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Gold Medal paperbacks from 1950’s

Did anyone look at the “Decoy” cover and not think “I vill say thiss only vunce”

The Decoy by Edward Ronns  £4.00

Shanghai Incident by Steve Dodge £10

Morgue for Venus by Jonathan Craig £5.00

Fan Nichols The Caged £2.50

Joseph Chadwick – Devil’s Legacy £2.50

The Scarlet Venus by Chalmers Green £4.00

The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel £5.00

Richard S Prather – The Wailing Frail £4.00

The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris £4.00

Steven C Lawrence – Saddle Justice 1957 1st £10

River Girl – Charles Williams – 1951 1st £10


A couple to check if you are looking for the rare short stories by your favourite author and a series I have not come across previously.

Larry Kent (protagonist not the author who is not mentioned) – Homicide Hell £3.00

Manhunt Detective Monthly January 1954 ; Henry Kane, Richard S Prather (Shell Scott Story), Richard Dening, Harold Q Masur, Evan Hunter, Michael Fessier, Charles Beckman Junior, Emmanuel Winters, and Vincent H Gaddis – all that talent for just £3.00

Suspense Monthly February 1958 ; Hugh B Cave, Agatha Christie, Gerald Kersh, Charles Irving, Octavus Roy Cohen (what a great name), Simenon, Cornell Woolrich, Manning Coles, Ben Ray Redman, Michael Barker, Mignon G Eberhart, Gerald Bell and James Hadley Chase £2.50



All the titles listed today are priced at £5. in 99% of cases that is lower than the titles are listed on ABE and I will post free in the UK.

Story Jack Trevor Murder in the Sun Sexton Blake 412
Harrison Edwin Diamonds can be Trouble Sexton Blake 414
Thomas Martin The Evil Eye Sexton Blake 415
Story Jack Trevor She Ain’t Got no Body Sexton Blake 416
Saxon Peter The Voodoo Drum Sexton Blake 417
Story Jack Trevor The Frightened People Sexton Blake 418
MacLean Arthur The House on the Bay Sexton Blake 419
Baker W Howard Appointment With Danger Sexton Blake 420
Saxon Peter A Cry in the Night Sexton Blake 421
Hardinge Rex Consider Your Verdict Sexton Blake 422
Harrison Edwin Witness to Murder Sexton Blake 423
Hyde D Herbert Dressed to Kill Sexton Blake 424
Hyde D Herbert Dressed to Kill Sexton Blake 424
Dolphin Rex Stop Press – Homicide Sexton Blake 426
Dolphin Rex Stop Press – Homicide Sexton Blake 426
Saxon Peter The Violent Ones Sexton Blake 427
Stagg James Time for Murder Sexton Blake 428
Story Jack Trevor Invitation to Murder Sexton Blake 429
Hardinge Rex Safari with Fear Sexton Blake 430
Baker W Howard Passport into Fear Sexton Blake 431
Thomas Martin Catch a Tiger Sexton Blake 433
Dolphin Rex Walk in the Shadows Sexton Blake 437
Maclean Arthur Touch of Evil Sexton Blake 438
Thomas Martin Fear is my Shadow Sexton Blake 440
Dolphin Rex Guilty Party Sexton Blake 442
Ballinger Wm. A Epitaph to Treason Sexton Blake 443
Maclean Arthur Mission to Mexico Sexton Blake 445
Reid Desmond Conflict Within Sexton Blake 449
Reid Desmond Witch-Hunt Sexton Blake 452
Kirby Arthur Man on the Run Sexton Blake 453
Maclean Arthur Pursuit to Algeria Sexton Blake 470
Reid Desmond Something to Kill About Sexton Blake 471
Reid Desmond State of Fear Sexton Blake 474
Williams Richard Vendetta Sexton Blake 481
Reid Desmond Murder by Moonlight Sexton Blake 482
Jardine Warwick Death Her Destination Sexton Blake 483
Chambers Philip Keep it Secret Sexton Blake 489
Williams Richard Somebody Wants me Dead Sexton Blake 500
Hanson V J Death and Little Girl Blue Sexton Blake 509
Thomas Martin Death in Small Doses Sexton Blake 516
Chambers Phillip Lotus Leaves and Larceny Sexton Blake 521
Ballinger WA Murder in Camera Sexton Blake 522
Reid Desmond The Girl Who Saw too Much Sexton Blake 524
Thomas Martin The Sound of Murder Sexton Blake 525
Ballinger Wm.A. The Last Tiger Sexton Blake 526


I will not pretend to know what this magazine is called but I was piqued enough to list it. Undated but published in Amsterdam.

raffles 014

Dicks Detecting, Spies Spying & Murderers Murdering

A couple of rarer titles in todays lot. I now have 7052 pre ’74 paperbacks in stock, that is not true I have probably nearer 10,000 in stock, but I know, or think I know, where 7052 are located. So if it seems expensive on ABE or Amazon, or they don’t even have a copy (true of two of today’s listing) then why not give me a try.


Desmond Cory  – HIGH REQUIEM – “A new Johnny Fedora Mystery” this is one not for sale on ABE or Amazon, I thought it might have been published under a different title, but it seems it has been published under this title under many covers. £5.00

Richard S Prather two Shell Scott offerings from Five Star – The Scrambled Yeggs  £2.50 and Strip For Murder £5.00

A Cherry Tree Book – by Andrew Wood – The River Will Hide Me £5.00

Agatha Christie – N or M by Dell £2.50

Ngaio Marsh – Died in the Wool – fontana – £2.50

Edgar Wallace – The Flying Squad £2.50


For most sales UK postage is free.

Sexton Blake – another update


The Case of the Second Crime – Anthony Parsons #314 £10.00

The Prisoner in the Hold – Anthony Parsons – #333 £10.00

Nine O’clock Shadow – Jack Trevor Story #407 £10.00

The Violent Ones – Peter Saxon #427 £8.00

The Big Steal – Jack Trevor Story #464 £9.00

Suddenly it’s Murder – Jack Trevor Story – #473 £10.00

Bullets Are Trumps #488 £9.00

Hank Janson

I think these cover artists are into shoulders in a big way “Noiquet” especially. I know it is not everyone’s taste but I don’t think Reginald can be beaten for the early Hank Janson covers. Did you know he also illustrated children’s books?


All titles £5.00 except Model in Mayhem at £3.00 and Make Mine Mink and Globe Probe at £2.50.

The Saint

OK so I admit I am lazy and don’t list all the authors in the Mystery Mags. The books shown here are but a small sample of my Charteris stock.




Please state title post free in UK



Most of my books can be posted, post free, to addresses in the UK. But you can always visit my shop if you can make it during my restricted opening times. Or you could even arrange for a special opening.

Julian Symons – The Progress of a Crime Fomtana £5.00

Simenon – Inspector Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife – Dell 1st 1957 £5.00 The Brothers Rico – £2.50

Educated Evans – Edgar Wallace – Tallis 1966 1st £4.00

John Creasey – Inspector West Cries Wolf  £2.50

Agatha Christie – Ten Little Niggers £2.50

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