Braddon RussellThe Naked IslandPan£2.50
Brian PeterReach for FreedomDigit UK£3.00
Calvert MichaelPrisoners of HopePanther£4.00
Carson BRStorm Over KoreaBadger£2.50
Evans AJThe Escaping ClubPanther£4.00
Fancy JohnTunnelling to FreedomPanther£3.50
Fuller Robert LPasport for the DamnedBadger£2.50
Johnson FKEscapeBadger£3.00
Nassauer RudolfThe HooliganConsul£3.00
Neave AireyLittle CyclonePanther£10.00
Nolan LiamThe Hills Hid us WellDigit UK£3.00
Reynolds QuentinOfficially DeadPanther£2.50
RomillyThe Privaledged NightmarePan£4.00
Thomas WBDare to be FreePan£2.50
Wet Hugh Oloff DeThe Valley of the ShadowPanther£20.00
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanther£3.00

For more information on any of these books (these are ones I have stock-checked recently) please contact me.

I have to mention one of these books in particular has it appears to be rare in any format. That is “The Valley of the Shadow by Hugh Oloff De Wet.

Oloff de Wet’s memoir as a British volunteer pilot during the Spanish Civil War, and considered one of the most descriptive and best accounts by a republican flier during the War. Oloff de Wet (1912-1975) was an RAF trained pilot who grounded out from an accident, worked as journalist and pilot in the Second Italo-Ethipian War (Second Italo-Abyssiann War), and after fighting in the Spanish Civil War, would later become a spy in Prague before World War II. He and his wife were captured and tortured by the Gestapo, and his experiences would later be published as The Valley of the Shadow, Death Row. After his release in April, 1945 from a Nazi prison, he returned to London where as a portrait sculpture, he executed busts of Ezra Pound, Edmund Blunden, John Cowper Powys, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, and others.

I also would like to mention that Tunnelling to Freedom is a Reginald Head ( Cy Webb) cover.

the CAMP on BLOOD ISLAND – White & Guest

An expose of Japanese War Crimes

Based on the screenplay by JM White and Val Guest a vg Panther film tie-in for £5.00

WAR or Combat related paperbacks.


Some of the titles I have identified.
Baillie Peter Assault Patrol Digit UK D 241 g £1.00
Barker Ralph Strike Hard Strike Sure Pan X 382 2nd 1965 anon vg £2.50
Barker Ralph The Thousand Plan Pan M 205 1st vg £3.50
Barnett Correlli The Desert Generals Pan X 128 1st vg- £2.50
Baron Alexander From City From the Plough Pan 228 1st Mackinly vg £2.50
Bates H E The Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear Life Corgi T 414 £2.50
Blake Walker E Heartbreak Ridge Monarch 247 1st 1962 anon f £10.00
Borghese J Valerio Sea Devils Arrow 405 1st 1956 anon vg £2.50
Braddon Russell The Naked Island Pan X 212 10th Tayler vg+ £2.50
Brennan Dan Third Time Down Ace US D 488 £3.00
Brian Peter Reach for Freedom Digit UK D 254 1st 1959 anon vg £3.00
Brickhill Paul The Dam Busters Pan X 207 14th Owen g £2.50
Burgess Alan Seven Men at Daybreak Pan X 135 1st vg £2.50
Busch Harold U-Boats at War Ballantine 120 4th 1957 vg- £2.50
Cooper Duff Operation Heartbreak Pan 265 1st anon vg £2.50
Elan & Leasor Conspiracy of Silence Pan X 143 1st g £1.00
Faramus Tony Hands of the Devil Digit 299 £25.00
Fehrenbach TR The Battle of Anzio Monarch 317 £2.00
Forester CS Lieutenant Hornblower Pan X 256 3rd vg £2.00
Frank Wolfgang The German Raider Atlantis Ballantine 184 1st 1956 vg £5.00
Fuchido & Okumiya Midway Arrow 614 1st anon vg £2.50
Fullerton Alexander Surface Pan 365 1st Brabbins vg £3.00
Fullerton Alexander The Waiting Game Pan X 316 1st vg £2.00
Gerrod David The Battle for the Planet of the Apes Bag 23 0 £2.50
Harris John The Sea Shall Not Have Them Arrow 473 1st 1957 Blandford f £4.00
Hartog Jan de The Key Corgi S 491 1st 1958 vg £5.00
Hillary Richard The Last Enemy Pan 397 1st Gorden vg £3.00
Howard Leigh Johnny’s Sister Corgi 185 £2.50
Jeffrey Betty White Coolies Panther 738 rep anon vg+ £5.00
Johnston J Patrol of the Dead Barker Dragon 8 vg £15.00
Kessel Joseph The Magic Touch Pan X 216 1st 1963 vg £2.50
Macdonnell J E Broadsides! Horwitz 0 vg+ £2.50
Macintyre Donald Narvik Pan X 121 1st vg £2.00
Marks Lee Japanese Bushido Digit UK D 351 1st 1960 anon vg £2.50
Mars Alexander Unbroken Pan 306 1st Walton vg- £2.50
McCormack Charles You’ll Die in Singapore Pan 414 1st Wilton vg+ £3.50
Melling Leonard Up the Blue Digit UK 0 1st vg £2.50
Middleton Drew The Sky Suspended Pan X 181 1st vg £2.50
Millor George Horned Pigeon Pan X 16 1st vg £2.50
Monks Noel Eye-Witness Digit UK D 232 1st Osborn vg £2.50
Moorhead Alan Gallipoli Arrow 526 1st 1959 anon vg £2.00
Moresby Peter Digger’s War Digit UK R 825 rep 1964 anon vg- £1.00
Mulvihill William Fire Mission Ballantine 189 1st 1957 vg £2.50
Nassauer Rudolf The Hooligan Consul N 1034 1st 1961 anon vg+ £3.00
Neave Airey They Have there Exits Pan 329 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Nolan Liam The Hills Hid us Well Digit UK R 498 1st Rainey vg £3.00
Owen Frank The Campaign in Burma Arrow H 446 1st 1957 anon vg £3.50
Owen Frank The Fall of Singapore Pan X 153 2nd 1967 anon vg+ £2.50
Pentakoff Vladamir Popski’s Private Army Pan X 10 1st vg- £5.00
Phillips CE Lucas Cockleshell Heros Pan X 458 2nd vg £1.50
Phillips CEL The greatest Raid of All Pan M 208 2nd vg £2.50
Pinto Oreste Spycatcher Panther 501 1st 1955 vg £5.00
Pond Hugh Salerno Pan M 45 1st 1964 vg £2.50
Reynolds Quentin Minister of Death Pan X 185 1st 1963 Peff vg- £3.00
Reynolds Quentin They Fought for the Sky Pan X 61 1st vg £2.50
Roland John Dawn Decent Badger WW 119 £2.50
Romains Jules Verdun The Battle Consul 0 £2.50
Romilly The Privaledged Nightmare Pan GP 46 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Rowland Donald S Both Feet in Hell Digit UK R 482 1st Archer vg £2.50
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin Sexton Blake 395 1st 1957 vg £10.00
Schroter Heinz Stalingrad Pan X 58 1st vg+ £4.00
Shaw Irwin The Young Lions Pan X 11 1st vg £3.00
Slaughter Frank G Sword and Scapel Arrow 600 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Smith Frederick E 633 Squadron Arrow 492 1st 1958 vg- £2.00
Spence Duncan Dark Hell Digit UK D 256 1st anon vg £2.50
Stokoe WM Anzio Digit UK D 150 1st Osborne vg- £5.00
Thorwald Juergen Flight in the Winter Arrow 490 1st Morgan vg £2.50
Trevor Elston The Big Pick Up Pan 379 2nd vg £2.50
Urquhart Macgregor Desert Group Digit UK D 161 1st Osborne g+ £1.00
Urquhart Macgregor Foxhole Digit UK D 168 1st Osborn vg- £2.50
Ustinov Peter The Loser Pan X 301 1st 1964 vg £3.00
Vaughan-Thomas Wynford Anzio Pan M 40 1st 1963 anon vg £3.00
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 1st Woodman vg- £2.50
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 2nd Wilton vg £1.50
Wate Steve Ring of Hell Digit UK D 359 1st 1960 ? vg+ £4.00
Wilson James Interrupted Journey Arrow 724 1st 1963 Hall f £3.50
Young Desmond Rommel Fontana 48 1st 1955 vg £2.50

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