Barker Dragon – Stock Take

Not a publisher that lasted a long time, but they did publish some authors  other publishes didn’t. What they did though is spend time choosing some great covers. Unusually I have included a large number in this blog. I did choose one of their covers for my title page.

Even the less than inspiring subjects have great illustrators.

Stock I have not done a recent stock check but I am confident that I have these titles. NOTE postage not included. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these title

Chegaray JacquesGoing My way round the WorldBarker Dragonvg19571st14£5.00
Burton RichardTales From the Thousand and One NightsBarker Dragonvg19561st2£5.00
Spillane MiceyOne Lonely NightBarker Dragonvg6£5.00
Bull RC ed.Perturbed SpiritsBarker Dragonvg20£5.00
Anderson OliverGrit and PolishBarker Dragonvg1£15.00
Goodwin RBHongKong EscapeBarker Dragonvg2£5.00
Langley NoelThe Cabbage PatchBarker Dragonvg4£5.00
Downing RupertIf I LaughBarker Dragonvg33£10.00
Green JohnThe First EnemyBarker Dragonvg21£5.00
Mankowitz WolfMy Old Man’s a DustmanBarker Dragonvg23£5.00
Spillane MickeyThe Long WaitBarker Dragonvg29£5.00
Halliday BrettMurder is My BusinessBarker Dragonvg-10£5.00
Spillane MickeyThe Big KillBarker Dragonvg18£5.00
Halliday BrettWhen Dorinda DancesBarker Dragonvg16£5.00
Anderson OliverPainless ExtractionsBarker Dragonvg13£5.00
VariousThe Girls from EsquireBarker Dragonvg11£5.00
Dodge DavidHow Lost was my WeekendBarker Dragonvg12£5.00
Quentin PatrickPuzzle for WantonsBarker Dragonvg34£10.00
Hartley L PThe Travelling Grave and other storiesBarker Dragonvg40£15.00
Spillane MickeyKiss Me, DeadlyBarker Dragonvg42£5.00
Sandstrom FloraThe Dancing GiantBarker Dragonvg5£10.00
Johnston JPatrol of the DeadBarker Dragonvg8£15.00

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