Hank Janson

Hank Janson

Today the vast majority of people will not even have heard of Hank Janson but the number of books he sold in the 50’s and 60’s far outstrips the number sold by Booker Prize winners, yet the “inteligencia” look down their privileged noses at “Popular fiction” or in this case “Hard Boiled Fiction”.

Granted the covers on these 60’s example are not a patch on the covers Reginald Head was driven out of the country for painting. The persecution and trials of the 50’s is a fascinating story in itself culminating as it did in the fake, arranged Lady Chatterley Trial that voiced the now notorious test of respectability “Would you let your servant read that”

However I digress, as a great lover of the 50’s art work, and not totally unmoved by later covers, I have over the years assembled significant examples of the genre, Hank Janson in particular. I realise that the market for this important contribution to literature is rapidly declining, a pity in many ways, not least my ability to sell copies. Please ask for prices, these later covers are around the £2.50 mark.


Janson Hank48 HoursMoring
Janson HankAmerous Captive “Bygone Ages Vol 2HJ
Janson HankAmerous Captive Vol. 3HJ
Janson HankAngel AstrayCompact
Janson HankBeauty and the BeatHJ
Janson HankBeloved TraitorR & V
Janson HankBeloved TraitorR&V
Janson HankBerlin BriefingCompact
Janson HankBewitchedMoring
Janson HankBid for BeautyBAG 09
Janson HankBid for BeautyCompact
Janson HankBrand ImageCompact
Janson HankBrazen SeductressGold Star
Janson HankBreak For a LovelyHJ
Janson HankBreak For A LovelyHJ
Janson HankBring me SorrowMoring
Janson HankChicago ChickHJ
Janson HankCome Quick HoneyR&V
Janson HankCool SugarMoring
Janson HankCrime on my HandsHJ
Janson HankCrowns Can KillHJ
Janson HankDateline DianeCompact
Janson HankDeicious DangerHJ
Janson HankDelicious DangerBAG 09
Janson HankDesert FuryMoring
Janson HankDevil’s HighwaysHJ
Janson HankDoctor FixCompact
Janson HankDon’t Scare EasyMoring
Janson HankDon’t Scare EasyMoring
Janson HankDouble TakeCompact
Janson HankExpectant NymphGold Star
Janson HankF.E.U.D.Compact
Janson HankFame and FortuneBAG 09
Janson HankFan FareCompact
Janson HankFannyGold Star
Janson HankFast BuckCompact
Janson HankFlight from FearMoring
Janson HankFrails Can Be So ToughGaywood
Janson HankFrame and FortuneCompact
Janson HankGlobe ProbeCompact
Janson HankGo With a JerkHJ
Janson HankHeartacheCompact
Janson HankHellcatBAG 09
Janson HankHellcatMoring
Janson HankHell’s AngelHJ
Janson HankHell’s AngelMoring
Janson HankHillary’s TermsCompact
Janson HankHoney For MeHJ
Janson HankHotsy-You’ll be ChilledGaywood
Janson HankI for IntrigueCompact
Janson HankInvasionMoring
Janson HankJack SpotMoring
Janson HankJanson Go Home!HJ
Janson HankJunk MarketCompact
Janson HankKill Me For KicksHJ
Janson HankKill This ManMoring
Janson HankLake LootCompact
Janson HankLament for a LoverCompact
Janson HankLimbo LoverCompact
Janson HankLove – In and LamentationCompact
Janson HankMake Mine MinkCompact
Janson HankMayfair SlayrideCompact
Janson HankMistress of FearHJ
Janson HankModel in MayhamCompact
Janson HankMurderMoring
Janson HankNerve CentreCompact
Janson HankObsessionUPC
Janson HankPassionate WaifMoring
Janson HankPassionate WaifeBAG 09
Janson HankPattern of RapeCompact
Janson HankPersian PrideMoring
Janson HankQuiet Waits the GraveR & V
Janson HankReluctant HostessHJ
Janson HankRevoltMoring
Janson HankRipe for RaptureR & V
Janson HankSentence for SinHJ
Janson HankShort-Term WifeHJ
Janson HankSinister RaptureMoring
Janson HankSituation GraveMoring
Janson HankSlaves for SeductionHJ
Janson HankSprungCompact
Janson HankSquare 1Compact
Janson HankStrange DestinyMoring
Janson HankStrange RitualCompact
Janson HankSultry AvengerHJ
Janson HankSweet FuryMoring
Janson HankTail StingCompact
Janson HankTake This SweetieHJ
Janson HankTensionMoring
Janson HankThe Last LadyCompact
Janson HankThe Long ArmCompact
Janson HankThe Love MakersCompact
Janson HankThe Spy in my BedCompact
Janson HankThe Young WolvesCompact
Janson HankThis Hood For HireHJ
Janson HankThis Hood for HireR & V
Janson HankTomorrow and a DayMoring
Janson HankToo Soon to DieHJ
Janson HankTwilight TigressCompact
Janson HankTwist for TwoHJ
Janson HankUltimate DeterrentCompact
Janson HankUncover AgentHJ
Janson HankUntamedMoring
Janson HankV for VitalityCompact
Janson HankVillon of the PeaceCompact
Janson HankVisit from a BroadCompact
Janson HankVoodoo ViolenceCompact
Janson HankWhiplashMoring
Janson HankWhy Should SylviaCompact
Janson HankWild GirlMoring
Janson HankWill-PowerCompact
Janson HankZero Takes AllCompact

Britain in Pictures – Windmills and Watermills

British Windmills and Watermills by C P Skilton. 1947 first edition in the Collins “Britain in Pictures” series. 48 page, obviously illustrated series. £2.50

Many other B in P series don’t hesitate to ask.

Hard Backs

Ayrton MichaelBritish Drawings£2.501st1946 vg/vg+
Bowen ElizabethEnglish Novelists£2.501st1946 vg/vg+
Cecil Lord DavidEnglish Poets£2.502nd1945 vg/f
Gloag JohnBritish Furniture Makers£2.501st1945 vg-/vg- foxing
Lambert & DarkEnglish Populat traditional Art£2.501st1946 vg/f
Paget GuySporting Pictures of England£2.501st1945 vg-
Piper JohnBritish Romantic Artists£2.502nd1946 vg-/vg- ex-lib
Skilton C PBritish Windmills and Watermills£2.501st1947 48 pages vg/f
Taylor GeoffreyInsect Life in Britain£2.501st1945 48 pp vg-/vg
Turner W JThe English Ballet£2.502nd1946 vg
Warner RexEnglish Public Schools£2.501st1945 48 pp vg/vg-

Church Guides


Birstall Gospel Temperence Soc. Community Church£2.5001982
Whitby Old Parish ChurchChurch£2.5001950
A Short History of Hartshed Church£2.5001993
A New Guide to Helmsley Parish£2.5001985
The Churches of ScarboroughBPC£2.5001955
Bridlington Priory ChurchBPC£2.500
Christ Church Liversedge 1816-1966£2.5001966

Dalesman Mini Books

Exploring the Lake District by Malcolm Boyes

Exploring the North Yorkshire Moors by Malcolm Boyes

Exploring the Yorkshire Coast by Barry Mitchell

Lakeland A to Z


Peak District Walks by John N Merrill

Roman Derbyshire by Tom Garlick

Shepherd’s Crooks and Walking Sticks by David Grant and Edward Hart

Walking in Airedale

Walking in the Bronte Country

Walking on the Norfth Yorkshire Moors

Walks in Lower Wharfdale by Geoffrey White

Walks in Nidderdale by Geoffrey White

Walks in Upper Wharfedale by Mike Obst

Walks North of York by Geoffrey White and Geoffrey Green

Yorkshire Mysteries and Oddities

Various editions mostly in at least vg condition priced between £2.50 and £5.00

Local History – BATLEY

Batley Parish Church School 1861 – 1961

24 page illustrated booklet by Guy Barnes in 1961 – £10.00

The Batley Variety Club Review Vol 1 No. 1

16 page Souvenir Issue undated, illustrated. £5.00

Taylor of Batley – The Story of 102 Years by George A Greenwood

First edition 1957 188 pages £25.00

Batley Official Guide

Early 60’s 52 page booklet, I still miss the Park Pavilion was sorry to see it go. £7.50

The History of Batley 1800 -1974 by Malcolm H Haigh in 1978 reprinted twice but still hard to find. The fact the Malcolm was a journalist must have contributed to the fact that this is a fantastically readable book. I am a great fan of local history books but some are badly written, as not everybody however they love local history are good authors which is why I have not tried to write one myself. I have a copy without d.j. £20.00

Local History – Spen, Batley & Bradford

Local to my shop.


History and Description of Oakwell Hall and Manor written by J Sprittles 1946 a forward by Jas. H Margetts Mayor of Batley. A 52 page illustrated booklet £10.00

A Short History of Hartshead Church written by Mabel Ferrett in 1993. At 16 pages it is short but as all publications by Mabel, well put together. £5.00.

A Century of Public Transport in Bradford 1882-1982 by DJ Croft. Occasional Local Publications No. 4 by City of Bradford Met. 24 pages with illustrations. £5.00

Murder Most Foul at Old Carlinghow by Margaret Fox. Published by Harry Hayes in 1986 with permission from the Batley News. The title is only the first of 20 chapters of the “Look Back with Margaret Fox” articles published in the Batley News 48 pages with some illustrations (a couple of Heckmondwike). £10.00

The CENTRAL (Kayes’) COLLEGE (70 New North Road Huddersfield) – Prospectus. Undated but there is a programme from a variety concert put on by the students in 1942 along with a Fees leaflet. This is a 40 page very well illustrated booklet with lots of photo’s of the students. £10.00

One Hundred Years of Local HistoryThe Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society 1878-1978 by J Reynold and WF Bains. 42 pages with a few illustrations. Interestingly some time in the past a previous owner has made a “correction” on the title page. He/she has crossed out “Local” from the title and written “Society” below. I can understand the frustration as I thought the title ambiguous before I noticed this touch of what I expect is criticism from a disappointed owner. £5.00


Local Transport 1870-1940 – Kirklees

Kirklees Camera 1 – I like this collection of photos a wide spread geographic and thematically, good quality prints. £5.00

At Your Service One Hundred Years of The Huddersfield Corporation

A 72 page booklet (not illustrated) published late 60’s. I worked for Kirklees in the 70’s and recognise many of the departments described, but I am sure that one of my colleagues when I was a councillor, Peter McBride, will remember the whole of this history. There are copies of this available on the net, but not as cheap as the £5.00 I am asking.

County Borough of Huddersfield The Tolson Memorial Museum Publications. History of the Huddersfield Woollen Industry

Crump, W.B

Published 1935 132 pages with illustrations, soft cover £9.00


THE TOLSON MEMORIAL MUSEUM Handbook Angles, Danes & Norse in the District of Huddersfield W.G.Collingwood

Published in 1921 soft cover 64 pages with illustrations £7.50


The problem I have with Jack Vance is that by the time I am getting to the end of putting my 120 foot of SF titles into alphabetical order, I loose patience. Worse than that I run out of room so he goes into storage, where I can’t find him. The list below is not from my 120 foot, or even overflow storage as I don’t think I will ever get round to listing them.

If you are looking for a particular author or book don’t hesitate to contact me. I do check my mail now and again, and who knows I might get back to you. Much better to call in the shop.

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