Battledress Pocket – Armed Services Editions

During the Second World War a non-profit organisation established by the Council on Books in Wartime, produced paperbacks designed to fit in the pockets of combat dress. These five titles are such editions.

Sheriff of Yavisa 140

Auther Title Publisher Letter Number  Condition Price
Snow Charles H Sheriff of Yavisa Armed Sevices 784 vg £5.00
Robertson Willard Moon Tide Armed Sevices K 18 vg- £2.50
Chamberlain George Agnew The Phantom Filly Armed Sevices 783 vg £5.00
Benfield Barry Eddie and the archangel Mike Armed Sevices 0 vg- £2.50
Water Frederic F Van De A Home in the Country Armed Sevices 700 vg £2.50

Weston Christine Indigo Armed Services £1.00

Armed Forces 141

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