BIG EARS In the Kingdom of Kirklees

We did maintain the myth that Big Ears was not a single person, but everyone knew he was 99% Eric. Sometime in the mid 90’s Eric collected together all (a portion of) his etchings and many of the words of wisdom , and to be honest, unwisdom from the Gossip Column that appeared in the Spen Valley Spark in and around Cleckheckmonsedge in West Yorkshire. He published a book under the imprint of Hindsite Press, 94 pages and I know I get at least one mention, sad to say many, but not all, of the stars are no longer with us.


BIG Ears in the Kingdom of Kirklees

“A jaundiced look at our Lords and Masters – Yorkshire Politicians and Bureaucrats through the eyes of Big Ears” 94 page illustrated book soft bound. Through the post to UK addresses or sometimes by bicycle if in the Spen Valley


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