These issues are all in good nick 114, 129, 183, 192, 213, 217, and 224 are all available for £3.00. 129 has two holes punched through but it has a 4 President cover that will obviously be needed the year after next.

188  has the stamps included, can’t guarantee the glue. I would like to find the issue, complete, that had the Alfred E Neuman 4 President Stamps. When I bought my copy the postage rate was 4d for a letter so I used them all and the letters (Christmas cards) were all delivered. I am looking for £5.00 for 188

#16 Super Special I also want £5.00 for.




ARCTIC WAR – Norway’s role on the Northern Front. Published by HMSO in 1945 a 64 page, well illustrated account.

THE DAM BUSTERS – Paul Brickhill. The story of 617 Squadron who’s members were awarded two Victoria Crosses and over 150 other decorations

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – August – October 1940. 36 page illustrated account published in 1941 by HMSO.

BOMBER COMMAND CONTINUES – The Air Ministry Account of the Rising Offensive Against Germany July 1941 – June 1942. HMSO 1942


Marx, Mao, & Trotsky (with an assist from Engels)

Yes I know it ain’t fashionable any more but it’s still worth a read. Ironic that the randomiser has made the Little Red Book one largest illustrations.



Quotations from Chairman Mao 0r “The Little Red Book” (I do have one of the truly “little” red books in my shop that I have placed on the shelf of bibles trying to make an ironic statement. But this paperback is on offer for £2.00

The Essential Trotsky £2.50

Terry Eagleton – Marxism and Literary Criticism – Can’t tell you anything about this book but I love the cover. £2.50

Emile Burns – Introduction to Marxism £2.50

Great Lives – Karl Marx – By Nigel Hunter 9″X 8″ 32 page book with loads of pictures published in 1987 probably for the infant school library – I wonder how many have a copy. £2.50


Manifesto of the Communist Party £2.50 

What it says on the tin but I must mention the two plates, great illustrations of Marx and Engels.


Not a publication one would expect from “Progress”

marx 016


Dicks Detecting, Spies Spying & Murderers Murdering

A couple of rarer titles in todays lot. I now have 7052 pre ’74 paperbacks in stock, that is not true I have probably nearer 10,000 in stock, but I know, or think I know, where 7052 are located. So if it seems expensive on ABE or Amazon, or they don’t even have a copy (true of two of today’s listing) then why not give me a try.


Desmond Cory  – HIGH REQUIEM – “A new Johnny Fedora Mystery” this is one not for sale on ABE or Amazon, I thought it might have been published under a different title, but it seems it has been published under this title under many covers. £5.00

Richard S Prather two Shell Scott offerings from Five Star – The Scrambled Yeggs  £2.50 and Strip For Murder £5.00

A Cherry Tree Book – by Andrew Wood – The River Will Hide Me £5.00

Agatha Christie – N or M by Dell £2.50

Ngaio Marsh – Died in the Wool – fontana – £2.50

Edgar Wallace – The Flying Squad £2.50


For most sales UK postage is free.

Sexton Blake – another update


The Case of the Second Crime – Anthony Parsons #314 £10.00

The Prisoner in the Hold – Anthony Parsons – #333 £10.00

Nine O’clock Shadow – Jack Trevor Story #407 £10.00

The Violent Ones – Peter Saxon #427 £8.00

The Big Steal – Jack Trevor Story #464 £9.00

Suddenly it’s Murder – Jack Trevor Story – #473 £10.00

Bullets Are Trumps #488 £9.00

Northern Ireland – Camera Studies

Published by the Belfast Telegraph undated but the first edition (which this could be as later editions say they are) was before 1938. Whatever, 39 high quality colour studies on quality paper, unfortunately printed back to back, so would only give 20 framed photos.

This is available in my shop for the ridiculously low price of £5.00.

Yorkshire Guides and Stuff (mostly churches)(only because it’s somewhere cheap to take the kids when it rains)


Scarborough. 36 pages 1955 illustrated story of Parish Church

Newby Hall 32 page well illustrated guide book. Undated but priced originally at 2/6

Borrowdale 24 page illustrated booklet by Shelagh Sutton published in 1961 by Borrowdale Woman’s Institute (with their clothes on I presume)

Kilburn 28 pages, undated about 1960, written by the vicar.

Whitby Abbey by Peter Hood 68 page well illustrated published in1927

Bridlington – 56 pages illustrated guide to Priory Church undated.

Shibden Hall – Halifax 24 page 1953 illustrated guide.

Whitby old parish Church 24 page illustrated guide revised 1950

Guide Book

P & P will be £1.00 to UK


PUSH & PULL … The magazine of Keighley and Worth Valley Railway


30 issues from 1965 (Ninepence) to 1972 (at 10p) shows you what decimalisation did.

I tried for a varied sample of covers but surprisingly enough they all feature trains, there is one issue covering the filming of “The Railway Children”

I am looking for £5.00 for the lot. Less than the price of two copies in 1972. A bargain in anyone’s language.


All the items listed here are available in my shop for £2.50


The Beatles Yesterday Today….Tomorrow by Rochelle Larkin

The Beatles Quiz Book by Bill Harry

The Love You Make by Brown and Gains

The Beatles Lyrics Complete. Introduced by Jimmy Saville – this obviously couldn’t be published today, not just because of JS but all lyrics are available on ‘tinernet.

Let me Take You Down by Jack Jones

Tell my Why by Tim Riley

John Lennon 10 Years On

The Beatles Complete. Published by HMV I am presuming this was given away with a boxed set.

A Modern Morality Tale

Whilst moving books to allow the window fitters to fit a window, my wife and I were overjoyed when we found a five pence piece, only to have our celebrations cut short when we realised it was a Dutch five cent. To exasperate matters it was pre Euro.
However this story has a happy ending because about an hour later we did find a real 5p.
The end of this story is that the windows and door have been renewed. All I need to do now is put all the books somewhere that might allow customers into the shop. A couple of weeks at the very most optimistic.


Hank Janson

I think these cover artists are into shoulders in a big way “Noiquet” especially. I know it is not everyone’s taste but I don’t think Reginald can be beaten for the early Hank Janson covers. Did you know he also illustrated children’s books?


All titles £5.00 except Model in Mayhem at £3.00 and Make Mine Mink and Globe Probe at £2.50.


I did debate about showing all the covers as the illustration only changes once (apart from colour, for Americans that’s color ) but they do have an index of sorts on the cover.


JAN W Riley – Alfred J Brown – Ella Pontefract – The Brown Rat – Phyllis Kelway – R A Peppersall
FEB Wharfedale – W. Childe – Dennis Mallet – P R Saville – Stainmore – W Riley -Dale Houses – E Pomtefract – F Riley – P Kelway – Wensleydale – R B Fawcett
MAR Ella Pontefract – Gipsies – T Thirkill- Winifred Betham – Arncliffe – Col. John Birkbeck – Northern Dales –
APRIL D. Mallet – Cricket J K Crawford – Wharfe – E Pontefract – P Kelway – Nora Nicholson – Potholers N Thornber – Kilnsey Show Miller – Lidesfarne – Lineham
MAY Stanley Umpleby – Nidderdale – Ida K Spilsbury – The Moorhen – J R Ogden – Three Whernsides Walk – Cullingford – Castle Bolton School – G Nathan
JUNE P Kelway – Bowland – Wordsworth A J Brown- The Three Peaks –
JULY P Kelway – Dentdale Pontefract Hartley – Manpouri Ratcliffe –
AUG “P Kelway – J Walton – “”Grandma Dibb”” G B Wood – I K Spilsbury”
SEPT Dialect E Gaukroger- P Kelway – Cobbydale Nail Makers J Walton – Ingleborough Waterhouse-
OCT Knitters of Dent J Walton – M Miller – G Hutchinson – A W Dyson – Appletreewick
NOV Hawes Rope Maker J Walton- Sheep Salving – Jonas Bradley of Stanbury Hutchinson – Alfred J Brown – Langstrothdale
DEC D Morton – Potters of Burton – Pilgrimage of Grace – John Dower – Marrick Corpse Cart – Ella Pontefract – Malhamdale

Whilst checking index I found this disturbing announcement.



DAlesman 1940 (each)

Please specify month


Raising Wild Ducks in Captivity

With a title that could be an oxymoron, what a new hobby to impress folk down at the pub.

Ducks 505

E. P. Dutton & Co., A Sunrise Book, New York, 1974. Hardcover. 1st Edition. Hardcover. A vg copy in a vg dust jacket. Book by the International Wild Waterfowl Association. 319 pages, photos, drawings, and diagrams make up this interesting “How To” book about raising Ducks. Topics covered are Breeding, Brooding, Acquiring Stock and Importing Eggs, Facilities even The Duck Family. £10.00


The Saint

OK so I admit I am lazy and don’t list all the authors in the Mystery Mags. The books shown here are but a small sample of my Charteris stock.




Please state title post free in UK



All for sale at £2.50


Bidmead Christopher H Doctor Who Castrovalva
Bidmead Christopher H Doctor Who Frontios
Bidmead Christopher H Doctor Who Logopolis
Dacvis Gerry Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet
Davis Gerry Doctor Who and the Cybermen
Davis Gerry Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowman
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Armageddon Factor
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Destiny of the Daleks
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Giant Robot
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Horror of Feng Rock
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Image of the Fendahl
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Invasion of Earth
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Robots of Death
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the State of Decay
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Three Doctors
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who and the Underworld
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who Death to the Daleks
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who Kinda #84
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who The Revenge of the Cybermen
Dicks Terrance Doctor Who Warriors of the Deep
Dudley Terence Doctor Who Black Orchid #113
Fisher David Doctor Who and the creature from the Pit
Fisher David Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive
Grimwade Peter Doctor Who Time-Flight
Hayles Brian Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon
Hinchcliffe Philip Doctor Who and the Keys of Marinus
Hinchcliffe Philip Doctor Who and the masque of Mandrgora
Hinchcliffe Philip Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom
Hinchcliffe/Dicks Doctor Who Seeds of Doom/Deadly Assassin
Holmes Robert Doctor Who The Two Doctors
Holt Michael Doctor Who Quiz Books of Dinosaurs
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Cave-Monsters
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Green Death
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the Space War
Hulke Malcolm Doctor Who and the War Games
Letts Barry Doctor Who and the Daemons
Lucarotti John Doctor Who Marco Polo
Lucarotti John Doctor Who The Aztecs
Lydecker John Doctor Who Terminus
Marter Ian Doctor Who and the Ark in Space
Marter Ian Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation
Marter Ian Doctor Who Earthshock
Marter Ian Doctor Who The Ark in Space
Marter Ian Doctor Who The Dominators #86
McCot Glen Doctor Who Timelash #105
Pringle Eric Doctor Who The Awakening
Saward Eric Doctor Who and the Visitation
Strutton Bill Doctor Who and the Zarbi
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who and the day of the Daleks
Terrance Dicks Doctor Who Snakedance
Whitaker David Doctor Who and the Crusaders


Most of my books can be posted, post free, to addresses in the UK. But you can always visit my shop if you can make it during my restricted opening times. Or you could even arrange for a special opening.

Julian Symons – The Progress of a Crime Fomtana £5.00

Simenon – Inspector Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife – Dell 1st 1957 £5.00 The Brothers Rico – £2.50

Educated Evans – Edgar Wallace – Tallis 1966 1st £4.00

John Creasey – Inspector West Cries Wolf  £2.50

Agatha Christie – Ten Little Niggers £2.50

Local History

As I have previously said, everything is local to someone, I could also add if it ain’t now it’s History.


Richard Bell – Sketchbook of the Natural History of the Country Round Wakefield – for a book (paperback) with “Sketchbook” in it’s title it seems a strange choice of cover design. £2.50

A 66 page undated guide well illustrated, but what a cracking cover. £2.50

OS 1″ Map of Huddersfield Sheet 102 Full 1920 Revision with later corrections. £1.00

Science Fiction – Rare – Very Rare & Not so rare.

A bit of a mixture, there is a copy of Argentis on offer on the net, at a very very high price, but I can’t find a copy of Global Blackout. The Bloch is probably not SF.


Ray BradburyThe Day it Rained Forever £2.50 – Obviously Ray has spent a family holiday on the Isle of Wight.

The Star of LifeEdmond Hamilton – 1st 1959 £5.00

Robert BlochBogey Men – 1st 1973 £7.50 – The label is on the bag not the book.

Sphero NovaBerl Cameron 1952 a Curtis Book – £7.50

Global Blackout by Karl Vallance – published by the Gannett Press in 1954 all I can find out about the author is that it is the pseudonym of an unidentified UK Author. £15.00

ARGENTISE C Tubb published by Cosmos Books. There is a copy on ABE for £95 and it does say it is a signed copy, but as this is signed in the same place it probably is not a “live” autograph. I think I bought this book off the publisher, Phil Harbottle, when I visited him it Gateshead, many years ago. My copy is on offer at £20 I can’t remember how much I paid Phil, but I do remember his room full of Vargo Statten original art work.


Unfortunately Boardmen seem to have decided to contest with Penguin for the most boring cover art title, that was before they discovered Denis. Typical the boring covers are in great condition and the only good cover looks to have been used by someone to clean their boots, even worse in that it is a very rare book.



The 3rd Twin by Clay Henry. Like most Boardman Hard Backs this has served a sentence as a Library Book. The cover and boards though are in near vg condition, the same can not be said of the book, it looks like someone has taken a bite out of some pages, the text is 99.9% complete, but not complete. £2.50 (worth it for the jacket)

The Woman under the Mountain by Roman McDougald. I am presuming it is a Denis McLaughlin cover, his style but not signed. A very rare book in very poor condition.

Tied for Murder – Cortland Fitzsimmons – £5.00 (the label is on the bag not the book)

Murder at Belle Camille – Monte Barrett – £5.00 (Same Comment about Label)

No Face to Murder – Edith Howie – £10.00

The Yellow Overcoat – Stephen Acre –  £5.00

Dead Dogs Bite – E M Curtis – £5.00 (Not illustrated but plain Orange, penguin orange, cover)

A Freedom Dearly Bought – Ernest Ackroyd

Freedom Dearly Bought 583

Ernest Ackroyd was a survivor of the notorious “Railway of Death” and enforced slave labour in Japan. The 122 (West Riding) Field Regiment Royal Artillery TA was formed in 1939 and ceased to exist in 1942 with the fall of Singapore.

13 members of the regiment were “Killed in Action”, more than 200 more of the young Bradford men died in captivity.

This is Ernest’s account of their ordeal. A near fine signed copy £10.00

Freedom Dearly Bought 584

The SEXTON BLAKE Library 1929

These titles are all from 1929 and though complete have dodgy staples and have been read. I can’t find any of these titles for sale so have priced them at £20.00 each.

I don’t know what is worse the “House names” in later editions or the practice in these of listing no authors, though they do list other books written by the author they don’t name.



Mayhem, Murder, and such

I now have 6930 titles in my pre ’72 paperback stock list… getting there.


Sleep No More – Sam S Taylor £2.50

Sabotage – Cleve F Adams – £2.50

Murder of a Nymph – Margot Neville – 1951 Pocket Book 1st £4.50

My Dead Wife – William Worley – 1951 Pocket Book 1st £4.00

Clash of Shadows – Howard Rigsby – £4.00

Mickey Spillane – Day of the Guns – £2.50

Rex Stout – The Red Box – a Nero Wolfe story – £2.50

James Bond

Interesting to see the pre-film illustration of Bond

Goldfinger  Pan G455 1961 1st £5.00

Casino Royale Pan G198 9th 1962 £4.00

Thunderball Pan X201 1st 1963 £5.00

Die Another Day (Raymond Benson) Coronet 1st £2.50

Science Fiction – update

Can’t say much about today’s collection other that I have read most of these authors – though a long long time ago.

Lester Del Rey – The Sky is Falling £2.50

E E “Doc” Smith – Skylark of Valeron   £2.00

Howard Fast The Edge of Tomorrow £2.50

Murray Leinster – SOS from Three Worlds £2.00

H F Heard – Doppelgangers £2.50

William F Nolan – Impact 20 – £2.50

John E Muller – Edge of Eternity £5.00 (Badger)

Michael Moorcock – The Twilight Man £2.50

Doorway into Time – Murray Leinster – Jack Williamson – L. Sprague de Camp – Isaac Asimov – C L Moore – Arthur C Clarke £2.50



The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

I have many issues in stock - Post Free in UK


DICKS – Private ones

Don’t need to say much about these authors all are well known to fans of the genre.


Poodle SpringsRaymond Chandler and Robert B Parker £2.50

Bad for the Baron John Creasey £1.00

Help from The BaronJohn Creasey £2.50

Mickey SpillaneMy Gun is Quick £2.50

2 Guns for HireNeil MacNeil £3.50




A mixture of fiction and non-fiction (not that there is any difference in the days of the Donald) all with links to War or Water. A toss up between the Australian nurses or Sophia Loren, but the format favoured the nurses. The fact that the Panther cover is the work of Cu Webb – previously known as Reginald Head one of the most sought after cover artists who changed his name to avoid prosecution in the dark age of censorship, an age we are drifting back into if we do not fight it.


WHITE COOLIES by Betty Jeffrey 65 Australian Army Nursing sisters, on board the Vyner Brooke when it was bombed and sunk in 1942. 53 sisters reached the shore where 22 were murdered by the Japanese and the rest were taken prisoner. This is their story £5.00

Two books in one The Cruise of the Breadwinner and Dear Life A story of war..and a story of violence by a great novelist H E Bates £2.50

The KeyJan de HartogAt sea they faced unending danger… and on shore Stella waited, beautiful and strange, sometimes tender, sometimes evil….  Filmed by Columbia starring William Holden, Sophia Loren and Trevor Howard. £5.00

Not this film but I was looking for an excuse to use this pic.


Sailing to Freedom – Voldemar Veedam and Carl B Wall – “The heroic story of sixteen desperate people. £5.00

Third Time Down by Dan Brennan – “The Enemy Waits for You, My Love” £3.00

SPYCATCHER by Lt.Col. Oreste Pinto – “The Traitor of Arnhem by the Man Who Trapped Him” £5.00

Historic & New INNS of Interest. Can you visit them all?

Published in the late 60’s it is a real challenge to search out the 50 or so pubs in each book, and have a pint in every one.


NOTE that the West Yorkshire pubs are not “Interesting” but have Character.

In Stock North Wales and Anglesey – Cheshire – Shropshire – Staffordshire – South Wales – North Wales and Warwickshire.

Magic * Spacemen * UFO’s * Atlantis * & Nightmares

Yes I know Robert Bloch is a different genre, but it was on the same shelf in the shop.


Gods & Spacemen in Greece & Rome by W Raymond Drake – arguing for celestial visitations to the Ancient World £2.50

Atlantis from Legend to Discovery – Andrew Tomas – get the theme £2.50

Celestial Passengers UFO’s & Space Travel by Margaret Sachs with Ernest Jahn £2.50

Ritual MagicAn eye opening account of the practices of magic and alchemy – by Francis King £8.00

MORE NIGHTMARES Weird Tales by Robert Bloch £10.00

Psychic 544Robin Collyns – Did Spacemen Colonise Earth? – £2.50

Astounding Science Fiction * Analog * Science Fantasy

To say I have a great number of Science Fiction digests in stock would be an understatement, I just happened to have catalogued these examples. I have never been a fan of short stories but have read many of the authors contributing to these digests, their longer stories.


Astounding ;Algis Budrys, William T Powers, William E Bentley, Manly Banister, Irving Reich, Poul Anderson, Mark Clifton and Frank Riley.

Analog ; Theodore L Thomasm James H Scmitz, Gordon R Dickson, Barbara Constant, and Darrel T Langart

Science Fantasy ; John Brunner, Steve Hall, Edward Mackin and David Rome.


Post Free in UK


The Hardy Boys & other children’s stuff including Space

Given recent history it is a pity that Alfred E Neuman didn’t run for President.


The MAD Reader£2.50, was MAD magazine really written for children, I know I was an addict in the early 60’s but the humour was very wide.

The Hardy Boys by Franklin W Dixon #65 The Outlaws Silver #34 The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, #25 Hunting for Hidden Gold  £2.00 each #3 The Haunted Fort £2.50.

Star Trek by James BlishSpock Must Die £2.50

SPACE:1999 – Breakaway by EC Tubb £3.00

TUESDAY Adventure by John Pudney a Scottie Book “Fred and I Hunt Down a gang of Sinister Traitors” What else would you do in your school hols? £7.50

The Saint – Leslie Charteris

I discovered Leslie Charteris and the Saint before TV added him to the list of characters ruined by either the wrong actors, poor script writers or the sanitisation squad. Not that I have anything against Roger Moore, that series was ruined by the script writers and TV Policy. As happened to Lovejoy and one of the worse crimes of all Pascoe and Dalziel (I did think Hale and Pace did it better). Wrong actors ruined the early Rebus and for me one of the worse, Banks. The later Rebus was better and Rowan Atkinson as Margret was a touch of genius, not that at the time I had anything against Rupert Davies or Michael Gambon. Branagh isn’t a patch on Henrickson, but I suppose that is a fault of the script writers, we should leave Nordic Noir alone and just show the sub-titled versions.



The featured today are available are all available at £2.50 except the best cover the Avon “follow the SAINT” at £5.00Title. I have other Leslie Charteris titles in stock by a variety of publishes and a variety of ages.

These include; Alias the Saint, Call for the Saint, Enter the Saint, Featuring the Saint, Follow the Saint, Return of the Saint, Saint Errant, Saint Overboard, Senor Saint, Thanks to the Saint, The Ace of Knaves, The avenging Saint, The Brighter Buccaneer, The Happy Highwayman, The Saint Ace of Knaves, The Saint and Mr Teal, The Saint Around the World, The Saint Bids Diamonds, The Saint Closes the Case, The Saint Goes On, The Saint Goes West, The saint in Europe, The Saint in London, The Saint in Miami, The Saint in New York, The Saint in the Sun, The Saint Intervenes, The Saint Meets His Match, The Saint on Guard, The Saint on the Spanish Main, The Saint on TV, The Saint Plays with Fire, The Saint Sees it Through, The Saint Steps In, The Saint to the Rescue, The Saint V Scotland Yard, The Saints Getaway, Trust The Saint and Vendetta for the Saint.



STORM CENTRE – Book of the film starring Bette Davis- A Columbia Picture

STORM CENTRE – A Columbia Picture – Daniel Taradash & Elick Moll

“One woman was the target for a town’s hatred and savagery”

A rare Panther Paperback

Storm Centre479

This is the story of the film made by Phoenix Productions for distribution by Columbia Pictures. It is one of those fine films which Hollywood sometimes dares to make, in this case showing how mob violence can be stirred against innocent victims by unscrupulous men. Starring Bette Davis, Paul Kelly, Brian Keith and Kevin Coughlin ; produced by Julian Blaustein and directed by Daniel Taradash.


Storm Centre


Worlds of IF – Science Fiction

I have started cataloguing my Digests and pondered over how much detail to include. I started off listing the full names of all contributors but I realised with well over 1000 to list it would take years. So the compromise was last names only, should be enough for a search.


20  5      Silverberg – Laumer -Davidson -Gerrold & Niven – Coney – Eisenberg – Tiptree –
18 11     Kirsch – Reynolds – Zelazny – Schmitz – Blish – Price – Harness –
20  2      Bova – herbert – Eisenberg – Goulart – Drahan – Bass – meredith – Willick – pierce
19  4      Laumer – Norton – Chapdelaine – Wald – Mayer – Lee – Deeley
16 12     Budrys – Barrett – Niven – Shaw – McIntosh – Imboden – Offutt
16  8      Williams – Scott – Blish – Clement – Michel – Jacobi


Post Free in UK



The GYPSY DREAM BOOK – 1001 Dreams Explained

This 64 page Gypsy 450booklet gives no indication of the author or date of publication. Published by the proprietors of Popular Fiction with a cover illustration by H W Perl. I can find an illustration of the cover on-line but nothing else about the booklet.

What fascinated me though was who the publishers thought would be attracted to the book, if their choice of adverts is anything to go by. They are offered solutions for every ailment and deviation from perfection with off the shelf solutions. Too fat, too thin, poor legs, eyes, bust, skin and everything else you could think of including Old Age.


I don’t know if the explanation of dreams is accurate though I have little confidence in the medical advice offered.




YORKSHIRE Past & Present ; Baines

Yorkshire Past & Present: A History And Description Of The Three Ridings Of The Great County Of York, From The Earliest Ages To The Year 1870; With An Account Of Its Manufactures, Commerce, And Civil And Mechanical Engineering. By Edward & Thomas Baines.


The tops of the spine and a couple of the hinges need some attention, but this is not an ex-library copy it is not littered with stamps and stickers like many copies of this prestigious book that are on offer. All the plates are intact and most still have tissue paper protection.

A fascinating  collection on ‘Yorkshire, Past and Present’ by the English journalist and historian Thomas Baines. An informative history of the historic county of Yorkshire in Northern England from the ‘earliest ages’ till the text’s publication in the late nineteenth century. Baine’s comprehensive study not only explores the topography of the area and its points of interest, but also details an account of its manufactures, commerce, and civil and mechanical engineering. This two volume set written by Thomas Baines was published in four parts. Volume I division I and II, and volume II division I were published approximately in 1870. Volume II, division II, detailing the history of Yorkshire to a later date than the other volumes (1875) was published later than the earlier volumes due the author’s state of health, as explained in the errata slip inserted to the volume.  This copy also features an ‘Account of the Woolen Trade of Yorkshire’ by the author’s brother, Edward Baines junior, a nonconformist English newspaper editor and Member of Parliament. All volumes are undated. Illustrated with engravings of Yorkshire scenes, individuals and buildings.

On offer for £150


DALESMAN – 1939 The first year

I have 974 “Dalesman” titles in stock and have ambitions to get round to listing them all. I have decided to use calendar years rather than the volume years (that the “Dalesman” use). They do make excellent birthday or anniversary presents for Yorkshire folk (or even non Yorkshire folks come to that, we can’t all have been born in Yorkshire). I am asking £50 for the first issue (Though I do have a copy with a partial front cover that has been repaired for £10) I am asking £15 for all other 1939 issues. 

APRIL Dales Folk by Ella Pontefract, Historian wanted for Kettleswelldale by C J Cutcliffe-Hyne, A Yorkshire Climbing Nursery by Godfrey Wilson, The Man of the Dales by W Riley, Past and Present in the Dales by M’Duke Miller, Do you know the Hill Brunillo? by Lettice Cooper, Adult Education in Craven, What Town Planning Means by F R Birkhead, It was still raining by Leonard Cooper, The Vacant Wine-Red Moor by Donald Boyd, The “Three Peaks”, Stories of Craven‘s Grand Old Man by Norman Thorner and Public Access to Mountains by A Creech Jones MP.

MAY I work in the Dales by Phyllis Bentley, Over the Green by Joan Ingilby, Coverdale to Colsterdale by A J Brown. The Ilkly Swastika By Leslie Barringer, The Red Squirrel by Phyllis Kelway, An Old Dales Account book By Ella Pontefract, Lord Ribblesdale: “The Ancester” By Norman Thorner, The Legacy of the Monks By TC Calvert, Fishing in Airdale By Winifred Birkbeck and The Revival of the Village by HSE Snelson.

JUNE Mr James R Gregson Makes a Sad Confession. Silence in the Fells by Florence Bone. The Three Peak Walk by Frank S Smythe, Wild Garlic in Wharfdale by Phyllis Kelway, A Kyrielle of the Dales by Stanley Umpleby. Evolution of Yorkshire Dalesfolk by J Fairfax Blakeborough, In Never Rains by Leonard Cooper, Where Swale is Born by W Riley. Open Pastures by Ella Pontefract, Adam Sedgwick: A man of Dent by Norman Thorner, Home to the Dales by Kathleen Binns, A Farmers Hymn by EBA Somerset, Refugees in the Dales, Young Farmers Clubs in Craven by J Robb

JULY The Ship Model by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe. The Common Whitethroat by Phullis Kelway, Epitaph for a Dalesman, Where Yore is born by W Eiley, John Hartley the Yorkshire Dialect Poet by W J Halliday, Journeys into other Dales by Ella Pontefract, A Motor Run through the Dales By Ben Wade, Canoes in the Dales by Ernest Roylance, Haliwell Sutcliffe; A man of the Moors by Norman Thornber, A dales Farmer Keeps up with the Times by Norman Thornber

AUGUST Dalesfolk by Florence Bone. The Musical Owl by Phullis Kelway, Barns and Laithes of Craven by James Walton, In Praise of Yorkshire by William Harebutt Dawson, Memories of Auld Swaledale by E Greenwood, Norway and the Dales by Ella Pontefract, A Hack from Dale to Dale By Alfred Vowles,Tom Twisleton: The Craven Poet By Norman Thornber, Crafts in the Dales by L M Douglas

SEPTEMBER Dale Life and Myths by Fairfax-Blakeborough, Doremouse in the Dales by Phyllis Kelway,Evening in Dentdale by Charles Bragg, Recording Yorkshire Dialects by Bruff, Another Dales Motor Run by Ewbank, Norwegian and Dale Farming By Ponefract, Some Mythical Yorkshire Characters by CL Wood, Harriet Byles a Yorkshire Preacher, An Unconventional Fisherman by Birbeck, Kettlewell Holds its Show,

OCTOBER Newcomers to the Dales, The Harvester by John Earl, Owd John the Cobbler by Thos. Thirkill, The Hedgehog, More “Daft” Villages, Henry Harrison: Cave Guide, Through the Gateway of Northumbria, Yorkshire’s part in Poultry Industry

NOVEMBER Churches and Chapels, Two Yorkshir Novels, Nidderdale in November (verse), The Water Shrew, Children and Neighbours, Susan Peacock, Lighter side of Dales Life, Dances of the Dales

DECEMBER Garsdale and Dentdale by W Riley – Poem by Q Nicholas – Guilty or Not Guiltu By D U Ratcliffe – Christmas in the dales by Pontefract & Hartley – The Yellow -Knecked Mouse By Phyllis Kelway – An Unchanged Dale by Percy Robinson


I have got round to cataloguing a few more (so far I estimate about 20% of what I have in stock). The numbers up to 26 are the later paperback issues. Many of these have issues such as “staple rust” or slight nicking but otherwise are generally very good copies. I will discount from the prices I have quoted for defects.



Reid Desmond The Abductors 0 £2.50
Thomas Martin Laird of Evil 3 £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred The Break Out 4 £2.50
Maclean Arthur Slaying on the 16th Floor 5 £2.50
Ballinger WA The witches of Notting Hill 6 £2.50
Richards Ross Murder on the Monte 6 £2.50
Williams Richard The Man With the Iron Chest 7 £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred Wanted for Questioning 8 £2.50
Thomas Martin The Mind Killers 9 £2.50
Saxon Peter Vengeance is Ours 10 £2.50
Reid Desmond Beat on an Orange Drum 11 £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred The Case of the Stag at Bay 14 £2.50
Baker W Howard Every Man an Enemy 22 £2.50
Reid Desmond Frenzy in the Flesh 26 £2.50
Cleely Hugh The Crime at 3 A.M. 317 £5.00
Rees George The Secret of the Suez Canal 324 £5.00
Parsons Anthony The Trail of the Missing Scientist 341 £5.00
Tyrer Walter The Clue of the Pin-up Girl 351 £5.00
Baker W Howard Dark Mambo 361 £5.00
Maclean Arthur Broken Toy 362 £0.00
Kent Arthur Inclining to Crime 364 £5.00
Stagg James Assignment in Beirut 367 £5.00
Baker W Howard Battle Song 371 £5.00
Stagg James Nightmare in Naples 373 £5.00
Hunter John Silent Witness 375 £5.00
Hunter John Silent Witness 375 £5.00
Maclean Arthur Mask of Fury 376 £5.00
Maclean Arthur Deadline for Danger 380 £5.00
Reid Desmond Victim Unknown 384 £5.00
Burke Jonathan Corpse to Copenhagen 385 £5.00
Reid Desmond Roadhouse Girl 386 £5.00
Arthur William Murder with Variety 387 £5.00
Saxon Peter The Violent Hours 393 £5.00
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin 395 £10.00
Baker W Howard Walk in Fear 396 £5.00
Stagg James Murder Down Below 397 £5.00
Kent Arthur Stairway to Murder 399 £5.00
Stagg James Crime of Violence 403 £10.00
Thomas Martin Lady in Distress 404 £5.00
Harrison Edwin Diamonds can be Trouble 414 £5.00
Saxon Peter A Cry in the Night 421 £5.00
Hardinge Rex Consider Your Verdict 422 £5.00
Harrison Edwin Witness to Murder 423 £5.00
Hyde D Herbert Dressed to Kill 424 £5.00
Dolphin Rex Stop Press – Homicide 426 £5.00
Saxon Peter The Violent Ones 427 £5.00
Stagg James Time for Murder 428 £5.00
Story Jack Trevor Invitation to Murder 429 £5.00
Baker W Howard Passport into Fear 431 £5.00
Thomas Martin Catch a Tiger 433 £5.00
Dolphin Rex Walk in the Shadows 437 £5.00
Maclean Arthur Touch of Evil 438 £5.00
Dolphin Rex Guilty Party 442 £5.00
Ballinger Wm. A Epitaph to Treason 443 £5.00
Maclean Arthur Mission to Mexico 445 £5.00
Reid Desmond Conflict Within 449 £5.00
Reid Desmond State of Fear 474 £5.00
Reid Desmond Murder by Moonlight 482 £5.00
Thomas Martin Death in Small Doses 516 £5.00
Chambers Phillip Lotus Leaves and Larceny 521 £5.00
Ballinger WA Murder in Camera 522 £5.00
Reid Desmond The Girl Who Saw too Much 524 £5.00
Thomas Martin The Sound of Murder 525 £5.00
Ballinger Wm.A. The Last Tiger 526 £5.00

Guides to places. Save yoursen brass when you visit.

If you inclined to visit old houses, or wonder over moors, why buy a new guide when the old ones do the job just as well and in many instance much better. So if you are planning trips out pop into your local second hand book shop and pick up a guide for a lot less than you would pay to the National Trust who have much too much money anyway.

Harewood House edited by Edgar Osborn, undated but must have been before 1971 as it was sold for 3/6. A 32 page very well illustrated booklet. £1.00

A Descriptive Account of the Palace of Westminster with Illustrations and a Coloured Plan – One Shilling & Threepence Not much more to say other than there are 90 pages and it is undated. £1.00

Rievaulx Abbey and the Helmsley District Price 2/-. A 32 page illustrated booklet. £1.00

Motoring on the North York Moors by Alan Falconer – A “Dalesman2 Paperback. Just one of the 974 “Dalesman” publications I have in stock – This one is available for £4.00

On the trail of the LUDDITES by Lesley Kipling & Nick Hall illustrated by Eric Richardson. Published in 1982 by the Pennine Heritage Network. a 56 page well illustrated booklet about a vert important time for our area. £4.00

Oakwell Hall by Geoffrey Woledge. A 32 page Kirklees Libraries publication £1.00

So to save yourselves a fortune in guide books next year, browse your local bookshop.


Science Fiction – using a loose definition.


Mordecai Roshwald – Level 7 “It is a tremendous find” quote from J B Priestly £3.50

Edgar Rice Burroughs – Synthetic Men of Mars – £2.50 I have well over 5 foot of Burroughs in the shop, not that many catalogued yet.

Jeffrey Lord – BLADE: The Dragons of Englor £1.00 (condition not the best) and Champion of the Gods at £2.50

The Frozen Planet and other SF novellas £3.00

Sydney J Bounds – The ROBOT BRAINS – £3.50

Fredric Brown – The Mind Thing – £2.50

A.E. Van Vogt – SLAN – £6.00. It was in the early 60’s when I read this, I just wonder what I would make of it now? It did impress back then.

Jeff Sutton – Apollo At Go – £3.50

J Hunter Holly – The Flying Eyes – £4.00

Murray Leinster – The Greeks Bring Gifts – £3.50

Big Game Hunting


Big Game Hunting by a Master of Gun and Pen”

Africa 396

The celebrated author of this absorbing book, Mr. C T Stoneham, will need no introduction to the large majority of its readers. He is world-famous for his many books, articles and short stories dealing with wild animals”

There are 193 listings for C T Stoneham in ABE but not this book. Most UK Digits seem hard to find, the print runs must have been very short.

Thanks to Dr S S Nagi (Nyrobe) for this review;

This book was first published in 1957, has 286 pages, 8 chapter, 8 B/W photos but no maps. In this book C T Stoneham explains his safari through Africa, that do not cost a lot of money and was not for the wealthy. CHARLES THURLEY STONEHAM was born in India in 1895 and attended Brighton College in England. After death of his father in 1912, he ran away, aged 17, to Canada and USA. He did many small jobs and in 1915 returned to England and signed up for military service. He was shipped to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya). After 1st World War, he settled in BEA. He resided in Laikipia and had a butcher’s shop in Nanyuki. In 1920, he managed a safari outfit business. In 1930, he and his wife moved to Cape Town. During 2nd World war, he returned to England. In 1947, he moved to Nakuru, Kenya. He wrote many novels and books. In 1963, he moved to South Africa and in 1965, he died in Transvaal.
Stoneham re-lives his experiences during the 1st World War in East Africa, where there was more danger from enemy than from wild animals. They all suffered from malaria, dysentery and from flies. Over 3 years Stoneham lost fear of wild animals and walked about the bush at night. In 1917, after 40 attacks of malaria and dysentery and shell shock, Stoneham was invalided to South Africa. When better, he returned to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya).

Paperback Book


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