Race with Lust (Run for Cover) Roger Normandie (Orrie Hutt)

Originally a US production this copy states “Sole Distributors in Great Britain Ben’s Books Ltd. 49 Portland Rd. London – Reprinted by K & G Publications (Herts) Ltd. Hendon N W 1”

The book is described as much more sleazier than many books that were being prosecuted at the time, I found this description on line

“This racy novel — reprinted in paperback by Kozy as Race with Lust — is far more explicit sexually than any of his other books. S/M, rape, torture, blackmail and promiscuity are dealt with in greater detail than the usual Hitt novel, pretty bold in 1957 when in the early 1960s book much more tame were in court on obscenity charges.”

Race with Lust – Roger Normandie

Kozy Books K88 published in either 1956 or 1957 this book is bordering on vg+ (I am not sure of the quality when it was originally published) There are more copies on line of the original hard back “Run for cover” the paperback is much rarer. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Published in 1951 by Croydon Publishing Co. New York a 128 page stapled paperback. Delivered to any UK address in a plain paper wrapper.


Love Cheat by Damon Drake

LOVE CHEAT by Damon Drake

“She was a demon in bed…from beginning to end. “You’re okay, baby. You’re just fine,” he said. For Now he thought” Published by Merit Books in1961 ADULT READING Posted to UK address “in plain wrappers”


The Free Lovers by J J Jordan

For Adults published by Novel Books in 1962 “burning nymphomania without the bond of love”


 “From the Great Lakes of Canada, across to French ports where the women fought in the fo’c’sle – fought for men, for a place to sleep, a plate of food, a bar of soap . to Germany with the mark crashing. From the Passion Plays of Oberammergau on to the drinking dens and brothels of Montevideo.” “A powerful book and can be compared with Archie Binn’s novel “The Lightship”. Wells Gardner,

Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer

Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co, London 1941 a paperback with a dustjacket both jacket and book better than vg Price includes UK postage


Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

“They shamed his eager search for Sexual Companions” SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – This is an original Dragon Edition. In a plain brown paper wrapper to any UK address


The Vice Scheme by Lane Bedman

The Vice Scheme – by Lane Bedman

“They Desired Forbidden loot – Monetary and sexual” SALE TO MINERS FORBIDDEN” ADULTS ONLY This is an original Compass Line Novel delivered in a plain paper wrapper to any UK address


FRENCH MODEL by Bart Frame

French Model by Bart Frame

“Her Passion was like a Flame, consuming all who possessed her” Zodiac books 1960 1st edition Dispatched in a plain brown paper wrapping to any UK destination


Fiona – Fiona Richmond

FIONA by Fiona Richmond

“Being the intimate Sexual Exploits”


Classic Paperbacks (pricey)

All About Annette – Alan Marshall = Donald E Westlake

All About Annette – Alan Marshall = Donald E Westlake

ABE has four copies of this book for sale at £81, £86, £93 and £262. Amazon list it as “Not Available” I have tried to understand what makes it so pricey, Marshall (in this case) was Donald E Westlake a very prolific and wide ranging author but I didn’t find out what was special about this title. This copy was printed in 1960 by Midwood and did have an ugly “label scar” on the front cover, see the legs of the girl on the right where the repair is. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any more details. Posted to UK address


The Faces of Love by John Hearne

The Faces of Love by John Hearne

Another classic cover produced by WDL on another hard to find (in any format) book. I did find this that gives a good description of the book. Posted to UK


The Vengeance of Hurricane Williams by Gordon Young

A rare edition of an oft printed classic, filmed in the 50’s as Hurricane Smith for some reason, I have not been able to find a reference to this edition. I think it was the third in the series.

The Vengeance of Hurricane Williams

A rare edition of an oft printed classic, filmed in the 50’s as Hurricane Smith for some reason, I have not been able to find a reference to this edition. I think it was the third in the series. To any UK Address


True Police Stories – Bowery Buzzard

Published by William C Merrett, London. A true example of “Mushroom Publishing” undated but must be about 1945. 36 pages with a stiffer cover that is printed both sides. Posted to UK address


Adult Romance?

A bit of a loose classification, but what else can I call them?


Yasco PeatolinA Tale of Poor Lovers – (Not sure if it means financial status or sexual prowess) £2.50

Jerry WeilThe Pleasure GirlsThe intimate novel about women in the big city£5.50

ANTOINEMarie-Gisele LandesA Coldly Promiscuous girl and a desperate infatuation for a middle aged seducer £2.50 SOLD

Kirk WestleyShanty Boat Girl £5.00

The Twisted Loves of Nym O’SullivanMark TryonThe bitter truth about a lesbian who hated men £7.50

Jack HanleyLet’s Make Mary£5.00

TELENYA story of a forbidden relationship – Anonymous but sometimes attributed to Oscar Wilde £5.00

I’M NO GOODa realistic novel of youth in revoltPeter W Denzer  £3.00

MOONEYWilliam Brown Meloney  £2.50

More “Adult Romance”

Guthrie Wilson – The Feared and the Fearless – Popular Library £6.00

Ludwig Lewisohn – The Tyranny of Sex – Penguin Signet – £5.00 & The Vehement Flame Signet £2.50

Ben Kerr – Down I Go – Popular Library – £2.50 SOLD

Theodora Keogh – The Fascinator – Signet £3.00

Vicki Rosa – Palm Beach Playgirl – Bush Publications 1948 £5.00

Street Walker by E S Seeley a Beacon Book £10.00

Office Wife by Jerry Weil a Signet Book that I can find little about though Jerry is well represented online. £5.00

Warren Leslie – The Best Thing that Ever Happened – Signet £2.50


Eclectic as Ever

Should I continue listing a mixture or should I try to list similar books. This lot ranges from “Children’s” to “Adult” with everything in between.

Benzani Juliette –  Catherine
Boucher (ed) –  The Best from Fantasy & SF 7th
Budrys Algis  –  Rogue Moon
Charteris Leslie –  The Happy Highwayman
Christie Agatha –  Easy to Kill
Crisp Frank – The Devil Diver
Duggan Alfred  – The Cunning of the Dove
Fearing Kenneth – Dagger of the Mind
Ford Leslie – False to Any Man
Hitchcock (ed) – Once Upon a Dreadful Time
Homes Geoffrey – Then There Were Three
Jakes John  – Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Romains Jules – Verdun The Battle
Royce Lloyd – Expert Seductress
Various  – The Pocket Playboy Number two

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