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Doctor WHO & Return of the Jedi )two books not an unknown crossover)


£2.50 for Return of the Jedi and £5.00 for a fine copy of Doctor Who

STORM CENTRE – Book of the film starring Bette Davis- A Columbia Picture

STORM CENTRE – A Columbia Picture – Daniel Taradash & Elick Moll

“One woman was the target for a town’s hatred and savagery”

A rare Panther Paperback

Storm Centre479

This is the story of the film made by Phoenix Productions for distribution by Columbia Pictures. It is one of those fine films which Hollywood sometimes dares to make, in this case showing how mob violence can be stirred against innocent victims by unscrupulous men. Starring Bette Davis, Paul Kelly, Brian Keith and Kevin Coughlin ; produced by Julian Blaustein and directed by Daniel Taradash.


Storm Centre


Book of the Film

Franzero – Cleopatra – Panther 1963 – £2.50

Roger Fuller – The Fugative – Fear in a Desert Town PB £2.50. I always thought he looked shifty, I certainly would not have given him a lift.

Vern Sneider – The Teahouse of the August Moon Signet £3.00. Not sure anyone could write a book, never mind make a film about the café in Heckmondwike.

Warwick Mannon – The Rake’s Progress – WFP £5.00

WDL -a lot War but a mixture.

Probably because of the time (50’s & 60’s)  World Distributers (don’t know where the “L” comes from) seem to have done a lot of second world war related titles both fiction and non-fiction. John Steinbeck’s East of Eden is notable because of the James Dean cover, Frankenstein and Swingin Dors are also not that easy to get hold of.

I can’t put a payment button up as the prices vary, so you will have to contact me if any of the titles interest you. I have, up to date catalogued 6,648 paperbacks, and though I am slowly working through a stock check, I am 95% confident that I know where most of the books listed are.

I also have a very large number of SF digests, not counting the 50 foot of paperbacks, but I have not got round to cataloguing them yet.

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