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Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

The MacMillan edition paperback of 1964 in near fine condition Through the Post To UK address



The Second Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

1962 Macmillan edition paperback near fine Posted to a UK address



All the Mowgli Stories – Rudyard Kipling

1961 MacMillan paperback in near fine condition Through the Post to any UK address


Stock. I haven’t done a recent stock check on the lists below, so please contact me if you are interested in any of the titles. I also have many Kipling hard backs including a Folio edition of the Jungle Book.

Kipling RudyardAll the Mowgli StoriesMacmillan£2.50vg1961
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesBAG 22£2.50
Kipling RudyardMany InventionsSML£3.00f1964
Kipling RudyardSecond Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1962
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1964
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPan£5.00vg+1947
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPan£4.00f
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPan£4.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPan£4.00vg+1967

Stock. This list is not exhaustive, and I can’t say I have stock checked them recently, but these are some of the children’s publications I think I know where I have put.

Avery GillianThe Warden’s NiecePuffin£3.00f1963
Barne KittyElizabeth FryPuffin£2.00vg1950
Blighton EnidThe Ring O’Bells MysteryArmada£2.50vg+1967
Blyton EnidFun for the Secret SevenKnight£1.00vg
Blyton EnidMischief at St Rollo’sArmada£2.50vg+1986
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous FourArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous Four AgainArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Castle of adventureArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Island of AdventureArmada£2.50vg
Blyton EnidThe Mystery of the Strange BundleBag 32£2.50
Blyton EnidThe Naughtiest Girl is a MonitorArmada£1.00vg-1978
Blyton EnidThe Ragamuffin MysteryArmada£2.50vg1974
Blyton EnidThe Rat-a-Tat MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Riloby Fair MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmada£2.50vg1974
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmada£2.50vg1986
Blyton EnidThe Rubadub MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Sea of AdventureArmada£2.50vg+1969
Blyton EnidThe Secret of Moon CastleArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Ship of AdventureArmada£2.50f1974
Bond MichaelA Bear Called PaddingtonArmada Lion£1.00vg
Bond MichaelPaddington AbroadArmada Lion£1.00vg
Bond MichaelPaddington Marches onArmada Lion£1.00vg
Brooks E SearlesThe Stigma of ShameNelson Lee£3.00vg-1924
Campbell BruceBird Watching for BeginnersPuffin£1.00vg-
Carroll LewisThrough the Looking GlassPuffin£3.50vg1948
Cordell AlexanderWitches’ SabbathKnight£2.50vg+1973
Crisp FrankThe Devil DiverScottie£5.00vg
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamArmada£2.50vg+1974
Crompton RichmalWilliamMerlin£2.50vg+1967
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Masked RangerArmada£3.00vg+
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Pop SingersArmada£2.00vg+1975
Crompton RichmalWilliam the ForthMacmillan£2.50vg1983
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GangsterMerlin£2.50vg+
Crompton RichmalWilliam the OutlawArmada£2.00vg+
Dare DaphneWhen Schoolfriends Fall OutPopular Schoolgirls Stories£2.00vg
Dixon Franklin WArctic Patrol MysteryArmada£2.50f1977
Dixon Franklin WCave-inArmada£0.00vg1985
Dixon Franklin WDanger on Vampire TrailArmada£0.00vg+1987
Dixon Franklin WFootprints Under the WindowArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WGame Plan for DisasterArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WHaunted FortArmanda£2.50vg
Dixon Franklin WHunting for Hidden GoldArmada£2.50
Dixon Franklin WRevenge of the Desert PhantomArmada£0.00vg1987
Dixon Franklin WSign of Crooked ArrowArmada£2.50f1977
Dixon Franklin WSky SabotageArmada£0.00vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Billion Dollar RansomArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Blackwing PuzzleArmada£0.00vg+1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Broken BladeArmada£0.00vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the EmbersArmada£2.50vg+1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Screeching OwlArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Crisscross ShadowArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Demon’s DenArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Four-Headed DragonArmada£0.00vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Ghost of Skeleton RockArmada£0.00vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Great Airport MysteryArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Hooded Hawk Mystery #29Armada£2.50f
Dixon Franklin WThe Infinity ClueArmada£0.00vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Mark on the DoorArmada£4.00vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Mummy CaseArmada£0.00vg1982
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery at Devil’s PawArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Cabin IslandArmada£4.00vg+1978
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Smugglers CoveArmada£0.00vg1982
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Aztec WarriorArmada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Chinese Junk #34Armada£0.00
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Disappearing FloorArmada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Melted CoinsArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Missing FriendsArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Spiral BridgeArmada£2.50vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Whale TattooArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret Agent on Flight 101Armada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of Pirates HillArmada£2.50f1987
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of the CavesArmada£4.00vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Sinister SignpostArmada£2.50vg1979
Dixon Franklin WThe Twisted ClawArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Voodoo PlotArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Wailing Siren MysteryArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Yellow Feather MysteryArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WWhat Happened at MidnightArmada£2.50vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WWhile the Clock TickedArmada£2.50vg+1981
Dixon Franklin W KeeneNancy Drew & Hardy Boys – Super SleuthsArmada£2.50vg+1983
Dixon M&NThe Puffin Quizz BookPuffin£2.50vg
Gregory Sir RichardDiscoveryPuffin£3.00vg
Henty G AA March on LondonHB£15.00
Henty G ABonnie Prince CharlieHB£15.00
Henty G ABy England’s AidHB£15.00
Henty G AFor Name and FameHB£15.00
Henty G AIn the Reighn of TerrorHB£15.00
Henty G AOne of the 28thHB£15.00
Henty G ASt Bartholomew’s EveHB£15.00
Henty G AThe Tiger of MysoreHB£15.00
Henty G AWhen London BurnedHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Lee in VirginiaHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Moore at CorunnaHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Wolfe in CanadaHB£15.00
Henty G AWulf the SaxonHB£15.00
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Stuttering ParrotArmada£2.50vg1974
Johns W EBiggles Air CommadoreArmada£5.00
Johns W EBiggles and the Plot that FailedKnight£2.50vg
Johns W EBiggles The Rescue FlightArmada£2.50vg1962
Juster NormanThe Phantom TollboothPuffin£1.50vg1965
Kastner ErichLottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap)Puffin£2.50vg1962
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 1 Secret Shadow RanchArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 2 The Mystery ..99 stepsArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 3 Mystery at the Ski jumpArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 4 Spider Sapphire MysteryArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 5 tcit Crossword CipherArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 6 Quest Missing LampArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 7 tcit Old StagecoachArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 8 tcot Brocken LocketArmada£2.00vg1980
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 9 Message…Hollow OakArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 10 The Inviible IntruderArmada£2.00vg1980
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 11 Ghost of Blackwood HallArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 13 The Bungalow MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 14 The Whispering StatueArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 16 tcot dancing PuppetArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 17 tcot tapping HeelsArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 18 tcit Crumbling WallArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 19 mystery Tolling BellArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 22 Scarlet Slipper MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 24 Secret…Old AtticArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 25 The Ringmasters SecretArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 26 Nancy’s Mysterious LetterArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 28 Mystery Fire DragonArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 36 Moonstone castle MysteryArmada£2.00vg1985
Kipling RudyardAll the Mowgli StoriesMacmillan£2.50vg1961
Kipling RudyardSecond Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1962
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1964
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPan£4.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPan£4.00vg+1967
Leitch PatriciaRunning WildArmada£2.00vg+
Parker RichardThe Three PebblesScottie£2.50vg1956
Pudney JohnTuesday AdventureScottie£7.50
Richards FrankBilly Bunte and the Crooked CaptainMerlin£2.50vg +
Richards FrankBilly Bunter – SportsmanMerlin£5.00
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the School RebellionMerlin£5.00
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the Secret EnemyMerlin£2.00vg+1967
Richards FrankBilly Bunters ConvictMerlin£2.50vg +
Richards FrankBilly Bunter’s Postal OrderArmada£2.50vg+1951
Richards HildaBessie Bunter and the Gold RobbersMerlin£2.50vg+
Richards HildaBessie Bunter Joins the CircusMerlin£2.50vg+
Saville MalcolmChristmas at NettlefordArmada£2.50vg-1970
Saville MalcolmSea Witch Comes HomeMerlin£2.00vg
Saville MalcolmTwo Fair PlaitsArmada£2.50vg1966
Skipper MervynThe Meeting PoolPuffin£5.00
Sperry ArmstrongThe Boy Who Was AfraidKnight£1.00vg
Stevenson Robert LouisKidnappedPuffin£2.50
Thackery WMThe Rose and the RingPuffin£2.50vg
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontana£2.50vg1960
Twain MarkThe Adventures of Huckelberry FinnPuffin£3.50vg
Vivian E. ChambersThe Adventures of Robin HoodAirmont£2.00vg
Walters LeonardThe Rebel of St.Hal’sArrow£2.00vg
Watson JamesTalking in WhispersFontana£2.50vg+1985
Wilder Laura IngallsLittle House in the WoodsPuffin£2.50vg
Williamson ThamesNorth after SealsPuffin£2.50vg

Science Fiction Compilations – not digests

Personally I have never been a fan of short stories, but fortunately seeing I have well over 1000 digests in stock, I am almost on my own in this as far as Science Fiction/Fantasy is concerned.

The compilation paperback though sets me a problem, I just don’t have time to list all the contributions, as I am attempting for Digests. The list below is not comprehensive as I have only just started highlighting compilations in my database. I have not stock-checked all of the below recently so if you are interested in any of the titles I will try to locate them.


Conkin Groff Editor17 X InfinityDell£2.50vg+1963
Margulies Leo ed3 From Out TherePanther£2.50vg
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgi£3.00f1971
Howard Ivan (ed)6 and the Silent ScreamConsul£4.00vg
Pohl (ed)7th Galaxy ReaderPan£3.00vg+
Knight Damon editorA Century of Science FictionPan£2.50vg
Boucher Anthony (ed)Best Fantasy & SF Sixth SeriesAce US£3.00vg+
Moorcock ed.Best SF from New WorldsPanther£3.50vg1967
Moskowitz (ed)Doorway into TimeMacfadden£2.50
Clarke Arthur C ed.Expedition to EarthPan£3.00vg
Carter Lin editorFlashing Swords 1Mayflower£2.50vg1974
Carter Lin EditorFlashing Swords 2Mayflower£2.50vg
Harry Harrison (ed)Four for the FutureQuartet£2.50vg+1969
Elwood Roger ed.Invasion of the RobotsPaperback Library£2.50vg
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgi£2.50vg+1971
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgi£2.50vg+
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgi£2.50vg+1977
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgi£2.50vg+
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther£2.50
Aldiss (ed)Science FictionPenguin£2.50vg
Pohl Frederik Ed.STAR Science Ficttion Stories No. 2Ballantine£2.00vg1962
Boucher (ed)The Best from Fantasy & SF 7thAce US£2.50vg+
Moorcock ed.The Best of New WorldsCompact£5.00vg
Pohl (ed)The Expert DreamsPan£2.50vg
Spinrad Ed.The New TomorrowsBelmont£2.50vg1971
Derlith August EdThe Other Side of the MoonPanther£2.50vg
Derleth August EditorThe Outer ReachesConsul£4.00
Margulies Leo EditorThree Times InfinityGold Medal£2.50vg
Hill Douglas EditorWarlocks and WarriorsMayflower£2.50vg
Hill Ed.Warlocks and WarriorsMayflower£3.00f1971
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadger£3.50vg-
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadger£5.00vg

SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – The Free Lovers by J J Jordan Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer & others of this Ilk

The Free Lovers by J J Jordan

For Adults published by Novel Books in 1962 “burning nymphomania without the bond of love”


 “From the Great Lakes of Canada, across to French ports where the women fought in the fo’c’sle – fought for men, for a place to sleep, a plate of food, a bar of soap . to Germany with the mark crashing. From the Passion Plays of Oberammergau on to the drinking dens and brothels of Montevideo.” “A powerful book and can be compared with Archie Binn’s novel “The Lightship”. Wells Gardner,

Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer

Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co, London 1941 a paperback with a dustjacket both jacket and book better than vg Price includes UK postage


Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

“They shamed his eager search for Sexual Companions” SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – This is an original Dragon Edition. In a plain brown paper wrapper to any UK address


The Vice Scheme by Lane Bedman

The Vice Scheme – by Lane Bedman

“They Desired Forbidden loot – Monetary and sexual” SALE TO MINERS FORBIDDEN” ADULTS ONLY This is an original Compass Line Novel delivered in a plain paper wrapper to any UK address


FRENCH MODEL by Bart Frame

French Model by Bart Frame

“Her Passion was like a Flame, consuming all who possessed her” Zodiac books 1960 1st edition Dispatched in a plain brown paper wrapping to any UK destination


Fiona – Fiona Richmond

FIONA by Fiona Richmond

“Being the intimate Sexual Exploits”


Edgar Rice Burroughs – VENUS

Pirates of Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEL edition Through the post to UK location



Lost on Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEL edition Through the post to UK location


Carson of Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEL edition Through the post to UK location


Escape on Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEL edition Through the post to UK location


The Wizard of Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEL edition Through the post to UK location


Julian Symons


Symons JulianThe 31st FebruaryFontana£2.501962
Symons JulianThe Immaterial Murder CasePenguin£2.50vg1954
Symons JulianThe Narrowing CircleFontana£2.50vg1956
Symons JulianThe Progress of a CrimeFontana£5.00vg-
Symons JulianThe Progress of a CrimeFontana£2.50vg1966
Symons AJAThe Quest for CorvoPenguin£2.50vg1940

The Progress of a Crime – Julian Symons

Fontana 1966 Through the post to UK address



The 31st February

Fontana 1962 Through the post to a UK address


Agatha Christie –

Stock I have not stock checked all the titles below so I am only 99% confident that I can find the books below.

Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg1961
Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg1969
Christie AgathaA Caribbean MysteryFontana£1.00vg-1969
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£4.00vg1953
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedPan£3.50vg1958
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£3.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaA Pocket Full of RyeFontana£5.00vg+1958
Westmacott /Christie AgathaAbsent in the SpringFontana£2.50vg+1974
Christie AgathaAfter the FuneralFontana£3.50vg
Christie AgathaAfter the FuneralFontana£2.50vg1984
Christie AgathaAppointment with DeathPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£2.50vg-1968
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaAt Bertram,s HotelFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaAt Bertram’s HotelFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaBy the Prickling of My ThumbsFontana£5.00f1971
Christie AgathaCards on the TablePan£2.50vg1955
Christie AgathaCards on the TableFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaCards on the TableFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsBAG 22£2.50
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsFontana£2.50vg1962
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsFontana£2.50vg1971
Christie AgathaCurtain Poirot’s Last CaseFontana£2.50vg+1977
Christie AgathaCurtain:Poirot’s Last CaseFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDead Man’s FollyFontana£2.50vg1960
Christie AgathaDead Man’s FollyPan£2.50vg+1966
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPan£4.00
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPenguin£2.50vg-1953
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaDeath Comes at the EndFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaDeath in the CloudsPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaDeath on the NilePenguin£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£2.50vg+1985
Christie AgathaDestination UnknownFontana£2.50vg1964
Christie AgathaDestination UnknownFontana£2.50vg1970
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.50f
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.00f1954
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEasy to KillPB£2.00
Christie AgathaElephants Can RememberFontana£2.50vg1975
Christie AgathaEndless NightFontana£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaEndless NightFontana£2.50vg+1986
Christie AgathaEvil in the SunFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunPan£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00f1982
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPan£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPan£2.50
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsFontana£2.00vg1981
Westmacott /Christie AgathaGiants BreadFontana£2.50vg1975
Christie AgathaHallowe’en PartyFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaHercule Poirot’s ChristmasCollins Crime Club£5.00
Christie AgathaHercule Poirot’s ChristmasFontana£3.00f1978
Christie AgathaHerule Poirot’s ChristmasFontana£4.00f1959
Christie AgathaHickory Dickory DockFontana£4.00vg1958
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesPenguin£2.00vg1950
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£3.00f1980
Christie AgathaMiss Marple’s Final CasesFontana£2.50vg-1980
Christie AgathaMrs McGinty’s DeadFontana£1.00vg-1974
Christie AgathaMurder at the Gallop / After he FuneralFontana£2.50vg-1963
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPan£5.00vg1952
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£2.50vg+1967
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPan£6.00f
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPenguin£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder is EasyFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPan£8.00f
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPan£3.00f
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressBAG 09£2.50
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressPenguin£2.50vg1952
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg1965
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMysterious Affair at StylesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaN or MCollins Crime Club£5.001951
Christie AgathaN or MPan£3.00vg
Christie AgathaN or MFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaN or MDell£2.50
Christie AgathaN or M?Fontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaNemesisFontana£2.50vg1974
Christie AgathaNemesisFontana£4.00f1974
Christie AgathaNikotinBAG 22£2.50
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle My ShoePan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle my ShoeFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaOne, Two, Buckle my ShoeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeFontana£2.50vg1995
Christie AgathaOrdeal by InnocenceFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaOrdeal by InnocenceFontana£2.50vg1973
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesFontana£5.00vg+1962
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesPenguin£2.50vg+1958
Christie AgathaPartners in CrimePan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaPartners in CrimeFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaPartner’s in CrimeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPassenger to FrankfurtFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£5.00vg1961
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£3.00f
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg+1961
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£5.00f1955
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPoirot’s Eary CasesFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaPostern of FateFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaSad CypressPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaSad CypressPan£2.50f1957
Christie AgathaSad CypressFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaSad CypressFontana£1.00vg-1966
Christie AgathaSleeping MurderFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePan£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePan£4.00vg-
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideFontana£3.00vg1962
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideFontana£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodWhite Circle£3.50f
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodFontana£2.50vg+1980
Christie AgathaTen Little N*****sFontana£4.00vg+1972
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersPan£12.00vg+
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersPan£5.00vg
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersFontana£3.00f1982
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPan£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPenguin£2.50vg-1948
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Adventure of the Christmas PuddingFontana£4.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaThe Adventure of the Christmas PuddingFontana£3.00f1983
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPan£4.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPenguin£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryFontana£3.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe ClocksFontana£5.00vg1966
Christie AgathaThe ClocksFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaThe do it with MirrorsFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe HollowPan£5.00f
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1969
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1987
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPan£7.50f
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPan£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£2.50vg1966
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£3.00f
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesCollins Crime Club£4.00vg1951
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesFontana£4.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesFontana£3.00vg+1980
Christie AgathaThe Listerdale MysteryFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaThe Listerdale MysteryFontana£1.00vg-1966
Christie AgathaThe Man in a Brown SuitPan£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£2.50vg+1973
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£6.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£9.00f
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£4.00f1954
Christie AgathaThe Mirror Crack,d from Side to SideFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe Mirror Cracked from Side to SideFontana£3.00f1984
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPan£1.00g
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerFontana£2.50f1986
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicaragePenguin£2.50vg-1950
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicarageFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicarageFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Murder in the VicarageFontana£2.00
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£2.50vg+1963
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaThe Murder on the LincsPan£4.00
Christie AgathaThe Murder on the LinksPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPan£1.00vg-1965
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair At StylesPan£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinDell£1.00g
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinFontana£2.50vg+1982
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£4.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainPan£2.50g
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaThe Pale HorseFontana£2.50vg-1964
Christie AgathaThe Pale HorseFontana£2.50vg-1979
Westmacott /Christie AgathaThe Rose and the Yew TreeFontana£2.50vg1974
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryPan£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPan£2.50vg-1955
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPan£5.00vg1955
Christie AgathaThe Secret Of ChimneysBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe secret of ChimneysBag 08£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£1.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£3.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£3.00f1958
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£5.00f
Christie AgathaThe Seven Dials MysteryPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Sitaford MysteryFontana£3.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Thirteen ProblemsPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Thirteen ProblemsPan£3.50vg-
Christie AgathaThey Came to BagdadFontana£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaThey do it With MirrorsFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThird GirlFontana£2.50vg1979
Christie AgathaThree Act tragedyPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThree Act tragedyPan£2.50f
Christie AgathaThree Act TragedyFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaThree-Act TragedyWhite Circle£2.00vg
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPan£1.50p
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroFontana£5.00f1959
Westmacott /Christie AgathaUnfinished PortraitFontana£2.50vg+1986
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaWhy didn’t they Ask EvansPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they ask Evans?Fontana£3.50vg-1956
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they Ask Evans?White Circle£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they ask Evans?Fontana£2.50vg1976
Agatha Christie in Fontana


I suppose I only think of it as the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction because these were the authors I discovered in the 50’s and 60’s when I progressed from Dan Dare in the Eagle. I don’t usually include this many cover illustrations but I liked them so much I didn’t feel like omitting them. If you want to see the five I have omitted just email me and I will send you them.  

6 Nebula Science Fiction 1953 December £2.50 Rayer – M’Intosh – Eric Frank Russell – EC Tubb – Thorne – Reynolds
13 Nebula Science Fiction 1955 September £5.00 Rayer – Tubb – Lan Wright – Temple
15 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 January £5.00 Tubb – Bob Shaw – James White – Heinlein – Lyster – Irish
16 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 March £5.00 Bounds – Tubb – Silverberg – James – Shaw – Seabright
18 Nebula Science Fiction 1956 November £5.00 Tubb – Temple – Aldiss – Brunner – Morgan – Sellings
22 Nebula Science Fiction 1957 July £5.00 Stratford – A Betram Chandler – Wright – Temple – Allen – Ridley
25 Nebula Science Fiction 1957 October £5.00 Bulmer – Glasby – Temple – Ludwig – Presslie – Tilley
26 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 January £5.00 Eric Frank Russell – Tubb – Tilley – High – Aldiss
27 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 February £5.00 Bulmer – Brunner – High – Burke – Webb
28 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 March £5.00 Tubb – Silverberg – High – Tilley – Presslie – Allen
34 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 September £5.00 Aldiss – Stratford – James – Presslie – Inglis – Bulmer
35 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 October £5.00 Tubb – Russell – White – Temple – Bulmer
36 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 November £5.00 Morgan – Tubb – Kippax – Aldiss – Allen
37 Nebula Science Fiction 1958 December £5.00 High – Presslie – James – Silverberg – Patrick – Kippax
38 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 January £5.00 High – Aldiss – Diamond – Stratford – Franson – James – Silverberg
40 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 May £5.00 Temple – High – Inglis – Swann – Jackson
41 Nebula Science Fiction 1959 June £5.00 Aldiss – High – Shaw – Webb – Stratford – Rackham


Nebula Science Fiction – One Issue

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Nebula Science Fiction – TWO ISSUES

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Nebula Science Fiction – THREE ISSUES

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Nebula Science Fiction – FOUR ISSUES

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Nebula Science Fiction -FIVE ISSUES

Please Specify the Issues you want. Through the post to any UK address No charge for P&P so just £5 per book. Contact me if you want more than five, or if you are allowed to increase the payment please do so


PANZER LEADER – General HEINZ GUDERIAN & Front-Line Stalingrad – Victor Nekrasov

Panzer Leader – General Heinz Guderian

Ace Books To any UK address


The Dead Look On – Gerald Kersh

Ace Books 1960 – “To the Murdered men of Lidice ; and to the women and children who are worse than dead” Posted to any UK address



Front-Line Stalingrad – Victor Nekrasov

Fontan 1964 1st – “The Bloodiest battle of World War II relived by a young Russian officer” Through the post to a UK address


APRIL Stock Check and new listings

Please note, I have not always used full names, so doing a search on the last name only may be the best bet.

Aenold William / Cooper MortonThe Naked Canvas / French MaidLancer£2.50vg
Albert MarvinDuel at DiabloCoronet£2.50vg1966
Aldiss BrianThe InterpreterFour Square£3.00vg1967
Amis KingsleyTake a Girl Like YouPenguin£2.50vg
Anderson MHer Mothers HusbandNewstand Library£5.00vg+1960
AnonymousI, MobsterGaywood£20.00vg-
Armstrong AnthonyThe Trail of FearMethuen£2.50vg dj
Armstrong ThomasPilling Always PaysFontana£2.50vg1960
Arrow WilliamReturn to the Planet of the ApesBallantine£2.50vg1976
Aswell Mary Louise EditorNew Short NovelsBallantine£2.50vg1954
Bachmann LawrenceThe PhoenixFontana£2.50vg-1958
Balchin NigelA Walk through the WoodsFontana£2.50vg1955
Balchin NigelSundry CreditorsFontana£3.00f1957
Balchin NigelThe Fall of the SparrowFontana£3.00f1958
Ballinger Bill SThe Body BeautifulWDL£5.00f1960
Barclay WilliamThe Plain Man’s Book of PrayersFontana£2.50vg
Barnes Margaret CampbellThe King’s ChoiceDell£2.50f
Barnes-Grundy MabelAn Undressed HeroineHutchinson£2.50vg
Bennett ArnoldThe CardGuild£2.50vg1952
Bickers Richard T10.00 hoursDigit£5.00vg
Birkenhead Earl ofTurning Points in HistoryHutchinson£2.00vg
Bishop JimThe Day Christ DiedFontana£2.50g1959
Blake KenThe Professionals 2 – Long ShotSphere£2.50vg-1978
Blake KenThe Professionals 4 – Hunter HuntedSphere£2.50vg-1978
Blake NicholasThere’s Trouble BrewingFontana£2.00vg-1956
Blish JamesStar TrekBantam£2.50vg1967
Bodkin ThomasThe Approach to PaintingFontana£2.50vg
Bogard DaleNobody Knows the DeadWorld Distributors£25.00vg1951
Boulle PierreMonkey PlanetPenguin£2.50vg+1975
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontana£4.00f1956
Boulle PierreThe Bridge on the River KwaiFontana£2.50vg-
Boulle PierreSacrifice in MalayaFontana£2.50f1959
Bowen MarjorieBecause of these ThingsMethuen£2.00vg-1941
Boyle AndrewNo Passing GloryFontana£2.50vg1959
Brand MaxThe Jackson TrailH&S 9d£3.00vg
Breuer BessieMemory of LovePerma£2.50vg1953
Bryant ArthurEnglish SagaFontana£1.00vg-1953
Bulmer KennethSwords of the BarbariansNEL£2.50vg
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgi£2.50vg+
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusNEL£2.50vg+1972
Burroughs Edgar RiceSavage PellucidarTandem£2.50vg1974
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land of Hidden MenTandem£2.50vg+1976
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mad KingAce£2.50vg
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Monster MenTandem£2.50vg1976
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Oakdale AffairCharter£3.00vg
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Del Ray£2.50vg1980
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Jungle Tales of TarzanPinnacle£5.00vg1954
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Lad and the LionAce£2.50vg1978
Burroughs Edgar RiceThuvia Maid of MarsFour Square£2.50vg1964
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Chessmen of MarsFour Square£3.50vg1964
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsFour Square£2.50vg1965
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusFour Square£2.50vg1964
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Fighting Man of MarsFour Square£3.50vg1966
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Four Square£3.00vg1966
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Wizard of Venus #5NEL£3.50vg1973
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2NEL£2.50vg1974
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars #11NEL£2.50vg1975
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusNEL£2.50vg1978
Byrne DonnBrother SaulSampson Low£2.50vg
Calthrop Dion ClaytonThe Sentimental CynicBenn£2.50vg1933
Campbell John WThe Moon is HellNEL£2.50vg1975
Carmichael HarryPut Out That starFontana£2.00vg
Carter LinThongor and the Wizard of LemuriaBerkley£4.00vg
Carter LinBlack Legion of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinCallipygiaDaw£4.00vg1988
Carter LinGiant of Worlds EndFive Star£2.50vg+1972
Carter LinSky Pirates of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinThe Nemesis of EvilPopular Library£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Quest of KadjiFive Star£2.50vg1973
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeTandom£2.50vg1970
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeWarner£4.00vg+1979
Carter LinThongor Fights the Pirates of TarakusUniversal£2.50vg1979
Carter LinThongor of LemuriaTandem£2.50vg1973
Carter LinUnder the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1972
Carter LinWhen the Green Star CallsDaw£5.00vg1973
Carter LinBy the Light of the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1974
Carter LinAs the Green Star RisesDaw£2.00vg-1975
Carter LinThe Enchantress of Worlds EndDaw£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinThe Immortal of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1976
Carter LinThe Barbarian of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1977
Carter LinThe Wzard of ZaoDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Pirates of World’s EndDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Valley Where Time Stood StillPopular Library£4.00vg+1976
Carter LinJourney to the Underground WorldDaw£4.00vg1979
Carter LinZanthodonDaw£5.00vg+1980
Carter LinLost WorldsDaw£4.00vg1980
Carter LinIn the Green Star’s GlowDaw£5.00vg1976
Carter LinHurok of the Stone AgeDaw£5.00vg+1981
Carter LinDarya of the Bronze AgeDaw£4.00vg1981
Carter LinEric of ZanthodonDaw£5.00vg1982
Carter LinKesrickDaw£4.00vg1982
Carter LinDragonrougeDaw£5.00vg+1984
Carter LinFound WaitingDaw£4.00vg1985
Carter LinMandricardoDaw£5.00vg+1987
Carter LinGiant of Words EndBelmont£4.00vg1969
Carter LinThe Black StarDell£2.50vg1973
Carter LinDown to the Sunless SeaDaw£4.00vg1984
Carter LinThe Man Who Loved Marsgold Medal£4.00vg1973
Carter LinThongor Against the GodsTandem£2.50vg1970
Carter LinLankar of CallistoDell£4.00vg+1975
Carter LinMind Wizards of CallistoDell£5.00vg1975
Carter LinMad Empress of CallistoDell£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinTime WarDell£4.00vg1974
Carter LinThongor in the City of MagiciansTandom£3.00vg1973
Carter LinYlana of CallistoDell£4.00vg1977
Carter LinRenegade of CallistoDell£4.00vg1978
Carter LinTower at the Edge of TimeBelmont£4.00vg+1972
Carter LinBeyond the Gates of DreamBelmont£2.50vg1972
Carter Lin / Long Frank BelknaThe Thief of ThothBelmont£2.50vg1968
Carter Lin / Neville KrisThe Flame of IridarBelmont£2.50vg1967
Carter Lin EditorFlashing Swords 2Mayflower£2.50vg
Carter Lin editorFlashing Swords 1Mayflower£2.50vg1974
Caruso JosephThe PriestWDL£3.00f1960
Charlesworth TSt. Michael and All Angels Thornhill£2.00vg+
Charteris LeslieThe Saint and Mr TealHodder£2.50vg+1963
Charteris LeslieThe Happy HighwaymanHodder£2.50vg1973
Chase James HadleySafer DeadRobert Hale£10.00vg1956
Chase James HadleyThe Dead Stay DumbPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyThe World in my PocketPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyTrusted Like a FoxCorgi£2.50
Chase James HadleyNo Orchids for Miss BlandishPanther£2.50vg1961
Chase James HadleyYou’ve Got it ComingPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyLay Her Among the LiliesPanther£2.50vg+
Chase James HadleyBelieved ViolentPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyAn Ear to the GroundPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe Doll’s Bad NewsPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe Soft CentreCorgi£2.50
Chase James HadleyGoldfish Have no Hiding PlaceCorgi£2.50
Chase James HadleyMy Laugh Comes LastCorgi£2.50
Chase James HadleyMiss Shumway Waves a HandPanther£2.50vg
Chase James HadleyWe’ll Share a Doule FuneralCorgi£2.50
Chase James HadleyTiger by the TailPanther£2.50
Chesterton GKOrthadoxyFontana£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterThis Man is DangerousFontana£10.00vg+1954
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get me WrongFontana£2.50vg-
Cheyney PeterCan Ladies KillFontana£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaFontana£2.50vg-1960
Cheyney PeterThe Urgent HangmanFontana£2.50vg1961
Cheyney PeterSorry You’ve Been troubledFontana£5.00vg1961
Cheyney PeterMister Caution Mister CallighanFontana£5.00vg+1961
Cheyney PeterDark WantonFontana£3.00f
Cheyney PeterVelvet Johnnie etcFontana£3.00f
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£2.50vg+1973
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£4.00vg1953
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they ask Evans?Fontana£3.50vg-1956
Christie AgathaAfter the FuneralFontana£3.50vg
Christie AgathaHickory Dickory DockFontana£4.00vg1958
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaHerule Poirot’s ChristmasFontana£4.00f1959
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaA Pocket Full of RyeFontana£5.00vg+1958
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£4.00vg
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroFontana£5.00f1959
Christie AgathaSad CypressFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaDeath Comes at the EndFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaThey Came to BagdadFontana£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideFontana£3.00vg1962
Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg1961
Christie AgathaDead Man’s FollyFontana£2.50vg1960
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe Listerdale MysteryFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£5.00vg1961
Christie AgathaThe Sitaford MysteryFontana£3.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesFontana£4.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaOrdeal by InnocenceFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsFontana£2.50vg1962
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaCards on the TableFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThey do it With MirrorsFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDestination UnknownFontana£2.50vg1964
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£3.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesFontana£5.00vg+1962
Christie AgathaN or MFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryFontana£3.00vg
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicarageFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe Adventure of the Christmas PuddingFontana£4.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£2.50vg+1963
Christie AgathaMurder at the Gallop / After he FuneralFontana£2.50vg-1963
Christopher JohnTripods – City of Gold and LeadPuffin£2.50vg+
Cleary JonBack of SunsetFontana£2.50vg+1961
Cleary JonNorth from ThursdayFontana£2.50vg
Cloete StuartThe Curve and the TuskFontana£2.50vg1957
Cloete StuartGazellaFontana£2.50vg-1960
Compton JohnLife of the SpiderFontana£2.50vg-
Conkin Groff Editor17 X InfinityDell£2.50vg+1963
Conte ManfredJeopardyFontana£2.50f
Cost MarshThe Hour AwaitsFontana£2.50vg-1957
Cowles VirginiaThe Phantom MajorFontana£5.00vg
Coxe George HarmonMurder on their MindsWDL£5.00f1959
Curtiss UrsulaThe WaspTandem£5.00vg+1965
Danielsson BengiLove in the South SeasAce UK£2.50vg1958
Danielsson BengtForgotten Islands of the South SeasAce UK£2.00vg-1960
Davis GordonCounterfeit KillGold Medal£5.00f1964
de Camp & MillerGenus HomoBerkley£2.50vg1961
Delafield EMTensionHutchinson£2.50vg
Delafield EMThe Heel of AchillesHutchinson£2.00vg
Derleth August EditorThe Outer ReachesConsul£4.00
Earl LawrenceThe Crocodile HuntFontana£3.00vg
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Man the FugitiveAward£2.50vg1974
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes #2 Escape to TomorrowAward£2.50vg1975
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Journey into TerrorAward£2.50vg1975
Elliot LeeBio-MutonCurtis£5.00vg-1952
Ellis RoystonMyself for FameConsul£10.00vg1964
Ertz SusanIn the Cool of the DayFontana£2.50vg
Farran RoyWinged DaggerFontana£2.50vg1955
Farran RoyJungle ChaseFontana£2.50vg
Fehrenbach TRThe Battle of AnzioMonarch£2.50
Feldstein Albert B EditorThe Portable MADSignet£2.50vg+1970
Fergusson BernardThe Rare AdventureFontana£2.50vg-
Ferrars ElizabethAlways Say DieFontana£2.50vg1962
FitzGerald NigelImagine a ManFontana£2.50vg1961
Fox Gardner FKothar Barbarian SwordsmanStar£5.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Lost QueenParamount£3.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Wizards SwordLeasure£4.00vg+1976
Fox Gardner FKothar and the Demon QueenTower£3.00vg+
Franklin MaxStarsky & Hutch #8Ballantine£2.50vg1978
Fullerton CharlesBeloved EnemyFontana£2.50vg
Garve AndrewMurder in MoscowFontana£4.00vg1954
Garve AndrewThe Golden DeedFontana£2.50vg
Geer AndrewCanton AirliftFontana£2.50vg
Gesson MattTropic of ClioBedside Books£50.00vg
Gibbs PhilipThe Street of AdventureHutchinson£1.50vg dj
Gielgud ValThe High JumpFontana£2.50vg
Gielgud ValGallow’s FootFontana£2.50vg1962
Glinto DarcyDeep South SlaveRobin Hood£50.00vg1951
Glinto DarcyYou took me keep meRobin Hood£50.00vg1950
Goodchild GeorgeReturn to EdenJackdaw£2.50vg1937
Gorham NicholasCompany GirlMonarch£2.50vg1963
Graeme BruceBlackshirt AgainHutchinson£2.50vg dj
Gray BerkeleyThe Conquest TouchFontana£2.50vg-
Gray BerkeleyTarget for ConquestFontana£2.50vg-
Gribble LeonardTranatlantic TroubleCherry Tree£3.50vg
Hadow MariaPaying Guest in SiberiaFontana£2.50vg1961
Halacy D SAmerica’s Major Air DisastersMonarch£2.50vg1961
Halliday BrettMurder and the Married VirginDell£2.00vg-1963
Hamilton DonaldMatt Helm – The MenacersCoronet£2.50vg1969
Hanley GeraldThe Year of the LionFontana£2.50vg+
Harrison Harrysf Impulse 9 – Moorcock – Ice SchoonerCompact£5.00vg1966
Harrison JaneMyths of Greece & RomeBenn£2.50vg1928
Hartley HowardDeath of CeciliaFontana£3.50f
Hertzler Arthur EThe Horse & Buggy DoctorPocket Book£2.00vg
Higgins JackThe Violent EnemyCoronet£2.50vg1978
Higgins JackThe Keys of HellCoronet£2.50vg1980
Hill Douglas EditorWarlocks and WarriorsMayflower£2.50vg
Hinde ThomasA Place Like HomeCorgi£2.50vg1965
Holmes LPThe PlunderersCorgi£2.50vg1959
Homer & AssociatesA Bedside OdysseyOlimpia£2.50f
Horrocks BrianA Full LifeFontana£2.50f
Howard HartleyThe Last DeceptionFontana£2.50vg1961
Howard Robert EWorms of the EarthZebra£2.50vg
Hunter EvanStrangers When we MeetCorgi£2.50vg+
Huston HCWith Murder for SomePerma£5.00vg1954
Innes HammondThe Blue IceFontana£3.50vg
Innes HammondAir BridgeFontana£4.00f
Innes HammondWreckers Must BreatheFontana£2.50vg1961
Innes HammondThe Angry MountainFontana£2.50vg
Innes HammondDead and AliveFontana£2.50vg
Innes HammondCampbell’s KingdomFontana£4.00vg
Innes HammondThe Land God Gave to CainFontana£2.50vg1961
Innes HammondMaddon’s RockFontana£2.50vg1964
Innes HammondThe Doomed OasisFontana£2.50vg1965
Innes HammondWreakers Must BreathFontana£2.50vg1965
Innes HammondThe Strange LandFontana£2.50vg+
Innes HammondThe Lonely SkierFontana£2.50vg1965
Innes HammondThe Killer MineFontana£2.50vg1965
Innes HammondThe Angry MountainFontana£2.50vg1965
Innes HammondAir BridgeFontana£2.50vg1964
Jacob NaomiRootsHutchinson£1.50vg
Jacobs ArthurA New Dictionary of MusicPenguin£2.50f1965
Jaffe RonaThe Best of EverythingPan£2.50vg
Jakes JohnConquest of the Planet of the ApesAward£2.00
Jakes JohnThe Mark of the DemonsTandem£2.50vg1976
Jakes JohnBrak the BarbarianTower£4.00vg+
Jakes JohnBrak the Barbarian Versus the SorceressPaperback Library£2.50vg1969
James DonDark HungerMonarch£5.00vg+1958
Jay CharlotteThe Man who Walked AwayFontana£2.50vg-
Jenkins GeoffreyA Twist of SandFontana£2.50vg1961
Jessup RichardNight Boat To ParisWDL£5.00f1960
Johnson KenZoltan Hound of DraculaEverest£2.50vg1977
Jones RaymondThe Non-Statistical ManBelmont£2.50vg1968
Kauffmann LaneKill the BelovedLion£1.50vg-1958
Kendricks JamesThe AdulterersMonarch£2.50vg-1960
Kielland AxelLive DangerouslyFontana£3.00f1955
Klemmer HarveyHarbour NightsGardner£25.00vg1941
Kneale NigelTomato Cain etcFontana£2.50vg
Knight DamonBeyond the BarrierCorgi£2.50vg1966
Krepps Robert WGamble My Last GamePanther£2.50f1961
Lamming GeorgeIn the Castle of my SkinAce£10.00vg1960
Latimer JonathanThe Dead Don’t CareMethuen£2.50vg dj
Leitch PatriciaRunning WildArmada£2.00vg+
Leslie PeterThe Man from UNCLE #7 Radioactive CamelFour Square£2.50vg-1966
Lewis CSThe Screwtape LettersFontana£2.50vg-1955
Lewis CSReflections on the PsalmsFontana£2.50vg1962
Lewis CSThe Four LovesFontana£2.50vg-1964
Lindop Audrey ErskineThe Singer not the SongFontana£2.50f1959
Lipsky EleazarThe ScientistsCardinal£2.50vg1959
Livingston Harold EThe Coasts of the EarthBallantine£2.50vg1954
Long Frank Belknap / Carter Li..and others shall be bornBelmont£2.50vg1968
MacDonald GeorgePhantastesBallantine£2.50
Macdonald PhilipPatrolFontana£2.50g+
Macdonald PhilipThe Nursemaid Who DisappearedFontana£7.50vg1958
Maclean AlistairHMS UlyssesFontana£2.50vg
Maclean AlistairThe Guns of NavaroneFontana£4.00vg1961
Maclean AlistairThe Satan BugFontana£2.50vg-1964
Mansfield PaulFinal ExposureFontana£2.50vg
Margulies Leo EditorThree Times InfinityGold Medal£2.50vg
Marquand John PThank You Mr MotoFontana£2.50vg1960
Marric JJGideon’s RiskHodder£4.00f1962
Marsh NgaioSpinsters in JeopardyFontana£2.50vg-1960
Marsh NgaioVintage MurderFontana£2.50vg-1961
Marsh NgaioThe Nursing Home MurderFontana£2.50vg-1963
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolFontana£2.50
Marshall RosamondThe General’s WenchWDL£10.00f1959
Martin Ian KennedyThe Sweeney #2 Regan and the Manhattan FileFutura£5.00vg1976
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongFontana£2.50f1960
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongFontana£5.00vg1960
Masterman Walter SDeath Turns TraitorMethuen£2.00vg
Maybury AnneShadow of a StrangerFontana£2.50vg-
McGivern WilliamMargin of TerrorFontana£2.50vg-
McGivern WilliamNight ExtraFontana£2.50vg
McGovern JamesThe Berlin CouriersPyramid£2.50vg1961
McNeilly WilfredWanted for QuestioningSexton Blake£2.50vg
Merritt AThe Face in the AbyssFutura£2.50vg-
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelLord of the SpidersNEL£3.50vg1971
Moorcock MichaelMoorcock’s Book of MartyrsMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Dancers at the End of TimeGhranada£4.00vg1983
Moorcock MichaelThe Stealer of SoulsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Eternal ChampionMayflower£2.50vg+1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormMayflower£2.50vg1973
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormDell£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe End of all SongsGranada£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg1972
Moorcock MichaelThe Quest for TanelornMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionQuartet£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearMayflower£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfDaw£10.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelA Cure for CancerFontana£5.00vg+
Neill RobertWitch BaneArrow£5.00vg1968
Neville Kris / Carter LinPeril of the StarmenBelmont£2.50vg1967
Neville MargotMurder of OlympiaFontana£2.50vg1961
Norman LesliePrelude to MurderDigit£2.00vg-
Not CreditedTrue Prison TalesSuperior Detective£10.00vg1946
Not ListedReturn of the Jedi (Comic Version)Piccolo£2.50vg
Oram JohnThe Man from UNCLE #4 Ston-cold Dead in the MarketFour Square£2.50vg1966
Orczy BaronessUnravelled KnotsHutchinson£2.50vg dj
Parker RichardThe Three PebblesScottie£2.50vg1956
Parkinson C NorthcoteParkinson’s LawMurray£2.50vg+1962
Pasternak BorisDoctor ZhivagoFontana£2.501961
Patchett MaryWild BrotherFontana£2.50vg1957
Paton AlanToo Late the PhalaropeSignet£2.50vg1961
Patrick DianaVain PantomimeHutchinson£2.50vg
Pendleton FordHell RiderGraphic£2.50vg-1955
Postgate RaymondVerdict of TwelvePocket Book£2.50
Powell AnthonyBooks Do Furnish a RoomFontana£2.50vg1972
Price WillardSouth Sea AdventureScottie£2.50
Raine William MacLeodThe Fighting EdgeH&S 9d£5.00vg
Rayner DAThe Enemy BelowFontana£4.00f1958
Rayner DAThe Long FightFontana£2.50vg1960
Rendall RonaRunaway from LoveFontana£2.50vg+
Renin PaulThe BruteLocker£20.00vg1946
Rey Lester DelNervesBallantine£2.50vg1956
Reyburn WallaceFollow a ShadowPanther£2.50vg+1963
Reynolds Quentin70,000 to onePyramid£5.00vg+1968
Rice ElmerThe Show Must Go OnConsul£2.50vg1962
Rice John AndrewLocal ColourWDL£5.00vg
Richardson J SStirling CastleHMSO£2.50vg+1978
Roberts EditorThe Centuries’ Poets 4: Hood to HardyPelican£1.00vg1945
Roberts KennethThe Lively LadyFontana£2.50vg
Robeson Kenneth#01 Doc Savage – The Man of BronzeCorgi£2.50vg-
Robeson Kenneth#03 Doc Savage – Meteor MenaceCorgi£1.00vg-
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #05 The Frosted DeadWarner£4.00vg
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #06 The Blood RingWarner£4.00vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #07 Stockholders in DeathWarner£3.50vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #08 The Glass MountainWarner£3.00vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #09 Tuned for MurderWarner£3.00vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #10 The Smiling DogWarner£4.00vg
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #12 The Flame BreathersWarner£4.00vg_
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #12 The Flame BreathersWarner£3.50vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #13 Murder on WheelsWarner£4.00vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #14 Three Gold CrownsWarner£4.00f
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #15 House of DeathWarner£4.00vg+
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #17 NevloWarner£4.00f
Robeson KennethThe Avenger #21 The Happy KillerWarner£4.00vg+
Robeson Kenneth#27 Doc Savage – Mystery at SeaBantam£2.50vg1968
Royden MaudThe Problem of PalestineHutchinson£2.00vg dj
Runyon Charles WThe Bloody JungleAce£5.00vg
Russell LordThe Scourge of the SwastikaCorgi£2.50vg1959
Rutherford DouglasGrand Prix MurderFontana£3.00vg
Rutherford DouglasA Shriek of TyresFontana£3.50f
Sabatini RafaelFortune’s FoolHutchinson£2.50vg
Sanderson Ivan TMore “Things”Pyramid£2.50vg1969
Sartre Jean-PaulIntimacyPanther£2.50vg1963
Schiddel EdmundBreak-UpPanther£1.00vg-1962
Schweitzer AlbertMore from the Primeval ForestFontana£2.50vg
Sdaberhagen FredBrother AssassinBallantine£1.00vg-1969
Seifert ElizabethA Certain Doctor FrenchPocket Book£1.50vg-1947
Seifert ElizabethThe Young Doctor GalahadPocket Book£2.50vg1946
Shann ReneeTogether as StrangersFontana£2.50vg
Sharp MargeryBritannia MewsFontana£2.50f1961
Shaw ArthurDoctors for HireWDL£3.00f1960
Shayle LauraThe Heart Has ReasonsMerit£2.50vg
SimenonThe StowawayWDL£10.00vg+
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Spillane MickeyThe FlyerCorgi£2.50vg1967
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgi£1.50vg1969
Spillane MickeyThe Delta FactorCorgi£2.50vg1971
Spillane MickeyKiller MineCorgi£1.50vg1973
Statton VargoNebula XScion£8.00vg-
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Stevenson DECharlotte FairlieFontana£2.50vg
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Symons JulianThe Progress of a CrimeFontana£5.00vg-
Taylor Samuel WThe Man with My FacePenguin£2.50vg
Telscombe AnneMiss Bagshot Goes to MoscoFontana£2.50vg1962
Townend PaulThe Man on the End of the RopeFontana£2.50vg-1962
Tracy DonThe Hated OnePocket Book£2.50vg1964
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontana£2.50vg1960
Ullman James RamseyThe White TowerFontana£2.50vg1954
Ullman James RamseyBanner in the SkyFontana£2.50vg1958
Vann GeraldThe Divine PityFontana£2.50vg1962
Verne JulesRound the World in Eighty DaysFontana£3.50f
Walbrook LouiseGordonOlympia£5.00f
Walker LucyKingdom of the HeartFontana£2.50f1961
Wallace EdgarThe AvengerArrow£1.50vg1973
Wallace EdgarThe BrigandH&S£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe DoubleH&S£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarThe Three Just MenH&S 9d£5.00vg
Wallace EdgarThe People of the RiverWard Lock£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarBosambo of the RiverWard Lock£2.50vg
Wallace EdgarBonesWard Lock£2.50vg+
Wallace EdgarThe Keepers of the King’s PeaceWard Lock£2.50vg+
Wallace EdgarThe Last AdventureHutchinson£1.00vg-
Walmsley LeoLove in the SunFontana£5.00vg
Walmsley LeoThree FeversFontana£5.00vg+
Ward BradFrontier StreetPanther£2.50f1960
Waring MollyHarvest of the HeartPemberton£2.50vg
Wells HGThe First Man in the MoonFontana£2.50vg+1960
West ElliotThe Night is a Time for ListeningCorgi£2.50vg
Whittington HarryThe Man from UNCLE #2 /Doomsday AffairFour Square£2.50vg+1966
Wilhelm GalePaulaLion£5.00vg1956
Williams EricThe Wooden HorseFontana£3.00vg1960
Williams EricThe tunnelFontana£2.50vg1955
Williams Robert MooreZanthar at Moon’s MadnessLancer£2.50vg1968
Williamson CNLast Year’s WifeBenn£2.50vg-1932
Wilson EdmondThe Scrolls from the Dead SeaFontana£2.50vg
Wison EdmundThe Scrolls from the Dead SeaFontana£1.00vg-1957
Wyss Johann RudolfThe Swiss Family RobinsonFontana£2.50vg1961
Young DesmondRommelFontana£2.50vg1955
Young EHMiss MoleGuild£5.00vg


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445Fantasy and Science Fiction197305£2.50Jack Vance – Brennan – Boles – Wellen – Bates – Malzberg – Goldberg – Janifer – Deford
914Analog197306£2.50Frank Kelly Freas Janifer – Deitchman – Snatsky – Pierce – Pournelle
446Fantasy and Science Fiction197306£2.50Jack Vance – Lumley – Wilson – Etchison – Warner – Goulart – Ray Bradbury – Buck
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916Analog197308£2.50Dickson – Chilson – Lewis – Fisher – Perkins – Hudgins
452Fantasy and Science Fiction197308£2.50Davidson – Dorman – Wagner – Skal – Lanier – Goulart – Maclennan – Petrie
921Analog197309£2.00Schurmack – Maxwell – Rager – Janifer – Martin – Gorden R Dickson
922Analog197310£2.50G Harry Stine – Cochrane – D’attore – McIntyre – Richmond – O’Donnell – Dickson
923Analog197311£2.50Schmidt – Haldeman – Goulart – Dorman – Plauger
924Analog197312£2.00Goulart – Baumont – Perkins – Cain – Schmidt
925Analog197401£2.50Cochrane – DeBaun – Niven – Schmidt
926Analog197402£2.00Nemeth – Walling – Haldeman – Plauger – Coad – Gillette – Thompson
931Analog197403£2.00Pournelle – Green – Malzberg – Barton – Brennan – Nemeth – Walling
932Analog197404£2.50Brenda Pearce Spider Robinson – Larry Niven – Charles Eric Maine – Nemeth – Walling
933Analog197405£2.50(vg) Jesse Miller – Tak Hallus – Martin – Phillifent – Lloyd Biggle – Brennan
934Analog197406£2.50Tak Hallus – R R Martin – Van Scyoc – Bester – Silent
935Analog197407£2.50Jerry Pournell – Plauger – Buckley – Zelazny – Burns – Hallus
471Fantasy and Science Fiction197407£2.50Sterling E Lanier – Robert Thurston – Charles W Runyon – Maskell Barkin – Larry Trtten – Michael G Coney – Barry N Malzberg – Margaret St Clair – Harvey Jacobs
936Analog197408£2.50Dickson – Olsen – Marcus – Bunn – Hallus
941Analog197409£2.50Rotsler – Melen – Deitchman =- Brennert – Haldeman – Ewing – John W Clark
944Analog197412£2.50(vg) William Walling – Bob Buckley – Alfred Bester – Eisenstein –
945Analog197501£2.50Larry Nivan – Joe Halderman – Katherine MacLean
952Analog197502£2.50(f) Gordon R Dickson – Harry Harrison – Keith Laumer – Stephen Robinett – Chuck Wilson – Bob Buckley – Oberg
482Fantasy and Science Fiction197502£2.50Eisenstein – Varley – Avram Davidson – O’Neil – Russ – Lupoff – Drake
953Analog197503£2.50William Tuning – Ewing Edgar – PJ Plauger – Sonya Dorman – Heyford Peirce – Dickson – Harrison
483Fantasy and Science Fiction197503£2.50Eklund – Somers – Lafferty – Harrison – Wellman – Clingerman – Fritz Leiber – De Camp
954Analog197504£2.50(f) Brenda Pearce – Gregory Benford – Gordon R Dickson – Harry Harrison – Sullivan – Baird – Albus
484Fantasy and Science Fiction197504£2.50Silverberg – Effinger – Grant – Moore – Jon Fast – Hoskins – Buck
955Analog197505£2.50(f) Lisa Tuttle – George R R Martin – Algis Budrys – Spider Robinson – Macfarlane – Sutch
956Analog197506£2.50Roger Zelazney – James Gunn – Dr.Irving Michelson – Bever – Bartholomew – Vinicoff – Martin
957Analog197507£2.50R R Martin – Norman Spinrad – Roger Zelazny – Borski – Fisher – Brennert – Peirce
958Analog197508£2.50Jerry Pournelle – Robert L Forward – Joan & Vernor Vinge – Peirce – Zelazny – Oberg – Durant
959Analog197509£2.50(vg) Hoagland – Dickson – Eklund – Benford -Hanson
493Fantasy and Science Fiction197509£2.50Thurston – Garrett – Manders – Lumley – Cogswell – Moore – Penny – Martin
9512Analog197512£2.00Anderson – Dozois – Shaw – Dern – Green
961Analog197601£2.00Frank Herbert – Morris – Grant – Brennan
962Analog197602£2.00Bear – Peirce – Asimov – Herbert
963Analog197603£2.00Laumer – Brennan – Herbert – Robinett
964Analog197604£2.00de Camp – Peirce – Buckley – Schaub
965Analog197605£2.50Richard & Nancy Carrigan – George O Smith – Gordon Eklund – Robinett – Ford
966Analog197606£2.50Stanley Schmidt – Christpher Anvil – B Harry Stine – Peirce – Schumack – Carrigan
967Analog197607£2.50Joe Haldeman – Norman Spinrad – Warwick – Guthridge – Schmidt
968Analog197608£2.50Robert Silverberg – Carl Sagan (interview) – Vinicoff – Martin – Sparhawk
969Analog197609£2.50Cochrane – McIntyre – Darnay – Underhill – Silverberg
9610Analog197610£2.50Joan D Vinge – Robert Silverberg – Thomas A Easton – Dern – Patrouch – Carr
9611Analog197611£2.50Spider Robinson – Margaret L Silbar – George Sassoon – James E Oberg – Sam Nicholson – Muurray Yaoo – Melissa Leach Dowd – William Walling
9612Analog197612£2.50Buckley – Plauger – Bunn – Leigh – Eklund – Garrett
521Fantasy and Science Fiction197701£2.50Fritz Leiber – Eklund – Benford – Tall – Lafferty – Boles – Utley
971Analog197701£2.00Skinner – Sparhawk – Peirce – Tellur – Darney – Robinett – Williamson
972Analog197702£2.50Silber – Gribbin – Bryant -Brennert – Cochrane – Ing
973Analog197703£2.50Spider & Jeanne Robinson – James Gunn – Sam Nicholson – Christopher Anvil – C L Grant – Henry Melton Heyford Peirce
974Analog197704£2.50George R R Martin – Randall Garrett – George M Ewing – Stephen Leigh – Roy L Prosterman – Bernard Deitchman Freitas
975Analog197705£2.50Hoagland – Haldeman – Preston – Farlow – St.Clair – Martin
976Analog197706£2.50Joan D Vinge – Leigh Kennedy – Trudy E Bell – Sheldon – Carr – Tellure – Martin
977Analog197707£2.50David Drake – Stanley Schmidt – George R R Martin – Schmidt – Wood – Czerwony – St. Davids
978Analog197708£2.50Robert Lynn Asprin – Larry Nivan – Kevin O’Donnell Jr – Arthur M Dula – Card – Macfarlane – Tellure – Nicholson
979Analog197709£2.50Keith Laumer – Stanley Schmidt – Rachel C Payes – David Drake – Charles Ott – Sam Nicholson – Ron Goulet – Edmundo Hamiltowne
9710Analog197710£2.50Mack Reynolds – Laumer – Spider Robinson – Marcia Martin – Eric Vinicoff – Jeff Hecht – Nahin
9711Analog197711£2.50McLaughlin – Buchanan – Reynolds – Robinson – Baker – Card – Patrrouch
9712Analog197712£2.50Schmidt – Gallun – Ragsdale – Nicholson – Barr – Reynolds
981Analog197801£2.50Nicholson – Ing – Schmidt – Silbar Modesitt – Darnay – O’Donnell
982Analog197802£2.50Vinge – MsIntyre – Mrtin – Gribbin – Card – O’Donnell – Maize
983Analog197803£2.50Olney – McIntyre – McCollum – Joan D Vinge – Douglass – Matthews –
984Analog197804£2.50Kingsbury – Card – Adams – Tucker – Nahin – Buckley – Vinge
985Analog197805£2.50Algis Budrys – Orson Scott Card – Stephen Robinett – Johns – Rothman – Cox – Sheffield
986Analog197806£2.00Joan D Vinge – Gregory Benford – Schumacher – Stewart -Garett – McDonald – Henderson
987Analog197807£2.00Donald Kinksbury – Jack Williamson – Jack Chalker – Hamil – Nahin – Sheffield – Farlow – Modesett – Darney
988Analog197808£2.50Sam Nicholson – Jack Williamson – Harlan Ellison – Deitchman – Milton – Card – Carr – Hamiltowne
989Analog197809£2.00Spider Robinson – Dean Ing – Joe Goodavange – Benford – O’Donnell – Biggle
9810Analog197810£2.50Greg Bear – Frederik Pohl – Neil Ruzic – Spider Robinson Mobbs – Card – Malzberg Eisenstein
555Fantasy and Science Fiction197811£2.50Wellen – Mendelsohn – Yolen – Young – Pronzini – de Vet – Hoshi
9811Analog197811£2.00Anderson – Poyer – Card – Halderman -Robinson – St. Davids – Sullivan – Kohn
9812Analog197812£2.50Jack Williamson – Joan D Vinge – Frank Herbert – F M Busby
556Fantasy and Science Fiction197812£2.50Glen Cook – Disch – De Camp – Green – Milton – Jennings – Russell – Mcallister
991Analog197901£2.50Varley – Lomberg – Rose – Nicholson – Schutz – Lambert – Card – St.Marie – Thurston
561Fantasy and Science Fiction197901£2.50Christopher Priest – Aikman – Rotsler – Card – Wellen – Kessel – Donaldson
992Analog197902£2.50Frank Herbert – Moravec – Martin – Hamiltowne – Ruse – Varley
562Fantasy and Science Fiction197902£2.50Thomas M Disch – Norden – Hoetker – Kelly – Yolen – Weiner – Elgin – Dixon
993Analog197903£2.50Varley – Stone – Nicholson – Bell – Arbel – Reynolds – Janifer – Suffet
563Fantasy and Science Fiction197903£2.50Thomas M Disch – Jennings – Lee Killough – Joe Patrouch – Thomas Wylde – Campbell – Malzberg
994Analog197904£2.50McCollum – Harper – Nahin – Bulychev – Byers – Benford – Sucharitkul – Sullivan – Varley
564Fantasy and Science Fiction197904£2.50Thomas M Disch – Leman – Guthridge – Wellman – Utley – Martin
995Analog197905£2.50Orson Scott Card – George W Harper – Thomas A Easton – Dueifer – Delany – Nahin – Stone – Vinicoff – Martin
565Fantasy and Science Fiction197905£2.50Kirk – Dann – Young – Philip Jose Farmer – Robert Bloch – Eklund – Anderson – Girard – Bretnor
996Analog197906£2.50Cochrane – Niven – Barnes – Ettinger – Lambert – O’Donnell – Bester – Stewart
997Analog197907£2.50Cochrane – McCollum – Bainbridge – Bishop – Buckley – Annas – Nahin – Corey – Lee Robinson
998Analog197908£2.50Nicholson – Cramer – Easton – Bryant – Tall – Cochrane
999Analog197909£2.50Card – Ritchie – Stewart – Lambe – Lambert – Croft – Byers – Zahn
9910Analog197910£2.50Simak – Reynolds – Quick – Carr – Hendrickson
9911Analog197911£2.50Mark J McGarry – Roger Arnold & Donald Kingsbury – Kevin O’Dingonnell – Thomas E Easton – Clifford D Simak
9912Analog197912£2.00Donald Kingsbury – Clifford D Simak – Roger Arnold – McLaughlin – Croft – Nahin
1001Analog198001£2.50Lisa Tuttle – Martin – Gottfried – Kennedy – Ben Bova – Asimov
1003Analog198003£2.50Buckley – Reynolds – Correy – Quick – Malzberg – Gaugil
1004Analog198004£2.50Martin – Buckley – Roach – Simak –
1005Analog198005£2.50Smith – Buckley – Easton – Tuning – West
1006Analog198006£2.50Williamson – Robinson – Franson – Nahin – Lambe – Easton
1007Analog198007£2.50Ing – Zahn – Janifer – Vinicoff – Martin – Ruse
593Fantasy and Science Fiction198009£2.50Gotschalk – Norden – Kelly – Yolen – O’Neil – Hughes – Carpenter – Malzberg – Petry
596Fantasy and Science Fiction198012£2.50Michael shea – Lisa Tuttle – Hogan – Kessel – Yermakov – John Brunner – Malzberg – Mack Reynolds – Brax – Young
601Fantasy and Science Fiction198101£2.50Effinger – Eklund – Exiter – Yolen – Goulart – Utley – Brax – Paul – Broxen
1012Analog198102£2.50Anderson – Sheffield – Vinicoff – Correy – Wodhams
1014Analog198103£2.50Harness – Zahn – Rucker – Freitas – Stewart – Byers – Paul J Nahin
603Fantasy and Science Fiction198103£2.50Eisenstein – Grubb – Thomas – Brykczynski – Barrett – Warren Brown – Bob Shaw – Ken Wiseman
1015Analog198104£2.50Modesitt – Zahn – Forward – Easton – Longyear – Oliver – Brin
604Fantasy and Science Fiction198104£2.50Bishop – Page – Shiner – Petrey – Young – Morressey – Tritten – Sullivan – Watson – Brax
1016Analog198105£2.50McLaughlin – Harness – David Brin – Matzner – Rothman – Tannehill – Shwartz
605Fantasy and Science Fiction198105£2.50Godwin – Shaver – Bryant – Grant – Pronzini – Malzberg – Goulart – Lisa Tuttle
616Fantasy and Science Fiction198112£2.50Bob Leman – Edward Wellen – Robert Silverberg -Scholz – Ron Goulart – Green – Brantingham – Scott Sanders
1025Analog198205£2.00Zahn – Johnson – Kingsbury – Griffin – Easton – Chilson
1026Analog198206£2.00Delaney – Stiegler – Kube-McDowell – Spider Robinson – Kyle – Petrouch
1027Analog198207£2.50Dulski – Zahn – Andrews – McDowell
10211Analog198211£2.50Larry Niven – Barnes – Delaney – Mark C Jarvis – Harper – Carr – McCollum
1033Analog198303£2.50Poul Anderson – Dickson – Ray Brown – Rob Chilson – Silverberg – Lyon – Jerry Oltion
1047Analog198407£2.50Verner Vinge – Calin – Ray Brown – Rainbow
1048Analog198408£2.50Verner Vinge – Stiegler – Delaney – Buckley – Walling
1049Analog198409£2.00Zahn – Schenck – Delaney – Stiegier – Gribbin – Ligon
10410Analog198410£2.00Vinicoff – Martin – Delaney – Gunn – Iverson – Brown – Sheffield
10411Analog198411£2.00Kapp – Thompson – Delaney – Vinicoff – Martin – Gribbin – Flynn
1055Analog198505£2.50Sheffield – James Gunn – J Brian Clarke – Ellis – Rothman – Fergusson – Kube-McDowell
1056Analog198506£2.50Charles Sheffield – Fisher – Donaldson – Landis – Bill Johnson – Willium F Wu – Oltion – Hardisty – Eric G Iverson
1059Analog198509£2.50Timothy Zahn – Dickson – Iverson – Oberg – Melton – Chilson – Wu
10510Analog198510£2.50Zahn – George R R Martin – Bob Buckley – Robert L Schultz – Jayge Carr
10511Analog198511£2.50Harry Turtledove – Martin – P M Fergusson – Gillett – W R Thompson – Heidi Heyer – Larry Powell – Ben Bova
10512Analog198512£2.50Spider Robinson – Bob Buckley – Dulski – Chilson – Meserole – Turtledove
1075Analog198705£2.50Turtledove – Ian Stewart – Don Sakers – Sheffield – W R Thompson – James B Johnson – Harry Melton – J Brian Clarke
1076Analog198706£2.50Turtledove – Michael F Flynn – Ben Bova – W T Quick – Rob Chilson – W R Thompson – Laurence M Janifer
1078Analog198708£2.50Joseph Manzione – W R Thompson – Ray Brown – Jerry Oltion – Sheffield – Anderson – D C Poyer – George alec Effinger
1079Analog198709£2.50Turtledove – Timothy Zahn – Rick Shelley – M L Silbar – Arlan andrews – W T Quick – Oltion – Chilson _ Wu
10710Analog198710£2.50Flynn – Chilson – Wu – Kevin O’Donnell – Joe Fischetti – Laurence M Janifer – Rick Cook – Andrews – Oltion
10712Analog198712£2.00Bujold – Turtledove – Stewart – Poyer – Kusnic
1084Analog198804£2.50W R Thompson – Kick Cook – M A McCollum – Flynn – Easton – Fergusson – Weinland
1085Analog198805£2.50Fergusson – G L Robson – Allen – O’Donnell – Eric Vinicoff – Kraus – Nahin – Turtledove – Roland Shew
1086Analog198806£2.50Elizabeth Moon – Anderson – Quick – Flynn – Pauline Ashwell – Paula Robinson – Amy Bechtel – Jack Wodhams
1087Analog198807£2.50Paulene Ashwell – Flynn – Delaney – Gribbin – Forward – Bill Johnson – A J Austin – Rowland Shew – Fischetti
1096Analog198906£2.50Flynn – Thompson – Quick – Delaney – Chase
1097Analog198907£2.00Flynn – Manzione – Goodloe – Oltion – Asimov Bova
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