John Player Transatlantic 1977

Oulton Park Round 3 April 1977

Signed by Kenny Roberts, Phil Read, Dave Potter and Roger Marshall, pity they didn’t get Barry Sheane or Mick Grant. I only thought it interesting for the autographs.

With ten b&w photos I thought the Scarborough Gold Cup 1984 sponsored by Eddy Wright more interesting.

Both for sale for £1.00 (plus p&p)



born to win

He might not have as much charisma as the GOAT but he is getting there, none can deny his riding ability, his guts or his will to win. His smile, might wrongly, seem forced but what a lot he has to smile about.

This 2014 192 page offering by Marco Masetti is not a book with illustration, but illustrations with a book. This copy has not been read and is a bargain at £7.50


Tuning for Speed (Motorcycles)


Published by Temple Press in 1951 this is the second Edition (first was in 1948). The author, P E Irving was both a successful rider and engineer. The book is about “tuning motorcycles for speed” well illustrated with some interesting adverts ( a passion of mine, period adverts that is, though I am aware of speed, I have done two courses to be aware of speed already and will shortly be doing a third).

The dust jacket is a tad on the scruffy side, but its existence is the reason that the boards are in such good condition, I just love the Lodge advert on the back cover.


Hard Back Book



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