Dennis Wheatley


The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult – THE GREATER TRUMPS – Charles Williams

Sphere 1975 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Arrow 1974 Reprint vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GATEWAY TO HELL – Dennis Wheatley

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To the Devil a Daughter – Dennis Wheatley

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Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley – Arrow Paperbacks

Any one of “The Fabulous Valley” – “Star of Ill Omen” – “The Forbidden Territory” – “The Sword of Fate” – “The Secret War” or “They Found Atlantis” – SPECIFY TITLE Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


I Thought I had a good collection of his works, I knew he was prolific ( not John Creasey or Michael Moorcock prolific but prolific just the same) over 70 books. I do have, paperbacks, hardbacks, hardbacks with dust jackets and some 1st editions (one signed) in stock, mostly at £2.50 each but a few at £5.00. I have highlighted titles I have in stock in red on the bibliography below.

Dennis Yates Wheatley (1897 – 1977) was an English author whose prolific output of stylish thrillers and occult novels made him one of the world’s best-selling writers from the 1930s through the 1960s. His Gregory Sallust series was one of the main inspirations for Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories.

Born in South London, he was the eldest of three children of an upper-middle-class family, the owners of Wheatley & Son of Mayfair, a wine business. He admitted to little aptitude for schooling, and was expelled from Dulwich College. Soon after his expulsion Wheatley became a British Merchant Navy officer cadet on the training ship HMS Worcester.

During the Second World War, Wheatley was a member of the London Controlling Section, which secretly coordinated strategic military deception and cover plans. His literary talents gained him employment with planning staffs for the War Office. He wrote numerous papers for the War Office, including suggestions for dealing with a German invasion of Britain.

Dennis Wheatley died on 11th November 1977. During his life he wrote over 70 books and sold over 50 million copies.

Stock: I have to admit that I have not done a stock-take recently. THE PRICES BELOW DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE and some editions are hardbacks that are a bit heavy

Wheatley DennisBill for the Use of a BodyHutchinsonvg19641stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisBlack AugustHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisCodeword Golden FleeceArrowvg19611st622£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourBAG 220£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourArrowf19652nd578£3.00
Wheatley DennisCome Into My ParlourHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisCome into My ParlourArrowvg+19601st578£2.50
Wheatley DennisContrabandHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrowvg19601st582£3.00
Wheatley DennisContrabandArrowvg+19662nd582£2.00
Wheatley DennisDangerous InheritanceHutchinsonvg+19651stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisGateway to HellHutchinsonvg1stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisGateway to HellArrowvg+1974repisbn0£3.00
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants & GhostsArrowvg19663rd691£2.50
Wheatley DennisGunmen Gallants and GhostsHutchinsonvg1955repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisMayhem in GreeceHutchinsonvg19621stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisOld RawleyArrowvg19621st680£3.00
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveArrowvg19601st559£2.00
Wheatley DennisSixty Days to LiveHutchinsonvg1952repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinsonvg19521stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisStar of Ill-OmenHutchinsonvg19521stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisStrange ConflictArrowvg-19740£2.50
Wheatley DennisSuch Power id DangerousArrowvg19621st628£2.50
Wheatley DennisSuch Power is DangerousHutchinsonvg1953repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessArrowvg1st558£3.50
Wheatley DennisThe Black BaronessHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Devil Rides OutHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Eunuch of StamboulHutchinsonvg+repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrowf19594th284£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Fabulous ValleyArrowvg1958rep284£2.50
Wheatley Dennisthe Forbidden TerritoryHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryArrowvg1964rep282£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Forbidden TerritoryHutchinson1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Found AtlantisHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Golden SpaniardArrowf19621st629£4.00
Wheatley DennisThe Goldern SpaniardHutchinsonvg1951repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinsonvg1953repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggHutchinsonvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrowvg19612nd543£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Island Where Time Stud StillBook ClubvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrowvg1974rep0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Launching of Roger BrookHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarArrowvg+19612nd534£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Man Who Missed the WarHutchinson1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Prisoner in the MaskArrowvg-19641st603£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Ravishing of Lady Mary WareHutchinsonf19711stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormArrowvg-19611st627£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Rising StormHutchinsonvgHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistHutchinsonvg19601stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe SatanistArrowvg+19644th653£3.00
Wheatley DennisThe Scarlet ImposterHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarArrowvgH336£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Secret WarHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Shadow of the Tyburn TreeHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterHutchinsonvg19631stHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sultan’s DaughterBook Clubvg1964repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateBook ClubvgHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Sword of FateArrowvg19582nd363£2.50
Wheatley DennisThe Wanton PrincessHutchinsonvg+19661stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisThe White Witch of the South SeasBook Clubvg1968HB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisHeronHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrowvg335£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinsonvg-238£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleArrowvg19601st581£2.50
Wheatley DennisThree Inquisative PeopleHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrowvg1974repisbn0£3.00
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrowvg1963rep412£3.00
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasHutchinsonvg1952repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisUncharted SeasArrowvg+19601st580£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinsonvgrepHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceHutchinsonvg1954repHB0£2.50
Wheatley DennisV for VengeanceArrowvg+19601st550£3.00
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinsonf19611stHB0£5.00
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainHutchinsonvg19611stHB£2.50
Wheatley DennisVendetta in SpainBook ClubvgHB0£2.50

Duke de Richleau series
The Forbidden Territory (Adventure, January 1933) – filmed in 1934
The Devil Rides Out (Occult/Romance, December 1934) – filmed in 1968
The Golden Spaniard (Adventure, August 1938)
Three Inquisitive People (Crime, February 1940)
Strange Conflict (Occult, April 1941)
Codeword – Golden Fleece (Espionage, May 1946)
The Second Seal (Historical/Espionage, November 1950)
The Prisoner in the Mask (Historical/Espionage, September 1957)
Vendetta in Spain (Historical/Espionage, August 1961)
Dangerous Inheritance (Crime, August 1965)
Gateway to Hell (Occult, August 1970)
Gregory Sallust series
Black August (Science Fiction/Adventure, January 1934)
Contraband (Espionage, October 1936)
The Scarlet Impostor (Espionage, January 1940)
Faked Passports (Espionage, June 1940)
The Black Baroness (Espionage/Crime, October 1940)
V for Vengeance (Espionage, March 1942)
Come into My Parlour (Espionage, November 1946)
The Island Where Time Stands Still (Espionage, September 1954)
Traitors’ Gate (Espionage, September 1958)
They Used Dark Forces (Espionage/Occult, October 1964)
The White Witch of the South Seas (Crime/Occult, August 1968)
Julian Day novels
The Quest of Julian Day (Adventure/Romance, January 1939)
The Sword of Fate (Adventure/Romance, September 1941)
Bill for the Use of a Body (Crime, April 1964)
Roger Brook series
The Launching of Roger Brook (Historical/Espionage, July 1947)
The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (Historical/Espionage, May 1948)
The Rising Storm (Historical/Espionage, October 1949)
The Man Who Killed the King (Historical/Espionage, November 1951)
The Dark Secret of Josephine (Historical/Espionage, March 1955)
The Rape of Venice (Historical/Espionage, October 1959)
The Sultan’s Daughter (Historical/Espionage, August 1963)
The Wanton Princess (Historical/Espionage, August 1966)
Evil in a Mask (Historical/Espionage, August 1969)
The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware (Historical/Espionage, August 1971)
The Irish Witch (Historical/Espionage/Occult, August 1973)
Desperate Measures (Historical/Espionage, September 1974)
Molly Fountain / Colonel Verney novels
To the Devil – a Daughter (Occult, January 1953) – filmed in 1976
The Satanist (Occult, August 1960)
Other occult novels
The Haunting of Toby Jugg [Toby Jugg] (Occult, December 1948) – filmed in 2006 as The Haunted Airman
The Ka of Gifford Hillary [Gifford Hillary] (Occult/Science Fiction, July 1956)
Unholy Crusade [‘Lucky’ Adam Gordon] (Historical Adventure/Occult, August 1967)
Science fiction novels
Sixty Days to Live (X). [Lavinia Leigh and others] (Apocalyptic, August 1939)
Star of Ill-Omen (X). [Kem Lincoln] (Alien abduction, May 1952)
“Lost World” novels
They Found Atlantis [Camilla and others] (January 1936)
Uncharted Seas [Various] (January 1938) – filmed in 1968 as The Lost Continent
The Man Who Missed the War (X). [Philip Vaudell] (November 1945)

Other adventure/espionage novels
Such Power is Dangerous [Avril Bamborough] (Adventure, June 1933)
The Fabulous Valley [The Heirs of John Thomas Long] (Adventure, August 1934)
The Eunuch of Stamboul [Swithin Destime] (Espionage, July 1935) – filmed in 1936 as Secret of Stamboul
The Secret War [Sir Anthony Lovelace, Christopher Pen, Valerie Lorne] (Espionage, January 1937)
Curtain of Fear [Nicholas Novák] (Espionage, October 1953)
Mayhem in Greece [Robbie Grenn] (Espionage, August 1962)
The Strange Story of Linda Lee [Linda Lee] (Crime/Adventure, August 1972)

James Bond


No Deals Mr. Bond – John Gardner

Guild Publishing 1988 – Near fine book and dj Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Book of Bond – Lt-Col. William (“Bill”) Tanner – (Kingslet Amis)

The Viking Press – New York 1965 1st edition. The book would be fine but for the small tidy stamp bottom of title page (see illustration) The dj is fine unclipped. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Stock. The list is about 25% of my “Bond” stock.

Fleming IanCasino RoyalePan£4.00vg19629th
Fleming IanCasino RoyalePan£2.50vg196523rd
Fleming IanDiamonds Are ForeverPan£2.50vg196312th
Fleming IanDiamonds are ForeverPan£2.50vg196319th
Fleming IanDr NoPanther£4.00vg19771st
Fleming IanDr NoCoronet£5.00f1989
Fleming IanDr NoPan£2.50vg196520th
Fleming IanDr NoPan£3.50vg19639th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPan£3.00vg+197218th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPan£2.50vg196410th
Fleming IanFor Your Eyes OnlyPan£5.00vg19621st
Fleming IanFrom Russia with LovePan£2.50197626th
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePan£2.50vg19628th
Fleming IanFrom Russia With LovePan£3.50vg196312th
Fleming IanFrom Russia with LoveCoronet£2.50f
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanther£5.00f19781st
Fleming IanGoldfingerPan£1.00vg-196414th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPan£2.50vg196310th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPan£2.50vg196413th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPan£5.00vg19611st
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePan£3.00vg19639th
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePan£2.50vg196311th
Fleming IanLive and Let DiePan£2.50vg+196520th
Fleming IanMoonrakerPan£2.50vg+196924th
Fleming IanMoonrakerPan£4.00vg1959
Fleming IanMoonrakerPan£4.00vg19616th
Fleming IanOctopussyPan£3.00vg19682nd
Fleming IanOctopussyPanther£2.50vg19781st
Fleming IanOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServicePan£2.50vg19727th
Fleming IanOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServicePan£2.50vg++19654th
Fleming IanThe Diamond SmugglersPan£2.50vg+19645th
Fleming IanThe Diamond SmugglersPan£2.50vg+19632nd
Fleming IanThe Man With the Golden GunTriad£4.00vg+19866th
Fleming IanThe Man With the Golden GunPan£2.50vg19672nd
Fleming IanThe Man With the Golden GunPanvg4th
Fleming IanThe Spy Who Loved MePan£5.00vg+19727th
Fleming IanThe Spy Who Loved MePan£5.00vg19671st
Fleming IanThrilling Cities Part 2Pan£2.50vg-1st
Fleming IanThunderballPan£5.00vg+19631st
Fleming IanThunderballPan£5.00vg19631st
Fleming IanThunderballPan£2.50vg196513th
Fleming IanThunderballPan£2.50vg19633rd
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePan£2.50vg19662nd
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePan£2.50vg19663rd
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePan£2.50vg19663rd
Fleming IanYou Only Live TwicePan£3.50vg+19662nd

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

Dicks Detecting, Spies Spying & Murderers Murdering

A couple of rarer titles in todays lot. I now have 7052 pre ’74 paperbacks in stock, that is not true I have probably nearer 10,000 in stock, but I know, or think I know, where 7052 are located. So if it seems expensive on ABE or Amazon, or they don’t even have a copy (true of two of today’s listing) then why not give me a try.


THE DAY of the DEAD – Bart Spicer

Dell 1955 1st vg “A high speed tale of murder and espionage south of the border” I don’t think they mean Derbyshire. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Desmond Cory  – HIGH REQUIEM – “A new Johnny Fedora Mystery” this is one not for sale on ABE or Amazon, I thought it might have been published under a different title, but it seems it has been published under this title under many covers. £5.00

Richard S Prather two Shell Scott offerings from Five Star – The Scrambled Yeggs  £2.50 and Strip For Murder £5.00

A Cherry Tree Book – by Andrew Wood – The River Will Hide Me £5.00

Agatha Christie – N or M by Dell £2.50

Ngaio Marsh – Died in the Wool – fontana – £2.50

Edgar Wallace – The Flying Squad £2.50


The Speaker -Gordon Ashe

The Speaker – Gordon Ashe (Creasey)

Jay Suspense #67no date f Benvenuti cover Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know
and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement.
Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

Department Z

John Creasey – Palfrey Versus The League of Light

Arrow pb Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases


John Creasey – The Peril Ahead

Arrow pb Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases


Palfrey versus The Shadow of Doom

Arrow pb Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases


John Creasey – The League of Dark Men

Arrow vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


John Creasey – A Kind of Prisoner – Department Z

John Creasey – A Kind of Prisoner – Department Z

Ex Library hard back with dj published by Hutchinson 1973 dj vg+ Book vg- Posted to UK destination




Creasey JohnA Gun for Inspector WestBAG 090
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestBAG 070
Creasey JohnThe Toff Takes SharesJohn Longg0
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyRed Eye for the BaronHoddervg0
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyCareer for the BaronJayvg+1
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyA Rope for the BaronJayvg5
Creasey John / Manton PeterThe Circle of JusticeJayvg15
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyCry for the BaronJayvg-35
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyAttack the BaronJayvg+52
Creasey John / Deane NormanIntent to MurderJayvg53
Creasey JohnPanicJayvg-195962
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyVersus the BaronJayvg+66
Creasey John / Deane NormanGolden DeathJayvg-74
Creasey John / Manton PeterTread Softly DeathJayvg77
Creasey JohnNo Darker CrimeJayvg+19591st80
Creasey JohnThe Toff Takes SharesJayvg19591st87
Creasey JohnKill the ToffH&Svg19541stC142
Creasey JohnFool the ToffH&Svg19541stC143
Creasey JohnA Case for Inspector WestH&Svg+19541stC144
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfHodderf1st145
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfH&Svg-19541stC145
Creasey JohnA Gun for Inspector WestPanf1stG179
Creasey JohnInspector West at BayH&Svg19531stC186
Creasey JohnThe Toff Goes GayH&Svg-C187
Creasey JohnA Knife for the ToffH&Svg1stC212
Creasey JohnSend Inspector WestH&Sg1956C232
Creasey JohnA Gun for inspector westH&Svg19561stC246
Creasey JohnInspector West at BayPanvg1stG247
Creasey JohnThe Toff at Butlin’sHoddervg-1958277
Creasey JohnThe Toff at the FairHoddervg19571st297
Creasey JohnTwo for Inspector WestHoddervg1st309
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePanvg-2ndG329
Creasey JohnA Six for the ToffHoddervg1st331
Creasey JohnStrike for DeathPanvg-1stG332
Creasey JohnInspector West at HomePanf1stX363
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestHodderf364
Creasey JohnInspector West AloneFour Squarevg1st369
Creasey JohnA Beauty for Inspector WestPanf1st383
Creasey JohnPoliceman’s DreadPanf1stX391
Creasey JohnA Case for Inspector WestPanf1stG393
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron Goes FastHoddervg1st398
Creasey JohnThe Touch of DeathHoddervg1st413
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePanvg1st421
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron in FranceHodderf1st421
Creasey JohnStrike for DeathPanvg4thX430
Creasey JohnInspector West Kicks OffPanvg2ndX432
Creasey JohnMake-up for the ToffHoddervg19601st434
Creasey JohnTriumph for Inspector WestPanvg1stG437
Creasey JohnSend Superintendant WestPanvg+1stX454
Creasey JohnAccident for Inspector WestHodderf19611st461
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestPanvg19662ndX470
Creasey JohnDeath in Cold PrintPanvg2ndX480
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfPanX493
Creasey JohnDeath of a RacehorseHoddervg1st506
Creasey JohnPrice for Inspector WestPanvg1stG516
Creasey JohnThe Toff on the FarmHoddervg19621st523
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPanvg1stG535
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPanf3rdG535
Creasey JohnThe Plague of SilenceHoddervg1st542
Creasey JohnMurder London-New YorkPanf19661stX545
Creasey JohnInvitation to AdventureCorgivg-19691st552
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyBlack for the BaronHoddervg+19621st561
Creasey JohnDouble for the ToffHodderf1st587
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyRed Eye for the BaronPanvg-1stG599
Creasey JohnParcel for Inspector WestPanf1stG601
Creasey JohnAccident for Inspector WestPanvg1stX619
Creasey JohnInspector West Leaves TownPanvg-1stG627
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyWarn the BaronHodderf1st641
Creasey JohnInspector West Takes ChargePanvg19631stG650
Creasey JohnInspector West Kicks OffPanf1stG658
Creasey JohnMurder on the LineHoddervg1st658
Creasey as JJ MarricGideon’s DayHoddervg-19642nd669
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPanvg1stX669
Creasey JohnThe House of the BearsArrowf19621st676
Creasey JohnMurder London AustraliaPang1stX681
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestPanvg1stG683
Creasey JohnThe Toff Takes SharesHoddervg-1965697
Creasey JohnThe League of LightArrowvg-1st717
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyCareer For The BaronHoddervg-1965717
Creasey JohnThe Toff and the Kidnapped ChildHoddervg1st727
Creasey JohnPalfrey v Shadow of DoomArrowvg1st734
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyWicked As The DevilHoddervg-19691st764
Creasey JohnThe Peril AheadArrowvg1st780
Creasey JohnThe League of Dark Men ZArrowf1st793
Creasey JohnThe Death Miser ZArrowvg+1st794
Creasey JohnThe Toff and the Great IllusionHoddervg-1966800
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyBooks for the BaronHoddervg809
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyCry For the BaronHoddervg813
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron and the Chinese PuzzleHoddervg-19671st830
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron on BoardHoddervg-861
Creasey John as MarricGideon’s RideHoddervg19692nd877
Creasey JohnThe ExecutionersHoddervg1st878
Creasey JohnA Kind of PrisonerFour Squarevg+1st906
Creasey JohnThe Hounds of VengeanceArrowf19671st938
Creasey JohnThe Mark of the Crescent ZArrowvg1st989
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPanthervg+1st1461
Creasey JohnThe Toff on BoardPanthervg1st1580
Creasey JohnProphet of FireHoddervg19631st1610
Creasey JohnThe Foothills of FearNEL2164
Creasey JohnLeave it to the ToffHoddervg1st2471
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyBad for the BaronHodder2916
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgivg19651stGC7308
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgivg7308
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyAlias the BaronCorgivg7396
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyA Rope For the BaronCorgivg+7445
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyA Branch for the BaronCorgivg+19661st7478
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyBlame the BaronCorgivg19661st7559
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyVersus the BaronCorgivg8606
Creasey JohnA Knife for the ToffCorgivg19718688
Creasey JohnMurder With MushroomsCorgivg8826
Creasey John as Gordon AsheMurder With MushroomsCorgi8826
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyThe Baron and the BeggarCorgig9513
Creasey John / Morton AnthonyHelp From the BaronCoronetvg12949
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnHelp From the BaronHodder12949


CALLAN – Russian Roulette – James Mitchell

CALLAN – Russian Roulette – James Mitchell

Book Club Associates 1974 a vg copy no stamps, labels or inscriptions dj vg+ Through the post to any UK address.


I remember watching the first two series as they were shown (pre video), the time when “anti-heroes” came into vogue. I thought Edward Woodward was super cool, then he did that ridiculous American series and managed to be a big enough drip to get burnt in a Straw Man.

I have two hard back first editions, both with water damage, one much worse than the other, thankfully the rarer book is in better condition. A Magnum for Schneider, which I have just watched on YouTube, the damage is a slight wrinkling to the dj, the book has no faults not clipped and no inscriptions. Death and Bright water has extensive repairs to the cover and the dj is stained and has bits of the flap missing.

Because of the condition of Death and Bright Water I am giving that free with the other book, it is available on line from £15 upwards. I am asking £50 for both books. Please ask me any questions if you are interested.

Two Callan Hard Backs A Magnum for Schneider & Death and Bright Water

Condition detailed above. The price below includes UK P&P


I have paperback copies on offer for £2.50

A Red File for Callen – Dell paperback

Price below includes UK P&P


Very difficult to find in any format. This Corgi is just below VG. SOLD

Secret Service, Spooks, Spies Fiction

The Great Impersonation – E. Phillips Oppenheim



Pan 2nd vg++ with Mendoza cover “The famous Secret Service Novel” Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Peter Cheyney Lady Behave

Peter Cheyney – Lady Behave

Collins Hard Back 1950 1st edition in unclipped vg dj book also vg with no stamps or dedications. Posted to any UK address



Lady Behave – Peter Cheyney

The Book Club 1950 dj vg book ffep missing Posted to UK address



Dark Wanton – Peter Cheyney

The Book Club 1949 vg/vg Posted to UK


Dance Without Music – Peter Cheyney

Book Club 1948 vg/vg Posted to UK



You can call it a day – Peter Cheyney

Collins 1949 1st edition dj vg unclipped book vg no stamps or inscriptions Posted to UK


Dark Bahama – Peter Cheyney

Collins 1950 1st edition vg/vg Posted to UK


Ladies Won’t Wait – Peter Cheyney

Book Club undated vg/vg Posted to UK



The Stars are Dark – Peter Cheyney 1st

Pan 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Peter Cheyney – The Stars are Dark 2nd

Pan 2nd vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Peter Cheyney – The Stars are Dark 6th

Pan 6th Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkPan£5.00vg19581st
Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkPan£3.50m2nd
Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterCan Ladies KillFontana£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterCan Ladies KillPenguin£3.001st
Cheyney PeterDames Don’t CountPan£4.50f1st
Cheyney PeterDangerous CurvesWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDangerous CurvesPenguin£2.5019502nd
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaBAG 09£2.50
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPan£2.50vg-1st
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPan£2.50vg2nd
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaPan£3.00vg3rd
Cheyney PeterDark BahamaFontana£2.50vg-19601st
Cheyney PeterDark DuetWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark HeroWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark InterludeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark InterludePan£3.00vg+2nd
Cheyney PeterDark InterludePan£4.00vg1st
Cheyney PeterDark WantonBag 23£2.50
Cheyney PeterDark WantonPan£3.50vg3rd
Cheyney PeterDark WantonWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark WantonPan£3.50f1st
Cheyney PeterDark WantonFontana£3.00f1st
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get me WrongFontana£2.50vg-2nd
Cheyney PeterDon’t Get Me WrongPan£3.50vg1st
Cheyney PeterG-Man at the YardAce UK£2.5019601st
Cheyney PeterHe Walked in Her SleepNEL£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterI’ll Say she DoesWhite Circle£5.00f
Cheyney PeterI’ll Say She DoesPan£3.50vg19641st
Cheyney PeterIt Couldn’t Matter LessWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterLadie Won’t waitPan£3.50vg-1st
Cheyney PeterLadie Won’t waitPan£2.50vg3rd
Cheyney PeterMister Caution Mister CallighanFontana£5.00vg+19611st
Cheyney PeterMister Caution, Mister CallaghanWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterNever a Dull MomentCollins CC£5.001951
Cheyney PeterNever a Dull MomentCollins CC£5.001952
Cheyney PeterOne of those ThingsPan£3.50vg1st
Cheyney PeterPoison IvyWhite Circle£2.50vg1952
Cheyney PeterPoison IvyPenguin£2.50vg19502nd
Cheyney PeterSinister ErrandWhite Circle£5.00f
Cheyney PeterSorry You’ve Been troubledFontana£5.00vg19611st
Cheyney PeterThe Curiosity of Etienne MacGregorCorgi£5.00
Cheyney PeterThe Dark StreetPan£2.50vg1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£3.00g+1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£2.00vg2nd
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPan£2.50vg6th
Cheyney PeterThe Urgent HangmanBag 27£2.50
Cheyney PeterThe Urgent HangmanFontana£2.50vg19613rd
Cheyney PeterThe Urgent HangmanPan£2.50vg1st
Cheyney PeterThis Man is DangerousFontana£10.00vg+19541st
Cheyney PeterUneasy TermsPan£3.00vg1st
Cheyney PeterUneasy TermsPan£3.00vg2nd
Cheyney PeterVelvet Johnnie etcFontana£3.00f1st
Cheyney PeterYou Can Always DuckWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterYou Can Call it a DayPan£3.00f1st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPan£4.00vg1st
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Hit a WomanPan£2.50vg-3rd
Cheyney PeterYou Can’t Keep the ChangePan£3.50vg1st
Cheyney PeterYou’d be SurprisedAce UK£2.50vg19591st
Cheyney PeterYou’d be SurprisedPan£2.50vg2nd
Cheyney PeterYour Deal My LovelyCollins CC£5.00
Cheyney PeterYour Deal, My LovelyCollins CC£2.50

half a dozen Digit Delights

The Adventures of Johnny Walker, Tramp by WH Davies

Digit 1963 1st Posted to your UK address


E.Phillips Oppenheim – Mysterious Mr Sabin

“A Fiendish Plot was being hatched in the uncertain hush of pre-War London” A 1963 Digit first edition that can be delivered to your door (if in UK)



The Change by George G Foster

“a terrifying novel of the future” A Digit delivered to you UK address


Edgar Wallace – The Fourth Plague

“The Hated execution squad stretches out it’s hands of Terror” Digit delivered to UK address


The Legion of Time – Jack Williamson

“A battle to the death in the outposts of space” Delivered Digit to any UK address


The Night of the Death Rain – Luan Ranzetta

“Terror Stalked Mankind from the Galaxies Above” Horror Science Fiction from Digit a 1963 1st Delivered from my well stocked shop Direct to your Door, in the UK that is.


SAS (not S.A.S. as in Special Air Service)


SAS – Black Magic in New York – by Gerard de Villiers

NEL paperback with biro price on front cover (6P not my price). I won’t explain what this book is about as I suspect the only people interested at this price know all about the series. Posted to UK address


The Prisoner and Danger Man

The Prisoner

The Prisoner – I am not a number, I am a Free Man – Thomas M Disch

NEL 1st Price includes UK P&P



The Prisoner – A Day in the Life – Hank Stine

NEL 1st Price includes UK P&P


Though it was never spelled out the end of the Danger Man series on TV ended with an abduction, I think, then The Prisoner started, implying a continuation. I have not stock-checked the titles below, but I think I know where they are.


Baker W HowardDanger Man – Departure DeferedConsul£4.00vg
Baker W HowardDanger Man – Storm over RockallConsul£4.00vg1965
Ballinger WADanger Man – The ExterminatorConsul£4.00vg1966
Leslie PeterDanger Man- Hell for TomorrowConsul£4.00vg1965

Danger Man – Hell For Tomorrow

Consul 1965 P&P included for UK addresses



Danger Man – The Exterminator – W A Ballinger

Consul 1966 Price below includes UK P&P



Danger Man – Departure Defered

Price includes P&P in UK



Danger Man – Storm over Rockhall

Price below includes UK postage


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