FOX – Naval Fighting in the Time of Sail


Hardy AdamFOX – Prize MoneyNELvg+1974rep2£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – SiegeNELvg1974rep3£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – TreasureNELvg+1974rep4£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – Powder MonkeyNELvg+19731st5£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – Sea of GoldPinnaclevg19741st6£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – Court MartialNELvg+19741st7£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Battle SmokeNELvg+19741st8£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Cut and ThrustNELvg+19741st9£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Borders AwayNELvg19751st10£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – FiresgipNELvg+19751st11£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Blood BeachNELvg19751st12£4.00Phillipps
Hardy AdamFOX – Sea FlameNELvg+19761st13£4.00
Hardy AdamFOX – Close QuartersNELvg19771st14£4.00

FOX – single book specify which one

All UK apart from #6 which is a US edition Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


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