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The SCOTS Magazine

I have never had these before, obviously haven’t made their way south, but was attracted by the early covers. A pity they didn’t keep it up, probably because they ran out of mountains to stand on.

The Scots Magazine 1960 02 053

The Scots Magazine 1977 04 055-COLLAGE

The Scots Magazine 1977 10 061-COLLAGE

These are all pic from the covers, mainly 1977 but a few newer ones as well. Not a patch on the old covers.

The Scots Magazine 1960 05 054

CUMBRIA & Lake District Magazine

I have started listing Cumbria Magazines as part of my quest to list all “Dalesman” publications. I have not started with the full year packages I have in the shop but with a few loose ones I have found scattered about.

Cumbria 1967 08 August 048

Cumbria 1967 08 August 048-COLLAGE

Cumbria 1982 06 June180-COLLAGE

All these are from the covers so you can see why I am attracted to “Dalesman” publications. I realise that you may be uses to picking these up in charity shops for 50p or so and I am asking £2.50, that is because I have to buy store and store them, and they are worth £2.50.

BOLTON – History

Bolton Pubs 1800 – 2000 by Gordon Readyhough 72 pages £4.00

The Bolton Mill Village The Eagley Story by Denis O’Connor 80 pages £4.00

Bolton, Daubhill and Dean ( A sentimental journey) – Norman Kenyon 48 Pages £4.00

Bolton Memories by Norman Kenyon 52 pages £4.00

A History of the Motor Trade in Bolton by Denis O’Conner 80 pages £4.00

The Brontes in the Spen Valley – Mabel Ferrett

Mabel Ferrett Brontes in Spen Valley 029

The Brontes in the Spen Valley – Mabel Ferrett
Originally published as Shirley Country in 1973 revised in 1997 102 pages Illustrated by Stanley Chapman with an index. My irrational antipathy to the cult of the Brontes has prevented me from reading this, but having read other works by Mabel I have no doubts about readability.

This copy would be fine but for the annotations (just highlighting paragraphs really) by a previous owner, because of that I am offering it for £5.00

Spen Valley Local History Reading List
The Gate Hangs High – Mildred Coldwell
Published in 1987 by Kirklees Council an account of her growing up in the Spen Valley between the Wars. Well written illustrated by Barbara Ellis.
The Brontes in the Spen Valley – Mabel Ferrett
Originally published as Shirley Country in 1973 revised in 1997 102 pages Illustrated by Stanley Chapman with an index. My irrational antipathy to the cult of the Brontes has prevented me from reading this, but having read other works by Mabel I have no doubts about readability.

LEEDS – Ivan Broadhead

Mildred Coldwell028

Published in 1990 146 pages well illustrated in Black & White and Colour, photographs and drawings. I must admit I have looked at the pictures but have not read it but it seems a good Balance of illustrations and text and helpfully has an index.

Available in my shop for £4.00.

This Gate Hangs High

This Gate Hangs High by Mildred Coldwell, I went to the launch of this book in 1987, I met Mildred but knew her son better.

Another interesting account of life in the Spen Valley before the War, well written and a good read.

Mildred Coldwell026

Unfortunately only a good “reading copy” (water stains on the covers) it has been read. I think I have a better copy in the shop, but this one is for sale at £2.50

Mildred Coldwell027

Eclectic Acquisitions

The thing about being a second hand book dealer is you can only acquire what you find (at a price that allows a margin of profit to help pay the electric bill). Today’s batch demonstrates this, I did decide not to buy the “Folio’s” on offer as they were not perfect and the price was what I would sell them for.

Above Us the Waves – Warren & Benson – a much reprinted and republished title and I do have paperback copies (from the 60’s) but this, though jacketless, is a vg first edition hard back. £4.00

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice – Life in a Yorkshir Village Shop – Wheeler – About Huddersfield way, it does mention Deighton £4.00

The Worlds Best SF Short Stories No.1 – ed. Wollheim Fine UK first Hardback in fine dj – £7.50.

Mi Barber – On Stony Ground. A Romantic Novel Set in Summer Wine Country in the early 1800’s £3.00

Victorian and Edwardian Yorkshire from old Photographs £3.00

..and some Dalesman books.


Fleetwood a Town is Born – Bill Curtis

Fleetwood - a Town is Born 179

Obviously not local to “Not in Heckmondwike Book Shop” but “Local History” just the same.

This 128 page illustrated book, though very well illustrated is more than just a collection of photographs as so many “Local History books” are these days. Well written and indexed, a proper book, though I was mystified when trying to find out more about the author as “Bill Curtis” appears to be Mrs Curtis, or is she. The “About the Author” on the dust jacket is confusing;

Fleetwood - a Town is Born 180

See what I mean, google didn’t help, Bill produces some American and Elinor (found on a search) concentrates on an actress. The book is credited to Bill yet the blurb constantly refers to “She”.

Whatever, or whoever wrote it, it is a good read and I am only asking £7.50 for this excellent book.


Always on the look out for any “Local History Books” especially related to the Spen Valley, I came across this book on a general search for “Heckmondwike”, I had no knowledge of it’s existence prior to the search.

This book is a collection of memories of growing up in the Spen Valley (Cornmill Lane) in the 1930’s. I started reading it and read it in one sitting, not because it is short (158 pages) but because it is well written and fascinating.

SV - Call Back Yesterday by Mavis Roberts 177

My interest was heightened by the fact that she lived only a few hundred yards from my shop and home, less than 100 yards from where my mother was born (in 1919). She also went to the same junior school (Millbridge) and secondary school (Heckmondwike Grammar). I could recognise all the places she was referring to. Even without the local connections the book is a great read, I don’t know why I had not come across it previously as it was published in 1996. It was published by a Welsh Publisher and printed in Derbyshire.

I was more than pleased to find her description of a visit to my shop (in it’s original form that is).

A visit to the Berry Hill Co-op Branch (now “Not in Heckmondwike Book Shop”) in the 1930’s, as described by Mavis Roberts in her book “ Call Back Yesterday”
Inside the store were huge keg-shaped blocks of butter, lard and cheese, all open to the air and enough to give present day hygienists a collective heart attack. From these, the assistants would cut the required amount and wrap it in grease proof paper. They did not go to the lengths of slapping the butter into shape, as did the manager of the Maypole Store.

There was a stack of faded-blue paper bags, into which sugar, loose tea and dried fruits were weighed out. There were also huge sides of bacon to be sliced to the customer’s preferred thickness, on the lethal, red bacon-slicer with its rotating blade. Biscuits were also sold loose from large, square tins with glass windows on the lids, so the contents were easily identified.

SV - Call Back Yesterday by Mavis Roberts 178

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