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Peter James – Dead if you Don’t

Peter James183

Brighton this time with Roy Grace. Demonstrating all the requirements to fit the “modern” detective genre. A boss who speaks gobbledygook is an idiot and has a name to suit (apologies to anyone named Caspian or Pewe), a set of detectives with confused relationship problems, a set of criminals devising twisted and evil ways to torture and kill and a set of victims that have many faults of their own.

Added together though, with a quick moving engaging plot, all it needs to challenge Nordic Noir is for the hero to go to the toilet now and again. All in all though this is a great series that I would recommend. I can’t say I have copies of every one of them in the shop, and can’t go up to check, but as I have read nearly all of them, I must have a fair number.

Just pondering, would it be OK under current rules to offer free delivery of books purchased on-line (just in the Spen Valley).

Peter James184

Leo Brett a.k.a. Lionel Fanthorpe

collage Badger SN 4

The Forbidden £5.00

From Realms Beyond £7.50

The Immortals £4.50

They Never Come Back £7.50

Black Infinity £4.00

Face in the Night £5.00




Badger – Medical, Spy, Cowboy & Crime

collage Badger Medical


Jennings D K Emergency Call Badger RS 4 £2.50
Jennings D K The Long Days Badger RS 33 vg £2.50
Sherwood John R The Constant Image Badger RS 26 Fox vg £2.50
Sherwood John R The Searching Light Badger RS 19 Fox f £2.00

Robertson Manning K Night Passage to Kano Badger SP 4 Fox vg £3.00
Robertson Manning K Pattern for Survival Badger SP 5 Fox vg+ £3.00
Robertson Manning K The secret Enemy Badger SP 2 Fox vg £3.00
Robertson Manning K Twelve Hours to Destiny Badger SP 6 Fox vg- £3.50

Adams Chuck Badlands Feud Badger LW 63 anon f £10.00
Adams Chuck Day of Violence Badger LW 57 Fox f £7.50
Adams Chuck Hired Gun Badger LW 27 Anon vg £7.50
Adams Chuck Riverboat Revenge Badger LW 49 Dimmock vg+ £10.00
Adams Chuck The Texan Badger LW 32 anon vg- £5.00
Adams Chuck Thunder at Abilene Badger BW 48 Fox vg+ £5.00
Adams Chuck Who Rides with Vengeance Badger LW 68 Fox f £10.00
Bradley Tex Thunderfire Badger LW 61 anon f £10.00

Barton JC The Corrupt Ones Badger CS 12 vg £4.00

Sherwood - The Constant Image (2)




Bron Fane / Lionel Fanthorpe

collage Badger Bron Fane
Juggernaut Badger SF 41 Anon vg- £3.00
Rodent Mutation Badger SF 55 Anon vg £4.00
Storm God’s Fury Badger SN 55 g £1.50
Softly by Moonlight Badger SN 80 vg £7.50
The thing from Sheol Badger SN 81 vg £5.00
Unknown Destiny Badger SN 84 vg £10.00
The Intruders Badger SF 89 Fox f £6.00
The Macarbre Ones Badger SN 90 Fox vg+ £10.00
Somewhere Out There Badger SF 92 Fox vg £7.50
The Walking Shadow Badger SN 93 vg £4.00
Nemasis Badger SF 100 Fox vg £5.00
Suspension Badger SF 102 Fox vg+ £7.50
U.F.O. 517 Badger SF 115 Anon vg- £2.50

Pel Torro aka Lionel Fanthorpe

Lionel wrote  89 of his books in a three year period. That’s one every 12 days, while holding down a teaching job. As Pel Torro he wrote both SF and SN titles.

collage Badger Pel Torro
World of Gods Badger SF 45 Anon vg- £3.50
Legion of the Lost Badger SN 66 Fox vg+ £10.00
The Strange Ones Badger SN 70 vg £7.50
The Timeless Ones Badger SN 76 vg £7.50
Through the Barrier Badger SF 91 Anon vg £5.00
The Last Astronaut Badger SF 93 Fox vg £4.00
The Return Badger SF 101 Fox vg £4.00
Space No Barrier Badger SF 106 Anon vg £5.00
Force 97X Badger SF 110 Fox vg £3.50

Vividly written first hand-report of this Antarctic journey during the John Biscoe expedition to relieve a scientific party trapped on Stonington Island, written by an ’embedded’ Fleet Street journalist.,  ‘The book gives the first complete account of that eventful chapter in Polar history. It describes what was seen and experienced, and what the expedition – christened Operation Corkscrew – accomplished’


I can only describe the book as vg- it is complete and tight but dusty, as always contact me for more details. I am offering it for £5.00

AZAN – The Ape Man


Curtis Books, London, 1951. Paperback. Condition: Poor. One of the six “Azan the Ape Man” titles published by Curtis Warren Limited in the early 1950s, before they had to cease and desist when the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate took them to court for being way too obvious about ripping off the Tarzan idea. Garron was a pen name of David Arthur Griffiths, an editor at Curtis Warren. A paperback original. Great cover art by Terry Maloney, of knife-wielding Azan about to rescue a beautiful babe tied to a stake. All the Azan titles are uncommon. Unfortunately this one is in poor shape The spine is all but missing (repaired with “Magic” Tape) the staples are rusty and the paper is just starting to show it’s 70 years– Size: 12mo – over 6¾” – 7¾” tall.

Thanks to Black Falcon Books for the info.

I can’t find a copy for sale on t’internet so I am offering this one for £25.00.


Vargo Statten is only one of the pseudonyms of John Russell Fearn along with  Thornton Ayre, Polton Cross, Geoffrey Armstrong, John Cotton, Dennis Clive, Ephriam Winiki, Astron Del Martia and others.


About 30 years ago I visited Phil Harbottle who owned the copyright for JRF, he had acquired the original artwork of the Vargo Statten paperback covers and for the ones missing had commissioned new artwork from the original artists. To see a room with the walls covered with the full size originals was more than impressive.

collage Virgo Statten
Statton Vargo Annihilation Scion 0 vg £12.50
Statton Vargo Decreation Scion 0 g+ £5.00
Statton Vargo Devouring Fire Scion 0 vg+ £12.50
Statton Vargo Inner Cosmos Scion 0 vg- £5.00
Statton Vargo Petrified Planet Scion 0 vg £7.50
Statton Vargo Pioneer 1990 Scion 0 vg- £5.00
Statton Vargo The New Satellite Scion 0 vg £5.00



Anton Richler – James L Bradley – Frank Martin – Badger War

collage Badger Richler

Badger known specifically for the output of Lionel Fanthorpe also had other series. The cover art for which the SF books are famous for was also prevalent on the other genres.

Sky Devils by James L Bradley is about American Paratroopers involved in the liberation of Europe. vg £3.00

Another James L Bradley offering, No Man Divided is the story of the Defence of Hong Kong. vg £3.00

Frank Martin offers us a Love Story set as the British Army sweep across Europe For Such As We. g+ £2.00

Three offerings from Anton Richler give a different perspective, from the German point of view.

Prelude to the Storm is the story of the German occupation of Norway. vg £3.00

The story of the fighter pilots fighting against terrible odds in the last days of the war in Europe is Sky Command G+ £2.50

The Wandering Years, The other side of the war picture, the plight of thousands of refugees in Europe. Fine £5.00

Childrens Stock Check

I haven’t really started a proper stock check of children’s books yet but just added six new (not new books, new to the catalogue) titles.collage children
Blighton Enid The Ring O’Bells Mystery Armada C 532 1st 1967 vg+ £2.50
Crompton Richmal William the Gangster Merlin m 17 1st vg+ £2.50
Saville Malcolm Christmas at Nettleford Armada C 365 1st 1970 anon vg- £2.50
Saville Malcolm Two Fair Plaits Armada C 159 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Stevenson Robert Louis Kidnapped Puffin 34 £2.50
Crompton Richmal William and the Masked Ranger Armada C 707 1973 vg+ £3.00
Crompton Richmal William and the Pop Singers Armada C 1020 1st 1975 vg+ £2.00
Crompton Richmal William the Outlaw Armada C 603 vg+ £2.00
Dixon Franklin W Hardy Boys #70 Voodoo Plot Armada C 1831 1st 1983 anon vg £2.50
Dixon Franklin W Hardy Boys : Hunting for Hidden Gold Armada 2207 £2.50
Dixon Franklin W Hardy Boys : The Mystery of the Chinese Junk #34 Armada 2158 £2.50
Dixon Franklin W Hardy Boys : The Outlaw’s Silver #65 Armada 1826 £2.50
Feldstein, Albert B The MAD Frontier Signet 4981 £2.50
Henty G A A March on London HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A Bonnie Prince Charlie HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A By England’s Aid HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A For Name and Fame HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A In the Reighn of Terror HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A One of the 28th HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A St Bartholomew’s Eve HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A The Tiger of Mysore HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A When London Burned HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A With Lee in Virginia HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A With Moore at Corunna HB HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A With Wolfe in Canada HB 0 £15.00
Henty G A Wulf the Saxon HB 0 £15.00
Johns W E Biggles Air Commadore Armada 40 1st £5.00
Johns W E Biggles and the Plot that Failed Knight 10460 vg £2.50
Johns W E Biggles The Rescue Flight Armada C 14 1st 1962 vg £2.50
Kipling Rudyard The Mowgli Stories Pan 50 2nd Pares vg £3.00
Martin Don MAD’s Don Martin comes on Strong Signet 6386 £2.50
Pudney John Tuesday Adventure Scottie J 14 £7.50
Richards Frank Billy Bunter – Sportsman Merlin 44 1st £5.00
Richards Frank Billy Bunter and the School Rebellion Merlin 13 1st £5.00
Richards Frank Billy Bunter and the Secret Enemy Merlin M 14 1967 vg+ £2.00
Skipper Mervyn The Meeting Pool Puffin 83 1st £5.00
Williamson Thames North after Seals Puffin PS 28 1st vg £2.50
Dixon Franklin W The Hardy Boys : Haunted Fort #3 Armanda 814 £2.50
Carroll Lewis Through the Looking Glass Puffin 44 1st 1948 vg £3.50

Hard to Find

Whilst cataloguing paperbacks that I have had for years and have only just got round to sorting I check how many are available on line. Now and again I find books, or editions of books, that are hard to come by. Two of the rarer books in my last batch are George H Smith’s The Coming of the Rats and Brighton Belle by Arthur La Bern.

collage 5

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