The Homeward Run – Joachim Lehnhoff

They sailed on a mission of destruction: the death-throe of the beaten Reich

Germany is on the eve of collapse and, under cover of darkness, a U-Boat slips her moorings……

A Panther edition in near vg condition £5.00

PROUD ECHO – Ronald McKie

In late February 1942 the Australian cruiser Perth and the USS Houston, both survivors from the defeat of the Allied fleet in the Battle of the Java Sea, encountered a Japanese invasion force, with a heav cruiser and destroyer escort, near the entrance to the Sunda Strait. Both cruisers were overwhelmed and sunk in the ensuing engagement. The full story of the Perth’s gallant last battle was told here by McKie for the first time. But it is more that a story of the loss of the ship, following the trials and tribulations of her survivors, many who died in Japanese POW camps. At war’s end only 229 of her complement of almost 700 returned to Australia.

A rare Panther edition cover illustrated by Cy Webb (Reginald Head of Hank Janson fame) This is a vg copy offered for £4.00

Witchcraft Today – Gerald B Gardner / Modern Witchcraft – Frank Smyth / Witchcraft – Geoffrey Parrinder

The “Today” refers to 1954, so you have to read ” The truth about “modern” rites and Cults” with that in mind.

 The first Wicca book, by the father of the Pagan renaissance. Written shortly after the repeal of the English Witch laws in 1954, WITCHCRAFT TODAY offered the world a new religion, Wicca, and captured the imaginations of spiritual seekers everywhere. The author, Gerald Gardner, was writing about a small, secret coven of hereditary Witches, brave people who had hidden their faith for centuries to avoid persecution. His descriptions of their practices and history, their working tools and festivals, impelled a rediscovery of indigenous British religion and, globally, fueled a movement now boasting between 3 and 5 million members, making Wicca one of the fastest growing religions in the United States.

A rare book in this format, hard to find at a reasonable price in any format. This copy has been read, is scuffed but complete and tight, please ask if you need more information. I am offering this book for £10.00.

What would be endpapers in a hardback are foxed, otherwise this is a near fine book.

The fascinating story of the rebirth of paganism and magic. One of an exciting series of specially commissioned works forming a popular guide to the world of the supernatural. £10.00

Would be near fine but spine discoloured.

 A critical study of the belief in witchcraft from the records of witch hunting in Europe yesterday and Africa today. £10.00


Smyth FrankModern WitchcraftMacdonald£10.0001st1970
Gardner Gerald BWitchcraft TodayPedagree£10.0002nd1956
Parrinder GeoffreyWitchcraftPelican£5.00A4091st1958
Maple EricThe Dark World of WitchesPan£3.00X3732nd1965

Away All Boats – Kenneth Dodson

This is the story of the intimate and heroic life of an attack transport ship, the USS Belinda. It tells of the ships and men that went in under naval bombardment, that landed the marines in battle, that took them wounded and dying of the blasted beached at Makin Island, Kwajalein, Saipan, and Lingayen Gulf. It is the Pacific War created in its entirety, from the shakedown cruise to the bitter engagements in the Marshalls and Marianas. It joins the classic ranks of ‘The Cruel Sea’ and ‘The Caine Mutiny’. It is a fascinating story of courage, and bravery, in the face of terrible odds.

The Panther edition is difficult to find this is nearly a vg copy at £5.00


I am still having difficulty with this new editor. I did want to list Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler and like authors but am having great difficulty cutting and pasting.

Hassel SvenBlitzfreezeCorgiISBN0rep1981vg+£2.00
Hassel SvenCourt MartialCorgiISBN0rep1981vg£1.00
Hassel SvenLiquidate ParisCorgiISBN01st1971vg-£1.00
Hassel SvenSS GeneralCorgiISBN01st1972vg£1.00
Hassel SvenThe Bloody Road to DeathCorgiISBN01st1977vg£2.00
Hassel SvenThe CommissarCorgiISBN01st1985vg£2.00
Hassel SvenThe Legeon of the DamnedPanG2401stvg£4.00
Hassel SvenThe Legion of the DamnedCorgiISBN0rep1982vg+£2.00


Kessler LeoCauldron of BloodFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoClawr of SteelFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoConvoy to CatastropheFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoDeath MatchFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoDeath RideFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoEagles in the SnowFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoGhost DivisionFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoHammer of the GodsFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoHellfireFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoHimmler’s GoldFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoOtto and the RedsFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoOtto and the YanksFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoSlaughter at SalernoFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoSS Panzer BattalionBAG 22£2.50
Kessler LeoSS Panzer BattalionFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron – The Black KnightsCorgi£1.00
Kessler LeoThe Devil’s ShieldFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoValley of the AssassinsFutura£1.00
Andrews John CStrike SilentBadgerWW159vg£2.50
Andrews John CSuch are the ValiantBadgerWW152vg£2.50
Baillie PeterAssault PatrolDigit UKD241g£1.00
Barker RalphStrike Hard Strike SurePanX3822nd1965anonvg£2.50
Barker RalphThe Thousand PlanPanM2051stvg£3.50
Barnett CorrelliThe Desert GeneralsPanX1281stvg-£2.50
Baron AlexanderFrom City From the PloughPan2281stMackinlyvg£2.50
Bates H EThe Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear LifeCorgiT414£2.50
Baxter LDTestament to FuryBadgerWW129vg£2.50
Betteridge DonThe Spies of PeenemundeCorgiSB7451st1959Photovg+£4.00
Blake Walker EHeartbreak RidgeMonarch2471st1962anonf£10.00
Borghese J ValerioSea DevilsArrow4051st1956anonvg£2.50
Braddon RussellThe Naked IslandPanX21210thTaylervg+£2.50
Bradley James LNo Man DividedBadgerWW142Dimmockvg£3.00
Bradley James LSky DevilsBadgerWW130vg£3.00
Brennan DanThird Time DownAce USD488£3.00
Brian PeterReach for FreedomDigit UKD2541st1959anonvg£3.00
Brickhill PaulThe Dam BustersPanX20714thOweng£2.50
Burgess AlanSeven Men at DaybreakPanX1351stvg£2.50
Busch HaroldU-Boats at WarBallantine1204th1957vg-£2.50
Carson BRStorm Over KoreaBadgerWW112Grossvg£2.50
CompilationThe Sky Their BattlegroundDigit UKR7841stvg£2.50
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPan2651stanonvg£2.50
Dexter John KThe PatriotsBadgerWW118vg£3.00
Drayton LSFor Their TomorrowBadgerWW86Fostervg+£4.00
Easton LPTarget RomeBadgerWW31vg£3.00
Elan & LeasorConspiracy of SilencePanX1431stg£1.00
Enfield RLUnseen EnemyBadgerWW136vg+£3.00
Faramus TonyHands of the DevilDigit299£25.00
Fehrenbach TRThe Battle of AnzioMonarch317£2.00
Findlay BernardBamboo HellDigit UKR869vg£3.00
Forester CSLieutenant HornblowerPanX2563rdvg£2.00
Frank WolfgangThe German Raider AtlantisBallantine1841st1956vg£5.00
Fuchido & OkumiyaMidwayArrow6141stanonvg£2.50
Fuller JohnFinal EpitaphBadgerWW151Foxvg£4.00
Fuller Robert LPasport for the DamnedBadgerWW106vg£2.50
Fullerton AlexanderNo Man’s MistressPan4331stBlandfordvg£2.50
Fullerton AlexanderSurfacePan3651stBrabbinsvg£3.00
Fullerton AlexanderThe Waiting GamePanX3161stvg£2.00
Gerrod DavidThe Battle for the Planet of the ApesBag 230£2.50
Harris JohnThe Sea Shall Not Have ThemArrow4731st1957Blandfordf£4.00
Hartog Jan deThe KeyCorgiS4911st1958vg£5.00
Hassel SvenBlitzfreezeCorgiISBN0rep1981vg+£2.00
Hassel SvenCourt MartialCorgiISBN0rep1981vg£1.00
Hassel SvenLiquidate ParisCorgiISBN01st1971vg-£1.00
Hassel SvenSS GeneralCorgiISBN01st1972vg£1.00
Hassel SvenThe Bloody Road to DeathCorgiISBN01st1977vg£2.00
Hassel SvenThe CommissarCorgiISBN01st1985vg£2.00
Hassel SvenThe Legeon of the DamnedPanG2401stvg£4.00
Hassel SvenThe Legion of the DamnedCorgiISBN0rep1982vg+£2.00
Hillary RichardThe Last EnemyPan3971stGordenvg£3.00
Howard LeighJohnny’s SisterCorgi185£2.50
Jackson LKOperation SingaporeBadgerWW144Michel?vg£2.56
Jeffrey BettyWhite CooliesPanther738repanonvg+£5.00
Johnson FKEscapeBadgerWW145Foxvg£3.00
Johnson RKDesert Break-ThroughBadgerWW108Raineyvg£2.50
Johnston JPatrol of the DeadBarker Dragon8vg£15.00
Kessel JosephThe Magic TouchPanX2161st1963vg£2.50
Kessler LeoGhost DivisionFutura01st1978vg£1.00
Kessler LeoOtto and the RedsFutura01st1982vg-£1.00
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron – The Black KnightsCorgiISBN01983vg£1.00
Kessler LeoValley of the AssassinsFutura01979vg£1.00
Kirst Hans HellmutThe Lieutenant Must Be MadMayflower01974vg-£1.00
Kruger WolfKessler’s RaidStar01984vg£1.00
Macdonnell J EBroadsides!Horwitz0vg+£2.50
Macintyre DonaldNarvikPanX1211stvg£2.00
Marks LeeJapanese BushidoDigit UKD3511st1960anonvg£2.50
Mars AlexanderUnbrokenPan3061stWaltonvg-£2.50
Martin FrankFor Such as WeBadgerWW147vg-£2.00
Martin FrankIn Action this DayBadgerWW111vg£2.50
Martin LFHell CommandBadgerWW94Foxvg£2.50
McCormack CharlesYou’ll Die in SingaporePan4141stWiltonvg+£3.50
Melling LeonardUp the BlueDigit UK01stvg£2.50
Middleton DrewThe Sky SuspendedPanX1811stvg£2.50
Millor GeorgeHorned PigeonPanX161stvg£2.50
Monks NoelEye-WitnessDigit UKD2321stOsbornvg£2.50
Moorhead AlanGallipoliArrow5261st1959anonvg£2.00
Moresby PeterDigger’s WarDigit UKR825rep1964anonvg-£1.00
Moss W StanleyGold is Where You Hide ItBadgerWW771st1959anonvg£3.00
Mulvihill WilliamFire MissionBallantine1891st1957vg£2.50
Muus Flemming BThe Spark and the FlameBadgerWW47Foxvg£3.00
Nassauer RudolfThe HooliganConsulN10341st1961anonvg+£3.00
Neave AireyThey Have there ExitsPan3291stWiltonvg£4.00
Nolan LiamThe Hills Hid us WellDigit UKR4981stRaineyvg£3.00
Owen FrankThe Campaign in BurmaArrowH4461st1957anonvg£3.50
Owen FrankThe Fall of SingaporePanX1532nd1967anonvg+£2.50
Partridge JDObjective BurmaBadgerWW163Foxvg£2.50
Pentakoff VladamirPopski’s Private ArmyPanX101stvg-£5.00
Phillips CE LucasCockleshell HerosPanX4582ndvg£1.50
Phillips CELThe greatest Raid of AllPanM2082ndvg£2.50
Pinto OresteSpycatcherPanther5011st1955vg£5.00
Pond HughSalernoPanM451st1964vg£2.50
Raymond DJPrelude to GloryBadgerWW100vg£5.00
Remarque Erich MariaAll Quiet on the Western FrontDell601st1963vg£2.00
Reynolds QuentinMinister of DeathPanX1851st1963Peffvg-£3.00
Reynolds QuentinThey Fought for the SkyPanX611stvg£2.50
Richler AntonSky CommandBadgerWW89vg-£2.50
Richler AntonThe Wondering YearsBadgerWW123Dimmockf£5.00
Roland JohnDawn DecentBadgerWW119£2.50
Romains JulesVerdun The BattleConsul0£2.50
RomillyThe Privaledged NightmarePanGP461stWiltonvg£4.00
Rowland Donald SBoth Feet in HellDigit UKR4821stArchervg£2.50
Saxon PeterThe Last Days of BerlinSexton Blake3951st1957vg£10.00
Schroter HeinzStalingradPanX581stvg+£4.00
Shaw IrwinThe Young LionsPanX111stvg£3.00
Slaughter Frank GSword and ScapelArrow6001stanonvg+£2.50
Smith Frederick E633 SquadronArrow4921st1958vg-£2.00
Spence DuncanDark HellDigit UKD2561stanonvg£2.50
Spenser JamesThe Awkward MarineVikingWG309vg£2.50
Stokoe WMAnzioDigit UKD1501stOsbornevg-£5.00
Thomas WBDare to be FreePanX6295thvg£2.50
Thorwald JuergenFlight in the WinterArrow4901stMorganvg£2.50
Trevor ElstonThe Big Pick UpPan3792ndvg£2.50
Urquhart MacgregorDesert GroupDigit UKD1611stOsborneg+£1.00
Urquhart MacgregorFoxholeDigit UKD1681stOsbornvg-£2.50
Ustinov PeterThe LoserPanX3011st1964vg£3.00
Vaughan-Thomas WynfordAnzioPanM401st1963anonvg£3.00
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPan1651stWoodmanvg-£2.50
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPan1652ndWiltonvg£1.50
Wate SteveRing of HellDigit UKD3591st1960?vg+£4.00
Wilson JamesInterrupted JourneyArrow7241st1963Hallf£3.50
Young DesmondRommelFontana481st1955vg£2.50

DANGER MAN – Hell for Tomorrow by Peter Leslie

Not ever spelled out, but the obvious prequel to The Prisoner. It would be interesting to watch an episode now and see how it has stood the test of time. This is a first edition by Consul Books for sale at the bargain price of only £4.00


Rarer than the Burroughs books of the genre written at the turn of the century (the previous one not the last one). A vg+ copy of the Ace publication. £2.50

Other SF in stock, though I can’t guarantee my stocktaking is up to date.


Aldiss BrianEquatorDigit695£2.50
Aldiss BrianHothouseFour Square11471st1964vg+£3.00
Anderson PoulBrain WaveBallantine80£2.50
Anthology4 for the FutureConsulN10181stPou?f£3.00
AnthologyAtoms and EvilGold Medel0£1.00
AnthologyThe Frozen PlanetMacfadden340£3.00
AnthologyAsleep in ArmageddonPanther13792nd1962Daylevg£2.50
AnthologyThe Moonlight TravellerWDLHH9811st1960anonvg-£2.50
Arnold Edwin LGulliver of MarsAce USF296vg+£2.50
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKD248Stew??g+£2.50
Barton ErleThe Planet SeekersBadgerSF99Foxvg£3.00
Barton LeeThe Shadow ManBadgerSN104vg£5.00
Bell ThorntonSpace TrapBadgerSF98Foxvg£5.00
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi0£2.00
Bloch RobertAtoms and EvilGold Medal UK638vg-£2.00
Boucher (ed)The Best from Fantasy & SF 7thAce US162vg+£2.50
Bounds Sydney JThe Robot BrainsMacfadden410£3.50
Brackett LeighThe Coming of the TerransAce USG6691967vg£2.50
Brackett LeighThe Sword of RhiannonAce USF4221stvg+£3.00
Bradbury Edward PBarbarians of MarsCompactF2911st1963anonvg£4.00
Bradbury Edward PWarriors of MarsCompactF2751stvg-£1.50
Bradbury RayDandelion WineCorgiGN72401st£3.50
Bradbury RayThe Golden Apples of the SunCorgi12411stRichardsvg£4.50
Bradbury RayThe Illustrated ManCorgiSS8182nd1960anonvg-£2.00
Bradbury RayThe October CountryFour Square12332nd1965anonvg£2.50
Bradbury RayThe Day it Rained ForeverPenguin18781st1963Ernstvg£2.50
Braddon RusselThe Year of the Angry RabbitPanX6251stvg£2.50
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Colours of SpaceMonarch368vg£7.50
Brett LeoExit HumanityBadgerSF40Anonvg+£5.00
Brett LeoFaceless PlanetBadgerSF47Anonvg-£4.00
Brett LeoPower SphereBadgerSF95Foxvg£4.00
Brett LeoThe Alian OnesBadgerSF94Foxvg£5.00
Brown FredricThe Mind ThingBantamA21871st1961vg£2.50
Brown FredricProject JupiterDigit UKR828vg+£3.50
Budrys AlgisRogue MoonGold Medal USL14741st1960anonvg pbo£20.00
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgi10232vg+£2.50
Bulmer KennethCity Under the SeaDigit UKR5051stLewisvg£3.50
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgi103881st1977vg+£2.50
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsDel RayM9£2.50
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusFour Square16601stanonvg£3.00
Cameron BerlSpero NovaCurtis01952vg£7.50
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgi87441st1971vg+£2.50
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther1253£2.50
Carnell John Ed.Lambda 1 and other storiesBerkleyF8831st1964vg£2.00
Charbonneau LouisCorpus EarthlingDigitR7531st1963vg£2.50
Charkin PaulThe Living GemDigit UKR7321st£3.00
Chilton CharlesThe Red PlanetDigit UKR7701st£8.50
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightBallantine971st1955vg£2.50
Clarke Arthur CIslands in the SkyDigit UKR8021st1964vg+£7.50
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPanX2801stanonvg£3.50
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPanX2802ndg£2.00
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpacePan3011stvg£3.00
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsPanX4241stvg£3.50
Clarke Arthur CThe Sands of MarsPanX2811stvg+£4.50
Clarke Arthur C ed.Expedition to EarthPanX4621stvg£3.00
Clifton MarkEight Keys to EdenPanX3531stvg£4.00
Conway RandallBody and Soul – Supernatural Stories 107BadgerSN107Foxvg£5.00
Cooper EdnundVoices in the DarkDigit UKD3491stanonvg£3.00
Crawford JohnDark LegionBadgerSN106Foxvg£5.00
Dagmar PeterSands of TimeDigit UKR6861st1963anonvg+£4.00
Daventry LeonardA Man of Double DeedPanX6501stvg+£3.00
Derleth AugustThe Outer ReachesConsul1267£4.00
Derleth AugustThe Time of InfinityConsul1268adamsvg£3.00
Dick Philip KThe Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchMacfadden240£5.00
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralDigit UKR4371stanong+£2.50
Doyle Arthur ConanThe Maracot DeepJohn Murray0£2.50
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book81390£2.50
Ellison Harlan / Hoffman LeeDoomsman / TelepowerBelmont779vg£5.00
Fairman Paul WThe World GrabbersMonarch4711st1964vg+£2.50
Fane BronJuggernautBadgerSF41Anonvg-£3.00
Fane BronNemasisBadgerSF100Foxvg£5.00
Fane BronSomewhere Out ThereBadgerSF92Foxvg£7.50
Fane BronSuspensionBadgerSF102Foxvg+£7.50
Fane BronThe IntrudersBadgerSF89Foxf£6.00
Fane BronU.F.O. 517BadgerSF115Anonvg-£2.50
Fanthorpe RLCurse of the KhanBadgerSN105Foxvg£5.00
Fanthorpe RLFlame MassBadgerSF49Anonvg£7.50
Fanthorpe RLHand of DoomBadgerSF44Anonvg£5.00
Fanthorpe RLHyper SpaceBadgerSF17anonvg-£5.00
Fanthorpe RLNeuron WordBadgerSF108Anonvg£3.00
Fanthorpe RLSpace FuryBadgerSF77Foxvg£8.00
Fanthorpe RLStranger in the ShadowBadgerSN103vg£5.00
Fanthorpe RLThe Watching WorldBadgerSF118vg£5.00
Fast HowardThe Edge of TomorrowCorgi1107£2.50
Galaxy Magazine fromThe 6 Fingers of TimeMacfadden4282nd1969vg+£2.50
Garron MarcoAzan The Ape Man – Jungle FeverCurtis0vg-£25.00
Gordon RexThe World of EclosConsulSF10501stanonvg£3.00
Grant MathewHyper-DriveDigit UKR6731stanonvg£3.00
Green JosephThe Loafers of RefugePanX6511stvg£2.50
Hamilton EdmondThe Star of LifeCrest3291st1959vg+£5.00
Harry Harrison (ed)Four for the FutureQuartet310931st1969vg+£2.50
Heinline RobertFarmer in the SkyPanX7131stvg£4.00
Heinline RobertRed PlanetPanX7121stvg£4.00
Heinline RobertThe Green Hills of EarthPan3771stGordenvg£4.00
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPanX2272ndg+£2.50
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPan3271stQuinnvg£3.00
Heinline Robert ARevolt in 2100Digit UKD2351stanonvg£2.50
Hill Ed.Warlocks and WarriorsMayflower119251st1971f£3.00
Hodgson WHThe House on the Border LandManor01977Anonvg+£5.00
Hoffman Lee / EllisonDoomsman / TelepowerBelmont779vg£5.00
Holly J HunterThe Flying EyesMonarch2601st£4.00
Howard Ivan (ed)6 and the Silent ScreamConsul12981stKirbyvg£4.00
Hughes DenisMoon WarCurtis0g£10.00
Jakes JohnConquest of the Planet of the ApesAward0£2.00
Kelley Leo PMythmasterCoronet18832£2.50
Kline Otis AdelbertThe Swordman of MarsAce USG6921st1960anonvg£4.00
Knight Ed.Cities of WonderMacfadden1831st1967vg£2.50
Leinster MurrayS O S from three WorldsAce647£2.00
Leinster MurrayWar With the GizmosGold Medal USs7511st1958vg+£3.50
Leinster MurrayThe Greeks Bring GiftsMacfadden226£3.50
Leslie DesmondThe Amazing Mr LutterworthDigit UKD3151stanonvg+£4.50
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPan2131stWoodmanvg£3.50
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanX2707thvg-£2.50
Lewis CSThat Hideous StrengthPanX2665thvg£2.50
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPan3211stSaxvg£3.50
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPan2531stWiltonvg£3.50
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanX2687thvg£2.50
Long Frank BelknapIt was the Day of the RobotBelmont902771st1963Anonvg£2.00
Long Frank BelknapJourney Into DarknessBelmont0£2.50
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth be ConqueredBelmontB501st1966anonvg£4.00
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth Be ConqueredBelmont726£4.00
Long Frank BelknapWoman From Another PlanetChariot123£10.00
Long Frank BelknapThis Strange TomorrowDigit UKR9651st1966anonvg£4.50
Lord JeffreyBlade – Champion of the GodsPinnacleHF21£2.50
Lord JeffreyBlade – The Dragons of EnglorPinnacleHF24£1.00
Main Charles EricSpacewaysPan2971stQuinng£2.50
McIntosh JTWorlds ApartAvon0£3.50
McIntosh JTBorn LeaderCorgiSS10831stvg£2.50
McIntosh JTOne in Three HundredCorgiSS9601stRichardsvg£2.50
Merak AJBarrier UnknownBadgerSF30anonvg-£6.00
Merak AJHydroshereBadgerSF36Brilvg-£5.00
Moorcock ed.The Best of New WorldsCompactH2871stvg£5.00
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow0£2.50
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow4881st1971vg£2.50
Moorcock MichaelThe Twilight ManCompactF3131st£2.50
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManFontana53441st1980vg+£2.50
Moorcock MichaelMy Experiences in the Third Worl WarSavoy0vg£2.50
Moorcock Michael / Petja EmilThe Wrecks of Time / TramontaneAce DoubleH361st1967vg+£3.50
MoskowitzA Sense of WonderNEL3239rep1974vg£2.50
Moskowitz (ed)Doorway into TimeMacfadden311£2.50
Muller John EAlianBadgerSF61Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EBeyond the VoidBadgerSF112Anonvg£10.00
Muller John EBeyond TimeBadgerSF71Foxvg£5.00
Muller John EDark ContiniumBadgerSF104Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBadgerSF51Anonvg£10.00
Muller John EEdge of EternityBadgerSF65Anonvg-£4.00
Muller John EIn the BeginningBadgerSF76Anonvg+£8.00
Muller John EMicro InfinityBadgerSF70Foxvg£5.00
Muller John ENight of the Big FireBadgerSF75Anonvg£4.00
Muller John EOrbit OneBadgerSF69Foxvg£4.00
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBadgerSF66Anonvg£4.00
Muller John EPhenomina XBadgerSF116Anonvg+£5.00
Muller John EReactor SK9BadgerSF96Foxvg£5.00
Muller John ESearch the Dark StarsBadgerSF48Anonvg£4.00
Muller John ESpace VoidBadgerSF34anonvg-£5.00
Muller John ESurvival ProjectBadgerSF117Anonvg£4.00
Muller John EThe Man From BehindBadgerSF111Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EThe Man Who Conquered TimeBadgerSF68Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EThe Mind MakersBadgerSF58Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EThe UninvitedBadgerSF57Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EThe Venus VentureBadgerSF62Anonvg-£1.50
Muller John EThe X-MachineBadgerSF74Foxvg£5.00
Muller John EUranium 235BadgerSF67Anonvg£5.00
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBag 170£2.50
Muller John EThe UninvitedBag 170£2.50
Muller John EEdge of EternityBAG 220£2.50
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBag 230£2.50
Muller John EThe Man from BehondBag 240£2.50
Muller John EUranium 235Bag 290£2.50
Muller John EThe Man From Beyond – BadgerBag 30£2.50
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgi87091st1971f£3.00
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsDigit UKD3271stanonvg£3.00
Pohl (ed)The Expert DreamsPanX4631stvg£2.50
Pohl Frederik Ed.STAR Science Ficttion Stories No. 2Ballantine6122nd1962vg£2.00
Powers JLBlack AbyssBadgerSF32anonvg-£5.00
Ranzetta LuanYellow InfernoDigit UKR836vg£3.00
Rayer Francis GCardinal of the StarsDigit UKR851vg+£3.00
Reed Clifford CMartian EnterpriseDigit638£5.00
Rey Lester DelThe Sky is FallingNEL20509£2.50
Reynolds MackSpace PioneerFour Square0£2.50
Roberts LionalThe In-WorldBadgerSF37Anonvg+£5.00
Roberts LionalThe Synthetic OnesBadgerSF52Anonvg£3.50
Roshwald MordecaiLevel 7Ace UKH4971stanonvg£2.50
Russell Eric FrankGreat World MysteriesMayflowerB32£10.00
Saxon RichardThe Hour of the PhoenixConsul13081st1964anonvg£3.00
Saxon RichardThe Stars Came DownConsul1292£2.50
Simak CliffordWay StationPanX5721stanonvg£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Skylark of SpaceDigit266£10.00
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark DuQuesnePantherisdn01st1974anonvg£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark of ValeronPanther0£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Galaxy PrimesPantherisdn01st1975anonvg+£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Imperial StarsPantherisdn0rep1977anonvg++£2.50
Smith Evelyn EThe Perfect PlanetLancer679vg£2.50
Smith George HThe Coming of the RatsDigit UKR862vg-£5.00
Spinrad Ed.The New TomorrowsBelmont21721st1971vg£2.50
Stanton LeeMushroom Men From MarsAuthentic SF0vg-£5.00
Statton VargoAnnihilationScion0vg£12.50
Statton VargoDecreationScion0g+£5.00
Statton VargoDevouring FireScion0vg+£12.50
Statton VargoInner CosmosScion0vg-£5.00
Statton VargoPetrified PlanetScion0vg£7.50
Statton VargoPioneer 1990Scion0vg-£5.00
Statton VargoThe New SatelliteScion0vg£5.00
Sutton JeffApollo at GoMayflower Dell2441st1964vg+£3.00
Taine JohnG.O.G.666Arrow7051stSheldonvg+£3.00
Tevis WalterThe Man Who Fell to EarthGold Medal UK6561stanonvg£10.00
Thomas MartinBeyond the SpectrumDigit UKR864vg+£3.00
Thorpe TreborLightning WorldBadgerSF38Emshvg+£5.00
Timms Graeme DeSplitDigit UKR8071stvg+£3.50
Torro PelForce 97XBadgerSF110Foxvg£3.50
Torro PelSpace No BarrierBadgerSF106Anonvg£5.00
Torro PelThe Last AstronoughtBadgerSF93Foxvg£4.00
Torro PelThe ReturnBadgerSF101Foxvg£4.00
Torro PelThrough the BarrierBadgerSF91Anonvg£5.00
Torro PelWorld of GodsBadgerSF45Anonvg-£3.50
Tubb E CArgentisCosmos0£20.00
Tubb E CSpace 1999 – BreakawayOrbit0£3.00
Vallance KarlGlobal BlackoutGannet01954vg£10.00
Van Vogt A ETwo Hundred Million AD/The Book of PtathPaperback Library0£2.50
Vogt A E VanSlanDell6961st£6.00
Vogt A E VanDestination UniverseSignet10071st£5.00
Wade TomThe World of ThedaDigitR610anonvg£5.00
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrow7951stvg£2.50
Wells HGThe Time MachinePan2511stWoodmanf£5.00
Wheatey DennisStar of Ill-OmenArrow3782nd1962anonvg+£2.50
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKR4791st1957anonvg+£4.00
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKR5381stanonvg£4.00
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UKR5221stanonvg-£3.00
Wise Robert A12 to the MoonBadgerSF59Anonvg+£8.00
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKR5141stLewisvg£3.00
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKR7852ndvg+£3.00
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UKR4901st1957anonvg-£2.50
Zebrowski GeorgeThe Omega PointNEL180401st1974vg+£2.50
Zeigfreid KarlEscape to InfinityBadgerSF82Foxf£6.00
Zeigfreid KarlProjection InfinityBadgerSF103Anonvg£5.00
Zeigfreid KarlNo Way BackBAG 210£2.50
Zeigfreid KarlThe World that Never WasBag 240£2.50
Zeigfried KarlAndroidBadgerSF79Anonvg£6.00
Zeigfried KarlBarrier 346BadgerSF113Anonvg£4.00
Zeigfried KarlNo Way BackBadgerSF107Anonvg£8.00
Zeigfried KarlRadar AlertBadgerSF83Foxvg£5.00
Zeigfried KarlThe World that Never WasBadgerSF85Anonvg£3.50
Zeigfried KarlWalk Through To-morrowBadgerSF78Foxvg-£3.50
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadgerSF84Anonvg£5.00
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadgerSF84Anonvg-£3.50
Zeigfried KarlZero Minus XBadgerSF81Anonvg£5.00
Zelazney RogerSigh of ChaosBag 240£2.50
Zetford Tully#01 Hook – Whirlpool of StarsNEL183851st1974vg+£2.50
Zetford Tully#02 Hook – The Boosted ManNEL183931st1974vg+£2.50
Zetford Tully#03 Hook – Star CityNEL196321st1974vg+£2.50
Zetford Tully#04 Hook – Virality GeneNEL219711st1975vg+£2.50
Zwlazny RogerThe Dream MastersAce USF4031st1966anonvg£4.00

The Master of Liversedge by Alice Chetwynd Ley

I know I should, but I have not read this book, so I can pass no judgement on its historical or “local” content. £2.50 (a third of the Amazon price)

A classic, best-selling Regency romance! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

Man turns against master under the threat of revolution…

1812, West Riding, Yorkshire

Mary Lister, a young governess, accepts a position at Liversedge Mill. But she arrives in the middle of a violent uproar.

The Luddites – bands of desperate men put out of work by new machines and reduced to starvation – have conspired to smash up the Mill and terrorise its master, the proud and unyielding William Arkwright.

During the stormy weeks that follow her arrival, Mary is torn between her sympathy for the poor and downtrodden of the rebellion, with whom her gentle cousin John Booth has sided, and her unwilling admiration for the indomitable Master of Liversedge.

With whom will she eventually side? Her head or her heart?

THE MASTER OF LIVERSEDGE is a historical saga by Alice Chetwynd Ley: a traditional British, Regency romance novel with the backdrop of social revolution, set in 19th Century England.

National Nursery Rhymes set to Music by J W Elliot

Rebound in 1964 (for the sum of £1. 13s. 10d.) 110 pages illustrated with engravings by the Brothers Dalziel. A very tight and tidy book


New (old) Stock – Random paperbacks.


I don’t know why but one of my favourite covers.

Aswell James There’s One in Every Town Signet 1314 vg £2.50
Bassett Ronald The Pompeians Pan X 638 1st 1967 anon vg+ £4.00
Braithwaite ER To Sir, With Love NEL 2667 1969 vg £2.50
Carter Nick Deadly Doubles Star 0 1988 vg £2.50
Carter Nick The Satan Trap Star 0 1962 vg £2.50
Christie Agatha Dead Man’s Folly Fontana 440 1st 1960 vg £2.50
Hunter Evan The Blackboard Jungle Panther 685 7th 1960 anon vg £3.00
Mackey Joe The Cruel City Belmont 207 1st vg £2.50
Milburn George All Over Town Dell 676 vg £2.50
Newby Ed. Time Off in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Da Hodder 855 1st 1967 vg £2.50
Stewart Desmond A Stranger in Eden Signet 1357 1st 1956 vg £2.50



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