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Dr. Goldsmith’s Natural History 1824

A Natural History of all the most remarkable Quadrupeds. Birds, Fishes, Serpents, Reptiles and Insects in the known World.

Abridged by J Macloc, esq. with 400 engravings by J Thompson published by Dean and Munday in 1824. The Lion is not exactly lying down with the lamb on the frontispiece, standing up and no lamb, but you get the picture.

Natural History 148

The spine is split but the book is tight though half of page 19 is missing, I haven’t done a thorough count but I think all the illustrations are complete. approx.. 7″ by 4 1/2″ 338 pages.

Just a few of the illustrations;

The flying fish seems to be looping the loop.

I am offering this (just short of 200 years old) book for £7.50.


The Wakefield Mystery Plays

Wakefield Plays120

464 page hardback with dust jacket £2.50. 400 years ago the Wakefield Mystery Plays would have bee a “to go to” event, this book gives the full text of the thirty two plays.

GALAPAGOS – Kurt Vonnegut – 1st edition

I have numerous “first editions” in my shop but despite it being a profitable line for some, it has never excited me (apart from paperback firsts). I think I have listed some SF hard backs previously but do need to do a bit of sorting.

This is a hardback first and a near fine book in a near fine dj.

Galapagos Vonnegut143

ARROW – Paperbacks Stock Check

I thought I had a few more titles but the stock check revealed some gaps, they may have been misfiled, but it is more likely that I have sold them and forgotten to update my records.

Arrow like other paperback publishers at the time had an eclectic spread of authors and subjects. It picking out covers to illustrate their range I seem to have missed the most prominent and prolific author they featured, Dennis Wheatley.

Arrow Stock Check (1)

I always like to compare how illustrations change over time, sometimes influenced by a film or to justify a price increase (note the 20% increase in these two editions.

The range covers a non fiction account of miniature submarines, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, part of John Creasey’s prodigious output and an illustration of how language changes over time, though it is difficult to think what Ann Hepple’s  book title could be meant to mean today.

Auther  Title Publisher Letter Number Edition Date Cover Condition Price
Asquith Cynthia When Churchyards Yawn Arrow 679 vg £2.00
Ballard Todhunter West of Quarantine Arrow 501 1st Hank f £2.50
Bentley Phyllis Ring in the New Arrow 453 1st 1971 photo vg £2.50
Berge Victor Danger is my Life Arrow 461 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Borghese J Valerio Sea Devils Arrow 405 1st 1956 anon vg £2.50
Braddon Russell Those in Peril Arrow H 415 f £3.50
Braddon Russell Gabriel Comes to 24 Arrow 631 1st 1962 anon vg £2.00
Breihan Carl W Outlaws of the Old West Arrow 589 1st vg- £2.00
Bridges Yseult Saint with Red Hands Arrow 491 1st Vernon f £3.50
Brinton Henry Two to Slay Arrow 540 1st f £4.00
Broad Lewis The Truth About Oscar Wilde Arrow 470 1st 1957 anon g £1.00
Brookes Ewart To Enless Night Arrow J 408 vg+ £3.00
Brookes Ewart Nor on What Seas Arrow 510 1st 1958 Flint? f £4.00
Burns Robert E I am a Fugative from a Chain Gang Arrow 783 1st 1964 anon vg+ £2.00
Clark Leonard The River Ran East Arrow H 425 Tansley vg £2.00
Creasey John The House of the Bears Arrow 676 1st 1962 anon f £3.00
Creasey John The League of Light Arrow 717 1st vg- £2.50
Creasey John Palfrey v Shadow of Doom Arrow 734 1st Hall vg £3.00
Creasey John The Peril Ahead Arrow 780 1st anon vg £2.50
Creasey John The League of Dark Men Arrow 793 1st anon f £3.00
Creasey John The Death Miser Arrow 794 1st anon vg+ £3.00
Creasey John The Hounds of Vengeance Arrow 938 1st 1967 anon f £4.00
Creasey John The Mark of the Crescent Arrow 989 1st anon vg £2.50
Deal Borden Dragon’s Wine Arrow 756 1st Hall vg+ £3.00
Downes Terry My Bleeding Business Arrow 860 1st 1966 photo vg- £2.00
Fienburgh Wilfred No Love for Johnnie Arrow 606 1st 1960 Dion f £3.00
Fuchido & Okumiya Midway Arrow 614 1st anon vg £2.50
Gee Maurice The Big Season Arrow 755 1st 1964 anon vg £2.50
Grubb Davis One Foot in the Grave Arrow 925 1st 1966 anon vg £3.00
Harris John The Sea Shall Not Have Them Arrow 473 1st 1957 Blandford f £4.00
Harris John The Sleeping Mountain Arrow 935 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Harrison Richard Whitehall 1212 Arrow 497 1st 1958 Window vg £2.00
Hass Hans Under the Red Sea Arrow 406 anon vg £2.50
Hepple Anne The North Wind Blows Arrow 708 1st 1963 Connell? vg £2.50
Hepple Anne Gay Go Up Arrow 833 1st vg £1.50
Hocking Anne Poisoned Chalice Arrow 682 1st 1962 anon vg £2.50
Hossent Harry Run for your Death Arrow 883 1st Photo vg- £2.50
Jacob Naomi The Morning will Come Arrow 686 1st 1962 f £3.00
Jacob Naomi Private Gollantz Arrow 790 1st RH vg- £2.00
King William The Stick and the Stars Arrow 611 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Lee Edna The Web of Days Arrow HB 349 anon vg £2.50
MacArthur Wilson Simba Bwana Arrow 507 1st 1958 anon vg £2.50
Maupassant Guy De Mademoiselle Fifi Arrow 913 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Moorcock Michael The Rituals of Infinity Arrow 488 1st 1971 vg £2.50
Moorhead Alan Gallipoli Arrow 526 1st 1959 anon vg £2.00
Muskett Netta Middle Mist Arrow 566 2nd vg £2.00
Muskett Netta Scarlet Heels Arrow 879 1st anon vg £2.50
Muskett netta Flowers From The Rock Arrow 897 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Myers John Myer Dead Warrior Arrow 475 1st 1957 anon vg £2.50
Neill Robert Mist over Pendle Arrow 376 2nd 1962 Roger Hu?? f £2.50
Nordyke Lewis Wes Hardin Texas Gunman Arrow 555 1st 1960 o’connel vg £3.50
Orczy Baroness The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel Arrow 972 vg £2.00
Owen Frank The Campaign in Burma Arrow H 446 1st 1957 anon vg £3.50
Prendergast William Z Car Detective Arrow 856 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Procter Maurice The Chief Inspector’s statement Arrow H 367 1st Kenyon vg £3.00
Procter Maurice Hell is a City Arrow 453 1st vg £4.00
Ruark Robert C Horn of the Hunter Arrow 479 1st anon vg £2.50
Ruesch Hans The Racer Arrow 467 £3.00
Sapper Bull-Dog Drummond Arrow 616 1st 1961 vg £3.00
Sapper The Black Gang Arrow 617 1st 1963 Stowe vg+ £5.00
Seaton George John Isle of the Damned Arrow 400 2nd Berry vg £2.00
Simenon Maigret and the Young Girl Arrow 12 1st 1958 vg £2.50
Simenon Maigret’s Little Joke Arrow 571 rep vg- £1.50
Slaughter Frank G Spencer Brade Arrow 538 1st 1959 Hall f £3.50
Slaughter Frank G Sword and Scapel Arrow 600 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Slaughter Frank G Lorena Arrow 645 1st anon vg £2.00
Slaughter Frank G Epidemic Arrow 685 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Slaughter Frank G Darien Venture Arrow 711 1st anon vg- £1.50
Slaughter Frank G The Golden Ones Arrow 722 1st 1963 anon vg £3.00
Smith Frederick E 633 Squadron Arrow 492 1st 1958 vg- £2.00
Spain Nancy Thank You Nelson Arrow H 420 1st Sax vg+ £2.50
Stoker Bram Dracula Arrow 272 10th 1971 photo vg £2.50
Stoker Bram Dracula Arrow 370 rep 1960 anon vg £5.00
Stoker Bram The Lair of the White Worm Arrow 585 1st Stowe vg- £2.50
Stoker Bram The Lady of the Shroud Arrow 644 1st 1962 vg £4.00
Stoker Bram Dracula’s Guest Arrow 916 vg £2.50
Swinson Arthur Sergeant Cork’s Casebook Arrow 836 1st 1965 photo vg £2.50
Tack Alfred PA to Murder Arrow 988 1st 1967 photo vg £2.50
Taine John G.O.G.666 Arrow 705 1st Sheldon vg+ £3.00
Thomson (ed) More Not at Night Arrow 608 2nd 1963 anon vg £2.00
Thomson C C ed Still Not at Night Arrow 671 1st 1962 anon vg- £2.00
Thorndike Russell Docter Syn Returns Arrow 541 2nd 1963 anon vg £3.00
Thorndike Russell The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn Arrow 742 r anon vg £2.00
Thorwald Juergen Flight in the Winter Arrow 490 1st Morgan vg £2.50
Vaculik Serge Air Commando Arrow 401 vg £2.50
Various Not at Night Arrow 586 1st anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar Big Foot Arrow 407 2nd 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Missing Million Arrow JL 418 rep anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar On the Spot Arrow 464 3rd anon vg £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Avenger Arrow 477 3rd 1962 anon vg+ £3.00
Wallace Edgar When the Gangs Came to London Arrow 481 3rd anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar The Missing Million Arrow 570 1st K. vg £3.00
Wallace Edgar The Face in the Night Arrow 593 1st 1961 O’Connell vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar The Mixer Arrow 642 1st 1966 photo vg- £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Twister Arrow 643 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Water Silas The Man With absolute Motion Arrow 795 1st vg- £1.50
Wheatey Dennis Star of Ill-Omen Arrow 378 2nd 1962 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Forbidden Territory Arrow 282 rep 1964 Heldon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Fabulous Valley Arrow 284 rep 1958 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Fabulous Valley Arrow 284 4th 1959 anon f £2.50
Wheatley Dennis They Found Atlantis Arrow 335 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Secret War Arrow H 336 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Sword of Fate Arrow 363 2nd 1958 Sax vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis To the Devil a Daughter Arrow 412 rep 1963 Peff vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Man Who Missed the War Arrow 534 2nd 1961 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Haunting of Toby Jugg Arrow 543 2nd 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis V for Vengeance Arrow 550 1st 1960 Steward vg+ £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Black Baroness Arrow 558 1st anon vg £3.50
Wheatley Dennis Sixty Days to Live Arrow 559 1st 1960 anon vg £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Come Into My Parlour Arrow 578 2nd 1965 anon f £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Come into My Parlour Arrow 578 1st 1960 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Uncharted Seas Arrow 580 1st 1960 Boldero vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Three Inquisative People Arrow 581 1st 1960 anon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Contraband Arrow 582 2nd 1966 anon vg+ £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Contraband Arrow 582 1st 1960 anon vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Prisoner in the Mask Arrow 603 1st 1964 vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Codeword Golden Fleece Arrow 622 1st 1961 anon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Rising Storm Arrow 627 1st 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Such Power id Dangerous Arrow 628 1st 1962 Tayler vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Golden Spaniard Arrow 629 1st 1962 anon f £4.00
Wheatley Dennis The Satanist Arrow 653 4th 1964 anon vg+ £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Old Rawley Arrow 680 1st 1962 anon vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Gunmen Gallants & Ghosts Arrow 691 3rd 1966 anon vg £2.00
Wilson James Interrupted Journey Arrow 724 1st 1963 Hall f £3.50
Winn Godfrey ‘PQ’ 17 A Story of a Ship Arrow 430 2nd 1963 anon vg+ £3.00

Hank Janson – Hotsy-You’ll Be Chilled / Gaywood Press – Head Cover

Hank Janson - Hotsy-You'll be Chilled117

A classic Head cover on this, one of the harder to find Hank Janson titles. There seems to be a page missing before the title page on this otherwise very tidy clean copy for sale for £25.00

Other Hank Janson Titles in stock (I think)
Bid for Beauty BAG 09
Delicious Danger BAG 09
Fame and Fortune BAG 09
Hellcat BAG 09
Passionate Waife BAG 09
Angel Astray Compact
Berlin Briefing Compact
Bid for Beauty Compact
Brand Image Compact
Dateline Diane Compact
Doctor Fix Compact
Double Take Compact
F.E.U.D. Compact
Fan Fare Compact
Fast Buck Compact
Frame and Fortune Compact
Heartache Compact
Hillary’s Terms Compact
I for Intrigue Compact
Junk Market Compact
Lake Loot Compact
Lament for a Lover Compact
Limbo Lover Compact
Love – In and Lamentation Compact
Mayfair Slayride Compact
Nerve Centre Compact
Pattern of Rape Compact
Sprung Compact
Square 1 Compact
Strange Ritual Compact
Tail Sting Compact
The Last Lady Compact
The Long Arm Compact
The Love Makers Compact
The Spy in my Bed Compact
The Young Wolves Compact
Twilight Tigress Compact
Ultimate Deterrent Compact
V for Vitality Compact
Villon of the Peace Compact
Visit from a Broad Compact
Voodoo Violence Compact
Why Should Sylvia Compact
Will-Power Compact
Zero Takes All Compact
Frails Can Be So Tough Gaywood
Brazen Seductress Gold Star
Expectant Nymph Gold Star
Fanny Gold Star
Break For a Lovely HJ
Go With a Jerk HJ
Janson Go Home! HJ
Reluctant Hostess HJ
Sentence for Sin HJ
This Hood For Hire HJ
48 Hours Moring
Sweet Fury Moring
Beloved Traitor R&V
Obsession UPC
Bewitched Moring
Bring me Sorrow Moring
Desert Fury Moring
Flight from Fear Moring
Hellcat Moring
Invasion Moring
Jack Spot Moring
Kill This Man Moring
Murder Moring
Sinister Rapture Moring
Situation Grave Moring
Strange Destiny Moring
Beloved Traitor R & V
Quiet Waits the Grave R & V
Ripe for Rapture R & V
Amerous Captive Vol. 3 HJ
Beauty and the Beat HJ
Break For A Lovely HJ
Chicago Chick HJ
Crime on my Hands HJ
Crowns Can Kill HJ
Deicious Danger HJ
Devil’s Highways HJ
Honey For Me HJ
Kill Me For Kicks HJ
Short-Term Wife HJ
Slaves for Seduction HJ
Sultry Avenger HJ
Cool Sugar Moring
Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Passionate Waif Moring
Revolt Moring
Come Quick Honey R&V
Globe Probe Compact
Make Mine Mink Compact
Model in Mayham Compact
“Amerous Captive “”Bygone Ages Vol 2” HJ
Hell’s Angel HJ
Mistress of Fear HJ
Don’t Scare Easy Moring
Hell’s Angel Moring
Persian Pride Moring
Take This Sweetie HJ
Too Soon to Die HJ
Twist for Two HJ
Uncover Agent HJ
Tension Moring
Tomorrow and a Day Moring
Untamed Moring
Whiplash Moring
Wild Girl Moring
This Hood for Hire R & V

Battledress Pocket – Armed Services Editions

During the Second World War a non-profit organisation established by the Council on Books in Wartime, produced paperbacks designed to fit in the pockets of combat dress. These five titles are such editions.

Sheriff of Yavisa 140

Auther Title Publisher Letter Number  Condition Price
Snow Charles H Sheriff of Yavisa Armed Sevices 784 vg £5.00
Robertson Willard Moon Tide Armed Sevices K 18 vg- £2.50
Chamberlain George Agnew The Phantom Filly Armed Sevices 783 vg £5.00
Benfield Barry Eddie and the archangel Mike Armed Sevices 0 vg- £2.50
Water Frederic F Van De A Home in the Country Armed Sevices 700 vg £2.50

Weston Christine Indigo Armed Services £1.00

Armed Forces 141

Satan is a Woman – Gil Brewer / Gaywood Press

Gil Brewer - Satan is a Woman 118

Gaywood Press, undated but has a 1952 copyright date Fawcett USA. The cover seems to be identical (or very similar) but different colours to the Gold Medal edition published in 1951 in the USA. This copy has parts of spine missing and has been repaired with “magic tape, otherwise a very compact and tidy copy.

Available for £25.00 (free p&p in UK)

GALAXY Science Fiction

Galaxy SF 1970 08 138

I am sure I have mentioned that I have only listed a fraction of my SF digest stock, but I am happy to do an author search if you are looking for particular authors. Unfortunately at times I have gotten bored and have not listed contents.

There is always the added problem that I have to find where I have put them in the shop.

Year Month Price Contents
1969 12 £2.50 Phyllis Gotlieb – Silverberg – Frank Herbert – Harlan Ellison – Goulart – Norman Spinras
1970 01 £2.50 TJ Bass – David Gerrold – Jack Williamson – John Chambers – Platchta & Zelazny – Vladimir Grigoriev
1970 03 £2.50 Gerald Jones – Theodore Sturgeon – A Bertram Chandler – Robert Silverberg – Dannie Plachta – Zane Kotker
1970 04 £2.50 Harlan Ellison – Robert Silverberg – Kelly – Willick – Young
1970 05 £2.50 Stephen Tall – M G Coney – A Bertram Chandler – Silverberg – Robert Conquest – James E Gunn
1970 06 £2.50 James Blish – David Gerrold – Michael G Coney – Robert Silverberg – Arthur C Clarke – Avram Davidson – Vaughn Bode
1970 07 £2.50 Carl Jacobi – John Brunner – William Rotsier – Hayden Howard – Duncan Lunan – Lawrence Mayer – Robert Silverberg
1970 08 £2.50 Silverberg – Lafferty – Heinleine – Wilma Shore – Dannie Plachta – Offutt – Ann McCaffrey
1971 08 £2.50 Robert Silverberg – Jack Williamson – William T Powers – RA Lafferty – Ernest Hill – J K Swearingham – Larry Eisenberg
1971 10 £2.50 Gordon Eklund – Theodore Sturgeon – A Bertram Chandler – Duncan Lunan – Jack Williamson – Alan Dean Foster
1972 01 £2.50 TJ Bass – James Gunn – James White – Michael G Coney – Bob Shaw – Tad Crawford – FA Davis
1972 03 £2.50 Isaac Asimov – James White – W Macfarlane – Milton A Rothman – Robert F Young
1972 05 £2.00
1972 07 £1.50
1975 02 £2.00
1975 03 £2.00
1976 07 £1.50
1976 09 £1.50
1976 10 £2.00
1976 11 £2.00
1976 12 £2.50 JM Park -Stephen Tall – Eric Vinicoff & Marcia Martin – Nancy Kress – Frederik Pohl –
1977 03 £1.50 Frederik Pohl – Gordon Eklund – Robert L Forward – J E Pournelle – MA Bartter – Christopher Irwin – Spider Robinson
1977 04 £1.50 Greg Bear – Lisa Tuttle – Steven Utley – JE Pournelle – Charles Sheffield – Jan Haffley – Spider Robinson
1977 05 £1.50 Frank Herbert – Charles Sheffield – Tom Purdom – JE Pournelle – Spider Robinson – Richard E Geis
1977 06 £2.00
1977 07 £2.00
1977 08 £1.50 HC Petley – Frank Herbert – Frederik Pohl – JE Pournelle – Arson Darney – Spider Robinson – Charles Sheffield
1977 09 £1.50 JE Pournelle – CL Grant – LE Modesitt – Spider Robinson –
1977 11 £1.50 Roger Zelazny – Pournelle – Wylde – Sheffield
1978 01 £1.50 William Walling – Roger Zelazny – Pournelle – Geis – Walker
1978 02 £2.50 C J Cherryh – Zelazny – Pournelle – Walker
1978 04 £2.50 Cordwainer Smith – Cherryh – Pournelle – Larionova
1978 05 £2.00 Pat Murphy – Greg Benford –
1978 06 £2.00
1978 09 £1.50 Martin O’Hearn – Greg Benford
1978 11 £1.50 Frederik Pohl – Pournelle Yermakov

Working Class

Just a couple more to add to my shelves. Both at £2.50.

Rule John The Labouring Classes in Early Industrial England 1750 -1850 … Longman 0 4th 1991 vg+ £2.50
Lancaster Bill Radicalism Cooperation & Socialism Leicester working-class politics 1860 – 1906 Leicester  University Press  1st 1987 HB/dj vg+ £2.50


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