Doc SAVAGE – a man in need of a new shirt

Kenneth Robeson was the house name used by Street and Smith Publications as the author of their popular character Doc Savage and later The Avenger. Though most Doc Savage stories were written by the author Lester Dent, there were many others who contributed to the series, including:

William G. Bogart
Evelyn Coulson
Harold A. Davis
Lawrence Donovan
Alan Hathway
W. Ryerson Johnson



Robeson Kenneth#01 Doc Savage – The Man of BronzeCorgi£4.00f19751st
Robeson Kenneth#02 Doc Savage – The Thousand-headed ManCorgi£4.00vg+19751st
Robeson Kenneth#03 Doc Savage – Meteor MenaceCorgi£3.00vg+19751st
Robeson Kenneth#04 Doc Savage – The Polar TreasureBantam£2.50vg+19651st
Robeson Kenneth#05 Doc Savage – Brand of the WerewolfBantam£4.00vg+19651st
Robeson Kenneth#06 Doc Savage – The Lost OasisBantam£4.00vg+19651st
Robeson Kenneth#07 Doc Savage – The MonstersBantam£2.50vg19651st
Robeson Kenneth#08 Doc Savage – The Land of TerrorBantam£4.00vg+19651st
Robeson Kenneth#09 Doc Savage – The Mystic MullahBantam£4.00vg+19651st
Robeson Kenneth#10 Doc Savage – The Phantom CityBantam£4.00vg+19661st
Robeson Kenneth#11 Doc Savage – Fear CayBantam£4.00vg+19664th
Robeson Kenneth#12 Doc Savage – Quest of QuiBantam£2.50vg19661st
Robeson Kenneth#13 Doc Savage – Land of Always-nightBantam£4.00vg19661st
Robeson Kenneth#14 Doc Savage – The Fantastic IslandBantam£2.50g19661st
Robeson Kenneth#15 Doc Savage – Murder MelodyBantam£4.00vg+19671st
Robeson Kenneth#16 Doc Savage – The Spook LegionBantam£2.50vg19671st
Robeson Kenneth#17 Doc Savage – The Red SkullBantam£4.00vg+19671st
Robeson Kenneth#19 Doc Savage – The Pirate of the SpacificBantam£4.00vg+19671st
Robeson Kenneth#20 Doc Savage – The Secret in the SkyBantam£4.00vg+19671st
Robeson Kenneth#21 Doc Savage – Cold DeathBantam£4.00vg19681st
Robeson Kenneth#22 Doc Savage – The Czar of FearBantam£2.50vg-19681st
Robeson Kenneth#23 Doc Savage – Fortress of SolitudeBantam£4.00vg+19681st
Robeson Kenneth#24 Doc Savage – The Green EagleBantam£4.00vg+19681st
Robeson Kenneth#25 Doc Savage – The Devil’s PlaygroundBantam£4.00f19681st
Robeson Kenneth#26 Doc Savage – Death in SilverBantam£2.50vg19681st
Robeson Kenneth#27 Doc Savage – Mystery at SeaBantam£2.50vg19681st
Robeson Kenneth#28 Doc Savage – The Deadly DwarfBantam£4.00vg+19681st
Robeson Kenneth#29 Doc Savage – The Other WorldBantam£4.00vg+19681st
Robeson Kenneth#30 Doc Savage – The Flaming FalconsBantam£4.00vg+19681st
Robeson Kenneth#31 Doc Savage – The AnnihilistBantam£2.50vg-19681st
Robeson Kenneth#32 Doc Savage – Dust of DeathBantam£4.00f19691st
Robeson Kenneth#33 Doc Savage – The Terror in the NavyBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#34 Doc Savage – Mad EyesBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#35 Doc Savage – The Squeaking GoblinBantam£2.50vg19691st
Robeson Kenneth#36 Doc Savage – Resurrection DayBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#37 Doc Savage – HexBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#38 Doc Savage – Red SnowBantam£2.50vg19691st
Robeson Kenneth#39 Doc Savage – World’s Fair GoblinBantam
Robeson Kenneth#40 Doc Savage – The Dagger in the SkyBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#41 Doc Savage – Merchants of DisasterBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#42 Doc Savage – The Gold OgreBantam£2.50vg19691st
Robeson Kenneth#43 Doc Savage – The Man Who Shook the EarthBantam£4.00vg+19691st
Robeson Kenneth#47 Doc Savage – Land of Long Ju JuBantam£2.50vg19701st
Robeson Kenneth#48 Doc Savage – The Featured OctopusBantam£2.50vg19701st
Robeson Kenneth#49 Doc Savage – The Sea AngelBantam£2.50vg19701st
Robeson Kenneth#50 Doc Savage – Devil on the MoonBantam£2.50vg19701st
Robeson Kenneth#51 Doc Savage – Haunted OceanBantam£4.00vg+19701st
Robeson Kenneth#52 Doc Savage – The VanisherBantam
Robeson Kenneth#53 Doc Savage – The Mental WizardBantam£4.00vg+19701st
Robeson Kenneth#54 Doc Savage – He Could Stop the WorldBantam£2.50vg19701st
Robeson Kenneth#55 Doc Savage – The Golden PerilBantam£4.00vg+19701st
Robeson Kenneth#56 Doc Savage – The Giggling GhostsBantam£4.00vg+19711st
Robeson Kenneth#57 Doc Savage – Poison IslandBantam£4.00f19711st
Robeson Kenneth#58 Doc Savage – The Munitions MasterBantam£2.50vg19711st
Robeson Kenneth#59 Doc Savage – The Yellow CloudBantam£4.00vg19711st
Robeson Kenneth#60 Doc Savage – The MajiiBantam£4.00vg+19711st
Robeson Kenneth#61 Doc Savage – The Living Fire MenaceBantam£4.00vg+19712nd
Robeson Kenneth#62 Doc Savage – The Pirate’s GhostBantam£4.00f19711st
Robeson Kenneth#63 Doc Savage – The Submarine MysteryBantam£4.00f19712nd
Robeson Kenneth#64 Doc Savage – The Motion MenaceBantam£4.00f19711st
Robeson Kenneth#65 Doc Savage – The Green DeathBantam£4.00vg+19711st
Robeson Kenneth#66 Doc Savage – Mad MesaBantam£4.00vg19721st
Robeson Kenneth#67 Doc Savage – The Freckled SharkBantam£4.00f19721st
Robeson Kenneth#68 Doc Savage – Quest of the SpiderBantam£4.00vg+19721st
Robeson Kenneth#69 Doc Savage – The Mystery on the SnowBantam£4.00vg+19721st
Robeson Kenneth#70 Doc Savage – Spook HallBantam£4.00vg+19721st
Robeson Kenneth#71 Doc Savage – Murder MirageBantam£4.00f19721st
Robeson Kenneth#72 Doc Savage – The Metal MasterBantam£4.00f19731st
Robeson Kenneth#73 Doc Savage – The Seven Agate DevilsBantam£2.50vg-19731st
Robeson Kenneth#74 Doc Savage – The Derrick DevilBantam£4.00f19731st
Robeson Kenneth#75 Doc Savage – The Land of FearBantam£4.00vg+19731st
Robeson Kenneth#76 Doc Savage – The Black SpotBantam£4.00vg+19741st
Robeson Kenneth#77 Doc Savage – The South Pole TerrorBantam£4.00vg+19741st
Robeson Kenneth#78 Doc Savage – The Crimson SerpentBantam£4.00vg+19741st
Robeson Kenneth#79 Doc Savage – The Devil GenghisBantam£4.00vg+19741st
Robeson Kenneth#80 Doc Savage – The King MakerBantam£4.00f19751st
Robeson Kenneth#81 Doc Savage – The Stone ManBantam£2.50vg19761st
Robeson Kenneth#83 Doc Savage – The Red Terror’sBantam
Robeson Kenneth#84 Doc Savage – The Mountain MonsterBantam£4.00vg+19761st
Robeson Kenneth#85 Doc Savage – The Boss of TerrorBantam£4.00vg+19761st
Robeson Kenneth#86 Doc Savage – The Angry GhostBantam£4.00f19771st
Robeson Kenneth#87 Doc Savage – The Spotted MenBantam£4.00vg+1977
Robeson Kenneth#88 Doc Savage – The Roar DevilBantam£4.00vg+1977
Robeson Kenneth#89 Doc Savage – The Magic IslandBantam£1.00g1977
Robeson Kenneth#90 Doc Savage – The Flying GoblinBantam£5.00vg19771st
Robeson Kenneth#91 Doc Savage – The Purple DragonBantam£4.00vg+19781st
Robeson Kenneth#93 Doc Savage – Tunnel TerrorBantam£4.00vg+1979
Robeson Kenneth#95 Doc Savage – The Red SpiderBantam£2.50vg19791st
Robeson Kenneth#97 & 98 DS Satan Black/Cargo UnknownBantam£5.00vg19801st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – Flight Into FearBantam£5.00f19931st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – Python IsleBantam£5.00vg+19911st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – The Frightened FishBantam£3.00vg+19921st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – The Jade OgreBantam£5.00f19921st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – The Whistling WrathBantam£5.00f19931st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage – White EyesBantam£4.00vg19921st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #1Bantam£10.00f19861st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #10Bantam£10.00f19891st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #11Bantam£7.50vg+19901st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #2Bantam£10.00f19871st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #3Bantam£10.00f19871st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #4Bantam£7.50vg+19871st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #5Bantam£10.00f19881st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #6Bantam£10.00f19881st
Robeson KennethDoc Savage Omnibus #8Bantam£10.00f19891st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #05 The Frosted DeadWarner£5.00vg1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #06 The Blood RingWarner£5.00f1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #07 Stockholders in DeathWarner£5.00vg+2nd
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #08 The Glass MountainWarner£5.00vg+2nd
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #09 Tuned for MurderWarner£5.00vg+3rd
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #10 The Smiling DogWarner£5.00vg+1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #11 River of IceWarner£5.00vg+1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #12 The Flame BreathersWarner£5.00f1973rep
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #13 Murder on WheelsWarner£4.00f1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #14 Three Gold CrownsWarner£5.00f19731st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #15 House of DeathWarner£5.00vg+1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #16 The Hate MasterWarner£4.00f1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #17 NevloWarner£5.00f19731st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #20 The Green KillerWarner£5.00
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #21 The Happy KillerWarner£5.00vg+1st
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #33 The Blood CountessWarner£5.00

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping. A few of the later titles and omnibus editions are too thick for “large Letter” so cost more to ship.

Starburst Vol 1 No.1

Starburst Vol 1 No 1 082

Starburst Vol 1 Number 1

Starburst 1978 Fine. Issued in Jan 1978 featuring Star Wars and Star Trek Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Starburst Vol 1 Number 3

Fine “Star Wars, Star Trek, Logan’s Run, Superman History of Cinema SF” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Dennis Wheatley


To the Devil a Daughter – Dennis Wheatley

Arrow Paperback Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley – Arrow Paperbacks

Any one of “The Fabulous Valley” – “Star of Ill Omen” – “The Forbidden Territory” – “The Sword of Fate” – “The Secret War” or “They Found Atlantis” – SPECIFY TITLE Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


I Thought I had a good collection of his works, I knew he was prolific ( not John Creasey or Michael Moorcock prolific but prolific just the same) over 70 books. I do have, paperbacks, hardbacks, hardbacks with dust jackets and some 1st editions (one signed) in stock, mostly at £2.50 each but a few at £5.00. I have highlighted titles I have in stock in red on the bibliography below.

Dennis Yates Wheatley (1897 – 1977) was an English author whose prolific output of stylish thrillers and occult novels made him one of the world’s best-selling writers from the 1930s through the 1960s. His Gregory Sallust series was one of the main inspirations for Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories.

Born in South London, he was the eldest of three children of an upper-middle-class family, the owners of Wheatley & Son of Mayfair, a wine business. He admitted to little aptitude for schooling, and was expelled from Dulwich College. Soon after his expulsion Wheatley became a British Merchant Navy officer cadet on the training ship HMS Worcester.

During the Second World War, Wheatley was a member of the London Controlling Section, which secretly coordinated strategic military deception and cover plans. His literary talents gained him employment with planning staffs for the War Office. He wrote numerous papers for the War Office, including suggestions for dealing with a German invasion of Britain.

Dennis Wheatley died on 11th November 1977. During his life he wrote over 70 books and sold over 50 million copies.


Wheatley DennisBill for the Use of a BodyHutchinson£2.50vg19641st
Wheatley DennisBlack AugustHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisCodeword Golden FleeceArrow£2.50vg19611st
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourBAG 22£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourArrow£2.50vg+19601st
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourArrow£3.00f19652nd
Wheatley DennisContrabandHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£3.00vg19601st
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£2.00vg+19662nd
Wheatley DennisDangerous InheritanceHutchinson£5.00vg+19651st
Wheatley DennisGateway to HellHutchinson£2.50vg1st
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants & GhostsArrow£2.00vg19663rd
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants and GhostsHutchinson£2.50vg1955rep
Wheatley DennisMayhem in GreeceHutchinson£2.50vg19621st
Wheatley DennisOld RawleyArrow£3.00vg19621st
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveHutchinson£2.50vg1952rep
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveArrow£2.00vg19601st
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinson£2.50vg19521st
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinson£5.00vg19521st
Wheatley DennisStrange ConflictArrow£2.50vg-1974
Wheatley DennisSuch Power id DangerousArrow£2.50vg19621st
Wheatley DennisSuch Power is DangerousHutchinson£2.50vg1953rep
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessArrow£3.50vg1st
Wheatley DennisThe Devil Rides OutHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisThe Eunuch of StamboulHutchinson£2.50vg+rep
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50f19594th
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50vg1958rep
Wheatley Dennisthe Forbidden TerritoryHeron£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryHutchinson£2.501954rep
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryArrow£2.50vg1964rep
Wheatley DennisThe Found AtlantisHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisThe Golden SpaniardArrow£4.00f19621st
Wheatley DennisThe Goldern SpaniardHutchinson£2.50vg1951rep
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinson£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinson£2.50vg1953rep
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrow£2.00vg19612nd
Wheatley DennisThe Island Where Time Stud StillBook Club£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrow£2.50vg1974rep
Wheatley DennisThe Launching of Roger BrookHeron£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarHutchinson£2.501954rep
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarArrow£2.50vg+19612nd
Wheatley DennisThe Prisoner in the MaskArrow£2.00vg-19641st
Wheatley DennisThe Ravishing of Lady Mary WareHutchinson£5.00f19711st
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormHutchinson£5.00vg
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormArrow£2.00vg-19611st
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistHutchinson£5.00vg19601st
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistArrow£3.00vg+19644th
Wheatley DennisThe Scarlet ImposterHeron£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Shadow of the Tyburn TreeHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterBook Club£2.50vg1964rep
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterHutchinson£2.50vg19631st
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateBook Club£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateArrow£2.50vg19582nd
Wheatley DennisThe Wanton PrincessHutchinson£5.00vg+19661st
Wheatley DennisThe White Witch of the South SeasBook Club£2.50vg1968
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisHeron£2.50
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinson£2.50vg-
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleArrow£2.50vg19601st
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrow£3.00vg1963rep
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinson£2.50vg1952rep
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasArrow£2.50vg+19601st
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinson£2.50vg1954rep
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinson£2.50vgrep
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceArrow£3.00vg+19601st
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinson£2.50vg19611st
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainBook Club£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinson£5.00f19611st

Duke de Richleau series
The Forbidden Territory (Adventure, January 1933) – filmed in 1934
The Devil Rides Out (Occult/Romance, December 1934) – filmed in 1968
The Golden Spaniard (Adventure, August 1938)
Three Inquisitive People (Crime, February 1940)
Strange Conflict (Occult, April 1941)
Codeword – Golden Fleece (Espionage, May 1946)
The Second Seal (Historical/Espionage, November 1950)
The Prisoner in the Mask (Historical/Espionage, September 1957)
Vendetta in Spain (Historical/Espionage, August 1961)
Dangerous Inheritance (Crime, August 1965)
Gateway to Hell (Occult, August 1970)
Gregory Sallust series
Black August (Science Fiction/Adventure, January 1934)
Contraband (Espionage, October 1936)
The Scarlet Impostor (Espionage, January 1940)
Faked Passports (Espionage, June 1940)
The Black Baroness (Espionage/Crime, October 1940)
V for Vengeance (Espionage, March 1942)
Come into My Parlour (Espionage, November 1946)
The Island Where Time Stands Still (Espionage, September 1954)
Traitors’ Gate (Espionage, September 1958)
They Used Dark Forces (Espionage/Occult, October 1964)
The White Witch of the South Seas (Crime/Occult, August 1968)
Julian Day novels
The Quest of Julian Day (Adventure/Romance, January 1939)
The Sword of Fate (Adventure/Romance, September 1941)
Bill for the Use of a Body (Crime, April 1964)
Roger Brook series
The Launching of Roger Brook (Historical/Espionage, July 1947)
The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (Historical/Espionage, May 1948)
The Rising Storm (Historical/Espionage, October 1949)
The Man Who Killed the King (Historical/Espionage, November 1951)
The Dark Secret of Josephine (Historical/Espionage, March 1955)
The Rape of Venice (Historical/Espionage, October 1959)
The Sultan’s Daughter (Historical/Espionage, August 1963)
The Wanton Princess (Historical/Espionage, August 1966)
Evil in a Mask (Historical/Espionage, August 1969)
The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware (Historical/Espionage, August 1971)
The Irish Witch (Historical/Espionage/Occult, August 1973)
Desperate Measures (Historical/Espionage, September 1974)
Molly Fountain / Colonel Verney novels
To the Devil – a Daughter (Occult, January 1953) – filmed in 1976
The Satanist (Occult, August 1960)
Other occult novels
The Haunting of Toby Jugg [Toby Jugg] (Occult, December 1948) – filmed in 2006 as The Haunted Airman
The Ka of Gifford Hillary [Gifford Hillary] (Occult/Science Fiction, July 1956)
Unholy Crusade [‘Lucky’ Adam Gordon] (Historical Adventure/Occult, August 1967)
Science fiction novels
Sixty Days to Live (X). [Lavinia Leigh and others] (Apocalyptic, August 1939)
Star of Ill-Omen (X). [Kem Lincoln] (Alien abduction, May 1952)
“Lost World” novels
They Found Atlantis [Camilla and others] (January 1936)
Uncharted Seas [Various] (January 1938) – filmed in 1968 as The Lost Continent
The Man Who Missed the War (X). [Philip Vaudell] (November 1945)

Other adventure/espionage novels
Such Power is Dangerous [Avril Bamborough] (Adventure, June 1933)
The Fabulous Valley [The Heirs of John Thomas Long] (Adventure, August 1934)
The Eunuch of Stamboul [Swithin Destime] (Espionage, July 1935) – filmed in 1936 as Secret of Stamboul
The Secret War [Sir Anthony Lovelace, Christopher Pen, Valerie Lorne] (Espionage, January 1937)
Curtain of Fear [Nicholas Novák] (Espionage, October 1953)
Mayhem in Greece [Robbie Grenn] (Espionage, August 1962)
The Strange Story of Linda Lee [Linda Lee] (Crime/Adventure, August 1972)

Science Fiction (& fantasy) HARD BACKS

TUNNEL IN THE SKY – Robert A Heinlein

TUNNEL IN THE SKY – Robert A. Heinlein

Published by the Children’s Book Club London 1965 fine book in fine dust jacket Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Man in the High Castle – Philip K Dick

Readers Union Book Club 1976. A fine book with no stamps or inscriptions a dj that would be fine but for spine slight fading. Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


World of Chance – Philip K Dick

Science Fiction Book Club 1957 vg book no dj Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


..876543210 9 Tomorrows – Isaac Asimov

The Science Fiction Book Club London 1964 dj vg- book vg+ Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


Tom Corbett Space Cadet – STAND BY FOR MARS by Carey Rockwell – Willy Ley Technical Adviser

Tom Corbett Space Cadet – STAND BY FOR MARS by Carey Rockwell – Willy Ley Technical Adviser

Printed by PP 1952 book vg+ dj clipped vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lin Carter – Zarkon Lord of the Unknown – INVISIBLE DEATH

Doubleday Science Fiction 1975 first edition no inscriptions or stamps and unclipped dust jacket both vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


John Falkner – Overlords of Andromeda

John Falkner – Overlords of Andromeda

Panther Hard Back 1955 1st edition ex-library (the Allied Library Service) with labels and stamps dj nearly complete, more details available – Just Ask Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


RIP FOSTER Rides the Grey Planet by Blake Savage

RIP FOSTER Rides the Grey Planet – Blake Savage

Undated but copyright date of 1952 published by PP – vg+ book and dj Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


PLEASE NOTE – Not all these books are located in my shop (for security reasons)

Wyndham John The Day of the Triffids £tbd Michel Joseph
Hamilton Edmond City at Worlds End £10.00 Fell
Clarke Arthur C Islands in the Sky £10.00 Sedgwick & Jackson
Dick Philip K World of Chance £10.00 sf Book Club
Ballard JG The Drowned World £tbd Gollancz

Bloch Robert Cold Chills £5.00 Hale
van Vogt A E More than Superhuman £40.00 NEL
Stevens Francis The Heads of Cerberus £15.00 Polaris
Burroughs Edgar Rice The Moon Maid £25.00 Tom Stacey
Clarke Arthur C 1984 Spring £10.00 Granada
Sheehan Perley Poore The Abyss of Wonders £20.00 Polaris
Clarke Arthur C The Coming of the Space Age £10.00 Gollancz
Taine John The Forbidden Garden £20.00 Fantasy
Taine John Green Fire £10.00 Fantasy
Farmer Philip Jose The Classic 1952 – 1964 £5.00 Robson
Bell Robert In Realms Unknown £10.00 Vantage
Clarke Arthus C Of Time and Stars £5.00 Gollancz
Campbell John W The Incedible Planet £20.00 Fantasy
Dick Philip K Valis £25.00 Kerosina

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Special – Marvel

Paperback. Condition: fine magazine, 1st edition. Stories & features celebrating 25 years of Doctor Who on telly, with info on the 7 Doctors. 1988 Posted to any UK location


Dr Who Annual 1967 108

Like many “perfect bound” books the binding of this copy is less than perfect, though complete some pages are loose. If this book wasn’t so rare (the 2nd annual) I might have scrapped it. There is no illustration of this cover on ABE. I am offering it at £5.00.

The Doctor Who Annual

Like many “perfect bound” books the binding of this copy is less than perfect, though complete some pages are loose. If this book wasn’t so rare (the 2nd annual) I might have scrapped it. There is no illustration of this cover on ABE. I am offering it at £5.00.



In_Vision #15 12 pages 12″ x 8″ April 1989 vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


I have many other Dr Who Annuals, paperbacks and magazines in stock. This list is just a sample.


Dicks TerranceDoctor Who – Arc if InfinityTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who The Five DoctorsTarget£2.50
Martin PhilipDoctor Who – Vengeance on VarosTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and an Unearthly ChildTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Abominable SnowmanTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Android InvasionTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Androids of TaraTarget£2.50vg+1980
Marter IanDoctor Who and the Ark in SpaceTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Armageddon FactorTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Auton InvasionTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Brain of MorbiusTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Carnival of MonstersTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Cave-MonstersTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Cave-MonstersTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Claws of AxosTarget£2.50
Fisher DavidDoctor Who and the Creature from the PitTarget£2.50
Whitaker DavidDoctor Who and the CrusadersTarget£2.50vg1975
Hayles BrianDoctor Who and the Curse of PeladonTarget£2.50
Davis GerryDoctor Who and the CybermenTarget£2.50
Letts BarryDoctor Who and the DaemonsTarget£2.50
Terrance DicksDoctor Who and the day of the DaleksTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Deadly AssassinTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Destiny of the DaleksTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Dinosaur InvasionTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Doomsday WeaponTarget£2.50
Marter IanDoctor Who and the Enemy of the WorldTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Face of EvilTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Genesis of the DaleksTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Giant RobotTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Green DeathTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Hand of FearTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Horns of NimonTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Horror of Feng RockTarget£2.50
Hayles BrianDoctor Who and the Ice WarriorsTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Image of the FendahlTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Invasion of EarthTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Invasion of TimeTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Invisable EnemyTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Keeper of TrakenTarget£2.50
Hinchcliffe PhilipDoctor Who and the Keys of MarinusTarget£2.50
Fisher DavidDoctor Who and the Leisure HiveTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Loch Ness MonsterTarget£2.50vg1976
Hinchcliffe PhilipDoctor Who and the Masque of MandrgoraTarget£2.501977
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Monster of PeladonTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Planet of the DaleksTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Power of KrollTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Pyramids of MarsTarget£2.50
Marter IanDoctor Who and the Ribos OperationTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Robots of DeathTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Sea-DevilsTarget£1.00
Hinchcliffe PhilipDoctor Who and the Seeds of DoomTarget£2.501982
Marter IanDoctor Who and the Sontarian ExperimentTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the Space WarTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the State of DecayTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Stones of BloodTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Talons of Weng-ChiangTarget£2.50
Dacvis GerryDoctor Who and the Tenth PlanetTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Terror of the AutonsTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Three DoctorsTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Time WarrierTarget£2.50
Davis GerryDoctor Who and the Tomb of the CybermenTarget£2.50vg*1979
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the UnderworldTarget£2.50
Saward EricDoctor Who and the VisitationTarget£2.50
Hulke MalcolmDoctor Who and the War GamesTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Web of FearTarget£2.50
Strutton BillDoctor Who and the ZarbiTarget£2.50
Dudley TerenceDoctor Who Black Orchid #113Target£2.50
Day MartinDoctor Who Bunker SoldiersBBC£4.00
Bidmead Christopher HDoctor Who CastrovalvaTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who CatostrapheaBBC£4.00
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who Death to the DaleksTarget£2.50
Forward Simon ADoctor Who DriftBBC£4.00
Marter IanDoctor Who EarthshockTarget£2.50
Brake ColinDoctor Who Escape VelocityBBC£4.00
Mortimore JimDoctor Who Eye of HeavenBBC£4.00
Bidmead Christopher HDoctor Who FrontiosTarget£2.50
Smith AndrewDoctor Who Full CircleTarget£2.50
Emms WilliamDoctor Who Galaxy FourTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who KindaTarget£2.50
Bidmead Christopher HDoctor Who LogopolisTarget£2.50
Lucarotti JohnDoctor Who Marco PoloTarget£2.50
Grimwade PeterDoctor Who Planet of FireTarget£2.50
Holt MichaelDoctor Who Quiz Books of DinosaursMagnet£2.50
Lewis MickDoctor Who RagsBBC£4.00
Hinchcliffe/DicksDoctor Who Seeds of Doom/Deadly AssassinStar£2.50
Terrance DicksDoctor Who SnakedanceTarget£2.50
Lydecker JohnDoctor Who TerminusTarget£2.50
Marter IanDoctor Who The Ark in SpaceTarget£2.50
Pringle EricDoctor Who The AwakeningTarget£2.50
Lucarotti JohnDoctor Who The AztecsTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who The Caves of AndrozaniTarget£2.50
Marter IanDoctor Who The Dominators #86Target£2.50
BakerDoctor Who The Mark of the RaniTarget£2.50
Hinton CraigDoctor Who the Quantum of ArchangelBBC£4.00
Marter IanDoctor Who The Reign of TerrorTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who The Revenge of the CybermenTarget£2.50
Gatiss MarkDoctor Who The RoundheadsBBC£4.00
Robinson NigelDoctor Who The SensoritesTarget£2.50
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who The Space PiratesTarget£2.50Fine1990
Saward EricDoctor Who The Twin DelemmaTarget£2.50
Holmes RobertDoctor Who The Two DoctorsTarget£2.50
McIntee David ADoctor Who The Wages of SinBBC£4.00
Grimwade PeterDoctor Who Time-FlightTarget£2.50
McCot GlenDoctor Who Timelash #105Target£2.50
Cole StephenDoctor Who Vanishing PointBBC£4.00
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who Warriors of the DeepTarget£2.50


MarvelDr Who Magazine # 97Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #103Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #149Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #151Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #169Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #175Marvel£2.50vg+
MarvelDr Who Magazine #176Marvel£2.50vg+

DOCTOR WHO Magazine 175

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The Survivalist – Jerry Ahern

Jerry Ahern - Survivalist 109


Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 01 Total WarNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 02 The Nightmare BeginsNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 03 The QuestNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 04 The DoomsayerNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 05 The WebNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 06 The Savage HordeNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 07 The ProphetNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 08 The End is ComingNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 09 Earth FireNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 10 The AwakeningNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 11 The ReprisalNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 12 The RebellionNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 13 PersuitNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 14 The TerrorNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 15 OverlordNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 17 The OrdealNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 18 The StruggleNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 19 Final RainNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 20 FirestormNEL£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 21 to end all WarZebra£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 22 Brutal ContestZebra£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 23 Call to BattleZebra£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 24 Blood AssassinsZebra£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist # 25 War MountainZebra£2.50vg
Ahern JerrySurvivalist The LegendNEL£4.00vg

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The Survivalist – Jerry Ahern

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I suppose I only think of it as the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction because these were the authors I discovered in the 50’s and 60’s when I progressed from Dan Dare in the Eagle. I don’t usually include this many cover illustrations but I liked them so much I didn’t feel like omitting them. If you want to see the five I have omitted just email me and I will send you them.  

6 Nebula Science Fiction 1953 December £2.50 Rayer – M’Intosh – Eric Frank Russell – EC Tubb – Thorne – Reynolds
13 Nebula Science Fiction 1955 September £5.00 Rayer – Tubb – Lan Wright – Temple
15 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 January £5.00 Tubb – Bob Shaw – James White – Heinlein – Lyster – Irish
16 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 March £5.00 Bounds – Tubb – Silverberg – James – Shaw – Seabright
18 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 November £5.00 Tubb – Temple – Aldiss – Brunner – Morgan – Sellings
22 Nebula Science Fiction 1957 July £5.00 Stratford – A Betram Chandler – Wright – Temple – Allen – Ridley
25 Nebula Science Fiction 1957 October £5.00 Bulmer – Glasby – Temple – Ludwig – Presslie – Tilley
26 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 January £5.00 Eric Frank Russell – Tubb – Tilley – High – Aldiss
27 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 February £5.00 Bulmer – Brunner – High – Burke – Webb
28 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 March £5.00 Tubb – Silverberg – High – Tilley – Presslie – Allen
34 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 September £5.00 Aldiss – Stratford – James – Presslie – Inglis – Bulmer
35 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 October £5.00 Tubb – Russell – White – Temple – Bulmer
36 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 November £5.00 Morgan – Tubb – Kippax – Aldiss – Allen
37 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 December £5.00 High – Presslie – James – Silverberg – Patrick – Kippax
38 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 January £5.00 High – Aldiss – Diamond – Stratford – Franson – James – Silverberg
40 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 May £5.00 Temple – High – Inglis – Swann – Jackson
41 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 June £5.00 Aldiss – High – Shaw – Webb – Stratford – Rackham

Nebula Science Fiction – One Issue

Please Specify the Issues you want. Through the post to any UK address


The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – Stock Check

Some of the covers are in my view fantastic, thus which do I use to illustrate this post was a difficult choice.


Fantasy and Science Fiction UK195406£2.50Philip K Dick – Poul Anderson – W Norbert – Mack Reynolds – Philip Jose Farmer – Arthur Purges – Winston Marks – Doris Gilbert – Theodre Sturgeon – Roger Dee – W Morrison – A. Boucher – Heinlein
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK195708£2.00Walter M Miller – Stuart Palmer – Mildred Clingerman – Rog Phillips – William Morrison – Les Cole – Damon Knight – H Ken Bulmer – Doris P Buck – Anthony Boucher – Robert Heinlein – Isaak Asimov
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK195912£2.50Z Henderson – A Davidson – Ray Bradbury – R Sheckley – Asimov – A Bester – C Emshwiller – Fritz Leiber – Howard Fast – G C Edmondson – Poul Anderson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196001£2.50D Knight – A Budrys – R Phillips – I Seabright – Silverberg – Judith Merril – R E Banks – Heinlein – Daniel Keyes
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196002£2.50C L Fontenay – Avram Davidson – Poul Anderson – R Goulart – J T Rogers – S Palmer – K Bennett – C Oliver
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196003£2.50(vg-) M Clifton – Asimov – G E Neyroud – S Barr – J Rice – C M Kornbluth – Heinlein – R Bretnor – Robert Natan
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196004£2.50P Anderson – N Wilde – J Russ – Heinlein – L Bonnet – Asimov – C Henneberg – G C Edmondson – Simak
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196005£2.50Howard Fast – Evely E Smith – R J Tilley – R McKenna – Algis Budrys – Asimov – Robert Arthur – Robert Murray – Jane Rice – Will Worthington – Ward Moore
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196006£1.00Poul Anderson – Theodore Sturgeon – Issac Asimov – Charles L Fontenay – Edgar Pangborn – Damon Knight – Robert F Young – Clifford D Simak
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196007£2.00Daniel Keyes – James Blish – John Collier – Levi Crow – G C Edmundson – Isaac Asimov – Avram Davidson – Robert Sheckley
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196008£2.50F McMorrow – J Whitehall – P J Farmer – J Collier – Asimov – G R Dickson – Heinlein
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196009£2.50C Henneberg – W Worthington – Agate – A Davidson – Asimov – Jules Verne – H Fast – W Miller – Heunlein
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196010£2.50Gordon R Dickson – Charles G Finney – Will Worthington- Miriam Allen Deford – Isaac Asimov – Howard Fast – Clifford D Simak
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196011£2.50S Barr – T R Cogswell – Z Henderson – Asimov – A Davidson – A H Z Carr – M A DeFord – G R Dickson – Wilson Tucker
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196012£2.50R F Young – J Sharkey – A Porges – G C Edmondson – Asimov – R Arthur – R E Banks – J Berry – S Barr
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196101£2.50D R Bunch – K Reed – J F Suter – R G Brown – Asimov – Evelyn E Smith – R Bretnor – G R Dickson – J Whitehill – Burton Raffel
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196102£2.50James Blish – P Anderson – Howard Fast – K Maclean – Asimov – R Matheson – Wade Miller – Philip Jose Farmer
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196103£2.50R F Young – Will Worthington – Asimov – JW Vandercook – B J Friedman – Mack Reynolds
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196104£2.50Fritz Lieber – MA Deford – W McClintic – Asimov – J Berry – W P Saunders – D Linsay – Algis Budrys
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196105£2.50Anderson – Aandhl – Simak – Asimov – De Vet – Eastlake
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196106£2.50M Ayme – T L Thomas – R G Brown – Asimov – Goulart – C B Kelly – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196107£2.50G R Dickson – R F Young – A Davidson – John Wyndham – Asimov – J Williams – J Berry – A Bester – P J Farmer
Fantasy and Science Fiction Uk196108£2.00(vg-) McCaffrey – Reed – Smith – Asimov – Robert Graves – Richard Banks – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196109£2.50R Rubin – C Emshwiller – S Barr – Asimov – R Bretnor – J Williams – P Anderson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196110£2.50Garrett & Davidson – A C Clarke – J A West – Asimov – M A DeFord – D P Buck – Mark Twain – Cordwainer Smith
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196111£2.50Kingsley Amis – N Breckenridge – P Anderson – A Davidson – Asimov – K Neville – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196112£2.50G R Dickson – V Aandahl – Harry Harrison – W Blau – C F Cheinisse – Asimov – Davidson & Klass – K Reed – Leinster
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196201£2.50F Wallace – N T Peterson – G Klein – H Gold – Asimov – W McCintic – M Young – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196202£2.50G Langerlaan – C G Finney – Asimov – R G Brown – Kurt Vonnegut – A C Clarke – A Davidson – Kornbluth & Pohl – G R Dickson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196203£2.50K Laumer – W Tevis – R Rubin – G P Elliott – Asimov – D P Buck – A Glaser – R Garrett – G R Dickson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196204£2.50C Veillot – H Gold – A Walker – Asimov – W Stanton – J A West – H Draper – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196205£2.50Robert F Young – Kate Wilhelm – Maria Russell – Isaac Asomov – Henry Slesar – Poul Anderson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196206£2.50J G Ballard – Avram Davidson – J T McIntosh – Isaac Asimov – Josef Nesvadba – Barry Stevens – Ward Moore
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196207£1.00E Pangborn – M Grass – R atheson – M W Wellman – Asimov – Leiber – A Davidson – Z Henderson
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196208£2.50J Williams – J Shepley – K Reed – Asimov – C Henneberg – Aldiss – R F Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196302£2.50M Clingerman – R F Young – S Gilien – D White – Asimov – V Aandahl – K F Crossen – R Sheckley
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196304£2.00Aldiss – J Harmon – R Kirk – R Arthur – Asimov – S Gilien – H Damonti – G R Dickson
Fantasy and Science Fiction196304£2.50Aldiss – Harmon – Kirk – Arthur – Asimov – Gilien – Damonti – Dickson
Fantasy and Science Fiction196410£1.00L Brackett – E Hamilton – T I Thomas – D Knight – A Davidson – R Bretnor – Asimov – H Smith – R F Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction196506£2.50Poul Anderson – Frederic Brown – Judith Merril – Ron Goulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck – L Sprague De Camp -Isaak asimov -Roger Zelazny – Robert Arthur
Fantasy and Science Fiction196506£2.50Poul Anderson -Frederic Brown – Carl Onspaugh -Gahan Wilson – Judith Merril – Ron Gulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196603
£1.00Zenna Henderson – Kathleen James – Henry Slesar – Richard Olin – John Tomerlin – Julius Fast – Rudyard Kipling
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196604£2.50Philip K Dick – Jack Vance – A M Marple – Carol Emswiller – J T McIintosh – Gilbert Thomas – James Fulley – Larry Niven
Fantasy and Science Fiction196606£2.50Roger Zelazny – Jack Vance – Doris Pitkin Buck – Barry Rothman – Kenneth Bulmer – Len Gutterage – John Decles
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196607£2.50Keith Laumer – Ardrey Marshall – Jack Vance – Robert Bloch – Ron Goulart – Norman Spinrad – Herb Lehrman
Fantasy and Science Fiction196610£2.50Isaac Asimov – L Sprage De Camp – Gahan Wilson – Arthur Porges – Vic Chapmen – R L Stephenson – Jon Decles – Brian W Aldiss – Sally Daniell
Fantasy and Science Fiction196802£2.50Kate Wilhelm – Chet Arthur – Mose Mallette – William F Nolan – Ted White – Robert Lory – Harry Harrison – Robert L Fish – Booth Tarkington
Fantasy and Science Fiction196809£2.50P Anthony – E Jesby – G Thomas – G Wilson – S Barr – D R Bunch – H Slesar
Fantasy and Science Fiction196809£2.50Piers Anthony – Ed Jesby – Gilbert Thomas – Gahan Wilson – Stephen Barr – David R Bunch – Henry Slesar
Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196810£2.50Larry Niven – Robert Silverberg – Phullis Murphy – Harvey Jacobs – D F Jones – Harlon Ellison – Isaak Asimov – Ron Goulart – Arthur C Clarke
Fantasy and Science Fiction196905£2.50Poul Anderson – Suzette Haden Elgin – William C Abeel – M John Harrison – Ron Goulart – George Malko –
Fantasy and Science Fiction197004£2.50Leiber – N Shapiro – C W Runyan – C Wilson – R Lupoff – R Moore –
Fantasy and Science Fiction197211£2.50Eisenstein – Boucher – Bier – Pohl – Kornbluth – Glaskin – Coney
Fantasy and Science Fiction197305£2.50Jack Vance – Brennan – Boles – Wellen – Bates – Malzberg – Goldberg – Janifer – Deford
Fantasy and Science Fiction197306£2.50Jack Vance – Lumley – Wilson – Etchison – Warner – Goulart – Ray Bradbury – Buck
Fantasy and Science Fiction197307£2.50Bishop – Grant – Wellen – Williams – Coney – Stearns – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction197308£2.50Davidson – Dorman – Wagner – Skal – Lanier – Goulart – Maclennan – Petrie
Fantasy and Science Fiction197310£2.50Bretnor – Garrett – Effinger – Leiber – Wilhelm – Davidson – Wellman – Norton
Fantasy and Science Fiction197311£2.50Phyllis Gotlieb – Gordon Eklund – Poul Anderson – Bill Pronzini – Herbie Brennan – Leonard Tushnet – Barry N Malzberg
Fantasy and Science Fiction197401£2.50Eisenstein – M John Harrison – Roberts – Boles – Berman – Bishop – Coney
Fantasy and Science Fiction197402£2.50Wellen – Russ – Bishop – Malzberg – McIntyre – Moore – Etchison – Green
Fantasy and Science Fiction197403£2.50Eklund – Young – Wolf – Killough – Williams – Waldo – Tushnet
Fantasy and Science Fiction197405£2.50Asimov – Cox – Gotlieb – Maclennan – Del Rey – Borski – Grant
Fantasy and Science Fiction197406£2.50Pournelle – Aikman – Lupoff – Wellen – De Ford – Sergent – Tushnet
Fantasy and Science Fiction197407£2.50Sterling E Lanier – Robert Thurston – Charles W Runyon – Maskell Barkin – Larry Trtten – Michael G Coney – Barry N Malzberg – Margaret St Clair – Harvey Jacobs
Fantasy and Science Fiction197408£2.50Exlund – Etchison – Varley – Dean McLaughlin – Ward – Effinger – Bretnor
Fantasy and Science Fiction197409£2.50Thomas – Reamy – Wellman – Eisenberg – Bishop – Grant – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction197411£2.50Tall – Brennert – Sladek – Aldiss – Haldeman – Reaves – Harrison – Malzberg – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction197502£2.50Eisenstein – Varley – Avram Davidson – O’Neil – Russ – Lupoff – Drake
Fantasy and Science Fiction197503£2.50Eklund – Somers – Lafferty – Harrison – Wellman – Clingerman – Fritz Leiber – De Camp
Fantasy and Science Fiction197504£2.50Silverberg – Effinger – Grant – Moore – Jon Fast – Hoskins – Buck
Fantasy and Science Fiction197506£2.50Silverberg – Varley – Roberts – Pronzini – Malzberg – Clingerman – Whyte – Lisa Tuttle – Utley – Russ
Fantasy and Science Fiction197507£2.50Wellen – Malzberg – Aandahl – Algis Budrys – Latham – Maclennan – Barr
Fantasy and Science Fiction197508£2.50Tom Reamy – Avram Davidson – Runyon – Slesar – Asimov – Young – Eisenberg – Goulart
Fantasy and Science Fiction197509£2.50Thurston – Garrett – Manders – Lumley – Cogswell – Moore – Penny – Martin
Fantasy and Science Fiction197510£2.50Cowper – Smith – Williamson – Simak – Bretnor – Anderson – Pohl
Fantasy and Science Fiction197511£2.50Budrys – Moore – Cox – Corbett – Jacobs – Dalzell _ Green
Fantasy and Science Fiction197512£2.50Varley – Lunley – Gilden – Runyon – Grant – Sargent – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction197601£2.50G K Wolf – J Russ – Asimov – S Dybek – M G Coney – K Reed – H Barkin –
Fantasy and Science Fiction197602£2.50Bishop – Williamson – Ayme – Sohl – Owen – Chapin
Fantasy and Science Fiction197603£2.50R Cowper – T Waldo – J O Jeppson – G Eklund – C W Runyan – MC Roberts – L Trtten
Fantasy and Science Fiction197604£2.50Pohl – Aikman – Dorman – Parker – Goulart – Malzberg
Fantasy and Science Fiction197605£2.50Pohl – Cowper – Boles – Davidson – Jacobs – Dalzell – Reaves
Fantasy and Science Fiction197606£2.50Pohl – Tall – Young – Foster – Grant -de Camp
Fantasy and Science Fiction197607£2.50Benford – Gilden – Dixon – Sallis – Bear – Effinger – Runyon
Fantasy and Science Fiction197608£2.50Budrys – Coney – Frede – Trotter – Moore – DeCamp
Fantasy and Science Fiction197609£2.50Budrys – Brennan – Yolen – Siodmak – Young – Hufford
Fantasy and Science Fiction197610£2.50Bretnor – Cowper – Bradley – Ellison – LeGuin – Bloch – Wellman
Fantasy and Science Fiction197612£2.50Lanier – Thurston – Varley – Moore – Aandahl – Jennings – Bourne
Fantasy and Science Fiction197701£2.50Fritz Leiber – Eklund – Benford – Tall – Lafferty – Boles – Utley
Fantasy and Science Fiction197702£2.50Lieber – Varley – Russ – Utley – Shaw – De Camp – Goulart
Fantasy and Science Fiction197703£2.50Pearce – Eisenstein – Green – Milton – Young – Stearns -Etchison
Fantasy and Science Fiction197704£2.50Reamy – Runyon – Davidson – Shore – Fritch – Coney – Yolen
Fantasy and Science Fiction197705£2.50Keith Roberts – Rokesmith – Bloch – De Camp – Leman – Moore – Frede
Fantasy and Science Fiction197706£2.50Thurston – Jennings – Bloch – Young – Reed – Lisa Tuttle – Dixon – Guthridge
Fantasy and Science Fiction197707£2.50Harlan Ellison -Robert Silverberg – Richard Delap – L K Swigart – Eric Norden – Edward Wellen – Bruce McAllister – Steven Utley – Jane Yolen
Fantasy and Science Fiction197708£2.50Benford – Brunner – Moore – Dryer – Eisenberg – Killough
Fantasy and Science Fiction197709£2.50Eisenstein – Schenck – Jennings – Brennan – Reaves – Johnson – De Camp – Eric Norden
Fantasy and Science Fiction197711£2.50Charles L Harness – George Alec Effinger – Malzberg & Pronzini – L Sprague de Camp – Edward Wellen – Jeffrey Bullock – Richard Fred
Fantasy and Science Fiction197712£2.50Harness – Coney – Goulart – Quinn – De Camp – Moore – Allen
Fantasy and Science Fiction197801£2.50Reamy – Carver – Jennings – Brennan – Reed – Eisenstein
Fantasy and Science Fiction197802£100.00Donaldson – Wellen – Bryant – Goulart – Stephen King – Knister
Fantasy and Science Fiction197803£2.50Varley – Brentnor – Wellman – Thomas – Cook – Grant – Young – Garrett
Fantasy and Science Fiction197804£2.50Priest – Roberts – Aldiss – Aickman – Brunner – Watson – Cowper Bulmer
Fantasy and Science Fiction197805£2.50Weiner – Cook – Olin – Malzberg – De Camp – Gilden – Moore
Fantasy and Science Fiction197807£2.50Lanier – Barrett – Dellinger – Redd – Garnett – Kelly
Fantasy and Science Fiction197808£2.50Saberhagen – Davidson – Keen – Brennan – Malzberg – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction197809£2.50Benford – Schenck – Grant – Collins – Nelson – Runyon – Moore
Fantasy and Science Fiction197811£2.50Wellen – Mendelsohn – Yolen – Young – Pronzini – de Vet – Hoshi
Fantasy and Science Fiction197812£2.50Glen Cook – Disch – De Camp – Green – Milton – Jennings – Russell – Mcallister
Fantasy and Science Fiction197901£2.50Christopher Priest – Aikman – Rotsler – Card – Wellen – Kessel – Donaldson
Fantasy and Science Fiction197902£2.50Thomas M Disch – Norden – Hoetker – Kelly – Yolen – Weiner – Elgin – Dixon
Fantasy and Science Fiction197903£2.50Thomas M Disch – Jennings – Lee Killough – Joe Patrouch – Thomas Wylde – Campbell – Malzberg
Fantasy and Science Fiction197904£2.50Thomas M Disch – Leman – Guthridge – Wellman – Utley – Martin
Fantasy and Science Fiction197905£2.50Kirk – Dann – Young – Philip Jose Farmer – Robert Bloch – Eklund – Anderson – Girard – Bretnor
Fantasy and Science Fiction197906£2.50Schenck – Jennings – Bryant – Saberhagen – O’Donohoe – Morressy – Dellinger – Kelly
Fantasy and Science Fiction197907£2.50Eisenstein – Pronzini – Malzberg – Lee – Davis – Randall – Brennan – Gotschalk – Stapledon
Fantasy and Science Fiction197908£2.50Cowper – Shea – de Camp – Yermakov – Grant – Zebrowski – Moore – Tritten
Fantasy and Science Fiction197909£2.50Leman – Walling – Jennings – Barrett – Stern – Petrey – Russ
Fantasy and Science Fiction197911£2.50Silverberg – McIntyre – Gilden – Suffet – Malzberg – Shaw
Fantasy and Science Fiction197912£2.50Silverberg – Lisa Tuttle – Yolen – Card – Russ – McNamara
Fantasy and Science Fiction198001£2.50Silverberg – Young – Fritch – Brax – Kessel – Pronzini – Malzberg
Fantasy and Science Fiction198002£2.50Silverberg – Massa – Lee – Grossbach
Fantasy and Science Fiction198003£2.50Schenck – Roberts – Wellman – Godwin – Grant – Lubkin – Young – Killough
Fantasy and Science Fiction198004£100.00Marta Randall – Stephen King – Termakov – Sanders – Cador – Bischoff – Jeffries
Fantasy and Science Fiction198005£2.50Lamming – Tall – Leman – Purtill – Keith Roberts – John Shirley – G Jollie
Fantasy and Science Fiction198006£2.50Richard Cowper – Moore – Pronzini – Lisa Tuttle – Reynolds – Jennings – Lambe – Wellen
Fantasy and Science Fiction198007£2.50Young – Cook – Williams – Schutz – Yermalkov – Haldeman – Dowd
Fantasy and Science Fiction198009£2.50Gotschalk – Norden – Kelly – Yolen – O’Neil – Hughes – Carpenter – Malzberg – Petry
Fantasy and Science Fiction198010£2.50Zenna Henderson – Cowper – Lee – Leman – Tevis – Watson – Asimov
Fantasy and Science Fiction198012£2.50Michael shea – Lisa Tuttle – Hogan – Kessel – Yermakov – John Brunner – Malzberg – Mack Reynolds – Brax – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction198101£2.50Effinger – Eklund – Exiter – Yolen – Goulart – Utley – Brax – Paul – Broxen
Fantasy and Science Fiction198102£100.00Stephen King – Nicholas Yermakov – Jim Aikin – Lee Killough – Armstrong Prozini – Malzberg – Sheffield – Cadigan – Keith Roberts
Fantasy and Science Fiction198103£2.50Eisenstein – Grubb – Thomas – Brykczynski – Barrett – Warren Brown – Bob Shaw – Ken Wiseman
Fantasy and Science Fiction198104£2.50Bishop – Page – Shiner – Petrey – Young – Morressey – Tritten – Sullivan – Watson – Brax
Fantasy and Science Fiction198105£2.50Godwin – Shaver – Bryant – Grant – Pronzini – Malzberg – Goulart – Lisa Tuttle
Fantasy and Science Fiction198106£2.50Silverberg – Gilbert – Gotschalk – Bear – Cadigan – Bretnor – Eklund – Leman
Fantasy and Science Fiction198107£100.00Reaves – Sergent – Stephen King – Dryer – Florence-Guthridge – Tanith Lee – Petrie – Susan Coon
Fantasy and Science Fiction198109£2.50Holdstock – Ward – Morressey – Kessel – Malzberg – Wylde – Sarowitz – Yolen
Fantasy and Science Fiction198110£2.50Keith Roberts – Bretnor – Cowper – Varley – watson – Philip K Dick – Davidson – Martin – Wolfe
Fantasy and Science Fiction198111£100.00John Brunner – Larry Niven – Girard – John Shirley – Nancy Cress – Stephen King – Alan Ryan – Lisa Tuttle – Taylor
Fantasy and Science Fiction198112£2.50Bob Leman – Edward Wellen – Robert Silverberg -Scholz – Ron Goulart – Green – Brantingham – Scott Sanders
Fantasy and Science Fiction198202£2.50Susan C Petrey – Phyllis Eisenstein – Disch – Godwin – Schmidt – Florence-Guthridgr – Kilworth Halderman – Dann
Fantasy and Science Fiction198203£2.50Conner – Killough – Lupoff – Dozois – Hughes – Lanier – Catalano – Young – Morressy – Paul
Fantasy and Science Fiction198204£2.50Sterling – Daglow – Weiner – Asimov – Benford – Easton – Shea – Yermakov
Fantasy and Science Fiction198205£2.50Petrey – Vance – Redd – Taylor – Linzer – Yolen – Green – Milton – Grant – Chesbro
Fantasy and Science Fiction198206£2.50Sheffield – Effinger – Keller – Rogers – Malzberg – Mueller – Goulart
Fantasy and Science Fiction198207£2.50Kilworth – Cunningham – Appel – Anvil – Yolen – Jennings – Foster – Collins – Niven
Fantasy and Science Fiction198208£2.50Cook – Shaver – Sterling – Shiner – Straley – Perry – Florence-Guthridge – Shea – Sullivan – Willis
Fantasy and Science Fiction198209£2.50Sanders – Kessel – Zahn – Morressy – Owens – Tuttle – Mueller – Yolen – Kress – Niemand
Fantasy and Science Fiction198210£2.50Tiptree – JG Ballard – Harlan Ellison – Knight – Davidson – Bryant – Lafferty – Keller – Aldiss
Fantasy and Science Fiction198211£2.50Robinson – Blish – Pronzini – Malzberg – Asimov – McLaughlin – Willis – Morressy – Weiner – Russ
Fantasy and Science Fiction198212£2.50Wightman – Conner – Cowper – Shiner – Rucker – Broderick – Cadigan – Powers
Fantasy and Science Fiction198301£2.50Blanchard – Rucker – Eisenstein – Tiptree – Tritten – Flourence-Gothridge – Thomson – Grant – Bretnor Morressy
Fantasy and Science Fiction198302£2.50Bretnor – Shea – Petrey – Queenan – Malzberg – Davidson – Mckinlay – Eklund
Fantasy and Science Fiction198303£2.50Reaves – Robinson – Zahn – Mueller – Cowper – Jacobs – Wellen – Gotschalk
Fantasy and Science Fiction198306£2.50Watson – Dozois – Dann – Bretnor – Keller – Singer – Rebetez – Wolfe – Mueller – Kelly
Fantasy and Science Fiction198307£2.50Effinger – Martin – Frost – Owens – Goulart – DeWeese – Sergent – Landsberg
Fantasy and Science Fiction198308£2.50Mark Wheeler – Green – Brown – Morressy – Malzberg – Jennings – Williamson – Petrey – Guthridge
Fantasy and Science Fiction198309£2.50Bob Leman – Mike Conner – Barbara Paul – Brrykczynski – Moore – Collins – Richards – Shepard
Fantasy and Science Fiction198311£2.50Ian watson – Weiner – Gallagher – Easton – Niemand – Morressy – Young – Mueller
Fantasy and Science Fiction198312£2.50Kirk – Watson – Goulart – Shiner – Owens – Jacobs – Linzner
Fantasy and Science Fiction198401£2.50Kelly – Kessel – Cadigan – Watson – Keizer – Morressy – Cowper – Pangborn – Robinson
Fantasy and Science Fiction198402£2.50Bishop – Roberts – Watson – Eisenstein – Mueller – Wolfe – Frost –
Fantasy and Science Fiction198403£2.50Cunningham – Denton – Conner – Westlake – Kelly – Carter – Harness – Tritten – Rath
Fantasy and Science Fiction198404£2.50Schenck – Strickland – Shepard – Goulart – Chet Williamson – Robert S Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction198405£2.50Schenck – Leman – Cowper =- Halderman – Green – Chandler – Shiner – DeChancie
Fantasy and Science Fiction198406£2.50Stephen King – Mackay – Gloss – Williamson – Morressy – Niemand – Wightman
Fantasy and Science Fiction198411£2.50Jack Dann – Owens – Strickland – Effinger – Tritten – Yolen – Mueller – Malzberg – Etchemendy – Young
Fantasy and Science Fiction198502£2.50Damon Knight – Willis – Watson – Yolen – Aikin – Malzberg Gallagher
Fantasy and Science Fiction198507£2.50Kube-McDowell – Knight – Bretnor – Wilson – Watson – Hochstein – O’Neill
Fantasy and Science Fiction198509£2.50Gallagher – Yolen – Roberts – Griffin – Wightman – Doxey – Mueller – Barkin
Fantasy and Science Fiction198510£2.50Tiptree – Bradley – Orson Scott Card – Ron Goulart – Grant – Saberhagen – John Brunner
Fantasy and Science Fiction198511£2.50McLaughlin – Shaver – Gilchrist – Brian Aldiss – Hartmann – Wilson – Malzberg – Scholz – Braudino
Fantasy and Science Fiction198512£2.50Shepard – Dryer – Yolen – Effinger – Cowper – Hill – Wylde – Hensley
Fantasy and Science Fiction198601£2.50Gallagher – Benford – Wilsonm – Wisman – Naegele – Tilley – Jacobs – Mueller
Fantasy and Science Fiction198602£2.50Wightman – Bradley – Effinger – Black – Marron – Eisenberg – Elgin – Hurd – Griffin
Fantasy and Science Fiction198604£2.50Ian Watson – Kearns – Wager – Aandahl – Tritten – Young – Knight
Fantasy and Science Fiction198605£2.50Shea – Denton – Goulart – Gotshalk – Kim Stanley Ribinson – Rothman – Jennings – Harry Harrison – Green
Fantasy and Science Fiction198606£2.50Judith Moffett – Barnes – Young – Sallis – Kelly – Mueller – Tritten – Brunner – Bishop
Fantasy and Science Fiction198609£2.50Effinger – Watson – Guthridge – Rucker – Holmstrom – Johnson – Blackwood
Fantasy and Science Fiction198610£2.50Bretnor – Shepard – Shea – Tiptree – Holdstock – Pohl -Brunner – Springer
Fantasy and Science Fiction198611£2.50Denton – Shaver – Fowler – Jonas – Yolen – Mueller – Stevens – Boatman – Griffin
Fantasy and Science Fiction198701£2.50McLaughlin – McAuley – Wilson – Watson – Whitlock – Davidson – Davis – Young – Loring – Carroll
Fantasy and Science Fiction198702£2.50Griffin – Greeley – Matthews – Owens – Boyd – Bradley – Corwin
Fantasy and Science Fiction198704£2.50Wightman – Leman – Shepard – Foster – Williamson – Zebrowski – Di Filippo – Wilson
Fantasy and Science Fiction198705£2.50Bretnor – Shea – Morrow – Carr – Strickland – Hiller – Russo – Gotscalk – Lake
Fantasy and Science Fiction198705 ?£2.50Morressy – Effinger – Watson – Laidlow – Gallagher – White – Martinez – Hornig
Fantasy and Science Fiction198706£2.50Wager – Young – Porges – Funnell – Allen – Jacobs – Miller – Warren – Cunningham
Fantasy and Science Fiction198707£2.50Caraker – Aandahl – Ferrara – Tritten – Goulart – Owens – Bradley
Fantasy and Science Fiction198708£2.50Kim S Robinson – Weiner – Busby – Foster – Burleson – Malzberg – Williamson – Armstrong
Fantasy and Science Fiction198709£2.50Cross – Morressey – Shaver – Caraker – Wellen – O’Neill – Mueller
Fantasy and Science Fiction198710£2.50Roberts – Kessel – Sherman – Wilhelm – Tuttle – Davidson – Bryant
Fantasy and Science Fiction198711£2.50Filippo – Le Guin – Tiptree – Gilbert – Etchemendy – Kelly – Soukup
Fantasy and Science Fiction198805£2.50Tiptree – Strickland – Klavan – Williamson – Filippo – Haber – Morrow

There were about 4 I couldn’t find, but I am convinced they are in the shop somewhere.

F&S Fantasy

FANTASY – Swords and Sorcery etc.

Are we absolutely sure that the pillion is suitably dressed for riding a rhino?

Bulmer KennethSwords of the BarbariansNEL£2.50vg
Burroughs Edgar RiceSavage PellucidarTandem£2.50vg1974
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mad KingAce£2.50vg
Carter LinAs the Green Star RisesDaw£2.00vg-1975
Carter LinBeyond the Gates of DreamBelmont£2.50vg1972
Carter LinBlack Legion of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinBy the Light of the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1974
Carter LinCallipygiaDaw£4.00vg1988
Carter LinDarya of the Bronze AgeDaw£4.00vg1981
Carter LinDown to the Sunless SeaDaw£4.00vg1984
Carter LinDragonrougeDaw£5.00vg+1984
Carter LinEric of ZanthodonDaw£5.00vg1982
Carter LinFound WaitingDaw£4.00vg1985
Carter LinGiant of Words EndBelmont£4.00vg1969
Carter LinGiant of Worlds EndFive Star£2.50vg+1972
Carter LinHurok of the Stone AgeDaw£5.00vg+1981
Carter LinIn the Green Star’s GlowDaw£5.00vg1976
Carter LinJourney to the Underground WorldDaw£4.00vg1979
Carter LinKesrickDaw£4.00vg1982
Carter LinLankar of CallistoDell£4.00vg+1975
Carter LinLost WorldsDaw£4.00vg1980
Carter LinMad Empress of CallistoDell£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinMandricardoDaw£5.00vg+1987
Carter LinMind Wizards of CallistoDell£5.00vg1975
Carter LinRenegade of CallistoDell£4.00vg1978
Carter LinSky Pirates of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinThe Barbarian of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1977
Carter LinThe Black StarDell£2.50vg1973
Carter LinThe Enchantress of Worlds EndDaw£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinThe Immortal of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1976
Carter LinThe Man Who Loved Marsgold Medal£4.00vg1973
Carter LinThe Nemesis of EvilPopular Library£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Pirates of World’s EndDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Quest of KadjiFive Star£2.50vg1973
Carter LinThe Valley Where Time Stood StillPopular Library£4.00vg+1976
Carter LinThe Wzard of ZaoDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThongor Against the GodsTandem£2.50vg1970
Carter LinThongor and the Wizard of LemuriaBerkley£4.00vg
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeTandom£2.50vg1970
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeWarner£4.00vg+1979
Carter LinThongor Fights the Pirates of TarakusUniversal£2.50vg1979
Carter LinThongor in the City of MagiciansTandom£3.00vg1973
Carter LinThongor of LemuriaTandem£2.50vg1973
Carter LinTime WarDell£4.00vg1974
Carter LinTower at the Edge of TimeBelmont£4.00vg+1972
Carter LinUnder the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1972
Carter LinWhen the Green Star CallsDaw£5.00vg1973
Carter LinYlana of CallistoDell£4.00vg1977
Carter LinZanthodonDaw£5.00vg+1980
Carter Lin / Long Frank BelknaThe Thief of ThothBelmont£2.50vg1968
Carter Lin / Neville KrisThe Flame of IridarBelmont£2.50vg1967
Carter Lin editorFlashing Swords 1Mayflower£2.50vg1974
Carter Lin EditorFlashing Swords 2Mayflower£2.50vg
Fox Gardner FKothar and the Demon QueenTower£3.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKothar Barbarian SwordsmanStar£5.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Lost QueenParamount£3.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Wizards SwordLeasure£4.00vg+1976
Hill Douglas EditorWarlocks and WarriorsMayflower£2.50vg
Hill Ed.Warlocks and WarriorsMayflower£3.00f1971
Howard Robert EConan the Avenger #8Lancer£2.50
Howard Robert EConan the WarriorBAG 09£2.50
Howard Robert EWorms of the EarthZebra£2.50vg
Jakes JohnBrak the BarbarianTower£4.00vg+
Jakes JohnBrak the Barbarian Versus the SorceressPaperback Library£2.50vg1969
Jakes JohnConquest of the Planet of the ApesAward£2.00
Jakes JohnThe Mark of the DemonsTandem£2.50vg1976
Long Frank Belknap / Carter Li..and others shall be bornBelmont£2.50vg1968
Lord JeffreyBlade – The Mountains of BregaPinnacle£2.00vg1978
MacDonald GeorgePhantastesBallantine£2.50
Merritt AThe Face in the AbyssFutura£2.50vg-
Moorcock MichaelA Cure for CancerFontana£5.00vg+
Moorcock MichaelAn Alien HeatMayflower£2.00vg1974
Moorcock MichaelBarbarians of MarsAce£2.50vg+1991
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManFontana£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelCity of the BeastNEL£2.00vg1979
Moorcock MichaelCorum #1 – The Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassGranada£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassMayflower£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelElric at the End of TimeGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelEngland InvadedStar£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelLord of the SpidersNEL£3.50vg1971
Moorcock MichaelMasters f the PitNEL£2.50F1971
Moorcock MichaelMoorcock’s Book of MartyrsMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelMother LondonPenguin£2.50vg1989
Moorcock MichaelMy Experiences in the Third Worl WarSavoy£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelPhoenix in ObsidianMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelSojanSavoy£2.50vg1977
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerLancer£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelSword of the DawnLancer£2.00vg1968
Moorcock MichaelThe Bane of the Black SwordGranada£2.00vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorMayflower£2.50vg+1970
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearQuartet£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearMayflower£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormMayflower£2.50vg1973
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormGranada£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormDell£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelThe City in the Autumn StarsGrafton£2.50vg1987
Moorcock MichaelThe Cornelius ChroniclesFontana£2.50vg1988
Moorcock MichaelThe Dancers at the End of TimeGhranada£4.00vg1983
Moorcock MichaelThe Distant SunsNEL£2.50vg1989
Moorcock MichaelThe Dragon in the SwordGrafton£2.50vg1988
Moorcock MichaelThe End of All SongsMayflower£2.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe End of all SongsGranada£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Entropy TangoNEL£2.50vg1987
Moorcock MichaelThe Eternal ChampionMayflower£2.50vg+1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Final ProgrammeMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe FireclownCompact£2.00vg-
Moorcock MichaelThe Golden BargeNEL£2.50vg+1984
Moorcock MichaelThe History of the RunestaffGranada£2.50vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Hollow LandsMayflower£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Jewel in the SkullMayflower£2.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg1972
Moorcock MichaelThe Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Land LeviathanQuartet£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Laughter of CarthageFlamingo£2.50vg1985
Moorcock MichaelThe Mad God’s AmuletMayflower£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Nomad of TimeGrafton£2.50vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Oak and the RamQuartet£2.50vg1974
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Quest for TanelornMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Revenge of the RoseGrafton£2.50vg+1992
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow£2.50vg1971
Moorcock MichaelThe RunestaffMayflower£2.001975
Moorcock MichaelThe Russian IntelligenceSavoy£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateQuartet£2.00
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateMayflower£2.00vg-1981
Moorcock MichaelThe Shores of DeathSphere£2.00vg1970
Moorcock MichaelThe Singing CitadelMayflower£2.50vg1974
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressQuartet£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressNEL£2.50vg1972
Moorcock MichaelThe Stealer of SoulsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Steel TsarGrafton£2.00vg1990
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionGrafton£2.50vg+1989
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionQuartet£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword of the DawnMayflower£2.00vg1981
Moorcock MichaelThe Time DwellerMayflower£2.00vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Transformation of Miss Mavis MingStar£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Twilight ManCompact£2.50
Moorcock MichaelThe Vanishing TowerGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirNEL£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirAce£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfDaw£10.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboGranada£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock Michael James ColvinThe Deep FixCompact£25.00vg-1966
Moorcock Michael / PetajaThe Wrecks of Time/TramontaneAce£2.50vg1967
Moorcock Michael / Petja EmilThe Wrecks of Time / TramontaneAce Double£3.50vg+1967
Neville Kris / Carter LinPeril of the StarmenBelmont£2.50vg1967
Petaja Emil / MoorcockTraontane / The Wrecks of TimeAce£2.50vg1967
Tubb ECDerai – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECKalin – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECMoon BaseMayflower£2.50vg
Tubb ECTen From TomorrowSphere£2.50vg
Tubb ECThe Winds of Gath – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECToyman – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsCompact£3.50vg+1965
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsNova£3.50vg1955
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