Science Fiction (& fantasy) HARD BACKS


Galaxy Reader of Science Fiction Edited by H L Gold

Contributors ; Richard Matheson – Sylvia Jacobs – William Campbell Gault – William Tenn – Clifford D Simak – Peter Phillips – Mack Reynolds & Fredric Brown – Poal Anderson – John D MacDonald – Dudley Dell – John Christopher – Theodore Sturgeon. Published by Greyson & Greyson LONDON 1953 1st. This is an ex-library copy, I have not tried to remove the labels (see photos or ask for more details) Contents tight and Clean. The price is includes postage to any UK address (Contact me for other postage rates)


LOGAN’S RUN W F Nolan & G C Johnson

Science Fiction Book Club London 1969 first in this edition book vg+ no stamps labels or inscriptions dj unclipped vg


TUNNEL IN THE SKY – Robert A Heinlein

TUNNEL IN THE SKY – Robert A. Heinlein

Published by the Children’s Book Club London 1965 fine book in fine dust jacket Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Man in the High Castle – Philip K Dick

Readers Union Book Club 1976. A fine book with no stamps or inscriptions a dj that would be fine but for spine slight fading. Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


World of Chance – Philip K Dick

Science Fiction Book Club 1957 vg book no dj Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


..876543210 9 Tomorrows – Isaac Asimov

The Science Fiction Book Club London 1964 dj vg- book vg+ Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


Tom Corbett Space Cadet – STAND BY FOR MARS by Carey Rockwell – Willy Ley Technical Adviser

Tom Corbett Space Cadet – STAND BY FOR MARS by Carey Rockwell – Willy Ley Technical Adviser

Printed by PP 1952 book vg+ dj clipped vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lin Carter – Zarkon Lord of the Unknown – INVISIBLE DEATH

Doubleday Science Fiction 1975 first edition no inscriptions or stamps and unclipped dust jacket both vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


John Falkner – Overlords of Andromeda

John Falkner – Overlords of Andromeda

Panther Hard Back 1955 1st edition ex-library (the Allied Library Service) with labels and stamps dj nearly complete, more details available – Just Ask Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


RIP FOSTER Rides the Grey Planet by Blake Savage

RIP FOSTER Rides the Grey Planet – Blake Savage

Undated but copyright date of 1952 published by PP – vg+ book and dj Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


PLEASE NOTE – Not all these books are located in my shop (for security reasons)

Wyndham John The Day of the Triffids Michel Joseph
Hamilton Edmond City at Worlds End Fell
Clarke Arthur C Islands in the Sky Sedgwick & Jackson
Dick Philip K World of Chance sf Book Club
Bloch Robert Cold Chills Hale
van Vogt A E More than Superhuman NEL
Stevens Francis The Heads of Cerberus Polaris
Burroughs Edgar Rice The Moon Maid Tom Stacey
Clarke Arthur C 1984 Spring Granada
Sheehan Perley Poore The Abyss of Wonders Polaris
Clarke Arthur C The Coming of the Space Age Gollancz
Taine John The Forbidden Garden Fantasy
Taine John Green Fire Fantasy
Farmer Philip Jose The Classic 1952 – 1964 Robson
Bell Robert In Realms Unknown Vantage
Clarke Arthus C Of Time and Stars Gollancz
Campbell John W The Incedible Planet Fantasy
Dick Philip K Valis Kerosina

HMSO and National Trust Guides and other publications

Chamber of Trade ORIGINAL GUIDE to the CITY of YORK

Undated but about 1950 113 pages of text (illustrated) 45 pages of adverts – map missing Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Castles – An Introduction to the castles of England and wales – HMSO

1954 with 28 plans and 12 photographs dj vg book vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Rievaulx Terrace – Carlisle Minature Rooms – Erddig

3 National Trust Guides – The price is for all three

Erddig vg+ 1978 The Carlisle Collection of Miniature Rooms vg+ 1981 The Rievaulx Terrace vg+ 1979 Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Rievaulx Abbey Yorkshire – Official Guide

1938 with fold out plan. Posted to UK Address


HMSO Beaumaris Castle

Through the post £4.00


HMSO Dirleton Castle

Through the post to UK address



Phillips AlanBeaumaris CastleHMSO£2.50vg19611st
Richardson J SDirleton CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19737th
Maxwell HerbertHolyroodhouseHMSO£2.50vg1923
Peers CharlesRievaulx AbbeyHMSO£2.50vg+1938
Childe GordonSkara BraeHMSO£2.50vg+197711th
Richardson J SStirling CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19783rd

HMSO Skara Brae

Through the post to UK address


HMSO Stirling Castle

Through the post to any UK location


HMSO Holyroodhouse 1923

Through the post to UK address


Montacute House – The National Trust – Mark Girouard ?

32 pages illustrated photographs and plans, undated but a mention of 1961 additions. In fine condition. Don’t buy you guides from the National Trust, they don’t need your money, I do, and I’m cheaper. Posted to your UK home


DANGER MY ALLY – F.A. Mitchell-Hedges

DANGER MY ALLY – F.A. Mitchell-Hedges

Pan 1956 1st vg I don’t need to describe this book because only people who know what it is would realise that the price I am asking is a true bargain. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.




Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine UK #1 – last chapter of The Gods Themselves

Tandem # in UK 32 6 in US sequence dated May June 1972 vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Digests I have catalogued so far with Asimov contributions

068Galaxy SF0Asimov – Brown – Knight – Biggle – Clarke
059Galaxy SF0(loose) Simak – Asimov – Banks – Leiber
293Astounding Science Fiction194205A E van Vogt – Isaac Asimov – Alfred Bester
00Astounding Science Fiction194406George O Smith – Malcolm Jameson – Lester del Rey – Fritz Leiber – Isaac Asimov
58Astounding Science Fiction194701Jones – O’Donnell – Asimov – Simak
62Astounding Science Fiction194802Jack Williamson – Poul Anderson – Edward Grendon – Isaac Asimov – Anthony Boucher
610Astounding Science Fiction194906Anderson – Eric Frank Russell – Isaac Asimov – Bade
74Astounding Science Fiction195006L Padgett – JA Winter – Isaac Asimov – Peter Phillips – W Macfarlane – Judith Merril
81Astounding Science Fiction195112Eric Frank Russell – Isaac Asimov – Gordon R Dickson
93Astounding Science Fiction195303Isaac Asimov – Walter M Miller – M C Pease
94Astounding Science Fiction195304Eric Frank Russell – Isaac Asimov – Gene L Henderson
95Astounding Science Fiction195305Raymond F Jones – Issac Asimov – Robert Donald Locke
014Galaxy SF1954(vg) Nourse – Sturgeon – Sheckley – Asimov
103Astounding Science Fiction195403Tom Godwin – Issac Asimov – Ralph Williams – James White – Mark Reynolds and Fredric Brown
107Astounding Science Fiction195407(vg-) Isaac Asimov – Smith – von Wold – Correy – Coupling
057Galaxy SF1956(vg-)Pohl – Kornbluth – Sheckley – Asimov – Galouye
1210Astounding Science Fiction195610(vg) Cole – Jones – Sentry – Lang – Asimov
1854New Worlds195612(vg) Barclay – J G Ballard – Asimov – Wilson – Morgan – White (cover by Quinn )
132Astounding Science Fiction195702(vg) Asimov – Budrys – Garrett & Silverberg – Hunton
132Fantasy and Science Fiction UK195708Walter M Miller – Stuart Palmer – Mildred Clingerman – Rog Phillips – William Morrison – Les Cole – Damon Knight – H Ken Bulmer – Doris P Buck – Anthony Boucher – Robert Heinlein – Isaac Asimov
139Astounding Science Fiction195709(vg-) Garrett – Correy – McGuire – Randall – Asimov
1311Astounding Science Fiction195711Asimov – Del Ray – Silverberg – Budrys – Gordon
011Future Science Fiction1958(vg) Asimov – Thomas – Aldiss – Harris – Hardwick – Smith
05Future Science Fiction1958(vg)Mathieu – Chandler – Wilhelm – Groener – Embs – Asimov
142Astounding Science Fiction195802Leinster – Anvil – Garrett – Heinlein – Asimov
1510Astounding Science Fiction195912(vg) Garrett – Thomas – Budrys – Anvil – Isaac asimov – Gordon R Dickson
11Fantasy and Science Fiction UK195912Z Henderson – A Davidson – Ray Bradbury – R Sheckley – Asimov – A Bester – C Emshwiller – Fritz Leiber – Howard Fast – G C Edmondson – Poul Anderson – cover Emsh
14Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196003(vg-) M Clifton – Asimov – G E Neyroud – S Barr – J Rice – C M Kornbluth – Heinlein – R Bretnor – Robert Natan Cover Mel Hunter
15Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196004P Anderson – N Wilde – J Russ – Heinlein – L Bonnet – Asimov – C Henneberg – G C Edmondson – Simak
16Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196005Howard Fast – Evely E Smith – R J Tilley – R McKenna – Algis Budrys – Asimov – Robert Arthur – Robert Murray – Jane Rice – Will Worthington – Ward Moore
17Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196006Poul Anderson – Theodore Sturgeon – Issac Asimov – Charles L Fontenay – Edgar Pangborn – Damon Knight – Robert F Young – Clifford D Simak
18Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196007Daniel Keyes – James Blish – John Collier – Levi Crow – G C Edmundson – Isaac Asimov – Avram Davidson – Robert Sheckley
19Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196008F McMorrow – J Whitehall – P J Farmer – J Collier – Asimov – G R Dickson – Heinlein
167Analog196009Garrett – Cory – Harris – Mark Phillips – Isaac Asimov
110Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196009C Henneberg – W Worthington – Agate – A Davidson – Asimov – Jules Verne – H Fast – W Miller – Heunlein
111Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196010Gordon R Dickson – Charles G Finney – Will Worthington- Miriam Allen Deford – Isaac Asimov – Howard Fast – Clifford D Simak
112Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196011S Barr – T R Cogswell – Z Henderson – Asimov – A Davidson – A H Z Carr – M A DeFord – G R Dickson – Wilson Tucker
21Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196012R F Young – J Sharkey – A Porges – G C Edmondson – Asimov – R Arthur – R E Banks – J Berry – S Barr
22Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196101D R Bunch – K Reed – J F Suter – R G Brown – Asimov – Evelyn E Smith – R Bretnor – G R Dickson – J Whitehill – Burton Raffel
23Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196102James Blish – P Anderson – Howard Fast – K Maclean – Asimov – R Matheson – Wade Miller – Philip Jose Farmer
24Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196103R F Young – Will Worthington – Asimov – JW Vandercook – B J Friedman – Mack Reynolds
25Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196104Fritz Lieber – MA Deford – W McClintic – Asimov – J Berry – W P Saunders – D Linsay – Algis Budrys
26Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196105Anderson – Aandhl – Simak – Asimov – De Vet – Eastlake
27Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196106M Ayme – T L Thomas – R G Brown – Asimov – Goulart – C B Kelly – Aldiss
28Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196107G R Dickson – R F Young – A Davidson – John Wyndham – Asimov – J Williams – J Berry – A Bester – P J Farmer
29Fantasy and Science Fiction Uk196108(vg-) McCaffrey – Reed – Smith – Asimov – Robert Graves – Richard Banks – Aldiss cover Mel Hunter
210Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196109R Rubin – C Emshwiller – S Barr – Asimov – R Bretnor – J Williams – P Anderson
211Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196110Garrett & Davidson – A C Clarke – J A West – Asimov – M A DeFord – D P Buck – Mark Twain – Cordwainer Smith
212Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196111Kingsley Amis – N Breckenridge – P Anderson – A Davidson – Asimov – K Neville – Aldiss
31Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196112G R Dickson – V Aandahl – Harry Harrison – W Blau – C F Cheinisse – Asimov – Davidson & Klass – K Reed – Leinster
32Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196201F Wallace – N T Peterson – G Klein – H Gold – Asimov – W McCintic – M Young – Aldiss
33Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196202G Langerlaan – C G Finney – Asimov – R G Brown – Kurt Vonnegut – A C Clarke – A Davidson – Kornbluth & Pohl – G R Dickson
34Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196203K Laumer – W Tevis – R Rubin – G P Elliott – Asimov – D P Buck – A Glaser – R Garrett – G R Dickson
35Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196204C Veillot – H Gold – A Walker – Asimov – W Stanton – J A West – H Draper – Aldiss
37Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196206J G Ballard – Avram Davidson – J T McIntosh – Isaac Asimov – Josef Nesvadba – Barry Stevens – Ward Moore
38Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196207E Pangborn – M Grass – R atheson – M W Wellman – Asimov – Leiber – A Davidson – Z Henderson
39Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196208J Williams – J Shepley – K Reed – Asimov – C Henneberg – Aldiss – R F Young
43Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196302M Clingerman – R F Young – S Gilien – D White – Asimov – V Aandahl – K F Crossen – R Sheckley
45Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196304Aldiss – J Harmon – R Kirk – R Arthur – Asimov – S Gilien – H Damonti – G R Dickson
45Fantasy and Science Fiction196304Aldiss – Harmon – Kirk – Arthur – Asimov – Gilien – Damonti – Dickson
274Fantasy and Science Fiction196410L Brackett – E Hamilton – T I Thomas – D Knight – A Davidson – R Bretnor – Asimov – H Smith – R F Young
020Venture Science Fiction196504(vg) Shirley Jackson – Robert Bloch – Allen Kim Lang – Theodore Sturgeon – Robert Silverberg – Assac Asimov
00Fantasy and Science Fiction196506Poul Anderson – Frederic Brown – Judith Merril – Ron Goulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck – L Sprague De Camp -Isaac asimov -Roger Zelazny – Robert Arthur
241Galaxy SF196510(vg) Pohl – Smith – Sheckley – Gold – Pangborn – Simak – Leiber – Asimov – Bradbury
314Fantasy and Science Fiction196610Isaac Asimov – L Sprage De Camp – Gahan Wilson – Arthur Porges – Vic Chapmen – R L Stephenson – Jon Decles – Brian W Aldiss – Sally Daniell
354Fantasy and Science Fiction UK196810Larry Niven – Robert Silverberg – Phullis Murphy – Harvey Jacobs – D F Jones – Harlon Ellison – Isaac Asimov – Ron Goulart – Arthur C Clarke
1812Worlds of if196812J F Grow – A B Chandler – Isaac Asimov – Bram Hall – J G Ballard – Harlan Ellison – Reynolds –
204Worlds of if197005Asimov – Harding – Frank Herbert – Young – Goulart – Lafferty – Gene Wolfe
214Worlds of if197203Harry Harrison – Colin Kapp – David Magil – David R Bunch – Robert Bloch – Isaac Asimov
325Galaxy SF197203Isaac Asimov – James White – W Macfarlane – Milton A Rothman – Robert F Young
894Analog197205S Kye Boult – Waldrop – Simak – Asimov – Harrison
326Galaxy SF197205(f) Isaac Asimov – Gunn -Gerrold – Macfarlane – Rome – Eisenberg – Fisher (Cover Gaughan)
225Worlds of if197405(f) Saberhagen – Asimov – Silverberg – Anvil – Schmitz – Reynolds – Watkins – Collins
465Fantasy and Science Fiction197405Asimov – Cox – Gotlieb – Maclennan – Del Rey – Borski – Grant
492Fantasy and Science Fiction197508Tom Reamy – Avram Davidson – Runyon – Slesar – Asimov – Young – Eisenberg – Goulart
501Fantasy and Science Fiction197601G K Wolf – J Russ – Asimov – S Dybek – M G Coney – K Reed – H Barkin –
962Analog197602Bear – Peirce – Asimov – Herbert
26Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine197811(vg+) Longyear – Roberts – Gardner – Kaderabek – Botd – Asimov – Eisenstine – Ford – Osgood – Wellan – Gaughan – Bever – Lange – Baterman – Williamson – cover Barr
1001Analog198001Lisa Tuttle – Martin – Gottfried – Kennedy – Ben Bova – Asimov
45Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine198005(vg+) McEnroe – Gardner – Tall – Roberts – Hand – Farber – Asimov – Andreissen & Poyner – Cover Barr
594Fantasy and Science Fiction198010Zenna Henderson – Cowper – Lee – Leman – Tevis – Watson – Asimov
624Fantasy and Science Fiction198204Sterling – Daglow – Weiner – Asimov – Benford – Easton – Shea – Yermakov
635Fantasy and Science Fiction198211Robinson – Blish – Pronzini – Malzberg – Asimov – McLaughlin – Willis – Morressy – Weiner – Russ
1097Analog198907Flynn – Manzione – Goodloe – Oltion – Asimov Bova

By no way a comprehensive list. Not included, hard backs, digests or the four foot on my Sci-Fi wall.


Asimov IsaakAsmov’s MysteiesPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakBuy JupiterPanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakChoice Extraterrestrias & EclipsesBag 08£2.50
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£2.00
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£4.00
Asimov IsaakExtraterrestrial CivilizationsPan£2.50
Asimov IsaakFantastic VoyageCorgi£2.50
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£4.00
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EarthGrafton£2.50
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakFoundations EdgeGrafton£2.50
Asimov IsaakI, RobotPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakNemesisBantam£2.50
Asimov IsaakNightfall OnePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakNightfall TwoPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaacNine TomorowsPan£3.00
Asimov IsaakPebble in the SkySphere£2.50
Asimov IsaakPirates of the AsteroidsNEL£2.50
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Bicentenial ManPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaacThe Caves of SteelPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Currents of SpacePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Early Asimov Vol 2Panther£1.50
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£1.00
Clarke Asimov etcThe Fantastic Universe OmnibusPanther£3.50
Asimov Isaac (ed)The Hugo WinnersPenguin£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Left Hand of the ElectronPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Naked SunPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Rest of the RobotsPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Robots of DawnPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Stars Like DustPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyScholastic£1.00
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyNEL£2.50

SPORT – Rugby – Boxing


The Art of Boxing – Jimmy Wilde

W Foulsham & Co LONDON Hardback with no dj ffep missing otherwise complete and clean. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Big Season = Maurice Gee

THE BIG SEASON – Maurice Gee

“Raw, uninhibited story of a boy growing-up in a rugby mad town” Arrow pb vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases


Terry Downes – My Bleeding Business


Arrow pb vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Dennis Wheatley


The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult – THE GREATER TRUMPS – Charles Williams

Sphere 1975 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Arrow 1974 Reprint vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GATEWAY TO HELL – Dennis Wheatley

Arrow 1974 Reprint vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



To the Devil a Daughter – Dennis Wheatley

Arrow Paperback Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley – Arrow Paperbacks

Any one of “The Fabulous Valley” – “Star of Ill Omen” – “The Forbidden Territory” – “The Sword of Fate” – “The Secret War” or “They Found Atlantis” – SPECIFY TITLE Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


I Thought I had a good collection of his works, I knew he was prolific ( not John Creasey or Michael Moorcock prolific but prolific just the same) over 70 books. I do have, paperbacks, hardbacks, hardbacks with dust jackets and some 1st editions (one signed) in stock, mostly at £2.50 each but a few at £5.00. I have highlighted titles I have in stock in red on the bibliography below.

Dennis Yates Wheatley (1897 – 1977) was an English author whose prolific output of stylish thrillers and occult novels made him one of the world’s best-selling writers from the 1930s through the 1960s. His Gregory Sallust series was one of the main inspirations for Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories.

Born in South London, he was the eldest of three children of an upper-middle-class family, the owners of Wheatley & Son of Mayfair, a wine business. He admitted to little aptitude for schooling, and was expelled from Dulwich College. Soon after his expulsion Wheatley became a British Merchant Navy officer cadet on the training ship HMS Worcester.

During the Second World War, Wheatley was a member of the London Controlling Section, which secretly coordinated strategic military deception and cover plans. His literary talents gained him employment with planning staffs for the War Office. He wrote numerous papers for the War Office, including suggestions for dealing with a German invasion of Britain.

Dennis Wheatley died on 11th November 1977. During his life he wrote over 70 books and sold over 50 million copies.

Stock: I have to admit that I have not done a stock-take recently. THE PRICES BELOW DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE and some editions are hardbacks that are a bit heavy

Wheatley DennisBill for the Use of a BodyHutchinsonvg19641stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisBlack AugustHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisCodeword Golden FleeceArrowvg19611st622£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourBAG 220£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourArrowf19652nd578£3.00
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourArrowvg+19601st578£2.50
Wheatley DennisContrabandHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrowvg19601st582£3.00
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrowvg+19662nd582£2.00
Wheatley DennisDangerous InheritanceHutchinsonvg+19651stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisGateway to HellHutchinsonvg1stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisGateway to HellArrowvg+1974repisbn0£3.00
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants & GhostsArrowvg19663rd691£2.50
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants and GhostsHutchinsonvg1955repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisMayhem in GreeceHutchinsonvg19621stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisOld RawleyArrowvg19621st680£3.00
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveArrowvg19601st559£2.00
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveHutchinsonvg1952repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinsonvg19521stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinsonvg19521stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisStrange ConflictArrowvg-19740£2.50
Wheatley DennisSuch Power id DangerousArrowvg19621st628£2.50
Wheatley DennisSuch Power is DangerousHutchinsonvg1953repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessArrowvg1st558£3.50
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Devil Rides OutHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Eunuch of StamboulHutchinsonvg+repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrowf19594th284£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrowvg1958rep284£2.50
Wheatley Dennisthe Forbidden TerritoryHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryArrowvg1964rep282£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryHutchinson1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Found AtlantisHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Golden SpaniardArrowf19621st629£4.00
Wheatley DennisThe Goldern SpaniardHutchinsonvg1951repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinsonvg1953repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinsonvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrowvg19612nd543£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Island Where Time Stud StillBook ClubvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrowvg1974rep0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Launching of Roger BrookHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarArrowvg+19612nd534£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarHutchinson1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Prisoner in the MaskArrowvg-19641st603£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Ravishing of Lady Mary WareHutchinsonf19711stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormArrowvg-19611st627£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormHutchinsonvgHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistHutchinsonvg19601stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistArrowvg+19644th653£3.00
Wheatley DennisThe Scarlet ImposterHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarArrowvgH336£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Shadow of the Tyburn TreeHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterHutchinsonvg19631stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterBook Clubvg1964repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateBook ClubvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateArrowvg19582nd363£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Wanton PrincessHutchinsonvg+19661stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe White Witch of the South SeasBook Clubvg1968HB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrowvg335£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinsonvg-238£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleArrowvg19601st581£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrowvg1974repisbn0£3.00
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrowvg1963rep412£3.00
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinsonvg1952repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasArrowvg+19601st580£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceArrowvg+19601st550£3.00
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinsonf19611stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinsonvg19611stHB£2.50
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainBook ClubvgHB0£2.50

Duke de Richleau series
The Forbidden Territory (Adventure, January 1933) – filmed in 1934
The Devil Rides Out (Occult/Romance, December 1934) – filmed in 1968
The Golden Spaniard (Adventure, August 1938)
Three Inquisitive People (Crime, February 1940)
Strange Conflict (Occult, April 1941)
Codeword – Golden Fleece (Espionage, May 1946)
The Second Seal (Historical/Espionage, November 1950)
The Prisoner in the Mask (Historical/Espionage, September 1957)
Vendetta in Spain (Historical/Espionage, August 1961)
Dangerous Inheritance (Crime, August 1965)
Gateway to Hell (Occult, August 1970)
Gregory Sallust series
Black August (Science Fiction/Adventure, January 1934)
Contraband (Espionage, October 1936)
The Scarlet Impostor (Espionage, January 1940)
Faked Passports (Espionage, June 1940)
The Black Baroness (Espionage/Crime, October 1940)
V for Vengeance (Espionage, March 1942)
Come into My Parlour (Espionage, November 1946)
The Island Where Time Stands Still (Espionage, September 1954)
Traitors’ Gate (Espionage, September 1958)
They Used Dark Forces (Espionage/Occult, October 1964)
The White Witch of the South Seas (Crime/Occult, August 1968)
Julian Day novels
The Quest of Julian Day (Adventure/Romance, January 1939)
The Sword of Fate (Adventure/Romance, September 1941)
Bill for the Use of a Body (Crime, April 1964)
Roger Brook series
The Launching of Roger Brook (Historical/Espionage, July 1947)
The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (Historical/Espionage, May 1948)
The Rising Storm (Historical/Espionage, October 1949)
The Man Who Killed the King (Historical/Espionage, November 1951)
The Dark Secret of Josephine (Historical/Espionage, March 1955)
The Rape of Venice (Historical/Espionage, October 1959)
The Sultan’s Daughter (Historical/Espionage, August 1963)
The Wanton Princess (Historical/Espionage, August 1966)
Evil in a Mask (Historical/Espionage, August 1969)
The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware (Historical/Espionage, August 1971)
The Irish Witch (Historical/Espionage/Occult, August 1973)
Desperate Measures (Historical/Espionage, September 1974)
Molly Fountain / Colonel Verney novels
To the Devil – a Daughter (Occult, January 1953) – filmed in 1976
The Satanist (Occult, August 1960)
Other occult novels
The Haunting of Toby Jugg [Toby Jugg] (Occult, December 1948) – filmed in 2006 as The Haunted Airman
The Ka of Gifford Hillary [Gifford Hillary] (Occult/Science Fiction, July 1956)
Unholy Crusade [‘Lucky’ Adam Gordon] (Historical Adventure/Occult, August 1967)
Science fiction novels
Sixty Days to Live (X). [Lavinia Leigh and others] (Apocalyptic, August 1939)
Star of Ill-Omen (X). [Kem Lincoln] (Alien abduction, May 1952)
“Lost World” novels
They Found Atlantis [Camilla and others] (January 1936)
Uncharted Seas [Various] (January 1938) – filmed in 1968 as The Lost Continent
The Man Who Missed the War (X). [Philip Vaudell] (November 1945)

Other adventure/espionage novels
Such Power is Dangerous [Avril Bamborough] (Adventure, June 1933)
The Fabulous Valley [The Heirs of John Thomas Long] (Adventure, August 1934)
The Eunuch of Stamboul [Swithin Destime] (Espionage, July 1935) – filmed in 1936 as Secret of Stamboul
The Secret War [Sir Anthony Lovelace, Christopher Pen, Valerie Lorne] (Espionage, January 1937)
Curtain of Fear [Nicholas Novák] (Espionage, October 1953)
Mayhem in Greece [Robbie Grenn] (Espionage, August 1962)
The Strange Story of Linda Lee [Linda Lee] (Crime/Adventure, August 1972)

The SLEEPING BEAUTY ill. Roland Pym – Peepshow book

I have found four copies of this for sale, one in France and three in the USA. The cheapest is for sale at £51.21 (£70 with p&p to UK). This copy has had a few repairs and as you see (like all other copies for sale) is slightly bumped at the edges. If you are interested contact me and I will send more detailed photos.

The Sleeping Beauty (1)
Sleeping Beauty collage
The Sleeping Beauty (7)
The Sleeping Beauty (1)

The Sleeping Beauty – Illustrated by Roland Pym

A Peepshow Book (1950-51?) vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Children’s –


The Wildcats of St. Trinian’s By Frank Launder

Armada 1980 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Black Bird’s Nest by L J Newman (SChoolboys’ Pocket Library No. 24

Gerald Swan London 1950 vg Surprisingly little about the series or the author on ‘tinterweb Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


collage Children

Stock not comprehensive, or recently stock checked

ANNUALIdeal Book For Boys (indian looking)Deanvg
ANNUALOur Boy’s Tip Top (Ski)Renwickvg
ANNUALOur Boy’s Tip Top (stepping stones)Renwickvg
ANNUALThe Dr Who Annual 1978BBCvg1978
Arden WilliamThe Mystery of the Dead Man’s RiddleArmadavg+19791st
Arden WilliamThe Mystery of the Shrinking HouseArmadaf19761st
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Fiery EteArmadaf19711st
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Moaning CaveArmadavg+1974rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Moaning CaveArmadavg1979
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Screaming ClockArmadavg+1977rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Silver SpiderArmadavg+1977rep
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Talking SkullArmadaf1978
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Vanishing TreasureArmadavg+19701st
Arthur RobertThe Secret of Terror CastleArmadavg+19701st
Arthur Robert / HitchcockThe Mystery of the Stuttering ParrotArmadavg1974
Arthur Robert / HitchcockThe Secret of Terror Castle / 3 InvestArmadaf1986rep
Avery GillianThe Warden’s NiecePuffinf19631st
B BThe Forest of Boland Light RailwayKnightvg+19691st
Barne KittyElizabeth FryPuffinvg19501st
Beano“Little Plug”Comic Libraryvg1989
BeanoLittle PlumComic Libraryvg+1988
BeanoMinnie The Minx in Miss GlamourComic Libraryvg+1989
BeanoPlum DancingComic Libraryvg1983
BeanoSimply SmiffyComic Libraryvg1988
BeanoThe Bash Street KidsComic Libraryvg-1982
Blighton EnidThe Ring O’Bells MysteryArmadavg+19671st
Blyton EnidFun for the Secret SevenKnightvg
Blyton EnidMischief at St Rollo’sArmadavg+1986
Blyton EnidNew Big Noddy BookSampson Lowvg1954
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous FourArmadaf1974
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous Four AgainArmadaf1974
Blyton EnidThe Big Noddy BookSampson Lowvg1959
Blyton EnidThe Castle of adventureArmadavg-1974
Blyton EnidThe Island of AdventureArmadavg
Blyton EnidThe Mystery of the Strange BundleBag 32
Blyton EnidThe Naughtiest Girl is a MonitorArmadavg-1978rep
Blyton EnidThe Ragamuffin MysteryArmadavg1974rep
Blyton EnidThe Rat-a-Tat MysteryArmadaf1974
Blyton EnidThe Riloby Fair MysteryArmadaf1974
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmadavg1974rep
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmadavg1986rep
Blyton EnidThe Rubadub MysteryArmadaf1974rep
Blyton EnidThe Sea of AdventureArmadavg+19691st
Blyton EnidThe Secret of Moon CastleArmadavg-1974rep
Blyton EnidThe Ship of AdventureArmadaf19691st
Bond MichaelA Bear Called PaddingtonArmada Lionvg
Bond MichaelPaddington AbroadArmada Lionvg
Bond MichaelPaddington Marches onArmada Lionvg
Brent-Dyer ElinorCarola Storms the Chalet SchoolArmadavg
Brent-Dyer ElinorExploits of the Chalet GirlsArmadavg-1972
Brent-Dyer ElinorThe Chalet School and JoArmadavg1982rep
Brent-Dyer Elinor MThe School at the ChaletArmadavg1980
Brooks E SearlesThe Stigma of ShameNelson Leevg-1924
Buckeridge AnthonyAccording to JenningsArmadavg1st
Buckeridge AnthonyJennings’ DiaryArmadavg
Buckeridge AnthonyJenning’s Little HutArmadavg1st
Buckeridge AnthonyJennings’ Little HutArmadavg
Campbell BruceBird Watching for BeginnersPuffinvg-
Carey MVThe Mystery of the Flaming FootprintsArmadavg+1975rep
Carey MVThe Mystery of the Singing SerpentArmadavg+19761st
Carroll LewisAlice in WonderlandPang3rd
Carroll LewisThrough the Looking GlassPuffinvg19481st
Christopher JohnTripods – City of Gold and LeadPuffinvg+
Cordell AlexanderWitches’ SabbathKnightvg+19731st
Crisp FrankThe Devil DiverScottievg
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamMerlinvg
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamArmadavg19741st
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamArmadavg19741st
Crompton RichmalSweet WilliamArmadavg+1977
Crompton RichmalWilliamMerlinvg+19671st
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Masked RangerArmadavg+1973
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Moon RocketMerlinvg
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Pop SingersArmadavg+19751st
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Pop SingersArmadavg
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Space AnimalMerlinvg
Crompton RichmalWilliam the BadArmadavg+19711st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the BoldArmadavg19771st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the CannibalMerlinvg
Crompton RichmalWilliam the DetectiveArmadavg+1971
Crompton RichmalWilliam the ForthMacmillanvg19831st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GangsterArmadavg+19771st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GangsterMerlinvg+1st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GlobetrotterArmadavg1st
Crompton RichmalWilliam the OutlawArmadavg+
Crompton RichmalWilliam the OutlawArmadavg+1977
Crompton RichmalWilliam the RebelArmadavg19771st
Crompton RichmalWilliam’s Crowded HoursArmadavg+19721st
Crompton RichmalWilliam’s Happy DaysArmadavg+19771st
Dahl RoaldCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryPuffinf1997
Dare DaphneWhen Schoolfriends Fall OutPopular Schoolgirls Storiesvg
Dixon Franklin WArctic Patrol MysteryArmadaf1977rep
Dixon Franklin WCave-inArmadavg1985
Dixon Franklin WDanger on Vampire TrailArmadavg+19871st
Dixon Franklin WFootprints Under the WindowArmadavg1984
Dixon Franklin WGame Plan for DisasterArmadavg19841st
Dixon Franklin WHaunted FortArmadavgrep
Dixon Franklin WHunting for Hidden GoldArmada
Dixon Franklin WRevenge of the Desert PhantomArmadavg19871st
Dixon Franklin WSign of Crooked ArrowArmadaf1977rep
Dixon Franklin WSky SabotageArmadavg+19851st
Dixon Franklin WThe Billion Dollar RansomArmadavg19862nd
Dixon Franklin WThe Blackwing PuzzleArmadavg+19861st
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Broken BladeArmadavg+19851st
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the EmbersArmadavg+1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Screeching OwlArmadavg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Crisscross ShadowArmadavg1984rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Demon’s DenArmadavg19861st
Dixon Franklin WThe Four-Headed DragonArmadavg19831st
Dixon Franklin WThe Ghost of Skeleton RockArmadavg+19841st
Dixon Franklin WThe Great Airport MysteryArmadavg1983rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Hooded Hawk Mystery #29Armadaf
Dixon Franklin WThe Infinity ClueArmadavg19831st
Dixon Franklin WThe Mark on the DoorArmadavg+19771st
Dixon Franklin WThe Mummy CaseArmadavg19821st
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery at Devil’s PawArmadavg19841st
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Cabin IslandArmadavg+1978rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Smugglers CoveArmadavg19821st
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Aztec WarriorArmadavg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Chinese Junk #34Armada
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Disappearing FloorArmadavg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Melted CoinsArmadavg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Missing FriendsArmadavg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Spiral BridgeArmadavg+1977rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Whale TattooArmadavg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret Agent on Flight 101Armadavg+1985rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of Pirates HillArmadaf1987rep
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of the CavesArmadavg+19771st
Dixon Franklin WThe Sinister SignpostArmadavg1979
Dixon Franklin WThe Twisted ClawArmadavg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Voodoo PlotArmadavg19831st
Dixon Franklin WThe Wailing Siren MysteryArmadavg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Wailing Siren MysteryArmadavg
Dixon Franklin WThe Yellow Feather MysteryArmadavg1983
Dixon Franklin WWhat Happened at MidnightArmadavg+1977rep
Dixon Franklin WWhile the Clock TickedArmadavg+1981
Dixon Franklin W KeeneNancy Drew & Hardy Boys – Super SleuthsArmadavg+1983
Dixon M&NThe Puffin Quizz BookPuffinvg1st
Edwards MonicaPunchbowl MidnightArmadavg19631st
Goscinny and UderzoAsterix the GladiatorKnightvg1976
Gregory Sir RichardDiscoveryPuffinvg1st
Henty G AA March on LondonHB
Henty G ABonnie Prince CharlieHB
Henty G ABy England’s AidHB
Henty G AFor Name and FameHB
Henty G AIn the Reighn of TerrorHB
Henty G AOne of the 28thHB
Henty G ASt Bartholomew’s EveHB
Henty G AThe Tiger of MysoreHB
Henty G AWhen London BurnedHB
Henty G AWith Lee in VirginiaHB
Henty G AWith Moore at CorunnaHB
Henty G AWith Wolfe in CanadaHB
Henty G AWulf the SaxonHB
Hinton NigelThe Witch’s RevengeKnightvg19841st
Hitchcock AlfredMystery of the Green Ghost / 3 InvestigatorsArmadaf19701st
Hitchcock AlfredSolve Them Yourself MysteriesArmadavg1979
Hitchcock AlfredSolve-them-yourself MysteriesArmadaf19791st
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Laughing ShadowArmadaf19731st
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Screaming ClockArmadavg1974
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Talking SkullArmadavg+19731st
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Whispering MummyArmadaf1974
Hitchcock AlfredThe Secret of the Crooked CatArmadaf1974
Hitchcock AlfredThe Secret of the Haunted MirrorArmadaf19781st
Jansson ToveMoominpappa at SeaPuffinf1975
Johns WEBiggles Air CommadoreArmada1st
Johns WEBiggles and the Black MaskKnightvg
Johns WEBiggles and the Black RaiderArmadavg19701st
Johns WEBiggles and the Dark IntruderKnightvg19671st
Johns WEBiggles and the Plot that FailedKnightvg
Johns WEBiggles and the Rescue FlightRed Foxf2004
Johns WEBiggles Breaks the SilenceKnightvg19831st
Johns WEBiggles Defies the SwastikaArmadavg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Goes to WarArmadavg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Hits the TrailArmadavgr
Johns WEBiggles Hunts Big GameArmadavg1983r
Johns WEBiggles in the BalticArmadavg19631st
Johns WEBiggles in the OrientArmadavg+
Johns WEBiggles in the TeraiKnightvg19681st
Johns WEBiggles Learns to FlyArmadavg-
Johns WEBiggles’ Second CaseH&Svg1st
Johns WEBiggles Sorts it outKnightvg+1961
Johns WEBiggles The Rescue FlightArmadavg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Works it OutKnightvg19841st
Johns WEGimlet Goes AgainArmadavg19631st
Johns WEKings of SpacePiccolovg-
Johns WENo Rest for BigglesArmadavg+19631st
Johns WEReturn to MarsScholasticvg1980
Johns WESegeant Bigglesworth C.I.D.H&Svg+19542nd
Juster NormanThe Phantom TollboothPuffinvg19651st
Kastner ErichLottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap)Puffinvg19621st
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 1 Secret Shadow RanchArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 2 The Mystery ..99 stepsArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 3 Mystery at the Ski jumpArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 4 Spider Sapphire MysteryArmadavg1983rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 5 tcit Crossword CipherArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 6 Quest Missing LampArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 7 tcit Old StagecoachArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 8 tcot Brocken LocketArmadavg1980rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 9 Message…Hollow OakArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 10 The Inviible IntruderArmadavg1980rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 11 Ghost of Blackwood HallArmadavg1983rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 13 The Bungalow MysteryArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 14 The Whispering StatueArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 16 tcot dancing PuppetArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 17 tcot tapping HeelsArmadavg1983rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 18 tcit Crumbling WallArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 19 mystery Tolling BellArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 22 Scarlet Slipper MysteryArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 24 Secret…Old AtticArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 25 The Ringmasters SecretArmadavg1982rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 26 Nancy’s Mysterious LetterArmadavg1983rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 28 Mystery Fire DragonArmadavg1983rep
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 36 Moonstone castle MysteryArmadavg19851st
Kipling RudyardAll the Mowgli StoriesMacmillanvg19611st
Kipling RudyardSecond Jungle BookMacmillanvg+19621st
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookMacmillanvg+1964rep
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPanvg1st
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPanvg19492nd
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPanvg+19671st
Launder FrankThe Wilcats of St TriniansArmadavg+19801st
Leitch PatriciaRunning WildArmadavg+
Macvicar AngusPeril on the Lost PlanetBurkevg-19641st
Milne AAWinnie-th-PoohMetuenvg19631st
Morley WaltGentle BenArmadavg19681st
Nash Eleanor ArnettKit Corelli TV StylistScottievg19561st
Not StatedA Game of ChanceCommandovg
Not StatedAchtung – TempestCommandovg
Not StatedAction at Zero FeetCommandovg
Not StatedAfrican AmbushCommandovg
Not StatedBeyond CourageCommandovg
Not StatedBig Friends and Little FriendsCommandovg
Not StatedCourage Comes FirstCommandovg
Not StatedDanger MountainCommandovg
Not StatedDead Man’s IslandCommandovg
Not StatedDeath of a WimpeyCommandovg
Not StatedDeath on the WindCommandovg
Not StatedDelayed ActionCommandovg
Not StatedDesert SquadronCommandovg
Not StatedDive! Dive! Dive!Commandovg
Not StatedFalse HeroesCommandovg
Not StatedFighting ConvictsCommandovg-
Not StatedFit to FightCommandovg
Not StatedGerman SamuraiCommandovg
Not StatedHero in a HuryCommandovg
Not StatedIn the Heat of the ActionCommandovg
Not StatedInto the Wolf-LairCommandovg
Not StatedJailbreak HeroesCommandovg
Not StatedJet StrikeCommandovg
Not StatedJungle RescueCommandovg
Not StatedLast Man OutCommandovg
Not StatedMarch of the MonstersCommandovg-
Not StatedMorgan’s Last ChanceCommandovg
Not StatedMurder RoadCommandovg-
Not StatedN0-Man’s LandCommandovg
Not StatedObey Orders -and Die!Commandovg
Not StatedOperation “Baltic”Commandovg
Not StatedOperation “Book-Worm”Commandovg
Not StatedPirate PatrolCommandovg
Not StatedProgrammed to DestroyCommandovg
Not StatedRocket BlitzCommandovg
Not StatedRough JusticeCommandovg
Not StatedRule od TerrorCommandovg
Not StatedSniper SectionCommandovg
Not StatedSon of a TraitorCommandovg
Not StatedTank TamerCommandovg
Not StatedTarget AmericaCommandovg-
Not StatedThat Man’s a MenaceCommandovg-
Not StatedThe Battle BeginsCommandovg
Not StatedThe Cairo SecretCommandovg
Not StatedThe Camera Never LiesCommandovg
Not StatedThe Convoy-KillerCommandovg
Not StatedThe Deadly GameCommandovg
Not StatedThe DefiantCommandovg
Not StatedThe Fortunes of WarCommandovg
Not StatedThe Height of CourageCommandovg
Not StatedThe InvadersCommandovg
Not StatedThe LonerCommandovg
Not StatedTiger in the NightCommandovg
Not StatedTrapped!Commandovg
Not StatedTrouble HunterCommandovg
Not StatedTwo Brave MenCommandovg
Not StatedWagger’s WarCommandovg
Not StatedWarrior MonkCommandovg
Not StatedWhite Man’s MagicCommandovg-
Parker RichardThe Three PebblesScottievg19561st
Price WillardLion AdventureKnightf1976
Price WillardSouth Sea AdventureScottie
Pudney JohnTuesday AdventureScottie
Pullein-ThompsonI Wanted A PonyArmadavg19661st
Reed Talbot BainesThe Fifth Form at St.Dominic’sWrenvg+1939
Richards FrankBilly Bunte and the Crooked CaptainMerlinvg +1st
Richards FrankBilly Bunter – SportsmanMerlinvg1st
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the School RebellionMerlinvg1st
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the Secret EnemyMerlinvg+1967
Richards FrankBilly Bunter’s Bad LuckArmadavg19711st
Richards FrankBilly Bunters BeanfeastFour Squarevg19631st
Richards FrankBilly Bunters ConvictMerlinvg +1st
Richards FrankBilly Bunter’s Postal OrderArmadavg+19511st
Richards FrankBunter and the Phantom of the TowersArmadavg
Richards FrankBunter’s Holiday CruiseArmadavg19651st
Richards HildaBessie Bunter and the Gold RobbersMerlinvg+
Richards HildaBessie Bunter and the Missing FortuneMerlinvg
Richards HildaBessie Bunter Joins the CircusMerlinvg+1st
Saville MalcolmChristmas at NettlefordArmadavg-19701st
Saville MalcolmLone Pine FiveMerlinvg
Saville MalcolmSea Witch Comes HomeMerlinvg
Saville MalcolmTwo Fair PlaitsArmadavg19661st
Skipper MervynThe Meeting PoolPuffin1st
Sperry ArmstrongThe Boy Who Was AfraidKnightvg
Stevenson RLKidnappedPuffinvg1st
Stevenson Robert LouisKidnappedPuffin
Suddaby DonaldThe Star RaidersScottievg19551st
Sullivan TodJoe 90 and the RaidersArmadavg19681st
Thackery WMThe Rose and the RingPuffinvg1st
Theydon JohnCaptain Scarlet and the Silent SaboteurArmadavg1967
Theydon JohnThunderbirdsArmadavg19661st
Theydon JohnThunderbirdsArmadavg-
Theydon JohnThunderbirds Ring of FireArmadavg-
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontanavg19601st
Twain MarkThe Adventures of Huckelberry FinnPuffinvg1st
Vivian E. ChambersThe Adventures of Robin HoodAirmontvg
Walters LeonardThe Rebel of St.Hal’sArrowvg
Wardell PhylThe Secret of the Lost TribeArmadavg19641st
Watson JamesTalking in WhispersFontanavg+19851st
West NickThe Mystery of the Coughing DragonsArmadaf19741st
Wilder Laura IngallsLittle House in the WoodsPuffinvg
Williamson ThamesNorth after SealsPuffinvg1st

Mayhem, Murder, and such


It’s Murder Miss King by Isabell Waitt

Published by Claud Morris 1946 London a vg but dusty copy. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


I now have 9690 titles in my pre ’72 paperback stock list though I can’t say when I last stock checked the items below.

Sleep No More – Sam S Taylor

Sabotage – Cleve F Adams

Murder of a Nymph – Margot Neville – 1951 Pocket Book 1st

My Dead Wife – William Worley – 1951 Pocket Book 1st

Mickey Spillane – Day of the Guns –

Rex Stout – The Red Box – a Nero Wolfe story –

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