Russell Thorndike – DOCTOR SYN


Thorndike RussellDocter Syn ReturnsArrow£3.00vg19632nd
Thorndike RussellDoctor SynArrow£2.50vg19662nd
Thorndike RussellDoctor Syn on the High SeasArrow£1.00g+1966rep
Thorndike RussellThe Amazing Quest of Doctor SynArrow£1.00vg-1966r
Thorndike RussellThe Courageous Exploits of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg19663rd
Thorndike RussellThe Further Adventures of Doctor SynArrow£1.00g1963rep
Thorndike RussellThe Shadow of Doctor SynArrow£2.50vg1972rep
Thorndike RussellThe Shadow of Doctor SynArrow£3.50vg+19641st
Thorndike RussellThe Water WitchArrow£4.00vg+1st

DOCTOR SYN – Russell Thrndike

1966 Arrow edition Posted to your UK address (or any other UK address if you wish)


Mountains & other adventure stuff.

Some of these are rare in any format.

Single Handed Passage – Edward Allcard – £2.50

Teak Wallah – Reginald Campbell – £5.00

My Patients were Zulus – McCord – £2.50

Kanchenjunga – John Tucker – £2.50

Nanga Parbat – Herrligkoffer – £2.50

forerunners to Everest – Dittert, Chevalley & Lambert – £5.00

Doesn’t look like it but the Teak Wallah cover is by Reginald Head (Cy Webb)

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