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PQ 17 Convoy To Hell: the survivors Story. by PAUL LUND & HARRY LUDLAM

Reading this book really highlights how little we know what these merchant seamen went through to supply the ungrateful Stalin. This book is about the infamous PQ17 convoy which got slaughtered when told to scatter by Admiral Pound. On nothing more than an assumption! Many men lost their lives, pointlessly, in the freezing waters. The signal to scatter was their death nel. The men of the Royal Navy ships couldn’t believe what they were being ordered to do. There has been a dark cloud hanging over Pounds decision to send that signal ever since. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We weren’t there, those men were. Read this book and learn about the stories inside the pages. Allow your imagination to place you there at that time on one of those ships that got left behind, and see if you would have done anything different based on the information known at that time. I tried, and failed. As I was basing my decision on what I know today. Either way, this is a definate read to purchase. Just to give a sense of what it may have been like. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Moore DonaldAll of One CompanyCorgi19591stGB722£2.50anon
Callison BrianA Frenzy of MerchantmenFontanavg-19781st5424£2.50anon
Taylor JamesPrisoner of the KormoranPanther525£2.50
Pope DudleyRamage and the GuillotineFontanavg19855th4823£2.50
Pope DudleyRamage at TrafalgarFontanavg19907thISBN0£2.50
White James DillonKelso Captain of Marine No. 2NELvg19761st28658£2.50
Landsborough GordonThe Battle of the River PlatePanthervg19562nd626£2.50
Dodson KennethAway all BoatsPanthervg+19582nd677£5.00
Mallalieu J P WVery Ordinary SeamanPanthervg1959570£5.00Cy Webb
Poolman KennethIllustriousNELvg19740£2.50
Monsarrat NicholasHMS Marlborough Will Enter HarbourPanthervg1956560£2.50
Forester CSThe Good ShepherdNELvg0£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Prize MoneyNELvg+1974rep2£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – SiegeNELvg1974rep3£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – TreasureNELvg+1974rep4£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Powder MonkeyNELvg+19731st5£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Sea of GoldPinnaclevg19741st6£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Blood BeachNELvg19751st12£2.50Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Sea FlameNELvg+19761st13£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Close QuartersNELvg19771st14£2.50
Hardy AdamFOX – Court MartialNELvg+19741st7£2.50Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Battle SmokeNELvg+19741st8£2.50Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Cut and ThrustNELvg+19741st9£2.50Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Borders AwayNELvg19751st10£2.50Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – FiresgipNELvg+19751st11£2.50Phillipps
Woodman RichardUnder False ColoursWarnerf19921st0£2.50Codd
Woodman RichardThe Bomb VesselSpherevg+19851st0£2.50Codd
Woodman RichardThe Flying SquadronWarnerf19931st0£2.50
White James DillonKelso Commodore Kelso No. 3NELvg+19761st29077£2.50Mortelmans
White James DillonKelso Sread of Sail No. 5NELvg+19771st31942£2.50Andrew
White James DillonKelso A Wind in the RiggingNELvg+19771st30970£2.50Hunt
Lund & LudlamPQ17 Convoy to HellNELvg197212999£5.00

Only a few of the titles as I have only just included “Navy” as a category whilst stock checking. Please contact me if you want any more information or are searching another title. The prices do not, in the most part, include postage, so please ask for details.

Eclectic Acquisitions

The thing about being a second hand book dealer is you can only acquire what you find (at a price that allows a margin of profit to help pay the electric bill). Today’s batch demonstrates this, I did decide not to buy the “Folio’s” on offer as they were not perfect and the price was what I would sell them for.

Above Us the Waves – Warren & Benson – a much reprinted and republished title and I do have paperback copies (from the 60’s) but this, though jacketless, is a vg first edition hard back. £4.00

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice – Life in a Yorkshir Village Shop – Wheeler – About Huddersfield way, it does mention Deighton £4.00

The Worlds Best SF Short Stories No.1 – ed. Wollheim Fine UK first Hardback in fine dj – £7.50.

Mi Barber – On Stony Ground. A Romantic Novel Set in Summer Wine Country in the early 1800’s £3.00

Victorian and Edwardian Yorkshire from old Photographs £3.00

..and some Dalesman books.


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