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LEEDS – Ivan Broadhead

Mildred Coldwell028

Published in 1990 146 pages well illustrated in Black & White and Colour, photographs and drawings. I must admit I have looked at the pictures but have not read it but it seems a good Balance of illustrations and text and helpfully has an index.

Available in my shop for £4.00.

Tales of Wonder #7 Summer 1939

Tales of Wonder and Super Science #7 1939 033

This is what I have a pulp with no cover but notice the article by Arthur C Clarke “We can rocket to the Moon – Now”, then notice the date, 1939.

It is items like this that present a problem of pricing. I have found three copies offered for sale at £82, £102 and £123, there could well be others out there. The text and the restTales of Wonder #7 of the book is tight and in good condition, but with no front cover. I have found out what the cover looks like. other authors are John Beynon, Coutts Brisbane, Frank Edward Arnold, David H Heller, Maurice G Hugh and Geo. C Wallis, all I admit I have not read. So, what is it worth. In trying to find a mention of this article (unsuccessfully) I came across a fascinating article about Arthur and his friends, Arthur was 20 at the time. https://www.airspacemag.com/space/hms-moon-rocket-3143/ showing how advanced some were thinking at the time.HMS Moon Rocket

That does not help with pricing so I can only have a stab at it. It must be wiorth £25.



Film Stars Album #2

Film Stars # 2 031

Not surprising I can’t find out much about this 16 page 7″ X 5″ booklet, not dated published in London, seems very pricy at 2/- (10p in todays money but as I am guessing about 1950 it was a lot of money then). I am only asking £2.50 (25 times the original price.

illustrations of Ingrid Berman, Patricia Roc, Audrey Totter, Hedy Lamarr, Adrian Booth, Gregory Peck, Jeff Donnell, Lynn Merrick, Roy Rogers, Marie McDonald, Helen O’Hara, Vivian Leigh, Ann Jeffrys, Frank Sinatra, James Mason, Lucille Bremer and Fred Astaire.

This Gate Hangs High

This Gate Hangs High by Mildred Coldwell, I went to the launch of this book in 1987, I met Mildred but knew her son better.

Another interesting account of life in the Spen Valley before the War, well written and a good read.

Mildred Coldwell026

Unfortunately only a good “reading copy” (water stains on the covers) it has been read. I think I have a better copy in the shop, but this one is for sale at £2.50

Mildred Coldwell027

Tail Gunner – F/Lt. R C Rivaz D.F.C.

Tail Gunner - Rivaz 016

This book tells chiefly of the author’s change over from an air gunner to a pilot in the Second World War. The book takes up his career from the time when he leaves his operational squadron and becomes a gunnery instructor. He meets and talks with operational types and the reader can feel his sense of frustration as he takes a back seat away from a squadron. The author then gets the chance he has always wanted to be a pilot. He tells of his impressions during the early stages of his training in England and later during the more advanced progress in Canada. He tells of the hopes and ambitions of a pilot under training; of his early difficulties; of the lighter side of his and other pupils’ experiences; of the thrills of low flying, night and formation flying.

Undated hard back published by Jarrold’s to War Economy Standard. £7.50.

Three Years of Hell – Harry J Greenwall

W. H. Allen & Co Ltd, London, 1943. Hardback. Condition: vg/vg. First Edition.

This is the real inside story of France under the ‘heel of the hun’ told by Harry J. Greenwall who was a foreign correspondent trapped when the Germans marched in. He stayed for three agonising years compiling detailed diaries of his experience and observations of a nation under occupation.  218 pages. £9.00

Three Years of Hell 017.

Fighter Command – Peter Wykeham


Fighter Command018

This is a fine book in a vg+ dust Jacket 1960 first edition published by Putnam 320 pages with index and illustrations. £10.00


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