Burns – Burnsiana: A Casket of Characteristic Gems by W R Donald

Though this copy is not dated, I believe the original copy was published in 1898. I am presuming that WR Donald was the WR Donald who was the President of the Bradford Typographical Society and a witness to the events that led to the birth of the Independent Labour Party in the 1890’s. Google has little on him concentrating instead on a Black American Football Player.

Donald published a number of works.


Burnsiana: A Casket of Characteristic Gems (in prose and Verse) by W R Donald

Undated but published by Bottomley Bros. Edward Street Bradford, somewhere around 1900. This is a 90 page stitched paperback, the cover showing age but interior in vg condition. (illustrated here Title Page, above the front cover) Posted to any UK address


Gems from Lowell
collage Lossell

Gems from Lowell copyright 1909 by Fine Arts Publishing Company New York

7 X 5 36 pages colour prints boards aged (see photo) Posted to UK


Wordsworth A Selection £2.50 Penguin
Eliot T S A Selection £2.50 Penguin
Various A Book of English Poetry £2.50 Penguin
Various The Centuries Poetry Donne to Dryden £2.50 Penguin
Various The Centuries’ Poetry Hood to Hardy £2.50 Penguin
Lawrence DH Selected Poems £2.50 Penguin
Allott Kenneth (ed) Contemporary Verse £2.50 Penguin
Donne John Selection £2.50 Penguin
Lewis C Day Selection £2.50 Penguin
Moore (ed) Modern American Verse £2.50 Penguin
Frost Robert Selected Poems £2.50 Penguin
Dryden John Selected Poems £2.50 Penguin
Various French Verse 4 20th c £2.50 Penguin
Swinburne Selected Poems £2.50 Penguin
Reeves James (ed) Georgian Poetry £2.50 Penguin
Alverez ed The New Poetry £2.50 Penguin
Bridgewater (ed) Twentieth-Century German Verse £2.50 Penguin
Lucie-Smith (ed) Elizabethan Verse £2.50 Penguin
Conran (ed) Welsh Verse £2.50 Penguin

Penguin – Listed Today

I have 839 Penguin titles listed all pre 1970 this lot was just a sample I needed to put on my shelves.


Adams RichardThe Girl on a swingPenguin£2.00vg1981
AeschylusPrometheus Bound & othersPenguin£1.50
Aldington RichardDeath of a HeroPenguin£2.50vg
Aldiss (ed)Science FictionPenguin£2.50vg
Aldiss ed.More Penguin Science FictionPenguin£2.50vg1964
Aldiss editerYet More Penguin Science FictionPenguin£2.50vg+1964
Allingham MargeryCargo of EaglesPenguin£2.50vg1969
Allingham MargeryCoroner’s PidginPenguin£2.50vg1962
Allingham MargeryDeath of a GhostPenguin£2.50vg-1959
Allingham MargeryFlowers for the JudgePenguin£2.50vg1961
Allingham MargeryHide My EyesPenguin£2.50f1961
Allingham MargeryLook to the LadyPenguin£2.50vg1961
Allingham MargeryMore Work for the UndertakerPenguin£2.50vg1963
Allingham MargeryMystery MilePenguin£1.00
Allingham MargeryPolice at the FuneralPenguin£2.50vg1961
Allingham MargerySweet DangerPenguin£2.50vg1963
Allingham MargeryTake Two at BedtimePenguin£2.50vg1964
Allingham Margerytcot Late PigPenguin£2.50vg1959
Allingham MargeryThe Coroner’s PiginPenguin£2.00
Allingham MargeryThe Crime at Black DudleyPenguin£2.50vg
Allingham MargeryThe Tiger in the SmokePenguin£2.50vg-1961
Allingham MargeryTraitor’s PursePenguin£2.50vg1950
Allott Kenneth (ed)Contemporary VersePenguin£2.50vg
Alther LisaKinflicksPenguin£2.00vg
Alverez edThe New PoetryPenguin£2.50vg
Amis KingsleyJake’s ThingPenguin£2.00vg
Amis KingsleyRussian Hide And SeekPenguin£1.00vg-
Amis KingsleyStanley and the WomanPenguin£1.50vg
Amis KingsleyThe Anti-Death LeaguePenguin£2.00vg1968
Amis MartinMoneyPenguin£2.00vg
Amis MartinOther PeoplePenguin£1.00vg
Amis, Moraes, PorterPenguin Modern Poets 02Penguin£2.50vg1962
Anderson EBRock GardensPenguin£2.50vg1959
AnonA Plan for Economic development for IndiaPenguin£2.50vg1945
Anstey FThe Brass BottlePenguin£2.50vg1946
AnthologySelected Modern Short StoriesPenguin£2.50vg1937
ApuleiusThe Golden AssPenguin£2.50vg1950
ApuliusThe Golden AssPenguin£1.50
Asimov Isaac (ed)The Hugo WinnersPenguin£2.50vg1964
Austin JaneEmmaPenguin£1.50
Austin JaneLady Susan/The Watsons/SanditionPenguin£1.50
Bach JSBrandenburg ConcertoPenguin£2.50vg1949
Bagnold EnidNational VelvetPenguin£2.50vg1939
Baker GeorgeParis of TroyPenguin£2.50f1951
Baldwin EarlOn EnglandPenguin£7.50vg/f1937
Ballard JGThe Terminal BeachPenguin£2.00vg1966
BalzacA Harlot High and LowPenguin£1.50
BalzacCousin PonsPenguin£1.50
BalzacEugene GrandetPenguin£1.50
BalzacLosr IllusionsPenguin£1.50
BalzacOld GoriotPenguin£1.50
BalzacThe Black SheepPenguin£1.50
Banks F RThe Penguin Guides – SussexPenguin£1.50vg1957
Banks Lynne ReidThe L Shaped RoomPenguin£2.50vg1964
Barker Bell CausleyPenguin Modern Poets 03Penguin£2.50vg1966
Barlow JamesTerm of TrialPenguin£2.50vg
Baron Stanley WadeEnd of the LinePenguin£2.50vg1956
Barstow StanA Kind of LovingPenguin£2.50vg1962
Barstow StanThe Desperadoes & other storiesPenguin£2.50vg1965
BartimeusA Tall ShipPenguin£2.50vg1938
BartimeusNaval OccasionsPenguin£2.50vg1936
Bates HEThe Daffodil SkyPenguin£2.50vg1959
Bates HEThe Jacarda TreePenguin£2.50g1955
Bates HEThe Scarlet SwordPenguin£2.50vg1958
Beaty DavidThe Proving FlightPenguin£2.50vg1958
Bedford SybilleThe Best we Can DoPenguin£2.50vg+1962
Beerbohm MaxcZuleika DobsonPenguin£2.50vg
Bell AdrianSilver LeyPenguin£3.50vg1940
Bell GKAThe Kingship of ChristPenguin£2.50vg1954
Belloc HilaireBut Soft : We are ObservedPenguin£2.50vg1939
Bemelmans LudwigLife ClassPenguin£2.50vg/vg1948
Bennett ArnoldAnna of Five TownsPenguin£3.50vg1936
Bennett ArnoldCleyhangerPenguin£2.50vg
Bennett ArnoldRiceyman StepsPenguin£2.50vg1954
Bennett ArnoldThe Grand Babylon HotelPenguin£2.50vg1954
Bennett ArnoldThe Grim Smile of the Five TownsPenguin£2.00
Bennett ArnoldThe Grim Smile of the Five TownsPenguin£2.50vg1946
Bennett ArnoldThe Old Wives’ TalePenguin£2.00vg
Bentley ECTrent IntervenesPenguin£2.50vg1953
Bentley PhyllisFreedom FarewellPenguin£4.00vg
Berkeley AnthonyNot to be TakenPenguin£2.50vg1946
Bingham JohnThe Paton Street CasePenguin£2.50vg1964
Birkett LordSix great advocatesPenguin£2.50
Bissell RichardSay, DarlingPenguin£2.50vg1961
Bissell RichardThe Pajama GamePenguin£2.50vg1955
Black Redgrove ThomasPenguin Modern Poets 11Penguin£2.50vg1969
Blackburn JohnThe Scent of New-Mown HayPenguin£2.50
Blackburn JohnThe sour apple treePenguin£2.50
Blackwood AlgernonSelected Tales ofPenguin£2.50vg1948
Blochman Lawrence GSee You at the MorguePenguin£2.50
Blunden EdmundUndertones of WarPenguin£2.501936
Blythe (editor)Components of the ScenePenguin£2.50vg1966
Bombard AlainThe Bombard StoryPenguin£2.50vg1956
Bonett John and EmeryNo Grave for a LadyPenguin£2.50vg1963
Bonnamy FrancisThe King is Dead on Queen StreetPenguin£2.50vg
Bowen ElizabethFriends and RelationsPenguin£2.00vg-1946
Boyd WilliamThe New ConfessionsPenguin£2.00vg+
Bradbury RayThe Day it Rained ForeverPenguin£2.50vg1963
Brahms & SimonA Bullet in the BalletPenguin£2.50vg-1946
Brahms & SimonNo Bed for BaconPenguin£2.50vg1948
Braine JohnLife at the TopPenguin£3.00vg1966
Braine JohnRoom at the TopPenguin£2.50vg1959
Braine JohnThe VodiPenguin£2.50vg1962
Bramah ErnestKai Lung Unrolls His MatPenguin£1.50vg-1937
Bramah ErnestKai Lung Unrolls His MatPenguin£2.50vg1949
Bramah ErnestKai Lung’s Golden HoursPenguin£2.50vg+1949
Bramah ErnestKai Lung’s Golden HoursPenguin£2.50vg1949
Branch PamelaMurder Every MondayPenguin£2.50vg1956
Branch PamelaThe Wooden OvercoatPenguin£2.50vg1961
Brand ChristiannaLondon ParticularPenguin£2.50
Bridge AnnIllyrian SpringPenguin£1.50vg-1949
Bridge AnnThe Ginger GriffinPenguin£2.50vg
Bridgewater (ed)Twentieth-Century German VersePenguin£2.50vg+1963
Brock Hill SmithPenguin Modern Poets 08Penguin£2.50vg1968
BronowskiWilliam BlakePenguin£2.50vg1954
Bronte CharlotteJane EyrePenguin£1.50
Bronte CharlotteJane EyrePenguin£2.50vg+1966
Bronte CharlotteShirleyPenguin£1.50
Bronte CharlotteThe ProfessorPenguin£3.00vg1948
Bronte EmilyWuthering HeightsPenguin£1.50
Bronte EmilyWuthering HeightsPenguin£2.50vg+1951
Broster DKSir Isumbras at the FordPenguin£3.00f1937
Brown IvorChosen WordsPenguin£2.501961
Browning RobertSelected PoemsPenguin£4.00vg+1938
Brownjohn Hamburger TomlinsonPenguin Modern Poets 14Penguin£2.50vg1969
Buchan JohnCastle GayPenguin£2.50vg1962
Buchan JohnGreenmantlePenguin£2.50vg1960
Buchan JohnHuntingtowerPenguin£2.50vg1958
Buchan JohnJohn MacnabPenguin£2.50vg1962
Buchan JohnMr StandfastPenguin£2.00vg-1960
Buchan JohnPrester JohnPenguin£4.00vg+1956
Buchan JohnThe Blanket of the DarkPenguin£3.00vg1961
Buchan JohnThe Free FishersPenguin£2.50vg
Buchan JohnThe House of the Four WindsPenguin£2.00vg-1960
Buck Pearl SPavilion of WomanPenguin£1.50vg-1963
Budrys AlgisWho ?Penguin£2.50vg
Burgess AnthonyA Clockwork OrangePenguin£2.50f
Butler SamuelErewhonPenguin£5.00f/dj vg1935
Butler SamuelThe Way of All FleshPenguin£2.50vg1947
Caldwell ErskineTobacco RoadPenguin£2.50vg
Camus AlbertExile and the KingdomPenguin£2.50vg+1962
Camus AlbertThe FallPenguin£2.50vg
Camus AlbertThe FallPenguin£2.50vg+1963
Camus AlbertThe OutsiderPenguin£2.00vg
Camus AlbertThe PlaguePenguin£2.00
Camus AlbertThe PlaguePenguin£2.50vg1960
Carpentier AlejoThe Kingdom of this WorldPenguin£2.00
Carr John DicksonPatrick Butler for the DefencePenguin£2.50vg
Carr John DicksonPoison in JestPenguin£2.50vg1967
Carr John DicksonThe Blind BarberPenguin£2.50vg
Carr John DicksonThe Emperor’s Snuff-boxPenguin£3.00vg1953
Carr John DicksonThe Mad Hatter MysteryPenguin£4.00vg
Carr John DicksonThe Waxworks MurdersPenguin£2.50vg
Carr John DicksonThe witch of the low-tidePenguin£2.50vg1964
Carre JohnTinker Tailor Soldier SpyPenguin£2.00
Carre John leA Murder of QualityPenguin£2.50vg1965
Cary JoiceMister JohnsonPenguin£2.00vg1962
Cary JoyceHerself SurprisedPenguin£2.50vg1955
Cary JoyceThe Horse’s MouthPenguin£2.00
Cary JoyceThe Horse’s MouthPenguin£2.00vg1959
Cecil HenryAlibi for a JudgePenguin£2.00vg-1963
Cecil HenryFriends at CourtPenguin£2.50vg1962
Cecil HenryFull CirclePenguin£2.50vg1965
Cecil HenryIndependent WitnessPenguin£2.50vg1963
Cecil HenryMuch in EvidencePenguin£2.50vg1962
Cecil HenryThe Painswick LinePenguin£2.50vg1964
Cecil HenryUnlawful OccasionsPenguin£2.50vg1964
Chandler RaymondFarewell My LovelyPenguin£2.50vg1956
Chandler RaymondPearls are a NuisancePenguin£2.00vg1966
Chandler RaymondPlaybackPenguin£2.50
Chandler RaymondSmart-Aleck KillPenguin£2.50vg1964
Chandler RaymondThe Big SleepPenguin£3.50vg1948
Chandler RaymondThe High WindowPenguin£3.50vg1951
Chandler RaymondThe Lady in the LakePenguin£2.50vg
Chandler RaymondThe Little SisterPenguin£2.50vg1961
Chandler RaymondThe Long Good-ByePenguin£2.50vg
Chandler RaymondTrouble is my BusinessPenguin£2.50vg
ChateaubriandThe Memoirs of ChateaubriandPenguin£2.50
ChaucerCanterbury TalesPenguin£1.50
ChaucerThe Canterbury TalesPenguin£2.50vg1959
ChehovChehov PlaysPenguin£1.00vg1959
Cherry-GarrardThe Worst Journey in the World IIPenguin£2.50vg/vg
Cherry-GarrardThe Worst Journey in the World IIPenguin£2.50
ChestertonThe Innocence of Father BrownPenguin£2.50vg
Chesterton G KThe Flying InnPenguin£2.50vg1958
Chesterton G KThe Innocence of Father BrownPenguin£2.50vg
Chesterton G KThe Napoleon of Notting HillPenguin£2.50vg
Chesterton GKThe Incredulity of Father BrownPenguin£2.50
Chesterton GKThe Incredulity of Father BrownPenguin£2.50vg1968
Chesterton GKThe Incredulity of Father BrownPenguin£2.50vg1958
Chesterton GKThe Innocence of Father BrownPenguin£2.50vg1950
Chesterton GKThe Man Who Was ThusdayPenguin£2.50vg1938
Chevallier GabrielClochmerlePenguin£2.50vg1952
Chevallier GabrielClochmerle-BabylonPenguin£2.50vg-
Chevallier GabrielThe Affairs of FlaviePenguin£2.00vg-1959
Cheyney PeterCan Ladies KillPenguin£3.00
Cheyney PeterDangerous CurvesPenguin£2.501950
Cheyney PeterPoison IvyPenguin£2.50vg1950
Childers ErskineThe Riddle of the SandsPenguin£2.50
Childers ErskineThe Riddle of the SandsPenguin£2.50vg1952
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPenguin£2.50vg-1953
Christie AgathaDeath on the NilePenguin£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesPenguin£2.00vg1950
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPenguin£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressPenguin£2.50vg1952
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesPenguin£2.50vg+1958
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPenguin£2.50vg-1948
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPenguin£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicaragePenguin£2.50vg-1950
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christopher JohnThe World in WinterPenguin£2.50vg1964
Clancy TomPolitikaPenguin£2.00
Claymore TodReunion in FloridaPenguin£1.50vg-1955
Clement HalMission of GravityPenguin£2.50vg1963
Clemo Lucie-Smith MacBethPenguin Modern Poets 06Penguin£2.50vg1964
Cleverly HughPublic EnemyPenguin£3.00
Clow ed.Science News 50Penguin£1.00vg1958
Cocteau JeanLes Enfants TerriblesPenguin£2.50
ColetteCheri & the Last of CheriPenguin£3.00vg+
ColetteClaudine and AnniePenguin£2.50vg1963
ColetteRipening SeedPenguin£2.50vg1959
Collins WilkieThe MoonstonePenguin£1.50
Collins WilkieThe MoonstonePenguin£2.50vg1960
Collis MauriceTrials in BurmaPenguin£3.00vg1945
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesPenguin£2.00
Connington JJNordenholt’s MillionPenguin£2.50f1946
Connington JJThe Case With Nine SolutionsPenguin£2.50vg1949
Conrad JoseophHeart of DarknessPenguin£2.00
Conrad JoseophNostromoPenguin£2.00
Conrad JosephHeart of DarknessPenguin£2.00
Conrad JosephThe RescuePenguin£3.00vg dj1950
Conrad JosephUnder Western EyesPenguin£1.50
Conran (ed)Welsh VersePenguin£2.50vg1967
Coombes BLMiners DayPenguin£8.00
Coombs BLA Miners DayPenguin£3.50vg1945
Cooper RWThe Nuremberg TrialPenguin£4.00vg1947
Coppard AEAdam and Eve and Pinch MePenguin£2.50vg1946
Corbett JimMan-Eaters of KumaonPenguin£2.50vg1955
Corso Ferlinghetti GinsbergPenguin Modern Poets 05Penguin£2.50vg1968
Crane FrancesThe Golden BoxPenguin£4.00vg+1952
Crane StephenThe Red Badge of CouragePenguin£2.00
Crang AlicePreserves for All OccasionsPenguin£2.50vg-1946
Crankshaw EdwardKhrushchev’s RussiaPenguin£2.50vg-1959
Crispin EdmondFrequent HearsesPenguin£1.00vg-1958
Crispin EdmundHoly DisordersPenguin£2.50vg1960
Crispin EdmundThe Moving ToyshopPenguin£2.501960
Crofts Freeman WillsCrime at GuilfordPenguin£2.501959
Crofts Freeman WillsInspector French’s greatest casePenguin£2.50
Crofts Freeman WillsSir John Magill’s Last JourneyPenguin£2.50
Crofts Freeman WillsThe 12.30 From CroydonPenguin£2.50vg-1955
Crofts Freeman WillsThe Cheyne MysteryPenguin£2.50vg-1953
Crofts Freeman WillsThe Mystery ChannelPenguin£2.50
CrosswordsNew Statesman CrosswordsPenguin£2.50vg1954
Curry WBThe Case for Federal UnionPenguin£2.50vg/vg1939
Daly ElizabethEvidence of things SeenPenguin£2.50vg1951
Daly ElizabethThe House Without a DoorPenguin£2.50
Dana Richard HenryTwo Years Before the MastPenguin£2.50vg1948
Daniel GlynWelcome DeathPenguin£2.50vg1962
DanteThe Divine ComedyPenguin£2.50vg/vg1949
Davidson AvramRork!Penguin£2.50vg1969
de Maurier DapphneFrenchman’s CreekPenguin£2.00vg
de Maurier DapphneThe Birds and other storiesPenguin£2.00vg
de Maurier DapphneThe Flight of the FalconPenguin£2.00vg
de Maurier DapphneThe House on the StrandPenguin£2.00vg
de Maurier DapphneThe Infernal World of Bramwell BrontePenguin£2.00vg
Defoe DanielA Journal of the Plague YearPenguin£2.50vg1966
Deighton lenLondon DossierPenguin£2.50vg1967
Dick Philip KTime Out of JointPenguin£2.50vg
Dickens MonicaCobbler’s DreamPenguin£2.50vg+1967
Dickens MonicaFlowers in the GrassPenguin£2.50vg1969
Dickens MonicaMan OverboardPenguin£2.50vg+1968
Dickens MonicaOne Pair of HandsPenguin£2.50vg1961
Dickens MonicaThursday AfternoonsPenguin£2.50vg1951
Dickson CarterShe Died a LadyPenguin£1.00
Dikens MonicaThe Heart of LondonPenguin£2.50vg1964
Dinesen IsakThe Dreaming ChildPenguin£2.50vg+1995
Dodge DavidBullets for the BridegroomPenguin£2.50vg
Dodge DavidPlunder of the SunPenguin£2.50
Dodge DavidRansom of the AngelPenguin£1.50g+1961
Dodge DavidThe Lights of SkaroPenguin£2.50vg1956
Dolci DaniloPoverty in SicilyPenguin£2.50vg1966
Donne JohnSelectionPenguin£2.50vg1958
DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov – 1Penguin£1.50
Dostoyevsky FyodorThe IdiotPenguin£1.50
Douglas NormanSouth WindPenguin£2.50vg1936
Doyle Arthur ConanMemoirs of Sherlock HolmesPenguin£2.50vg1952
Doyle Arthur ConanThe Case-book of Sherlock HolmesPenguin£2.50vg1953
Drabble MargaretA Summer Bird-cagePenguin£2.50vg1968
Drabble MargaretThe Garrick YearPenguin£1.00vg-1966
Drabble MargaretThe MillstonePenguin£2.50vg1968
Dryden JohnSelected PoemsPenguin£2.50vg
du Maurier DaphneThe Birds and other storiesPenguin£2.00
Durrell GeraldThe Drunken ForrestPenguin£2.00vg1960
Durrell, Jennings, ThomasPenguin Modern Poets 01Penguin£2.50vg1962
Durrenmatt FriedrichThe PledgePenguin£2.50vg1964
Eberhart MGSpeak no evilPenguin£2.50
Ecclestone EricSir Walter RaleghPenguin£2.50vg1941
Edelman MauriceFrance The Birth of the Fourth RepublicPenguin£2.50vg1944
Edelman MauriceThe MinisterPenguin£2.50vg+1964
Eliot Fry Williams & MacDonaghFour Modern Verse PlaysPenguin£2.00vg1961
Eliot GeorgeSilas MarnerPenguin£2.00
Eliot T SA SelectionPenguin£2.50vg1951
Eliot TSSelected ProsePenguin£2.50vg1955
Elliot GeorgeMiddlemarchPenguin£1.50
Ertz SusanNow East, Now WestPenguin£2.50vg
EuripidesAlcestis and other PlaysPenguin£2.50
Evens AJThe Escaping ClubPenguin£2.50vg1939
Everett PeterNegativesPenguin£2.50vg1968
Falkner J MeadThe Lost StradivariusPenguin£2.501946
Fanu Sheridan LeUncle SilasPenguin£2.50vg
Farrer KatharineThe Cretan CounterfeitPenguin£2.50vg1955
Fast HowardThe Last FrontierPenguin£3.00vg1953
Ferguson JohnStealthy TerrorPenguin£2.50
Fielding HenryTom JonesPenguin£1.50
Finnegan RobertThe Bandaged NudePenguin£2.50
Fitt MaryDeath on Heron’s MarePenguin£2.50vg1948
Fitt MaryRequiem for RobertPenguin£1.00g
Fitzgerald F ScottThe Diamond as big as the RitzPenguin£2.50vg1967
Flaubert GustaveSentimental EducationPenguin£1.50
Flecker James ElroyHassanPenguin£2.50vg
Fokker AnthonyFlying DutchmanPenguin£2.50vg1938
Ford Madox FordNo More ParadesPenguin£2.50vg1948
Ford Madox FordSome Do NotPenguin£2.50vg1948
Forester CSFlying ColoursPenguin£2.50vg1969
Forester CSMr Midshipman HornblowerPenguin£2.50vg1956
Forester CSThe CommodorePenguin£2.50vg1956
Forester CSThe GeneralPenguin£2.50vg1968
Forester CSThe Happy ReturnPenguin£2.50vg1965
Forester CSThe ShipPenguin£2.50vg1965
Forster E MHowards EndPenguin£1.50vg
Forster EMWhere Angels Fear to TreadPenguin£2.50vg-1965
Francis DickRacing ClassicsPenguin£2.50vg+1995
Frayn MichaelThe Russian InterpreterPenguin£2.50vg1967
Freeling NicolasCriminal ConversationPenguin£2.50vg1967
Freeling NicolasGun Before FreelingPenguin£2.50
Freeling NicolasThe King of the Rainy CountryPenguin£2.50vg1968
Frost RobertSelected PoemsPenguin£2.50vg1955
Fuller RoyImage of a SocietyPenguin£2.50vg1963
Fuller TimothyReunion with MurderPenguin£3.00
Gallico PaulFlowers for Mrs HarrisPenguin£2.50vg1963
Gallico PaulJenniePenguin£2.50vg1963
Gallico PaulLove of Seven DollsPenguin£2.50vg1963
Gallico PaulMrs Harris Goes to New YorkPenguin£2.50vg
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #2 In ChanceryPenguin£2.50vg1967
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #3 To LetPenguin£2.50vg1967
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #4 The White MonkeyPenguin£2.50vg1967
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #5 The Silver SpoonPenguin£2.50vg1967
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #6 Swan SongPenguin£2.50vg1967
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #7 Maid in WaitingPenguin£2.50vg1969
Galsworthy JohnForsythe #8 Flowering WildernessPenguin£2.50vg1969
Galsworthy JohnThe Man of PropertyPenguin£2.50vg1951
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAMurder Up My SleevePenguin£2.50vg1961
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Baited HookPenguin£2.50vg1957
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Caretakers CatPenguin£2.00vg1963
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Counterfeit EyePenguin£2.50vg1962
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowning DuckPenguin£2.00vg1957
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowning DuckPenguin£2.50vg1963
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowsy MosquitoPenguin£4.00vg
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Empty TinPenguin£2.50vg
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Gold-digger’s PursePenguin£2.50vg-1959
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lame CanaryPenguin£3.00vg1953
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Sleepwalkers NiecePenguin£3.00vg1954
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Stuttering BishopPenguin£2.50vg1961
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe DA Breaks a SealPenguin£2.50vg
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AATwo CluesPenguin£1.00g
Garland AlexThe BeachPenguin£2.00vg+1997
Garnett DavidAspects of LovePenguin£2.50vg
Garstin CrosbieThe Owls’ HousePenguin£2.50vg1937
Gary RomainLady LPenguin£1.00vg-1965
Gaskell ElizabethMary BartonPenguin£1.50
Gellhorn MarthaThe Honeyed PeacePenguin£2.50vg1958
Gide AndreStrait is the GatePenguin£2.00vg
Gide AndreThe ImmoralistPenguin£3.50f1960
Goethe Johann Wolfgang VonFaust Part TwoPenguin£1.50
Golding WilliamFree FallPenguin£2.50vg1964
Golding WilliamLord of the FliesPenguin£2.50vg1967
Golding WilliamLord of the FliesPenguin£4.00vg1960
Gollancz VictorA Year of GracePenguin£2.50vg1955
Gordon RichardDoctor at LargePenguin£2.50vg1962
Gordon RichardDoctor at SeaPenguin£2.50g+1961
Gordon RichardDoctor in the HousePenguin£2.50vg1961
Grass GunterCat & MousePenguin£2.50vg+
Grass GunterDog YearsPenguin£1.00
Graves RobertClaudius the GodPenguin£2.50vg1961
Graves RobertI ClaudiusPenguin£2.50vg1953
Green Ana KThe Leavenworth CasePenguin£2.50vg1946
Green FLOdd Man OutPenguin£2.50vg1950
Green GrahamEngland Made MePenguin£1.50vg
Green PeterThe Sword of PleasurePenguin£2.50vg-1961
Greene GrahamA Gun for SalePenguin£2.50vg1968
Greene GrahamA Sense of RealityPenguin£2.50vg1968
Greene GrahamBrighton RockPenguin£2.50vg1954
Greene GrahamThe Heart of the MatterPenguin£1.00g+1962
Greene GrahamThe Human FactorPenguin£1.50
Greene GrahamThe Ministry of FearPenguin£2.50vg
Grierson EdwardReputation for a SongPenguin£2.50vg1955
GrossmithThe Diary of a NobodyPenguin£2.50vg1945
Guareschi GiovanniDon Camillo and the DevilPenguin£2.50vg1962
Guareschi GiovanniThe House that Nino BuiltPenguin£2.50vg1967
Guareschi GiovanniThe Little World of Don CamilloPenguin£2.50vg1962
Hadham JohnGood GodPenguin£2.50vg1940
Haggard WilliamClosed CircuitPenguin£2.50vg1962
Haggard WilliamThe High WirePenguin£2.50
Haggard WilliamThe Unquiet SleepPenguin£2.50g+1964
Haggard WilliamVenetian BlindPenguin£2.50vg
Hall J E DLabour’s First YearPenguin£2.00vg-1947
Hall Pinter & SimpsonThe Dumb Waiter & OthersPenguin£2.50vg1964
Hammett DashiellThe Dain CursePenguin£3.00vg1966
Hammett DashiellThe Glass KeyPenguin£2.50
HansardThe Penguin Hansard 2Penguin£2.50vg1940
HansardThe Penguin Hansard 3Penguin£2.50vg1941
HansardThe Penguin Hansard 4Penguin£2.50vg1941
HansardThe Penguin Hansard 5Penguin£2.50vg1942
HansardThe Penguin Hansard 6Penguin£2.50vg1942
Hardy ThomasFar From the Madding CrowdPenguin£1.50
Hardy WilliamLady KillerPenguin£2.50vg1961
Hare CyrilAn English MurderPenguin£2.50vg1957
Hare CyrilSuicide ExceptedPenguin£2.50
Hare CyrilTenant for DeathPenguin£2.50vg1955
Hare CyrilTragedy at LawPenguin£2.50vg1953
Hare CyrilTragedy at LawPenguin£2.50vg1959
Hare CyrilWhen the Wind BlowsPenguin£2.50vg
Harland HenryThe Cardinal’s Snuff-BoxPenguin£3.00vg+1946
Harry Hodge (ed)Famous Trials IPenguin£2.50vg1954
Hart BH LiddellFoch : Man of Orleans Vol 1Penguin£2.00vg1937
Hart BH LiddellFoch : Man of Orleans Vol IIPenguin£2.50vg1937
Harvey AudreyTenants in DangerPenguin£2.00vg1964
Harvey JohnWithin and WithoutPenguin£2.50vg1962
Hasek JaroslavThe Good Soldier SchweikPenguin£2.50vg1939
Hastings MacdonaldCork and the SerpentPenguin£2.00vg1959
Hastings MacdonaldCork in the DoghousePenguin£2.50vg1961
Hay IanA Safety MatchPenguin£2.50vg dj
Hay IanThe British InfantrymanPenguin£2.50vg1942
Hay IanThe First Hundred ThousandPenguin£1.50vg-1940
Hayer GeorgetteDevil’s ClubPenguin£2.50vg1954
Heard GeraldA Taste of HoneyPenguin£2.50
Heaton PeterCruisingPenguin£2.50
Heaton PeterCruisingPenguin£2.50vg1959
Heaton PeterSailingPenguin£2.50vg1959
Heberden M VFugative From MurderPenguin£1.00g1946
Heinlein Rober AThe Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan HoagPenguin£3.00f1966
Hemingway ErnestA Farewell to ArmsPenguin£2.50vg1959
Herbert APHoly DeadlockPenguin£2.50vg1955
Herbert APThe Water GipsiesPenguin£2.50vg1960
Hesse HermannSteppenwolfPenguin£1.00vg
Hewlett MauriceThe Forest LoversPenguin£2.50vg1945
Hill & WhichelowWhat’s Wrong with ParliamentPenguin£1.00vg1964
Hill SusanA Bit of Singing and DancingPenguin£2.00
Hill SusanA Change for the BetterPenguin£2.00
Hill SusanGentleman and LadiresPenguin£2.00
Hill SusanStrange MeetingPenguin£2.00
Hill SusanThe Bird of NightPenguin£2.00
Hillary & FuchsThe Crossing of AntarticaPenguin£4.00vg1960
Hines BarryA Kestrel for a KnavePenguin£4.00vg1969
Hinkson PamelaThe Ladies’ RoadPenguin£2.50vg-1946
Hodge HarryFamous Trials IIPenguin£2.50vg
Hodge James HFamous Trials 5Penguin£2.50
Hodge James HFamous Trials IIIPenguin£3.50vg
Holbrook Middleton WevillPenguin Modern Poets 04Penguin£2.50vg1965
Holme ConstanceCrump Folk Going HomePenguin£2.50vg1940
HomerThe IliadPenguin£2.50vg1961
HomerThe OdysseyPenguin£3.00vg+1948
Hope JaneScholership at StakePenguin£2.50vg1964
Hopkins Gerard ManleySelected PoemsPenguin£2.50vg1963
Horabin TLPolitics Made PlainPenguin£2.50vg1944
Horne AlistairThe Price of Glory Verdun 1926Penguin£2.50vg1964
Hornibrook & RoutHealth Culture for WomenPenguin£2.50vg1959
Hornung EWRafflesPenguin£2.50vg1948
Hortalano Juan GarciaSummer StormPenguin£4.00f1963
Howard Elizabeth JaneSomething in DisguisePenguin£2.00
Howarth Reckord WeskerPlays 9Penguin£2.50vg+1966
Howe PPThe Life of William HazlittPenguin£4.00vg dj1949
Hoyle FredOctober the First is too LatePenguin£2.50vg1968
Hughes RichardThe Innocent VoyagePenguin£1.00vg-
Huxley AldousAfter Many a SummerPenguin£3.00vg1955
Huxley AldousAntic HayPenguin£3.00vg1948
Huxley AldousBrave New WorldPenguinvg1960
Huxley AldousEyeless in GazaPenguin£2.50vg1955
Huxley AldousIslandPenguin£1.50vg-1964
Huxley AldousMortal CoilsPenguin£3.00vg1955
Huxley AldousMusic at NightPenguin£2.50vg1950
Huxley AldousPoint Counter PointPenguin£2.50vg1955
Huxley AldousThe Doors of Perception and Heavan & HellPenguin£3.00vg1959
Huxley AldousThose Barren LeavesPenguin£2.50vg1955
Hyde H MontgomeryFamous Trials 9Penguin£2.50
IbsenGhosts and Other PlaysPenguin£2.00
IbsenHedda Gabler & OthersPenguin£1.50
IbsenThe Master Builder & OthersPenguin£1.50
Innes MichaelAppleby on AraratPenguin£2.00vg-1961
Innes MichaelAppleby’s AnswerPenguin£2.50
Innes MichaelCandleshoePenguin£2.50
Innes MichaelChristmas at CandleshoePenguin£1.50vg-1961
Innes MichaelDeath at a President’s LodgingPenguin£2.50vg
Innes MichaelDeath at the ChasePenguin£2.50
Innes MichaelDeath at the President’s LodgingsPenguin£2.50vg1958
Innes MichaelHamlet revengePenguin£2.50vg1964
Innes MichaelHare Sitting UpPenguin£2.50vg1964
Innes MichaelOld Hall , New HallPenguin£2.50vg1961
Innes MichaelSilence observedPenguin£2.50
Innes MichaelThe Journeying BoyPenguin£2.50vg1954
Innes MichaelThe Secret VanguardPenguin£2.50vg1958
Innes MichaelThere Came Both Mist and SnowPenguin£2.50vg
Irwin MargaretRoyal FlushPenguin£2.50vg-1949
Jacobs ArthurA New Dictionary of MusicPenguin£2.50f1965
Jacobson DanThe BeginnersPenguin£2.50vg1968
Jacobson DanThe Price of DiamondsPenguin£2.50vg1968
Jacobson DanThe Trap/A Dance in the SunPenguin£2.50vg1968
James Dr. MRGhost Stories of AntiquaryPenguin£2.50
James HenryThe BostoniansPenguin£1.50
James MRMore Ghost StoriesPenguin£2.50vg1959
Jefferies RichardThe Story of My HeartPenguin£2.50vg dj1938
Jeffries IanThirteen DaysPenguin£2.50vg1961
Jennings PaulThe Jenguin PenningsPenguin£2.50f1963
Jerome Jerome KThree Men in a BoatPenguin£2.00
Jerome Jerome KThree Men in a BoatPenguin£2.50vg1959
Jesse F TennysonA Pin to See the Peep ShowPenguin£2.50vg1952
Johnson Pamela HansfordAn Avenue of StonePenguin£2.50vg1953
Joinville & VillehardouinChronicles of the CrusadesPenguin£2.00
Joyce JamesA Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManPenguin£2.50vg1963
Joyce JamesDublinersPenguin£2.50vg
KafKa FranzLetters to MilenaPenguin£2.00vg
Karp DavidOnePenguin£2.50vg-1960
Kauffmann StanleyThe PhilandererPenguin£1.50vg-1959
Keating HRFDeath and the Visiting FiremanPenguin£2.50vg
Keating HRFThe Dog it was that DiedPenguin£2.50vg1966
Kelly MaryThe Soilt KillPenguin£2.00vg-1964
Kerouac JackOn the RoadPenguin£3.00vg
Kersh GeraldPrelude to a Certain MidnightPenguin£3.50vg1953
Keverne RichardWiliam Cook – Antique DealelPenguin£2.50vg1949
Keyes Frances PThe AmbassadressPenguin£2.50vg1961
Keyes Frances PThe Career of David NoblePenguin£1.00vg-1962
Keyes Frances ParkinsonFieldings FollyPenguin£2.50vg1962
Keyes Frances ParkinsonIf Ever I Cease to LovePenguin£2.50vg1962
Kneale NigelQuatermass and the PitPenguinvg1960
Kneale NigelQuatermass IIPenguinvg+1960
Kneale NigelThe Quatermass ExperimentPenguin£10.00
Knox RonaldThe Footsteps at the LockPenguin£2.50
Knox RonaldThe Three TapsPenguin£2.50vg1961
Koningsberger HansAn American RomancePenguin£2.50vg1964
LaclosLes Liaisons DangereusesPenguin£2.00
Laing R DThe Politics of Experience/The Bird of ParadisePenguin£2.00vg1967
Laird Sydney MVenereal Disease in BritainPenguin£2.50vg-1943
Lamb CharlesLetters & EssaysPenguin£2.50vg1948
Lambert GavinInside Daisey CloverPenguin£2.50vg1966
Lambert GavinThe Slide AreaPenguin£2.50vg1963
Langley NoelCage me a PeacockPenguin£2.50vg
Langley NoelThere’s a Porpoise Close Behind UsPenguin£2.50vg1961
Lapp Ralph EThe Voyage of the Lucky DragonPenguin£1.00
Lawrence D HSons and LoversPenguin£2.50vg
Lawrence D HThe White PeacockPenguin£1.50vg
Lawrence DHEngland my EnglandPenguin£2.50vg1968
Lawrence DHLady Chatterley,s LoverPenguin£2.50vg1960
Lawrence DHLady Chtterley’s LoverPenguin£2.50vg-
Lawrence DHSelected EssaysPenguin£3.00vg1950
Lawrence DHSelected PoemsPenguin£2.50vg
Lawrence DHThe Plumed SerpentPenguin£2.50vg1966
Lawrence DHThe Prussian OfficerPenguin£2.50vg1945
Lawrence DHThe TrespasserPenguin£2.50vg1960
Lawrence DHThe Woman ho Rode AwayPenguin£2.50vg1968
Lawrence DHWomen in LovePenguin£2.50vg1960
Lawrence HildaBlood Upon the SnowPenguin£3.00
Lawrence HildaDeath of a DollPenguin£2.50
Leacock StephenLiterary LapsesPenguin£2.50f1939
Lee HarperTo Kill a MockingbirdPenguin£2.50vg1963
Lee LaurieAs I Walked Out One Midsummer MorningPenguin£2.00
Lee LaurieCider with RosiePenguin£2.00
Lee LaurieCider with RosiePenguin£2.00vg1962
Lee LaurieI Can’t Stay LongPenguin£2.00
Lehmann John EditorThe Penguin New Writing Summer 1946Penguin£2.50vg1946
Lehmann RosamondInvitation to the WaltzPenguin£2.50vg1962
Lerner Alan JayMy Fair LadyPenguin£2.50vg1959
Levin IraA Kiss Before DyingPenguin£2.50vg
Lewic C DayPenguin PoetsPenguin£2.50vg1951
Lewis C DaySelectionPenguin£2.50vg1969
Lewisohn LudwigThe Tyrany of SexPenguin Signet£5.00
Linklater EricPoet’s PubPenguin£2.50vg1935
Linklater EricPrivate AngeloPenguin£2.50vg1958
Livings Owen & WhitingNew English Dramatists 5Penguin£2.50vg1962
Llewellyn RichardHow Green was my ValleyPenguin£2.50vg-1951
Longrigg RogerA High Pitched BuzzPenguin£2.50vg1962
Lorant StefanI Was Hitler’s PrisonerPenguin£2.50vg1939
Lovesey PeterThe Detective Wore Silk DrawersPenguin£2.50vg
Lucie-Smith (ed)Elizabethan VersePenguin£2.50vg1965
Macaulay MaryThe Art of MarriagePenguin£1.50vg-1958
MacDonald PhilipThe list of Adrian MessengerPenguin£2.50
MacInnes ColinAbsolute BeginersPenguin£2.50vg+1964
Mackenzie ComptonCarnivalPenguin£2.50vg1935
Mackenzie ComptonWater on the BrainPenguin£2.50vg1959
Mahan A TThe Life of NelsonPenguin£2.00vg-1942
Mailer NormanThe FightPenguin£2.50vg+
Malamud BernardThe FixerPenguin£2.50vg1967
Mann ThomasDeath in VenicePenguin£2.50vg1968
Mansfield KatherineIn a German PensionPenguin£2.50vg1964
MarjoribanksFamous Trials of Marshall HallPenguin£2.50vg dj1950
Marquand John PH>M>Pulham EsquirePenguin£2.50vg/vg1951
Marsh NgaioA Man Lay DeadPenguin£2.50vg1949
Marsh NgaioArtists in CrimePenguin£2.50vg1952
Marsh NgaioDeath & the Dancing FootmanPenguin£2.50vg1954
Marsh NgaioDeath and the Dancing FootmanPenguin£2.00
Marsh NgaioDeath at the BarPenguin£3.00vg1949
Marsh NgaioDeath in EcstasyPenguin£2.50vg-
Marsh NgaioDeath in White NilePenguin£2.50vg1954
Marsh NgaioEnter a MurdererPenguin£2.50vg1949
Marsh NgaioFinal CurtainPenguin£2.50
Marsh NgaioOverture to DeathPenguin£2.50vg1955
Marsh NgaioSurfeit of LampreysPenguin£2.50vg1955
Marsh NgaioVintage MurderPenguin£2.50vg1949
Marsh Ngaio & JellettThe Nursing Home MurderPenguin£2.50vg1955
Martienssen AnthonyCrime and the PolicePenguin£2.50vg
Martyr WestonThe SouthseamanPenguin£3.00vg1939
Mason AEWThe House of the ArrowPenguin£2.50
Masterman J CAn Oxford TragedyPenguin£2.50
Masterman JCFate Cannot Harm MePenguin£2.50vg1940
Masters JohnFandango RockPenguin£2.50vg1967
Masters JohnFar Far the Mountain PeakPenguin£2.50vg1967
Masters JohnNightrunners of BengalPenguin£2.50vg1959
Masters JohnThe DeceiversPenguin£2.50vg1964
Maugham Somerset WThe Razor’s EdgePenguin£2.50vg1963
Maugham W SomersetCakes and AlePenguin£2.50vg1968
Maugham W SomersetLiza of LambethPenguin£2.50vg1967
Maugham W SomersetThe MagicianPenguin£2.50vg1967
Maughham W SomersetA Writers NotebookPenguin£2.50vg1967
Maurier Daphne DuJamaica InnPenguin£2.00vg-1962
Maurier Daphne duThe Progress of JuliusPenguin£2.50vg1967
Maurier Daphne duThe ScapegoatPenguin£2.50vg1964
Maurois AndreArielPenguin£5.00f1985
Maurois AndreArielPenguin£2.50vg1937
Maurois AndreDisraeliPenguin£2.50vg1937
Maurois AndreDisraeliPenguin£5.00vg/vg+1937
Maurois AndreSeptember RosesPenguin£2.50vg1962
Maurois AndreThe Silence of Colonel BramblePenguin£2.50vg+1941
Mawson ChristianPortrait of England An AnthologyPenguin£2.50vg1943
McBain EdAxePenguin£2.50vg1969
McBain EdCop HaterPenguin£2.50
McBain EdGive the Boys a Big HandPenguin£2.50vg1968
McBain EdKiller’s PayoffPenguin£2.50
McBain EdKillers WedgePenguin£2.50vg1964
McBain EdLady KillerPenguin£2.50vg1964
McBain EdLike LovePenguin£1.50vg-1968
McBain EdThe MuggerPenguin£2.50
McBain EdThe PusherPenguin£2.50
McBain EdTil DeathPenguin£2.50vg1964
McCarthy MaryMemories of a Catholic GirlhoodPenguin£2.50vg1963
McClure JamesThe Gooseberry FoolPenguin£2.50
McCoy HoraceNo Pockets in a ShroudPenguin£2.50
McCoy HoraceThey Shoot Horses Don’t TheyPenguin£2.50vg+1965
Melville HermanBartlebyPenguin£2.50vg+1995
Michael InnesA Private ViewPenguin£2.50vg1959
Michener JamesReturn to ParadisePenguin£2.50vg
Mikes GeorgeHow to TangoPenguin£2.00vg-1966
Millar MargaretThe Soft TalkersPenguin£2.50
Milne AAFour PlaysPenguin£2.50vg1939
Mitchell GladysFaintley SpeakingPenguin£2.50vg-1956
Mitchell GladysLaurels are PoisonPenguin£2.50vg1961
Mitchell GladysTwelve Horses and the Hangman’s NoosePenguin£2.50
Mitford JessicaHons and RebelsPenguin£2.50vg+1962
Mitford NancyDon’t Tell AlfredPenguin£2.50vg+1963
Mitford NancyPigeon PiePenguin£2.00vg1965
Mitford NancyThe BlessingPenguin£2.00vg1962
Mitford Nancy edNoblesse ObligePenguin£3.00vg+1959
MoliereThe Miser and Other PlaysPenguin£2.00
Monford Henry DeHashishPenguin£1.50vg-
Montague CEA Hind let LoosePenguin£3.50vg1936
Montaigne Michel DeFour EssaysPenguin£2.50vg+1995
Moorcock MichaelMother LondonPenguin£2.50vg1989
Moore (ed)Modern american VersePenguin£2.50vg1954
Moore BrianThe Luck of Ginger CoffeyPenguinvg1965
Moore GeorgeConfessions of a Young ManPenguin£2.50vg1939
Moore W GA Dictionary of GeographyPenguin£2.50vg+
Moore WGA Dictionary of GeographyPenguin£1.00vg1957
Moravia AlbertoBitter HoneymoonPenguin£2.50vg1961
Moravia AlbertoRoman TalesPenguin£2.50vg+1959
Moravia AlbertoThe Wayward Wife & other storiesPenguin£3.00vg1963
Moravia AlbertoThe Woman of RomePenguin£2.00vg1952
Moravia AlbertoTwo AdolescentsPenguin£2.50vg1960
Morris JanScenes from Havian LifePenguin£2.50vg+1996
Morris JohnTravellor from TokyoPenguin£1.50vg-1946
Mortimer JohnCharacter PartsPenguin£2.00vg
Mortimer PenelopeThe Pumpkin EaterPenguin£2.50vg1964
Morton HVIn Search of EnglandPenguin£2.50vg
Mottram RHThe Spanish FarmPenguin£2.50vg1937
Mougham W SomersetThe Summing UpPenguin£2.50vg1963
Mowrer EdgarGermany Puts the Clock BackPenguin£10.00
Mowrer Edgar AnselMowrer in ChinaPenguin£5.00dj vg/f1938
Muirhead (ed)Lake DistrictPenguin£2.501947
Muirhead Ed.DerbyshirePenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.DevonPenguin£1.50vg+
Muirhead Ed.Lake DistrictPenguin£1.50vg1939
Muirhead Ed.North WalesPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.SomersetPenguin£1.50vg+1949
Muirhead Ed.Wilts and DorsetPenguin£1.50vg1949
Murdoch IrisA Severed HeadPenguin£2.50vg1965
Murdoch IrisThe Italian GirlPenguin£2.50vg1968
Murdoch IrisThe SandcastlePenguin£2.50vg1964
Murphy DervlaWheels Within WheelsPenguin£2.00vg
Murphy Silkin TarnPenguin Modern Poets 07Penguin£2.50vg1968
Murray MaxThe Right Honourable CorpsePenguin£2.50
Nabokov VladimirLaughter in the DarkPenguin£2.00vg1969
Nabokov VladimirLaughter in the DarkPenguin£2.50vg+1963
Nabokov VladimirLolitaPenguin£2.50f
Newman AndreaA bouquet of Barbed WirePenguin£2.00
Newman AndreaAlexaPenguin£2.00
Nichols BeverleyTwenty-FivePenguin£2.50vg1935
Nicolson HaroldWhy Britain is at WarPenguin£2.50vg/vg
Nin AnaisHenry and JunePenguin£2.00vg
Norman JamesThe NightwalkersPenguin£2.50vg+1953
Not StatedNew Biology #20Penguin£2.50
O’Brien EdnaA Scandaous WomanPenguin£2.00
O’Brien EdnaGirl With Green EyesPenguin£2.00
O’Brien EdnaReturningPenguin£2.00
O’Brien KateWithout my CloakPenguin£2.50vg
O’Connor FrankThe GeniusPenguin£2.50vg+1995
O’Connor PhilipBritain in the SixtiesPenguin£2.50vg1963
O’Faolain SeanDe ValeraPenguin£3.00vg1939
O’Hara JohnButterfield 8Penguin£2.50vg1961
Orwell GeorgeA Clergyman’s DaughterPenguin£2.50vg1967
Orwell GeorgeAnimal FarmPenguin£2.50vg1955
Orwell GeorgeDown and out in Paris and LondonPenguin£2.00vg+1964
Orwell GeorgeHomage to CataloniaPenguin£3.00vg+1962
Orwell GeorgeNineteen Eighty FourPenguin£3.00
Orwell GeorgeNineteen Eighty-fourPenguin£3.50vg
Orwell GeorgeSelected EssaysPenguin£3.00vg1957
Orwell GeorgeThe Lion and the UnicornPenguin£2.50f
Pack (ed)Anson’s Voyage Round the WorldPenguin£1.50vg-
Packard VanceThe Hidden PersuadersPenguin£2.00vg-1961
Pares BernardRussiaPenguin£2.00
Parker Robert BMortal StakesPenguin£2.50
Parkinson C NorthcoteParkinson’s LawPenguin£1.50vg-1965
Parkinson C NorthgateIn-Laws and Out-LawsPenguin£2.50
Parkinson C NorthgateThe Law and the ProfitsPenguin£2.50
Pasternak BorisThe Last SummerPenguin£2.50vg1960
Paton AlanCry the Beloved CountryPenguin£2.50vg1958
Peake MervynTitus AlonePenguin£2.00
Peck David WThe Greer CasePenguin£3.00vg1963
Perham & SimmonsAfrican DiscoveryPenguin£3.50vg
PevsnerBuildings 0f England DerbyshirePenguin£5.00vg-1953
PevsnerBuildings 0f England NorthumberlandPenguin£7.50vg/vg1957
Pike Robert LBullittPenguin£2.50
Pirandello LuigiThe Rules of the Game & othersPenguin£2.50vg1959
PlatoThe RepublicPenguin£1.50
Poe Edgar AlanSome Tales of Mystery & ImaginationPenguin£3.50vg dj
Poe Edgar AllanThe Fall of the House of UsherPenguin£1.50
Pohl & CornbluthWolfbanePenguin£3.00vg+1967
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsPenguin£2.50vg1965
Pope AlaxanderA SelectionPenguin£2.50vg1950
Portis CharlesTrue GritPenguin£1.00vg-1971
Post Laurens Van DerVenture to the InteriorPenguin£2.50vg1957
Potter StephenGamesmanshipPenguin£2.50vg1962
Potter StephenOne-upmanshipPenguin£3.00
Potter StephenSupermanshipPenguin£3.00
Price StanleyJust For the RecordPenguin£2.50vg+1962
Priestley JBAngel PavementPenguin£3.00vg+1948
Priestley JBThe Good CompanionsPenguin£2.00
Purdy JamesMalcolmPenguin£2.50vg1966
Queen EleryThe King is DeadPenguin£2.50vg1960
Queen ElleryAnd on the Eighth DayPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryCalamity TownPenguin£2.50vg1966
Queen ElleryDouble, DoublePenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe adventures of Ellery QueenPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe American Gun MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Chinese Orange MysteryPenguin£2.50vg1956
Queen ElleryThe Door BetweenPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Dutch Shoe MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Dutch Shoe MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Egyptian Cross MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Forth Side of the TrianglePenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe French Powder MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Greek Coffin MysteryPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Murderer is a FoxPenguin£2.50
Queen ElleryThe Roman Hat MysteryPenguin£2.50vg1956
Queen ElleryThe Spanish Cape MysteryPenguin£3.00vg1958
Quentin PatrickThe FollowerPenguin£2.50
Quentin PatrickThe Man in the NetPenguin£2.50
Read MissAffairs at Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissAt Home in Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissBattles at Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissCelebrations at Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg+
Read MissFarewell to FairacrePenguin£2.00vg+
Read MissFriends at Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissGossip From Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg+
Read MissReturn to Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissStorm in the VillagePenguin£2.00vg+
Read MissThe School at Thrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissThrush GreenPenguin£2.00vg+
Read MissThrush GreenPenguin£2.50vg1962
Read MissVillage SchoolPenguin£2.00vg
Read MissVillage SchoolPenguin£2.50vg1961
Reeves James (ed)Georgian PoetryPenguin£2.50vg1962
Rensburg Patrick VanGuilty LandPenguin£2.50vg1962
Reynolds EENansenPenguin£3.50vg
Rice CraigTrial by FuryPenguin£2.50
Rice ElmerA Voyage to PuriliaPenguin£2.50vg1954
Richardson SamuelPamelaPenguin£1.50
Richler MordecaiThe Apprenticeship of Duddy KravitzPenguin£2.50vg1964
Ridpath MichaelThe PredatorPenguin£2.00
Rinehart Mary RobertsThe Circular StaircasePenguin£2.50
Robertson E ArnotFour Frightened PeoplePenguin£2.50vg1947
Robertson E ArnotOrdinary FamiliesPenguin£2.50vg1940
Rolph (ed.)The Trial of Lady ChatterleyPenguin£2.50
Ross lillianPortrat of hemingwayPenguin£2.50vg1962
Roth HollyThe Mask of GlassPenguin£2.50vg1957
Roth HolyThe Content AssignmentPenguin£2.50vg++1958
RousseauThe ConfessionsPenguin£2.00
Rousseau Jean-JaquesThe ConfessionsPenguin£2.50vg1953
Russell BertrandHas Man a FuturePenguin£2.50vg1961
Russell BertrandNightmares of Eminent Persons etcPenguin£2.00vg1962
Rutherford DouglasTelling of MurderPenguin£3.00vg1956
SakiThe Secret Sin of Septimus BropePenguin£2.50vg1995
SakiThe Unbearable BassingtonPenguin£2.50vg1947
Salinger J DThe Catcher in the RyePenguin£2.50vg1959
Sartre Betti & AnouilhThree European PlaysPenguin£2.00vg1960
Sartre Jean-PaulNausiaPenguin£4.00f1965
Sartre Jean-PaulThe Age of ReasonPenguin£2.50vg1961
Sartre Jean-PaulThe age of ReasonPenguin£4.00f1961
Sartre Jean-PaulThe ReprievePenguin£3.50vg+1963
Satre Jean-PaulNauseaPenguin£2.50vg
Sayers Dorothy LLord Peter Views the BodyPenguin£2.50vg1962
Schreiner OliveThe Story of an African FarmPenguin£2.50vg1939
Scott HaroldScotland YardPenguin£2.50
Searle RonaldThe Penguin Ronald SearlePenguin£2.50
Segal Ed.Sanctions Against South AfricaPenguin£1.00vg1964
Sellar & Yeatman1066 and all ThatPenguin£2.50vg1960
Seton GrahamThe W PlanPenguin£2.50vg
Seymour Beatrice KeanYouth Rides OutPenguin£4.00vg/vg1937
ShakespearHenry IV, Part 1Penguin£2.50
ShakespearThe Winters TalePenguin£2.50
ShakespeareHamlet Prince of DenmarkPenguin£2.50vg
ShakespeareHenry the Fourth First PartPenguin£2.50vg
ShakespeareTroylus and CressidaPenguin£2.50vg
Shakespeare WilliamMeasue for MeasurePenguin£2.50vg/vg1954
Shaw BernardAndrocles and the LionPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardBack to methuselahPenguin£2.50vg1939
Shaw BernardMajor BarbaraPenguin£2.50vg1945
Shaw BernardMan and SupermanPenguin£2.50vg1959
Shaw BernardMan and SupermanPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardPlays PleasantPenguin£2.00vg1961
Shaw BernardPlays PleasantPenguin£4.00vg+
Shaw BernardPlays UnpleasantPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardPygmalionPenguin£1.50vg+1946
Shaw BernardSaint JoanPenguin£2.50vg1961
Shaw BernardSaint JoanPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardThe Black Girl in search of GodPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardThe Doctor,s DilemmaPenguin£2.50vg1946
Shaw BernardThree Plays for PuritansPenguin£2.50vg1962
Shaw BernardThree Plays for PuritansPenguin£3.00vg1946
Shaw GBMan and SupermanPenguin£2.00
Shaw GBMan and SupermanPenguin£2.50
SimenonA Battle of Nerves/At the Gai-MoulinPenguin£2.50vg+1950
SimenonHavoc by AccidentPenguin£2.50vg1952
SimenonIn Two LatitudesPenguin£2.50vg1952
SimenonLost MooringsPenguin£2.50vg1952
SimenonMaigret AfraidPenguin£2.50vg1965
SimenonMaigret and the Burglar’s WifePenguin£2.50vg1963
SimenonMaigret and the Hundred gibbetsPenguin£2.50vg
SimenonMaigret and the Reluctant WitnessPenguin£1.50vg-
SimenonMaigret at the CrossroadsPenguin£2.50fine1963
SimenonMaigret in CourtPenguin£2.50vg
SimenonMaigret in MontmartrePenguin£2.50vg1960
SimenonMaigret in SocietyPenguin£2.50vg-1965
SimenonMaigret MystifiedPenguin£2.50vg1964
SimenonMaigret’s MistakePenguin£2.50vg1961
SimenonMaigret’s revolverPenguin£2.00vg1963
SimenonMy Friend MaigretPenguin£2.50vg1959
SimenonPoisoned RelationsPenguin£2.50vg
SimenonThe MurdererPenguin£2.50vg1958
SimenonThe TrainPenguin£2.50vg1967
SimenonThe WidowerPenguin£2.00vg1965
Simons Arthur JThe Vegetable Grower’s HandbookPenguin£2.50vg1948
Simons Arthur JThe Vegetable Grower’s HandbookPenguin£2.501948
Sinclair UptonThe JunglePenguin£2.50vg1936
Singer Isaac BashevisThe SlavePenguin£2.00vg
Sitwell EdithAlexander PopePenguin£3.00vg+1948
Slesar HenryThe Grey Flannel ShroudPenguin£2.50vg1963
Smith ClarkThe Case of TorchesPenguin£2.50vg
Smith ThorneThe Night Life of the GodsPenguin£2.50vg1958
Smith ThorneTopper Takes a TripPenguin£2.50vg+1957
Snow CPCorridors of PowerPenguin£2.00vg
Snow CPDeath Under SailPenguin£2.50vg1964
Snow CPThe Conscience of the RichPenguin£2.50vg1961
Snow CPThe MastersPenguin£2.50vg
Snow CPThe New MenPenguin£2.50vg+1959
Snow CPVariety of MenPenguin£2.00vg
SophoclesThe Theban PlaysPenguin£2.50vg1947
Spain NancyNot Wanted on VoyagePenguin£3.00vg1956
Spark MurielThe Girls of Slender MeansPenguin£2.50vg1966
Spark MurielThe Prime of Miss jean BrodiePenguin£2.50vg1969
Stapledon OlafLast and First ManPenguin£2.50vg1963
Steed WickhamThe PressPenguin£2.50vg1938
Steinbeck JohnThe Grapes of WrathPenguin£3.00vg1951
Steinbeck JohnTortilla FlatPenguin£3.00vg1958
StendhalScarlet and BlackPenguin£1.50
StendhalScarlet and BlackPenguin£2.00
StendhalScarlet and BlackPenguin£2.50vg1969
SterneA Sentimental JourneyPenguin£2.50vg dj1938
Sterne LaurenceA Sentimental JourneyPenguin£1.50
Stettinius ERLend-LeasePenguin£2.50vg1944
Stevenson Robert LouisThe Pavilion on the LinksPenguin£2.50vg+1995
Storey DavidThis Sporting LifePenguin£2.00
Story Jack TrevorLive Now Pay LaterPenguin£2.50vg1963
Stout RexRed ThreadsPenguin£3.50vg1954
Stout RexThe Red BoxPenguin£2.00vg-1957
Stubbs – Prince – SpenderPenguin Modern Poets 20Penguin£2.50
Styron WilliamThe Long MarchPenguin£2.50vg+1964
Swift JonathanGulliver’s TravelsPenguin£2.50vg1938
SwinburneSelected PoemsPenguin£2.50vg
Symons AJAThe Quest for CorvoPenguin£2.50vg1940
Symons JulianThe Immaterial Murder CasePenguin£2.50vg1954
Tabouis GenevieveBlackmail or WarPenguin£2.50vg dj1938
Tabouis GenevieveBlackmail or WarPenguin£2.50vg dj1938
Target GWThe TeachersPenguin£2.50vg
Tey JosephineThe Daughter of TimePenguin£2.50vg+1956
Tey JosephineThe Franchise AffairPenguin£2.50vg1951
Theimer WalterThe Penguin Political DictionaryPenguin£4.00vg/vg1939
Thesiger WilfredArabian SandsPenguin£2.50vg1968
Thirkell AngelaThe BrandonsPenguin£2.50vg1950
Thirkell AngelaThe HeadmistressPenguin£2.50vg1955
Thirkell AngelaWild StrawberriesPenguin£2.50vg1954
Thurber JamesFurther Fables for our TimePenguin£3.00f1960
Thurber JamesThe Thurber AlbumPenguin£2.50vg
Thurber JamesThe Thurber CarnivalPenguin£1.00vg-1953
Thurber JamesThurber CountryPenguin£2.50vg1962
TolstoyChildhood,Boyhood, YouthPenguin£2.00
TolstoyThe Death of Ivan IlyichPenguin£1.50
Tracy HonorMind You I’ve said NothingPenguin£3.00vg1961
Trench JohnDishonoured BonesPenguin£2.50vg1960
Trevelyan RaleighThe FortressPenguin£2.50vg1958
Trollope AnthonyBarchester TowersPenguin£2.50vg
Trollope AnthonyThe WardenPenguin£1.50
TurgenevFathers and SonsPenguin£2.00
Tweedsmuir SusanCousin HarrietPenguin£2.50vg1961
Unekis RichardThe ChasePenguin£3.00vg1967
UnknownThe UpanishadsPenguin£2.00
Vail AmandaLove Little MePenguin£2.50vg+1960
Vailland RogerThe LawPenguin£3.00vg1960
van der Post LaurensJourney into RussiaPenguin£2.50vg
VariousA Book of English PoetryPenguin£2.50vg1965
VariousFrench Verse 4 20th cPenguin£2.50vg+1959
VariousNew Biology 17Penguin£1.501954
VariousSeven Famous one-act PlaysPenguin£2.50vg1937
VariousThe Centuries Poetry Donne to DrydenPenguin£2.50vg1949
VariousThe Centuries’ Poetry Hood to HardyPenguin£2.50vg1950
VariousThe Metaphysical PoetsPenguin£1.50
VariousThe Penguin Film ReviewPenguin£2.50vg1949
VariousThe Penguin Film Review #6Penguin£2.00
VariousThe Penguin New WritingPenguin£2.50vg1947
VasariLives of the ArtistsPenguin£2.00
Vasari GiorgioLives of the Artists Vol 1Penguin£1.50
Verne JulesJourney to the Centre of the EarthPenguin£2.50vg1965
Vickers RoyThe Sole survivor / The Kynsard AffairPenguin£2.50vg1965
VirgilThe AeneidPenguin£2.00
VirgilThe AeneidPenguin£2.50vg1960
Wain JohnA Travelling WomanPenguin£2.50vg1963
Wain JohnHurry on DownPenguin£2.50vg-1960
Wain JohnStrike the Father DeadPenguin£2.50vg1967
Walker DavidDiamonds for MoscowPenguin£2.50vg1956
Wallace DoreenBarnham RectoryPenguin£2.50vg1939
Waln NoraReaching for the StarsPenguin£2.50vg-1942
Walpole HughMr Perrin & Mr TraillPenguin£2.50vg-1938
Walton IzaakThe Compleat AnglerPenguin£2.50vg1939
Ward BarbaraPolicy for the WestPenguin£2.50vg
Waterhouse KeithJubbPenguin£4.00f1966
Waugh EcelynHelenaPenguin£4.00f1963
Waugh EvelynBrideshead RevisitedPenguin£2.50vg1968
Waugh EvelynDecline and FallPenguin£2.00vg1955
Waugh EvelynDecline and FallPenguin£2.50vg
Waugh EvelynEdmund CampionPenguin£2.50vg1954
Waugh EvelynMen at ArmsPenguin£2.50f
Waugh EvelynPut Out More FlagsPenguin£2.50vg1945
Waugh EvelynScoopPenguin£2.50vg1948
Waugh EvelynUnconditional SurrenderPenguin£1.50vg
Welcome JohnRun for CoverPenguin£2.50vg
Wells HGAnn VeronicaPenguin£2.50vg-1968
Wells HGThe Invisible ManPenguin£2.50vg1946
Wells HGThe Island of Dr MoreauPenguin£2.50vg1946
Wells HGThe New MachiavelliPenguin£2.50g+1946
Wells HGThe Rights of ManPenguin£2.50vg
Wells HGThe War of the WorldsPenguin£2.50vg1959
Welty EudoraWhy I Live at the POPenguin£2.50vg1995
Wentworth PatriciaThe GazeboPenguin£2.50vg1965
Wesker Simpson & OsborneNew English Dramatists 2Penguin£2.50vg1960
White Ethel LinaThe Wheel SpinsPenguin£2.50vg1955
White THFarewell VictoriaPenguin£1.50vg-1945
White William HThe Organization ManPenguin£2.50vg1960
Wildblood PeterAgainst the LawPenguin£2.50vg1957
Wilde OscarImportance Ernest & Lady Windermere’sPenguin£2.00vg1940
Wilde OscarSalome and Other PlaysPenguin£2.50vg
Wilder ThorntonOur Town & othersPenguin£2.50vg1962
Wilder Thornton NivenThe Bridge of San Luis ReyPenguin£4.00vg1941
Williams & SavageThe Penguin Problems BookPenguin£2.50vg
Williamson HenrySalar the SalmonPenguin£2.50vg1949
Williamson HenryTarka the OtterPenguin£4.50vg/vg1937
Willock ColinDeath in CovertPenguin£2.50vg1963
Wilson AngusSuch Darling DodosPenguin£2.50vg+1960
Wilson AngusThe Middle Age of Mrs EliotPenguin£2.50vg1961
Wilson AngusThe Old Man at the ZooPenguin£2.00vg+1964
Wise ArthurThe Death’s HeadPenguin£2.50vg1965
Wiseman FosterThe Penguin HandymanPenguin£2.50
Wiseman FosterThe Penguin HandymanPenguin£2.50vg1945
Wodehouse P GThe Inimitable JeevesPenguin£2.00vg-
Wodehouse PGCarry On, JeevesPenguin£3.00vg1957
Wodehouse PGLeave it to PsmithPenguin£2.50vg-1953
Wodehouse PGPerforming FleaPenguin£4.00vg+1961
Wodehouse PGQuick ServicePenguin£4.00vg+1954
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPenguin£3.00vg1954
Wodehouse PGThe Code of the WoostersPenguin£4.00vg+1953
Wodehouse PGThe Little NuggetPenguin£4.00vg+1959
Wodehouse PGThe Luck of the BodkinsPenguin£2.50vg1954
Wodehouse PGUncle Fred in the SpringtimePenguin£3.50vg1954
Wolfe BernardLimboPenguin£2.50
Wood Lynne OrtonPlays 8Penguin£2.50vg+1965
Woolcott AlexanderWhile Rome BurnsPenguin£4.00vg1940
Woolf VirginiaThe WavesPenguin£2.50vg-
WordsworthA SelectionPenguin£2.50vg1950
Wright (translator)BeowulfPenguin£2.50vg1957
Wyndham JohnChockyPenguin£2.50vg+
Wyndham JohnConsider Her Ways and OthersPenguin£2.50vg1965
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguin£3.00
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguin£2.50vg1961
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin£2.50vg1960
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin£2.50g+1954
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin£3.50vg1954
Wyndham JohnThe Kraken WakesPenguin£3.50vg+1955
Wyndham JohnThe Midwich CuckoosPenguin£2.50vg1961
Wyndham JohnThe Seeds of TimePenguin£1.00g+1961
Young EdwardOne of our SubmarinesPenguin£2.50vg1950

Penguin Guides

I am pretty sure this is not a complete list, and I think I might even know where I have put them in the shop.

Banks F RThe Penguin Guides – SussexPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.DerbyshirePenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.DevonPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.Lake DistrictPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.North WalesPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.SomersetPenguin£1.50
Muirhead Ed.Wilts and DorsetPenguin£1.50

Penguin Guides

I have only shown once as the covers are to all intents and purposes the same.

Penguin G019
Somerset : Cornwall :  Devon : Derbyshire : Lake District :  Wilts and Dorset : North Wales &  Kent all available at £2.5 each (some with dj some without)

Even More Penguins

I know I am putting a lot of Penguins up at the moment, and honestly I have many more Pans, but they are mostly already catalogued.



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