HMSO and National Trust Guides and other publications


Castles – An Introduction to the castles of England and wales – HMSO

1954 with 28 plans and 12 photographs dj vg book vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Rievaulx Terrace – Carlisle Minature Rooms – Erddig

3 National Trust Guides – The price is for all three

Erddig vg+ 1978 The Carlisle Collection of Miniature Rooms vg+ 1981 The Rievaulx Terrace vg+ 1979 Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Rievaulx Abbey Yorkshire – Official Guide

1938 with fold out plan. Posted to UK Address


HMSO Beaumaris Castle

Through the post £4.00


HMSO Dirleton Castle

Through the post to UK address



Phillips AlanBeaumaris CastleHMSO£2.50vg19611st
Richardson J SDirleton CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19737th
Maxwell HerbertHolyroodhouseHMSO£2.50vg1923
Peers CharlesRievaulx AbbeyHMSO£2.50vg+1938
Childe GordonSkara BraeHMSO£2.50vg+197711th
Richardson J SStirling CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19783rd

HMSO Skara Brae

Through the post to UK address


HMSO Stirling Castle

Through the post to any UK location


HMSO Holyroodhouse 1923

Through the post to UK address


Housing Manual 1949 HMSO

150 pages packed with illustrations, plans of development, plans of every type of house and photographs of same, a snapshot of the aspirations of the Ministry of Health in 1949. Posted to any UK house


Montacute House – The National Trust – Mark Girouard ?

32 pages illustrated photographs and plans, undated but a mention of 1961 additions. In fine condition. Don’t buy you guides from the National Trust, they don’t need your money, I do, and I’m cheaper. Posted to your UK home


Engravings & Prints

Any books shop that has been open for a while accumulates Engravings and Prints saved from books past saving. Most second-hand book dealers have a problem with throwing anything away and are convinced that whatever the object, there is someone out there (touch of the X Files) who would just love to own the object in question and would be willing to pay a token price and postage to own it.

William Mackenzie, London, Edinburgh, & Glasgow

27 Victorian Engravings of Famous Men & Women

Albert Edward Prince of Wales – Henry VIII – Richard Cobden – Washington – Cromwell – Lord Bacon – Napoleon III – Lord Palmerston – Robert Peel – Luther – Elizabeth – Shakspere – Gladstone – Charles I – Charles II – Salisbury – William III – Cranmer – Prince Albert – Clyde – Drake – Disraeli – Victoria – Mary Queen of Scots – Wellington – Napoleon I – Through the Post to UK Address £12.5


York Cathedral (York Minsters Sunday name, second biggest Gothic building in the world)

York Cathedral – set of engravings

2 external views, 4 internal views, a plan and the text. Sorry but I have forgotten what book they came from. Price includes post and packaging (or local, bicycle delivery) to UK addresses.


Canterbury Cathedral – Engravings

1 external view, 2 internal views. Sorry but I have forgotten what book they came from. Price includes post and packaging (or local, bicycle delivery) to UK addresses.


Britain in Pictures – Windmills and Watermills

British Windmills and Watermills by C P Skilton. 1947 first edition in the Collins “Britain in Pictures” series. 48 page, obviously illustrated series. £2.50

Many other B in P series don’t hesitate to ask.

Hard Backs

Ayrton MichaelBritish Drawings£2.501st1946 vg/vg+
Bowen ElizabethEnglish Novelists£2.501st1946 vg/vg+
Cecil Lord DavidEnglish Poets£2.502nd1945 vg/f
Gloag JohnBritish Furniture Makers£2.501st1945 vg-/vg- foxing
Lambert & DarkEnglish Populat traditional Art£2.501st1946 vg/f
Paget GuySporting Pictures of England£2.501st1945 vg-
Piper JohnBritish Romantic Artists£2.502nd1946 vg-/vg- ex-lib
Skilton C PBritish Windmills and Watermills£2.501st1947 48 pages vg/f
Taylor GeoffreyInsect Life in Britain£2.501st1945 48 pp vg-/vg
Turner W JThe English Ballet£2.502nd1946 vg
Warner RexEnglish Public Schools£2.501st1945 48 pp vg/vg-

Britain in Pictures – any of the above

Descriptions as above please specify which interests you. Posted to UK address


Teach Yourself History-Richelieu, Peter the Great, Louis XIV and Gladstone


Not the most cheerful countenance. All the following titles available in Hard Back with dj . 7″ X 4 1/2″. perfect for reading on the train or bus or even on the toilet
Ashley Maurice    Louis XIV and the Greatness of France
Hammond & Foot    Gladstone and Liberalism
Sumner BH   Peter the Great and the Emergence of Russia
Thompson JM Robespierre and the French Revolution
Wedgwood CV Richelieu and the French Monarchy

Ancient Bridges – North of England


The Ancient Bridges of the North of England by E. Jervoise, 1931 1st edition. 146 pages well illustrated (can you imagine a book about bridges without illustrations) £3.00.

Working Class

Just a couple more to add to my shelves. Both at £2.50.

Rule John The Labouring Classes in Early Industrial England 1750 -1850 … Longman 0 4th 1991 vg+ £2.50
Lancaster Bill Radicalism Cooperation & Socialism Leicester working-class politics 1860 – 1906 Leicester  University Press  1st 1987 HB/dj vg+ £2.50


Two Tudor Books of Arms

A Tudor Book of Arms. Tricked by Robert Cooke Being Harleian Manuscript No. 2169. Blasoned by Joseph Foster Hon. M.A. Oxon; A Tudor Book of Arms. Being Harleian Manuscript No. 6163. Blasoned by Joseph Foster Hon. M.A. Oxon (Two Tudor Books of Arms)

IMG_20190507_190542The De Walden Library, London, 1904. Hardcover. Condition: Good +. First edition. Two books in one volume. [i-v], vi-viii, [1-3],4-328pp. Large quarto [31.5 cm] Original light-blue cloth with gilt-stamped titles on the front cover and spine. Beveled edges. Marbled endsheets. Black and white illustrations. 900 illustrations.

This copy has obviously been kept in a private library no stamps, no foxing or any of the other indications of age found with a book of this nature.

These manuscripts should appeal not only to the armorist, but to the self-styled heraldic artist, Iwhose art, as he practises it, is too often little better than the much abused coach painting, without the paint. His only authority is the spurious work in the pretentious books by which he is environed. To consult an heraldic manuscript is beyond his wildest dreams, and, even if he does, he does not seem to possess that critical faculty which would enable him to discriminate between the excellent and the mediocre. To him exaggeration is the Art of Heraldry, and hence to his own undoing he unconsciously drifts into heraldic caricature. In a spirited drawing by the Tudor Arms painter he will see no art, no charm, but with an air of triumph. Will present his comic cuts as something vastly superior, and the public and his patrons, being equally uninformed, are, alas! Equally pleased. As a case in point, I would recite an experience of my own. More than a quarter of a century ago, the late Garter, King of Arms, allowed one of my draughtsmen to have access to some of the art mss. In the College of Arms, so that examples might be taken. This resulted in Foster’s Peerage and Baronetage, containing a vast number of exquisite drawings, though many of them were’ only successful after the second or third attempt, yet caricatures, unfortunately, crept into its pages, as the hurried day of publication approached. This, however, was only the beginning of the mischief, for imitators now swarm in England, Scotland and Ireland, each with his own peculiar notion of what heraldry should be, as if it never had been; but I defy any expert to detect the true heraldic spirit or touch in any of their fancy work, much less to identify, with any certainty, many of the charges which these imitators affect to represent, notably the beasts and birds. Elsewhere we have seen the arms blocks of another utilized by the hundred without acknowledgment, and one is tempted to ask, is this the Art of Heraldry? In the case of the deceased, surely a tribute is due to the work of his hands.

OK so I “borrowed the description from the web. I am only asking £60 for this superb copy.

“Dalesman” Mini Books

I don’t restrict myself to the “Dalesman” magazine, I look out for all their publications even when they stray out of God’s Own County (GOC).


Exploring: The Lake District, North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Coast (three Books)

Lakeland A to Z


Peak District Walks

Roman Derbyshire

Shepherds Crooks and Walking Sticks

Walking in; Airedale : Bronte Country : North Yorkshire Moors : Lower Wharfedale : Upper Wharfedale

Yorkshire Mysteries and Oddities

All are available along with many other Dalesman publications, though if you intend visiting my shop and you are interested let me know as they are all at home as I intend getting round to reading them, especially the “walking” books. As the bumper sticker should say “Bibliophiles just read about it”.




A selection of hardbacks all early 20th century editions in very attractive printed boards all in very good condition. Don’t even think of paying silly prices for paperback reprints, these titles are available for £15.00 each. I should have taken a photo of the spines as they all have great illustrations on them, these are very attractive books.


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