Tuning for Speed (Motorcycles)

Published by Temple Press in 1951 this is the second Edition (first was in 1948). The author, P E Irving was both a successful rider and engineer. The book is about “tuning motorcycles for speed” well illustrated with some interesting adverts ( a passion of mine, period adverts that is, though I am aware of speed, I have done two courses to be aware of speed already and will shortly be doing a third).

The dust jacket is a tad on the scruffy side, but its existence is the reason that the boards are in such good condition, I just love the Lodge advert on the back cover.


Tuning for Speed 2nd Edition

Published by Temple Press in 1951 this is the second Edition (first was in 1948). The author, P E Irving was both a successful rider and engineer. The book is about “tuning motorcycles for speed” well illustrated with some interesting adverts. Through the post to any UK address £25.00


World War II – Memoirs


Halifax Crew – The Story of a Wartime Bomber Crew – Arthur C Smith

Stapled card covers, A4, 60pp, b&w photos. ; a very good copy. The story of a Halifax bomber crew, who flew a tour of operations over Western Europe from RAF Melbourne, Yorkshire, with 10 Squadron during the latter part of 1944. The narrative is related from the air bomber’s viewpoint and is based on his diaries kept through 1943, 1944 and 1945. Carlton Publications, UK, 1983. Through post to any UK address £9.00









GENERAL MARK CLARK One of the great World War II memoirs by a legendary American general in charge of operations in North Africa and Italy. General Mark W. Clark recounts his wartime exploits and tells the story of the battles in Tunisia and Italy with verve and attention to key detail. An unparalleled account by a great military leader. Mark Wayne Clark (May 1, 1896 – April 17, 1984) was a United States Army officer who saw service during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. He was the youngest lieutenant general (three-star general) in the United States Army during World War II. During World War I, he was a company commander and served in France in 1918, as a 22-year old captain, where he was seriously wounded by shrapnel. After the war, the future U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General George Marshall, noticed Clark’s abilities. During World War II, he commanded the United States Fifth Army, and later the 15th Army Group, in the Italian campaign. He is known for leading the Fifth Army in its capture of Rome in June 1944. Clark has been heavily criticized for ignoring the orders of his superior officer, British General Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander, and allowing the German 10th Army to slip away, in his drive to take Rome, the capital of Italy, a strategically unimportant city. The German 10th Army then joined with the rest of the German army group at the Trasimene Line. In March 1945, Clark, at the age of 48, became the youngest American officer ever to be promoted to the full rank of four star general. General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, a close friend of Clark’s, considered him a brilliant staff officer and trainer of men. Clark was awarded many medals, including the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army’s second highest award. A legacy of the “Clark task force” that he led in 1953-1955, which reviewed and made recommendations on all federal intelligence activities, is the coined term Intelligence Community.


Pile FrederickAck-AckPanther£10.00
Clark MarkCalculated RiskPanther£10.00
Butler & YoungMarshal Without GloryPanther£5.00
Rainier PeterPipeline to BattlePanther£5.00
Cliford GeorgeThe Happy HuntedPanther£10.00
Schmidt Heinz WernerWith Rommel in the DesertPanther£3.50


collage misc

Leo P Kelly – Mythmaster £2.50

Frank Belknap Long – Lest Earth be Conquered £4.00

Bruce Graeme – Public Enemy No. 1 – £5.00

Joseph Mitchell – McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon – £10.00

Murray Leinster – SOS from Three Worlds £2.50

Kartman & Brown – Disaster £2.00

DONT FORGET – I can search my database for that book you just have to own.

PROJECT MARS – Willey Lay & Wernher Von Braun

A very rare book in this format, not cheap in any format and some (appropriately) astronomical prices are quoted


I did find this review so thanks to stonewall;

5.0 out of 5 stars
Von Braun, frustrated space travellor.
Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2010

Project Mars (the paperback version)is the most inspiring book ever written on space travel. Von Braun, having escaped from Nazi suppression and at last free to build his Mars ship, finds the “childish” Americans want to carry on the war and have little real interest in going to Mars. This book is the closest he gets to real space travel.
It is co-written by the science fiction writer Willy Ley, and includes an (unequalled but much imitated) history of Mars studies, a realistic enactment of a trip to Mars and (to show this amazing German actually knows what he is talking about!), full blueprints of the Mars ship, using engineering available at the time, and details of each manoevre required to go to the Red Planet and return. I read this book at ten-years-old; I read it over and over. You can see that all that Von Braun needed to get to Mars was a Government that shared his vision, and his scientific hunger. Each escape and entry hyperbola is drawn clearly; the proposed fuel (hydrazine), the method of landing and take-off… all crammed lovingly into a tiny book that I could afford to buy with tips from my paper run.
I put this book into a class library at a school I was teachibg at and (surprise!) it disappeared. Ever since, I have been trying to find it. I still remember the feeling that the colonisation of Mars was imminent. I still share the author’s disbelief that a great nation can find the time and money to invade four or five countries for no good reason, and yet begrudge the pennies needed to embark on its greatest enterprize. Maybe Tolkien is right and Man’s loud and proud boasting will, in the end, come to nothing. This is a story that might have been..

Project to Mars

Neither Amazon or ABE have copies at the moment of this edition. My copy is complete and tight but obviously not new vg- if you are technically minded. I am asking £10.00 for it.

WE ARE SOLDIERS – Danny Danziger

OUR HEROES. THEIR STORIES. REAL LIFE ON THE FRONT LINE. Interviews of the soldiers who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Falkland Islands, Bosnia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

Danny Danziger 043First Edition hard Back £5.00


Published in 1962 by the British Transport Commission, this copy is a first edition with no dust jacket (I don’t know if it was issued with one or not one of the copies I have found advertised has a jacket).

This 272 page, well illustrated book is as near fine as you will find and you can buy it in my shop for only £7.50.



Local History – but not Yorkshire Local History

Not in Heckmondwike Book Shop does not seek out Local History items that are not in Yorkshire, but can understand that there may be others, not fortunate enough to be born or live in Yorkshire, that may have an interest in where they are born or live.


CHESTER The 21st edition published by Tiling not dated but I think it was published in 1953. A 90 page guide well illustrated with some great ads.

TOR BAY & TORQUAY Nice little guides published as “The Countryside Series by Bovey Tracey, Devon. Undated and the Torquay guide has the title page missing. A previous owner dated the book “August 1950” so they must be earlier than that. They were sold for 2/6.

J Arthur Dixon’s ROSS and CROMARTY. A Handbook for Tourists, undated but I would guess at mid 50’s 15 full page colour pictures.

Just as above for THE ISLE OF SKYE

City of LONDONDERRY Official Guide, undated but from the illustrations I would guess early 50’s What do you think? A 72 page illustrated guide, the ads are not as good as the Chester ads though.

local history 013Tramways of the MONKLANDS What more could you want from a title? 76 pages well illustrated.

In Search of a Past by Ronald Fraser – The Manor House, Amnersfield 1933-1945 190 pages.

The Old Houses of STRATFORD UPON AVON 1st edition hardback published in 1925. It appears this book is much more common than I would have thought. 180 pages.

The Heart of a Village – The intimate history of Aldbourne by Ida Gandy. This 160 page unillustrated book has been reprinted many times so it must be good, or at least loads of people think it is good and buy it.

RUTLAND a guide and Gazetteer 64 pages a 1985 2nd edition.

ALL ABOVE are available in my shop for £2.50. All can be dispatched post free to addresses in the UK apart from the Stratford Hard Back that is heavier than the others.



ARCTIC WAR – Norway’s role on the Northern Front. Published by HMSO in 1945 a 64 page, well illustrated account.

THE DAM BUSTERS – Paul Brickhill. The story of 617 Squadron who’s members were awarded two Victoria Crosses and over 150 other decorations

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – August – October 1940. 36 page illustrated account published in 1941 by HMSO.

BOMBER COMMAND CONTINUES – The Air Ministry Account of the Rising Offensive Against Germany July 1941 – June 1942. HMSO 1942


About Britain – Published for The Festival of Britain.

These 92 page hardback guides were published in 1951 for the Festival of Britain. I do have all 13 in stock at the more than reasonable price of £3.00 each. These are well illustrated and an interesting read. I have only photographed four of the guides as that gives a fair idea of what they look like  I have obviously included the most important one.


Big Game Hunting


Big Game Hunting by a Master of Gun and Pen”

Africa 396

The celebrated author of this absorbing book, Mr. C T Stoneham, will need no introduction to the large majority of its readers. He is world-famous for his many books, articles and short stories dealing with wild animals”

There are 193 listings for C T Stoneham in ABE but not this book. Most UK Digits seem hard to find, the print runs must have been very short.

Thanks to Dr S S Nagi (Nyrobe) for this review;

This book was first published in 1957, has 286 pages, 8 chapter, 8 B/W photos but no maps. In this book C T Stoneham explains his safari through Africa, that do not cost a lot of money and was not for the wealthy. CHARLES THURLEY STONEHAM was born in India in 1895 and attended Brighton College in England. After death of his father in 1912, he ran away, aged 17, to Canada and USA. He did many small jobs and in 1915 returned to England and signed up for military service. He was shipped to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya). After 1st World War, he settled in BEA. He resided in Laikipia and had a butcher’s shop in Nanyuki. In 1920, he managed a safari outfit business. In 1930, he and his wife moved to Cape Town. During 2nd World war, he returned to England. In 1947, he moved to Nakuru, Kenya. He wrote many novels and books. In 1963, he moved to South Africa and in 1965, he died in Transvaal.
Stoneham re-lives his experiences during the 1st World War in East Africa, where there was more danger from enemy than from wild animals. They all suffered from malaria, dysentery and from flies. Over 3 years Stoneham lost fear of wild animals and walked about the bush at night. In 1917, after 40 attacks of malaria and dysentery and shell shock, Stoneham was invalided to South Africa. When better, he returned to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya).

Paperback Book


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