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Have you noticed how many women feature on the covers when very few appeared in the stories in this period?

#1 Vol 1 1958 £10.00 CM CORNBLUTH – Calvin M Knox – Algis Budrys

#2 Vol 1 1958 £7.50 Jerry Sohl – James Blish & Phil Barnhart – Robert Randall

presenting a peculiar permutation of paperbacks


The Brontes – published in Bradford by Arthur Dobson in 1968 originally published as Thornton and the Brontes. by William Scruton £2.50

Smoky. Apparently the story of a horse. by Will James  a Puffin reprint (I do have earlier copies available) £2.50

Dennis Wheatley – The Fabulous Valley £2.50

The Undersea Adventure – Philippe Diole   £2.50

Edgar Wallace – Again Saunders – £2.50


A Modern Morality Tale

Whilst moving books to allow the window fitters to fit a window, my wife and I were overjoyed when we found a five pence piece, only to have our celebrations cut short when we realised it was a Dutch five cent. To exasperate matters it was pre Euro.
However this story has a happy ending because about an hour later we did find a real 5p.
The end of this story is that the windows and door have been renewed. All I need to do now is put all the books somewhere that might allow customers into the shop. A couple of weeks at the very most optimistic.


DICKS – Public & Private

I have 6747 (99% pre 1972) books catalogued and am happy to do a search if you are looking for something.

Jack Webb – The Broken Doll – a Signet 1st £5.00

Charlie Wells The Last Kill – a Signet 1st £6.00

John Creasey – a poor copy but I have listed it because the cover is rare- The Toff Takes Shares under JJ Marric Gideon’s Week and Gideon’s March both vg+ at £2.50

Bill S Ballinger – The Tooth and the Nail – a Signet 1st at £5.00

Peter Malloch – Tread Softly, Death Jay Suspense £4.00

Rex Stout – Out She Goes – Collins Crime Club or A White Circle Crime Club £5.00

Baynard Kendrick – Murder Made in Moscow (who would have thought it) – 122 in the Saint Mystery Library £5.00

Hard Boiled or Private Detective

Not sure what to call this genre. Is Hard Boiled still in use?


Peter Cheyney; Dangerous Curves, White Circle are not exactly in the first division of cover design. I have too many Cheyney in stock to list, so if you are looking for something please contact me. I do try to check my email from time to time.

Carter Brown;

Carter BrownJohn P Marquand;

John P Marquand

James Hadley Chase;

James Hadley Chase

Brett Halliday;

Brett Halliday







More Paperbacks to Whet the appetite of the discerning reader.


From Conan to Prehistoric man, come to think of it not probably all that far. The rarest book today is Edgar Mowrers  – Germany Puts the Clock Back – the first Penguin Special and on a different vein HG Wells – The Cone. The Arabs in History by Bernard Lewis is also a rare title. Not that any of the other books are common in these formats.SC 11112018

Even more WDL titles

I always did like their covers, what I didn’t realise was how many rare titles they had printed. Take the Simenon for example, though it may have been published under another title, this is the only UK paperback I can find.WDL The Stowaway 127


WDL -a lot War but a mixture.

Probably because of the time (50’s & 60’s)  World Distributers (don’t know where the “L” comes from) seem to have done a lot of second world war related titles both fiction and non-fiction. John Steinbeck’s East of Eden is notable because of the James Dean cover, Frankenstein and Swingin Dors are also not that easy to get hold of.

I can’t put a payment button up as the prices vary, so you will have to contact me if any of the titles interest you. I have, up to date catalogued 6,648 paperbacks, and though I am slowly working through a stock check, I am 95% confident that I know where most of the books listed are.

I also have a very large number of SF digests, not counting the 50 foot of paperbacks, but I have not got round to cataloguing them yet.

More Stock added

A real mixture as these are newly catalogued as opposed to items from a stock check. Including Freeman Wills Croft, PD Ballard, Ferguson, Poul Anderson and Eric Frank Russell among others.

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