analog198406Vinge – Hamess – Silbar – McDonald – Conley – Byers
1047Analog198407Verner Vinge – Calin – Ray Brown – Rainbow
1048Analog198408Verner Vinge – Stiegler – Delaney – Buckley – Walling
1049Analog198409Zahn – Schenck – Delaney – Stiegier – Gribbin – Ligon
10410Analog198410Vinicoff – Martin – Delaney – Gunn – Iverson – Brown – Sheffield
10411Analog198411Kapp – Thompson – Delaney – Vinicoff – Martin – Gribbin – Flynn
1055Analog198505Sheffield – James Gunn – J Brian Clarke – Ellis – Rothman – Fergusson – Kube-McDowell
1056Analog198506Charles Sheffield – Fisher – Donaldson – Landis – Bill Johnson – Willium F Wu – Oltion – Hardisty – Eric G Iverson
1057Analog198507Zahn – Harness -Fergusson – Iverson – Purdom – Nicholson
1058Analog198508Zahn – Sheffield – Vinicoff – Iverson – Thompson – Oltion – Gordian – Klein
1059Analog198509Timothy Zahn – Dickson – Iverson – Oberg – Melton – Chilson – Wu
10510Analog198510Zahn – George R R Martin – Bob Buckley – Robert L Schultz – Jayge Carr
10511Analog198511Harry Turtledove – Martin – P M Fergusson – Gillett – W R Thompson – Heidi Heyer – Larry Powell – Ben Bova
10512Analog198512Spider Robinson – Bob Buckley – Dulski – Chilson – Meserole – Turtledove
1065Analog198605(f) Vinge – Robinson – Turtledove – Chilson – Allen
1067Analog198607(f) Vinge – Buckley – Turtledove – Oltion – Poyer – Chilson & Wu
1068Analog198608(f) Vinge – Clarke – Moon – Oberg – Taylor – Thompson – Wodhams
1069Analog198609(f) Turtledove – Vinge – Vinicoff – Frier – Moon – Murray (Cover Burlson)
10610Analog198610(f) Fergusson – Vinicoff – Kapp – Kusnick – Cartier – Delaney (Cover Beekmann)
10611Analog198611Flynn – Berryman – Chilson – Meserole – Dalmas – Schulzinger
10613Analog198612(f) Delaney – Wodhams – Andrews – Johnson – Gribbin – Chison & Wu – Jeppson – Robinson (Cover Aulisio)
10612Analog198612(f) Harness – Chase – Fergusson – Flynn – Earls – Janifer (Cover Hardy)
1075Analog198705Turtledove – Ian Stewart – Don Sakers – Sheffield – W R Thompson – James B Johnson – Harry Melton – J Brian Clarke
1076Analog198706Turtledove – Michael F Flynn – Ben Bova – W T Quick – Rob Chilson – W R Thompson – Laurence M Janifer
1078Analog198708Joseph Manzione – W R Thompson – Ray Brown – Jerry Oltion – Sheffield – Anderson – D C Poyer – George alec Effinger
1079Analog198709Turtledove – Timothy Zahn – Rick Shelley – M L Silbar – Arlan andrews – W T Quick – Oltion – Chilson _ Wu
10710Analog198710Flynn – Chilson – Wu – Kevin O’Donnell – Joe Fischetti – Laurence M Janifer – Rick Cook – Andrews – Oltion
10711Analog198711(f) Flynn – Kube-McDowell – Stiegler – Moon – Oltion (Cover Hamilton)
10712Analog198712Bujold – Turtledove – Stewart – Poyer – Kusnic
10712Analog198712(f) Bujold – Forde – Cather – Anvil – Chilson & Wu – Ballard (Cover Di Fate)
1071Analog198801Bujold – Poul Anderson – Shelly – Carr – Landis – Laurance – Andrews
1082Analog198802Bujold – JB Clarke – Gould – Anvil – Cook – Andrews – Gerard
1073Analog198803Ben Bova – Paul Ash – Elizabeth Moon – Zahn = Grace – Jeppson
1084Analog198804W R Thompson – Kick Cook – M A McCollum – Flynn – Easton – Fergusson – Weinland
1085Analog198805Fergusson – G L Robson – Allen – O’Donnell – Eric Vinicoff – Kraus – Nahin – Turtledove – Roland Shew
1086Analog198806Elizabeth Moon – Anderson – Quick – Flynn – Pauline Ashwell – Paula Robinson – Amy Bechtel – Jack Wodhams
1087Analog198807Paulene Ashwell – Flynn – Delaney – Gribbin – Forward – Bill Johnson – A J Austin – Rowland Shew – Fischetti
10812Analog198812White – Ashwell – Murray – Flynn – Oltion – Quick
1091Analog198901Shelley – Zxahn – JB Clarke – Taylor – Andrews – Austin – Chilson – Wu
1092Analog198902Scotten – Robinson – Thompson – Olton – Flynn – Grinzo – Green – Milton – Murray
1094Analog198904Stiegier – Larsen – Brejcha – Turtleclove – Cook – Brunet – Wilber – Delaney
1095Analog198905Bujold – Shelley – McLaughlin – Easton – Quick
1066Analog198906Vinge – Zahn – Anvil – Woodcock – Landis – Thompson
1096Analog198906Flynn – Thompson – Quick – Delaney – Chase
1097Analog198907Flynn – Manzione – Goodloe – Oltion – Asimov Bova
10910Analog198910Easton – Gilliland – P Robinson – Fogg – Soty – Beason -O’Donnell
10911Analog198911Easton- JB Clarke – Zahn – Cassino – Egan – Bechtel
10912Analog198912Easton – Thompson – Burns – Bechtel – Gardner
1107Analog199005Tim Ligon – Brejcha – LA Taylor – Bechtel – Rollins – Latner – Strumfels
1106Analog199005Flynn – Chase – Hatch – Oltion – Ecklar – KD Robinson – Ben Bova

Any Analog single issue Please specify year and month

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Five issues of Analog – Please specify year and month

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Frank Herbert (inc. Dune)

Dune Messiah was first published in serial form in Galaxy Magazine in 1969.I have 4 out of the five episodes. They are all in fine condition but the original owner covered his books in clear cellophane sometimes loose, which he “taped”, on the inside covers with Sellotape which left a mark when I removed it. I didn’t try to remove it as the books are all otherwise fine. I have detailed in the descriptions what the defect is.

Galaxy September 1969 (Part II Dune Messiah) Frank Herbert

This is one with a clear covering, otherwise fine. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GALAXY October 1969 (Part III Dune Messiah) Frank Herbert

This has a clear covering, otherwise fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GALAXY November 1969 (Part IV Dune Messiah) Frank Herbert

This book has no marks of any kind and is a true fine copy Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GALAXY December 1969 (Part V of Dune Messiah) Frank Herbert

This is a copy that was covered and has tape marks on the inside of the cover, otherwise fine. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



GALAXY May 1977 (Part I The Dosadi Experiment) Frank Herbert

vg++ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



GALAXY June 1977 (Part II The Dosadi Experiment) Frank Herbert

vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



GALAXY July 1977 (Part III The Dosadi Experiment) Frank Herbert

vg++ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



GALAXY August 1977 (Part IV The Dosadi Experiment) Frank Herbert

vg++ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Hard to Find Paperbacks


Philip Lindsay – ONE DAGGER FOR TWO

Pocket Book 1952 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Mittelholzer titles I should have in stock.

Mittelholzer EdgarChildren of KaywanaAce UK£5.00vg19591st
Mittelholzer EdgarKaywana BloodAce UK£2.50vg19601st
Mittelholzer EdgarMy Bones and My FluteCorgi£2.00vg19581st
Mittelholzer EdgarSylviaFour Square£5.00vg19642nd
Mittelholzer EdgarThe Wounded and the WorriedPan£4.00f1st
The prices above do not include postage

Whilst cataloguing paperbacks that I have had for years and have only just got round to sorting I check how many are available on line. Now and again I find books, or editions of books, that are hard to come by. Two of the rarer books in my last batch are George H Smith’s The Coming of the Rats and Brighton Belle by Arthur La Bern.

collage 5

BRIGHTON BELLE by Arthur La Bern

Digit (UK) “The sensational novel of a vicious back street world of pimps prostitutes and racketeers” vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


ISAAC ASIMOV Science Fiction Magazine


25Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine197810(vg+) Garrett – Peel – Bozarth – Haiderman – Reynolds – Wellan – Duntemann – Lear
26Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine197811(vg+) Longyear – Roberts – Gardner – Kaderabek – Botd – Asimov – Eisenstine – Ford – Osgood – Wellan – Gaughan – Bever – Lange – Baterman – Williamson – cover Barr
37Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine197907(vg+) Longyear – Gardner – Ford – Payack – Girard – Ringdalh – Kosiewska -Brierton – Ramirez – Cox – Wu – Cover Kofoed
45Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198005(vg+) McEnroe – Gardner – Tall – Roberts – Hand – Farber – Asimov – Andreissen & Poyner – Cover Barr
46Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198006(vg+) Searies – Sucharitkul – Gardner – David – Miller – Duntermann – Breen – Strauss – Dykstra – Tritten – Reynolds – Payack – McEnroe – Cover Stine
48Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198008(vg+) Van Scyoc – Gardner – Colley – Farber – Barnes – Sucharitkul – Cover Fabian
49Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198009(vg+) Haldeman – Gardner – Ford – Webb – Lisa Tuttle – Colly – Jepson – Strauss – Duntemann – Webb – Sucharitkul – Cover Schomburg
410Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198010(vg+) Ford – Gardner – Wall – Colley – Murphy – Davidson – Cover Schomburg
412Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198012(vg+) Longyear & O’Donnell – Gardner – Haldeman – Pearce – Casper – Jeppson – Wellan – Wolfe – Clayton cover Kofoed
511Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198110(vg) Watson – Gardner – Ogden – Sanciers – Ford – Davidson – Gunn – Macinttyre – Webb – Busby – Strauss – Sucharitkul Cover Nobel
64Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198204(vg+) Sutcharitkul – Gardner – Malzberg – Aldiss – Macintyre – Ford – Brous – Stevens – Effinger – Cover Lokay
71Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198301(vg+) Aldiss – Killus – Wall – Shiner – Sirios – Sheffield – Brunner – cover Caperosa

Isaak ASIMOV Science Fiction Magazine single issue

Please specify year and month – discount given for issues ordered at the same time. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


PAN 1st Series 1946 to 1958

If you want more information on the titles below, please contact me.

Stock 27th October 2022

Ambler EricCause for AlarmPanvg1st
Ambler EricEpitaph for a SpyPang1st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPanvg+19471st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPanvg19512nd
AnthologySeven Short PlaysPanvg-1st
AnthologyTold in the DarkPanvg-19502nd
Ashton HelenYeoman’s HospitalPanvg1st
Asimov IsaacExtraterrestrial CivilizationsPanvg
Asquith Cynthia (ed)2nd Pan Ghost BookPanf19561st
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Ghost BookPanvg
Bagnold EnidSerina BlandishPanvg-1st
Balchin NigelMine Own ExicutionerPanvg1st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPanvg19471st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPanvg2nd
Baron AlexanderFrom City From the PloughPanvg19531st
Baron AlexanderThe Human KindPanvg19571st
Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanf1st
Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanvg2nd
Baum VickiCentral StoresPanvg+1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPang1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPanvg dj1st
Belmans LudwigDirty EddiePanvg19521st
Bennett ArnoldAnna of the Five TownsPanvg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPanvg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPanvg dj1st
Berkerly AnthonyThe Poisoned Chocolate CasePanvg19501st
Bickers Richard TownshendGinger Lacey Fighter PilotPanvg
Blake NicholasA Question of ProofPanvg-SOLD
Blake NicholasHead of a TravellerPanvg1st
Blake NicholasThere’s Trouble BrewingPanvg1st
Borden MaryAction for SlanderPanvg-19491st
Brand ChristiannaDeath in High HeelsPanvg19491st
Brand ChristiannaGreen for DangerPanvg+
Brand MaxThe Gun TamerPanvg-19571st
Brickhill PaulEscape or DiePanvg-1st
Brickhill PaulEscape or DiePanvg7th
Bright PamelaLife in our HandsPanvg19571st
Brophy JohnTurn the Key SoftlyPanvg19531st
Buchan JohnGreenmantlePanvg1st
Buchan JohnPrestor JohnPanf19501st
Buchan JohnThe Island of SheepPanvg-1st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPanvg6th
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPanvg4th
Bullet GeraldTrouble in Number SevenPanvg1st
Cambridge ElizabethHostage to FortunePanvg1st
Canning VictorA Forest of EyesPanvg1st
Cannon JoannaHour of the AngelPanvg+1st
Cartland BarbaraA Rhapsody of LovePanvg19771st
Caspary VeraLauraPanvg1st
Caspery VeraBedeliaPanvg19501st
Cecil HenryAcording to EvidencePanvg19571st
Cecil HenryNatural CausesPanvg19561st
Cecil HenryNo Bail for the JudgePanvg19551st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg+19531st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg-19552nd
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintPanvg+19561st
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintPanvg19582nd
Charteris LeslieSaint OverboardPanvg+19551st
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg19541st
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg+19562nd
Charteris LeslieThe avenging SaintPanvg3rd
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanvg1st
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanf19531st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint and Mr TealPanvg19571st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Goes WestPanvg-2nd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in LondonPanvg19521st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in MiamiPanvg19551st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPanvg+2nd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPanvg4th
Charteris LeslieThe Saint on GuardPanvg+19511st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Steps InPanvg19581st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Steps InPanf19581st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Versus Scotland YardPanvg19503rd
Chesser EustaceLove and MarriagePanvg19571st
Chesterton GKThe Wisdom of Father BrownPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg-1st
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg2nd
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg3rd
Cheyney PeterDark InterludePanvg19571st
Cheyney PeterDark WantonPanf19561st
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get Me WrongPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPanvg2nd
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPanvg4th
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPanvg6th
Cheyney PeterYou Can Call it a DayPanf19521st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Keep the ChangePanvg1st
Cheyney PeterYou’d be SurprisedPanvg19562nd
Christie AgathaCards on the TablePanvg19554th
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanvg2nd
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanf3rd
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanf19544th
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg-1st
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg19542nd
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19521st
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19532nd
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPanvg1st
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPanf1st
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle My ShoePanvg19561st
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanf19551st
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanvg2nd
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanvg1st
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanf19574th
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePanvg19551st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Panvg+19471st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Panvg19502nd
Christie AgathaThe HollowPanvg+19501st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanvg+197323rd
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanvg19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19542nd
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19574th
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPang4th
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPanvg+196916th
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair At StylesPanvg19552nd
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainPang19541st
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPanvg19551st
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPanvg+19551st
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPanf19561st
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPanp2nd
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansPanvg+19693rd
Clarke Arthur CChildhoods EndPanvg19561st
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightPanvg19571st
Clarke Arthur CImperial EarthPanvg19785th
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpacePanvg19541st
Clarke Arthur CProfiles of the FuturePanvg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Deep RangePanvg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Fountains of ParadisePanvg+
Clewes HThe Long memoryPanvg-19541st
Collins NormanFlames Coming out of the TopPanvg19491st
Conan Doyle ArthurAdventures of GerardPanvg1st
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Return of Sherlock HolmesPanf1954SOLD
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg-19511st
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg2nd
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg19531st
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg+19553rd
Cotteral GeoffreyWestward the SunPanvg19551st
Cotterell GeoffreyThen a SoldierPanvg+19571st
Coward NoelStar QualityPanvg1st
Creasey JohnA Beauty for Inspector WestPanf19561st
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePanvg+19571st
Crofts Freeman WillsAntidote to VenomPanvg1st
Curtiss UrsulaThe Noonday DevilPanf19571st
Davis RhysThe Black VenusPanvg19501st
Davison AnnLast VoyagePanvg19561st
de la Mare WalterThe ReturnPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoJalnaPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoMary WakefieldPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoRenny’s DaughterPanvg19551st
de la Roche MazoThe Building of JalnaPanvg19561st
de la Roche MazoThe Master of JalnaPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoThe Whiteoak BrothersPanvg19571st
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePanvg19522nd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePanvg3rd
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPanvg19481st
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPanvg-3rd
de Wiart CartonHappy OdysseyPanf19551st
de Wiart CartonHappy OdysseyPanvg19551st
Dean JosephHatred Ridicule or ContemptPanvg1st
Deeping WarwickParadice PlacePanvg1st
Delafield EMThe Provincial LadyPanvg+1st
Dickson CarterThe Bowstring MurdersPanvg19501st
Douglas LloydMagnicent ObsessionPanf1st
Druon MauriceThe Iron KingPan
Du Maurier GeorgeTrilbyPanvg1st
Duffield AnneThe Golden SummerPanvg19571st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanvg+19501st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanf19552nd
Duguid JulianTiger-ManPanvg+1st
Duke MadelineTop Secret MissionPanvg19571st
Edelmaan MauriceWho Goes HomePanvg19551st
Ferber EdnaShow BoatPanvg19541st
Finney JackFive Against the HousePanf19561st
Fitt MaryClue to ChristobelPanvg+19521st
Fitzgerald KIt’s Different in JulyPanvg19571st
FitzGerald KevinA Throne of BayonetsPanvg+19551st
FitzGerald KevinQuite Under the SunPanf19561st
Fleming IanCasino RoyalePanvg197229th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPanvg+197218th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPanf197420th
Fleming IanFrom Russia with LovePan197626th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanvg+197222nd
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanf197323rd
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg+196924th
Fleming IanOctopussyPanvg19682nd
Fleming IanOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServicePanvg19727th
Frank AnneThe Diary of a Young GirlPanvg1st
Frankau PamelaThe Willow CabinPang+1st
Fraser RonaldRose AnstyPanvg19501st
Freeman R AustinThe Puzzle LockPanvg1st
Fullerton AlexanderNo Man’s MistressPanvg19571st
Fullerton AlexanderSurfacePanvg19561st
Galsworthy JohnThree PlaysPanf19481st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Backward MulePanvg-19571st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Curious BridePanvg1st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lazy LoverPanvg19561st
Garve AndrewA Hole in the GroundPanf19551st
Garve AndrewDeath and the Sky AbovePanvg19561st
Garve AndrewThe Megstone PlotPanf19581st
Gaskin CatherineAll Else is FollyPanvg1st
Gaskin CatherineDaughter of the HousePanvg19551st
Gilbert MichaelDeath has Deep RootsPanvg19541st
Goodchild GeorgeInspector Mcleans HolidayPanvg1st
Greene GrahamEngland Made MePanvg19541st
Greene GrahamJourney Without MapsPanvg19471st
Greene GrahamStamboul TrainPanvg1st
Gregory JacksonThe Secret of Secret ValleyPanf19521st
Grey ZaneForlorn RiverPanf2nd
Grey ZaneHeritage of the DesertPanvg1st
Grey ZaneKnights of the RangePanvg19551st
Grey ZaneThe Last of the PlainsmanPanvg19551st
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPanvg1st
Grossmith George & WeedonThe Diary of a NobodyPanvg/vg+19471st
Guedalia PhillipMr Churchill a PortraitPanf1st
Haggard H RiderKing Solomon’s MinePanvg1st
Hammett DashiellThe Maltese FalconPanvg-1st
Hanley GeraldThe Consul at SunsetPanvg19551st
Hanley GeraldThe Year of the LionPanvg19561st
Hardy ThomasThe Mayor of CasterbridgePanf1st
Harpole JamesA Surgeons HeritagePanvg19561st
Hartley LPThe Shrimp and the AnemoniePanvg1st
Hays JosephThe Desparate HourPanvg19561st
Heberhart MGThe Glass SlipperPanvg1st
Heinline RobertThe Green Hills of EarthPanvg19561st
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPanvg19551st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPanvg1st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPanvg3rd
Henderson AMGood SpeakingPanvg19551st
Henry Mrs RobertMadaline Grown UpPanvg19551st
Henry Mrs RobertThe Little MadalinePanvg19541st
Henry OCabbages and KingsPang1st
Henry OThe Four MillionPanf19471st
Henry OThe Four MillionPanvg2nd
Henry OThe Trimmed LampPanvg-1st
Hey & KingThe Middle WatchPanvg1st
Heyer GeorgetteBehold, Here,s PoisonPanvg-19512nd
Heyer GeorgetteCousin KatePanf19711st
Heyer GeorgetteDetection UnlimitedPanvg+19562nd
Heyer GeorgetteDuplicate in DeathPanvg19541st
Heyer GeorgetteFaro’s DaughterPanvg1st
Heyer GeorgetteLady of QualityPanf19742nd
Heyer GeorgetteThe CorinthianPanvg1st
Hillary RichardThe Last EnemyPanvg1st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19503rd
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg19534th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19565th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19576th
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPanvg19492nd
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPanvg3rd
Hilton JamesSo Well RememberedPanvg1st
Hilton JamesTime and Time AgainPanvg19551st
HoffmanEight Tales of HoffmanPanvg+1st
Horn AATrader HornPanvg1st
Horn AATrader HornPanvg dj1st
Humphreys traversA Book of TrialsPanvg19562nd
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPanvg1948
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPanvg19481st
Innes HammondKiller MinePanf19571st
Innes HammondMaddon’s RockPanvg+19551st
Innes HammondThe Angry MountainPanvg1st
Innes HammondThe Trojan HorsePanvg+19551st
Jacob NaomiThe Man Who Found HimselfPanvg1st
James MRGhost Stories of an AntiquityPanvg-19531st
James MR (ed)More Ghost Stories from AntiquidyPanvg19551st
Jones EHThe Road to En-DorPanvg19551st
Joyce James AveryJustice at WorkPanvg19551st
Kauffman LaneThe PerfectionistPanvg+19571st
Kaye-Smith SheilaGreen Apple HarvestPanvg19501st
Kennedy MargaretThe Constant NymphPanvg19531st
Kennedy MilwardEscape to QuebecPanvg-1st
Keyes Francis ParkinsonThe Safe BridgePanvg19501st
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPanf19491st
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPanvg+19471st
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPanvg19492nd
Knox RonaldStill DeadPanvg19521st
Latimer JonathanSinners and ShroudsPanvg+19581st
Leonard JNFlight into SpacePanvg+19551st
Leslie DorisFull FlavourPanvg1st
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg1st
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPanvg19551st
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPanvg2nd
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg1st
Linklater EricRipeness is AllPanvg1st
Lister StephenMisral HotelPanvg19511st
Lister StephenSavoy Grill at OnePanvg-1st
Lodwick JohnLove Bade me WelcomePanvg19551st
Lowndes M BellocI Too Have lived in ArcadiaPanvg1st
Lustgarden EdgarDefenders TriumphPanvg19571st
Macaulay RoseKeeping up AppearancesPanvg-1st
Macaulay RoseStaying With RelationsPanvg1st
MacDonald John DThe Dreadful Lemon SkyPanvg
MacDonald John DTravis McGee In The Dreadful Lemon SkyPanvg+
Macdonald John RossThe Drowning PoolPanvg19551st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPang+19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPanvg2nd
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPanvg3rd
Main Charles EricSpacewaysPanvg-19541st
Mankowitz WolfA Kid for Two FarthingsPanf19561st
Marquand John PHaven’s EndPanvg19471st
Marquand John PThe Late George ApleyPanvg1st
Mars AlexanderUnbrokenPanvg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPanvg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPanvg2nd
Marsh NgaioOpening NightPanvg19561st
Marshall BruceAll Glorious WithinPanvg+1st
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePanvg1st
Mason AEWAt the Villa RosePanvg1st
Mason AEWFire Over EnglandPanvg19471st
Mason AEWNo Other TigerPanvg19481st
Mason AEWThe Winding StairPanvg1st
Maughn SomersetAshendenPanvg19521st
Maupassant Guy deTales of Supernatural TerrorPanvg19732nd
McCormack CharlesYou’ll Die in SingaporePanvg+19571st
Miall RobertGerry Anderson’s UFOPanvg19701st
Moore JohnPortrait of ElmberyPanvg1st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg-19511st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg+2nd
Morgan CharlesThe River LinePanvg19551st
Murray NoraI Spied for StalinPanf19561st
Neave AireyThey Have there ExitsPanvg19551st
Nichols BeverleyDown the Garden PathPanvg-19501st
Nicholson HaroldSome PeoplePanvg+19471st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise Dead Man’s HandlePanvg+1986
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise I LuciferPanvg1973
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise Pieces of ModestyPanvg19721st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise The Impossible VirginPanvg19731st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise The Silver MistressPanvg1975
Orczy BaronessThe Emporer’s CandlesticksPanvg1st
O’Rourke FrankBlackwaterPanvg19581st
Pelfrey WilliamHamburger HillPanvg+1987
Plaidy JeanA Health Unto His MajestyPanvg
Plaidy JeanBeyond The Blue MountainPanvg
Plaidy JeanFlaunting Extravagant QueenPanvg
Plaidy JeanLouis the Well-BelovedPanvg19721st
Plaidy JeanMadonna of the Seven HillsPanvg
Plaidy JeanSt. Thomas’s EvePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Bastard KingPanvg19771st
Plaidy JeanThe Goddess of the Green RoomPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Goldsmith’s WifePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Murderer in the TowerPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Queen and Lord MPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Queen from ProvencePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Road to CompiegnePanvg19721st
Plaidy JeanThe Sixth WifePanvg197411th
Plaidy JeanThe Spanish BridegroomPanvg-19701st
Plaidy JeanThe Three CrownsPanvg-19731st
Plaidy JeanVictoria in the WingsPanvg
Priestley JBThe Doomsday ManPanvg1st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPanvg19471st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPanvg2nd
Rattigan TerranceThe Wimslow BoyPanvg19501st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg+19541st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg8th
Roberts CecilPilgrim CottagePanvg1st
Russell JohnWhere the Pavement EndsPang1st
Sadleir MichaelThese Foolish ThingsPanvg1st
Samuel ViscountBelief and actionPanvg19531st
SapperJim MaitlandPanvg1st
SapperThe Island of TerrorPanvg19571st
Sava GeorgeThey Came by AppointmentPanvg19571st
Scott J MSea-Wyf and BiscuitPanvg19571st
Sharp MargeryThe Gipsey in the ParlourPanvg19571st
Sharp MargeryThe Nutmeg TreePanvg2nd
Sharp MargeryThe Stone of ChastetyPanvg1st
Sharpe MargeryCluny BrownPanvg1st
Shelwell-Cooper WEEnjoy Your GardenPanvg19571st
SimenonMagnet of DoomPanf19561st
SimenonThe Man Who Watched The TrainsPanvg1st
Simpson HelenSaraband for Dead LoversPanvg1st
Sitwell OsbertAlive-Alive OhPanvg1st
Slocum JoshuaSailing Alone Round the WorldPanf19501st
Smith EleonorBallerinaPanvg19501st
Smith ShelleyThe Woman in the SeaPanvg19531st
Smith ShellyCome and be KilledPanvg19501st
Spring HowardDunkerley’sPanvg19501st
Steinbeck JohnThe Pearl and Burning BrightPanvg1st
Stephens JamesThe Crock of GoldPanvg+19531st
Stern GBThe Back SeatPanvg1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPang1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPanvg dj1st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPanvg+19461st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPanvg+19461st
Stokes SewellCourt CircularPanf-19551st
Strong LAGThe DirectorPanvg1st
Sutherland HallidayThe Arches of the YearsPanvg19501st
Tarr John CGood HandwritingPanvg19571st
Tey JosaphineBrat FarrarPanvg19541st
Tey JosaphineBrat FarrarPanvg+19572nd
Tey JosaphineMiss Pym DisposesPanvg19571st
Tey JosephineTo Love and be WisePanvg++19531st
Thal Herbert van ed.The 14th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPanvg
Thal Herbert van ed.The Fourth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPanvg197914th
Thal Herbert van ed.The Twelfth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPanvg
Thirkell AngelaPomfret TowersPanvg1st
Thomas WBDare to be FreePanvg19551st
Thomson EdwardBurmese SilverPanvg dj1st
Thouless RHStright and Crooked ThinkingPanvg1st
Timperley RosemaryThe Sixth Ghost Book Book TwoPanvg
Timperley Rosemary ed.The Sixth Ghost Book – Book TwoPanvg-19732nd
Trevor EllestonSquadren AirbornePanvg
Trevor ElstonThe Big Pick UpPanvg2nd
Upfield ArthurThe Clue of the New ShoePanvg+19551st
Vallens GHBetter EnglishPanf1st
Vallens GHGood English How to Write ItPanvg1st
Van Thal H (ed)Book of Strange StoriesPanvg+19541st
Waddell HelenPeter AbelyardPanvg19521st
Waldron & GleesonThe FrogmenPanvg19541st
Wallace EdgarSandersPanvg1st
Wallace Edgartcot Twisted CandlePanvg19541st
Wallace Edgartcot Twisted CandlePanvg19562nd
Wallace EdgarThe Cue of the Silver KeyPanvg19542nd
Wallace EdgarThe Four Just MenPanvg+19501st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg-19521st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg2nd
Wallace EdgarThe JokerPanvg+19501st
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPanvg-3rd
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPanvg4th
Wallace EdgarThe Square EmeraldPanvg19531st
Walmsley LeoSo Many LovesPanf19471st
Walpole HughAbove the Dark CircusPanvg19471st
Walpole HughMr Perrin and Mr TraillPanvg+19481st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg-1st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg2nd
Waugh AlecHot CountriesPanvg1st
Wayman StanleyUnder the Red RobePanvg+1srt
Wellard JamesNight in BabylonPang19541st
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanf1st
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanvg+2nd
Wentworth PatriciaGrey MaskPanvg19521st
Wentworth PatriciaPilgrim’s RestPanvg19531st
Wentworth PatriciaThe Clock Strikes TwelvePanvg19491st
White James DillonThe Spoletta StoryPanvg19571st
White JDGenevievePanvg19571st
Wilde OscarLady Widameres’ FanPanf1st
Williams EmlynThe Corn is GreenPanvg19501st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPanvg-1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPanvg+2nd
Wodehouse PGThank You JeevesPanvg1st
Woodruff PhilipThe Wild Sweet WitchPanvg1st
Young Francis BrettA Man About the HousePanvg+19551st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know by email to and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement.
Note that the price shown above may or may not include shipping.

Green for Danger – Christianna Brand

Pan 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


J. B. Priestly – The Doomsday Men

Pan 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lost Horizon – James Hilton

LOST HORIZON – James Hilton

PAN – specify the edition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Leo Walmsley – So Many Loves

SO MANY LOVES – Leo Walmsley

Pan 1st 1947 vg+


Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Pan 1947 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Thirty Nine Steps – John Buchan

The Thirty-nine Steps – John Buchan

Pan – Specify which edition Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal
invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

The Original Science Fiction Stories (Digest)


2The Original SF Stories1958(vg-) Eric Frank Russell – Banister – Silverberg – DeVet – Arnett – Ron Smith – Irving Cox – Cover Emsh
4The Original SF Stories1958(vg) Theodor L Thomas – Calvin M Knox – Ralph Spencer – Arthur Zirul – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Freas
5The Original SF Stories1958(vg-)Haugsraud & Smith – Mack Richards – Gordon R Dickson – George H Smith – Robert Randall Irving Fang – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Emsh
6The Original SF Stories1958(vg) D A Jourdan – Calvin M Knox – A Bertram Chandler – Watson Parker – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Freas
7The Original SF Stories0(vg-) Long – Vaisberg – Osborne – Diane Detzer Cover Freas
8The Original SF Stories19597(vg) Moore & Bradford – Smith – Siegel – St. Clair – Bloch – Cover Emsh
10The Original SF Stories195911(vg) Wilhelm – Chandler – Farrell – Maki – Moore & Bradford
11The Original SF Stories195912(vg) Silverberg – Basil Wells – Wilhelm – Reed – Caramine – Scortia


The Original SCIENCE FICTION Stories

Any single copy post paid to any UK address. Specify the issue. For more than one copy, ordered at the same time I will refund £2.50 postage for all but first copy.


Film “tie-ins” Book of the Film or Books Filmed based on


A Kid for Two Farthings and Make me an Offer by Wolf Mankowitz

Pan 1956 1st fine copy Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Five Against the House – Jack Finney

Pan 1956 1st fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


If Winter Comes by ASM Hutchinson

Pocket Book 1948 1st vg+ MGM film starred Walter Pidgeon, Deborah Kerr and Angela Lansbury Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant – Douglas Wallop

Pocket Book 1958 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GOOD NIGHT SWEET PRINCE – The Life and Times of John Barrymore by Gene Fowler

Pocket Book 1947 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Obviously only a small sample as I have only just started tagging my stock. One is not a film related book but as it featured Brigitte Bardot on the cover I included it.

Blakes 7 – Scorpio Attack – Trevor Hoyle

Blakes 7 – Scorpio Attack – Trevor Hoyle

BBC Publication vg+ – did everyone think Avon was a prick? Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Watership Down Film Picture Book Text by Richard Adams

The Watership Down Film Picture Book Text by Richard Adams

Penguin 1st 1978 vg title page hinge reinforced with Magic tape 9″ X 8″ (approx.) Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Official Collectors Edition – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Published by Star 1978 approx. 10″ X 8″ 62 pages magazine in fine condition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


James Dean a Short Life

JAMES DEAN a Short Life by Venable Herndon

Signet Film Series 1975 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


No Trees in the Street

No Trees in the Street by Charles Hatton screenplay Ted Willis

Corgi 1959 “The Book of the Film” vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Up the Junction – Nell Dunn

Pan 1st Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Vincente Blasco Ibanez

Four Square 1962 a fine copy. Filmed by MGM starring Glenn Ford Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Island in the Sky – Ernest K Gann

Island in the Sky – Ernest K Gann

Popular Library 1953 1st Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Joan of Arc – Frances Winwar

Joan of Arc – Frances Winwar

Bantam 1948 1st Claims to be “The true History of the World’s Most Glorious Girl” The Film featured Ingrid Bergman Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Death in the Doll’s House – by Hannah Lees and Lawrence Bachmann

Death in the Doll’s House – by Hannah Lees and Lawrence Bachmann

Dell “Mapback” undated at least vg+ Film Title “Shadow on the Wall” starring Ann Southern – Zachary Scott – Gigi Perreau Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Victim – William Drummond

Victim by William Drummond

VICTIM (Adapted from the Original Screenplay by Janet Green and John McCormick) A Rare Corgi paperback published in 1961 vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20210704_150856.jpg
The Strange World of Planet X

The Strange World of Planet X – Rene Ray

The Strange World of Planet X is a 1957 British science fiction horror novel, written by actress Rene Ray, a novelization of her 1956 TV serial of the same name. It is a cautionary tale about science. This is a 1963 Digit first edition. Posted to any UK address


5 Card Stud – By Ray Gaulden

“Now a Paramount Picture starring Dean Martin & Robert Mitchum – This is a Berkley Medallion Paperback. Posted to UK address


Only Two Can Play – That Uncertain Feeling – Kingsley Amis

1961 Four Square “starring Peter Sellers Mai Zetterling and Virginia Maskell. vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


John Burke – Look Back in Anger

John Burke – Look Back ion Anger

Four Square vg “Starring Richard Burton – Mary Ure _ Claire Bloom” vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-mountain.jpg

The Mountain – Henri Troyat

“The Story of two brothers who defied death – one to save life – the other to take it” “Spencer Tracy appearing in Paramounts production of “The Mountain”” Posted to anywhere in the UK


Hannie Caulder by William Terry

I can’t really believe this is authentic western gear, but she wears it so well, who cares. This is a NEL tie in published in 1971 1st printing. Posted to a UK address


Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy by James Leo Herlihy

The Panther movie tie-in with a great photo cover. I remember seeing the film when it came out, thought the film was great but no one could emphasise with the Jon Voight character, which is a bit of a relief as the actor has turned out to be more that the bit of a A-Hole. Posted to UK address


Wallace - Ben-Hur - Film

Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace

A Pan Giant To UK address


Giant – Edna Ferber

I have never seen the end of this film as our baby sitter taped over the end (VHS) with Neighbours, but this is the Four Square 1959 1st Posted to UK address


Porgy and Bess – Du Bose Heyward

Four Square 1959 1st – this is a book that became a film rather than the book of the film vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Inherit the Wind – Jerome Laurence – R E Lee

Four Square 1960 1st “Starring Spencer Tracy – Fredric March – Gene Kelly – Florence Eldridge and Donna Anderson ” vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


The Rat Race – Garson Kanin

Cardinal edition ” Starring Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Stock (the price is the In the shop price, so postage needs to be added)

Secondari John H3 Coins in the FountainDigit UK£10.00vg1st
Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg19613rd
Gaulden Ray5 Card StudBerkley£10.00vg1968
Trevor Elleston80’000 SuspectsPan£2.50g+1st
Mankowitz WolfA Kid for Two FarthingsPan£8.50f1st
Wilson SloanA Summer PlacePan£3.50vg1st
Roth ArthurA Terrible BeautyPan£3.00vg1st
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanther£3.00vg+19611st
Finney JackAssault on a QueenPan£2.50vg19662nd
Hurst FannieBack StreetPanther£7.50vg1st
Merriam Robert EBattle of the BulgePanther£2.50vg19652nd
Larson Glen ABattlestar Galactica The PhotostoryFutura£2.50vg19791st
Wallace LewBen HurPan£3.00vg5th
Bartolini LuigiBicycle ThievesPanther£5.00
Krepps Robert WBoy’s Night OutGold Medal£4.00vg19621st
Innes HammondCampbell’s KingdomFontana£4.00vg3rd
Innes MichaelCandleshoePenguin£2.50
MacLean AlistairCaravan to VaccaresFontana£2.50f19749th
Lee JamesCareerWDL£5.00vg19601st
Higham CharlesCecil B DeMilleDell£2.50vg19761st
Ferba EdnaCimeronPan£3.00vg1st
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£1.00vg-2nd
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£2.50rep
Shulman IrvingCollege ConfidentialGold Medal UK£5.00f1st
Lea TimothyConfessions from a Holiday CampSphere£2.50vg1973rep
Lea TimothyConfessions From a HotelSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Driving InstructorSphere£2.50vg1972rep
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Film ExtraSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Traveling SalesmanSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Window CleanerSphere£2.50vg1973rep
Sillitoe AlanCounterpointPan£2.50vg2nd
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£2.50vg197821st
Pasternak BorisDoctor ZhivagoFontana£2.50vg+1973rep
Albert MarvinDuel at DiabloCoronet£2.50vg19661st
Steinbeck JohnEast of EdenWDL£10.00vg19605th
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00f1982
Burdich & WheelerFail SafePan£3.00vg1st
Leonard ElmoreFifty-Two PickupDell£20.00vg19751st
Maclean AlistairForce 10 from NavaroneFontana£2.50vg+197819th
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePan£3.50vg196312th
Fuller RogerFugative – Fear in a Desert TownPocket Book£2.50g
Pearl JackFunny GirlMayflower£2.50vg-1969
Loos AnitaGentlemen Prefer BlondesConsul£5.00vg19621st
Forster MargaretGeorgy GirlPanther£3.00vg1st
Bassing EileenHome Before DarkPan£2.00vg-1st
Humphrey williamHome from the HillPan£4.00vg+1st
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontana£2.50vg19601st
MacLean AlistairIce Station ZebraFontana£2.50f197312th
Ertz SusanIn the Cool of the DayFontana£2.50vg1st
Blatty PeterJohn Goldfarb Please Come HomePanther£2.50vg1st
Brown Joe DaviesKings go ForthPan£2.50vg1st
Nabokov VladimirLaughter in the DarkPenguin£2.00vg1969rep
Smith Valerie KohlerLennyTandem£2.50vg19751st
Motley WillardLet no Man Write my EpitaphPan£3.50vg1st
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgi£5.00vg19811st
Chase BordenLone StarGold Medal US£5.00vg19521st
Kastner ErichLottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap)Puffin£2.50vg19621st
Forbes KathrynMama’s Bank AccountBantam£2.50vg19471st
Zolotow MauriceMarailyn MonroePanther£1.00vg-19621st
Sands MartinMaroc 7Pan£2.50vg1st
Herlihy James LeoMidnight CowboyPanther£5.00vg1969
O’Donnel PeterModesty BlaisePan£3.00vg1st
O’Donnell PeterModesty BlaisePan£2.50rep
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersPan£2.50vg2nd
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersPan£2.50vg1st
Boulle PierreMonkey PlanetPenguin£2.50vg+1975Rep
Christie AgathaMurder at the Gallop / After he FuneralFontana£2.50vg-19637th
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg198024th
Churchill WinstonMy Early LifeFontana£2.50vg19728th
Hatch EricMy Man GodfreyBantam£15.00vg1947
Flynn ErrolMy Wicked, Wicked WaysPan£1.50g
Fox Norman ANight PassageDell£5.00vg19571st
Fienburgh WilfredNo Love for JohnnieArrow£3.00f19601st
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgi£2.50vg-1959
Street JamesOh Promised LandPan£3.00vg1st
O’Hara JohnPal JoeyPanther£4.00vg19601st
Flender HaroldParis BluesPanther£20.00vg1st
Cunningham EVPenelopePan£3.00vg-1st
Metalious GracePeyton PlacePan£2.50vg-1st
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes #2 Escape to TomorrowAward£2.50vg19751st
Dunn NellPoor CowPan£5.00vg+19681st
Dryer Bernard VictorPort AfriquePanther£10.00vg+1st
Burke JohnPriveledgePan£3.00vg1st
Lockridge RockRaintree CountryPan£2.50vg3rd
Tarentino QuentinReservoir DogsFaber£3.50vg1996
Not ListedReturn of the Jedi (Comic Version)Piccolo£2.50vg
Metalous GraceReturn to Payton PlacePan£2.00vg1st
Arrow WilliamReturn to the Planet of the ApesBallantine£2.50vg19761st
Cousins E GSapphirePantherSOLDvg+19591st
Sillitoe AlanSaturday Night and Sunday MorningPan£3.00vg1st
Scott J MSea-Wyf and BiscuitPan£3.50
Haukelid KnutSkis Against the AtomFontana£10.00vg19732nd
Burke JohnSmashing TimePan£4.00vg+1st
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanther£5.00vg19582nd
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanther£5.00vg+19613rd
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi£2.00
Taradash & MollStorm CentrePanther£40.00vg1st
Hunter EvanStrangers When we MeetCorgi£2.50vg+
Amis KingsleyTake a Girl Like YouPenguin£2.50vg
Hannie CaulderTerry WilliamNEL£5.00vg+1971
Albert Marvin HThat Jane from MaineGold Medal UK£2.50vg-1st
Amis KingsleyThat Uncertain FeelingFour Square£2.50vg
McGill GordonThe Abomination Omen VFutura£5.00vg1985
Godden RumerThe Battle of the Villa FioritaPan£3.00vg2nd
Krepps Robert WThe Big GambleGold Medal UK£3.00vg19611st
Hunter EvanThe Blackboard JunglePanther£3.00vg19607th
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontana£4.00f19561st
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontana£2.50vg-5th
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanther£3.00vg1st
Jessup RichardThe Cincinnati KidPan£4.00vg1st
Brophy JohnThe Day They Robbed the Bank of EnglandFontana£2.50vg-19602nd
Rayner DAThe Enemy BelowFontana£4.00f19581st
Trevor EllestonThe Flight of the PhoenixPan£2.00vg+19664th
Bagley DesmondThe Freedom Trap / The Mackintosh ManFontana£2.50vg1973rep
Canning VictorThe Golden SalamanderH&S£3.00vg19531st
Millard JoeThe Good The Bad and the UglyUniversal£2.50vg1978rep
Hardy LindseyThe Grand Duke and Mr PimmPan£2.50vg+1st
Maclean AlistairThe Guns of NavaroneFontana£4.00vg19613rd
MacLean AlistairThe Guns of NavaroneFontana£2.50f197425th
Deighton LenThe Ipcress FilePanther£4.00vg19668th
Sands MartinThe JokersPan£3.00vg1st
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPan£4.00vg1st
Hartog Jan deThe KeyCorgi£5.00vg19581st
Vardeman Robert EThe Klingon GambitTitan£2.50vg+19901st
Wormster RichardThe Last Days of Sodom and GomorrahDigit UK£2.50vg+1963
Turnbull PatrickThe Long and the Short and the TallConsul£5.00vg19613rd
O’Conner EdwinThe Lst HurrahPan£2.50vg19591st
Sansom JohnThe Man Who Could Cheat DeathAce UK£15.00vg19592nd
Miller ArthurThe MisfitsDell£2.50vg+1961!st
Troyat HenriThe MountainViking£5.00vg-1956
White Theodore HThe Mountain RoadPan£4.00vg19601st
Leinster ColinThe OutsiderNEL£2.50vg-1980
VariousThe Penguin Film ReviewPenguin£2.50vg19491st
Bachmann LawrenceThe PhoenixFontana£2.50vg-19581st
Swiggett HowardThe Power and the PrizeBallantine£7.50vg
Mannon WarwickThe Rak’s ProgressWFP£5.00
Steinbeck JohnThe Red PonyBantam£2.50vg
Williams TennesseeThe Roman Spring of Mrs StoneAce UK£5.00vg1962rep
Brown FredricThe Screaming MimiSabreSOLDvg
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPan£4.00vg+19671st
Lindop Audrey ErskineThe Singer not the SongFontana£2.50f19591st
Betteridge DonThe Spies of PeenemundeCorgi£4.00vg+19591st
Galton & SimpsonThe Spy with a Cold NoseArrow£2.50vg19671st
Ray ReneThe Strange World of Planet XDigit UK£15.00vg19631st
Wyss Johann RudolfThe Swiss Family RobinsonFontana£2.50vg19611st
Sneider VJThe Tea House of the August MoonPanther£2.50vg19574th
Sneider VernThe Teahouse of the August MoonSignet£3.00
Burke JohnThe TrapPan£2.50g1st
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongFontana£5.00vg19608th
Stevenson Robert LThe Wrong BoxPan£2.50vg+1st
Storey DavidThis Sporting LifePenguin£2.00
Fleming IanThunderballPan£2.50vg196513th
Noble MartinTin MenStar£2.50vg19871st
Braithwaite ERTo Sir, With LoveNEL£2.50vg1969
Mankiewicz Don MTrialDigit UK£3.00vg-1st
Portis CharlesTrue GritPenguin£1.00vg-1971rep
Brophy JohnTurn the Key SoftlyPan£4.00vg1st
Dunn NellUp the JunctionPan£2.50vg8th
Canning VictorVenitian BirdPan£3.50vg+1st
Westerheimer DavidVon Ryans ExpressPan£2.50vg1st
Sylvester RobertWe Were StrangersSignet£5.00vg1st
MacLean AlistairWhen Eight Bells TollFontana£2.50vg197212th
Leasor JamesWhere the Spies ArePan£1.50vg6th
Poolman KennethWolf PackCorgi£5.00vg19591st
Bartok EvaWorth Living ForConsulSOLDvg19611st
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePan£3.50vg+19662nd

As I said;

Thomas - The Devil's Mistress - Film

Not all the books below have been stock checked recently also it is by no means comprehensive.


Secondari John H3 Coins in the FountainDigit UKvg1st
Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontanavg19613rd
Gaulden Ray5 Card StudBerkleyvg1968
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronCorgivg
Trevor Elleston80’000 SuspectsPang+1st
Mankowitz WolfA Kid for Two FarthingsPanf1st
Wilson SloanA Summer PlacePanvg1st
Roth ArthurA Terrible BeautyPanvg1st
Hughes WilliamAces HighFuturavg19761st
Roeburt JohnAl CaponePanthervg+1st
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanthervg+19611st
Finney JackAssault on a QueenPanvg19662nd
Hurst FannieBack StreetPanthervg1st
Merriam Robert EBattle of the BulgePanthervg19652nd
Wallace LewBen HurPanvg5th
Wallace LewBen-HurCardinalvg19591st
Bartolini LuigiBicycle ThievesPanther
Krepps Robert WBoy’s Night OutGold Medalvg19621st
Kessler LeoBreakthroughFuturavg-1980
Innes HammondCampbell’s KingdomFontanavg3rd
Innes MichaelCandleshoePenguin
MacLean AlistairCaravan to VaccaresFontanaf19749th
Lee JamesCareerWDLvg19601st
Higham CharlesCecil B DeMilleDellvg19761st
Ferba EdnaCimeronPanvg1st
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanthervg-2nd
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPantherrep
Shulman IrvingCollege ConfidentialGold Medal UKf1st
Lea TimothyConfessions from a Holiday CampSpherevg1973rep
Lea TimothyConfessions From a HotelSpherevg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Driving InstructorSpherevg1972rep
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Film ExtraSpherevg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Traveling SalesmanSpherevg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Window CleanerSpherevg1973rep
Sillitoe AlanCounterpointPanvg2nd
Lees & BachmanDeath in the Doll’s HouseDellvg
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontanavg197821st
Pasternak BorisDoctor ZhivagoFontanavg+1973rep
Albert MarvinDuel at DiabloCoronetvg19661st
Steinbeck JohnEast of EdenWDLvg19605th
Pournelle JerryEscape from the Planet of the ApesAwardvg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontanaf1982
Burdich & WheelerFail SafePanvg1st
Hardy ThomasFar from the Madding CrowdPanvg19671st
Leonard ElmoreFifty-Two PickupDellvg19751st
Millard JoeFor A Few Dollars MoreTandamvg+1972
Tessitore JohnFor Love or MoneyGold Medal UKvg1964
Maclean AlistairForce 10 from NavaroneFontanavg+197819th
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg196312th
Fuller RogerFugative – Fear in a Desert TownPocket Bookg
Pearl JackFunny GirlMayflowervg-1969
Loos AnitaGentlemen Prefer BlondesConsulvg19621st
Forster MargaretGeorgy GirlPanthervg1st
Ferber EdnaGiantFour Squarevg19591st
Frazee SteveGold of the Seven SaintsConsulvg+1st
Fowler GeneGood Night, Sweet PrincePocket Bookvg+19471st
Pelfrey WilliamHamburger HillPanvg+1987
Bassing EileenHome Before DarkPanvg-1st
Humphrey williamHome from the HillPanvg+1st
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontanavg19601st
Baim Gary LIce CastlesFotonovelvg+19781st
MacLean AlistairIce Station ZebraFontanaf197312th
Hutchinson ASMIf Winter ComesPocket Bookvg19481st
Moss W StanleyIll Met by MoonightCorgivg19561st
Ertz SusanIn the Cool of the DayFontanavg1st
Lawrence & LeeInherit the WindFour Squarevg19601st
Gann ErnestIsland in the SkyPopular Libraryvg1953
Edwards HerbIsland of LoveGold Medal UKvg1963
Herndon VenableJames Dean a Short LifeSignetvg19751st
Winwar FrancesJoan of ArcBantamvg19481st
Blatty PeterJohn Goldfarb Please Come HomePanthervg1st
Brown Joe DaviesKings go ForthPanvg1st
Avallone MichaelKrakatoa East of JavaSignetvg
Nabokov VladimirLaughter in the DarkPenguinvg1969rep
Smith Valerie KohlerLennyTandemvg19751st
Motley WillardLet no Man Write my EpitaphPanvg1st
Day ClarenceLife With FatherPocket Bookvg1947
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgivg19811st
Chase BordenLone StarGold Medal USvg19521st
Burke JohnLook Back in AngerFour Squarevg2nd
Kastner ErichLottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap)Puffinvg19621st
Kaufman RobertLove at First BiteFotonovelvg+19791st
Cort VanMail Order BrideGold Medal UKvg19641st
Forbes KathrynMama’s Bank AccountBantamvg19471st
Zolotow MauriceMarailyn MonroePanthervg-19621st
Sands MartinMaroc 7Panvg1st
Herlihy James LeoMidnight CowboyPanthervg1969
O’Donnel PeterModesty BlaisePanvg1st
O’Donnell PeterModesty BlaisePanrep
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersPanvg2nd
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersPanvg1st
Boulle PierreMonkey PlanetPenguinvg+1975Rep
Christie AgathaMurder at the Gallop / After he FuneralFontanavg-19637th
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontanavg198024th
Churchill WinstonMy Early LifeFontanavg19728th
Hatch EricMy Man GodfreyBantamvg1947
Flynn ErrolMy Wicked, Wicked WaysPang
Fox Norman ANight PassageDellvg19571st
Fienburgh WilfredNo Love for JohnnieArrowf19601st
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgivg-1959
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgivg+1959
Street JamesOh Promised LandPanvg1st
Amis KingsleyOnly Two Can PlayFour Squarevg19613rd
O’Hara JohnPal JoeyPanthervg19601st
Flender HaroldParis BluesPanthervg1st
JonesPeabody’s MermaidPocket Bookvg+19481st
Cunningham EVPenelopePanvg-1st
Metalious GracePeyton PlacePanvg-1st
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes #2 Escape to TomorrowAwardvg19751st
Dunn NellPoor CowPanvg+19681st
Heyward DuBosePorgy & BessFour Squarevg2nd
Heywood Du BosePorgy & BessFour Squarevg+19591st
Dryer Bernard VictorPort AfriquePanthervg+1st
Burke JohnPriveledgePanvg1st
Lockridge RockRaintree CountryPanvg3rd
Tarentino QuentinReservoir DogsFabervg1996
Not ListedReturn of the Jedi (Comic Version)Piccolovg
Metalous GraceReturn to Payton PlacePanvg1st
Arrow WilliamReturn to the Planet of the ApesBallantinevg19761st
Sillitoe AlanSaturday Night and Sunday MorningPanvg1st
Scott J MSea-Wyf and BiscuitPan
Haukelid KnutSkis Against the AtomFontanavg19732nd
Burke JohnSmashing TimePanvg+1st
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanthervg19582nd
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanthervg+19613rd
Joyce T RobertSpysSpherevg19741st
McIntyreStar Trk III – The Search for SpockPocket Bookvg1984
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi
Stong PhilState FairFour Squarevg-1962
Taradash & MollStorm CentrePanthervg1st
Hunter EvanStrangers When we MeetCorgivg+
Amis KingsleyTake a Girl Like YouPenguinvg
Hannie CaulderTerry WilliamNELvg+1971
Albert Marvin HThat Jane from MaineGold Medal UKvg-1st
Amis KingsleyThat Uncertain FeelingFour Squarevg
McGill GordonThe Abomination Omen VFuturavg1985
Godden RumerThe Battle of the Villa FioritaPanvg2nd
Krepps Robert WThe Big GambleGold Medal UKvg19611st
Hunter EvanThe Blackboard JunglePanthervg19607th
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontanaf19561st
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontanavg-5th
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanthervg1st
Keneally ThomasThe Chant of Jimmie BlacksmithFontanavg19781st
Wells BarryThe Day the Earth Cought FireFour Squarevg19611st
Brophy JohnThe Day They Robbed the Bank of EnglandFontanavg-19602nd
Rayner DAThe Enemy BelowFontanaf19581st
MacDonald John DThe Executioners / Cape FearPenguinf1991
Trevor EllestonThe Flight of the PhoenixPanvg+19664th
Bagley DesmondThe Freedom Trap / The Mackintosh ManFontanavg1973rep
Canning VictorThe Golden SalamanderH&Svg19531st
Millard JoeThe Good The Bad and the UglyUniversalvg1978rep
Hardy LindseyThe Grand Duke and Mr PimmPanvg+1st
Maclean AlistairThe Guns of NavaroneFontanavg19613rd
MacLean AlistairThe Guns of NavaroneFontanaf197425th
Deighton LenThe Ipcress FilePanthervg19668th
Sands MartinThe JokersPanvg1st
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPanvg1st
Hartog Jan deThe KeyCorgivg19581st
Vardeman Robert EThe Klingon GambitTitanvg+19901st
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land that Time ForgotTandemvg1975
Wormster RichardThe Last Days of Sodom and GomorrahDigit UKvg+1963
Turnbull PatrickThe Long and the Short and the TallConsulvg19613rd
O’Conner EdwinThe Lst HurrahPanvg19591st
Sansom JohnThe Man Who Could Cheat DeathAce UKvg19592nd
Miller ArthurThe MisfitsDellvg+1961!st
Troyat HenriThe MountainVikingvg-1956
White Theodore HThe Mountain RoadPanvg19601st
Seltzer DavidThe OmenFuturavg+1982rep
Leinster ColinThe OutsiderNELvg-1980
Manvell (ed)The Penguin Fil Review 9Penguinvg19491st
VariousThe Penguin Film ReviewPenguinvg19491st
Bachmann LawrenceThe PhoenixFontanavg-19581st
Swiggett HowardThe Power and the PrizeBallantinevg
Hall AdamThe Quiller MemorandumFontanavg-1967
Mannon WarwickThe Rak’s ProgressWFP
Kanin GarsonThe Rat RaceCardinalvg
Steinbeck JohnThe Red PonyBantamvg
Williams TennesseeThe Roman Spring of Mrs StoneAce UKvg1962rep
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPanvg+19671st
Lindop Audrey ErskineThe Singer not the SongFontanaf19591st
Burgess AlanThe Small WomanPanvg1st
Betteridge DonThe Spies of PeenemundeCorgivg+19591st
Galton & SimpsonThe Spy with a Cold NoseArrowvg19671st
Ray ReneThe Strange World of Planet XDigit UKvg19631st
Wyss Johann RudolfThe Swiss Family RobinsonFontanavg19611st
Sneider VJThe Tea House of the August MoonPanthervg19574th
Sneider VernThe Teahouse of the August MoonSignet
Foster Alan DeanThe ThingCorgivg19821st
Burke JohnThe TrapPang1st
Guthrie A BThe Way WestCorgivg19561st
Launder FrankThe Wilcats of St TriniansArmadavg+19801st
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongFontanavg19608th
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongSignetvg
Stevenson Robert LThe Wrong BoxPanvg+1st
Ibanez Vicente BlascoThe4 Horsemen of the ApocalypseFour Squaref19623rd
Storey DavidThis Sporting LifePenguin
Fleming IanThunderballPanvg196513th
Noble MartinTin MenStarvg19871st
Braithwaite ERTo Sir, With LoveNELvg1969
Mankiewicz Don MTrialDigit UKvg-1st
Portis CharlesTrue GritPenguinvg-1971rep
Brophy JohnTurn the Key SoftlyPanvg19531st
Dunn NellUp the JunctionPanvg1st
Dunn NellUp the JunctionPanvg8th
Canning VictorVenitian BirdPanvg+1st
Drummond WilliamVictimCorgivg1961
Westerheimer DavidVon Ryans ExpressPanvg1st
Sylvester RobertWe Were StrangersSignetvg1st
MacLean AlistairWhen Eight Bells TollFontanavg197212th
Leasor JamesWhere the Spies ArePanvg6th
Poolman KennethWolf PackCorgivg19591st
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePanvg+19662nd


Wait for Tomorrow – Robert Wilder

Corgi 1960 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Reprisal – Arthur Gordon

Reprisal by Arthur Gordon

Corgi 1953 vg+ “A savage Novel of Hatred and Revenge” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance

“An Authentic Story of Tribal life and rites by a chieftain of the Northern Blackfeet” a 1965 Corgi 1st Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Max Brand – The Jackson Trail

Corgi vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Ti-Coyo and his shark – Clement Richer

Ti-Coyo and his shark and Son of Ti-Coyo

Corgi Giant 1956 vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Courts of the Lion – Robert W Krepps

Corgi Giant 1954 1st vg- Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


I have not stock checked my Corgi Stock for quite a while so these are the titles I think I still have.


Aldiss BrianBarefoot in the HeadCorgivg
Allen H R “Dizzy”Battle for BritainCorgivg
Andrews LaurieTattered BattalionCorgivg1959
Andrews LucillaThe Secret ArmourCorgivg2nd
Arnod ElliottFight from AshiyaCorgivg1st
Asimov IsaacFantastic VoyageCorgivg
Baker DorothyYoung Man With a HornCorgivg-1st
Barnard JackThe HumpCorgivg19611st
Bates H EDear LifeCorgivg19632nd
Bates H EThe Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear LifeCorgi
Baze WilliamJust ElephantsCorgivg19591st
Behan BrendanBorstal BoyCorgivg+1st
Benet JamesA Private KillingCorgivg19511st
Betteridge DonThe Spies of PeenemundeCorgivg+19591st
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi
Bourjaily VanceConfessions of a Spent YouthCorgivg19611st
Bradbury RayThe Illustrated ManCorgivg-19602nd
Brand ChristiannaDeath of JezebelCorgivg1953
Brand MaxThe Bandit of the Black HillsCorgivg-19551st
Brand MaxThe Jackson TrailCorgivg19581st
Brasset Edmund ABackwoods DoctorCorgivg19561st
Brennecke JochenThe Hunters & The HuntedCorgivg19601st
Brophy JohnImmortal SergeantCorgivg
Brophy JohnTarget IslandCorgivg
Brown FredricNightmares and GeezenstacksCorgivg19621st
Brown FredricSpace on my HandsCorgivg1st
Bruce JeanLive WireCorgivg1966
Bruce JeanPhoto FinishCorgivg19651st
Bulloch JohnM I 5Corgivg+1st
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgivg+
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgivg+19771st
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgivg+1st
Burnett W RBitter GroundCorgivg+19601st
Burnett W RLittle Men Big WorldCorgivg19571st
Busch NivenThe Hate MerchantCorgivg+1st
Cain James MJealous WomanCorgivg19661st
Cain James MMignonCorgivg+19641st
Caldwel JohnDesperate VoyageCorgivg19571st
Campbell JamesMaximum EffortCorgivg19591st
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgivg+19711st
Carnell John editNew Writings in SF5.Corgifine19661st
Cartland BarbaraNever Laugh at LoveCorgivg+19812nd
Castle JohnThe Password is CourageCorgivg19625th
Castle JohnThe Seventh FuryCorgivg+1st
Castle John & Hailey ArthurFlight Into DangerCorgivg19601st
Chase James HadleyDo Me a Favour – Drop DeadCorgivg
Chase James HadleyGoldfish Have no Hiding PlaceCorgi
Chase James HadleyIn A Vain ShadowCorgivg
Chase James HadleyJust Another SuckerCorgivg
Chase James HadleyKnock, Knock ! Who’s There?Corgivg19751st
Chase James HadleyMake The Corpse WalkCorgivg
Chase James HadleyMy Laugh Comes LastCorgi
Chase James HadleyThe Soft CentreCorgi
Chase James HadleyTrusted Like a FoxCorgi
Chase James HadleyTry This One For SizeCorgivg-
Chase James HadleyWell Now PrettyCorgivg1980
Chase James HadleyWe’ll Share a Doule FuneralCorgi
Cheyney PeterThe Curiosity of Etienne MacGregorCorgi
Churchill PeterOf Their Own choiceCorgivg1st
Churchill PeterOf Their Own ChoiceCorgivg19551st
Clarke Arthur CReach for TomorrowCorgivg+
Clarke Arthur CReport on Planet Three and other speculationsCorgivg+
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsCorgivg+
Clarke Arthur CThe City and the StarsCorgivg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Lion of Comarre & Agaist the Fall of NightCorgivg+19721st
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgivg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgivg19631st
Clarke Arthur CThe Wind From The SunCorgivg+
Clifford FrancisHonour the ShrineCorgivg19602nd
Clostermann Pierre DFCThe Big ShowCorgivg1970
Comfort Will LevingtonApacheCorgivgrep
Cook WillApache AmbushCorgivg1st
Cousins SheilaTo Beg I am AshamedCorgivg19601st
Creasey JohnA Knife for the ToffCorgivg1971
Creasey JohnInvitation to AdventureCorgivg-19691st
Creasey JohnMurder With MushroomsCorgivg
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgivg19651st
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgivg
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyA Branch for the BaronCorgivg+19661st
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyA Rope For the BaronCorgivg+
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyAlias the BaronCorgivg
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyBlame the BaronCorgivg19661st
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron and the BeggarCorgig
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyVersus the BaronCorgivg
Creasey John as Gordon AsheMurder With MushroomsCorgi
Cross JohnThe Three they Couldn’t KillCorgivg19591st
Delmar VinaAbout Mrs LeslieCorgivg-19541st
Drummond WilliamVictimCorgivg1961
Edson JTOmnibus Vol. 9Corgivg+1981
Edson JTThe Whip and the WarlanceCorgivg19791st
Edson JTThe Ysabel KidCorgivg-1979rep
Edson JTWaco’s DebtCorgivg-1972
Ehrlich MaxThe Big EyeCorgivg+19601st
Ellson HalTomboyCorgi
Everett WadeFort StarkeCorgivg1st
Every Dale VanThe Scarlet FeatherCorgivg19601st
Fast HowardThe Edge of TomorrowCorgi
Fergusson HarveyThe Conquest of Don PedroCorgivg19561st
Fisher ClayDull KnifeCorgivg-1st
Fletcher LucilleBlindfoldCorgivg19621st
Forster Logan AProud LandCorgivg+1st
Foster Alan DeanThe ThingCorgivg19821st
Frede RichardEntry ECorgivg19611st
Freed ArtelDiamonds and MinxCorgivg1st
Freeman Ira HenryOut of the BurningCorgivg19611st
Friend JohnThe Long TrekCorgivg-1st
Gardiner DorothyThe Great BetrayalCorgivg1st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AABedrooms Have WindowsCorgivg1st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AABeware the CrowsCorgivgrep
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AACats Prow at NightCorgivg1st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AACrows Can’t CountCorgivgrep
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AATop of the HeapCorgig19581st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAYou Can Die LaughingCorgivg+1963rep
Gardner JohnThe LiquidatorCorgivg19651st
Gary RomainNothing Important Ever DiesCorgivg
Gilbert EdwinNative StoneCorgivg19611st
Gilzean ElizabethOn Call SisterCorgivg19591st
Gordon RexNo Man FridayCorgivg+1st
Gordons TheCase File FBICorgivgrep
Gordons TheFBI StoryCorgivg19571st
Gordons ThePlaybackCorgivg19571st
Green FLOn the Night of the FireCorgi
Grey ZaneWest of the PecosCorgivg19631st
Guthrie A BThe Way WestCorgivg19561st
Guthrie ABThe Way WestCorgivg+1st
Hall James BRacers to the SunCorgivg19621st
Hall Norman SThe Ballon BusterCorgivg19671st
Harrison DIThese Men Are DangerousCorgivg1st
Harrison RichardThe CID and the FBICorgivg
Hart KittyI am AliveCorgivg+19621st
Hartog Jan deThe KeyCorgivg19581st
Hassel SvenBlitzfreezeCorgivg+1981rep
Hassel SvenCourt MartialCorgivg1981rep
Hassel SvenLiquidate ParisCorgivg-19711st
Hassel SvenSS GeneralCorgivg19721st
Hassel SvenThe Bloody Road to DeathCorgivg19771st
Hassel SvenThe CommissarCorgivg19851st
Hassel SvenThe Legion of the DamnedCorgivg+1982rep
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgivg-1959
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgivg+1959
Heinrich WilliMark of ShameCorgivgrep
Heinrich WilliThe Willing FleshCorgivg19594th
Henry WillJesse JamesCorgivg+
Henry WillNo SurvivorsCorgivg19521st
Henry WillThe Seven Men at Mimbers SpringsCorgivg
Hinde ThomasA Place Like HomeCorgivg1965
Holles Robert ONow Thrive the ArmourersCorgivg1st
Holmes LPThe PlunderersCorgivg19591st
Howard LeighCrispin’s DayCorgivg1960rep
Howard LeighJohnny’s SisterCorgi
Hoyle Fred & Elliot JohnA for AndromedaCorgivg+19631st
Hunter EvanStrangers When we MeetCorgivg+
Jocelyn RichardAcross the RiverCorgivg+19591st
Joy JohnThe Destined HourCorgivg19611st
Kades HansThe Great TemptationCorgivg19612nd
Kantor MacKinlayWicked WaterCorgivg19531st
Kennaway JamesJock (Tunes of Glory)Corgivg1st
Kennedy margaretThe FeastCorgivg-19561st
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron 1 – The Black KnightsCorgivg1983
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron 2 Hawks of DeathCorgivg1983
Knight DamonBeyond the BarrierCorgivg19661st
Knoke HeinzI Flew for the FuhrerCorgivg
Krepps Robert WThe Courts of the LionCorgivg-19541st
Lambert EricA Short Walk to the StarsCorgi
Lambert EricGlory Thrown InCorgivg+19611st
Lambert EricThe Rehabilitated ManCorgiVG+1st
Lambert EricThe VeteransCorgivg1st
L’Amour LouisComstock LodeCorgivg19821st
Lance Chief Buffalo Child LongLong LanceCorgivg19561st
Lasly WaltTurn the Tigers looseCorgivg1st
Leasor JamesMutiny at the Red FortCorgivg1st
Lederer & BurdickThe Ugly AmericanCorgi
Lee VernonRavenna and her GhostsCorgivg1st
Lord WalterA Night to RememberCorgi1st
Lord WalterDay of InfamyCorgivg1st
Lord WalterTitanicCorgivg1st
Lymington JohnA Sword above the NightCorgivg19631st
Lymington JohnNight of the Big HeatCorgivg19611st
Lymington JohnThe Grey OnesCorgivg1st
Machen ArthurThe Novel of the Black SealCorgi1st
MacKenzie DonaldFugitivesCorgivg19571st
MacKenzie DonaldNowhere to goCorgivg1st
Maine Charles EricCalculated RiskCorgivg19621st
Maine Charles EricCount DownCorgivg1st
Maine Charles EricCrisis 2000Corgivg-19581st
Maine Charles EricThe Tide Went OutCorgivg19601st
Maine Charles EricTimelinerCorgivg19581st
Manor JasonThe Red JaguarCorgivg19581st
Marquis Thomas BWarriorCorgivg+1st
Masters David“So Few”Corgivg1st
Matheson RichardThird Eye from the SunCorgivg19611st
Maugham R C FJersey Under the JackbootCorgivg+1975
McGhee BillCut and RunCorgivg19631st
McIntosh JTBorn LeaderCorgivg1st
McIntosh JTOne in Three HundredCorgivg1st
McIntosh JTThe FittestCorgivg19611st
McKee AlexanderBlack SaturdayCorgivg19601st
Merfied & MilerGorillas were my NeighboursCorgivg19601st
Michener JamesSayonaraCorgivg2nd
Miller GilbertThe Flesh is WeakCorgivg2nd
Miloy VivianApine PartisanCorgiVG+1st
Mittelholzer EdgarMy Bones and My FluteCorgivg19581st
Monsarrat NicholasEsther CostelloCorgivgRep
Moore DonaldAll of One CompanyCorgi19591st
Morgan DanThe Several MindsCorgivg-19691st
Moss W StanleyIll Met by MoonightCorgivg19561st
Muldoon GuyLeopards in the NightCorgif1st
Mulford Clarence EJohnny NelsonCorgivg+19661st
Munsterhjelm ErikThe Wind and the CaribouCorgivg1st
Neilder CharlesMan Against NatureCorgivg1st
Newman BernardTaken at the FloodCorgivg1st
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgif19711st
Nolan William FImpact-20Corgivg+19661st
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgivg19811st
Nolan William FLogan’s WorldCorgivg19781st
Onn Chin KeeSilent ArmyCorgivg1st
O’sullivan J BDon’t Hang me Too HighCorgivg19551st
Page CatherineThe Irish NurseCorgivg1st
Pape RichardArm me AudacityCorgivg19571st
Pawle GeraldThe Secret WarCorgivg19591st
Phillips JohnThe Second Happiest DayCorgivg19611st
Pickles WilfredWilfred PicklesCorgivg1st
Poolman KennethWolf PackCorgivg19591st
Quayle AnthonyOn Such a NightCorgivg19581st
Rampa LobsangBehond the TenthCorgivg1972rep
Rampa LobsangCandlelightCorgivg19731st
Rampa LobsangFeeding the FlameCorgivg1974rep
Rampa LobsangThe Cave of the AncientsCorgivg19631st
Rampa LobsangThe Rampa StoryCorgivg1972
Rawnsley & WrightNight FighterCorgivg1st
Richer ClementTi-Coyo and his Shark & Son ofCorgivg1956
Richter ConradThe TreesCorgivg1958
Robeson Kenneth#03 Doc Savage – Meteor MenaceCorgivg-19751st
Rohmer SaxDaughter of Fu-ManchuCorgivg+1st
Rohmer SaxPresident Fu-ManchuCorgivg+19671st
Rohmer SaxThe Devil DoctorCorgivg+1st
Rohmer SaxThe Drums of Fu-ManchuCorgivg+19681st
Rohmer SaxThe Mask of Fu-ManchCorgivg-
Rohmer SaxThe Mask of Fu-ManchCorgivg19671st
Rohmer SaxThe Mystery of Dr. Fu-ManchuCorgivg+1st
Rohmer SaxThe Si-Fan MysteriesCorgivg+19671st
Rohmer SaxThe Trial of Fu-ManchuCorgivg19681st
Ross WalterThe ImmortalCorgivg19601st
Russell LordThe Knights of BushidoCorgivg-1966rep
Russell LordThe Scourge of the SwastikaCorgivg19596th
Schaefer JackCompany of CowardsCorgivg1st
Schaefer JackShaneCorgivg1974
Schaefer JackShaneCorgivg1st
Schaefer JackThe CanyonCorgivgrep
Schaeffer JackOut WestCorgivg19611st
Schulberg BuddOn The WaterfrontCorgivg1st
Schulberg BuddThe Harder They FallCorgivg19621st
Sellwood and HainingDevil Worship in BritainCorgivg19641st
Shapiro LionelTorch for a Dark JourneyCorgivg-19541st
Shaw HowardThe Crime of Giovanni VenturiCorgivg
Sheckley RobertJourney Beyond TomorrowCorgivg19661st
Short LukeSumer of the SmokeCorgivg1st
Shulman’s MaxThe Feather MerchantsCorgivg1st
Skirrow DesmondI was Following This GirlCorgivg
Small Sidney HerschelSword and CandleCorgivg19551st
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronCorgivg
Spillane MickeyDay of the GunsCorgivg19661st
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgivg19672nd
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgivg1969
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgivg1973
Spillane MickeyMe HoodCorgivg
Spillane MickeyMy Gun is QuickCorgi1960Rep
Spillane MickeyOne Lonely NightCorgivg19601st
Spillane MickeyThe Big KillCorgivg1st
Spillane MickeyThe Delta FactorCorgivg1971
Spillane MickeyThe FlyerCorgivg1967
Spillane MickeyThe Girl HuntersCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Girl HuntersCorgi19675th
Spillane MickeyThe Long WaitCorgigrep
Spillane MickeyVengeance is MineCorgivg-
St Clair MargaretSign of the LabrysCorgivg19631st
Steen ShielaWatch it SailorCorgif1st
SteinbeckOnce there was a WarCorgivg19611st
Steinbeck JohnCup of GoldCorgivg19531st
Steinbeck JohnCup of GoldCorgivg2nd
Steinbeck JohnOnce there was a WarCorgivg+2nd
Steinbeck JohnThe Long ValleyCorgivg1st
Steinbeck JohnThe Wayward BusCorgivg1st
Steinbeck JohnTo A God UnknownCorgivgRep
Strange OiverSuddenCorgivgrep
Strange OliverSudden Makes WarCorgivg19611st
Strange OliverSudden Rides AgainCorgivg1963rep
Strange OliverSudden-OutawedCorgivg1963rep
Strange OliverThe Marshal of LawlessCorgivg
Underwood MichaelCause of DeathCorgivg1st
Underwood MichaelMurder Made AbsoluteCorgivg1st
Underwood MichaelThe Man Who Died on FridayCorgivg+19681st
Veedam Voldemar & Carl B WallSailing to FreedomCorgi
Wallach IraMuscle BeachCorgif1st
Warren & BensonAbove us the WavesCorgivg+1st
Wellman Paul IDeath in the DesertCorgivg1st
Wellman Paul IThe Trampling HerdCorgivg19601st
West ElliotThe Night is a Time for ListeningCorgivg
White James DillonFlamingo LakeCorgivg+19561st
Wilder RobertFlamingo RoadCorgivgrep
Wilder RobertGod Has A Long FaceCorgivg+19611st
Wilder RobertWait for TomorrowCorgivg19601st
Wright FrancescaThe Loves of LucreziaCorgivg19621st
Wright Harry BWirness to WitchcraftCorgivg-
Wright Harry BWitness to WitchcraftCorgivg1st
Zola EmilTheresaCorgivg19629th

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