Fitzroy Maclean – Eastern Approaches – Back to Bokhara

Maclean Fitzroy - Eastern Approaches - Pan 182

Over the past few years I have read less and less non-fiction, but on cataloguing my Pans I read the blurb on the back of this book and got hooked. Once I started reading, I became more hooked. The travels in the “forbidden” east of the Soviet Union in 1938, the trial of Nikolai Bukharin (Fitzroy was at the trials) and the analysis of why the accused pleaded guilty, all filled in my knowledge of Stalin’s Russia.

Then his exploits with the SAS which served as a prelude to his adventures in Yugoslavia with Tito. This fascinating account of the birth of a nation and explanation of the tensions that Tito supressed help to explain to some degree the chaos and genocide that followed Tito’s death.

The fact that this is a history lesson delivered through the very well written personal account of a man who became an MP so he could join the Army makes a fascinating read.

Fitzroy Maclean – Eastern Approaches

Pan Giant vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Fitzroy Maclean – Back to Bokhara

Fitzroy Maclean – Back to Bokhara

Four Square 1962 1st vg – Given how much I enjoyed Eastern Approaches I really should read this. But probably won’t. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Barker Dragon – Stock Take

Not a publisher that lasted a long time, but they did publish some authors  other publishes didn’t. What they did though is spend time choosing some great covers. Unusually I have included a large number in this blog. I did choose one of their covers for my title page.

Even the less than inspiring subjects have great illustrators.

Stock I have not done a recent stock check but I am confident that I have these titles. NOTE postage not included. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these title

Chegaray JacquesGoing My way round the WorldBarker Dragonvg19571st14£5.00
Burton RichardTales From the Thousand and One NightsBarker Dragonvg19561st2£5.00
Spillane MiceyOne Lonely NightBarker Dragonvg6£5.00
Bull RC ed.Perturbed SpiritsBarker Dragonvg20£5.00
Anderson OliverGrit and PolishBarker Dragonvg1£15.00
Goodwin RBHongKong EscapeBarker Dragonvg2£5.00
Langley NoelThe Cabbage PatchBarker Dragonvg4£5.00
Downing RupertIf I LaughBarker Dragonvg33£10.00
Green JohnThe First EnemyBarker Dragonvg21£5.00
Mankowitz WolfMy Old Man’s a DustmanBarker Dragonvg23£5.00
Spillane MickeyThe Long WaitBarker Dragonvg29£5.00
Halliday BrettMurder is My BusinessBarker Dragonvg-10£5.00
Spillane MickeyThe Big KillBarker Dragonvg18£5.00
Halliday BrettWhen Dorinda DancesBarker Dragonvg16£5.00
Anderson OliverPainless ExtractionsBarker Dragonvg13£5.00
VariousThe Girls from EsquireBarker Dragonvg11£5.00
Dodge DavidHow Lost was my WeekendBarker Dragonvg12£5.00
Quentin PatrickPuzzle for WantonsBarker Dragonvg34£10.00
Hartley L PThe Travelling Grave and other storiesBarker Dragonvg40£15.00
Spillane MickeyKiss Me, DeadlyBarker Dragonvg42£5.00
Sandstrom FloraThe Dancing GiantBarker Dragonvg5£10.00
Johnston JPatrol of the DeadBarker Dragonvg8£15.00
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