The Dalesman was first published in March of 1939 as “The Yorkshire Dalesman”. From March 1939 to 2003 I have all but 6 months in stock, along with other “Dalesman” publications I have a total of 973 items in stock offered for sale.

The Dalesman is still going strong and is the UK’s best selling regional magazine, I would obviously claim it is the best regional magazine as it is about the best County in England or indeed the world.

Dalesman 1939 04 April #2 (2).jpg

They make excellent Birthday or anniversary presents, much better than a Birthday card for Yorkshire Lads and Lasses.

The Index for Number one includes; Dales Folk by Ella Pontefract, Historian wanted for Kettleswelldale by C J Cutcliffe-Hyne, A Yorkshire Climbing Nursery by Godfrey Wilson, The Man of the Dales by W Riley, Past and Present in the Dales by M’Duke Miller, Do you know the Hill Brunillo? by Lettice Cooper, Adult Education in Craven, What Town Planning Means by F R Birkhead, It was still raining by Leonard Cooper, The Vacant Wine-Red Moor by Donald Boyd, The “Three Peaks”, Stories of Craven’s Grand Old Man by Norman Thorner and Public Access to Mountains by A Creech Jones MP.

I do have an ambition to list all the idiocies in a searchable data-base, but as I say, that is an ambition.

I do have a copy of number one with half the front page missing (cover) I am willing to sell that for £5 with a photocopy of the missing piece.

Dalesman Number one April 1959

Not one of the recent reprints


I now have 1,101 “Dalesman publications” catalogued (large numbers of “Cumbria” yet to do) please contact me if you are looking for anything in particular.


On the Trail of the Luddites by Lesley Kipling & Nick Hall Illustrations by Eric Richardson

56 page illustrated booklet published by the Pennine Heritage Network in 1982 Through the post to any UK destination £7.50


Yesterday’s Yorkshire Series No. 8 – West Yorkshire Collieries by Norman Ellis

West Yorkshire Collieries by Norman Ellis

A selection of picture postcards (62) featuring scenes from the past century, with informative captions. In this copy a previous owner has made some mysterious notes next to the introduction text, the postcards though are untouched and the reproduction excellent. This seems to be the hardest to find in this series, I am asking for £10.00 this includes UK postage.


Tramways in West Yorkshire

Tramways in West Yorkshire by H Brearley – Locomotion Papers No. Thirteen

44 page illustrated booklet. Price through the post in UK


The Beautiful and Historic Villages of Yorkshire (1907)

Published by The Leeds and Yorkshire Mercury, Albion Street, we think in 1907villages of Yorshire090

. Hard back binding in publisher’s original black paper covered boards, gilt title lettering to the front cover. Landscape 8vo. 6½” x 8¼”. Contains 119 printed pages with map, captioned monochrome photograph to every right hand leaf and good descriptive text opposite

Villages of Yorkshire

Hard back binding in publisher’s original black paper covered boards, gilt title lettering to the front cover. Landscape 8vo. 6½” x 8¼”. Contains 119 printed pages with map, captioned monochrome photograph to every right hand leaf and good descriptive text opposite




The Charter Our Right! Huddersfield Chartism Re-Considered (2018) edited by John A. Hargreaves

https://undergroundhistories.wordpress.com/the-charter-our-right-book-review/ 128 pages published by Huddersfield Local History Society, still in print though ABE, Amazon and Waterstones don’t have a copy. I am offering this copy, through the post to any UK address for £10.00


A Pictorial History of the Huddersfield & District Police Force

A Pictorial History of the Huddersfield & District Police Force – By Steve Holberry

Print City. Soft Cover, 200x210mm. Huddersfield Police Force from the earliest records to the present day. 82pp plus covers. Illustrated in black and white. Very Good. Price below includes UK P&P


Huddersfield Norman Culley, 1939. Blue cloth with printed title to front cover. Not dated, but the drawings are dated 1938 and 1939. With 25 pencil drawings. The collage distorts the illustrations as most are landscape format. A nice tidy copy for £10.00

The Second Book of Huddersfield – A Sketch Book

Huddersfield Norman Culley, 1939. Blue cloth with printed title to front cover. Not dated, but the drawings are dated 1938 and 1939. With 25 pencil drawings. The collage distorts the illustrations as most are landscape format. Price below includes UK P&P


Guide to the Calder and Hebble Navigation and the Huddersfield Broad Canal

The book is not dated and credits no author but credits members of Inland Waterways Association. Later additions credit David Taylor and this addition has a dedication to Alan and Jean Taylor so I suspect he had a part in writing this. Though undated as this copy is pre-decimal it is earlier than copies I have seen for sale. 28 pages with maps drawings and photographs. I can supply through the postal system for the combined price of £7.50 to UK locations.


Colne Valley Labour Party – Souvenir Centenary History

Colne Valley Constituency Labour Party, 1991. Pamphlet. Condition: Very Good. First Edition. 84pp with illustrations. Colne Valley Division Labour Union was formed in 1891 – the second oldest independent labour party organisation after Bradford; a founder of the ILP in 1893.Tom Mann was its first parliamentary candidate and Victor Grayson its first MP. Delivered to any UK address for £20.00


Slavery in Yorkshire

This new collection of essays based upon a conference at the University of Huddersfield, generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, explores the links between Richard Oastlers extraordinarily influential campaign against child labour in Yorkshire after 1830 and the remarkably successful campaign to abolish the transatlantic slave trade led by Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce before 1807. With contributions from D. Colin Dews, Dr John Halstead, Dr John A. Hargreaves, Dr Janette Martin, Professor Edward Royle and Professor James Walvin, it evaluates the distinctively Yorkshire context of both movements and offers a re-assessment of Oastlers contribution to their success. It reveals how Oastlers associations with both evangelical Anglicanism and Nonconformity, especially Methodism, stimulated and sustained his involvement in the ten-hour factory movement and examines the role of the regional press, local grass-roots organisation and Oastlers powerful oratory in helping to secure a successful outcome to the campaign. In a foreword, the Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal, a leading figure in both the regional and national commemoration of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in 2007, commends this wide-ranging historical study with its broad perspective as an important contribution to making us all more informed on the whole theme of slavery today. Delivered to UK Address £15.00


Huddersfield Royal Infirmary – CARNIVAL AND GALA WEEK -1928

Official Souvenir Handbook 48 pages mainly adverts with a few hospital related photographs. Posted to any UK address £5.00


BRADFORD – Thornton – Wike –


Rail Centres: Leeds/Bradford by Stephen Batty

The Usual Ian Allen Quality 160 pages well illustrated well written and well indexed. Quality paper and quality reproduction of photographs. A fine hard back and a fine (clipped) dj Through the post to any UK destination £9.00


Thornton in Times Past by Alan Whitworth

Thornton in Times Past by Alan Whitworth

48 pages mainly illustrations with explanatory text published 1987. The quality of the reproduction of the photographs is much better than illustrations in other books in the same series. A couple of places a previous owner has underlined text. The price includes UK P&P


WIKE “Where they’re all alike” Memories of Wyke Village

WIKE – “Where they’re all alike”

60 pages well illustrated undated Price below includes UK P&P


Written by Geoff J Mellor in 1983 , printed in Huddersfield, this is 64 soft covered publication that attempts to list, in most cases with photos the sixty or so cinemas the city (including Shipley) has possessed. Not all at the same time.

A good solid reference work.

The Cinemas of Bradford 082.jpg

The Cinemas of Bradford

The price below includes UK P&P


The Chartist Rising in Bradford

The Chartist Risings in Bradford

D.G. Wright. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1987. £3.00

Since the publication of AJ Peacock’s Bradford Chartism 1838-40, in 1969, there has been a great need of a continuation of the story, particularly to include the events in the tumultuous year of 1848, when Bradford played a crucial part in ‘the greatest mass movement of working class political and social protest in British history’. This opinion was emphasised but never elaborated upon some twenty years ago by FC Mather in his Historical Association pamphlet on Chartism, in which he stated that ‘the Bradford District of the West Riding was perhaps the most outstanding centre of physical force Chartism in England in the spring of 1848’. Until now it has only been possible to follow the story in newspapers of the period or in doctoral theses and so the appearance of David Wright’s booklet is to be greatly welcomed.

Few historians are better qualified to write upon this subject than Dr Wright, who for over twenty years has made a special study of the social and political history of nineteenth century Bradford, and the booklet does not disappoint. In particular he treads a judicious path between the importance of local details and the wider implications of regional and national events. Most important of all he gives full consideration to the effect Anglo-Irish relationships had upon Bradford’s volatile population during a period of great industrial unrest.

Almost thirty years ago Asa Briggs in Chartist Studies urged historians to recognise that the all-embracing concept of the six points of the Charter motivated different social groups in different times and places with differing degrees of intensity. Dr Wright has produced a model essay on the Briggs pattern in which he analyses Chartism in Bradford, from its roots in the Great Strike of 1825 to the Anti-Poor Law agitation in the late 1830s and on to the first rising in January 1840. But it is in the later events that the author breaks new ground, looking in detail at the Plug-drawing riots of 1842 and the more menacing threats to law and order in 1848. Of particular interest is the changing composition of both the Chartist leadership and its supporters during the whole period. At first the movement was dominated by men with English names, often hand-weavers from the outer townships, especially Horton, but after 1840 it took on an Irish tinge, being increasingly dominated by the bete-noir of the Bradford middle classes, the hard drinking, wife-beating George White, and his fellow-Irishman, John Smyth.

In retrospect Chartism seems to have been a dismal failure, but that point of view fails to do justice to important and enduring aspects of the movement that were without violent intent, notably the Temperance Chartists and those bodies concerned with Adult Education, Co-operation and Social Christianity. It also forgets the powerful radical political heritage which Chartism bestowed on the West Riding, for the radical tradition was nourished by memories of the stirring events of the 1840s. It is no coincidence that towards the end of the century the West Riding became the most important centre of Independent Labour Party activity, with Bradford always to the fore.


The Chartist Risings in Bradford – D G Wright

74 page booklet Pub 1987′ The price below includes postage in UK


Roger of Manningham or The Wild Boar of Undercliffe

1900 (or there about, not the 2020 reprint) Princess Theatre, Bradford, Book of Words 32 page programme with adverts. Complete but tape on the spine. Price is for the item posted to UK address.


Textile Voices = Mill Life This Century – Olive Howarth – Bradford Heritage Unit

84 pages well illustrated To any UK abode £7.50



Dewsbury as it Was and Spen Valley a landscape of hamlets, written by Christopher Scargill and Richard Lee (I worked with Richard at Metro in the early eighties before it was sold off for a bargain price). 

Dewsbury as it was 011The pages are not numbered but there are 66 illustrations. Given how big Dewsbury is this should be the more common book but isn’t. published 1985. £7.00

Dewsbury As It Was by Christopher Scargill and Richard Lee

The pages are not numbered but there are 66 illustrations. Given how big Dewsbury is this should be the more common book but isn’t. published 1985. The Price below includes UK P&P


The King’s Own Yorkshireman by Jack Marshall

Jack Marshall a Dewsbury lad, joined up in June 1939 just three months before war was declared. “This book tells the story through the eyes of an ordinary soldier and gives a vivid account of what it was like taking part in the Normandy landings” 60 pages with b&w illustrations, covers stained. In the shop £3.00 With UK Postage £5.00


The Pageant of Thornhill 1952

. 72 pages of adverts the details of the pageant and some notes on Thornhill history. The price below includes P&P for the UK


A Photographer’s Dewsbury Shops & Shopping by Sylvia Vallings and Lesley Wood

88 pages of very high quality photographs published by Kirklees Libraries in 1988 Posted to UK addresses for £12.50


96 (Dewsbury) Squadron Air Training Corps 25 Years 1941 – 1966

52 page booklet telling the history of 96 ATC well illustrated. By post to UK addresses £6.00


A Guide to the Church of St.Michael and All Angels Thornhill by T Charlesworth

A well printed and illustrated 32 page guide. By post to UK address £3.50


Reet Champion – The Development of Health Care in the Heavy Woollen District

Post and Package to all UK addresses included in this price



The original Clock Hartley by John Hartley

Yorkshire dialect digest, I have others Bound into volumes that need splitting, all these years are complete but a couple of the older ones are a bit tatty. I am asking £3.50 each, post free in UK. For oversees rates please ask.

The years I can find are 1869 1871 1878 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1896 1898 1900 1901 1902 1903 1905 1907 1910 1912 1914 1915 1928

Clock Almanack

Please specify year P&P in UK free please contact me for oversees prices


Dalesman Mini Books

Exploring the Lake District by Malcolm Boyes

Exploring the North Yorkshire Moors by Malcolm Boyes

Exploring the Yorkshire Coast by Barry Mitchell

Lakeland A to Z


Peak District Walks by John N Merrill

Roman Derbyshire by Tom Garlick

Shepherd’s Crooks and Walking Sticks by David Grant and Edward Hart

Walking in Airedale

Walking in the Bronte Country

Walking on the Norfth Yorkshire Moors

Walks in Lower Wharfdale by Geoffrey White

Walks in Nidderdale by Geoffrey White

Walks in Upper Wharfedale by Mike Obst

Walks North of York by Geoffrey White and Geoffrey Green

Yorkshire Mysteries and Oddities

Various editions mostly in at least vg condition priced between £2.50 and £5.00

At Your Service One Hundred Years of The Huddersfield Corporation

A 72 page booklet (not illustrated) published late 60’s. I worked for Kirklees in the 70’s and recognise many of the departments described, but I am sure that one of my colleagues when I was a councillor, Peter McBride, will remember the whole of this history. There are copies of this available on the net, but not as cheap as the £5.00 I am asking.

County Borough of Huddersfield The Tolson Memorial Museum Publications. History of the Huddersfield Woollen Industry

Crump, W.B

Published 1935 132 pages with illustrations, soft cover £9.00


THE TOLSON MEMORIAL MUSEUM Handbook Angles, Danes & Norse in the District of Huddersfield W.G.Collingwood

Published in 1921 soft cover 64 pages with illustrations £7.50

Eclectic Acquisitions

The thing about being a second hand book dealer is you can only acquire what you find (at a price that allows a margin of profit to help pay the electric bill). Today’s batch demonstrates this, I did decide not to buy the “Folio’s” on offer as they were not perfect and the price was what I would sell them for.

Above Us the Waves – Warren & Benson – a much reprinted and republished title and I do have paperback copies (from the 60’s) but this, though jacketless, is a vg first edition hard back. £4.00

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice – Life in a Yorkshir Village Shop – Wheeler – About Huddersfield way, it does mention Deighton £4.00

The Worlds Best SF Short Stories No.1 – ed. Wollheim Fine UK first Hardback in fine dj – £7.50.

Mi Barber – On Stony Ground. A Romantic Novel Set in Summer Wine Country in the early 1800’s £3.00

Victorian and Edwardian Yorkshire from old Photographs £3.00

..and some Dalesman books.


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