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Amis KingsleyThat Uncertain FeelingFour Square£2.50
Andrews John CSuch are the ValiantBadger£2.50
Austin GeorgeWhitby Old Parish ChurchChurch£2.50
Baber DouglasWhere Eagles GatherViking£2.50
Bainbridge BerylA Quite LifeFontana£2.50
Banks F RThe Penguin Guides – SussexPenguin£1.50
Bradley James LNo Man DividedBadger£3.00
Bradley James LSky DevilsBadger£3.00
Brett John MichaelA Cargo of Spent EvilPan£2.50
Brewer GilAppointment in HellMonarch£1.00
Bruce JeanPhoto FinishCorgi£2.50
Butler GeraldMad With Much HeartJarrolds£4.00
Butler GeraldThe Rainbow Had Black EdgesJarrolds£4.00
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightBallantine£2.50
Creasey JohnInvitation to AdventureCorgi£1.00
Dexter John KThe PatriotsBadger£3.00
Doyle Arthur ConanThe Hound of the BaskervillesJohn Murray£2.50
Doyle Arthur ConanThe Seven Percent SolutionCoronet£2.50
Drayton LSFor Their TomorrowBadger£4.00
Elwood Roger ed.Invasion of the RobotsPaperback Library£2.50
Enfield RLUnseen EnemyBadger£3.00
Field PeterThe Land GrabberBantam£2.50
Flannagan RoyLutherLion Books£2.50
Frizell BernardJuliePanther£1.00
Fuller Robert LPasport for the DamnedBadger£2.50
Gollancz VictorA Year of GracePenguin£2.50
Higham CharlesCecil B DeMilleDell£2.50
HMSOBeaumaris CastleHMSO£2.50
HMSODirleton CastleHMSO£2.50
HMSOSkara BraeHMSO£2.50
Hoyle TrevorBlakes 7 – Project AvalonArrow£2.50
Jackson AlfredThe Churches of ScarboroughBPC£2.50
Jackson LKOperation SingaporeBadger£2.56
Janson HankAngel AstrayCompact£3.00
Janson HankDateline DianeCompact£3.00
Janson HankGo With a JerkHJ£5.00
Janson HankI for IntrigueCompact£2.50
Janson HankReluctant HostessHJ£2.50
Janson HankSentence for SinHJ£3.50
Knight Damon editorA Century of Science FictionPan£2.50
Lamb John WBridlington Priory ChurchBPC£2.50
Lardner RingThe Big TownBantam£2.50
Larson Glen ABattlestar Galactica The PhotostoryFutura£2.50
Leroux GastonThe Foating PrisonDaily Express£2.50
Martin FrankFor Such as WeBadger£2.00
Martin LFHell CommandBadger£2.50
Mauldin BillBack HomeBantam£2.50
Messenger LeonardJust Glorious A Brief Memoir of£2.50
Miller WadeKiss Her GoodbyeLion Library£2.50
Mulford Clarence EHopalong CassidyH&S£3.00
Newby editorTime Off on the Yugoslav CoastHodder£2.50
O’Conner EdwinThe OracleLion£2.50
Paul ElliotA Ghost Town on the YellowstoneBantam£2.50
Peters LudovicTwo Sets to MurderHodder£2.50
Phillips AlanBeaumaris CastleHMSO£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Most Wanted Man in the WorldNEL£2.50
Ray DavidThe End of the Fourth ReichPanther£4.00
Reade CharlesThe Cloister and the EarthPan£2.50
Richler AntonPrelude to the StormBadger£2.50
Saxon RonThe Sweet Smell of SinDomino£2.50
Silone IgnazioBread and WineAce UK£4.00
Tubb ECSpace 1999 – BreakawayOrbit£3.00
Wallace EdgarThe Frightened LadyHodder£2.50
Willeford CharlesThe Machine in Ward ElevenBelmont£5.00
Wood AndrewThe River Will Hide MeCherry Tree£5.00
Yardley O HerbertThe Education of a Poker PlayerFontana£2.50

My Man Godfrey – Eric Hatch

My Man Godfrey – Eric Hatch

Not a title or author that I was familiar with so I did a little research. There are only three copies of this edition available on ABE all in USA described as;

About this Item: Bantam, 1957. Condition: Good. Old paperback copy with some wear and tear. Upper and lower spine torn. Front corners are slightly creased and chipped. Long crease along spine of front cover. Light smudges and discoloration to front and back covers. Text is clean, binding is good.Paperback. book. Seller Inventory # 007130 £30.11 with postage to UK £57.55

About this Item: Bantam. Mass Market Paperback. Condition: GOOD. Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading. May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text. Possible ex library copy, will have the markings and stickers associated from the library. Accessories such as CD, codes, toys, may not be included. Seller Inventory # 3343068632 £60.25 with postage to UK £65.36

About this Item: Bantam Books, New York, 1947. Mass-market paperback. Condition: Good. 2nd printing. Bantam 121, clean and tight, light edge wear. Cover is very slightly warped still a nice clean copy. Seller Inventory # Alibris.0008781 £56.52 with postage to UK £84.32

My copy is, based on these descriptions, the better of the four, it is a 1947 second printing in vg+ condition (I am tempted to call it Fine but the paper is 74 years old). I am asking £15 plus P&P for my copy.

Barker Dragon – Stock Take

Not a publisher that lasted a long time, but they did publish some authors  other publishes didn’t. What they did though is spend time choosing some great covers. Unusually I have included a large number in this blog. I did choose one of their covers for my title page.

Spillane Mickey - One Lonely Night - Barker Dragon 174
Anderson Oliver Grit and Polish Barker Dragon 1 vg £15.00
Anderson Oliver Painless Extractions Barker Dragon 13 vg £4.00
Bull RC ed. Perturbed Spirits Barker Dragon 20 vg £5.00
Burton Richard Tales From the Thousand and One Nights Barker Dragon 2 1st 1956 anon vg £3.00
Chegaray Jacques Going My way round the World Barker Dragon 14 1st 1957 anon vg £2.50
Dodge David How Lost was my Weekend Barker Dragon 12 vg £5.00
Downing Rupert If I Laugh Barker Dragon 33 vg £10.00
Goodwin RB HongKong Escape Barker Dragon 2 vg £3.00
Green John The First Enemy Barker Dragon 21 vg £4.00
Halliday Brett Murder is My Business Barker Dragon 10 vg- £4.00
Halliday Brett When Dorinda Dances Barker Dragon 16 vg £4.00
Hartley L P The Travelling Grave and other stories Barker Dragon 40 vg £15.00
Johnston J Patrol of the Dead Barker Dragon 8 vg £15.00
Langley Noel The Cabbage Patch Barker Dragon 4 vg £3.00
Mankowitz Wolf My Old Man’s a Dustman Barker Dragon 23 vg £4.00
Quentin Patrick Puzzle for Wantons Barker Dragon 34 vg £10.00
Sandstrom Flora The Dancing Giant Barker Dragon 5 vg £10.00
Spillane Micey One Lonely Night Barker Dragon 6 vg £4.00
Spillane Mickey The Big Kill Barker Dragon 18 vg £5.00
Spillane Mickey The Long Wait Barker Dragon 29 vg £5.00
Spillane Mickey Kiss Me, Deadly Barker Dragon 42 vg £5.00
Various The Girls from Esquire Barker Dragon 11 vg £5.00

Even the less than inspiring subjects have great illustrators.

DALESMAN – Partial update

Just added two new Dalesman publications to my stock that takes me up to 999 different magazines and books. Both these titles I am offering for £2.50 but as my next acquisition will be my 1000th it is about time to have another go at cataloguing them.

Just to give a flavour of some of the other titles.

Dalesman Mini Books

Dalesman 39 to 44

Sorry they are so small but you can get the gist.


Popular Library Paperbacks from the ’50s

Most of these have good artwork on the rear covers as well as the fronts. There is a bit of a theme here (with at least a couple of exceptions), in these days I should probably not admit that I like these covers so I wont (admit it that is).


House Brant ed.  –   Love From France 1956 £2.50
Barton Jack  – The Mustangers 1957 £5.00
Lowry Robert –  The Last Party £5.00
Dee Roger  – Let The Sky Fall 1957 – £5.00
Murray William  – The Fugitive Romans 1956 £2.50
Dratler Jay J  – Doctor Paradise 1957 £5.00
Cars Guy Des  – Woman of Paris 1955 £5.00
Heller Larry  – I Get What I Want 1956 £10.00
Waer Jack  – Sweet and Low Down 1955 £2.50
Sanders Jacquin  – The Girls from Goldfield 1957 £4.00
Kerr Ben –  I Fear You Not 1956 £5.00
Raddall Thomas H  – The Nymph and the Lamp 1958 £2.50

Clements Calvin J – Dark Night Of Love  1956 £2.50


These issues are all in good nick 114, 129, 183, 192, 213, 217, and 224 are all available for £3.00. 129 has two holes punched through but it has a 4 President cover that will obviously be needed the year after next.

188  has the stamps included, can’t guarantee the glue. I would like to find the issue, complete, that had the Alfred E Neuman 4 President Stamps. When I bought my copy the postage rate was 4d for a letter so I used them all and the letters (Christmas cards) were all delivered. I am looking for £5.00 for 188

#16 Super Special I also want £5.00 for.


James Bond plus some unrelated titles.

Needless to say, I have many (too numerous to list) Bond titles in stock. I nearly bought a hard back first with dj of Octopussy yesterday then I noticed it had 30 pages missing, also I have a perfect copy in my shop anyway. These two are; Live and Let Die 20th 1965 £2.50 and The Spy Who Loved Me 1st at £2.50.

Gladwell Richardson who I have never heard of, apparently was extremely prolific and respected in the Western Genre, though despite 190 listings on ABE, this title is not one of them, Trigger Fingers £3.00.

Puffin 34 – Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson £2.50.

Fehrenbach, The Battle of Anzio £2.50

Ronald Johnston; The Wrecking of Offshore Five £2.50

and bringing up the rear; The Prince’s Person by Roger Peyrefitte £2.00

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