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SPORTS BUDGET 1929 & 1930

I have 20 issues of Sports Budget. I can’t find out a lot about them but would be willing to sell at £5.00 a copy. I did find this description;

“Excellent weekly newspaper concentrating mostly on football-either short stories or factual reports. First issue January 13th 1923. It is printed on newspaper stock. Printed and published by The Amalgamated Press from the Fleetway House Farringdon Street London. It had 24 pages and sold for 2d.

Amalgamated Press had tried different football formats earlier with Football Favourite (4/9/20-30/4/21) and Sports for Boys (20/10/20-21/4/21) and seemingly came up with the winning and much more long lived Sports Budget.

The main bulk of its stories were dedicated to football, although there were alternatives in the shape of cricket and rugby.”

Alfred Hitchcock – Adult’s Books & Children’s Books



ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S ;Speak of the Devil, Murderer’s Row, 16 Skeletons from my Closet, Anti-Social Register, Murder Racquet All  £5.00 each


ALFRED HITCHCOCK and the Three Investigators in ; The Secret of Terror Castle, The Mystery of the Fiery Eye, The Mystery of the Shrinking House, The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon, The Mystery of the Talking Skull, The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure all  £2.50 each

Doctor WHO & Return of the Jedi )two books not an unknown crossover)


£2.50 for Return of the Jedi and £5.00 for a fine copy of Doctor Who


A selection of hardbacks all early 20th century editions in very attractive printed boards all in very good condition. Don’t even think of paying silly prices for paperback reprints, these titles are available for £15.00 each. I should have taken a photo of the spines as they all have great illustrations on them, these are very attractive books.


The Hardy Boys & other children’s stuff including Space

Given recent history it is a pity that Alfred E Neuman didn’t run for President.


The MAD Reader£2.50, was MAD magazine really written for children, I know I was an addict in the early 60’s but the humour was very wide.

The Hardy Boys by Franklin W Dixon #65 The Outlaws Silver #34 The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, #25 Hunting for Hidden Gold  £2.00 each #3 The Haunted Fort £2.50.

Star Trek by James BlishSpock Must Die £2.50

SPACE:1999 – Breakaway by EC Tubb £3.00

TUESDAY Adventure by John Pudney a Scottie Book “Fred and I Hunt Down a gang of Sinister Traitors” What else would you do in your school hols? £7.50



Frank Richards – Billy Bunter Sportsman and Billy Bunter and the School Rebellion both Merlin paperbacks £5.00 each.

Mervyn Skipper – The Meeting Pool – Puffin 1st £5.00

The Mad Frontier and Mad’s Don Martin Comes on Strong both published by Signet at £2.50 each. I remember one issue of the magazine gave away a full sheet of “Alfred E Neuman 4 President stamps” at the time that postage (I don’t thing we had classes then) was 4d. I used them on my Christmas cards and the PO delivered them all. Funny that the idea of Alfred E. Neuman for president seems so main stream today.

Thames Williamson (is that really his name?) North After Seals – Puffin 1st £2.50. I am presuming in this book they don’t club the babies to death.

Biggles Air Commodore – Capt. W E Johns Armada 1st £5.00

James Bond plus some unrelated titles.

Needless to say, I have many (too numerous to list) Bond titles in stock. I nearly bought a hard back first with dj of Octopussy yesterday then I noticed it had 30 pages missing, also I have a perfect copy in my shop anyway. These two are; Live and Let Die 20th 1965 £2.50 and The Spy Who Loved Me 1st at £2.50.

Gladwell Richardson who I have never heard of, apparently was extremely prolific and respected in the Western Genre, though despite 190 listings on ABE, this title is not one of them, Trigger Fingers £3.00.

Puffin 34 – Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson £2.50.

Fehrenbach, The Battle of Anzio £2.50

Ronald Johnston; The Wrecking of Offshore Five £2.50

and bringing up the rear; The Prince’s Person by Roger Peyrefitte £2.00

Eclectic as Ever

Should I continue listing a mixture or should I try to list similar books. This lot ranges from “Children’s” to “Adult” with everything in between.

Benzani Juliette –  Catherine
Boucher (ed) –  The Best from Fantasy & SF 7th
Budrys Algis  –  Rogue Moon
Charteris Leslie –  The Happy Highwayman
Christie Agatha –  Easy to Kill
Crisp Frank – The Devil Diver
Duggan Alfred  – The Cunning of the Dove
Fearing Kenneth – Dagger of the Mind
Ford Leslie – False to Any Man
Hitchcock (ed) – Once Upon a Dreadful Time
Homes Geoffrey – Then There Were Three
Jakes John  – Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Romains Jules – Verdun The Battle
Royce Lloyd – Expert Seductress
Various  – The Pocket Playboy Number two

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