WAR or Combat related paperbacks.

COMBAT by Van Van Praag

Pocket Book 1950 1st vg+ “a quick burst brought down the sniper” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


James Wilson – Interrupted Journey


“British soldiers are ambushed in Cyprus by terrorists” Arrow pb near fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases


The Green Beret – Hilary St. George Saunders

The Green Beret by Hilary St. George Saunders

Four Square 1st edition “The Commandos at War” vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Ito Masashi – The Emperor’s Last Soldier

Masashi Itō (伊藤 正, 1921–2004) was a machine-gunner and sergeant in the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War. He was among the last hold-outs to surrender after the war ended.

Ito Masashi – The Emperor’s Last Soldiers

(Subject: World War II – Pacific) Mass market paperback. The saga of two soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army, part of the defence force for Guam, after the capture of the island in 1944 they hid turning to guerrilla warfare which turned into a struggle for survival, they surrendered themselves after 16 years (Published: 1967) (Publisher: Panther Books) (Pagination: 159pp, ills)


Jack Lewis – Chosen Tales of Chosin

Chosen Tales of Chosin

“The epic saga of the darkest days in the history of the United States Marines Corps—the cold, gruelling retreat from Korea’s toughest battle told by the men who lived and fought it!” Published in 1964 by Challenge Books this is a first edition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Company Q

“A novel of the Punishment Battalions of the American Civil War” Four Square 1959 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Surgeon at Arms by Daniel Paul and John St. John

“An Airborne Doctor lives through Arnhem” Four Square vg



Long Range Desert Group – W B Kennedy Shaw

Four Square vg Posted to UK address


Front-Line Stalingrad – Victor Nekrasov

Fontan 1964 1st – “The Bloodiest battle of World War II relived by a young Russian officer” Through the post to a UK address


The Big Push The Somme 1916 by Brian Gardner

The British Army suffered more casualties in the four months of the Battle of the Somme than in the entire WWII. This is a Sphere pb published in 1968. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Tattered Battalion by Laurie Andrews

Corgi 1959 vg+ A story of the Burma War Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Some of the other titles I have identified.
Baillie Peter Assault Patrol Digit UK D 241 g £1.00
Barker Ralph Strike Hard Strike Sure Pan X 382 2nd 1965 anon vg £2.50
Barker Ralph The Thousand Plan Pan M 205 1st vg £3.50
Barnett Correlli The Desert Generals Pan X 128 1st vg- £2.50
Baron Alexander From City From the Plough Pan 228 1st Mackinly vg £2.50
Bates H E The Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear Life Corgi T 414 £2.50
Blake Walker E Heartbreak Ridge Monarch 247 1st 1962 anon f £10.00
Borghese J Valerio Sea Devils Arrow 405 1st 1956 anon vg £2.50
Braddon Russell The Naked Island Pan X 212 10th Tayler vg+ £2.50
Brennan Dan Third Time Down Ace US D 488 £3.00
Brian Peter Reach for Freedom Digit UK D 254 1st 1959 anon vg £3.00
Brickhill Paul The Dam Busters Pan X 207 14th Owen g £2.50
Burgess Alan Seven Men at Daybreak Pan X 135 1st vg £2.50
Busch Harold U-Boats at War Ballantine 120 4th 1957 vg- £2.50
Cooper Duff Operation Heartbreak Pan 265 1st anon vg £2.50
Elan & Leasor Conspiracy of Silence Pan X 143 1st g £1.00

Fehrenbach TR The Battle of Anzio Monarch 317 £2.00
Forester CS Lieutenant Hornblower Pan X 256 3rd vg £2.00
Frank Wolfgang The German Raider Atlantis Ballantine 184 1st 1956 vg £5.00
Fuchido & Okumiya Midway Arrow 614 1st anon vg £2.50
Fullerton Alexander Surface Pan 365 1st Brabbins vg £3.00
Fullerton Alexander The Waiting Game Pan X 316 1st vg £2.00
Gerrod David The Battle for the Planet of the Apes Bag 23 0 £2.50
Harris John The Sea Shall Not Have Them Arrow 473 1st 1957 Blandford f £4.00
Hartog Jan de The Key Corgi S 491 1st 1958 vg £5.00
Hillary Richard The Last Enemy Pan 397 1st Gorden vg £3.00
Howard Leigh Johnny’s Sister Corgi 185 £2.50
Jeffrey Betty White Coolies Panther 738 rep anon vg+ £5.00
Johnston J Patrol of the Dead Barker Dragon 8 vg £15.00
Kessel Joseph The Magic Touch Pan X 216 1st 1963 vg £2.50
Macdonnell J E Broadsides! Horwitz 0 vg+ £2.50
Macintyre Donald Narvik Pan X 121 1st vg £2.00
Marks Lee Japanese Bushido Digit UK D 351 1st 1960 anon vg £2.50
Mars Alexander Unbroken Pan 306 1st Walton vg- £2.50
McCormack Charles You’ll Die in Singapore Pan 414 1st Wilton vg+ £3.50
Melling Leonard Up the Blue Digit UK 0 1st vg £2.50
Middleton Drew The Sky Suspended Pan X 181 1st vg £2.50
Millor George Horned Pigeon Pan X 16 1st vg £2.50
Monks Noel Eye-Witness Digit UK D 232 1st Osborn vg £2.50
Moorhead Alan Gallipoli Arrow 526 1st 1959 anon vg £2.00
Moresby Peter Digger’s War Digit UK R 825 rep 1964 anon vg- £1.00
Mulvihill William Fire Mission Ballantine 189 1st 1957 vg £2.50
Nassauer Rudolf The Hooligan Consul N 1034 1st 1961 anon vg+ £3.00
Neave Airey They Have there Exits Pan 329 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Nolan Liam The Hills Hid us Well Digit UK R 498 1st Rainey vg £3.00
Owen Frank The Campaign in Burma Arrow H 446 1st 1957 anon vg £3.50
Owen Frank The Fall of Singapore Pan X 153 2nd 1967 anon vg+ £2.50
Pentakoff Vladamir Popski’s Private Army Pan X 10 1st vg- £5.00
Phillips CE Lucas Cockleshell Heros Pan X 458 2nd vg £1.50
Phillips CEL The greatest Raid of All Pan M 208 2nd vg £2.50
Pinto Oreste Spycatcher Panther 501 1st 1955 vg £5.00
Pond Hugh Salerno Pan M 45 1st 1964 vg £2.50
Reynolds Quentin Minister of Death Pan X 185 1st 1963 Peff vg- £3.00
Reynolds Quentin They Fought for the Sky Pan X 61 1st vg £2.50
Roland John Dawn Decent Badger WW 119 £2.50
Romains Jules Verdun The Battle Consul 0 £2.50
Romilly The Privaledged Nightmare Pan GP 46 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Rowland Donald S Both Feet in Hell Digit UK R 482 1st Archer vg £2.50
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin Sexton Blake 395 1st 1957 vg £10.00
Schroter Heinz Stalingrad Pan X 58 1st vg+ £4.00
Shaw Irwin The Young Lions Pan X 11 1st vg £3.00
Slaughter Frank G Sword and Scapel Arrow 600 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Smith Frederick E 633 Squadron Arrow 492 1st 1958 vg- £2.00
Spence Duncan Dark Hell Digit UK D 256 1st anon vg £2.50
Stokoe WM Anzio Digit UK D 150 1st Osborne vg- £5.00
Thorwald Juergen Flight in the Winter Arrow 490 1st Morgan vg £2.50
Trevor Elston The Big Pick Up Pan 379 2nd vg £2.50
Urquhart Macgregor Desert Group Digit UK D 161 1st Osborne g+ £1.00
Urquhart Macgregor Foxhole Digit UK D 168 1st Osborn vg- £2.50
Ustinov Peter The Loser Pan X 301 1st 1964 vg £3.00
Vaughan-Thomas Wynford Anzio Pan M 40 1st 1963 anon vg £3.00
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 1st Woodman vg- £2.50
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 2nd Wilton vg £1.50
Wate Steve Ring of Hell Digit UK D 359 1st 1960 ? vg+ £4.00
Wilson James Interrupted Journey Arrow 724 1st 1963 Hall f £3.50
Young Desmond Rommel Fontana 48 1st 1955 vg £2.50

collage War 2
collage War 1

Pocket Books

I am only 99% sure of these titles as I am only partially through my stock check.

Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Book737
Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Bookvg-19511st757
Allen HerveyAction at AquillaPocket Book0
Ambler EricJudgment on DeltchevPocket Book887
AnthologyThe Anatomy of MurderPocket BookB5
Arlott JohnBritish Sporting StoriesPocket Bookvg-1stB39
Armstrong CharlotteMischiefPocket Bookvg19511st805
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Book444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19471st444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19474th444
Arno PeterThe Peter Arno Pocket BookPocket Bookvg++19473rd417
Asbury HerbertThe Barbary CoastPocket Bookvg19483rd474
Austen JanePide and PrejudicePocket BookvgRep63
Bailey HCThe Best of Mr FortunePocket Bookvg19432nd190
Baldwin FaithPrivate DutiesPocket Bookvg-445
Benchley RobertMy Ten Years\in a QuandaryPocket Bookvg19471st449
Boucher EditorThe Pocket Book of True Crime StoriesPocket Bookvg-1943213
Bower BMThe Whoop-up TrailPocket Bookvg19453rd310
Brand MaxSilvertipPocket Bookvg1946369
Brande DorotheaWake Up and LivePocket Bookvg+195315th2
Brooks JohnThe Big WheelPocket Bookvg19511st767
Brown EugeneTrespassPocket Book964
Buck Pearl SPeonyPocket Book679
Budd LillianApril SnowPocket Bookvg19541st994
Cannon Cornelia JamesRed DustPocket Book623
Capp AlThe Life and Times of The ShmooPocket Bookvg-19491st621
Chandler RaymondThe Big SleepPocket Bookvg+50541
Cody AlDisaster TrailPocket Bookvg19491st648
Cody AlWest of the LawPocket Bookvg+19491st610
Craven ThomasFamous Artists & their ModelsPocket Bookvg19491st579
Curie Eve – Trans. SheeanMadame CuriePocket Bookvg+19461st400
Daly MaureenThe Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg+19511st751
Daly MaureenYou Too can be the Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg19511st751
Day ClarenceLife with FatherPocket Book280
Day ClarenceLife With FatherPocket Bookvg1947280
De Kruif PaulHunger FightersPocket Bookvg19421st155
Dickens CharlesPickwick PapersPocket Book100
Dickson CarterDeath and the Gilded ManPocket Book1947478
Dickson CarterSeeing is BelievingPocket Book0
Dickson CarterThe Judas WindowPocket Book231
Dickson CarterThe Punch & Judy MurdersPocket Book19431st219
Douglas lloyd CGreen LightPocket Bookf19457th175
Dowst Robert SWin, Place and ShowPocket Bookvg19481st458
Dreiser TheodoreSister CarriePocket Bookvg+19491st644
du Maurier DaphneThe King’s GeneralPocket Book0
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book81390
Ellington RichardIt’s a CrimePocket Bookvg-19501st756
ExnerThe Sexual Side of MarriagePocket Book500
Foss HubertThe Concert Goers HandbookPocket Bookvg19511stB44
Fowler GeneGood Night, Sweet PrincePocket Bookvg+19471st430
Frank patMr AdamPocket Book498
Franken RoseAnother ClaudiaPocket Book449
Fuller RogerFugative – Fear in a Desert TownPocket Bookg501
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Angry MournerPocket Bookvg19601092
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Calendar GirlPocket Bookvg+19636040
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Crooked CandlePocket Bookvg+19511st758
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Deadly ToyPocket Bookvg19697th55858
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowning DuckPocket Book0
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Golddiggers PursePocket Bookf19511st812
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Howling DogPocket Bookvg1954rep116
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lame CanaryPocket Bookvg+194616th223
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Long-legged ModelsPocket Bookvg19601238
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Moth Eaten MinkPocket Bookvg19561107
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Perjured ParrotPocket Bookvg19508th378
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Smoking ChimneyPocket Bookvg19503rd667
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe Bigger They ComePocket Bookg+19432nd228
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D A Holds a CandlePocket Bookvg1945287
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D.A. Cooks a GoosePocket Bookvg1949561
Gooden Arthur HenryWayne of the Flying WPocket Book873
Grdner Erle Stanleytcot Drowning DuckPocket Bookvg+19656th50320
Haines William WisterHigh TensionPocket Bookvg19481st502
Hayes AlfredThe Girl on the Via FlaminiaPocket Book666
Hertzler Arthur EThe Horse & Buggy DoctorPocket Bookvg0
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPocket Bookvg+1961rep6100
Hughes Dorothy BThe Candy KidPocket Bookvg+19511st845
Hughes Dorothy BThe Delicate ApePocket Bookvg19461st422
Hutchinson ASMIf Winter ComesPocket Bookvg19481st486
Janeway ElizabethDaisy KenyonPocket Bookvg19484th442
Janeway ElizabethThe Walsh GirlsPocket Book1st393
JonesPeabody’s MermaidPocket Bookvg+19481st503
Jones HowardTropical TalesPocket Bookvg-1stB42
Kelly G LombardSexual Feeling in Married Men & WomenPocket Book825
Kirk JeremyThe Buid-up BoysPocket Bookvg+19522nd849
Kirk JeremyThe Build-up BoysPocket Book849
Kruif Paul DeMicrobe HuntersPocket Book49
Lea TomThe Brave BullsPocket Bookvg19511st771
Liederman AlLi’l LeaguerPocket Bookvg+19601st1272
Lindsey PhilipOne Dagger for TwoPocket Book0
Long ManningVicious CirclePocket Bookvg19531stB80
Lott MiltonThe Last HuntPocket Bookvg19562ndC203
Malzberg Barry NThe Sodom and Gomorrah BusinessPocket Bookvg+19741st77789
Marsh NgaioSwing Brother SwingPocket Bookvg+19511st762
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePocket Bookvg19471st435
Masur Harold QSo Rich, So Lovely and So DeadPocket Bookvg998
Maugham W SomersetCakes and AlePocket Bookvg1964rep50029
Maule Harry EThe Pocket Book of Western StoriesPocket Book0
Maurier Daphne duThe King’s GeneralPocket Bookvg-19471st483
McIntyreStar Trk III – The Search for SpockPocket Bookvg198417
Miller Helen ToppingSpot LightPocket Book653
Moon BucklinWithout MagnoliasPocket Bookvg+19501st697
Narayan R KThe Bachelor of ArtsPocket Bookvg19511stB31
Neville MargotMurder of a NymphPocket Bookvg+19511st829
Nordhoff & HallPitcairn’s IslandPocket Bookvg19472nd457
Packard VanceThe Human Side of AnimalsPocket Bookvg19501st755
Perkins JREmperor’s PhysicianPocket Bookvg19471st481
Peterkin JuliaScarlet Sister MarkPocket Book48
Phillips JASuitable For FramingPocket Bookvg+19501st725
Postgate RaymondVerdict of TwelvePocket Book331
Prather Richard SShell Scott – Kill Him TwicePocket Bookvg19686th55025
Queen ElleryDeath Spins the PlatterPocket Bookvg19621st6126
Queen ElleryHalfway HousePocket Bookvg-1945259
Queen ElleryQ B IPocket Bookvg19561st1118
Queen ElleryThe Door BetweenPocket Bookvg-19471st471
Queen ElleryThe Dutch Shoe MysteryPocket Bookvg0
Queen ElleryThe Four of HeartsPocket Bookvg-245
Queen ElleryThe Roman Hat MysteryPocket Book0
Queen ElleryThere Was am Old WomanPocket Bookvg-326
Raine William MacleodBorder BreedPocket Bookvg19501st721
Raine William MacLeodThe Sheriff’s SonPocket Bookvg+19511st815
Rice CraigThe Sunday Pigeon MurdersPocket Bookvg-19471st434
Rigsby HowardMurder for the HolidaysPocket Bookvg19521st907
Rinehart Mary RobertsThe AlbumPocket Bookvg19411st121
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Book486
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Bookvg+19491st641
Romano RomualdoSciroccoPocket Bookvg19521st900
Rose BillyWine Women and WordsPocket Bookvg19501st685
Ross BarnabyThe Scrolls of LysisPocket Book5083
Sachs Paul JThe Pocket Book of Great DrawingPocket Bookvg19511st765
Santee RossCowboyPocket Bookvg+19501st732
Seifert ElizabethA Certain Doctor FrenchPocket Bookvg-1947122
Seifert ElizabethThe Young Doctor GalahadPocket Bookvg1946302
Seuss DrThe Pocket Book of BonersPocket Bookvg194526th110
Sharp MargeryCluny BrownPocket Bookvg1st395
Shute NevilPastorialPocket Bookvg+19462nd281
Smith ThorneTopperPocket Book0
Smith ThorneTurnaboutPocket Bookvg19474th447
Steinbeck JohnThe Steinbeck PB Of Mice & MenPocket Bookvg1945243
Stinetorf LouiseWhite Witch DoctorPocket Bookvg+19521st851
talian MysoganistsThe Pocket BiblePocket Book0
Turnbull Agnes SlighThe Bishop’s MantlePocket Bookvg19491st657
Twain MarkA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourtPocket Bookvg1st497
Ullman James RamseyThe White TowerPocket Bookvg19521stC76
Upson William HazlettAlexander Botts Earthworm TractorsPocket Bookvg-19463rd304
Van Dine SSThe Benson Murder CasePocket Bookvg333
Van Dine SSThe Canary CasePocket Bookvg-19443rd248
Van Loon Hendrik WillemThe Story of MankindPocket Bookvg194815
Van Praag VanCombatPocket Bookvg+19501st747
VariousThe Pocket Mystery ReaderPocket Book0
Wallop DouglasThe Year the Yankees Lost the PennantPocket Bookvg19581stC328
Watkin Lawrence EdwardOn Borrowed TimePocket Bookvg19451st317
Wells EvelynJed Blaine’s WomanPocket Book637
Wells Lee ETonto RileyPocket Bookvg19521st865
Westcott JanThe HepburnPocket Bookvg19511st827
White Nelia GardnerNo Trumpet Before HimPocket Bookvg19501st664
Wilder ThorntonThe Bridge of San Luis ReyPocket Bookvg+19497th9
Willkie Wendell LOne WorldPocket Bookvg19431st229
Wilson EarlI am Gazing Into My 8-BallPocket Bookvg19481st489
Worley WilliamMy Dead WifePocket Bookvg19511st773
Wright Harold BellThe Shepherd of the HillsPocket Book441

Popular Library Paperbacks from the ’50s

Most of these have good artwork on the rear covers as well as the fronts. There is a bit of a theme here (with at least a couple of exceptions), in these days I should probably not admit that I like these covers so I wont (admit it that is).


Popular Library 1953 vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Pop Lib 066

I GET WHAT I WANT – Larry Heller

Popular Library 1956 1st fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



LOVERS IN TORMENT – Gordon Merrick

Popular Library 1956 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Pop Lib 063


Popular Library 1956 vg+ 1st Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Clements Calvin JDark Night of LovePopular Libraryvg19561st
Davies RhysMariannePopular Giantvg-19521st
Dee RogerLet The Sky FallPopular Libraryvg+1957
Denzer Peter WI’m No GoodPopular Libraryvg+19551st
Dratler Jay JDoctor ParadisePopular Libraryvg+19571st
Ellson HalDukePopular Libraryvg-195023nd
Erskine JohnThe Private Life of Helen of TroyPopular Libraryvg-
Gann ErnestIsland in the SkyPopular Libraryvg1953
Gorham CharlesThe Gilded HearsePopular Libraryvg
Hastings PhyllisA Time for PleasurePopular Libraryvg1954
Heatter BasilThe Dim ViewPopular Library
Heller LarryI Get What I WantPopular Libraryf19561st
House Brant ed.Love From FrancePopular Libraryvg1956
Kerr BenDown I GoPopular Libraryg
Kerr BenI Fear You NotPopular Libraryvg+19561st
Lowry RobertThe Last PartyPopular Libraryvg+1956
MacKinlay KantorGentle AnniePopular Libraryvg+1942
Mathews TSDarling, I Hate YouPopular Libraryvg19531st
Meloney William BrownMooneyPopular Libraryvg19511st
Merrick GordonLovers in TormentPopular Libraryvg19551st
Murray WilliamThe Fugative RomansPopular Libraryvg1956
Nathan LeonardNight after NightPopular Libraryvg19551st
O’Hara DonnThe Wild YearsPopular Library
Prole LozaniaThe Magnificent CourtesanPopular Libraryvg19511st
Raddall Thomas HThe Nymph and the LampPopular Libraryvg1958
Raine William MacLeodRange Beyond the LawPopular Library
Raine William MacLeodRange Beyond the LawPopular Libraryvg
Sanders JacquinThe Girls from GoldfieldPopular Libraryvg+19571st
Scott GlennFarewell My Young LoverPopular Library
Sinclaire Bertrand WWild WestPopular Libraryvg
Thayer TiffanyThe Illustrious CorpsePopular Libraryvg
Tuttle W CHidden BloodPopular Libraryvg-
Tuttle W CValley of Vanishing HerdsPopular Libraryvg
Waer JackSweet and Low DownPopular Libraryvg-19551st
Waller LeslieThe Bed She MadePopular Libraryvg+1952
Wilson ChesleyLive and Let Live/Swing Full CilclePopular Libraryvg19541st
Wilson GuthrieThe Feared and the FearlessPopular Libraryvg+


If you want more information on the titles below, please contact me.

Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanf1st
Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanvg2nd
Brophy JohnTurn the Key SoftlyPanvg19531st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg+19531st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg-19552nd
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg19541st
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg+19562nd
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPanvg1st
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg-1st
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg19542nd
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanvg1st
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanf19574th
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg19531st
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg+19553rd
Coward NoelStar QualityPanvg1st
de la Mare WalterThe ReturnPanvg1st
Frankau PamelaThe Willow CabinPang+1st
Hardy ThomasThe Mayor of CasterbridgePanf1st
Innes HammondThe Angry MountainPanvg1st
James MRGhost Stories of an AntiquityPanvg-19531st
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg1st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg+19541st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg8th
Samuel ViscountBelief and actionPanvg19531st
Smith ShelleyThe Woman in the SeaPanvg19531st
Stephens JamesThe Crock of GoldPanvg+19531st
Tey JosephineTo Love and be WisePanvg++19531st
Wallace EdgarThe Square EmeraldPanvg19531st
Wentworth PatriciaPilgrim’s RestPanvg19531st

Green for Danger – Christianna Brand

Pan 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


J. B. Priestly – The Doomsday Men

Pan 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lost Horizon – James Hilton

LOST HORIZON – James Hilton

PAN – specify the edition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Leo Walmsley – So Many Loves

SO MANY LOVES – Leo Walmsley

Pan 1st 1947 vg+


Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Pan 1947 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Thirty Nine Steps – John Buchan

The Thirty-nine Steps – John Buchan

Pan – Specify which edition Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Grossmith George & WeedonThe Diary of a NobodyPan£5.00vg/vg+19471st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPan£5.00vg+19461st
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPan£5.00vg+19471st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£4.00vg19471st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg+19503rd
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg19534th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£3.00vg+19565th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg+19576th
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPan£4.00vg19471st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPan£2.50vg2nd
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Pan£12.00vg+19471st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******PanSOLDvg19502nd
Marquand John PHaven’s EndPan£5.00vg19471st
Du Maurier GeorgeTrilbyPan£4.00vg1st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPan£4.00vg19471st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPan£2.50vg2nd
Nicholson HaroldSome PeoplePan£5.00vg+19471st
Walpole HughAbove the Dark CircusPan£4.00vg19471st
Mason AEWFire Over EnglandPan£4.00vg19471st
Sharp MargeryThe Nutmeg TreePan£2.50vg2nd
Walmsley LeoSo Many LovesPan£10.00f19471st
Greene GrahamJourney Without MapsPan£5.50vg19471st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£2.50vg6th
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£4.00vg19471st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£2.50vg4th
Henry OThe Four MillionPan£4.50f19471st
Henry OThe Four MillionPan£2.50vg2nd
Buchan JohnGreen MantlePan£3.50vg1st


Sitwell OsbertAlive-Alive OhPan£3.50vg1st
Sadleir MichaelThese Foolish ThingsPan£4.00vg1st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPan£5.00vg+19471st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPan£3.50vg19512nd
Baum VickiGrand HotelPan£2.50g1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPan£8.50vg dj1st
Macaulay RoseStaying With RelationsPan£4.00vg1st
SimenonThe Man Who Watched The TrainsPan£4.50vg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPan£4.50vg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPan£5.00vg dj1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPan£1.50g1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPan£9.00vg dj1st
Thomson EdwardBurmese SilverPan£8.50vg dj1st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPan£3.50vg+1st
Waugh AlecHot CountriesPan£3.50vg1st
Horn AATrader HornPan£4.00vg1st
Horn AATrader HornPan£8.00vg dj1st
Mason AEWNo Other TigerPan£5.00vg19481st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£5.00vg-1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£3.50vg2nd
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPan£2.50vg4th
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPan£2.50vg6th
Roberts CecilPilgrim CottagePan£4.50vg1st
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPan£2.50vg-3rd
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPan£2.50vg4th
Cambridge ElizabethHostage to FortunePan£4.00vg1st
Ashton HelenYeoman’s HospitalPan£4.00vg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPan£5.00vg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPan£2.50vg2nd
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPan£3.00vg1948
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPan£3.50vg19481st
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPan£3.00vg19492nd


Walpole HughMr Perrin and Mr TraillPan£3.00vg+1948
Galsworthy JohnThree PlaysPan£3.50f1948
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg1949
Wallace EdgarSandersPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPan£2.50p
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPan£1.00g
Simpson HelenSaraband for Dead LoversPan£4.50vg
Russell JohnWhere the Pavement EndsPan£2.50g
Heyer GeorgetteThe CorinthianPan£3.50vg
Brand ChristiannaGreen for DangerPan£4.00vg+
Bennett ArnoldAnna of the Five TownsPan£4.00vg
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPan£2.50vg1948
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPan£2.50vg-
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£4.00vg1952
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£4.00vg+
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£2.50vg
Sharpe MargeryCluny BrownPan£3.50vg
Ambler EricEpitaph for a SpyPan£3.50g
Henry OCabbages and KingsPan£3.50g
Collins NormanFlames Coming out of the TopPan£3.50vg1949
Heyer GeorgetteBehold, Here,s PoisonPan£2.50vg-1951
Mason AEWAt the Villa RosePan£5.00vg
Brand ChristiannaDeath in High HeelsPan£5.00vg1949
Macaulay RoseKeeping up AppearancesPan£3.50vg-
Caspary VeraLauraPan£5.00vg
Crofts Freeman WillsAntidote to VenomPan£4.00vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.50f
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.00f1954
Stern GBThe Back SeatPan£3.50vg


Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPan£4.00f19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£1.00g+19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£3.00vg2nd
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£3.00vg3rd
Hey & KingThe Middle WatchPan£5.00vg1st
Borden MaryAction for SlanderPan£2.50vg-19491st
Thirkell AngelaPomfret TowersPan£2.50vg1st
Hilton JamesSo Well RememberedPan£6.00vg1st
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPan£6.00vg1st
Mason AEWThe Winding StairPan£4.00vg1st
Wentworth PatriciaThe Clock Strikes TwelvePan£8.50vg19491st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPan£5.00vg1st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPan£3.00vg3rd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePan£2.50vg19522nd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePan£2.50vg3rd
Blake NicholasQuestion of ProofPan£5.00vg-1st
Cannon JoannaHour of the AngelPan£3.00vg+1st
Charteris LeslieThe Avenging SaintPan£3.50vg-1st
Charteris LeslieThe avenging SaintPan£3.50vg3rd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Versus Scotland YardPan£4.00vg19503rd
Conan Doyle ArthurAdventures of GerardPan£4.00vg1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPan£5.00vg-1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPan£7.50vg+2nd
Priestley JBThe Doomsday ManPan£5.00vg1st
Blake NicholasThere’s Trouble BrewingPan£5.00vg1st
Wodehouse PGThank You JeevesPan£5.00vg1st
Strong LAGThe DirectorPan£4.00vg1st


Wallace EdgarThe Cue of the Silver KeyPanvg19542nd
Smith EleonorBallerinaPanvg19501st
Kaye-Smith SheilaGreen Apple HarvestPanvg19501st
Christie AgathaThe HollowPanvg+19501st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanvg+19501st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanf19552nd
Caspery VeraBedeliaPanvg19501st
Sutherland HallidayThe Arches of the YearsPanvg19501st
Berkerly AnthonyThe Poisoned Chocolate CasePanvg19501st
Buchan JohnPrestor JohnPanf19501st
Williams EmlynThe Corn is GreenPanvg19501st
Smith ShellyCome and be KilledPanvg19501st
Nichols BeverleyDown the Garden PathPanvg-19501st
Fraser RonaldRose AnstyPanvg19501st
Wallace EdgarThe JokerPanvg+19501st
Wallace EdgarThe Four Just MenPanvg+19501st
Davis RhysThe Black VenusPanvg19501st
Slocum JoshuaSailing Alone Round the WorldPanf19501st
Rattigan TerranceThe Wimslow BoyPanvg19501st
AnthologyTold in the DarkPanvg-19502nd
Spring HowardDunkerley’sPanvg19501st
Keyes Francis ParkinsonThe Safe BridgePanvg19501st
Dickson CarterThe Bowstring MurdersPanvg19501st
Wilde OscarLady Widameres’ FanPanf1st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg-19511st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg+2nd
Kennedy MilwardEscape to QuebecPanvg-1st
Vallens GHGood English How to Write ItPanvg1st
Haggard H RiderKing Solomon’s MinePanvg1st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg-1st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg2nd
Leslie DorisFull FlavourPanvg1st
Guedalia PhillipMr Churchill a PortraitPanf1st
Wayman StanleyUnder the Red RobePanvg+1srt
Charteris LeslieThe Saint on GuardPanvg+19511st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Keep the ChangePanvg1st
Duguid JulianTiger-ManPanvg+1st
Grey ZaneForlorn RiverPanf2nd
Christie AgathaCards on the TablePanvg19554th
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg-19511st
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg2nd
Lister StephenMisral HotelPanvg19511st
Goodchild GeorgeInspector Mcleans HolidayPanvg1st
Freeman R AustinThe Puzzle LockPanvg1st
Oppenheim EPThe Great ImpersinationPanvg2nd
Hammett DashiellThe Maltese FalconPanvg-1st
de la Roche MazoMary WakefieldPanvg1st
Douglas LloydMagnicent ObsessionPanf1st
Delafield EMThe Provincial LadyPanvg+1st
AnthologySeven Short PlaysPanvg-1st
Bagnold EnidSerina BlandishPanvg-1st
Lowndes M BellocI Too Have lived in ArcadiaPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get Me WrongPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoJalnaPanvg1st
Belmans LudwigDirty EddiePanvg19521st
HoffmanEight Tales of HoffmanPanvg+1st
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19521st
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19532nd
Marquand John PThe Late George ApleyPanvg1st
Linklater EricRipeness is AllPanvg1st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg-19521st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg2nd
Heberhart MGThe Glass SlipperPanvg1st
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePanvg1st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in LondonPanvg19521st
Jacob NaomiThe Man Who Found HimselfPanvg1st
Fitt MaryClue to ChristobelPanvg+19521st
Deeping WarwickParadice PlacePanvg1st
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg1st
Balchin NigelMine Own ExicutionerPanvg1st
Gregory JacksonThe Secret of Secret ValleyPanf19521st
Woodruff PhilipThe Wild Sweet WitchPanvg1st
Wentworth PatriciaGrey MaskPanvg19521st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Curious BridePanvg1st
Greene GrahamStamboul TrainPanvg1st
Orczy BaronessThe Emporer’s CandlesticksPanvg1st
Knox RonaldStill DeadPanvg19521st
Cheyney PeterYou Can Call it a DayPanf19521st
Waddell HelenPeter AbelyardPanvg19521st
Maughn SomersetAshendenPanvg19521st
Grey ZaneHeritage of the DesertPanvg1st
Baron AlexanderFrom City From the PloughPanvg19531st
Vallens GHBetter EnglishPanf1st
Kennedy MargaretThe Constant NymphPanvg19531st
Moore JohnPortrait of ElmberyPanvg1st
Thouless RHStright and Crooked ThinkingPanvg1st
Heyer GeorgetteFaro’s DaughterPanvg1st
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanvg1st
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanf19531st
Chesterton GKThe Wisdom of Father BrownPanvg1st
Buchan JohnThe Island of SheepPanvg-1st
Lister StephenSavoy Grill at OnePanvg-1st
Henry OThe Trimmed LampPanvg-1st
Sharp MargeryThe Stone of ChastetyPanvg1st
SapperJim MaitlandPanvg1st
Canning VictorA Forest of EyesPanvg1st
Gaskin CatherineAll Else is FollyPanvg1st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanvg19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19542nd
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19574th
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanf1st
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanvg+2nd

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal
invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

WORLD WAR II including -SOE – Resistance – Espionage – Air – Sea –



Pan 1953 1st “The Story that is linked with one of the most astounding Secrets of the War” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.




Edmund Ward LONDON 1966 1st 90 pages well illustrated book vg dj vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.




Edmund Ward LONDON 1966 90 pages well illustrated book near fine dj near fine unclipped. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


His Majesty’s Minesweepers

His Majesty’s Minesweepers

HMSO publication 1943 64 pages very well illustrated. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


MOONDROP TO GASCONY – Anne-Marie Walters

MOONDROP TO GASCONY by Anne-Marie Walters

Pan 1st vg+ “Englishwoman’s Adventures as a Secret Agent. Woodman cover art Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


MOONDROP TO GASCONY – Anne-Marie Walters

MOONDROP TO GASCONY – Anne-Marie Walters

Pan reprint with Walton Cover Art vg++ MOONDROP TO GASCONY – Anne-Marie Walters


Of Their Own Choice – Capt. Peter Churchill D.S.O.

Of Their Own Choice – Capt. Peter Churchill D.S.O.

Corgi 1955 1st vg Of Their Own Choice was the first of three books describing his wartime experience in the French section of the Special Operations Executive. He describes his initial training at Warnborough Manor, near Guildford, in sabotage, Morse code, use of firearms, bridge demolition, and French military drill; and then to the Scottish Highlands near Mallaig, for map reading, orienteering, weapons and explosives training, close combat, and physical training; and then parachute training at Ringway near Manchester. The final training was at the Finishing School at Beaulieu Abbey in the New Forest where he learnt railway sabotage, inconspicuous behaviour, codes, cover stories, how to build up networks, and how to behave under interrogation. Of 14 people who began the training, Churchill was one of only three who graduated. He was assigned to the French Section in June 1941, and given his French identity card with a false identity. His first mission was to be infiltrated into the French Riviera by submarine in order to inspect three SOE networks in Antibes, Marseille and Lyons, evaluate their strengths weaknesses, assess their needs, and give them instructions. He was also to provide them with funds to continue their work. He was assisted by American agent, Virginia Hall. Having completed his mission he crossed the Pyrenees on foot and returned to the UK via Gibraltar to report back to SOE Headquarters. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – August – October 1940.

36 page illustrated account published in 1941 by HMSO. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


ARCTIC WAR – Norway’s role on the Northern Front. Published by HMSO in 1945 a 64 page, well illustrated account.

THE DAM BUSTERS – Paul Brickhill. The story of 617 Squadron who’s members were awarded two Victoria Crosses and over 150 other decorations

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – August – October 1940. 36 page illustrated account published in 1941 by HMSO.

BOMBER COMMAND CONTINUES – The Air Ministry Account of the Rising Offensive Against Germany July 1941 – June 1942. HMSO 1942




Escape or Die – Paul Brickhill

Pan 1st 1954 vg- Pan 7th vg STATE PREFERENCE Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


THE Colditz Story – P R Reid


Pan 1954 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Not all POW a few other prisons thrown in.

Burns Robert EI am a Fugative from a Chain GangArrowvg+19641st
Calvert MichaelPrisoners of HopePanthervgr
Carse RobertThe Devil’s SpawnAce UKvg19571st
Doyle WilliamLiferPanthervg1st
Hunter EdwardBrainwashingWDLvg-19591st
Leroux GastonThe Foating PrisonDaily Expressvg
Neave AireyLittle CyclonePantherf1st
Not CreditedTrue Prison TalesSuperior Detectivevg1946
Pape RichardMatashonaPanthervg1st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg+19541st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg8th
Reynolds QuentinOfficially DeadPanthervg1st
Seaton George JohnIsle of the DamnedArrowvg2nd
Skrede WilfredAcross the Roof of the WorldVikingvg1st
Wet Hugh Oloff DeThe Valley of the ShadowPanthervg1st


For more information on any of these books (these are ones I have stock-checked recently) please contact me.

I have to mention one of these books in particular has it appears to be rare in any format. That is “The Valley of the Shadow by Hugh Oloff De Wet.

Oloff de Wet’s memoir as a British volunteer pilot during the Spanish Civil War, and considered one of the most descriptive and best accounts by a republican flier during the War. Oloff de Wet (1912-1975) was an RAF trained pilot who grounded out from an accident, worked as journalist and pilot in the Second Italo-Ethipian War (Second Italo-Abyssiann War), and after fighting in the Spanish Civil War, would later become a spy in Prague before World War II. He and his wife were captured and tortured by the Gestapo, and his experiences would later be published as The Valley of the Shadow, Death Row. After his release in April, 1945 from a Nazi prison, he returned to London where as a portrait sculpture, he executed busts of Ezra Pound, Edmund Blunden, John Cowper Powys, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, and others.

I also would like to mention that Tunnelling to Freedom is a Reginald Head ( Cy Webb) cover.

ARROW – Paperbacks Stock Check

I thought I had a few more titles but the stock check revealed some gaps, they may have been misfiled, but it is more likely that I have sold them and forgotten to update my records.

Arrow like other paperback publishers at the time had an eclectic spread of authors and subjects. It picking out covers to illustrate their range I seem to have missed the most prominent and prolific author they featured, Dennis Wheatley.

Arrow Stock Check (1)

I always like to compare how illustrations change over time, sometimes influenced by a film or to justify a price increase (note the 20% increase in these two editions.

The range covers a non fiction account of miniature submarines, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, part of John Creasey’s prodigious output and an illustration of how language changes over time, though it is difficult to think what Ann Hepple’s  book title could be meant to mean today.


Asquith CynthiaWhen Churchyards YawnArrowvg
Balfour JamesThe Glory BoyArrow£2.50f1963
Ballard TodhunterWest of QuarantineArrow£2.50f
Bartlett NormanThe Pearl SeekersArrow£5.00vg
Beckwith LilianThe Loud HaloArrow£2.50vg1969
Beckwith LillianBeautiful JustArrow£2.50vg+1977
Beckwith LillianThe Sea for BreakfastArrow£2.50vg1970
Bentley PhyllisRing in the NewArrow£5.00vg1971
Berge VictorDanger is my LifeArrow£2.50vg+
Braddon RussellGabriel Comes to 24Arrow£2.50vg1962
Braddon RussellThose in PerilArrow£3.50f
Breihan Carl WOutlaws of the Old WestArrow£2.50vg-
Bridges YseultSaint with Red HandsArrow£3.50f
Brinton HenryTwo to SlayArrow£4.00f
Broad LewisThe Truth About Oscar WildeArrow£2.50g1957
Brookes EwartNor on What SeasArrow£4.00f1958
Brookes EwartTo Enless NightArrow£3.00vg+
Burns Robert EI am a Fugative from a Chain GangArrow£2.50vg+1964
Clark LeonardThe River Ran EastArrow£2.50vg
Creasey JohnPalfrey v Shadow of DoomArrow£3.00vg
Creasey JohnThe Death Miser ZArrow£3.00vg+
Creasey JohnThe Hounds of VengeanceArrow£4.00f1967
Creasey JohnThe House of the BearsArrow£3.00f1962
Creasey JohnThe League of Dark Men ZArrow£3.00f
Creasey JohnThe League of LightArrow£2.50vg-
Creasey JohnThe Mark of the Crescent ZArrow£2.50vg
Creasey JohnThe Peril AheadArrow£2.50vg
Deal BordenDragon’s WineArrow£3.00vg+
Downes TerryMy Bleeding BusinessArrow£2.50vg-1966
Fienburgh WilfredNo Love for JohnnieArrow£5.00f1960
Fuchido & OkumiyaMidwayArrow£5.00vg
Galton & SimpsonThe Spy with a Cold NoseArrow£2.50vg1967
Gash JonathanSpend GameArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Sleepers of ErinArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Tartan RingersArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Vatican RipArrow£2.00vg
Gee MauriceThe Big SeasonArrow£2.50vg1964
Grubb DavisOne Foot in the GraveArrow£15.00vg1966
Harris JohnThe Sea Shall Not Have ThemArrow£4.00f1957
Harris JohnThe Sleeping MountainArrow£2.50vg+
Harrison RichardWhitehall 1212Arrow£2.50vg1958
Hass HansUnder the Red SeaArrow£2.50vg
Hepple AnneThe North Wind BlowsArrow£2.50vg1963
Hocking AnnePoisoned ChaliceArrow£2.50vg1962
Hossent HarryRun for your DeathArrow£2.50vg-
Jacob NaomiPrivate GollantzArrow£2.50vg
Jacob NaomiThe Morning will ComeArrow£3.00f1962
King WilliamThe Stick and the StarsArrow£5.00vg+
Lee EdnaThe Web of DaysArrow£2.50vg
MacArthur WilsonSimba BwanaArrow£2.50vg1958
Maupassant Guy DeMademoiselle FifiArrow£2.50vg1966
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow£4.00vg1971
Moorhead AlanGallipoliArrow£2.50vg1959
Muskett nettaFlowers From The RockArrow£2.50vg1966
Muskett NettaMiddle MistArrow£2.00vg
Muskett NettaScarlet HeelsArrow£2.50vg
Myers John MyerDead WarriorArrow£2.50vg1957
Neill RobertMist over PendleArrow£5.00f1962
Neill RobertWitch BaneArrow£5.00vg1968
Nordyke LewisWes Hardin Texas GunmanArrow£3.50vg1960
Orczy BaronessThe League of the Scarlet PimpernelArrow£2.50vg
Prendergast WilliamZ Car DetectiveArrow£2.50vg1966
Procter MauriceHell is a CityArrow£4.00vg
Procter MauriceThe Chief Inspector’s statementArrow£3.00vg
Purdy Ken WThe Kings of the RoadArrow£2.50
Richey PaulFighter PilotArrow£4.00vg1955
Rivaz R CTail GunnerArrow£5.00vg
Ruark Robert CHorn of the HunterArrow£2.50vg
Ruesch HansThe RacerArrow£3.00
SapperBull-Dog DrummondArrow£3.00vg1961
SapperThe Black GangArrow£5.00vg+1963
Seaton George JohnIsle of the DamnedArrow£5.00vg
SimenonMaigret and the Young GirlArrow£2.50vg1958
SimenonMaigret and the Young GirlArrow£2.50vg-1958
SimenonMaigret’s Little JokeArrow£2.50vg-
Slaughter Frank GDarien VentureArrow£2.50vg
Slaughter Frank GEpidemicArrow£2.50vg+
Slaughter Frank GLorenaArrow£2.50vg
Slaughter Frank GSpencer BradeArrow£3.50f1959
Slaughter Frank GSword and ScapelArrow£2.50vg+
Slaughter Frank GThe Golden OnesArrow£3.00vg1963
Slesar HenryA Bouquet of Clean Crimes and Neat MurdersArrow£5.00vg1963
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronArrow£2.50vg-1958
Spain NancyThank You NelsonArrow£2.50vg+
Spain NancyThe Kat StrikesArrow£4.00vg1959
Stoker BramDraculaArrow£2.50vg1971
Swinson ArthurSergeant Cork’s CasebookArrow£2.50vg1965
Tack AlfredPA to MurderArrow£2.50vg1967
Taine JohnG.O.G.666Arrow£3.00vg+
Thomson (ed)More Not at NightArrow£5.00vg1963
Thomson C C edStill Not at NightArrow£5.00vg-1962
Thorndike RussellDocter Syn ReturnsArrow£4.00vg1963
Thorndike RussellDoctor SynArrow£2.50vg1966
Thorndike RussellDoctor Syn on the High SeasArrow£2.50g+1966
Thorndike RussellThe Amazing Quest of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg-1966
Thorndike RussellThe Courageous Exploits of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg1966
Thorndike RussellThe Further Adventures of Doctor SynArrow£1.00g1963
Thorndike RussellThe Shadow of Doctor SynArrow£3.50vg1972
Tubb ECDerai – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECKalin – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECThe Winds of Gath – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECToyman – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Vaculik SergeAir CommandoArrow£5.00vg
VariousNot at NightArrow£4.00vg
Wallace EdgarBig FootArrow£2.00vg-1961
Wallace EdgarFlat 2Arrow£1.00vg-1980
Wallace EdgarOn the SpotArrow£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe AvengerArrow£1.50vg1973
Wallace EdgarThe AvengerArrow£3.00vg+1962
Wallace EdgarThe Face in the NightArrow£2.50vg1961
Wallace EdgarThe Missing MillionArrow£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe Missing MillionArrow£3.00vg
Wallace EdgarThe MixerArrow£2.50vg-1966
Wallace EdgarThe TwisterArrow£2.50vg1966
Wallace EdgarWhen the Gangs Came to LondonArrow£2.50vg
Walters LeonardThe Rebel of St.Hal’sArrow£2.00vg
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrow£2.50vg
Wheatey DennisStar of Ill-OmenArrow£2.50vg+1962
Wheatley DennisCodeword Golden FleeceArrow£2.50vg1961
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourArrow£2.50vg+1960
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourArrow£3.00f1965
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£3.00vg1960
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£2.00vg+1966
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants & GhostsArrow£2.50vg1966
Wheatley DennisOld RawleyArrow£3.00vg1962
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveArrow£2.00vg1960
Wheatley DennisStrange ConflictArrow£2.50vg-1974
Wheatley DennisSuch Power id DangerousArrow£2.50vg1962
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessArrow£3.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50f1959
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50vg1958
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryArrow£2.50vg1964
Wheatley DennisThe Golden SpaniardArrow£4.00f1962
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrow£2.50vg1961
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrow£2.50vg1974
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarArrow£2.50vg+1961
Wheatley DennisThe Prisoner in the MaskArrow£2.50vg-1964
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormArrow£2.50vg-1961
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistArrowSOLDvg+1964
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateArrow£2.50vg1958
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleArrow£2.50vg1960
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrow£3.00vg1963
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasArrow£2.50vg+1960
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceArrow£3.00vg+1960
Wilson JamesInterrupted JourneyArrow£3.50f1963
Winn Godfrey‘PQ’ 17 A Story of a ShipArrow£3.00vg+1963
Young GeorgeCode-Name CarusoArrow£2.50vg1964

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.


Reprisal – Arthur Gordon

Reprisal by Arthur Gordon

Corgi 1953 vg+ “A savage Novel of Hatred and Revenge” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance

“An Authentic Story of Tribal life and rites by a chieftain of the Northern Blackfeet” a 1965 Corgi 1st Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Max Brand – The Jackson Trail

Corgi vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Ti-Coyo and his shark – Clement Richer

Ti-Coyo and his shark and Son of Ti-Coyo

Corgi Giant 1956 vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Courts of the Lion – Robert W Krepps

Corgi Giant 1954 1st vg- Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


I have not stock checked my Corgi Stock for quite a while so these are the titles I think I still have.

Aldiss BrianBarefoot in the HeadCorgi
Andrews LaurieTattered BattalionCorgi
Andrews LucillaThe Secret ArmourCorgi
Arnod ElliottFight from AshiyaCorgi
Asimov IsaakFantastic VoyageCorgi
Baker DorothyYoung Man With a HornCorgi
Barnard JackThe HumpCorgi
Bates H EThe Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear LifeCorgi
Bates H EDear LifeCorgi
Baze WilliamJust ElephantsCorgi
Behan BrendanBorstal BoyCorgi
Betteridge DonThe Spies of PeenemundeCorgi
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi
Bourjaily VanceConfessions of a Spent YouthCorgi
Bradbury RayFahrenheit 451Corgi
Bradbury RayThe Illustrated ManCorgi
Bradbury RayThe Golden Apples of the SunCorgi
Bradbury RayDandelion WineCorgi
Brand MaxThe Bandit of the Black HillsCorgi
Brand MaxThe Jackson TrailCorgi
Brasset Edmund ABackwoods DoctorCorgi
Brennecke JochenThe Hunters & The HuntedCorgi
Brophy JohnTarget IslandCorgi
Brophy JohnImmortal SergeantCorgi
Brown FredricSpace on my HandsCorgi
Brown FredricNightmares and GeezenstacksCorgi
Bruce JeanPhoto FinishCorgi
Bruce JeanLive WireCorgi
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgi
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgi
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgi
Burnett W RLittle Men Big WorldCorgi
Burnett W RBitter GroundCorgi
Busch NivenThe Hate MerchantCorgi
Cain James MMignonCorgi
Cain James MJealous WomanCorgi
Caldwel JohnDesperate VoyageCorgi
Campbell JamesMaximum EffortCorgi
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgi
Carnell John editNew Writings in SF5.Corgi
Cartland BarbaraNever Laugh at LoveCorgi
Castle & HaileyFlight into DangerCorgi
Castle JohnThe Seventh FuryCorgi
Castle JohnThe Password is CourageCorgi
Castle John & Hailey ArthurFlight Into DangerCorgi
Chase James HadleyDo Me a Favour – Drop DeadCorgi
Chase James HadleyIn A Vain ShadowCorgi
Chase James HadleyJust Another SuckerCorgi
Chase James HadleyKnock, Knock ! Who’s There?Corgi
Chase James HadleyMake The Corpse WalkCorgi
Chase James HadleyTry This One For SizeCorgi
Chase James HadleyWell Now PrettyCorgi
Chase James HadleyTrusted Like a FoxCorgi
Chase James HadleyThe Soft CentreCorgi
Chase James HadleyGoldfish Have no Hiding PlaceCorgi
Chase James HadleyMy Laugh Comes LastCorgi
Chase James HadleyWe’ll Share a Doule FuneralCorgi
Cheyney PeterThe Curiosity of Etienne MacGregorCorgi
Churchill PeterOf Their Own choiceCorgi
Clarke Arthur CReach for TomorrowCorgi
Clarke Arthur CReport on Planet Three and other speculationsCorgi
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe City and the StarsCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Lion of Comarre & Agaist the Fall of NightCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Wind From The SunCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgi
Clifford FrancisHonour the ShrineCorgi
Clostermann Pierre DFCThe Big ShowCorgi
Comfort Will LevingtonApacheCorgi
Cook WillApache AmbushCorgi
Cousins SheilaTo Beg I am AshamedCorgi
Creasey JohnInvitation to AdventureCorgi
Creasey JohnMurder With MushroomsCorgi
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgi
Creasey John / MortonThe Baron and the BeggarCorgi
Creasey John as Gordon AsheMurder With MushroomsCorgi
Cross JohnThe Three they Couldn’t KillCorgi
Delmar VinaAbout Mrs LeslieCorgi
Drummond WilliamVictimCorgi
Edson JTThe Whip and the WarlanceCorgi
Edson JTOmnibus Vol. 9Corgi
Edson JTWaco’s DebtCorgi
Ehrlich MaxThe Big EyeCorgi
Ellson HalTomboyCorgi
Everett WadeFort StarkeCorgi
Every Dale VanThe Scarlet FeatherCorgi
Fast HowardThe Edge of TomorrowCorgi
Fergusson HarveyThe Conquest of Don PedroCorgi
Fisher ClayDull KnifeCorgi
Fletcher LucilleBlindfoldCorgi
Forster Logan AProud LandCorgi
Frede RichardEntry ECorgi
Freed ArtelDiamonds and MinxCorgi
Freeman Ira HenryOut of the BurningCorgi
Friend JohnThe Long TrekCorgi
Gardiner DorothyThe Great BetrayalCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AATop of the HeapCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AACrows Can’t CountCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AABeware the CrowsCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AACats Prow at NightCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AABedrooms Have WindowsCorgi
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAYou Can Die LaughingCorgi
Gardner JohnThe LiquidatorCorgi
Gary RomainNothing Important Ever DiesCorgi
Gilbert EdwinNative StoneCorgi
Gilzean ElizabethOn Call SisterCorgi
Gordon RexNo Man FridayCorgi
Gordons ThePlaybackCorgi
Gordons TheFBI StoryCorgi
Gordons TheCase File FBICorgi
Green FLOn the Night of the FireCorgi
Guthrie A BThe Way WestCorgi
Guthrie ABThe Way WestCorgi
Hall James BRacers to the SunCorgi
Hall Norman SThe Ballon BusterCorgi
Harrison DIThese Men Are DangerousCorgi
Harrison RichardThe CID and the FBICorgi
Hartog Jan deThe KeyCorgi
Hassel SvenBlitzfreezeCorgi
Hassel SvenCourt MartialCorgi
Hassel SvenLiquidate ParisCorgi
Hassel SvenSS GeneralCorgi
Hassel SvenThe Bloody Road to DeathCorgi
Hassel SvenThe CommissarCorgi
Hassel SvenThe Legion of the DamnedCorgi
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgi
Hatton CharlesNo Trees in the StreetCorgi
Heinrich WilliThe Willing FleshCorgi
Heinrich WilliMark of ShameCorgi
Henry WillJesse JamesCorgi
Henry WillThe Seven Men at Mimbers SpringsCorgi
Henry WillNo SurvivorsCorgi
Hinde ThomasA Place Like HomeCorgi
Holles Robert ONow Thrive the ArmourersCorgi
Holmes LPThe PlunderersCorgi
Howard LeighJohnny’s SisterCorgi
Howard LeighCrispin’s DayCorgi
Hoyle Fred & Elliot JohnA for AndromedaCorgi
Hunter EvanStrangers When we MeetCorgi
Jocelyn RichardAcross the RiverCorgi
Joy JohnThe Destined HourCorgi
Kades HansThe Great TemptationCorgi
Kantor MacKinlayWicked WaterCorgi
Kennaway JamesJock (Tunes of Glory)Corgi
Kennedy margaretThe FeastCorgi
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron 1 – The Black KnightsCorgi
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron 2 Hawks of DeathCorgi
Knight DamonBeyond the BarrierCorgi
Knoke HeinzI Flew for the FuhrerCorgi
Krepps Robert WThe Courts of the LionCorgi
Lambert EricThe VeteransCorgi
Lambert EricGlory Thrown InCorgi
Lambert EricThe Rehabilitated ManCorgi
Lambert EricA Short Walk to the StarsCorgi
L’Amour LouisComstock LodeCorgi
Lance Chief Buffalo Child LongLong LanceCorgi
Lasly WaltTurn the Tigers looseCorgi
Leasor JamesMutiny at the Red FortCorgi
Lederer & BurdickThe Ugly AmericanCorgi
Lee VernonRavenna and her GhostsCorgi
Lord WalterA Night to RememberCorgi
Lord WalterTitanicCorgi
Lord WalterDay of InfamyCorgi
Lymington JohnNight of the Big HeatCorgi
Lymington JohnThe Grey OnesCorgi
Lymington JohnA Sword above the NightCorgi
Machen ArthurThe Novel of the Black SealCorgi
MacKenzie DonaldFugitivesCorgi
MacKenzie DonaldNowhere to goCorgi
Maine Charles EricCrisis 2000Corgi
Maine Charles EricTimelinerCorgi
Maine Charles EricThe Tide Went OutCorgi
Maine Charles EricCount DownCorgi
Maine Charles EricCalculated RiskCorgi
Manor JasonThe Red JaguarCorgi
Marquis Thomas BWarriorCorgi
Masters David“So Few”Corgi
Matheson RichardThird Eye from the SunCorgi
Maugham R C FJersey Under the JackbootCorgi
McGhee BillCut and RunCorgi
McIntosh JTOne in Three HundredCorgi
McIntosh JTThe FittestCorgi
McIntosh JTBorn LeaderCorgi
McKee AlexanderBlack SaturdayCorgi
Merfied & MilerGorillas were my NeighboursCorgi
Michener JamesSayonaraCorgi
Miller GilbertThe Flesh is WeakCorgi
Miloy VivianApine PartisanCorgi
Mitchell JamesA Red File for CallanCorgi
Mitchell JamesSmear JobSOLD
Mittelholzer EdgarMy Bones and My FluteCorgi
Monsarrat NicholasEsther CostelloCorgi
Moore DonaldAll of One CompanyCorgi
Morgan DanThe Several MindsCorgi
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnThe Baron ReturnsCorgi
Moss W StanleyIll Met by MoonightCorgi
Muldoon GuyLeopards in the NightCorgi
Mulford Clarence EJohnny NelsonCorgi
Munsterhjelm ErikThe Wind and the CaribouCorgi
Neilder CharlesMan Against NatureCorgi
Newman BernardTaken at the FloodCorgi
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgi
Nolan William FLogan’s WorldCorgi
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgi
Nolan William FImpact-20Corgi
Onn Chin KeeSilent ArmyCorgi
Page CatherineThe Irish NurseCorgi
Pape RichardArm me AudacityCorgi
Pawle GeraldThe Secret WarCorgi
Phillips JohnThe Second Happiest DayCorgi
Pickles WilfredWilfred PicklesCorgi
Poolman KennethWolf PackCorgi
Quayle AnthonyOn Such a NightCorgi
Rampa LobsangThe Cave of the AncientsCorgi
Rampa LobsangBehond the TenthCorgi
Rampa LobsangFeeding the FlameCorgi
Rampa LobsangCandlelightCorgi
Rawnsley & WrightNight FighterCorgi
Richer ClementTi-Coyo and his Shark & Son ofCorgi
Robeson Kenneth#01 Doc Savage – The Man of BronzeCorgi
Robeson Kenneth#02 Doc Savage – The Thousand-headed ManCorgi
Robeson Kenneth#03 Doc Savage – Meteor MenaceCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Mystery of Dr. Fu-ManchuCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Devil DoctorCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Si-Fan MysteriesCorgi
Rohmer SaxDaughter of Fu-ManchuCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Mask of Fu-ManchCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Mask of Fu-ManchCorgi
Rohmer SaxPresident Fu-ManchuCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Trial of Fu-ManchuCorgi
Rohmer SaxThe Drums of Fu-ManchuCorgi
Ross WalterThe ImmortalCorgi
Russell LordThe Scourge of the SwastikaCorgi
Russell LordThe Knights of BushidoCorgi
Schaefer JackShaneCorgi
Schaefer JackCompany of CowardsCorgi
Schaefer JackThe CanyonCorgi
Schaefer JackShaneCorgi
Schaeffer JackOut WestCorgi
Schulberg BuddOn The WaterfrontCorgi
Schulberg BuddThe Harder They FallCorgi
Sellwood and HainingDevil Worship in BritainCorgi
Shaw HowardThe Crime of Giovanni VenturiCorgi
Sheckley RobertJourney Beyond TomorrowCorgi
Short LukeSumer of the SmokeCorgi
Shulman’s MaxThe Feather MerchantsCorgi
Small Sidney HerschelSword and CandleCorgi
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronCorgi
Spillane MickeyMe HoodCorgi
Spillane MickeyVengeance is MineCorgi
Spillane MickeyMy Gun is QuickCorgi
Spillane MickeyOne Lonely NightCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Big KillCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Long WaitCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Girl HuntersCorgi
Spillane MickeyDay of the GunsCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe FlyerCorgi
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Girl HuntersCorgi
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgi
Spillane MickeyThe Delta FactorCorgi
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgi
St Clair MargaretSign of the LabrysCorgi
Steen ShielaWatch it SailorCorgi
SteinbeckOnce there was a WarCorgi
Steinbeck JohnCup of GoldCorgi
Steinbeck JohnTo A God UnknownCorgi
Steinbeck JohnThe Long ValleyCorgi
Steinbeck JohnCup of GoldCorgi
Steinbeck JohnThe Wayward BusCorgi
Steinbeck JohnOnce there was a WarCorgi
Strange OiverSuddenCorgi
Strange OliverSudden-OutawedCorgi
Strange OliverThe Marshal of LawlessCorgi
Strange OliverSudden Makes WarCorgi
Strange OliverSudden Rides AgainCorgi
Underwood MichaelMurder Made AbsoluteCorgi
Underwood MichaelCause of DeathCorgi
Underwood MichaelThe Man Who Died on FridayCorgi
Veedam Voldemar & Carl B WallSailing to FreedomCorgi
Wallach IraMuscle BeachCorgi
Warren & BensonAbove us the WavesCorgi
Wellman Paul IDeath in the DesertCorgi
Wellman Paul IThe Trampling HerdCorgi
West ElliotThe Night is a Time for ListeningCorgi
White James DillonFlamingo LakeCorgi
Wilder RobertFlamingo RoadCorgi
Wilder RobertGod Has A Long FaceCorgi
Wright FrancescaThe Loves of LucreziaCorgi
Wright Harry BWitness to WitchcraftCorgi
Wright Harry BWirness to WitchcraftCorgi
Zola EmilTheresaCorgi
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