The Amazing Mr. Lutterworth by Desmond Leslie

Digit UK Undated 1st? near fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End Jack Williamson (edition with face on cover)

Digit UK Undated vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End (face cover)

Digit UK undated good only (reading copy) Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


After Worlds End – Jack Williamson (Planet cover)

Digit UK undated vg++ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Descent into the Maelstrom – EDGAR ALLAN POE

Digit UK undated probably 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Crimes of Passion – Edward D Radin

Digit UK vg+ True Crime Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The World of Theda by Tom Wade

Digit UK undated vg+ “A Monster Descended to Earth” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Dead of Winter by Constance Cornish

Digit UK 1963 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Displace Person – by Grace Carey cover Rallney?

Digit vg a very “topical” subject today Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Digit UK 1963 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Edgar Wallace – BLUE HAND

Digit UK 1963 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Confessions of a Young Man – by George Moore

Digit UK Giant 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Spy Among Them by Kenneth F Welch

Digit 1962 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Nuclear Subtraction by Colin Roberts

Digit UK undated VG Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


collage digit sc

Stock; I have checked all the Digit UK I could find, seem to have about 25 missing (not listed below), that would be a full bag in the way I store them, so they could turn up. Please contact me if there is not a PayPal listing on this page for any books you desire. You could also do a search using the box at the bottom of the page to see if they are listed in a different category.

Aldiss BrianEquatorDigit UK695£2.50
Ard WilliamCry ScandalDigit UKvg1stR338£7.50anon
Baillie PeterAssault PatrolDigit UKg+19591stD241£5.00
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKg+D248£2.50Stew??
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKvg+2nd563£5.00
Brown FredricProject JupiterDigit UKvg+R828£3.50
Bulmer KennethCity Under the SeaDigit UKvg1stR505£3.50Lewis
Bulmer KennethThe Changeling WorldsDigit UKvg-19632nd758£2.50
Bunyan PatThe Big BluesDigit UK19631stR767£3.50
Burke JonathanPersuit Through TimeDigit UKg+R612
Carey GraceDisplaced PersonDigit UKvg-1stR0£5.00Ralney
Charbonneau LouisCorpus EarthlingDigit UKvg19631stR753£3.50
Charkin PaulThe Living GemDigit UKvg19631stR782£3.00
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Meets the TigerDigit UKvg-19632ndR603£15.00
Chilton CharlesThe Red PlanetDigit UKvg19631stR770£8.50
Clarke Arthur CIslands in the SkyDigit UKvg+19641stR802£7.50
Clews FrankThe Golden DiscDigit UKvg1963711£3.50
CompilationThe Sky Their BattlegroundDigit UKvg1stR784£2.50
Cooper EdnundVoices in the DarkDigit UKvg19601stD349£4.50anon
Cornish ConstanceDead of WinterDigit UKvg+19631stR773£8.00
Dagmar PeterSands of TimeDigit UKvg+19631stR686£5.00anon
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralDigit UKvg1stR437£3.50anon
Ellis D EA Thousand AgesDigit UKvg+19611st549£4.50
Ensor DavidVerdict AfterwordsDigit UKvg1stR794£4.00
Glyn ElinorThree WeeksDigit UKf1stR440£7.50Osborne
Grant MathewHyper-DriveDigit UKvg1stR673£3.00anon
Heinline Robert ARevolt in 2100Digit UKvg1stD235£4.50anon
King CliffordBarcelona With LoveDigit UKvgR417£2.50photo
Kittermaster MichaelThe District OfficerDigit UKvg1stR389£5.00anon
Lambert EricWatermenDigit UKvg19631stR759£5.00
Leslie DesmondThe Amazing Mr LutterworthDigit UKvg+1stD315£20.00anon
Long Frank BelknapThis Strange TomorrowDigit UKvg19661stR965£4.50anon
Mankiewicz Don MTrialDigit UKvg-1stG287£5.00Film
Manners DorineSin StreetDigit UKvg19591stR267£5.00anon
Maupassant Guy deA LifeDigit UKvg1stD153£5.00anon
Maupassant Guy deThe Master PassionDigit UKvg1stD181£3.00B?
McGivern William PHeaven Ran LastDigit UKg+D215£2.50anon
Mitchell MaryA Warning to WantonsDigit UKvg19621stG579£5.00
Moore GeorgeConfessions of a Young ManDigit UKvg1stG465£6.00anon
Norman LesliePrelude to MurderDigit UKvg0£5.00Sax
Nye Nelson CBlood SkyDigit UKvg0£5.00Osborn
Poe Edgar AllanDecent into the MaelstromDigit UKvg-R512£5.00Rainey
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsDigit UKvg1stD327£3.00anon
Radin Edward DCrimes of PassionDigit UKvg-1stR433£5.00anon
Ranzetta LuanYellow InfernoDigit UKvg19641srR836£5.00
Ranzetta LuanThe Maru InvasionDigit UKvg19621st606£10.00
Ranzetta VThe Uncharted PlanetDigit UKvg+19621stR557£10.00
Rayer Francis GCardinal of the StarsDigit UKvg+R851£3.00
Reynolds MargaretPrisoner at the BarDigit UKvg-19581stR411£2.50anon
Roberts ColinNuclear SubtractionDigit UKvg683£15.00
Rowland Donald SBoth Feet in HellDigit UKvg19611stR482£7.50Archer
Ryan CorneliusOne Minute to DitchDigit UKvg1stD238£3.50anon
Secondari John H3 Coins in the FountainDigit UKvg1stR321£20.00Film photo
Thomas MartinBeyond the SpectrumDigit UKvg+R864£3.50
Timms Graeme DeSplitDigit UKvg+19631stR807£3.50
Urquhart MacgregorFoxholeDigit UKvg-1stD168£10.00Osborn
Wade TomThe World of ThedaDigit UKvgR610£10.00anon
Wallace EdgarThe Council of JusticeDigit UKvg19631stR751£5.00
Wallace EdgarBlue HandDigit UKvg19631stR775£5.00anon
Wallace EdgarThe Lone House MysteryDigit UKvg19622ndR517£5.00O’Connell?
Wallace EdgarEve’s IslandDigit UKvg+R528£5.00O’Connell?
Wate SteveRing of HellDigit UKf-19601stD359£10.00
Welch Kenneth FThe Spy Among ThemDigit UKvg+19621st556£15.00Osbourne
Wellesley GordonIs It a Question of AdulteryDigit UKvg-1stR189£5.00Osborn
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKvg+19571stR479£4.00anon
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKvg1963rep725£4.00
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKg538£2.50
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKvg+538£8.00
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKvg+671£8.00anon
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UKvgR522£5.00anon
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UKvg19571stR490£5.00anon
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg1stR514£3.50Lewis
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg+2ndR785£3.00


Stock recently checked


Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Third Ghost BookPanvg++19614thGP86£5.00Boldoro
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Third Ghost BookPanvg-19637thGP86£3.00Boldoro
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Third Ghost BookPanf19602ndGP86£5.00
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Third Ghost BookPanvg19571stGP86£4.00anon
Baldwin MonicaI Leapt Over the WallPanvg-19571stGP68£2.50windo
Barsley MichaelA Book of Wit and HumourPanvg1stGP27£3.00anon
Batchelar DenzelBig FightPanvg-1stGP49£4.00Photo
Braddon RussellThe Naked IslandPanvg4thGP29£5.00Wilton
Brickhill PaulThe Dam BustersPanvg19558thGP23£4.00Wilton
Brickhill PaulThe DambustersPanvg+1stGP23£5.00Wilton
Bromberger M & SSecrets of SuezPanvg+19571stGP91£5.00photo
Bruce MichaelTramp RoyalPanvg1stGP62£5.00anon
Buchan JohnGreenmantlePanvg+3rdGP14£4.00anon
Canning VictorVenitian BirdPanvg+1stGP79£7.50Keay
Carr John DicksonLife of Conan DoylePanvg19531stGP20£3.50Photo
Carr John DicksonThe Crooked HidgePanvg19571stGP80£5.00Gavin?
Carroll LewisAlice in WonderlandPang3rdGP1£5.00Tenniel
Cecil Lord DavidThe Young MelbournePanvg1stGP9£3.50Goodhall
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryPanvg+4thGP82£4.00Keay
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPanvg+5thGP95£5.00Keay
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPanvg+19582ndGP95£5.00Keay
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryPanvg6thGP82£4.00Keay
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryPanvg+8thGP82£4.00
Clouston AEThe Dangerous SkiesPanvg1stGP45£3.00Gorden
Cottrell LeonardLife Under the PharohsPanvg19602ndGP89£3.00
Cottrell LeonardThe Bull of MinosPanvg+1stGP36£3.00anon
Cottrell LeonardThe Lost PharoesPanvg1stGP54£3.50photo
Coward NoelBlithe SpiritPanvg1stGP25£5.00Film
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HarvestPanvg19571stGP87£3.00Peff
DentiA Cure for SerpantsPanvg19571stGP70£4.00Boldero
Diole PhilippeUndersea AdventurePanf19551stGP29£5.00Berry
Diole Philippe4000 Years Under the SeaPanvg1stGP63£2.50Peff
Divine DavidBoy on a DolphinPanvg19571stGP84£3.50Peff
Fletcher PeterEmotional ConflictPanvg1stGP98£3.50Steward
Foly CharlesCommando ExtrordinaryPanvg19561stGP52£4.00anon
Forester CSLiutenant HornblowerPanvg19571stGP72£4.00Tayler
Frischauer W & RJThe Navy’s HerePanvg+1stGP56£4.00Peff
Fulford RogerRoyal DukesPanvg1stGP6£3.50anon
Fuller Jean OvertonBorn to SacrificePanf19571stGP60£4.00sheldon
Fuller Jean OvertonBorn to SacrificePanvg19571stGP60£4.00sheldon
Gallicoe PaulTrial by TerrorPanvg+2ndGP75£3.50RexA
Galsworthy JohnLoyaltiesPanvg1stGP19£3.50JM
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Cautious CoquettePanvg19581stGP96£4.00Peff
Gibson GuyEnemy Coast AheadPanvg1stGP28£5.00Wilton
Green GeoffreySoccar the World GamePanvg-1stGP50£4.00Stowe
Greene GrahamJourney Without MapsPanvg2ndGP57£4.00Keay
Harrier HeinrichSeven Years in TibetPanf1stGP40£3.50photo
Hastings PatrickCases in CourtPanvg-2ndGP18£2.50Wilton
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPanvg-6thGP90£2.50
Heyer GeorgetteThese Old ShadesPanvg19561stGP51£3.00
Host PerChildren of the JunglePanvg1stGP41£3.00Photo
Hyde DouglasI BelievedPanvg1stGP16£3.50Wilton
Instone GordenFreedome the SpurPanf1stGP42£4.50Dobro
Joad CEMGuide to Modern ThoughtPanvg1stGP4£3.50Lowe
Lanchberry EdwardAgainst the SunPanvg1stGP74£4.50Gorden
Lorenz Conrad ZKing Soloman’s RingPanvg19571stGP61£2.50Parker
Mankiewicz DanTrialPanvg1stGP58£3.50Stowe
Marshal NormanThree Restoration comodiesPanvg1stGP15£4.00anon
Marshall BruceThe White RabbitPanvg1stGP26£5.00anon
Marshall BruceThe White RabbitPanvg2ndGP26£4.00anon
Maugham SomersetThe LetterPang1stGP10£3.00Spurrier
Meissner Hans OttoMan With Three FacesPanf1stGP88£3.50anon
Miller GeorgeMarquisPanf2ndGP44£4.00wilton
Mills MervynThe Long HaulPanf19571stGP67£8.00Peff
Mitchell-Hedges FADanger My AllyPanvg-19561stGP48£15.00anon
Morgan CharlesThe FountainPanf1stGP2£5.00anon
Noble RonnieShoot FirstPanvg19571stGP81£3.00Peff
Noble RonnieShoot FirstPanf19571stGP81£4.50Peff
Olsun Oluf ReedTwo eggs on my PlatePanvg1stGP30£5.00Wilton
Payne RobertThe Great CharliePanf1stGP71£4.50RexA
Phillips CE LucasCockleshell HerosPanvg19571stGP59£4.00RexA
Pope RichardBoldness be my FriendPanvg1stGP33£5.00Wilton
Rattigan TerranceThe Deep Blue SeaPanvg1stGP34£5.00film still
Reid PRThe Latter Days of ColditzPanvg+19551stGP37£5.00Sax
Richardson AnthonyWingless VictoryPanvg1stGP38£5.00Mortilmans
Robertson TerrenceThe Golden HorseshoePanvg19571stGP77£4.00Blandford
RomillyThe Privaledged NightmarePanvg1stGP46£4.00Wilton
Sava GeorgeA Ring at the DoorPanvg1stGP93£2.50Peff
Seligman AdrianThe Voyage of the Cap PilerPanf1stGP24£4.00anon
Seltman CharlesThe Twelve OlympiansPanvg1stGP17£2.35photo
Seltman CharlesWomen in AntiquityPanvg1stGP39£2.50anon
Shipton EricUpon that MountainPanvg1stGP43£3.50anon
Sillitoe PercyCloak Without DaggerPanvg1stGP55£4.00RM?
Simpson WilliamI Burned My FingersPanvg1stGP97£4.00RexA
Sitwell OsbertEscape With MePanvg1stGP8£3.50anon
Steinbeck JohnSweet ThursdayPanf19582ndGP92£4.50Webb / Head
Tickhill GeraldOdettePanvg1stGP35£5.00Sax
Trevor EllestonSquadron AirbornPanvg1stGP76£3.00Gorden
Trevor-Roper HRThe Last Days of HitlerPanvg19552ndGP12£2.50
Tschiffely AFTschiffely’s RidePanvg+19571stGP66£7.50anon
Villiers AlanThe Cruise of the ConradPanvg1stGP47£3.50anon
Villiers AlanThe Set of the SailsPanvg1stGP32£3.00photo
Wheeler MortimerStill DiggingPanvg1stGP94£2.50Boldero
Wilde OscarLady Windamere’s FanPanvg2ndGP11£5.00anon
Wilkins VaughnDangerous ExilePanvg19571stGP85£3.50Peff
Williams HarleyMasters of MedicinePanvg1stGP22£4.00Biro
Woolf VirgineaThe YearsPanvg1stGP5£5.00Lehmann

Stock not recently checked, I should have them but I have had people in the shop buying stuff. (I know it’s bloody frustrating when people just walk in off the street and buy stuff)

Ainslie KennethPacific OrdealPanvg1stG
Albee George SumnerBy the Sea, By the SeaPanvg-1stG
Alexander MichaelThe Reluctant LegionnairePanvg1stG
Allen JohannesYoung LovePanvg13thG
Amamoo JGThe New GhanaPanvg1stG
Ambler EricThe Mask of DemitriousPanvg-2ndG
Ambler EricThe Night ComersPanvg1stG
Ambler EricJudgement on DelchevPanvg1stG
Ambler EricPassage of ArmsPanvg1stG
Anderson AlstonLover ManPanvg19611stG
Anderson PoulGaurdians of TimePanvg1stG
Asquith Cynthia (ed)2nd Pan Ghost BookPanvg2ndG
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Second Ghost BookPanvg19649thG
Attenborough DavidZoo Quest for a DragonPanvg1stG
Attenborough DavidZoo Quest to guianaPanvg+19581stG
Barker RalphThe Ship-BustersPanvg+1stG
Baron AlexanderThe Human KindPanf19582ndG
Barrett MichaelEscape from ZahrainPanf1stG
Barron DGThe Zilov BombsPanvg1stG
Barsley MichaelModern American HumourPanvg1stG
Beaty DavidCone of SilencePanvg1stG
Belfrage SallyA Room in MoscoPanvg1stG
Benadictus DavidFourth of JunePanvg1stG
Benzaquin PaulHolocaustPanvg19621stG
Bestic AAKicking CanvasPanvg+1stG
Beveridge PeterInside the CIDPanvg1stG
Bickerton DerickPayrollPang+19611stG
Bingham JohnMarionPanvg1stG
Bjerre JensThe Last CannibalsPanvg+1stG
Black Ian StewartThe Passionate CityPanvg1stG
Blackstock CharityThe Woman in the WoodsPanvg1stG
Blackwood AlgernonThe Dance of DeathPanvg1stG
Blake NicholasThe Whisper in the GloomPanvg1stG
Boland JohnThe League of GentlemenPanvg1stG
Bone EdithSeven Years SolitaryPanvg19601stG
Bone EdithSeven Years SolitaryPanf19601stG
Bowman GeraldWar in the AirPanvg1stG
Braddon RussellEnd of HatePanvg+1stG
Braddon RussellNancy WakePanf1stG
Brickhill PaulEscape or DiePanvg9thG
Brome VincentThe Way BackPanvg1stG
Brown Joe DaviesKings go ForthPanvg1stG
Buchan JohnThe Thirty-Nine StepsPanf196617thG
Buchan JohnThe Thirty-Nine StepsPanvg-18thG
Buchan JohnThe Power HousePanf1stG
Buchan JohnThe Thirty-Nine StepsPanvg8thG
Buck PearlLetter From PekingPanvg1stG
Buck PearlThe Devil Never SleepsPanvg-1stG
Burckett & LaytonMemoirs of a TattooistPanf1stG
BurgessThe 10th Pan Book of CrosswordsPanf1stG
Burgess3rd Pan Book of CrosswordsPanvg19601stG
Burgess AlanThe Small WomanPanvg1stG
Burgess LW5th Pan Book of CrosswordsPang+7thG
Burgess LW4th Pan Crossword BookPanvg-5thG
Burgess LWThe Pan Book of CrosswordsPanvg196613thG
Burke JohnPrivate PotterPanvg1stG
Burke JohnThe Man who Finaly DiedPanvg1stG
Burke JohnThe SystemPanvg1stG
Burke JohnDr Terrors House of HorrorsPanvg-1stG
Burke JohnThe Lion of SpartaPanvg-1stG
Burke JohnThe BoysPanvg1stG
Burnett GeorgeViolent SecurityPanf1stG
BurtOf Scotland YardPanvg1stG
Busch NivanDuel in the SunPanvg-1stG
Calder RichieThe Life SaversPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineGod’s Little AcrePanvg19582ndG
Caldwell ErskineJenny by NaturePanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineThe Courting of suzie BrownPanf1stG
Caldwell ErskineTrouble in JulyPanvg+1stG
Caldwell ErskineClaudellePanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineGeorgia BayPanvg+1stG
Caldwell ErskineGrettaPanf19591stG
Caldwell ErskineThe Sure Hand of GodPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineAmerican EarthPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineEpisode in PalmetoPanvg19601stG
Caldwell ErskineThe Very EarthPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineThe House in the UplandsPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskinePlace Called EsthervillePanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineJournymanPanvg-1stG
Caldwell ErskinePlace Called EsthervillePanvg19582ndG
Caldwell ErskineA Lamp for NightfallPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineGulf Coast StoriesPanf1stG
Caldwell ErskineTabacco RoadPanvg1stG
Caldwell ErskineSouthwaysPanvg+1stG
Caldwell ErskineCertain WomenPanvg+19621stG
Carr John DicksonThe Eight SwordsPanvg1stG
Carr John DicksonFour False WeaponsPanvg-1stG
Carr John Dickson CarrThe Sleeping SphinxPanvg1stG
Catto MaxThe Devil at Four-O-ClockPanvg2ndG
Catto MaxThe Devil at Four-O-ClockPanvg3rdG
Caufield MaxA Night of TerrorPanvg1stG
Cecil HenryFull CirclePanvg19581stG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint on the Spanish MainPanvg1stG
Charteris LeslieFollow the SaintPanvg1stG
Charteris LeslieEnter the SaintPanvg2ndG
Charteris LeslieThe saint and Mr TealPanvg19593rdG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Sees it ThroughPanvg1stG
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintPang+4thG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Plays With FirePanvg+19591stG
Charteris LeslieThe Happy HighwaymanPanvg19581stG
Charteris LeslieSaint ErrantPanvg+19621stG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint’s GetawayPanvg1stG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Plays With FirePanvg-3rdG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in EuropePanvg2ndG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Goes OnPanvg1stG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Steps InPanvg-2ndG
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Closes the CasePanvg1stG
Cheyney PeterThe Dark StreetPanvg1stG
Cheyney PeterDark InterludePanvg+2ndG
Cheyney PeterLadie Won’t waitPanvg-1stG
Cheyney PeterUneasy TermsPanvg1stG
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPanvg-3rdG
Cheyney PeterI’ll Say She DoesPanvg19641stG
Cheyney PeterDark WantonPanvg3rdG
Cheyney PeterUneasy TermsPanvg2ndG
Cheyney PeterOne of those ThingsPanvg1stG
Cheyney PeterDames Don’t CountPanf1stG
Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkPanvg19581stG
Cheyney PeterLadie Won’t waitPanvg3rdG
Cheyney PeterDark DuetPanvg-19581stG
Cheyney PeterThe Urgent HangmanPanvg1stG
Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkPanm2ndG
Chilton CharlesThe world in PerilPanvg1stG
Christie AgathaThe Seven Dials MysteryPanvg1stG
Christie AgathaPartners in CrimePanvg1stG
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPanf1stG
Christie AgathaThe Murder on the LincsPan1stG
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPanf5thG
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPanvg19635thG
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPanvg1stG
Christie AgathaN or MPanvg2ndG
Christie AgathaMysterious Affair at StylesPanvg4thG
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPanf1stG
Christie AgathaThe Thirteen ProblemsPanvg-1stG
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedPanvg19581stG
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanvg+19618thG
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryPanvg1stG
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPanvg10thG
Christie AgathaAppointment with DeathPanvg3rdG
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePanvg+5thG
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPanf19584thG
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPanvg3rdG
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPanf5thG
Christopher J & RDo It YourselfPanvg1stG
Clarke Arther CEarthlightPanvg+2ndG
Clarke Arthur CChildhood’s EndPanvg19612ndG
Cliffe CedricThe 2nd Pan Quiz BookPanf1stG
Clifford FrancesOverduePanvg1stG
Close RobertLove me SailorPanvg-1stG
Close Robert SThe DupePanvg1stG
Cook RobinThe Crust on it’s UppersPanvg1stG
Cottrell LeonardLost CitiesPanf1stG
Coulehan NorbertQuadrantus RexPanvg1stG
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPanvg1stG
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPanf3rdG
Creasey JohnPrice for Inspector WestPanvg1stG
Creasey JohnInspector West Leaves TownPanvg-1stG
Creasey JohnA Case for Inspector WestPanf1stG
Creasey JohnInspector West Kicks OffPanf1stG
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestPanvg1stG
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePanvg-2ndG
Creasey JohnInspector West at BayPanvg1stG
Creasey JohnParcel for Inspector WestPanf1stG
Creasey JohnInspector West Takes ChargePanvg19631stG
Creasey JohnA Gun for Inspector WestPanf1stG
Creasey JohnStrike for DeathPanvg-1stG
Creasey JohnTriumph for Inspector WestPanvg1stG
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyRed Eye for the BaronPanvg-1stG
Cross JamesThe Dark RoadPanf1stG
Cross JamesRoot of EvilPanvg19611stG
Cunningham EVPhyllisPanf1stG
Curtiss UrsulaWidow’s WebPanvg1stG
Curtiss UrsulaThe Iron CobwebPanf1stG
Davenport GwenThe Bachelor’s BabyPanvg1stG
Davis Dorothy SDeath of an old SinnerPanf1stG
Davis Dorothy SA Gentleman CalledPanvg1stG
de la Roche MazoYoung ReneyPanvg4thG
de la Roche MazoVariable Winds at JalnaPanf4thG
Dennis PatrickAuntie MamePanvg1stG
Dennis PatrickAround the world with Aunt MamePanvg2ndG
Dickson CarterBehind the Crimson BlindPanvg1stG
Dickson CarterNight at the Mocking WindowPang1stG
Dickson CarterSkeleton in the ClockPanf1stG
Doctorrow ELBad Man from BodiePang+19631stG
Drummond WilliamMidnight LacePanvg-19601stG
Duffield AnneArkadyPanvg+19601stG
Duffield AnneThe Grand DuchessPanvg1stG
Duffield AnneThe Inscrutable NymphPanf1stG
Duffield AnneCome Back MirandaPanvg1stG
Duncan JaneMy Friends the Miss BoydsPanvg1stG
Duncan JaneMy Friend MonicaPanvg1stG
Duncan JaneMy Friend MurialPanvg1stG
Dunn NellUp the JunctionPanvg1stG
Edmundson JPan Book of Party GamesPanvg1stG
Edward SamuelThe Naked MajaPanvg1stG
Elias DavidCollege HarryPanvg1stG
Engel LeonardThe OperationPanvg1stG
Erskine RosalindPassion Flower HotelPanf4thG
Finney JackGood Neighbour SamPanvg1stG
Fisher CatherinePan Book of DogsPanvg1stG
FitzGerald KevinTrouble in West TwoPanvg1stG
Fitzgibbon CAdultry Under armsPanvg-1stG
Fitzgibbon CWhen the Kissing had to StopPanvg19621stG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanvg+19571stGP
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg19616thG
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg19616thG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanvg19627thGP
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg19604thG
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg19561stG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanvg19616thGP
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg19628thG
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg1959G
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanvg19611stG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanvg19582ndGP
Fleming IanCasino RoyalePanvg19629thG
Fleming IanThe Diamond SmugglersPanvg+19632ndG
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg-2ndG
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePanvg+19591stG
Fleming IanDr NoPanvg19639thG
Fleming IanThe Diamond SmugglersPanvg+19645thG
Fleming IanDr NoPanvg19601stG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanvg-19571stGP
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPanvg19621stG
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePanf19571stGP
Fleming IanMoonrakerPanvg3rdG
Fleming IanDiamonds are ForeverPanvg19581stG
Fleming PeterDr NoPan7thG
Fleming PeterMoonrakerPan9thG
Ford RobertCaptured in TibetPanvg1stG
Foreman RussellLong PigPanf1stG
Forester CSPayment DeferedPanvg1stG
Forester CSThe GunPanvg1stG
Forester CSThe NightmarePanvg+1stG
Forester CSHornblower in the West IndiesPanvg1stG
Forester CSDeath to the FrenchPanvg1stG
Forester CSBrown on ResolutionPanvg1stG
Frank AnnThe Diary of Ann FrankPanvg-8thG
Frank AnnTales from the House BehindPanvg1stG
Frank AnnThe Diary of Ann FrankPanvg-G
Frank PatSeven Doors to NeverPanvg-1stG
Frankam RoseAnother ClaudiaPanvg1stG
Franken RoseClaudia and DavidPanvg1stG
Franken RoseClaudiaPanvg1stG
Froy HeraldCan This Be Love?Panvg-19621stG
Froy HeraldHow to Avoid MatrimonyPanvg1stG
Froy HeraldMaybe you’r Just InferiorPanvg-19631stG
Froy HeraldO’Mistress MinePanf1stG
Froy HeroldHow to Avoid MatrimonyPanvg1stG
Froy HeroldHow to Avoid MatrimonyPanvg2ndG
Fuller Jean OvertonDouble AgentPanvg1stG
Fullerton AlexanderThe Yellow FordPanvg+1stG
Fullerton AlexanderA Wren Called SmithPanvg1stG
Fullerton AlexanderThe White Men SingPanf1stG
Gair MalcolmThe Snow JobPanvg1stG
Gair MalcolmSapphires on WednesdayPanf19591stG
Gair MalcolmThe Schultz MoneyPanvg19641stG
Gair MalcolmThe Bad DreamPanvg1stG
Gallaghar ThomasFire at SeaPanvg1stG
Gallico PaulCoronationPanvvg+1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Negligent NymphPanvg-1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Velvet ClawsPanvg+19601stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Grinning GorillaPanvg4thG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Musical CowPanf19623rdG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Runaway CorpsePanf1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot One Eyed WitnessPanvg1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Angry MournerPanvg1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Hesitant HostessPanvg2ndG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Restless RedheadPanvg19621stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Moth Eaten MinkPanvg3rdG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Glamerous GhostPanf1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lucky LegsPanvg+1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Musical CowPanvg19601stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Fugative NursePanvg19621stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Sulky GirlPanvg1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe DA Breaks an EggPanf19591stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Fiery FingersPanvg1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe DA Takes a ChancePanvg1stG
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Green Eyed SisterPanvg+19621stG
Gibb LeeThe Higher JonesPanvg-19631stG
Gibb LeeThe Joneses How to Keep UpPanvg1stG
Gilbert AnthonyDeath against the ClockPanvg-1stG
Gilbert MichaelDanger WithinPanvg+2ndG
Gill BrendonThe Day the Money StoppedPanvg-19601stG
Gipson FredCircles Round the WagonPanvg1stG
Godden RumerAn Episode of SparrowsPanvg1stG
Godden RumerThe Greengage SummerPanvg1stG
Goodman DerickCrime of PassionPanvg1stG
Goodman DerickVillainy UnlimitedPanvg-19601stG
Granston RuthThe Mystery of LourdesPanvg+1stG
Grant JaneCome Again NursePanvg1stG
Grant JaneCome Hither NursePang3rdG
Griffin StuartThe Summer GrassPanvg1stG
Gruff PeterDust and the Curious BoyPanvg19591stG
Hacker RoseThe Opposite SexPanvg+2ndG
Hackney AlanI’m Alright JackPanvg1stG
Harling RobertThe Endless ColonnadePanf1stG
Harling RobertThe Paper PalacePanvg1stG
Harling RobertThe Enormous ShadowPanvg1stG
Hasse JohnThe Sherbet ColoursPanf1stG
Hassel SvenThe Legeon of the DamnedPanvg1stG
Hastings PhillisScarecrow LoverPanf1stG
Henderson MrsGood SpeakingPanvg3rdG
Heyer GeorgetteThe talisman RingPanvg2ndG
Heyer GeorgettePowder and PatchPanf19644thG
Heyer GeorgettePowder and PatchPanvg1stG
Heys JosephThe Hours After MinnightPanvg-1stG
Highsmith PatriciaA Game for the LivingPanvg1stG
Highsmith PatriciaThe Talented Mr RipleyPanvg1stG
Highsmith PatriciaDeep WaterPanvg1stG
Highsmith PatriciaThe BlundererPanvg+1stG
Hilliard MarionWoman Docter looks at Love and LifePanf1stG
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPanvg7thG
HoehlingLast Voyage of the LusataniaPanvg1stG
Hogg GarryCannibalism and Human SacrificePanf1stG
Holman ArthurDog versus CrimePanvg1stG
Hughes DavidThe Horsehair SofaPanf1stG
Huie WBThe Americanisation of EmilyPanf1stG
Hulme KathrynThe Nun’s StoryPanvg3rdG
Hulme KathrynThe Nun’s StoryPanvg19591stG
Hulme KathrynThe wild PlacePanvg1stG
Hunter AlanGently Go ManPanvg-1stG
Hunter JAHunters TracksPanvg1stG
Iles FrancisBefore the ActPanvg1stG
Innes HammondThe Killer MinePanvg+2ndG
Innes HammondThe Strange LandPanvg19602ndG
Irving CliffordThe LosersPanvg1stG
Isreal Charles EThe MarkPanvg1stG
Jarvis DCFolk MedicinePanf1stG
Jenkins ElizabethSix Criminal WomenPanvg1stG
Jesse F TennisonMurder and its MotivesPanvg1stG
Jessup RichardLowdownPanf1stG
Jessup RichardThe Man in ChargePanvg-1stG
Keay DouglasAlways Another DoorPanvgv1stG
Keeble PeterOrdeal by WaterPanf1stG
Kennaway JamesThe Mind BendersPanvg+1stG
Kerouac JackLonesome TravellorPanvg1stG
Kerouac JackThe Dharma BumsPang1stG
Kerr GeofreyUnder the InfluencePanvg+19581stG
Kerr JeanPlease Don’t Eat the DaisiesPanvg+1stG
Kerr JeanThe Snake has all the LivesPanvg1stG
Kessel JosephThe LionPanvg-1stG
Kirkbride RonaldAn Innocent AbroadPanvg+1stG
Kirkbride RonaldTamikoPanvg1stG
Klein AlexanderThe Counterfeit TraitorPanvg1stG
Klein AlexanderThe Counterfeit TraitorPanvg2ndG
Lancaster & PolingStranger in my BodyPanvg1stG
Landon ChristopherThe Mirror RoomPanvg1stG
Landon ChristopherIce Cold in AlexPanvg+1stG
Larson EgonAtomic EnergyPanvg19581stG
Latimer JohnathonSoloman’s VineyardPanvg1stG
Latimer JohnathonHeaded for a HearsePanf1stG
Latimer JonathanThe Lady in the MorguePanvg1stG
Le Breton AugustThe Law of the StreetsPanvg1stG
Leasor JamesThe Millionth ChancePanvg1stG
Lee CYThe Flower Drum SongPanvg1stG
Leslie PetriaWhat Sort of Girls Were TheyPanf1stG
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg+6thG
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg+5thG
Lock Charles OThe Hell Bent KidPanvg19621stG
Lockley RMPan Book of Cage BirdsPanvg1stG
London ChristopherThe Shadow of TimePanvg-1stG
London ChristopherStone Cold Dead in the MarketPang1stG
Lorenz ConradMan Meets DogPanvg1stG
Lustgarden EdgarThe woman in the CasePanvg-1stG
Lyttleton HumphrayI Play as I PleasePanvg1stG
Macdonald John DApril EvilPanvg1stG
MacDonald John DDeadly WelcomePanf1stG
MacDonald John DDeath TrapPanvg+1stG
MacDonald John DHurricanePanvg1stG
MacDonald John DA Bullit for CinderellaPanvg1stG
MacDonald John DThe CrossroadsPanf1stG
Macdonald John RossExperience With EvilPanvg-1stG
Macdonald John RossFind a VictimPanvg+1stG
Macintyre DonaldJutlandPanf1stG
Mackenzie DonaldMoment of DangerPanvg1stG
Mackenzie DonaldKnife EdgePang+1stG
Mackie PhillipHurrah the FlagPanvg1stG
Maclean SarahThe Pan Book of EtiquettePanvg1stG
Marric JJGideon’s StaffPanvg+2ndG
Marric JJGideon’s StaffPanvg-1stG
Marric JJGideon’s WeekPanvg1stG
Marric JJGideon’s DayPanvg1stG
Marric JJGideon’s NightPanvg1stG
Marric JJGideon’s MonthPanvg+1stG
Marsh & AnsonSkeleton CoastPanvg1stG
Marsten RichardThe Spiked HeelPang+1stG
Mason RichardThe Wind Cannot ReadPanvg3rdG
Mason RichardThe Wind Cannot ReadPanvg-8thG
Mayo JamesThe Quickness of the HandPanvg+1stG
McGowan NormanMy Years with Mr ChurchillPanvg+1stG
McShane MarkSéance on a Wet AfternoonPanvg1stG
Miller MerleA Secret UnderstandingPanf1stG
Minney RJCarve Her Name with PridePanvg+4thG
Minney RJCarve Her Name with PridePanvg2ndG
Moggridge JackieWoman PlotPanvg1stG
Moll ElikSeidman & SonPanvg+1stG
Monsarrat NicholasSmith & JonesPanvg1stG
Monsarrat NicholasThe Time Before ThisPanvg1stG
Monserat NicholasThe Ship that died of ShamePanvg4thG
Morgan AlOne Star GeneralPanvg1stG
Ness EliotUntouchablesPanvg+1stG
Niland D’ArcyThe Big SmokePanvg1stG
Niland D’ArcyThe ShiraleePanvg2ndG
Niland D’ArcyCall me when Cross Turns OverPanvg1stG
Niland D’ArcyThe ShiraleePanvg1stG
Norman FrankStand on MePanvg1stG
O’Conner EdwinThe oraclePanvg1stG
O’Hare JohnAppointment in SumaraPanf1stG
Opie JuneOver My Dead BodyPanvg+2ndG
O’Rourke FrankViolence at SundownPanvg1stG
Oughton FrederickThe Seige of Sidney StreetPanvg+1stG
Packer JoyNor the Moon by NightPanvg1stG
Pape RichardSequel to BoldnessPanvg1stG
Pape RichardFortune is my EnemyPanvg1stG
Park RuthThe Frost and the FirePanvg-1stG
Parsons DenysFunny Ha Ha Funny PeculiarPanf3rdG
Parsons DenysFunny Ha Ha Funny PeculiarPanvg19651stG
Pavillard Stanley SBamboo DoctorPanvg19621stG
Phillipe HubertPan Quiz BookPanvg1stG
Phillips CE LucasThe Spanish PimpernalPang+1stG
Phillips CE LucasThe Escape of the AmethystPanvg1stG
Poe Edgar AllanTales of Mystery and ImaginationPanvg1stG
Poe Edgar AllanTales of Mystery and ImaginationPanf2ndG
Polnay Peter deMarioPanvg1stG
Pope Paul XIIGuide for LivingPanf1stG
Prebble JohnThe High GirdersPanvg19591stG
Prior AllanOne AwayPanvg1stG
PulsfordThe 2nd Junior Puzzle BookPanvg19661stG
Pulsford NormanJunior Puzzle BookPanvg1stG
Queen ElleryThe Devil to PayPanvg+1stG
Queen ElleryCalamity TownPanvg+19601stG
Queen ElleryThe Origin of EvilPanvg1stG
Queen ElleryThe Virgin HeiressPanvg1stG
Queen ElleryThe Quick and the DeadPanf1stG
Queen ElleryThe Murderer is a FoxPanf1stG
Quentin PatrickFatal WomanPanf1stG
Quentin PatrickShadow of GuiltPanvg19621stG
Quentin PatrickThe Green-Eyed MonsterPang1stG
Robertson TerenceChannel DashPanvg1stG
Robertson TerrenceThe Ship With Two CaptainsPanvg1stG
Robertson TerrenceWalker RNPanvg-1stG
Rolt LTCRed for DangerPanvg1stG
Romanis RobertCasualtyPanvg+1stG
Russell SMA Lamp is HeavyPanvg19602ndG
Sabatini RaphaelThe Black SwanPanvg19621stG
Salter JamesThe HuntersPanvg1stG
SapperThe Femail of the SpeciesPanvg1stG
Sargent WilliamBattle for the MindPanvg1stG
Sava GeorgeStrange CasesPanvg1stG
Sava GeorgeThe Way of a SurgeonPanvg1stG
Schnabel ErnstThe Footsteps of Ann FrankPanvg1stG
Scott PaulThe Mark of the WarriorPanvg1stG
Seligman AdrianNo Stars to GuidePanvg1stG
Sereny GittaThe MedallionPanvg1stG
Shaw IrwinTip on a Dead DonkeyPanf19591stG
Shaw IrwinLucy CrownPanvg1stG
Sherriff RCThe CataclysmPanvg1stG
Shute NevilLonely RoadPanvg+1stG
Sillitoe AlanThe Loneliness of the Long Distance RunnerPanvg4thG
Sillitoe AlanThe GeneralPanf1stG
Sillitoe AlanThe GeneralPanvg1stG
Sillitoe AlanSaturday Night and Sunday MorningPanvg1stG
SimenonStrange InheritencePanvg1stG
Smith ShelleyThe Ballard of the Running ManPanvg1stG
Snivib ReviloWhat’s Up DocPanf1stG
Sparrow GeraldOpium VenturePanvg1stG
Standberg OlleJamboPanvg1stG
Steinbeck JohnShort Reign of Pippin IVPanvg1stG
Steinbeck JohnThe Moon is DownPanvg1stG
Stewart SidneyGive us this DayPang1stGP
Swarthout GlendonThey Came to CordurraPanvg1stG
Tenant RosePan Book of CatsPanvg-1stG
Tey JosaphineMiss Pym DisposesPanvg2ndG
Tey JosaphineTo Love and be WisePanvg3rdG
Tey JosaphineThe Man in the QueuePanvg2ndG
Tey JosaphineThe Man in the QueuePanvg1stG
Tey JosephineThe Singing SandsPanvg-2ndG
Tey JosephineThe Singing SandsPanvg3rdG
Tey JosephineA Shilling for CandlesPanvg19644thG
Thompson K GrahamLetter writingPanf2ndG
Thompson K GrahamLetter writingPanvg1stG
Thorn RSUpstairs DownstairsPanvg1stG
Thouliss RobertStrieght and Crooked ThingPanvg-19604thG
Tietjen ArthurSoviet Spy RingPanvg1stG
Tindell GillianNo Name in the StreetPanvg1stG
Tredlee HLBlackwaterPang+1stG
Trevor EllestonThe Pillors of MidnightPanvg1stG
Trevor EllestonKilling GroundPanvg19581stG
Trevor EllistonThe VIPPanvg1stG
Trevor ElstonGale ForcePanvg19591stG
UntermyerThe Pan Book of LimericksPanvg1stG
Upfield ArthurBony and the Kelly GangPanvg1stG
Upfield ArthurBony Buys a WomanPanvg+1stG
Upfield ArthurThe Bone is PointedPanvg+1stG
Upfield ArthurThe Batchelors of Broken HillPanf1stG
Upfield ArthurBoney and the MousePanvg1stG
Upfield ArthurBoney and the Black VirginPanvg1stG
Urquhart REArnhamPanvg1stG
Ustinov PeterAdd a Dash of PityPanvg-3rdG
Vajda AlbertJourney Round my IPanvg1stG
Vallens GHGood English and how to Write ItPanvg196010thG
Vallens GHBetter EnglishPanvg6thG
Van Buren AbigaleDear AbbyPang1stG
Vindon John SThe Home AquariumPanvg+1stG
Wagner GeoffreySophiePanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarRed AcesPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe Yellow SnakePanvg+2ndG
Wallace EdgarThe Four Just MenPanvg4thG
Wallace EdgarThe Clue of the Twisted CandlePanvg+19633rdG
Wallace EdgarAgain the RingerPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe Man at the CarltonPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg4thG
Wallace EdgarThe Flying SquadPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarAgain SaundersPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe ForgerPanvg3rdG
Wallace EdgarThe Four Just MenPanf2ndG
Wallace EdgarThe CalenderPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe ForgerPanvg19601stG
Wallace EdgarThe Valley of GhostsPanf1stG
Wallace EdgarThe CalenderPanvg2ndG
Wallace EdgarThe India Rubber ManPanvg+repG
Wallace EdgarThe JokerPanvg+4thG
Wallace EdgarThe Angel of TerrorPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe Door with Seven LocksPanvg1stG
Wallace EdgarThe Mind of Mr JG ReederPanf1stG
Wallace EdgarThe BrigandPanf1stG
Ward RHThe OffendersPanvg1stG
Waugh HillaryLast Seen WearingPanvg1stG
Waugh HillaryJigsawPanf1stG
Wechsburg JosephAvalanchePanvg19611stG
Wentworth PatriciaMiss Silver Comes to StayPanvg1stG
West MauriceThe Big StoryPanvg+1stG
West MauriceThe Second VictoryPanvg1stG
West MorrisChildren of the SunPanvg1stG
White John BakerThe Big LiePanvg-1stG
White John BakerSabotage is SuspectedPanvg1stG
White RobinElephant HillPanvg-19621stG
Wilder RobertA Stranger in my ArmsPanvg1stG
Williams CharlesThe Long Saturday NightPanvg+1stG
Williams CharlesThe Concrete FlamingoPanvg-1stG
Williams CharlesThe Sailcloth ShroudPanvg+1stG
Williams CharlesThe Big BitePanvg1stG
Williams EricComplete and FreePanvg1stG
Williams EricDragoman to a TraitorPanvg1stG
Wilson SloanMan in a Grey Flannel SuitPanvg19581stG
Winston JohnWe Joined the NavyPanvg1stG
Winton JohnDown the HatchPanvg1stG
Winton JohnWe Saw the SeaPanvg1stG
Woodman GeorgeTaken at the FloodPanvg-1stG
Wright DorothyAmong the CedersPanvg1stG
Young KendalThe RavinePanf1stG

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me.

Biography – Dorothy Black * Madame Curie * Laurie Lee


LAURIE LEE – A Moment of War

Viking 1991 1st Book and dj both fine. “A Moment of War by the British author Laurie Lee is the last book of his semi-autobiographical trilogy. It covers his months as a combatant in the Spanish Civil War from 1937 to 1938. The preceding books of the trilogy are Cider With Rosie and As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The foot of the rainbow by Dorothy Black

Geoffrey Bles – LONDON 1961 1st edition both book and (unclipped) jacket between fine and vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Madame Curie

Madame Curie

A Biography by Eve Curie. Pocket Book 1946 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


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