Alberto Moravia


Moravia AlbertoBitter HoneymoonPenguin£2.50
Moravia AlbertoConjugal LoveAce UK£4.00
Moravia AlbertoRoman TalesPenguin£2.50
Moravia AlbertoRoman TalesSignet£2.50
Moravia AlbertoThe Time of IndifferenceSignet£2.50
Moravia AlbertoThe Time of indifferenceAce UK£2.50
Moravia AlbertoThe Wayward Wife & other storiesPenguin£3.00
Moravia AlbertoThe Woman of RomePenguin£2.00
Moravia AlbertoTwo AdolescentsPenguin£2.50

Theatre World 1942

1942 all 12 issues covers include: Celia Lipton, Robert Morley, Coral Browne, Emlyn Williams, Edith Evans, Robert Tauber, Diana Wynyard, Anton Walbrook, Dorothy Dickson, Graham Payn, Hermione Badderley, Hermione Cincold, Walter Crisham, Nauton Wayne, John Gielgud, Jessie Mathews, Richard Hearne, Frank Leighton, Hugh Sinclair, Pamela Brown, Frances Day and Arthur Riscoe.

£10 for all 12 issues (I have other years available)



Braddon RussellThe Naked IslandPan£2.50
Brian PeterReach for FreedomDigit UK£3.00
Calvert MichaelPrisoners of HopePanther£4.00
Carson BRStorm Over KoreaBadger£2.50
Evans AJThe Escaping ClubPanther£4.00
Fancy JohnTunnelling to FreedomPanther£3.50
Fuller Robert LPasport for the DamnedBadger£2.50
Johnson FKEscapeBadger£3.00
Nassauer RudolfThe HooliganConsul£3.00
Neave AireyLittle CyclonePanther£10.00
Nolan LiamThe Hills Hid us WellDigit UK£3.00
Reynolds QuentinOfficially DeadPanther£2.50
RomillyThe Privaledged NightmarePan£4.00
Thomas WBDare to be FreePan£2.50
Wet Hugh Oloff DeThe Valley of the ShadowPanther£20.00
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanther£3.00

For more information on any of these books (these are ones I have stock-checked recently) please contact me.

I have to mention one of these books in particular has it appears to be rare in any format. That is “The Valley of the Shadow by Hugh Oloff De Wet.

Oloff de Wet’s memoir as a British volunteer pilot during the Spanish Civil War, and considered one of the most descriptive and best accounts by a republican flier during the War. Oloff de Wet (1912-1975) was an RAF trained pilot who grounded out from an accident, worked as journalist and pilot in the Second Italo-Ethipian War (Second Italo-Abyssiann War), and after fighting in the Spanish Civil War, would later become a spy in Prague before World War II. He and his wife were captured and tortured by the Gestapo, and his experiences would later be published as The Valley of the Shadow, Death Row. After his release in April, 1945 from a Nazi prison, he returned to London where as a portrait sculpture, he executed busts of Ezra Pound, Edmund Blunden, John Cowper Powys, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, and others.

I also would like to mention that Tunnelling to Freedom is a Reginald Head ( Cy Webb) cover.

Mountains & other adventure stuff.

Some of these are rare in any format.

Single Handed Passage – Edward Allcard – £2.50

Teak Wallah – Reginald Campbell – £5.00

My Patients were Zulus – McCord – £2.50

Kanchenjunga – John Tucker – £2.50

Nanga Parbat – Herrligkoffer – £2.50

forerunners to Everest – Dittert, Chevalley & Lambert – £5.00

Doesn’t look like it but the Teak Wallah cover is by Reginald Head (Cy Webb)

BRITISH LEATHER – A Record of Achievement

From the title you wouldn’t know what was missing from the title, that is, “in the Second World War. The book has some superb evocative illustrations (though I have to admit not “Macabre”, I slipped that in as I don’t think they covered all bases). This is aptly, a leather bound copy, previously owned by WL Ingle Ltd Leeds. Printed by Batsford, undated but I think it was published in 1946, that makes sense with the contents.

I am offering this copy for £2.50 (Macabre thrown in free)

Saunterer’s Satchel & West Riding Almanac 1878

I have found (on’t ‘tinternet) 1875 and 1879 for sale (£24 – £35) but no 1878.

This is a working class dialect almanac produced (written?) by James Burnley of Bradford. Though I had not come across this publication, or James Burnley, there is a lot about him out there, this is just a sample;

Increasingly, literary historians are finding forgotten writers from the Victorian era who appear to represent very contemporary concerns. The massive biographies of the great nineteenth century novelists and social critics repeatedly bring to light other, secondary figures on the literary scene who have a profound interest to us now.

Surely, one of these has to be the social critic, journalist and poet, James Burnley. In an age when new enquiries into our sense of region and belonging are being made at an accelerating rate, we should look into his life and achievement. In an anthology published in 1891, he was celebrated as ‘The Saunterer’, and in Bradford history, that is his famous nom de plume. He was a friend of Dickens, contributing to All the Year Round; a local historian; a journalist with a vibrant style and a poet of the entrepreneur. His most successful book was The Romance of Modern Industry, (1889), in which he talks of ‘wealth in rubbish’ and ‘men who have risen’.

Burnley was born in Shipley, near Leeds, in 1842 and began his long publishing career in 1869 with a volume of poems, Idonia. But his talents also extended to the composition of plays, pantomimes, sketches and serious poetry. He became well-known in the West Riding when he began to write as the Saunterer for the Bradford Observer, covering such topics as folklore, eccentrics, scandals, superstitions and of course, literary and cultural matters. He also wrote for the Leeds Mercury and after a series of books celebrating the ‘romance’ of Britain’s industrial achievements, wrote a History of Wool and Wool-Combing.

66 pages, last 12 adverts this copy has magic tape repair to spine is complete and tidy. I am asking £15 for this piece of West Riding History.

The adverts themselves give an example of life (well) before the NHS, how more graphic can an advert get “DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD DIE”

World War II – Memoirs








GENERAL MARK CLARK One of the great World War II memoirs by a legendary American general in charge of operations in North Africa and Italy. General Mark W. Clark recounts his wartime exploits and tells the story of the battles in Tunisia and Italy with verve and attention to key detail. An unparalleled account by a great military leader. Mark Wayne Clark (May 1, 1896 – April 17, 1984) was a United States Army officer who saw service during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. He was the youngest lieutenant general (three-star general) in the United States Army during World War II. During World War I, he was a company commander and served in France in 1918, as a 22-year old captain, where he was seriously wounded by shrapnel. After the war, the future U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General George Marshall, noticed Clark’s abilities. During World War II, he commanded the United States Fifth Army, and later the 15th Army Group, in the Italian campaign. He is known for leading the Fifth Army in its capture of Rome in June 1944. Clark has been heavily criticized for ignoring the orders of his superior officer, British General Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander, and allowing the German 10th Army to slip away, in his drive to take Rome, the capital of Italy, a strategically unimportant city. The German 10th Army then joined with the rest of the German army group at the Trasimene Line. In March 1945, Clark, at the age of 48, became the youngest American officer ever to be promoted to the full rank of four star general. General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, a close friend of Clark’s, considered him a brilliant staff officer and trainer of men. Clark was awarded many medals, including the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army’s second highest award. A legacy of the “Clark task force” that he led in 1953-1955, which reviewed and made recommendations on all federal intelligence activities, is the coined term Intelligence Community.


Pile FrederickAck-AckPanther£10.00
Clark MarkCalculated RiskPanther£10.00
Butler & YoungMarshal Without GloryPanther£5.00
Rainier PeterPipeline to BattlePanther£5.00
Cliford GeorgeThe Happy HuntedPanther£10.00
Schmidt Heinz WernerWith Rommel in the DesertPanther£3.50

FILM TIE – INS — Update


As I previously mentioned, it is only on my later stock-check that I have added tabs so I can pull out categories. So this list is by no means comprehensive.

collage Film Ti-ins

This list is in alphabetical order of titles (in case you were wondering)
Secondari John H 3 Coins in the Fountain Digit UK R 321 1st Film photo vg £10.00
Trevor Elleston 80’000 Suspects Pan X 222 1st g+ £2.50
Mankowitz Wolf A Kid for Two Farthings Pan 394 1st Stowe f £8.50
Wilson Sloan A Summer Place Pan X 48 1st Helweg vg £3.50
Roth Arthur A Terrible Beauty Pan X 47 1st vg £3.00
Finney Jack Assault on a Queen Pan X 329 2nd 1966 vg £2.50
Wallace Lew Ben Hur Pan X 32 5th vg £3.00
Bartolini Luigi Bicycle Thieves Panther 1668 £5.00
Innes Michael Candleshoe Penguin ISBN 0 £2.50
Ferba Edna Cimeron Pan X 57 1st vg £3.00
Franzero Carlo Maria Cleopatra Panther 1402 rep £2.50
Shulman Irving College Confidential Gold Medal UK 517 1st f £5.00
Sillitoe Alan Counterpoint Pan X 727 2nd vg £2.50
Steinbeck John East of Eden WDL VS 503 5th 1960 anon vg £10.00
Burdich & Wheeler Fail Safe Pan X 388 1st vg £3.00
Fleming Ian From Russia With Love Pan X 236 12th 1963 Film vg £3.50
Fuller Roger Fugative – Fear in a Desert Town Pocket Book 501 Photo g £2.50
Bassing Eileen Home Before Dark Pan X 31 1st vg- £2.00
Humphrey william Home from the Hill Pan X 49 1st film vg+ £4.00
Brown Joe Davies Kings go Forth Pan G 120 1st Owen vg £2.50
Nabokov Vladimir Laughter in the Dark Penguin ISBN 0 rep 1969 vg £2.00
Motley Willard Let no Man Write my Epitaph Pan X 65 1st Peff vg £3.50
Chase Borden Lone Star Gold Medal US 236 1st 1952 vg £5.00
Sands Martin Maroc 7 Pan X 595 1st vg £2.50
O’Donnel Peter Modesty Blaise Pan X 474 1st anon vg £3.00
O’Donnell Peter Modesty Blaise Pan X 474 rep £2.50
Defoe Daniel Moll Flanders Pan X 433 2nd vg £2.50
Defoe Daniel Moll Flanders Pan X 438 1st vg £2.50
Flynn Errol My Wicked, Wicked Ways Pan X 94 g £1.50
Fienburgh Wilfred No Love for Johnnie Arrow 606 1st 1960 Dion f £3.00
Street James Oh Promised Land Pan X 30 1st Tayler vg £3.00
Cunningham EV Penelope Pan X 643 1st GS vg- £3.00
Metalious Grace Peyton Place Pan X 35 1st vg- £2.50
Dunn Nell Poor Cow Pan X 714 1st 1968 Photo vg+ £5.00
Burke John Priveledge Pan X 631 1st vg £3.00
Lockridge Rock Raintree Country Pan X 17 3rd Tayler vg £2.50
Metalous Grace Return to Payton Place Pan X 93 1st vg £2.00
Scott J M Sea-Wyf and Biscuit Pan 404 £3.50
Burke John Smashing Time Pan X 744 1st photo vg+ £4.00
Blish James Startrek – Spock Must Die Corgi 0 £2.00
Taradash & Moll Storm Centre Panther 597 1st Vernon vg £40.00
Albert Marvin H That Jane from Maine Gold Medal UK 431 1st film vg- £2.50
Godden Rumer The Battle of the Villa Fiorita Pan X 347 2nd vg £3.00
Krepps Robert W The Big Gamble Gold Medal UK 532 1st 1961 vg £3.00
Jessup Richard The Cincinnati Kid Pan X 485 1st GS vg £4.00
Trevor Elleston The Flight of the Phoenix Pan X 466 4th 1966 vg+ £2.00
Hardy Lindsey The Grand Duke and Mr Pimm Pan X 160 1st vg+ £2.50
Sands Martin The Jokers Pan X 627 1st vg £3.00
Kipling Rudyard The Jungle Book Pan X 718 1st vg £4.00
Hartog Jan de The Key Corgi S 491 1st 1958 vg £5.00
Turnbull Patrick The Long and the Short and the Tall Consul W 858 3rd 1961 Film vg £5.00
O’Conner Edwin The Lst Hurrah Pan X 34 1st 1959 vg £2.50
White Theodore H The Mountain Road Pan X 53 1st 1960 anon vg £4.00
Various The Penguin Film Review Penguin fr 8 1st 1949 vg £2.50
Swiggett Howard The Power and the Prize Ballantine F 150 vg £7.50
Mannon Warwick The Rak’s Progress WFP 0 £5.00
Brown Fredric The Screaming Mimi Sabre 979 vg £5.00
Kipling Rudyard The Second Jungle Book Pan X 719 1st 1967 Disney vg+ £4.00
Betteridge Don The Spies of Peenemunde Corgi SB 745 1st 1959 Photo vg+ £4.00
Sneider VJ The Tea House of the August Moon Panther 527 4th 1957 Webb vg £2.50
Sneider Vern The Teahouse of the August Moon Signet 1348 £3.00
Burke John The Trap Pan X 519 1st g £2.50
Stevenson Robert L The Wrong Box Pan X 509 1st Steward vg+ £2.50
Storey David This Sporting Life Penguin ISBN 0 £2.00
Mankiewicz Don M Trial Digit UK G 287 1st Film vg- £3.00
Portis Charles True Grit Penguin ISBN 0 rep 1971 Photo vg- £1.00
Brophy John Turn the Key Softly Pan 267 1st Photo vg £4.00
Dunn Nell Up the Junction Pan X 743 8th vg £2.50
Canning Victor Venitian Bird Pan GP 79 1st Keay vg+ £3.50
Westerheimer David Von Ryans Express Pan X 395 1st vg £2.50
Brophy John Waterfront Pan 131 1st anon vg £3.50
Leasor James Where the Spies Are Pan X 396 6th vg £1.50


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