John Braine

Room at The Top – John Braine

A book club edition with a great dj by Leslie Ward. Book vg DJ vg+ Posted to UK address



Life at the Top – John Braine

1962 E & S first edition dj vg+ but clipped Book vg – slight foxing Posted to UK address



The Vodi – John Braine

E & S 1959 1st edition. DJ vg but spine loosing the red ink but unclipped. Book vg but slightly cocked. Posted to UK address


Stock I also have the following paperback editions

Life at the TopPenguin£3.00vg19662nd
Room at the TopPenguin£2.50vg19591st
The Jelous GodPan£2.50vg1st
The VodiPenguin£2.50vg19622nd

John Braine paperbacks – Specify title

As per above Posted to UK address


Dodie Smith – Bonnet Over the Windmill


Bonnet Over the Windmill – Dodie Smith

1937 first edition with unclipped but chipped dustjacket and book with no inscriptions with very slight foxing on ffep vg/vg+ Price below includes UK P&P




born to win

He might not have as much charisma as the GOAT but he is getting there, none can deny his riding ability, his guts or his will to win. His smile, might wrongly, seem forced but what a lot he has to smile about.

This 2014 192 page offering by Marco Masetti is not a book with illustration, but illustrations with a book. This copy has not been read and is a bargain at £7.50


Readers Digest – Classics

There is a real snobbery in the second hand book trade against Readers Digest, it may have some foundation in their “aggressive” sales technique for the digest, or it could be founded in the bias against “condensed books” but where would doctors and dentist waiting rooms have been in the past without Readers Digests (or National Geographic)?

I could also be pat of the second hand book dealers general unloving view of “Coffee Table” publications. All of the above are probably unfair and unjustified, but in the case of the “Classic” series the bias id definitely unjustified. The books are well bound, well presented with good clear printing, the only criticism  I could make (being churlish) is the definition of what are classics has a definite American flavour. But in the light of the very strange inclusions in the “Oxford World Classics” the criticism is definitely churlish.

I have about 10 foot of these titles in my shop all at the bargain price of £4.50.


Science Fiction (& fantasy) HARD BACKS

PLEASE NOTE – Not all these books are located in my shop (for security reasons)

Wyndham John The Day of the Triffids £tbd Michel Joseph
Hamilton Edmond City at Worlds End £10.00 Fell
Clarke Arthur C Islands in the Sky £10.00 Sedgwick & Jackson
Dick Philip K World of Chance £10.00 sf Book Club
Ballard JG The Drowned World £tbd Gollancz
Tubb EC Death is a Dream £10.00 Hart Davis
Tubb EC Ten From Tomorrow £10.00 Hart Davis
Bloch Robert Cold Chills £5.00 Hale
van Vogt A E More than Superhuman £40.00 NEL
Stevens Francis The Heads of Cerberus £15.00 Polaris
Burroughs Edgar Rice The Moon Maid £25.00 Tom Stacey
Clarke Arthur C 1984 Spring £10.00 Granada
Sheehan Perley Poore The Abyss of Wonders £20.00 Polaris
Clarke Arthur C The Coming of the Space Age £10.00 Gollancz
Taine John The Forbidden Garden £20.00 Fantasy
Taine John Green Fire £10.00 Fantasy
Farmer Philip Jose The Classic 1952 – 1964 £5.00 Robson
Bell Robert In Realms Unknown £10.00 Vantage
Clarke Arthus C Of Time and Stars £5.00 Gollancz
Campbell John W The Incedible Planet £20.00 Fantasy
Dick Philip K Valis £25.00 Kerosina

Four Books with no discernible connection with each other


LEATHERWORK Home Handicraft Series by L Johnson 1949 £4.00

The Technique of Mountaineering – J E B Wright 1955 £3.00

Now We Are Sixty – by Christopher Matthew. I could nor remove the stains off the dust jacket, but when I checked on ABE, every book illustrated had identical stains in the same places. £2.00

PEKINGESE – Herminie Warner Hill – Foyles Handbook £1.00

Westerns – Cowboys

Not exactly in vogue, but they were a significant market in the 50’s. The quality of writing varied greatly with some authors churning out weekly offerings. This is a collection of hardbacks in dust jackets in near fine condition (most of them).

Missouri Man – Frank McLowery  £5.00

Marshal of Mustang – Landon Grant £5.00

Forlorn Valley – Al Cody £5.00

Raton Pass – Tom W Blackburn £10.00

Range Feud – DB Newton £10.00

Range War – Thomas W Blackburn £5.00

Stagecoach Guard – D.B. Newton £5.00

The Circle C Feud – Tod Ballard £5.00

Doomrock Range – Al Cody £5.00

MAVERICK – Boss of Rocking H Ranch – Charles I Coombs £5.00

The Last Trail – Zane Grey – £5.00

Tales of Wells Fargo – Danger Station – Sam Allison £5.00


A selection of hardbacks all early 20th century editions in very attractive printed boards all in very good condition. Don’t even think of paying silly prices for paperback reprints, these titles are available for £15.00 each. I should have taken a photo of the spines as they all have great illustrations on them, these are very attractive books.


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