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Marx, Mao, & Trotsky (with an assist from Engels)

Yes I know it ain’t fashionable any more but it’s still worth a read. Ironic that the randomiser has made the Little Red Book one largest illustrations.



Quotations from Chairman Mao 0r “The Little Red Book” (I do have one of the truly “little” red books in my shop that I have placed on the shelf of bibles trying to make an ironic statement. But this paperback is on offer for £2.00

The Essential Trotsky £2.50

Terry Eagleton – Marxism and Literary Criticism – Can’t tell you anything about this book but I love the cover. £2.50

Emile Burns – Introduction to Marxism £2.50

Great Lives – Karl Marx – By Nigel Hunter 9″X 8″ 32 page book with loads of pictures published in 1987 probably for the infant school library – I wonder how many have a copy. £2.50


Manifesto of the Communist Party £2.50 

What it says on the tin but I must mention the two plates, great illustrations of Marx and Engels.


Not a publication one would expect from “Progress”

marx 016


Puppets, Paignton, Postscripts, Concrete, Communism the Austin Ten, and a Pennine Journey .



J.B. Priestly – Postscripts – 1st edition 1940 vg book and vg dj £5.00

Puppetry by Desmond Mac Namara illustrated by Jack Stoddart £5.00


The Book of the Austin Ten second edition 1951 reprint £2.50

An Introduction to Concrete Work by H I Childe £2.50

#1 in the Little Stalin Library – Foundations of Leninism by Joseph Stalin 1941 – £2.50

Puppetry for School and Home £2.50

The Homeland Guide to Paignton and District £2.50

Pennine Journey – Being the History of the Railways, Tramways and Canals in Huddersfield and District by William Stocks £2.50

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