“All at Sea” Naval Warfare


Mohr UlrichAtlantisPanther£2.50
Forester CSLieutenant HornblowerPan£2.00
Taylor JamesPrisoner of the KormoranPanther£2.50
Pope DudleyRamage and the GuillotineFontana£1.50
Pope DudleyRamage at TrafalgarFontana£1.50
Landsborough GordonThe Battle of the River PlatePanther£2.50
Grenfell RussellThe Bismarck EpisodePanther£2.50
Weyher & EhrlichThe Black RaiderPanther£10.00
MonsarratThree CorvettesPanther£10.00
Mallaliew JPWVery Ordinary SeamanPanther£4.00

Only a few of the titles as I have only just included “Navy” as a category whilst stock checking. Please contact me if you want any more information or are searching another title.

Away All Boats – Kenneth Dodson

This is the story of the intimate and heroic life of an attack transport ship, the USS Belinda. It tells of the ships and men that went in under naval bombardment, that landed the marines in battle, that took them wounded and dying of the blasted beached at Makin Island, Kwajalein, Saipan, and Lingayen Gulf. It is the Pacific War created in its entirety, from the shakedown cruise to the bitter engagements in the Marshalls and Marianas. It joins the classic ranks of ‘The Cruel Sea’ and ‘The Caine Mutiny’. It is a fascinating story of courage, and bravery, in the face of terrible odds.

The Panther edition is difficult to find this is nearly a vg copy at £5.00

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