My Partner Ben Hogan – Jimmy Demaret – Golf

Jimmy Demaret – My Partner Ben Hogan

Yes you can buy this book elsewhere, but of the many copies (all hardbacks) offered on ABE the cheapest is £40. This fits into the Panther policy of publishing the books that other paperback publishers don’t think about. On the basis of it’s rarity I am asking for £10.00

This is my latest list of Panther paperbacks.


Aldiss BrianEnemies of the SystemPanther£1.50
Aldiss BrianGraybeardPanther£1.50
Aldiss BrianThe Primal UrgePanther£1.00
Allcard EdwardSingle Handed PassagePanther£5.00
Anderson PoulAfter DoomsdayPanther£2.50
AnthologyAsleep in ArmageddonPanther£2.50
AnthologyGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£3.50
Asimov IsaacThe Caves of SteelPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakAsmov’s MysteiesPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakBuy JupiterPanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£2.00
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther£4.00
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther£4.00
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakI, RobotPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakNightfall OnePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakNightfall TwoPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Bicentenial ManPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Currents of SpacePanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Early Asimov Vol 2Panther£1.50
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakThe Left Hand of the ElectronPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£1.00
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Naked SunPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Rest of the RobotsPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Robots of DawnPanther£2.50
Asimov IsaakThe Stars Like DustPanther£2.50
Baron AlexanderFrom the City From the PloughPanther£2.50
Bartolini LuigiBicycle ThievesPanther£5.00
Bates HECharlotte’s RowPanther£4.50
Bates HEThe PoacherPanther£3.50
Bell NeilLove and Desire and HatePanther£2.50
Bern Arthur LaPennygreen StreetPanther£4.00
Bester AlfredThe Demolished ManPanther£2.50
Bester AlfredThe Stars are my DestinationPanther£2.50
Bisset IanTrial at ArmsPanther£2.50
Blacker Irwin RThe Kilroy GambitPanther£2.50
Blatty PeterJohn Goldfarb Please Come HomePanther£2.50
Blond GeorgesBorn to FlyPanther£2.50
Bonner Paul HydeSummer in RomePanther£2.50
Brancati VitalianoAntonio the Grteat LoverPanther£3.50
Brelis DeanThe MissionPanther£2.50
Broad LewisSir Anthony EdenPanther£2.00
Buhet GilMamizelle Bon VoyagePanther£3.00
Burchett & PurdyGagarinPanther£2.50
Burgan JohnCry AttackPanther£2.50
Burton RichardMore Stories from the Arabian NightsPanther£2.50
Burton Richard (Translator)The Perfumed GardenPanther£2.50
Butler & YoungMarshal Without GloryPanther£5.00
Cain James MThe Postman Always Rings TwicePanther£5.00
Calvert MichaelPrisoners of HopePanther£4.00
Campbell ReginaldTeak WallahPanther£5.00
Cantrell Wane BBrand of CainPanther£2.50
Capka JoRed Sky at NightPanther£10.00
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther£2.50
Chaplin SidThe Day of the SardinePanther£5.00
Chase James HadleyAn Ear to the GroundPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyBelieved ViolentPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyCome Easy-Go EaseyPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyLady-Here’s your WreathPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyLay Her Among the LiliesPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyMiss hemingway Waves a HandPanther£4.00
Chase James HadleyNo Orchids for Miss BlandishPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyNo Orchids for Miss BlandishPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyStrictly for CashPanther£5.00
Chase James HadleyThe Doll’s Bad NewsPanther£2.00
Chase James HadleyThe Doll’s Bad NewsPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe Vulture is a Patient BirdPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyThe wary TransgressorPanther£5.00
Chase James HadleyTiger by the TailPanther£2.50
Chase James HadleyWhat’s Better than Money?Panther£2.50
Chase James HadleyYou’ve Got it ComingPanther£2.50
Chisholm MattFury at TombstonePanther£2.50
Clark MarkCalculated RiskPanther£10.00
Clarke Asimov etcThe Fantastic Universe OmnibusPanther£3.50
Cliford GeorgeThe Happy HuntedPanther£10.00
Conner ReardenShake Hands With the DevilPanther£3.50
Conquest Robert/Amis KingsleyThe EgyptologistsPanther£2.50
Cooper EdmundTomorrow CamePanther£3.00
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPanther£3.50
Creasey JohnThe Toff on BoardPanther£2.50
Croft MichaelSpare the RodPanther£3.50
Dale EstilThe Last SurvivorPanther£3.50
Davis ChristopherLost SummerPanther£2.50
Davis HassoldtThe Jungle and the DamnedPanther£2.50
Deighton LenThe Ipcress FilePanther£4.00
Delmar VinaThe Breeze from CamelotPanther£2.50
Demaret JimmyMy Partner Ben HoganPanther£10.00
Derlith August EdThe Other Side of the MoonPanther£2.50
Dine SS VanThe Canary Murder CasePanther£5.00
Dodson KennethAway All BoatsPanther£2.50
Doyle WilliamLiferPanther£3.50
Dryer Bernard VictorPort AfriquePanther£10.00
Duke NevilleSound BarrierPanther£3.50
Edited GardinerFor Love or MoneyPanther£2.50
Edited SissonsIn the Dead of NightPanther£2.50
Edwards JimmyTake it from MePanther£2.50
Erwin & MillerThe Orderly Disorderly HousePanther£3.00
Evans AJThe Escaping ClubPanther£4.00
FabianLondon After DarkPanther£10.00
Fancy JohnTunnelling to FreedomPanther£3.50
Farran RoyThe Day after TomorrowPanther£2.50
Farrell James TA Dangerous WomanPanther£2.50
Farrell James TBernard CarrPanther£2.50
Fedoroff AlexanderFalling Through the NightPanther£2.50
Fleming IanDr NoPanther£4.00
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanther£5.00
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePanther£2.50
Flender HaroldParis BluesPanther£20.00
Foley JohnMailed FistPanther£10.00
Forster MargaretGeorgy GirlPanther£3.00
Franklin Frieda KRoad InlandPanther£2.50
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£2.50
Franzero Carlo MariaCleopatraPanther£1.00
Frizell BernardJuliePanther£1.00
Furneaux RupertThe Medical MurdererPanther£4.00
Furneaux RupertThe Two Stranglers of Rillington PlacePanther£15.00
Grenfell RussellThe Bismarck EpisodePanther£2.50
Greyson CharlesArenaPanther£3.00
Gruber FrankTown TamerPanther£2.50
Haedrich MarcelCrack in the MirrorPanther£3.00
Hamilton DonaldMurder Twice ToldPanther£2.50
Hastie Roy MacgregorNikita KruschevPanther£2.50
Heinlein Robert AThe Puppet MastersPanther£2.50
Heinline RobertThe Door into SummerPanther£3.00
Herrligkoffer Karl MNanga ParbatPanther£2.50
Heter GeorgetteA Blunt InstrumentPanther£2.50
Heyer GeorgetteDeath in the StocksPanther£2.50
Heyer GeorgetteDuplicate DeathPanther£3.00
Hopkins R ThurstonCavalcade of GhostsPanther£8.00
Hunter EvanThe Blackboard JunglePanther£3.00
Hurst FannieBack StreetPanther£7.50
James CyThe Brasada GunsPanther£2.50
Jameson StormThe Black LaurelPanther£2.50
Jeffrey BettyWhite CooliesPanther£5.00
Kerouac JackMaggie CassidyPanther£3.00
Kersh GeraldThey Die With Their Boots CleanPanther£5.00
Kirkbride RonaldThe Private Life of Guy de MaupassantPanther£2.50
Knowler JohnThe TrapPanther£3.00
Krepps Robert WGamble My Last GamePanther£2.50
Landsborough GordonThe Battle of the River PlatePanther£2.50
Lawrence Steven CThe Iron MarshalPanther£2.50
Lehman Paul EvanLaw of the 45Panther£5.00
Lehnhoff JoachimThe Homeward RunPanther£5.00
Lessing DorisA Ripple From the StormPanther£2.50
Lewin RobertThe Bold and the BravePanther£3.00
Lewis SinclairMain StreetPanther£2.50
Lewis SinclairThe Prodigal ParentsPanther£3.00
Lewis SinclaireBethel MerridayPanther£2.50
Linklater EricThe Men of NessPanther£5.00
Lipsky EleazarThe ScientistsPanther£2.50
Litgow MikeMach OnePanther£2.50
Lloyd VHThe Hidden enemyPanther£3.00
Lovecraft HPAt the Mountains of MadnessPanther£7.50
Lovecraft HPDagonPanther£4.00
Loveridge ArthurTomorrow’s a HolidayPanther£2.50
Lund SusanThe Red ArmyPanther£5.00
Lykiard AlexisA Sleeping PartnerPanther£2.50
Mackenzie ComptonSylvia and MichaelPanther£2.50
Mackenzies ComptonCarnivalPanther£2.50
Mailer Faulkner etcFiction of a GenerationPanther£8.50
Mailer NormanBarbary ShorePanther£2.50
Maine Charles EricThe Man Who Owned the WorldPanther£2.50
Mallaliew JPWVery Ordinary SeamanPanther£4.00
Maltz MaxwellDoctor PygmalionPanther£2.00
Mannix Daniel PThose About to DiePanther£3.00
Mannix Daniel PThose About to DiePanther£2.50
Margulies Leo ed3 From Out TherePanther£2.50
Mark GeoffreyThe Veils of FearPanther£2.50
Masson LoysThe Barbed Wire FencePanther£2.50
McCord James BMy Patients Were ZulusPanther£2.50
McKie RonaldProud EchoPanther£4.00
Mergendahl CharlesThe Bramble BushPanther£2.50
Miller Walter MConditionally HumanPanther£3.00
Mitchell JulianA Distubing InfluencePanther£2.50
Mohr UlrichAtlantisPanther£2.50
MonsarratThree CorvettesPanther£10.00
Moorcock ed.Best SF from New WorldsPanther£3.50
Morgan AlThe Six-ElevenPanther£10.00
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanther£3.00
Morris Donald RAll Hands on DeckPanther£2.50
Neave AireyLittle CyclonePanther£10.00
Newman BernardThey saved LondonPanther£2.50
Nielsen ThorThe Zeppelin StoryPanther£2.50
Niland D’arcyDadda Jumped Over Two ElephantsPanther£4.00
O’Hara JohnA Rage to LivePanther£2.50
O’Hara JohnOurselves to KnowPanther£2.50
O’Hara JohnPal JoeyPanther£4.00
O’Hara JohnThe Farmers HotelPanther£2.50
O’Hara JohnThe Farmers HotelPanther£2.50
O’Hara PatrickThe Red SailorPanther£4.00
Orgill DouglasThe Death BringersPanther£2.50
Paine LauranBuckskin BuccaneerPanther£5.00
Paine LauranThe RawhidersPanther£5.00
Pape RichardAnd So Ends the WorldPanther£2.50
Pape RichardMatashonaPanther£2.50
Paull RaymondRetreat from KokodaPanther£2.50
Peyrefitte RogerThe Prince’s PersonPanther£2.00
Pile FrederickAck-AckPanther£10.00
Pinto OresteSpycatcherPanther£5.00
Pinto Oreste Lt-colMore Exploits\of SpycatcherPanther£2.50
Poe and VerneThe Mystery of Gordon Arthur PymPanther£3.00
Polney Peter DeThe Run of NightPanther£2.50
Procter MauriceThe Spearhead DeathPanther£2.50
Prorok Byron deDead Men Do Tell TalesPanther£3.00
Puskas FerencCaptain of HungaryPanther£5.00
Rabe PeterAnatomy of a KillerPanther£2.50
Rainier PeterPipeline to BattlePanther£5.00
Ransome StephenThe Deadly Miss AshleyPanther£2.50
Ray DavidThe End of the Fourth ReichPanther£4.00
Reynolds QuentinOfficially DeadPanther£2.50
Reynolds StanleyBetter Dead than RedPanther£5.00
Richler MordecaiSon of a Smaller HeroPanther£3.50
Rigsby HowardClash of ShadowsPanther£4.00
Ritter EASharka ZuluPanther£5.00
Roeburt JohnAl CaponePanther£4.00
Rohmer SaxRe-enter Fu ManchuPanther£4.00
Rosen Milton WThe Viking RocketPanther£4.00
Rowan DavidFamous American CrimesPanther£2.50
Russell Eric FrankMen Martians and MachinesPanther£2.50
Russell Eric FrankWaspPanther£3.00
Schaefer JackThe Kean LandPanther£2.50
Schmidt Heinz WernerWith Rommel in the DesertPanther£3.50
Sellings ArthurThe Silent SpeakersPanther£2.50
Sellwood AVDynamite for HirePanther£3.00
Skorzeny OttoSkorzeny’s Special MissionsPanther£3.50
Slaughter Frank GSangareePanther£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark DuQuesnePanther£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark of ValeronPanther£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Galaxy PrimesPanther£2.50
Smith EE “Doc”The Imperial StarsPanther£2.50
Smith GeorgeThe Unfinished BattlePanther£2.50
Smith Holland MCoral and BrassPanther£2.50
Sneider VJThe Tea House of the August MoonPanther£2.50
Snelling OF007 James Bond A ReportPanther£3.00
Stout RexAnd Be a VillainPanther£4.00
Stout RexOver My Dead BodyPanther£4.00
Stout RexRed ThreadsPanther£4.00
Stout RexThe Second ConfessionPanther£4.00
Sturgeon TheodoreE Plurabis UnicornPanther£4.00
Taradash & MollStorm CentrePanther£40.00
Taylor JamesPrisoner of the KormoranPanther£2.50
Telfer DarielThe Guilty OnesPanther£3.50
Thal Herbert VanGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£2.50
Thomas & HutchinsonTurn by the WindowPanther£2.50
Thorp DuncanOnly AkikoPanther£2.50
Toms BernardWePanther£5.00
Travers HughMadame Aubry and the PolicePanther£2.50
Tucker JohnKanchenjungaPanther£2.50
Uris LeonBattle CryPanther£2.50
Van Vogt A EDestination UNIVERSE!Panther£2.50
Vance JackStar KingPanther£4.00
VariousForerunners to EverestPanther£5.00
Verne JulesFive Weeks in a BaloonPanther£2.00
Verteuil Charles DeThe House of BambooPanther£2.50
Vestal StanleyThe VirginianPanther£2.50
Ward BradFrontier StreetPanther£2.50
Watson JohnJohnny KinsmanPanther£2.50
Webb DuncanCrime is my BusinessPanther£10.00
Wellard JamesA Sound of TrumpetsPanther£3.00
Wet Hugh Oloff DeThe Valley of the ShadowPanther£20.00
Weyher & EhrlichThe Black RaiderPanther£10.00
White & GuestThe Camp on Blood IslandPanther£3.00
WikinsonThe Newgate Calendar 2Panther£2.50
Wilkinson BurkeBy Sea and by StealthPanther£3.00
Wilson ColinRasputinPanther£2.50
Wilson EdmundMemoirs of Hecate CountyPanther£1.50
Wood ChristopherThe Spy Who Loved MePanther£3.00
Wylie MaxTrouble in the FleshPanther£2.50
Zolotow MauriceMarailyn MonroePanther£1.00


Frustrating book because it looks mucky with a grotty signature on the front, but that is the book, they are all the same. Though this copy looks scruffy it is unread and as good as you will get, I think. No illustrations and the pages are unnumbered, no one else has bothered to count them, and I haven’t either. Published in 2014, this is what it says about itself;


..and this is the guilty cover




Leeds United The Revie Years – by Con Egan

God tight copy Through the post to any UK address


SPORTS BUDGET 1929 & 1930

I have 20 issues of Sports Budget. I can’t find out a lot about them but would be willing to sell at £5.00 a copy. I did find this description;

“Excellent weekly newspaper concentrating mostly on football-either short stories or factual reports. First issue January 13th 1923. It is printed on newspaper stock. Printed and published by The Amalgamated Press from the Fleetway House Farringdon Street London. It had 24 pages and sold for 2d.

Amalgamated Press had tried different football formats earlier with Football Favourite (4/9/20-30/4/21) and Sports for Boys (20/10/20-21/4/21) and seemingly came up with the winning and much more long lived Sports Budget.

The main bulk of its stories were dedicated to football, although there were alternatives in the shape of cricket and rugby.”

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