Adult Romance Including Lesbian and Gay

Jago Jones – The Lure of Lesbos

The Lure of Lesbos – Jago Jones

Published by Franklin, undated but about 1969, this is a fine copy. “Sensational Novel of Lesbian Love” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lovers in Torment

LOVERS IN TORMENT – Gordon Merrick

Popular Library 1955 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


A bit of a loose classification. I put these up a while ago (more than two years ago) So I think I can find them.

Yasco PeatolinA Tale of Poor Lovers – (Not sure if it means financial status or sexual prowess)

Jerry WeilThe Pleasure GirlsThe intimate novel about women in the big city

ANTOINEMarie-Gisele LandesA Coldly Promiscuous girl and a desperate infatuation for a middle aged seducer SOLD

Kirk WestleyShanty Boat Girl

The Twisted Loves of Nym O’SullivanMark TryonThe bitter truth about a lesbian who hated men

Jack HanleyLet’s Make Mary

TELENYA story of a forbidden relationship – Anonymous but sometimes attributed to Oscar Wilde

I’M NO GOODa realistic novel of youth in revoltPeter W Denzer 

MOONEYWilliam Brown Meloney 


Race with Lust (Run for Cover) Roger Normandie (Orrie Hutt)

Originally a US production this copy states “Sole Distributors in Great Britain Ben’s Books Ltd. 49 Portland Rd. London – Reprinted by K & G Publications (Herts) Ltd. Hendon N W 1”

The book is described as much more sleazier than many books that were being prosecuted at the time, I found this description on line

“This racy novel — reprinted in paperback by Kozy as Race with Lust — is far more explicit sexually than any of his other books. S/M, rape, torture, blackmail and promiscuity are dealt with in greater detail than the usual Hitt novel, pretty bold in 1957 when in the early 1960s book much more tame were in court on obscenity charges.”

Race with Lust – Roger Normandie

Kozy Books K88 published in either 1956 or 1957 this book is bordering on vg+ (I am not sure of the quality when it was originally published) There are more copies on line of the original hard back “Run for cover” the paperback is much rarer. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Published in 1951 by Croydon Publishing Co. New York a 128 page stapled paperback. Delivered to any UK address in a plain paper wrapper.


Love Cheat by Damon Drake

LOVE CHEAT by Damon Drake

“She was a demon in bed…from beginning to end. “You’re okay, baby. You’re just fine,” he said. For Now he thought” Published by Merit Books in1961 ADULT READING Posted to UK address “in plain wrappers”


The Free Lovers by J J Jordan

For Adults published by Novel Books in 1962 “burning nymphomania without the bond of love”


 “From the Great Lakes of Canada, across to French ports where the women fought in the fo’c’sle – fought for men, for a place to sleep, a plate of food, a bar of soap . to Germany with the mark crashing. From the Passion Plays of Oberammergau on to the drinking dens and brothels of Montevideo.” “A powerful book and can be compared with Archie Binn’s novel “The Lightship”. Wells Gardner,

Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer

Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co, London 1941 a paperback with a dustjacket both jacket and book better than vg Price includes UK postage


Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

“They shamed his eager search for Sexual Companions” SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – This is an original Dragon Edition. In a plain brown paper wrapper to any UK address


The Vice Scheme by Lane Bedman

The Vice Scheme – by Lane Bedman

“They Desired Forbidden loot – Monetary and sexual” SALE TO MINERS FORBIDDEN” ADULTS ONLY This is an original Compass Line Novel delivered in a plain paper wrapper to any UK address


FRENCH MODEL by Bart Frame

French Model by Bart Frame

“Her Passion was like a Flame, consuming all who possessed her” Zodiac books 1960 1st edition Dispatched in a plain brown paper wrapping to any UK destination


Fiona – Fiona Richmond

FIONA by Fiona Richmond

“Being the intimate Sexual Exploits”


New (old) Stock – Random paperbacks.


I don’t know why but one of my favourite covers.

Aswell James There’s One in Every Town Signet 1314 vg £2.50
Bassett Ronald The Pompeians Pan X 638 1st 1967 anon vg+ £4.00
Braithwaite ER To Sir, With Love NEL 2667 1969 vg £2.50
Carter Nick Deadly Doubles Star 0 1988 vg £2.50
Carter Nick The Satan Trap Star 0 1962 vg £2.50
Christie Agatha Dead Man’s Folly Fontana 440 1st 1960 vg £2.50
Hunter Evan The Blackboard Jungle Panther 685 7th 1960 anon vg £3.00
Mackey Joe The Cruel City Belmont 207 1st vg £2.50
Milburn George All Over Town Dell 676 vg £2.50
Newby Ed. Time Off in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Da Hodder 855 1st 1967 vg £2.50
Stewart Desmond A Stranger in Eden Signet 1357 1st 1956 vg £2.50




collage misc 2

Angela Gilbert – LOVE is for Everybody – £10.00

Fredric Brown – The Screaming Mimi – £5.00

Joseph Conrad – The Arrow of Gold – 1932 £5.00 (Yes I know it does not fit in)

Marc Brody – Hot Line for a Honey £5.00 (Australian Hank Janson wannabe)

Frank Boyd  – The Flesh Peddlers – pbo – £5.00 (One of my all-time favourite covers)

Martin Vernon – Sun Hungry, Sin Hungry – Adults Only – £10.00

DONT FORGET – I can search my database for that book you just have to own.

Bubu and Marie by C L Philippe


I tried to find a decent precis of this book, but think it is two books and has been published in many formats, working on the principle that the cover gives a bit of a clue and that anyone willing to pay the £10 I am asking for this book will know exactly what this is about, I have stopped searching.

Today’s Paperback Catalogue Additions

Wolfert Ira The Underworld Bantam A 798 £2.50
Baxter Walter Look Down in Mercy Popular Library G 121 £2.50
Dumas Alexandre Camille Bantam 745 £2.50
Farrell Cliff Rawhide River Popular Library 742 £2.50
Walker Gertrude So Deadly Fair Popular Library 434 £2.50
Seltzer Charles Alden Double Cross Ranch Popular Library 151 £2.50
Short Luke Ramrod Popular Library 346 £2.50
Bourne Peter The Golden Road Popular Library G 107 £2.50
Ridgway Jason Hardly a Man is Now Alive Perma M 4234 £2.50
Kuttner Henry The Murder of Eleanor Pope Perma M 3046 £5.00
Scott Virgil The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter Popular Library 292 £2.50
Earl Lawrence River of Eyes Popular Library EB 48 £2.50
Kent Simon Tonight and Forever Popular Library EB 40 £4.00
Saher Lilla Van Macamba Popular Library EB 11 £5.00
Wechsberg Joseph The Continental Touch Lion 33 £2.50

Ballantine Books – War, Westerns & a bit of Sex



Shadow on the Border by George Appell 1957 £2.50

Frank O’Rourke – Hard Men – 1956 1st £5.00

EE Halleran – The Hostile Hills £2.50 and Blazing Border £5.00


U-BOATS at WAR – German Submarines in Action 1939-1945 – Harold Busch £2.50

William Mulvihill – Fire Mission 1957 – £2.50
By Wolfgang Frank and Captain Bernhard Rogge - The German Raider Atlantis 1956 £5.00


Halfway to Heaven by Terrance Flair £2.50


Pietro Di Donato – This Woman – £5.00 SOLD



Gold Medal paperbacks from 1950’s

Did anyone look at the “Decoy” cover and not think “I vill say thiss only vunce”

The Decoy by Edward Ronns  £4.00

Shanghai Incident by Steve Dodge £10

Morgue for Venus by Jonathan Craig £5.00 SOLD

Fan Nichols The Caged £2.50

Joseph Chadwick – Devil’s Legacy £2.50

The Scarlet Venus by Chalmers Green £4.00

The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel £5.00

Richard S Prather – The Wailing Frail £4.00

The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris £4.00

Steven C Lawrence – Saddle Justice 1957 1st £10

River Girl – Charles Williams – 1951 1st £10

Popular Library Paperbacks from the ’50s

Most of these have good artwork on the rear covers as well as the fronts. There is a bit of a theme here (with at least a couple of exceptions), in these days I should probably not admit that I like these covers so I wont (admit it that is).


House Brant ed.  –   Love From France 1956 £2.50
Barton Jack  – The Mustangers 1957 £5.00
Lowry Robert –  The Last Party £5.00
Dee Roger  – Let The Sky Fall 1957 – £5.00
Murray William  – The Fugitive Romans 1956 £2.50
Dratler Jay J  – Doctor Paradise 1957 £5.00
Cars Guy Des  – Woman of Paris 1955 £5.00
Heller Larry  – I Get What I Want 1956 £10.00
Waer Jack  – Sweet and Low Down 1955 £2.50
Sanders Jacquin  – The Girls from Goldfield 1957 £4.00
Kerr Ben –  I Fear You Not 1956 £5.00
Raddall Thomas H  – The Nymph and the Lamp 1958 £2.50

Clements Calvin J – Dark Night Of Love  1956 £2.50

DIGIT (UK) SF, Crime, and ?


Charles Chilton – The Red Planet – The Story of the record-breaking radio serial “Journey Into Space. £8.50

Constance Cornish – Dead of Winter – A Haunting Novel of Terror and Suspense. £5.00

Pat Bunyan – The Big Blues – From the moaning wail of a blues to impulse beat of a solo drum – his was a frenzied world of Passion and excitement. £3.50

Eric Lambert – Watermen – A Magnificent story of human passions of men who braved the loneliness and savagery of the ocean and of the women who awaited their return. £2.50

Vivian Connell – The Dream and the flesh –Into the sin pits of Paris she lured him – Into the nameless dark places of reckless thrills. £4.50 SOLD

Paul Charkin – The Living Gem = The terrifying novel of a future age. £3.00


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