half a dozen Digit Delights

The Adventures of Johnny Walker, Tramp by WH Davies

Digit 1963 1st Posted to your UK address


E.Phillips Oppenheim – Mysterious Mr Sabin

“A Fiendish Plot was being hatched in the uncertain hush of pre-War London” A 1963 Digit first edition that can be delivered to your door (if in UK)



The Change by George G Foster

“a terrifying novel of the future” A Digit delivered to you UK address


Edgar Wallace – The Fourth Plague

“The Hated execution squad stretches out it’s hands of Terror” Digit delivered to UK address


The Legion of Time – Jack Williamson

“A battle to the death in the outposts of space” Delivered Digit to any UK address


The Night of the Death Rain – Luan Ranzetta

“Terror Stalked Mankind from the Galaxies Above” Horror Science Fiction from Digit a 1963 1st Delivered from my well stocked shop Direct to your Door, in the UK that is.



I am starting to add comments to my data base that hopefully in the future will allow me to group on a theme, I only have about 7500 books to classify (that does not count the multiple thousands I have not added to the data base.

I am pretty sure Corgi published a book on Fangio, but I have yet to find it on my shelves. To be going on with, here are a couple of genuine legends.

Clark Jim - At the Wheel - Pan X352

Moss Stirling - All But My Life - Pan X421
Clark Jim At the Wheel Pan X 352 2nd 1965 photo vg+ £10.00
Moss Stirling All But My Life Pan X 421 1st vg £5.00

Most of my photographs are taken with the book in a bag, so if labels are shown they are usually on the bag not the book. If you are interested please contact me, or better still visit, for a more detailed description.

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