The Amazing Mr. Lutterworth by Desmond Leslie

Digit UK Undated 1st? near fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End Jack Williamson (edition with face on cover)

Digit UK Undated vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End (face cover)

Digit UK undated good only (reading copy) Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End – Jack Williamson (Planet cover)

Digit UK undated vg++ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Descent into the Maelstrom – EDGAR ALLAN POE

Digit UK undated probably 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Crimes of Passion – Edward D Radin

Digit UK vg+ True Crime Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The World of Theda by Tom Wade

Digit UK undated vg+ “A Monster Descended to Earth” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Dead of Winter by Constance Cornish

Digit UK 1963 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Displace Person – by Grace Carey cover Rallney?

Digit vg a very “topical” subject today Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Digit UK 1963 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Edgar Wallace – BLUE HAND

Digit UK 1963 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Confessions of a Young Man – by George Moore

Digit UK Giant 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Spy Among Them by Kenneth F Welch

Digit 1962 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Nuclear Subtraction by Colin Roberts

Digit UK undated VG Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


collage digit sc

Stock; I have checked all the Digit UK I could find, seem to have about 25 missing (not listed below), that would be a full bag in the way I store them, so they could turn up. Please contact me if there is not a PayPal listing on this page for any books you desire. You could also do a search using the box at the bottom of the page to see if they are listed in a different category.

Aldiss BrianEquatorDigit UK695£2.50
Ard WilliamCry ScandalDigit UKvg1stR338£7.50anon
Baillie PeterAssault PatrolDigit UKg+19591stD241£5.00
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKg+D248£2.50Stew??
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKvg+2nd563£5.00
Brown FredricProject JupiterDigit UKvg+R828£3.50
Bulmer KennethCity Under the SeaDigit UKvg1stR505£3.50Lewis
Bulmer KennethThe Changeling WorldsDigit UKvg-19632nd758£2.50
Bunyan PatThe Big BluesDigit UK19631stR767£3.50
Burke JonathanPersuit Through TimeDigit UKg+R612
Carey GraceDisplaced PersonDigit UKvg-1stR0£5.00Ralney
Charbonneau LouisCorpus EarthlingDigit UKvg19631stR753£3.50
Charkin PaulThe Living GemDigit UKvg19631stR782£3.00
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Meets the TigerDigit UKvg-19632ndR603£15.00
Chilton CharlesThe Red PlanetDigit UKvg19631stR770£8.50
Clarke Arthur CIslands in the SkyDigit UKvg+19641stR802£7.50
Clews FrankThe Golden DiscDigit UKvg1963711£3.50
CompilationThe Sky Their BattlegroundDigit UKvg1stR784£2.50
Cooper EdnundVoices in the DarkDigit UKvg19601stD349£4.50anon
Cornish ConstanceDead of WinterDigit UKvg+19631stR773£8.00
Dagmar PeterSands of TimeDigit UKvg+19631stR686£5.00anon
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralDigit UKvg1stR437£3.50anon
Ellis D EA Thousand AgesDigit UKvg+19611st549£4.50
Ensor DavidVerdict AfterwordsDigit UKvg1stR794£4.00
Glyn ElinorThree WeeksDigit UKf1stR440£7.50Osborne
Grant MathewHyper-DriveDigit UKvg1stR673£3.00anon
Heinline Robert ARevolt in 2100Digit UKvg1stD235£4.50anon
King CliffordBarcelona With LoveDigit UKvgR417£2.50photo
Kittermaster MichaelThe District OfficerDigit UKvg1stR389£5.00anon
Lambert EricWatermenDigit UKvg19631stR759£5.00
Leslie DesmondThe Amazing Mr LutterworthDigit UKvg+1stD315£20.00anon
Long Frank BelknapThis Strange TomorrowDigit UKvg19661stR965£4.50anon
Mankiewicz Don MTrialDigit UKvg-1stG287£5.00Film
Manners DorineSin StreetDigit UKvg19591stR267£5.00anon
Maupassant Guy deA LifeDigit UKvg1stD153£5.00anon
Maupassant Guy deThe Master PassionDigit UKvg1stD181£3.00B?
McGivern William PHeaven Ran LastDigit UKg+D215£2.50anon
Mitchell MaryA Warning to WantonsDigit UKvg19621stG579£5.00
Moore GeorgeConfessions of a Young ManDigit UKvg1stG465£6.00anon
Norman LesliePrelude to MurderDigit UKvg0£5.00Sax
Nye Nelson CBlood SkyDigit UKvg0£5.00Osborn
Poe Edgar AllanDecent into the MaelstromDigit UKvg-R512£5.00Rainey
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsDigit UKvg1stD327£3.00anon
Radin Edward DCrimes of PassionDigit UKvg-1stR433£5.00anon
Ranzetta LuanYellow InfernoDigit UKvg19641srR836£5.00
Ranzetta LuanThe Maru InvasionDigit UKvg19621st606£10.00
Ranzetta VThe Uncharted PlanetDigit UKvg+19621stR557£10.00
Rayer Francis GCardinal of the StarsDigit UKvg+R851£3.00
Reynolds MargaretPrisoner at the BarDigit UKvg-19581stR411£2.50anon
Roberts ColinNuclear SubtractionDigit UKvg683£15.00
Rowland Donald SBoth Feet in HellDigit UKvg19611stR482£7.50Archer
Ryan CorneliusOne Minute to DitchDigit UKvg1stD238£3.50anon
Secondari John H3 Coins in the FountainDigit UKvg1stR321£20.00Film photo
Thomas MartinBeyond the SpectrumDigit UKvg+R864£3.50
Timms Graeme DeSplitDigit UKvg+19631stR807£3.50
Urquhart MacgregorFoxholeDigit UKvg-1stD168£10.00Osborn
Wade TomThe World of ThedaDigit UKvgR610£10.00anon
Wallace EdgarThe Council of JusticeDigit UKvg19631stR751£5.00
Wallace EdgarBlue HandDigit UKvg19631stR775£5.00anon
Wallace EdgarThe Lone House MysteryDigit UKvg19622ndR517£5.00O’Connell?
Wallace EdgarEve’s IslandDigit UKvg+R528£5.00O’Connell?
Wate SteveRing of HellDigit UKf-19601stD359£10.00
Welch Kenneth FThe Spy Among ThemDigit UKvg+19621st556£15.00Osbourne
Wellesley GordonIs It a Question of AdulteryDigit UKvg-1stR189£5.00Osborn
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKvg+19571stR479£4.00anon
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKvg1963rep725£4.00
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKg538£2.50
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKvg+538£8.00
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKvg+671£8.00anon
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UKvgR522£5.00anon
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UKvg19571stR490£5.00anon
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg1stR514£3.50Lewis
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg+2ndR785£3.00



The Lovely and the Damned by Richard Collier

Ace 1958 1st f- Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Love Making of Max – Robert by Robert Shaplen

Ace 1959 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Yes I know not showing prices is a put off, but as I have not stock-checked for a while the prices don’t reflect rising postage charges or the electric bill in my shop. So if you are interested in any of the books listed below please email me at david.sheard@ntlworld.com

Adlard MarkVoltfaceAcevgWALL0
Adler PollyA House isNot a HomeAce UKvgrepH154
Algreen NelsonA Walk on the Wild SideAce UKvg1stH258
Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmAcevg19611st414
Anderson PoulWorld Without StarsAce USvg1stF425
Anderson PoulWar of the Wing MenAce USvg+1stG634
Anderson PoulNo World of their ownAce USvg19551stD550
Anderson William CFive Four Three Two One PffttAce USvg1960D467
Arnold Edwin LGulliver of MarsAce USvg+F296
Arnothy ChristineThe CharlatanAce UKvg-19601stH363
Ayme MarcelThe Grand SeductionAce UKvg19591stH278
Bates H EFlying Officer XAce UKvg1stH210
Bender William JrTokyo IntrigueAce USvg19561stS198
Boucher (ed)The Best from Fantasy & SF 7thAce USvg+162
Boucher Anthony (ed)The Best From Fantasy & SF 6thAce USvg+1stG715
Boucher Anthony EditorThe Best of Fantasy and SF 4thAce USvg1st713
Brackett LeighThe Coming of the TerransAce USvg1967G669
Brackett LeighThe Sword of RhiannonAce USvg+1stF422
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Bloody SunAcevg19641st303
Brennan DanThird Time DownAce USvg19611stD488
Broward DonnConvention QueenAce USf19611stD432
Brunner JohnEnigma from Tantalus/The Repairmen of CyclopsAce USvgM115
Brunner JohnEndless Shadow DOUBLEAce USvg1stF299
Brunner JohnThe Super BarbariansAce USvg19621stD547
Brunner JohnThe World SwappersAce USvg19591st649
Brunner JohnListen the Stars DOUBLEAce USvgF215
Brunner John / Ted WhiteThe Altar of Asconel / Android AvengerAce USvgM123
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mad KingAcevg0
Burroughs Edgar RiceTarzan TriumphantAce USvg+194
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Lad and the LionAcevg19781st195
Burroughs Edgar RiceI am a BarbarianAcevg19850
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenAce US159
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MaidAce US157
Burroughs Edgar RiceBack to the Stone AgeAce USvg4631
Burroughs Edgar RiceOut of Tims’s AbyssAce USvg64481
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusAce USvg268
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land that Time ForgotAce USvg197947024
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusAce USvg247
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusAce US179
Burroughs Edgar RiceTanar of PellucidarAce USvg+171
Burroughs Edgar RicePellucidarAce USvg+158
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2Ace USvg+221
Burroughs Edgar RiceLand of TerrorAce US46996
Burroughs Edgar RiceSavage PellucidarAce USvg280
Cain James MJealous WomanAce UKvg19591stH253
Calitri CharlesStrike Heaven on the FaceAce UKvg+19611stH431
Carse RobertThe Devil’s SpawnAce UKvg19571stH113
Carter LinThongor of LemuriaAce USvgF383
Carter LinThe Man Without A Planet – DOUBLEAce USvg1stG606
Carter NickThe Puppet MasterAcevg-0
Caute DavidAt Fever PitchAce UKvg1stH495
Chambers Robert WThe King in YellowAce USvg++M132
Chevallier GabrielSainte CollineAce UKvg19581stH205
Cheyney PeterG-Man at the YardAce UK19601stH388
Cheyney PeterYou’d be SurprisedAce UKvg19591stH320
Clad NoelThe SavageAce UKvg=-19601stH426
Clagett JohnRun the River GauntletAce US1stD296
Clapham WalterNight Be My WitnessAce UKvg-19571st112
Cody CSLie Like A LadyAce USvg19641stS108
Collier RichardThe Loely and the DamnedAce UKvg+19581stH189
Cummings RayTama, Princess of MercuryAce USvg1stF406
Cummings RayTama of the Light CountryAce USvg+1stF363
Cummings RayThe Shadow GirlAce USvg19621st535
Danforth & HoranThe D.A.’s ManAcevg19611stH476
Danielsson BengiLove in the South SeasAce UKvg19581stH173
Danielsson BengtForgotten Islands of the South SeasAce UKvg-19601stH323
Darien KimObsessionAce USvg+19611stD526
Dekobra MauriceThe Bachelor’s WidowAce USvg19541stS85
Delany Samuel RThe Einstein IntersectionAce USvg+1stF427
Dick Philip KClans of the Alphine MoonAce USvg+1stF309
Dick Philip KDr BloodmoneyAce USvg19651st441
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralAce USvg+1stF426
Durrell LawrenceThe Dark LabyrinthAce UKvg19581stH211
Fantasy & Science FictionThe Best From 6thAce USvg19571stG725
Fantasy & Science FictionThe Best From Fantasy & SF 5thAce USvg1stG714
Farr JohnShe SharkAce USvg19561stS159
Farris JohnHarrison HighAce UKvg-19611stH466
Forrest A JInterpolAcevg-1957122
Fox Gardner FThe Arsenal of Miracles DOUBLEAce USvg1stF299
Gary RomainThe Company of MenAce UKvg19581stH178
Gibbon Constantine FitzThe BlitzAce UKvg1stH238
Glanville BrianAlong the ArnoAce UKvg-1stH276
Glay George AlbertOath of SevenAce USvg+19551stS102
Grinnell DavidEdge of TimeAce USvg1st
Grinnell DavidAcross TimeAce USvg1stG728
Hamilton EdmundOutside the UniverseAce USvg19641stF271
Heard HFDoppelgangersAce USvg+19661stM142
Hensley Joe LThe Colour of HateAce USvg19601stD452
Holding Elisabeth SanxayThe Innocent Mrs Duff/The Virgin HuntressAcevg+G509
Holiday BillieLady Sings the BluesAce UKvg19601stH327
Howard Robert EThe Howard CollectorAce USvg19790
Howe CliffLovers and LibertinesAce USvg19581stD271
Jakes John /Janifer & TreibichTonight we Steal the Stars/The Wagered WorldAce USvg81680
Jones Neil RThe Planet of the Double SunAce USvg+1stF420
Jones Neil RTwin Worlds – Prof Jameson #4Ace USvg1967681
Jones Neil RThe Sunless World – Prof Jameson #2Ace USvg19671stG631
Kastle Herbert DKeys to 7 RoomsAce UKvg-19601stH366
Kline Otis AdelbertThe Swordman of MarsAce USvg19601stG692
Kline Otis AdelbertThe Swordman of MarsAce USvg+516
Krasney Samuel AMorals SquadAce USvg19601stD336
Krasney Samuele AA Mania for BlondesAce495
Lamming GeorgeIn the Castle of my SkinAcevg19601st374
Landes Marie-GiseleAntoineAce UKvg19611stH504
Laumer KeithWorlds of the ImperiumAce USvg+1st
LeGuin Ursula KCity of IllusionsAce USf19671st10701
LeGuin Ursula KCity of IllusionsAce USvg1stG626
Leiber FritzThe Big TimeAce USvg+1stG627
Leinster MurrayS O S from three WorldsAcevg1st647
Lovelace LelandLost Mines and Hidden TreasureAce USvg+19561stG474
Macinnes colinJune in her SpringAce UKvg-19601stH382
MacInnes ColinAbsolute BeginnersAce UKvg+19611stH488
Maddock LarryThe Golden Goddess GambitAce USvg0
Mann PeggyA Room In ParisAce UKvg1stH195
Maugham RobinThe Man with Two ShadowsAce UKvg+1stH503
Maugham RobinCome to DustAce UKvg-19611stH482
McDaniel DavidThe Arsenal Out of TimeAce USvgG667
McGovern JamesFrauleinAce UKvg1stH169
McKnight BobSwamp SanctuaryAce USvg19601stD411
Miller ArthurFocusAce UKg+19581stH215
Mittelholzer EdgarKaywana BloodAce UKvg19601stH326
Mittelholzer EdgarChildren of KaywanaAce UKvg19591stH234
Moorcock MichaelBarbarians of MarsAcevg+19911stKane3
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorAce USvg19691st6530
Moorcock MichaelThe Chinese AgentAce10435
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirAcevg87060
Moore EdwardFlight 685 is OverdueAce USvg+446
Moore EdwardFlight 685 is OverdueAce USvg19601stD446
Moore PamelaChocolates for BreakfastAce UKvg1stH286
Moravia AlbertoThe Time of indifferenceAce UKvg19581stH221
Moravia AlbertoConjugal LoveAce UKvg+19581stH183
Muller RobertThe World That SummerAce UKvg+19611st496
Munn H WarnerKing of the World’s EdgeAce USvg+1stM152
Nemerov HowardThe Homecoming GameAce UKvg19601stH408
Nicole ChristopherOff WhiteAce UKvg459
Norton AndreThe Last PlanetAce USvg1stM151
Passos John DosThe Great DaysAce UKvg-19611st485
Petaja EmilSaga of Lost EarthsAce USvg1stF392
Petaja Emil / MoorcockTraontane / The Wrecks of TimeAcevg19671st0
PetajaEmilThe Star MillAce USvg19661stF414
Petry AnnThe StreetAce UKvg-1958repH167
Pratt FletcherAlien PlanetAce USvg1stF257
Rackham JohnTime to Live DOUBLEAce USvg1stG606
Roberts JaneThe Rebellers DOUBLEAce USvgF215
Roshwald MordecaiLevel 7Ace UKvg1stH497
Rossi Jean-BaptisteThe False StartAce UKvg+19571stH149
Runyon Charles WThe Bloody JungleAcevg19661st594
Ryman ErnestTeddy BoyAce UKvg19601stH399
Salisbury HarrisonThe Shook-Up GenerationAce UKvg19611stH454
Sansom JohnThe Man Who Could Cheat DeathAce UKvg19592ndH280
Shaplen RobertThe Love-Making of Max – RobertAce UKvg+19591st274
Shaw BobOne Million TomorrowsAce USvg62938
Sheean VincentLilyAce UKvg1stH311
Silone IgnazioBread and WineAce UKvg1stH270
Silone IqnazioFontamaraAce UKvg19591stH243
Sim KatherineBlack RiceAce UKvg1stH512
Singer KurtThe Plague of the Living DeadAcevg+19840
Smith CordwainerQuest of the Three WorldsAce USvg+1stF402
Spinelli MarcosThe Lash of DesireAce USvg+19591stD254
St Clair MargaretMessage from the Eocene / Three Worlds of FuturitAce USvg1stM105
St.Clair MargaretChange the Sky and Other StotiesAce10258
Stine HarryEarth SatellitesAce USvg1stD239
Sutton JeffSpacehiveAce USvg19601st478
Swann Thomas BurnettDay of the MinotaurAce USvg+19661st407
Tubb ECMoon BaseAce USvg19641stF293
Van Vogt A EThe Wizard of LinnAce USvg19621stF154
Vance JackSlaves of the Klau DOUBLEAce USvg1stD295
Vance JackBig Planet DOUBLEAce USvg1stD295
Vance JackThe Eyes of the OverworldAce USvg19661stM149
Vance JackThe World Between/Monsters in OrbitAce USvgM125
Verne JulesOff on a CometAce USvg245
Verne JulesOff on a CometAce USvg+D245
Verne JulesThe Purchase of the North PoleAce USvg-1stD434
Vidal GoreA Thirsty EvilAce UKvg19601stH398
Weil JerryDelay en RouteAce UKvg1stH282
Williams TennesseeThe Roman Spring of Mrs StoneAce UKvg1962repH325
Williams WirtThe EnemyAce UKvg19571st0
Williamson JackThe Trial of TerraAce USvg19621stD555
Williamson JackBright New UniverseAce USvg+19671stG641
Wolfenden JohnStreetwalkerAce UKvg-19611stH505
Wollheim & Carr editersWorld’s Best Science Fiction Third SeriesAce USvg91355
Wollheim DA (ed)Swordsmen in the SkyAce USvgF311
Woodcott Keith – (John BrunnerThe Matian SphinxAce USvg+19651st320
Wyllie JohnJohnny PurpleAce UKvg1stH123
Zelazny RogerFour for TomorrowAce USvg1stM155
Zelazny RogerThe Dream MastersAce USvg-19661stF403

PAN 1st Series 1946 to 1958

If you want more information on the titles below, please contact me.

Stock 27th October 2022

Ambler EricCause for AlarmPanvg1st
Ambler EricEpitaph for a SpyPang1st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPanvg+19471st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPanvg19512nd
AnthologySeven Short PlaysPanvg-1st
AnthologyTold in the DarkPanvg-19502nd
Ashton HelenYeoman’s HospitalPanvg1st
Asimov IsaacExtraterrestrial CivilizationsPanvg
Asquith Cynthia (ed)2nd Pan Ghost BookPanf19561st
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Ghost BookPanvg
Bagnold EnidSerina BlandishPanvg-1st
Balchin NigelMine Own ExicutionerPanvg1st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPanvg19471st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPanvg2nd
Baron AlexanderFrom City From the PloughPanvg19531st
Baron AlexanderThe Human KindPanvg19571st
Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanf1st
Baron AlexanderThere’s no HomePanvg2nd
Baum VickiCentral StoresPanvg+1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPang1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPanvg dj1st
Belmans LudwigDirty EddiePanvg19521st
Bennett ArnoldAnna of the Five TownsPanvg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPanvg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPanvg dj1st
Berkerly AnthonyThe Poisoned Chocolate CasePanvg19501st
Bickers Richard TownshendGinger Lacey Fighter PilotPanvg
Blake NicholasA Question of ProofPanvg-SOLD
Blake NicholasHead of a TravellerPanvg1st
Blake NicholasThere’s Trouble BrewingPanvg1st
Borden MaryAction for SlanderPanvg-19491st
Brand ChristiannaDeath in High HeelsPanvg19491st
Brand ChristiannaGreen for DangerPanvg+
Brand MaxThe Gun TamerPanvg-19571st
Brickhill PaulEscape or DiePanvg-1st
Brickhill PaulEscape or DiePanvg7th
Bright PamelaLife in our HandsPanvg19571st
Brophy JohnTurn the Key SoftlyPanvg19531st
Buchan JohnGreenmantlePanvg1st
Buchan JohnPrestor JohnPanf19501st
Buchan JohnThe Island of SheepPanvg-1st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPanvg6th
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPanvg4th
Bullet GeraldTrouble in Number SevenPanvg1st
Cambridge ElizabethHostage to FortunePanvg1st
Canning VictorA Forest of EyesPanvg1st
Cannon JoannaHour of the AngelPanvg+1st
Cartland BarbaraA Rhapsody of LovePanvg19771st
Caspary VeraLauraPanvg1st
Caspery VeraBedeliaPanvg19501st
Cecil HenryAcording to EvidencePanvg19571st
Cecil HenryNatural CausesPanvg19561st
Cecil HenryNo Bail for the JudgePanvg19551st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg+19531st
Charteris LeslieAlias the SaintPanvg-19552nd
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintPanvg+19561st
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintPanvg19582nd
Charteris LeslieSaint OverboardPanvg+19551st
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg19541st
Charteris LeslieThe Ace of KnavesPanvg+19562nd
Charteris LeslieThe avenging SaintPanvg3rd
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanvg1st
Charteris LeslieThe Brighter BuccaneerPanf1953SOLD
Charteris LeslieThe Saint and Mr TealPanvg19571st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Goes WestPanvg-2nd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in LondonPanvg19521st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in MiamiPanvg19551st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPanvg+2nd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPanvg4th
Charteris LeslieThe Saint on GuardPanvg+19511st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Steps InPanvg19581st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Steps InPanf19581st
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Versus Scotland YardPanvg19503rd
Chesser EustaceLove and MarriagePanvg19571st
Chesterton GKThe Wisdom of Father BrownPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg-1st
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg2nd
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPanvg3rd
Cheyney PeterDark InterludePanvg19571st
Cheyney PeterDark WantonPanf19561st
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get Me WrongPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPanvg2nd
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPanvg4th
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPanvg6th
Cheyney PeterYou Can Call it a DayPanf19521st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPanvg1st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Keep the ChangePanvg1st
Cheyney PeterYou’d be SurprisedPanvg19562nd
Christie AgathaCards on the TablePanvg19554th
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanvg2nd
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanf3rd
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPanf19544th
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg-1st
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPanvg19542nd
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19521st
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPanvg19532nd
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPanvg1st
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPanf1st
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle My ShoePanvg19561st
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanf19551st
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanvg2nd
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanvg1st
Christie AgathaSad CypressPanf19574th
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePanvg19551st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Panvg+19471st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Panvg19502nd
Christie AgathaThe HollowPanvg+19501st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanvg+197323rd
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanvg19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19531st
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19542nd
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPanf19574th
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPang4th
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPanvg+196916th
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair At StylesPanvg19552nd
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainPang19541st
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPanvg19551st
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPanvg+19551st
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPanf19561st
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPanp2nd
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansPanvg+19693rd
Clarke Arthur CChildhoods EndPanvg19561st
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightPanvg19571st
Clarke Arthur CImperial EarthPanvg19785th
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpacePanvg19541st
Clarke Arthur CProfiles of the FuturePanvg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Deep RangePanvg+
Clarke Arthur CThe Fountains of ParadisePanvg+
Clewes HThe Long memoryPanvg-19541st
Collins NormanFlames Coming out of the TopPanvg19491st
Conan Doyle ArthurAdventures of GerardPanvg1st
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Return of Sherlock HolmesPanf1954SOLD
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg-19511st
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Valley of FearPanvg2nd
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg19531st
Cooper DuffOperation HeartbreakPanvg+19553rd
Cotteral GeoffreyWestward the SunPanvg19551st
Cotterell GeoffreyThen a SoldierPanvg+19571st
Coward NoelStar QualityPanvg1st
Creasey JohnA Beauty for Inspector WestPanf19561st
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePanvg+19571st
Crofts Freeman WillsAntidote to VenomPanvg1st
Curtiss UrsulaThe Noonday DevilPanf19571st
Davis RhysThe Black VenusPanvg19501st
Davison AnnLast VoyagePanvg19561st
de la Mare WalterThe ReturnPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoJalnaPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoMary WakefieldPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoRenny’s DaughterPanvg19551st
de la Roche MazoThe Building of JalnaPanvg19561st
de la Roche MazoThe Master of JalnaPanvg1st
de la Roche MazoThe Whiteoak BrothersPanvg19571st
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePanvg19522nd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePanvg3rd
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPanvg19481st
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPanvg-3rd
de Wiart CartonHappy OdysseyPanf19551st
de Wiart CartonHappy OdysseyPanvg19551st
Dean JosephHatred Ridicule or ContemptPanvg1st
Deeping WarwickParadice PlacePanvg1st
Delafield EMThe Provincial LadyPanvg+1st
Dickson CarterThe Bowstring MurdersPanvg19501st
Douglas LloydMagnicent ObsessionPanf1st
Druon MauriceThe Iron KingPan
Du Maurier GeorgeTrilbyPanvg1st
Duffield AnneThe Golden SummerPanvg19571st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanvg+19501st
Duguid JulianGreen HellPanf19552nd
Duguid JulianTiger-ManPanvg+1st
Duke MadelineTop Secret MissionPanvg19571st
Edelmaan MauriceWho Goes HomePanvg19551st
Ferber EdnaShow BoatPanvg19541st
Finney JackFive Against the HousePanf19561st
Fitt MaryClue to ChristobelPanvg+19521st
Fitzgerald KIt’s Different in JulyPanvg19571st
FitzGerald KevinA Throne of BayonetsPanvg+19551st
FitzGerald KevinQuite Under the SunPanf19561st
Fleming IanCasino RoyalePanvg197229th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPanvg+197218th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPanf197420th
Fleming IanFrom Russia with LovePan197626th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanvg+197222nd
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanf197323rd
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg+196924th
Fleming IanOctopussyPanvg19682nd
Fleming IanOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServicePanvg19727th
Frank AnneThe Diary of a Young GirlPanvg1st
Frankau PamelaThe Willow CabinPang+1st
Fraser RonaldRose AnstyPanvg19501st
Freeman R AustinThe Puzzle LockPanvg1st
Fullerton AlexanderNo Man’s MistressPanvg19571st
Fullerton AlexanderSurfacePanvg19561st
Galsworthy JohnThree PlaysPanf19481st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Backward MulePanvg-19571st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Curious BridePanvg1st
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lazy LoverPanvg19561st
Garve AndrewA Hole in the GroundPanf19551st
Garve AndrewDeath and the Sky AbovePanvg19561st
Garve AndrewThe Megstone PlotPanf19581st
Gaskin CatherineAll Else is FollyPanvg1st
Gaskin CatherineDaughter of the HousePanvg19551st
Gilbert MichaelDeath has Deep RootsPanvg19541st
Goodchild GeorgeInspector Mcleans HolidayPanvg1st
Greene GrahamEngland Made MePanvg19541st
Greene GrahamJourney Without MapsPanvg19471st
Greene GrahamStamboul TrainPanvg1st
Gregory JacksonThe Secret of Secret ValleyPanf19521st
Grey ZaneForlorn RiverPanf2nd
Grey ZaneHeritage of the DesertPanvg1st
Grey ZaneKnights of the RangePanvg19551st
Grey ZaneThe Last of the PlainsmanPanvg19551st
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPanvg1st
Grossmith George & WeedonThe Diary of a NobodyPanvg/vg+19471st
Guedalia PhillipMr Churchill a PortraitPanf1st
Haggard H RiderKing Solomon’s MinePanvg1st
Hammett DashiellThe Maltese FalconPanvg-1st
Hanley GeraldThe Consul at SunsetPanvg19551st
Hanley GeraldThe Year of the LionPanvg19561st
Hardy ThomasThe Mayor of CasterbridgePanf1st
Harpole JamesA Surgeons HeritagePanvg19561st
Hartley LPThe Shrimp and the AnemoniePanvg1st
Hays JosephThe Desparate HourPanvg19561st
Heberhart MGThe Glass SlipperPanvg1st
Heinline RobertThe Green Hills of EarthPanvg19561st
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPanvg19551st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPanvg1st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPanvg3rd
Henderson AMGood SpeakingPanvg19551st
Henry Mrs RobertMadaline Grown UpPanvg19551st
Henry Mrs RobertThe Little MadalinePanvg19541st
Henry OCabbages and KingsPang1st
Henry OThe Four MillionPanf19471st
Henry OThe Four MillionPanvg2nd
Henry OThe Trimmed LampPanvg-1st
Hey & KingThe Middle WatchPanvg1st
Heyer GeorgetteBehold, Here,s PoisonPanvg-19512nd
Heyer GeorgetteCousin KatePanf19711st
Heyer GeorgetteDetection UnlimitedPanvg+19562nd
Heyer GeorgetteDuplicate in DeathPanvg19541st
Heyer GeorgetteFaro’s DaughterPanvg1st
Heyer GeorgetteLady of QualityPanf19742nd
Heyer GeorgetteThe CorinthianPanvg1st
Hillary RichardThe Last EnemyPanvg1st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19503rd
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg19534th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19565th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg+19576th
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPanvg19492nd
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPanvg3rd
Hilton JamesSo Well RememberedPanvg1st
Hilton JamesTime and Time AgainPanvg19551st
HoffmanEight Tales of HoffmanPanvg+1st
Horn AATrader HornPanvg1st
Horn AATrader HornPanvg dj1st
Humphreys traversA Book of TrialsPanvg19562nd
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPanvg1948
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPanvg19481st
Innes HammondKiller MinePanf19571st
Innes HammondMaddon’s RockPanvg+19551st
Innes HammondThe Angry MountainPanvg1st
Innes HammondThe Trojan HorsePanvg+19551st
Jacob NaomiThe Man Who Found HimselfPanvg1st
James MRGhost Stories of an AntiquityPanvg-19531st
James MR (ed)More Ghost Stories from AntiquidyPanvg19551st
Jones EHThe Road to En-DorPanvg19551st
Joyce James AveryJustice at WorkPanvg19551st
Kauffman LaneThe PerfectionistPanvg+19571st
Kaye-Smith SheilaGreen Apple HarvestPanvg19501st
Kennedy MargaretThe Constant NymphPanvg19531st
Kennedy MilwardEscape to QuebecPanvg-1st
Keyes Francis ParkinsonThe Safe BridgePanvg19501st
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPanf19491st
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPanvg+19471st
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPanvg19492nd
Knox RonaldStill DeadPanvg19521st
Latimer JonathanSinners and ShroudsPanvg+19581st
Leonard JNFlight into SpacePanvg+19551st
Leslie DorisFull FlavourPanvg1st
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg1st
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPanvg19551st
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPanvg2nd
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg1st
Linklater EricRipeness is AllPanvg1st
Lister StephenMisral HotelPanvg19511st
Lister StephenSavoy Grill at OnePanvg-1st
Lodwick JohnLove Bade me WelcomePanvg19551st
Lowndes M BellocI Too Have lived in ArcadiaPanvg1st
Lustgarden EdgarDefenders TriumphPanvg19571st
Macaulay RoseKeeping up AppearancesPanvg-1st
Macaulay RoseStaying With RelationsPanvg1st
MacDonald John DThe Dreadful Lemon SkyPanvg
MacDonald John DTravis McGee In The Dreadful Lemon SkyPanvg+
Macdonald John RossThe Drowning PoolPanvg19551st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPang+19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPanvg2nd
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPanvg3rd
Main Charles EricSpacewaysPanvg-19541st
Mankowitz WolfA Kid for Two FarthingsPanf19561st
Marquand John PHaven’s EndPanvg19471st
Marquand John PThe Late George ApleyPanvg1st
Mars AlexanderUnbrokenPanvg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPanvg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPanvg2nd
Marsh NgaioOpening NightPanvg19561st
Marshall BruceAll Glorious WithinPanvg+1st
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePanvg1st
Mason AEWAt the Villa RosePanvg1st
Mason AEWFire Over EnglandPanvg19471st
Mason AEWNo Other TigerPanvg19481st
Mason AEWThe Winding StairPanvg1st
Maughn SomersetAshendenPanvg19521st
Maupassant Guy deTales of Supernatural TerrorPanvg19732nd
McCormack CharlesYou’ll Die in SingaporePanvg+19571st
Miall RobertGerry Anderson’s UFOPanvg19701st
Moore JohnPortrait of ElmberyPanvg1st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg-19511st
Morgan CharlesThe Judge’s StoryPanvg+2nd
Morgan CharlesThe River LinePanvg19551st
Murray NoraI Spied for StalinPanf19561st
Neave AireyThey Have there ExitsPanvg19551st
Nichols BeverleyDown the Garden PathPanvg-19501st
Nicholson HaroldSome PeoplePanvg+19471st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise Dead Man’s HandlePanvg+1986
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise I LuciferPanvg1973
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise Pieces of ModestyPanvg19721st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise The Impossible VirginPanvg19731st
O’Donnell PeterModesty Blaise The Silver MistressPanvg1975
Orczy BaronessThe Emporer’s CandlesticksPanvg1st
O’Rourke FrankBlackwaterPanvg19581st
Pelfrey WilliamHamburger HillPanvg+1987
Plaidy JeanA Health Unto His MajestyPanvg
Plaidy JeanBeyond The Blue MountainPanvg
Plaidy JeanFlaunting Extravagant QueenPanvg
Plaidy JeanLouis the Well-BelovedPanvg19721st
Plaidy JeanMadonna of the Seven HillsPanvg
Plaidy JeanSt. Thomas’s EvePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Bastard KingPanvg19771st
Plaidy JeanThe Goddess of the Green RoomPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Goldsmith’s WifePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Murderer in the TowerPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Queen and Lord MPanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Queen from ProvencePanvg
Plaidy JeanThe Road to CompiegnePanvg19721st
Plaidy JeanThe Sixth WifePanvg197411th
Plaidy JeanThe Spanish BridegroomPanvg-19701st
Plaidy JeanThe Three CrownsPanvg-19731st
Plaidy JeanVictoria in the WingsPanvg
Priestley JBThe Doomsday ManPanvg1st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPanvg19471st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPanvg2nd
Rattigan TerranceThe Wimslow BoyPanvg19501st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg+19541st
Reid PRThe Colditz StoryPanvg8th
Roberts CecilPilgrim CottagePanvg1st
Russell JohnWhere the Pavement EndsPang1st
Sadleir MichaelThese Foolish ThingsPanvg1st
Samuel ViscountBelief and actionPanvg19531st
SapperJim MaitlandPanvg1st
SapperThe Island of TerrorPanvg19571st
Sava GeorgeThey Came by AppointmentPanvg19571st
Scott J MSea-Wyf and BiscuitPanvg19571st
Sharp MargeryThe Gipsey in the ParlourPanvg19571st
Sharp MargeryThe Nutmeg TreePanvg2nd
Sharp MargeryThe Stone of ChastetyPanvg1st
Sharpe MargeryCluny BrownPanvg1st
Shelwell-Cooper WEEnjoy Your GardenPanvg19571st
SimenonMagnet of DoomPanf19561st
SimenonThe Man Who Watched The TrainsPanvg1st
Simpson HelenSaraband for Dead LoversPanvg1st
Sitwell OsbertAlive-Alive OhPanvg1st
Slocum JoshuaSailing Alone Round the WorldPanf19501st
Smith EleonorBallerinaPanvg19501st
Smith ShelleyThe Woman in the SeaPanvg19531st
Smith ShellyCome and be KilledPanvg19501st
Spring HowardDunkerley’sPanvg19501st
Steinbeck JohnThe Pearl and Burning BrightPanvg1st
Stephens JamesThe Crock of GoldPanvg+19531st
Stern GBThe Back SeatPanvg1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPang1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPanvg dj1st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPanvg+19461st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPanvg+19461st
Stokes SewellCourt CircularPanf-19551st
Strong LAGThe DirectorPanvg1st
Sutherland HallidayThe Arches of the YearsPanvg19501st
Tarr John CGood HandwritingPanvg19571st
Tey JosaphineBrat FarrarPanvg19541st
Tey JosaphineBrat FarrarPanvg+19572nd
Tey JosaphineMiss Pym DisposesPanvg19571st
Tey JosephineTo Love and be WisePanvg++19531st
Thal Herbert van ed.The 14th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPanvg
Thal Herbert van ed.The Fourth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPanvg197914th
Thal Herbert van ed.The Twelfth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPanvg
Thirkell AngelaPomfret TowersPanvg1st
Thomas WBDare to be FreePanvg19551st
Thomson EdwardBurmese SilverPanvg dj1st
Thouless RHStright and Crooked ThinkingPanvg1st
Timperley RosemaryThe Sixth Ghost Book Book TwoPanvg
Timperley Rosemary ed.The Sixth Ghost Book – Book TwoPanvg-19732nd
Trevor EllestonSquadren AirbornePanvg
Trevor ElstonThe Big Pick UpPanvg2nd
Upfield ArthurThe Clue of the New ShoePanvg+19551st
Vallens GHBetter EnglishPanf1st
Vallens GHGood English How to Write ItPanvg1st
Van Thal H (ed)Book of Strange StoriesPanvg+19541st
Waddell HelenPeter AbelyardPanvg19521st
Waldron & GleesonThe FrogmenPanvg19541st
Wallace EdgarSandersPanvg1st
Wallace Edgartcot Twisted CandlePanvg19541st
Wallace Edgartcot Twisted CandlePanvg19562nd
Wallace EdgarThe Cue of the Silver KeyPanvg19542nd
Wallace EdgarThe Four Just MenPanvg+19501st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg-19521st
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg2nd
Wallace EdgarThe JokerPanvg+19501st
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPanvg-3rd
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPanvg4th
Wallace EdgarThe Square EmeraldPanvg19531st
Walmsley LeoSo Many LovesPanf19471st
Walpole HughAbove the Dark CircusPanvg19471st
Walpole HughMr Perrin and Mr TraillPanvg+19481st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg-1st
Walters Anne-MarieMoondrop to GasconyPanvg2nd
Waugh AlecHot CountriesPanvg1st
Wayman StanleyUnder the Red RobePanvg+1srt
Wellard JamesNight in BabylonPang19541st
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanf1st
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanvg+2nd
Wentworth PatriciaGrey MaskPanvg19521st
Wentworth PatriciaPilgrim’s RestPanvg19531st
Wentworth PatriciaThe Clock Strikes TwelvePanvg19491st
White James DillonThe Spoletta StoryPanvg19571st
White JDGenevievePanvg19571st
Wilde OscarLady Widameres’ FanPanf1st
Williams EmlynThe Corn is GreenPanvg19501st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPanvg-1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPanvg+2nd
Wodehouse PGThank You JeevesPanvg1st
Woodruff PhilipThe Wild Sweet WitchPanvg1st
Young Francis BrettA Man About the HousePanvg+19551st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know by email to david.sheard@ntlworld.com and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement.
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Green for Danger – Christianna Brand

Pan 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


J. B. Priestly – The Doomsday Men

Pan 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lost Horizon – James Hilton

LOST HORIZON – James Hilton

PAN – specify the edition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Leo Walmsley – So Many Loves

SO MANY LOVES – Leo Walmsley

Pan 1st 1947 vg+


Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Pan 1947 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Thirty Nine Steps – John Buchan

The Thirty-nine Steps – John Buchan

Pan – Specify which edition Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal
invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

WDL Books


BENIGHTED – J B Priestley

WDL 1958 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Man from Madura – Leslie Gillespie

WDL 1959 1st vg “He was all man – Rough Mean and too hot to handle” does not really tie in with back cover blurb that does mention Burma. All available (until sold) at notinheckmondwikebookshop.com Assuming I remember in what safe place I put them.


I always did like their covers, what I didn’t realise was how many rare titles they had printed. Take the Simenon for example, though it may have been published under another title, this is the only UK paperback I can find.WDL The Stowaway 127

Simenon – The Stowaway

WDL 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Moonlight Traveller

The Moonlight Traveller edited by Philip Van Doren Stern

WDL 1960 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


BRAINWASHING – Edward Hunter

BRAINWASHING – Edward Hunter

WDL 1959 1st vg- This is one of the rarer editions of this much published book. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



AnthologyThe Moonlight TravellerWDLvg19601stHH981
Attiwell KenThe Rising SunsetWDLvg19593rdW700
Ballinger Bill SThe Body BeautifulWDLf19601stM885
Ballinger Bill SThe Body in the BedWDLf19601stN890
Balzac Honore DePere GoriotWDLvg1stGC834
Bixley WilliamThe Guilty and the InnocentWDLvg1stNF268
Boltar RussellThe Two Lives of Dr StrattonWDLf19591stN871
Cameron OwenThe Demon StirsWDLvg-19591stM811
Carrier WarrenBay of the DamnedWDLvg-19601stM964
Caruso JosephThe PriestWDLf19601stN911
Catto MaxGold in the SkyWDLvg1stN295
Clarke ComerEichmannWDLvg19601stTS756
Cory DesmondHigh RequiemWDL260
Coxe George HarmonMurder on their MindsWDLf19591stM870
Craig & ParkesDrama in DiamondsWDLvg1stNF285
Dana Richard HenryTwo Years Before the MastWDLvg1stGC855
De Maupassant GuyThe House of Madame TellierWDLvg+19602nd821
Dinneen Joseph FUnderworld USAWDLvg1stG288
Dolan BradMiami ManhuntWDLvg1stM813
Dors DianaSwingin’DorsWDLvg-19601stNF755
Flaubert GustaveMadame BovaryWDLvg195923/02/2021841
Foley JohnBull and BrassWDLf19591stN838
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Forgotten MurderWDLvg19601st987
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lazy LoverWDLvg1stM930
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AATurn on the HeatWDLvg1960823
Gillespie LeslieThe Man From MadraWDLvg19591st876
Harwin BrianTouch me NotWDLvg1stN887
Hearne JohnThe Faces of LoveWDLvg19591st872
Holmes GrantSurabayaWDLf19581stM267
Hunter EdwardBrainwashingWDLvg-19591st524
James Henry CThe Green OpalWDLvg1stM922
Jessup RichardNight Boat To ParisWDLf19601stM956
Kelly JohnSon of NipponWDLvg+19591stW826
Kersh GeraldMen Without BonesWDLvg19601stSF975
Kingery DonPaulaWDLf19601stN974
Kirst Hans HellmutGunner Asch Goes to WarWDLvg19572ndVS515
Krepps Robert WEarth ShakerWDLvg19601st918
Lee JamesCareerWDLvg19601st753
Marshall RosamondThe General’s WenchWDLf19591stHN874
Moxon OliverThe Last MonsoonWDLvg19591stW805
Murray WHFive FrontiersWDLvg19611stN1003
Naipaul VSMiguel StreetWDLvg1stN940
Nern Daniel DBlack as NightWDLf19601stN944
Priestley JBBenightedWDLg19581stG281
Rice John AndrewLocal ColourWDLvg1stSS886
Ross ZolaCassy ScandalWDLvg19601stN884
Schnitzler ArthurCasanova’s HomecomingWDLC809
Shaw ArthurDoctors for HireWDLf19601stH895
Shelley MaryFrankensteinWDLvg3rdGC294
SimenonThe StowawayWDLvg+1stM941
Sotona WayneHigh Chaparral – Town in FearWDLvg+0
Steinbeck JohnEast of EdenWDLvg19605thVS503
Thorp RaymondViper – The Confessions of a Drug AdictWDLvg19601st891
Turner RobertWagons WestWDLvg1st883
Urquhart FredMen At WarWDLvg-19601stW928
Weidman JeromeI Can Get it for You WholesaleWDLvg19591stVS845

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know by email to david.sheard@ntlworld.com and I can either answer your questions,
send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement.

Pocket Books

I am only 99% sure of these titles as I am only partially through my stock check.

Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Book737
Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Bookvg-19511st757
Allen HerveyAction at AquillaPocket Book0
Ambler EricJudgment on DeltchevPocket Book887
AnthologyThe Anatomy of MurderPocket BookB5
Arlott JohnBritish Sporting StoriesPocket Bookvg-1stB39
Armstrong CharlotteMischiefPocket Bookvg19511st805
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Book444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19471st444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19474th444
Arno PeterThe Peter Arno Pocket BookPocket Bookvg++19473rd417
Asbury HerbertThe Barbary CoastPocket Bookvg19483rd474
Austen JanePide and PrejudicePocket BookvgRep63
Bailey HCThe Best of Mr FortunePocket Bookvg19432nd190
Baldwin FaithPrivate DutiesPocket Bookvg-445
Benchley RobertMy Ten Years\in a QuandaryPocket Bookvg19471st449
Boucher EditorThe Pocket Book of True Crime StoriesPocket Bookvg-1943213
Bower BMThe Whoop-up TrailPocket Bookvg19453rd310
Brand MaxSilvertipPocket Bookvg1946369
Brande DorotheaWake Up and LivePocket Bookvg+195315th2
Brooks JohnThe Big WheelPocket Bookvg19511st767
Brown EugeneTrespassPocket Book964
Buck Pearl SPeonyPocket Book679
Budd LillianApril SnowPocket Bookvg19541st994
Cannon Cornelia JamesRed DustPocket Book623
Capp AlThe Life and Times of The ShmooPocket Bookvg-19491st621
Chandler RaymondThe Big SleepPocket Bookvg+50541
Cody AlDisaster TrailPocket Bookvg19491st648
Cody AlWest of the LawPocket Bookvg+19491st610
Craven ThomasFamous Artists & their ModelsPocket Bookvg19491st579
Curie Eve – Trans. SheeanMadame CuriePocket Bookvg+19461st400
Daly MaureenThe Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg+19511st751
Daly MaureenYou Too can be the Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg19511st751
Day ClarenceLife with FatherPocket Book280
Day ClarenceLife With FatherPocket Bookvg1947280
De Kruif PaulHunger FightersPocket Bookvg19421st155
Dickens CharlesPickwick PapersPocket Book100
Dickson CarterDeath and the Gilded ManPocket Book1947478
Dickson CarterSeeing is BelievingPocket Book0
Dickson CarterThe Judas WindowPocket Book231
Dickson CarterThe Punch & Judy MurdersPocket Book19431st219
Douglas lloyd CGreen LightPocket Bookf19457th175
Dowst Robert SWin, Place and ShowPocket Bookvg19481st458
Dreiser TheodoreSister CarriePocket Bookvg+19491st644
du Maurier DaphneThe King’s GeneralPocket Book0
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book81390
Ellington RichardIt’s a CrimePocket Bookvg-19501st756
ExnerThe Sexual Side of MarriagePocket Book500
Foss HubertThe Concert Goers HandbookPocket Bookvg19511stB44
Fowler GeneGood Night, Sweet PrincePocket Bookvg+19471st430
Frank patMr AdamPocket Book498
Franken RoseAnother ClaudiaPocket Book449
Fuller RogerFugative – Fear in a Desert TownPocket Bookg501
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Angry MournerPocket Bookvg19601092
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Calendar GirlPocket Bookvg+19636040
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Crooked CandlePocket Bookvg+19511st758
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Deadly ToyPocket Bookvg19697th55858
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowning DuckPocket Book0
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Golddiggers PursePocket Bookf19511st812
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Howling DogPocket Bookvg1954rep116
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lame CanaryPocket Bookvg+194616th223
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Long-legged ModelsPocket Bookvg19601238
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Moth Eaten MinkPocket Bookvg19561107
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Perjured ParrotPocket Bookvg19508th378
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Smoking ChimneyPocket Bookvg19503rd667
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe Bigger They ComePocket Bookg+19432nd228
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D A Holds a CandlePocket Bookvg1945287
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D.A. Cooks a GoosePocket Bookvg1949561
Gooden Arthur HenryWayne of the Flying WPocket Book873
Grdner Erle Stanleytcot Drowning DuckPocket Bookvg+19656th50320
Haines William WisterHigh TensionPocket Bookvg19481st502
Hayes AlfredThe Girl on the Via FlaminiaPocket Book666
Hertzler Arthur EThe Horse & Buggy DoctorPocket Bookvg0
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPocket Bookvg+1961rep6100
Hughes Dorothy BThe Candy KidPocket Bookvg+19511st845
Hughes Dorothy BThe Delicate ApePocket Bookvg19461st422
Hutchinson ASMIf Winter ComesPocket Bookvg19481st486
Janeway ElizabethDaisy KenyonPocket Bookvg19484th442
Janeway ElizabethThe Walsh GirlsPocket Book1st393
JonesPeabody’s MermaidPocket Bookvg+19481st503
Jones HowardTropical TalesPocket Bookvg-1stB42
Kelly G LombardSexual Feeling in Married Men & WomenPocket Book825
Kirk JeremyThe Buid-up BoysPocket Bookvg+19522nd849
Kirk JeremyThe Build-up BoysPocket Book849
Kruif Paul DeMicrobe HuntersPocket Book49
Lea TomThe Brave BullsPocket Bookvg19511st771
Liederman AlLi’l LeaguerPocket Bookvg+19601st1272
Lindsey PhilipOne Dagger for TwoPocket Book0
Long ManningVicious CirclePocket Bookvg19531stB80
Lott MiltonThe Last HuntPocket Bookvg19562ndC203
Malzberg Barry NThe Sodom and Gomorrah BusinessPocket Bookvg+19741st77789
Marsh NgaioSwing Brother SwingPocket Bookvg+19511st762
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePocket Bookvg19471st435
Masur Harold QSo Rich, So Lovely and So DeadPocket Bookvg998
Maugham W SomersetCakes and AlePocket Bookvg1964rep50029
Maule Harry EThe Pocket Book of Western StoriesPocket Book0
Maurier Daphne duThe King’s GeneralPocket Bookvg-19471st483
McIntyreStar Trk III – The Search for SpockPocket Bookvg198417
Miller Helen ToppingSpot LightPocket Book653
Moon BucklinWithout MagnoliasPocket Bookvg+19501st697
Narayan R KThe Bachelor of ArtsPocket Bookvg19511stB31
Neville MargotMurder of a NymphPocket Bookvg+19511st829
Nordhoff & HallPitcairn’s IslandPocket Bookvg19472nd457
Packard VanceThe Human Side of AnimalsPocket Bookvg19501st755
Perkins JREmperor’s PhysicianPocket Bookvg19471st481
Peterkin JuliaScarlet Sister MarkPocket Book48
Phillips JASuitable For FramingPocket Bookvg+19501st725
Postgate RaymondVerdict of TwelvePocket Book331
Prather Richard SShell Scott – Kill Him TwicePocket Bookvg19686th55025
Queen ElleryDeath Spins the PlatterPocket Bookvg19621st6126
Queen ElleryHalfway HousePocket Bookvg-1945259
Queen ElleryQ B IPocket Bookvg19561st1118
Queen ElleryThe Door BetweenPocket Bookvg-19471st471
Queen ElleryThe Dutch Shoe MysteryPocket Bookvg0
Queen ElleryThe Four of HeartsPocket Bookvg-245
Queen ElleryThe Roman Hat MysteryPocket Book0
Queen ElleryThere Was am Old WomanPocket Bookvg-326
Raine William MacleodBorder BreedPocket Bookvg19501st721
Raine William MacLeodThe Sheriff’s SonPocket Bookvg+19511st815
Rice CraigThe Sunday Pigeon MurdersPocket Bookvg-19471st434
Rigsby HowardMurder for the HolidaysPocket Bookvg19521st907
Rinehart Mary RobertsThe AlbumPocket Bookvg19411st121
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Book486
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Bookvg+19491st641
Romano RomualdoSciroccoPocket Bookvg19521st900
Rose BillyWine Women and WordsPocket Bookvg19501st685
Ross BarnabyThe Scrolls of LysisPocket Book5083
Sachs Paul JThe Pocket Book of Great DrawingPocket Bookvg19511st765
Santee RossCowboyPocket Bookvg+19501st732
Seifert ElizabethA Certain Doctor FrenchPocket Bookvg-1947122
Seifert ElizabethThe Young Doctor GalahadPocket Bookvg1946302
Seuss DrThe Pocket Book of BonersPocket Bookvg194526th110
Sharp MargeryCluny BrownPocket Bookvg1st395
Shute NevilPastorialPocket Bookvg+19462nd281
Smith ThorneTopperPocket Book0
Smith ThorneTurnaboutPocket Bookvg19474th447
Steinbeck JohnThe Steinbeck PB Of Mice & MenPocket Bookvg1945243
Stinetorf LouiseWhite Witch DoctorPocket Bookvg+19521st851
talian MysoganistsThe Pocket BiblePocket Book0
Turnbull Agnes SlighThe Bishop’s MantlePocket Bookvg19491st657
Twain MarkA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourtPocket Bookvg1st497
Ullman James RamseyThe White TowerPocket Bookvg19521stC76
Upson William HazlettAlexander Botts Earthworm TractorsPocket Bookvg-19463rd304
Van Dine SSThe Benson Murder CasePocket Bookvg333
Van Dine SSThe Canary CasePocket Bookvg-19443rd248
Van Loon Hendrik WillemThe Story of MankindPocket Bookvg194815
Van Praag VanCombatPocket Bookvg+19501st747
VariousThe Pocket Mystery ReaderPocket Book0
Wallop DouglasThe Year the Yankees Lost the PennantPocket Bookvg19581stC328
Watkin Lawrence EdwardOn Borrowed TimePocket Bookvg19451st317
Wells EvelynJed Blaine’s WomanPocket Book637
Wells Lee ETonto RileyPocket Bookvg19521st865
Westcott JanThe HepburnPocket Bookvg19511st827
White Nelia GardnerNo Trumpet Before HimPocket Bookvg19501st664
Wilder ThorntonThe Bridge of San Luis ReyPocket Bookvg+19497th9
Willkie Wendell LOne WorldPocket Bookvg19431st229
Wilson EarlI am Gazing Into My 8-BallPocket Bookvg19481st489
Worley WilliamMy Dead WifePocket Bookvg19511st773
Wright Harold BellThe Shepherd of the HillsPocket Book441
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