ARROW – Paperbacks Stock Check

I thought I had a few more titles but the stock check revealed some gaps, they may have been misfiled, but it is more likely that I have sold them and forgotten to update my records.

Arrow like other paperback publishers at the time had an eclectic spread of authors and subjects. It picking out covers to illustrate their range I seem to have missed the most prominent and prolific author they featured, Dennis Wheatley.

Arrow Stock Check (1)

I always like to compare how illustrations change over time, sometimes influenced by a film or to justify a price increase (note the 20% increase in these two editions.

The range covers a non fiction account of miniature submarines, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, part of John Creasey’s prodigious output and an illustration of how language changes over time, though it is difficult to think what Ann Hepple’s  book title could be meant to mean today.


Asquith CynthiaWhen Churchyards YawnArrowvg
Balfour JamesThe Glory BoyArrow£2.50f1963
Ballard TodhunterWest of QuarantineArrow£2.50f
Bartlett NormanThe Pearl SeekersArrow£5.00vg
Beckwith LilianThe Loud HaloArrow£2.50vg1969
Beckwith LillianBeautiful JustArrow£2.50vg+1977
Beckwith LillianThe Sea for BreakfastArrow£2.50vg1970
Bentley PhyllisRing in the NewArrow£5.00vg1971
Berge VictorDanger is my LifeArrow£2.50vg+
Braddon RussellGabriel Comes to 24Arrow£2.50vg1962
Braddon RussellThose in PerilArrow£3.50f
Breihan Carl WOutlaws of the Old WestArrow£2.50vg-
Bridges YseultSaint with Red HandsArrow£3.50f
Brinton HenryTwo to SlayArrow£4.00f
Broad LewisThe Truth About Oscar WildeArrow£2.50g1957
Brookes EwartNor on What SeasArrow£4.00f1958
Brookes EwartTo Enless NightArrow£3.00vg+
Burns Robert EI am a Fugative from a Chain GangArrow£2.50vg+1964
Clark LeonardThe River Ran EastArrow£2.50vg
Creasey JohnPalfrey v Shadow of DoomArrow£3.00vg
Creasey JohnThe Death Miser ZArrow£3.00vg+
Creasey JohnThe Hounds of VengeanceArrow£4.00f1967
Creasey JohnThe House of the BearsArrow£3.00f1962
Creasey JohnThe League of Dark Men ZArrow£3.00f
Creasey JohnThe League of LightArrow£2.50vg-
Creasey JohnThe Mark of the Crescent ZArrow£2.50vg
Creasey JohnThe Peril AheadArrow£2.50vg
Deal BordenDragon’s WineArrow£3.00vg+
Downes TerryMy Bleeding BusinessArrow£2.50vg-1966
Fienburgh WilfredNo Love for JohnnieArrow£5.00f1960
Fuchido & OkumiyaMidwayArrow£5.00vg
Galton & SimpsonThe Spy with a Cold NoseArrow£2.50vg1967
Gash JonathanSpend GameArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Sleepers of ErinArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Tartan RingersArrow£2.00vg
Gash JonathanThe Vatican RipArrow£2.00vg
Gee MauriceThe Big SeasonArrow£2.50vg1964
Grubb DavisOne Foot in the GraveArrow£15.00vg1966
Harris JohnThe Sea Shall Not Have ThemArrow£4.00f1957
Harris JohnThe Sleeping MountainArrow£2.50vg+
Harrison RichardWhitehall 1212Arrow£2.50vg1958
Hass HansUnder the Red SeaArrow£2.50vg
Hepple AnneThe North Wind BlowsArrow£2.50vg1963
Hocking AnnePoisoned ChaliceArrow£2.50vg1962
Hossent HarryRun for your DeathArrow£2.50vg-
Jacob NaomiPrivate GollantzArrow£2.50vg
Jacob NaomiThe Morning will ComeArrow£3.00f1962
King WilliamThe Stick and the StarsArrow£5.00vg+
Lee EdnaThe Web of DaysArrow£2.50vg
MacArthur WilsonSimba BwanaArrow£2.50vg1958
Maupassant Guy DeMademoiselle FifiArrow£2.50vg1966
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow£4.00vg1971
Moorhead AlanGallipoliArrow£2.50vg1959
Muskett nettaFlowers From The RockArrow£2.50vg1966
Muskett NettaMiddle MistArrow£2.00vg
Muskett NettaScarlet HeelsArrow£2.50vg
Myers John MyerDead WarriorArrow£2.50vg1957
Neill RobertMist over PendleArrow£5.00f1962
Neill RobertWitch BaneArrow£5.00vg1968
Nordyke LewisWes Hardin Texas GunmanArrow£3.50vg1960
Orczy BaronessThe League of the Scarlet PimpernelArrow£2.50vg
Prendergast WilliamZ Car DetectiveArrow£2.50vg1966
Procter MauriceHell is a CityArrow£4.00vg
Procter MauriceThe Chief Inspector’s statementArrow£3.00vg
Purdy Ken WThe Kings of the RoadArrow£2.50
Richey PaulFighter PilotArrow£4.00vg1955
Rivaz R CTail GunnerArrow£5.00vg
Ruark Robert CHorn of the HunterArrow£2.50vg
Ruesch HansThe RacerArrow£3.00
SapperBull-Dog DrummondArrow£3.00vg1961
SapperThe Black GangArrow£5.00vg+1963
Seaton George JohnIsle of the DamnedArrow£5.00vg
SimenonMaigret and the Young GirlArrow£2.50vg1958
SimenonMaigret and the Young GirlArrow£2.50vg-1958
SimenonMaigret’s Little JokeArrow£2.50vg-
Slaughter Frank GDarien VentureArrow£2.50vg
Slaughter Frank GEpidemicArrow£2.50vg+
Slaughter Frank GLorenaArrow£2.50vg
Slaughter Frank GSpencer BradeArrow£3.50f1959
Slaughter Frank GSword and ScapelArrow£2.50vg+
Slaughter Frank GThe Golden OnesArrow£3.00vg1963
Slesar HenryA Bouquet of Clean Crimes and Neat MurdersArrow£5.00vg1963
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronArrow£2.50vg-1958
Spain NancyThank You NelsonArrow£2.50vg+
Spain NancyThe Kat StrikesArrow£4.00vg1959
Stoker BramDraculaArrow£2.50vg1971
Swinson ArthurSergeant Cork’s CasebookArrow£2.50vg1965
Tack AlfredPA to MurderArrow£2.50vg1967
Taine JohnG.O.G.666Arrow£3.00vg+
Thomson (ed)More Not at NightArrow£5.00vg1963
Thomson C C edStill Not at NightArrow£5.00vg-1962
Thorndike RussellDocter Syn ReturnsArrow£4.00vg1963
Thorndike RussellDoctor SynArrow£2.50vg1966
Thorndike RussellDoctor Syn on the High SeasArrow£2.50g+1966
Thorndike RussellThe Amazing Quest of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg-1966
Thorndike RussellThe Courageous Exploits of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg1966
Thorndike RussellThe Further Adventures of Doctor SynArrow£1.00g1963
Thorndike RussellThe Shadow of Doctor SynArrow£3.50vg1972
Tubb ECDerai – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECKalin – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECThe Winds of Gath – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECToyman – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Vaculik SergeAir CommandoArrow£5.00vg
VariousNot at NightArrow£4.00vg
Wallace EdgarBig FootArrow£2.00vg-1961
Wallace EdgarFlat 2Arrow£1.00vg-1980
Wallace EdgarOn the SpotArrow£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe AvengerArrow£1.50vg1973
Wallace EdgarThe AvengerArrow£3.00vg+1962
Wallace EdgarThe Face in the NightArrow£2.50vg1961
Wallace EdgarThe Missing MillionArrow£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe Missing MillionArrow£3.00vg
Wallace EdgarThe MixerArrow£2.50vg-1966
Wallace EdgarThe TwisterArrow£2.50vg1966
Wallace EdgarWhen the Gangs Came to LondonArrow£2.50vg
Walters LeonardThe Rebel of St.Hal’sArrow£2.00vg
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrow£2.50vg
Wheatey DennisStar of Ill-OmenArrow£2.50vg+1962
Wheatley DennisCodeword Golden FleeceArrow£2.50vg1961
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourArrow£2.50vg+1960
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourArrow£3.00f1965
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£3.00vg1960
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrow£2.00vg+1966
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants & GhostsArrow£2.50vg1966
Wheatley DennisOld RawleyArrow£3.00vg1962
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveArrow£2.00vg1960
Wheatley DennisStrange ConflictArrow£2.50vg-1974
Wheatley DennisSuch Power id DangerousArrow£2.50vg1962
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessArrow£3.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50f1959
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrow£2.50vg1958
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryArrow£2.50vg1964
Wheatley DennisThe Golden SpaniardArrow£4.00f1962
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrow£2.50vg1961
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrow£2.50vg1974
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarArrow£2.50vg+1961
Wheatley DennisThe Prisoner in the MaskArrow£2.50vg-1964
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormArrow£2.50vg-1961
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistArrowSOLDvg+1964
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateArrow£2.50vg1958
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrow£2.50vg
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleArrow£2.50vg1960
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrow£3.00vg1963
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasArrow£2.50vg+1960
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceArrow£3.00vg+1960
Wilson JamesInterrupted JourneyArrow£3.50f1963
Winn Godfrey‘PQ’ 17 A Story of a ShipArrow£3.00vg+1963
Young GeorgeCode-Name CarusoArrow£2.50vg1964

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

“Mushroom” Publications *

The Crusade of Lin Yan

THE CRUSADE OF LIN YAN Can anyone help me identifying this publication 9″ X 6″ 36 page stapled publication. Published by William Merrett London undated. It also contains “White Tigress of Quintana Roo.

The Sign of Blood by Penny Street

The Sign of Blood by Penny Street

Published by Pictorial Art Ltd LONDON (assuming mid 40’s) I can find nothing out about the book or author. 64 pages the staples have pulled through cover otherwise vg (at least) Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


British Subject – Roland Pertwee

British Subject and Jennifer Jekyll and Miss Hyde by Roland Pertwee

Published by Polybooks – Todd Publishing Company London (1947) Typical 16 page stapled publication written by the father of Doctor Who – Jon Pertree. I can’t find another copy on the web. Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


A “Mushroom” Publishers example, 32 (though it says 31 on last page) small booklet 6″ X 4″,. The “Mushroom” period is a reference to the times of paper rationing during and after WWII. Ex servicemen were offered a paper ration as a “resettlement initiative” that was after books were published on any paper that could be found, some were printed on greaseproof butter wrappers, and were very short, though this example is particularly small and short.

The Trackless Thing 244


that entered houses, killing dogs with maniacal cruelty: a Thing that left absolutely no track or trace of itself: a Thing that shot men with bullets fired by a gun lying in a locked drawer…this was the problem faced by Superintendent Lakin.

I can only find one other copy for sale on ‘tinternet at over £50.

The Trackless Thing by Justin Atholl (Pseudonym of UK journalist and author Thomas Sidney Denham (1906-1968))

Published by Everybody’s Books – Manchester 32 page undated booklet. “The Trackless Thing” by Justin Atholl was published in 1943 by Everybody’s Books, a short-lived wartime outfit operated by the Kelly brothers. The cover art, unsigned, was used on a handful of titles by this publisher, and also by their partner, the Mitre Press.”


Eleven Thrilling Mysteries – An Anthology of Short Crisp Yarns by Vincent McCall

Arrow Books published by Martin & Reid – London undated 64 pages staples rusted Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GOLD TRAIL by Leonard Walters

Martin & Reid Publication (1946) stapled 30 pages Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


Startling Mystery Stories


Startling Mystery Stories 01196606£25.00Hoch – Bloch – Page – Edgar Allan Poe – Lovecraft – Hurst – Derlith – Quinn
Startling Mystery Stories 02196609£20.00Quinn – Brunner – Ulmer – Hoch – Ernst – Carr – White – Lowndes – Bertram Russell
Startling Mystery Stories 10196809£20.00Finlay – Ward – Nugor – Montgomery – Lowndes – Quinn
Startling Mystery Stories 11196812£20.00Finlay – Keller – Haaf – Robert E Howard – Quinn – Hazleton – Fisher – Lowndes
Startling Mystery Stories 12196903£75.00Leroux – Stephen King – de Camp – Hoch – Morgan – Leinster
Startling Mystery Stories 15197003£20.00Ernst – Flagg – Jacobs – Slesar – Quinn
Startling Mystery Stories 14196912£20.00Hamilton – Cooke – Lovecraft – Lowndes – Lupoff – Draper – Ernst
Startling Mystery Stories 16197006£20.00Flagg – Keller – Whitney – Bertin – Quinn –

Startling Mystery Stories Summer No. 1

Summer 1966 vg signs of tape being used on spine at some time as you can see slight discolouring. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories Fall No. 2

Fall 1966. vg – as you can see some discolouring to spine. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories Fall No.10

Fall 1968. vg+ would have been fine but for Sellotape shadow on title page. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories Winter No. 11

Winter 1968/69 – vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Startling Mystery Stories Spring No. 12

Spring 1969 – vg some tape repair to spine. The Reapers Image was the second story that Stephen King had published. The first story was also in Startling Mystery Stories, I may have that somewhere in my shop but can’t find it. I do have other Stephen King first editions in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories Winter No. 14

Winter 1969 vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories Spring No. 15

1970 Spring vg – but magic tape on spine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Startling Mystery Stories No. 16

Summer 1970 vg. Magic Tape on spine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Panther – Update

Eric Frank Russell Dark Tides

Dark Tides by Eric Frank Russell

Panther 1963 1st edition vg- Scribbles on inside of front cover and market stall stamp on title page, but it is a very rare book. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.



Aldiss BrianEnemies of the SystemPanther£1.50vg
Aldiss BrianGraybeardPanther£1.50vg-
Aldiss BrianThe Primal UrgePanther£1.00vg-
Allcard EdwardSingle Handed PassagePanther£5.00vg
Anderson PoulAfter DoomsdayPanther£2.50vg
AnthologyAsleep in ArmageddonPanther£2.50vg
AnthologyGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£3.50f
Armstrong WarrenH.M. Small ShipsPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaacThe Caves of SteelPanther£2.50vg-
Asimov IsaakThe Naked SunPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakAsmov’s MysteiesPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakBuy JupiterPanther£1.00vg-
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£2.00vg
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£1.00vg-
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakI, RobotPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakNightfall OnePanther£2.50vg+
Asimov IsaakNightfall TwoPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Bicentenial ManPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Currents of SpacePanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Early Asimov Vol 2Panther£1.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Left Hand of the ElectronPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£1.00vg
Asimov IsaakThe Rest of the RobotsPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Robots of DawnPanther£2.50vg+
Asimov IsaakThe Stars Like DustPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£4.00vg
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£4.00vg
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£2.50vg
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£1.00vg-
Baron AlexanderFrom the City From the PloughPanther£2.50vg
Bartolini LuigiBicycle ThievesPanther£5.00
Bates HECharlotte’s RowPanther£4.50vg+
Bates HEThe PoacherPanther£3.50vg
Bell NeilLove and Desire and HatePanther£2.50vg
Bern Arthur LaPennygreen StreetPanther£4.00f
Bester AlfredThe Demolished ManPanther£2.50vg
Bester AlfredThe Stars are my DestinationPanther£2.50vg
Bisset IanTrial at ArmsPanther£2.50vg
Blacker Irwin RThe Kilroy GambitPanther£2.50vg
Blatty PeterJohn Goldfarb Please Come HomePanther£2.50vg
Blond GeorgesBorn to FlyPanther£2.50vg
Bonner Paul HydeSummer in RomePanther£2.50vg+
Brancati VitalianoAntonio the Grteat LoverPanther£3.50vg+
Brelis DeanThe MissionPanther£2.50vg
Broad LewisSir Anthony EdenPanther£2.00vg
Buhet GilMamizelle Bon VoyagePanther£3.00vg
Burchett & PurdyGagarinPanther£2.50vg
Burgan JohnCry AttackPanther£2.50vg
Burton RichardMore Stories from the Arabian NightsPanther£2.50vg-
Burton Richard (Translator)The Perfumed GardenPanther£2.50
Butler & YoungMarshal Without GloryPanther£5.00vg
Cain James MThe Postman Always Rings TwicePanther£5.00vg
Calvert MichaelPrisoners of HopePanther£4.00vg
Campbell ReginaldTeak WallahPanther£5.00vg
Cantrell Wane BBrand of CainPanther£2.50f
Capka JoRed Sky at NightPanther£10.00vg
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther£2.50
Chaplin SidThe Day of the SardinePanther£5.00vg+
Chase James HadleyThe Doll’s Bad NewsPanther£2.00
Chase James HadleyLady-Here’s your WreathPanther£2.50vg-
Chase James HadleyNo Orchids for Miss BlandishPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyNo Orchids for Miss BlandishPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyWhat’s Better than Money?Panther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyCome Easy-Go EaseyPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyThe wary TransgressorPanther£5.00f
Chase James HadleyYou’ve Got it ComingPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyStrictly for CashPanther£5.00vg+
Chase James HadleyLay Her Among the LiliesPanther£2.50vg+
Chase James HadleyBelieved ViolentPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyAn Ear to the GroundPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe Doll’s Bad NewsPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe Vulture is a Patient BirdPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyMiss hemingway Waves a HandPanther£4.00f
Chase James HadleyTiger by the TailPanther£2.50
Chisholm MattFury at TombstonePanther£2.50f
Clark MarkCalculated RiskPanther£10.00f
Clarke Asimov etcThe Fantastic Universe OmnibusPanther£3.50vg+
Cliford GeorgeThe Happy HuntedPanther£10.00vg
Conner ReardenShake Hands With the DevilPanther£3.50vg
Conquest Robert/Amis KingsleyThe EgyptologistsPanther£2.50vg+
Cooper EdmundTomorrow CamePanther£3.00vg
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPanther£3.50vg+
Creasey JohnThe Toff on BoardPanther£2.50vg
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanther£3.50vg
Dale EstilThe Last SurvivorPanther£3.50vg+
Daniels Harold RThe SnatchPanther£5.00vg
Davis ChristopherLost SummerPanther£2.50vg
Davis HassoldtThe Jungle and the DamnedPanther£2.50vg
Deighton LenThe Ipcress FilePanther£4.00vg
Delmar VinaThe Breeze from CamelotPanther£2.50vg
Demaret JimmyMy Partner Ben HoganPanther£10.00vg
Derlith August EdThe Other Side of the MoonPanther£2.50vg
Dine SS VanThe Canary Murder CasePanther£5.00vg
Dodson KennethAway All BoatsPanther£2.50vg
Doyle WilliamLiferPanther£3.50vg
Dryer Bernard VictorPort AfriquePanther£10.00vg+
Duke NevilleSound BarrierPanther£3.50vg
Edited GardinerFor Love or MoneyPanther£2.50vg
Edited SissonsIn the Dead of NightPanther£2.50vg
Edwards JimmyTake it from MePanther£2.50vg-
Erwin & MillerThe Orderly Disorderly HousePanther£3.00vg+
Evans AJThe Escaping ClubPanther£4.00vg
FabianLondon After DarkPanther£10.00vg
Fancy JohnTunnelling to FreedomPanther£3.50vg
Farran RoyThe Day after TomorrowPanther£2.50vg
Farrell James TA Dangerous WomanPanther£2.50vg
Farrell James TBernard CarrPanther£2.50vg
Fedoroff AlexanderFalling Through the NightPanther£2.50vg+
Fleming IanDr NoPanther£4.00vg
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanther£5.00f
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePanther£2.50vg
Flender HaroldParis BluesPanther£20.00vg
Foley JohnMailed FistPanther£10.00vg
Forster MargaretGeorgy GirlPanther£3.00vg
Franklin Frieda KRoad InlandPanther£2.50vg
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£2.50
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£1.00vg-
Frizell BernardJuliePanther£1.00vg-
Furneaux RupertThe Medical MurdererPanther£4.00vg
Furneaux RupertThe Two Stranglers of Rillington PlacePanther£15.00vg
Goytisolo JuanSands of TorremolinosPanther£5.00f
Grenfell RussellThe Bismarck EpisodePanther£2.50vg-
Greyson CharlesArenaPanther£3.00vg
Gruber FrankTown TamerPanther£2.50f
Haedrich MarcelCrack in the MirrorPanther£3.00vg+
Hamilton DonaldMurder Twice ToldPanther£2.50vg
Hastie Roy MacgregorNikita KruschevPanther£2.50vg
Heinlein Robert AThe Puppet MastersPanther£2.50vg+
Heinline RobertThe Door into SummerPanther£3.00vg
Herbert FrankThe Book of Frank HerbertPanther£2.00vg
Herrligkoffer Karl MNanga ParbatPanther£2.50vg++
Heter GeorgetteA Blunt InstrumentPanther£2.50vg
Heyer GeorgetteDuplicate DeathPanther£3.00vg
Heyer GeorgetteDeath in the StocksPanther£2.50vg
Hopkins R ThurstonCavalcade of GhostsPanther£8.00vg
Hougron JeanReap the WhirlwindPanther£2.50vg
Hunter EvanThe Blackboard JunglePanther£3.00vg
Hunter EvanThe Blackboard JunglePanther£1.00vg-
Hurst FannieBack StreetPanther£7.50vg
James CyThe Brasada GunsPanther£2.50f
Jameson StormThe Black LaurelPanther£2.50vg
Jeffrey BettyWhite CooliesPanther£5.00vg+
Kerouac JackMaggie CassidyPanther£3.00vg
Kersh GeraldThey Die With Their Boots CleanPanther£5.00vg-
Kirkbride RonaldThe Private Life of Guy de MaupassantPanther£2.50vg
Knowler JohnThe TrapPanther£3.00vg
Konsalik Heinz GThe Naked EarthPanther£5.00vg+
Krepps Robert WGamble My Last GamePanther£2.50f
Landsborough GordonThe Battle of the River PlatePanther£2.50vg+
Lawrence Steven CThe Iron MarshalPanther£2.50f
Lehman Paul EvanLaw of the 45Panther£5.00vg
Lehnhoff JoachimThe Homeward RunPanther£5.00vg-
Lessing DorisA Ripple From the StormPanther£2.50
Lewin RobertThe Bold and the BravePanther£3.00vg
Lewis SinclairThe Prodigal ParentsPanther£3.00vg
Lewis SinclairMain StreetPanther£2.50vg
Lewis SinclaireBethel MerridayPanther£2.50vg
Linklater EricThe Men of NessPanther£5.00vg
Lipsky EleazarThe ScientistsPanther£2.50vg
Litgow MikeMach OnePanther£2.50vg
Lloyd VHThe Hidden enemyPanther£3.00vg+
Lovecraft HPAt the Mountains of MadnessPanther£7.50vg
Lovecraft HPDagonPanther£4.00vg
Loveridge ArthurTomorrow’s a HolidayPanther£2.50vg
Lund SusanThe Red ArmyPanther£5.00vg+
Lykiard AlexisA Sleeping PartnerPanther£2.50
Mackenzie ComptonSylvia and MichaelPanther£2.50vg
Mackenzies ComptonCarnivalPanther£2.50vg
Mailer Faulkner etcFiction of a GenerationPanther£8.50vg+
Mailer NormanBarbary ShorePanther£2.50
Maine Charles EricThe Man Who Owned the WorldPanther£2.50vg-
Mallaliew JPWVery Ordinary SeamanPanther£4.00vg
Maltz MaxwellDoctor PygmalionPanther£2.00vg
Mannix Daniel PThose About to DiePanther£3.00vg+
Mannix Daniel PThose About to DiePanther£2.50vg+
Margulies Leo ed3 From Out TherePanther£2.50vg
Mark GeoffreyThe Veils of FearPanther£2.50vg
Masson LoysThe Barbed Wire FencePanther£2.50vg
McCord James BMy Patients Were ZulusPanther£2.50vg+
McKie RonaldProud EchoPanther£4.00f
Mercier AndreOur Friend YamboPanther£2.50vg
Mergendahl CharlesThe Bramble BushPanther£2.50vg
Miller Walter MConditionally HumanPanther£3.00vg
Mitchell JulianA Distubing InfluencePanther£2.50vg
Mohr UlrichAtlantisPanther£2.50vg
MonsarratThree CorvettesPanther£10.00vg
Moorcock ed.Best SF from New WorldsPanther£3.50vg
Morgan AlThe Six-ElevenPanther£10.00vg
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanther£3.00vg+
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanther£2.50f
Neave AireyLittle CyclonePanther£10.00f
Newman BernardThey saved LondonPanther£2.50vg-
Nielsen ThorThe Zeppelin StoryPanther£2.50vg-
Niland D’arcyDadda Jumped Over Two ElephantsPanther£4.00vg
O’Hara JohnA Rage to LivePanther£2.50vg
O’Hara JohnPal JoeyPanther£4.00vg
O’Hara JohnThe Farmers HotelPanther£2.50vg
O’Hara JohnThe Farmers HotelPanther£2.50vg
O’Hara JohnOurselves to KnowPanther£2.50vg
O’Hara PatrickThe Red SailorPanther£4.00vg+
Orgill DouglasThe Death BringersPanther£2.50vg
Paine LauranBuckskin BuccaneerPanther£5.00vg
Paine LauranThe RawhidersPanther£5.00vg+
Pape RichardAnd So Ends the WorldPanther£2.50vg-
Pape RichardMatashonaPanther£2.50vg
Paull RaymondRetreat from KokodaPanther£2.50vg
Peyrefitte RogerThe Prince’s PersonPanther£2.00vg
Pile FrederickAck-AckPanther£10.00f
Pinto OresteSpycatcherPanther£5.00vg
Pinto Oreste Lt-colMore Exploits\of SpycatcherPanther£2.50vg
Poe and VerneThe Mystery of Gordon Arthur PymPanther£3.00vg
Polney Peter DeThe Run of NightPanther£2.50vg
Procter MauriceThe Spearhead DeathPanther£2.50vg
Prorok Byron deDead Men Do Tell TalesPanther£3.00vg
Puskas FerencCaptain of HungaryPanther£5.00vg-
Rabe PeterAnatomy of a KillerPanther£2.50vg
Rainier PeterPipeline to BattlePanther£5.00vg+
Ransome StephenThe Deadly Miss AshleyPanther£2.50vg-
Ray DavidThe End of the Fourth ReichPanther£4.00
Reynolds QuentinOfficially DeadPanther£2.50vg
Reynolds StanleyBetter Dead than RedPanther£5.00vg+
Richler MordecaiSon of a Smaller HeroPanther£3.50f
Rigsby HowardClash of ShadowsPanther£4.00vg
Ritter EASharka ZuluPanther£5.00vg
Roeburt JohnAl CaponePanther£4.00vg+
Rohmer SaxRe-enter Fu ManchuPanther£4.00vg+
Rosen Milton WThe Viking RocketPanther£4.00vg
Rowan DavidFamous American CrimesPanther£2.50vg
Russell Eric FrankWaspPanther£3.00vg-
Russell Eric FrankMen Martians and MachinesPanther£2.50vg-
Schaefer JackThe Kean LandPanther£2.50vg
Schmidt Heinz WernerWith Rommel in the DesertPanther£3.50vg
Sellings ArthurThe Silent SpeakersPanther£2.50vg+
Sellwood AVDynamite for HirePanther£3.00vg+
Skorzeny OttoSkorzeny’s Special MissionsPanther£3.50f
Slaughter Frank GSangareePanther£2.50vg
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark DuQuesnePanther£2.50vg
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark of ValeronPanther£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Galaxy PrimesPanther£2.50vg+
Smith EE “Doc”The Imperial StarsPanther£2.50vg++
Smith GeorgeThe Unfinished BattlePanther£2.50vg
Smith Holland MCoral and BrassPanther£2.50vg
Sneider VJThe Tea House of the August MoonPanther£2.50vg
Snelling OF007 James Bond A ReportPanther£3.00vg
Stout RexAnd Be a VillainPanther£4.00vg+
Stout RexThe Second ConfessionPanther£4.00vg+
Stout RexOver My Dead BodyPanther£4.00vg+
Stout RexRed ThreadsPanther£4.00vg
Sturgeon TheodoreE Plurabis UnicornPanther£4.00f
Taradash & MollStorm CentrePanther£40.00vg
Taylor JamesPrisoner of the KormoranPanther£2.50
Telfer DarielThe Guilty OnesPanther£3.50vg
Thal Herbert VanGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£2.50vg
Thomas & HutchinsonTurn by the WindowPanther£2.50vg
Thorp DuncanOnly AkikoPanther£2.50vg
Toms BernardWePanther£5.00vg+
Travers HughMadame Aubry and the PolicePanther£2.50vg+
Tucker JohnKanchenjungaPanther£2.50vg
Uris LeonBattle CryPanther£2.50
Van Vogt A EDestination UNIVERSE!Panther£2.50vg
Vance JackStar KingPanther£4.00f
VariousForerunners to EverestPanther£5.00vg
Verne JulesFive Weeks in a BaloonPanther£2.00g
Verteuil Charles DeThe House of BambooPanther£2.50vg
Vestal StanleyThe VirginianPanther£2.50vg
Ward BradFrontier StreetPanther£2.50f
Watson JohnJohnny KinsmanPanther£2.50vg
Webb DuncanCrime is my BusinessPanther£10.00vg
Wellard JamesA Sound of TrumpetsPanther£3.00f
Wet Hugh Oloff DeThe Valley of the ShadowPanther£20.00vg
Weyher & EhrlichThe Black RaiderPanther£10.00vg
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanther£3.00vg
WikinsonThe Newgate Calendar 2Panther£2.50vg
Wilkinson BurkeBy Sea and by StealthPanther£3.00vg+
Wilson ColinRasputinPanther£2.50vg-
Wilson EdmundMemoirs of Hecate CountyPanther£1.50vg-
Wood ChristopherThe Spy Who Loved MePanther£3.00vg
Wylie MaxTrouble in the FleshPanther£2.50vg
Zolotow MauriceMarailyn MonroePanther£1.00vg-

Alfred Hitchcock – Adult’s Books & Children’s Books


Arthur RobertThe Secret of Terror CastleArmada£2.50vg+19701st
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Screaming ClockArmada£2.50vg+1977rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Fiery EteArmada£2.50f19711st
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Silver SpiderArmada£2.50vg+1977rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Moaning CaveArmada£2.50vg+1974rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Moaning CaveArmada£2.50vg1979
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Vanishing TreasureArmada£2.50vg+19701st
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Talking SkullArmada£2.50f1978
Arthur Robert / HitchcockThe Mystery of the Stuttering ParrotArmada£2.50vg1974
Arthur Robert / HitchcockThe Secret of Terror Castle / 3 InvestArmada£2.50f1986rep
Carey MVThe Mystery of the Flaming FootprintsArmada£2.50vg+1975rep
Carey MVThe Mystery of the Singing SerpentArmada£4.00vg+19761st
Hitchcock AlfredMystery of the Green Ghost / 3 InvestigatorsArmada£2.50f19701st
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Whispering MummyArmada£2.50f1974
Hitchcock AlfredThe Secret of the Crooked CatArmada£2.50f1974
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Laughing ShadowArmada£2.50f19731st
Hitchcock AlfredSolve Them Yourself MysteriesArmada£2.50vg1979
Hitchcock AlfredSolve-them-yourself MysteriesArmada£2.50f19791st
Hitchcock AlfredThe Secret of the Haunted MirrorArmada£2.50f19781st
West NickThe Mystery of the Coughing DragonsArmada£2.50f19741st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.


ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S ;Speak of the Devil, Murderer’s Row, 16 Skeletons from my Closet, Anti-Social Register, Murder Racquet All  £5.00 each

Stories My Mother Never Told Me – Alfred Hitchcock

Published in London by Max Reinhardt in 1964 this is a first edition near fine book and unclipped fine dj Posted to any address in the UK


Alfred Hitchcock – Stories my Mother Never Told Me



  1. Introduction by Alfred Hitchcock (ghost written)
  2. The Child Who Believed by Grace Amundson
  3. Just a Dreamer by Robert Arthur
  4. The Wall-to-Wall Grave by Andrew Benedict
  5. The Wind by Ray Bradbury
  6. Congo by Stuart Cloete
  7. Witch’s Money by John Collier
  8. Dip in the Pool by Roald Dahl
  9. The Secret of the Bottle novelette by Gerald Kersh
  10. I Do Not Hear You, Sir by Avram Davidson
  11. The Arbutus Collar by Jeremiah Digges
  12. A Short Trip Home novelette by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  13. An Invitation to the Hunt by George Hitchcock
  14. The Man Who Was Everywhere by Edward D. Hoch
  15. The Summer People by Shirley Jackson
  16. Adjustments by George Mandel
  17. The Children of Noah by Richard Matheson
  18. The Idol of the Flies by Jane Rice
  19. Courtesy of the Road by Mack Morriss
  20. Remains to Be Seen by Jack Ritchie (as Steve O’Connell)
  21. The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles by Margaret St. Clair (as Idris Seabright)
  22. Lost Dog by Henry Slesar
  23. Hostage by Don Stanford
  24. Natural Selection by Gilbert Thomas
  25. Simone by Joan Vatsek
  26. Smart Sucker by Richard Wormser
  27. Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon

Stories My Mother Never Told Me – Alfred Hitchcock

Published in London by Max Reinhardt in 1964 this is a first edition near fine book and unclipped fine dj Posted to any address in the UK




Wells HGAnn VeronicaPenguin£2.50
Wells HGKippsFontana£3.00
Wells HGKippsCollins£2.50
Wells HGLove and Mrs LewishamTauchnitz£5.00
Wells HGThe ConeFontana£5.00
Wells HGThe First Man in the MoonFontana£2.50
Wells HGThe Food of the GodsCollins£2.50
Wells HGThe History of mr PollyPan£2.50
Wells HGThe Invisable ManCollins£2.50
Wells HGThe Invisible ManPenguin£2.50
Wells HGThe Island of Dr MoreauPenguin£2.50
Wells HGThe New MachiavelliPenguin£2.50
Wells HGThe Rights of ManPenguin£2.50
Wells HGThe Time MachinePan£5.00
Wells HGThe Valley of SpidersFontana£2.50
Wells HGThe Valley of SpidersFontana£1.00
Wells HGThe War of the WorldsPenguin£2.50
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