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Gold Medal paperbacks from 1950’s

Did anyone look at the “Decoy” cover and not think “I vill say thiss only vunce”

The Decoy by Edward Ronns  £4.00

Shanghai Incident by Steve Dodge £10

Morgue for Venus by Jonathan Craig £5.00

Fan Nichols The Caged £2.50

Joseph Chadwick – Devil’s Legacy £2.50

The Scarlet Venus by Chalmers Green £4.00

The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel £5.00

Richard S Prather – The Wailing Frail £4.00

The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris £4.00

Steven C Lawrence – Saddle Justice 1957 1st £10

River Girl – Charles Williams – 1951 1st £10

Popular Library Paperbacks from the ’50s

Most of these have good artwork on the rear covers as well as the fronts. There is a bit of a theme here (with at least a couple of exceptions), in these days I should probably not admit that I like these covers so I wont (admit it that is).


House Brant ed.  –   Love From France 1956 £2.50
Barton Jack  – The Mustangers 1957 £5.00
Lowry Robert –  The Last Party £5.00
Dee Roger  – Let The Sky Fall 1957 – £5.00
Murray William  – The Fugitive Romans 1956 £2.50
Dratler Jay J  – Doctor Paradise 1957 £5.00
Cars Guy Des  – Woman of Paris 1955 £5.00
Heller Larry  – I Get What I Want 1956 £10.00
Waer Jack  – Sweet and Low Down 1955 £2.50
Sanders Jacquin  – The Girls from Goldfield 1957 £4.00
Kerr Ben –  I Fear You Not 1956 £5.00
Raddall Thomas H  – The Nymph and the Lamp 1958 £2.50

Clements Calvin J – Dark Night Of Love  1956 £2.50

DIGIT (UK) SF, Crime, and ?


Charles Chilton – The Red Planet – The Story of the record-breaking radio serial “Journey Into Space. £8.50

Constance Cornish – Dead of Winter – A Haunting Novel of Terror and Suspense. £5.00

Pat Bunyan – The Big Blues – From the moaning wail of a blues to impulse beat of a solo drum – his was a frenzied world of Passion and excitement. £3.50

Eric Lambert – Watermen – A Magnificent story of human passions of men who braved the loneliness and savagery of the ocean and of the women who awaited their return. £2.50

Vivian Connell – The Dream and the flesh –Into the sin pits of Paris she lured him – Into the nameless dark places of reckless thrills. £4.50

Paul Charkin – The Living Gem = The terrifying novel of a future age. £3.00


More “Adult Romance”

Guthrie Wilson – The Feared and the Fearless – Popular Library £6.00

Ludwig Lewisohn – The Tyranny of Sex – Penguin Signet – £5.00 & The Vehement Flame Signet £2.50

Ben Kerr – Down I Go – Popular Library – £2.50

Theodora Keogh – The Fascinator – Signet £3.00

Vicki Rosa – Palm Beach Playgirl – Bush Publications 1948 £5.00

Street Walker by E S Seeley a Beacon Book £10.00

Office Wife by Jerry Weil a Signet Book that I can find little about though Jerry is well represented online. £5.00

Warren Leslie – The Best Thing that Ever Happened – Signet £2.50


“Adult Romance”

If you are not enamoured to “Adult Romance” as a classification, I am open to suggestions.

“Dadda Jumped over Two Elephants” by D’arcy Niland (£4.00) A tail of violence passion and loneliness in the Australian Outback.  I also have
Call me when Cross Turns Over, Gold in the Streets, The Big Smoke and
The Shiralee by the same author.

Evan Hunter – Strangers When We Meet (£2.50) I am pretty sure I still have a copy of his much more famous “Blackboard Jungle”

Al Morgan – The Six-Eleven (£2.50) I have A Small Success and One Star General also listed by the same author.

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