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4 Transport Photos & a postcard

Three photos have the location and vehicle details on back and two are stamped Leeds City Transport. The postcard is the bus at an improbable angle. All five for £2.50. That’s an incredibly cheap price of 50p each.

I haven’t a clue where I got them from, the bus photos are all postcard size the train is a lot bigger.

Worlds of IF Science Fiction

They are not all “Worlds of IF Science Fiction”, one is “if Worlds of Science Fiction” which is a UK version published by Strato in Leicester by arrangement.

I was listing all the authors in each digest, but as I have about 1000 different digests in my shop I have decide to list just what I have, so I have a chance of finding them if anyone wants a particular copy.

Some really “cracking” covers but can you spot the one UK cover, also note the contrast in styles particularly between Nov ’68 and Nov 72.

Only one of these listings is only “good”, most are vg or vg+ I have priced them all at £2.50, don’t hesitate if you want more information, but if you get a chance please come and browse but check my Facebook page for opening times.




Reid Desmond The Abductors Sexton Blake 0
Thomas Martin Laird of Evil Sexton Blake 5th 3
McNeilly Wilfred The Break Out Sexton Blake 5th 4
Maclean Arthur Slaying on the 16th Floor Sexton Blake 5th 5
Ballinger WA The witches of Notting Hill Sexton Blake 5th 6
Richards Ross Murder on the Monte Sexton Blake ”
MB” 6
Williams Richard The Man With the Iron Chest Sexton Blake 5th 7
McNeilly Wilfred Wanted for Questioning Sexton Blake 5th 8
Thomas Martin The Mind Killers Sexton Blake 5th 9
Saxon Peter Vengeance is Ours Sexton Blake 5th 10
Reid Desmond Beat on an Orange Drum Sexton Blake 5th 11
McNeilly Wilfred The Case of the Stag at Bay Sexton Blake 5th 14
Baker W Howard Every Man an Enemy Sexton Blake Fifth 22
Reid Desmond Frenzy in the Flesh Sexton Blake 5th 26
Not Given The Mystery of the Seaside Hotel Sexton Blake 58
Not Stated Down and Out Sexton Blake 174
Not Stated The Mystery of the Man from Rio Sexton Blake 175
Not Stated The Secret of the President’s Daughter Sexton Blake 183
Not Stated The Ballot Box Mystery Sexton Blake 190
Not Stated The Mystery of Merlyn Mansions Sexton Blake 192
Not Stated The Victim of the Waterway Sexton Blake 200
Not Stated Prisoners of the Desert Sexton Blake 202
Tyrer Walter The Case of the Naval Defaulter Sexton Blake 219
Parsons Anthony The Mystery of the Crooked Gift Sexton Blake 221
Not Given The Masked Dancer Sexton Blake 222
Long Derek The Mystery of the Italian Ruins Sexton Blake 224
Drmmond John The Case of the Man with No Name Sexton Blake 246
King Hilary The Mystery of the Lost Loot Sexton Blake 250
Parsons Anthony The Bad Man From Cairo Sexton Blake 251
Hardinge Rex The Secret of the Desert Sexton Blake 252
Blakesley Stephen The Riddle of the Blazing Bungalow Sexton Blake 253
Drummond John The Mystery of the Sabotaged Jet Sexton Blake 254
Parsons Anthony The Case of the Missing Scientist Sexton Blake 257
Hardinge Rex The Man From Space Sexton Blake 265
Drummond John The House on the River Sexton Blake 266
King Hilary The Man From Dieppe Sexton Blake 268
Parsons Anthony The Case of the Japanese Contract Sexton Blake 271
Hunter John The Woman on the Spot Sexton Blake 279
Clevely Hugh The Night Club Mystery Sexton Blake 284
Tyrer Walter TheCase of the Naval Stores Racket Sexton Blake 287
Passingham W J The World Chamoionship Mystery Sexton Blake 288
Hunter John Destination Unknown Sexton Blake 294
Clevely Hugh The Girl From Toronto Sexton Blake 296
Passingham W J The Case of the Ace Accomlice Sexton Blake 298
Tyrer Walter The Mystery of the Swindlers Stooge Sexton Blake 299
Cleely Hugh The Crime at 3 A.M. Sexton Blake 317
Rees George The Secret of the Suez Canal Sexton Blake 324
Tyrer Walter The Case of the Returned Soldier Sexton Blake 336
Hardinge Rex The Mystery of the Outlawed Black Sexton Blake 338
Parsons Anthony The Trail of the Missing Scientist Sexton Blake 341
Tyrer Walter The Clue of the Pin-up Girl Sexton Blake 351
Not Given Next of Kin Sexton Blake 359
Baker W Howard Dark Mambo Sexton Blake 361
Maclean Arthur Broken Toy Sexton Blake 362
Kent Arthur Inclining to Crime Sexton Blake 364
Stagg James Assignment in Beirut Sexton Blake 367
Baker W Howard Battle Song Sexton Blake 371
Stagg James Nightmare in Naples Sexton Blake 373
Hunter John Silent Witness Sexton Blake 375
Hunter John Silent Witness Sexton Blake 375
Maclean Arthur Mask of Fury Sexton Blake 376
Maclean Arthur Deadline for Danger Sexton Blake 380
Reid Desmond Victim Unknown Sexton Blake 384
Burke Jonathan Corpse to Copenhagen Sexton Blake 385
Reid Desmond Roadhouse Girl Sexton Blake 386
Arthur William Murder with Variety Sexton Blake 387
Saxon Peter The Violent Hours Sexton Blake 393
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin Sexton Blake 395
Baker W Howard Walk in Fear Sexton Blake 396
Stagg James Murder Down Below Sexton Blake 397
Kent Arthur Stairway to Murder Sexton Blake 399
Stagg James Crime of Violence Sexton Blake 403
Thomas Martin Lady in Distress Sexton Blake 404
Baker W Howard Crime is my Business Sexton Blake 408
Saxon Peter The Naked Blade Sexton Blake 409
Kent Arthur Wake up Screaming Sexton Blake 410
MacLean Arthur Final Curtain Sexton Blake 411
Story Jack Trevor Murder in the Sun Sexton Blake 412
Baker W Howard No Time to Live Sexton Blake 413
Harrison Edwin Diamonds can be Trouble Sexton Blake 414
Thomas Martin The Evil Eye Sexton Blake 415
Story Jack Trevor She Ain’t Got no Body Sexton Blake 416
Saxon Peter The Voodoo Drum Sexton Blake 417
Story Jack Trevor The Frightened People Sexton Blake 418
MacLean Arthur The House on the Bay Sexton Blake 419
Baker W Howard Appointment With Danger Sexton Blake 420
Saxon Peter A Cry in the Night Sexton Blake 421
Hardinge Rex Consider Your Verdict Sexton Blake 422
Harrison Edwin Witness to Murder Sexton Blake 423
Hyde D Herbert Dressed to Kill Sexton Blake 424
Hyde D Herbert Dressed to Kill Sexton Blake 424
Dolphin Rex Stop Press – Homicide Sexton Blake 426
Dolphin Rex Stop Press – Homicide Sexton Blake 426
Saxon Peter The Violent Ones Sexton Blake 427
Stagg James Time for Murder Sexton Blake 428
Story Jack Trevor Invitation to Murder Sexton Blake 429
Hardinge Rex Safari with Fear Sexton Blake 430
Baker W Howard Passport into Fear Sexton Blake 431
Story Jack Trevor Courier for Crime Sexton Blake 432
Thomas Martin Catch a Tiger Sexton Blake 433
Reid Desmond Showdown in Sydney Sexton Blake 434
Baker W Howard Espresso Jungle Sexton Blake 435
Dolphin Rex Walk in the Shadows Sexton Blake 437
Maclean Arthur Touch of Evil Sexton Blake 438
Maclean Arthur Touch of Evil Sexton Blake 438
Harrison Edwin Killer’s Playground Sexton Blake 439
Thomas Martin Fear is my Shadow Sexton Blake 440
Thomas Martin A Cold Night for Murder Sexton Blake 441
Dolphin Rex Guilty Party Sexton Blake 442
Dolphin Rex Guilty Party Sexton Blake 442
Ballinger Wm. A Epitaph to Treason Sexton Blake 443
Stagg James Desert Intrigue Sexton Blake 444
Stagg James Desert Intrigue Sexton Blake 444
Maclean Arthur Mission to Mexico Sexton Blake 445
Reid Desmond Murder Made Easy Sexton Blake 446
Thomas Martin Dead Man’s Destiny Sexton Blake 446
Ballinger W A This Man Must Die Sexton Blake 447
Ballinger W A This Man Must Die Sexton Blake 447
Thomas Martin Bred to Kill Sexton Blake 448
Reid Desmond Conflict Within Sexton Blake 449
Reid Desmond Conflict Within Sexton Blake 449
Chambers Philip Bullets to Baghdad Sexton Blake 450
Baker W Howard The Angry Night Sexton Blake 451
Reid Desmond Witch-Hunt Sexton Blake 452
Reid Desmond Witch-Hunt Sexton Blake 452
Kirby Arthur Man on the Run Sexton Blake 453
Kirby Arthur Man on the Run Sexton Blake 453
Reid Desmond Murder Comes Calling Sexton Blake 455
Williams Richard Hurricane Warning Sexton Blake 456
Williams Richard Hurricane Warning Sexton Blake 456
Reid Desmond The Word-Shakers Sexton Blake 457
Reid Desmond The Word-Shakers Sexton Blake 457
Williams Richard Large Type Killer Sexton Blake 458
Dolphin Rex Some Dies Laughing Sexton Blake 460
Story Jack Trevor Violence in Quiet Places Sexton Blake 461
Fawcett F Dubrez Journey to Genoa Sexton Blake 462
Reid Desmond Contract for a Killer Sexton Blake 463
Teed G H The Crimson Belt Sexton Blake 463
Story Jack Trevor Danger on the Flip Side Sexton Blake 465
Thomas Martin Dead Man’s Destiny Sexton Blake 466
Dolphin Rex The Devil to Pay Sexton Blake 467
Chambers Philip Shot from the Dark Sexton Blake 469
Maclean Arthur Pursuit to Algeria Sexton Blake 470
Reid Desmond Something to Kill About Sexton Blake 471
Story Jack Trevor Assault and Pepper Sexton Blake 472
Story Jack Trevor Suddenly It’s Murder Sexton Blake 473
Reid Desmond State of Fear Sexton Blake 474
Reid Desmond Murderer’s Rock Sexton Blake 478
Ballinger W A The Television Murders Sexton Blake 479
Johns Gilbert Vote For Violence Sexton Blake 480
Williams Richard Vendetta Sexton Blake 481
Reid Desmond Murder by Moonlight Sexton Blake 482
Jardine Warwick Death Her Destination Sexton Blake 483
Dolphin Rex Trouble is my Name Sexton Blake 484
Story Jack Trevor Danger’s Child Sexton Blake 487
Chambers Philip Keep it Secret Sexton Blake 489
McNeilly Wilfred Terror Loch Sexton Blake 491
Maclean Arthur Bargain in Blood Sexton Blake 494
Reid Desmond Dead on Cue Sexton Blake 495
Reid Desmond Death in Dockland Sexton Blake 497
Thomas Martin Spotlight on Murder Sexton Blake 499
Williams Richard Somebody Wants me Dead Sexton Blake 500
Saxon Peter White Mercenary Sexton Blake 505
Baker W Howard The Reluctant Gunman Sexton Blake 506
McNeilly Wilfred Killer Pack Sexton Blake 507
Chambers Philip Moscow Manhunt Sexton Blake 508
Hanson V J Death and Little Girl Blue Sexton Blake 509
Maclean Arthur The Man Who Killed Me Sexton Blake 513
Thomas Martin Death in Small Doses Sexton Blake 516
Chambers & Baker The Imposter Sexton Blake 517
Williams Richard The Slaying of Julian Summers Sexton Blake 518
Reid Desmond Cult of Darkness Sexton Blake 519
Williams Richard Speak Ill of the Dead Sexton Blake 520
Chambers Phillip Lotus Leaves and Larceny Sexton Blake 521
Ballinger WA Murder in Camera Sexton Blake 522
Williams Richard Murder by Proxy Sexton Blake 523
Reid Desmond The Girl Who Saw too Much Sexton Blake 524
Thomas Martin The Sound of Murder Sexton Blake 525
Ballinger Wm.A. The Last Tiger Sexton Blake 526

I will put them in alphabetic order the next update. If you want to see more covers look at my older posts.


Dalesman is a British monthly regional magazine, based in Skipton, and serving the English county of Yorkshire. Its first edition was published in March 1939, under the original title of The Yorkshire Dalesman: A Monthly Magazine of Dales’ Life and Industry. Although originally only serving the Yorkshire Dales, the magazine was soon expanded to cover the whole county of Yorkshire, with a particular focus on the countryside and over the years it has become a northern institution.It remains the biggest selling regional consumer magazine in the UK and Yorkshire’s best selling magazine.

Dalesman 1939 04 April #2 (2)

I have 981 Dalesman titles in stock including the first one from 1939. I am a bit sparse on the last couple of years but only have about 5 or 6 dates missing in between. They are the ideal birthday or anniversary gift for Yorkshire Folk.

I do have other Dalesman publications other than the magazines so if you are looking for any particular date or other publication please ask me. I am not cheap but my prices are realistic.

Many of the covers make excellent cards and are great for framing.

Adult Romance?

A bit of a loose classification, but what else can I call them?


Yasco PeatolinA Tale of Poor Lovers – (Not sure if it means financial status or sexual prowess) £2.50

Jerry WeilThe Pleasure GirlsThe intimate novel about women in the big city£5.50

ANTOINEMarie-Gisele LandesA Coldly Promiscuous girl and a desperate infatuation for a middle aged seducer £2.50 SOLD

Kirk WestleyShanty Boat Girl £5.00

The Twisted Loves of Nym O’SullivanMark TryonThe bitter truth about a lesbian who hated men £7.50

Jack HanleyLet’s Make Mary£5.00

TELENYA story of a forbidden relationship – Anonymous but sometimes attributed to Oscar Wilde £5.00

I’M NO GOODa realistic novel of youth in revoltPeter W Denzer  £3.00

MOONEYWilliam Brown Meloney  £2.50

Touring Wales by Pub

How about this for a challenge, have a pint in all the pubs, the ones that still exist that is (the book is in the shop but I think there are about 80 listed though that was 1968 just a year after breathalysers were introduced and folks still went to pubs).

Inns Wales (1)

I do have many more titles in this series, but I’ll be damned if I know where I have put them. This is unusual in that it is a hard back. Each pub included has a photo and description.

If you are having difficulty finding your way about and have a bicycle I have just the map for you.


I can do a bargain package of book and map for £5.00 but you will have to provide your own bicycle and pay for your own pints.

SORRY Just noticed the map will not help as the book covers Anglesey, Caernarvon, Denbigh and Flint.


I don’t think you have to be called Sherley to read it and as its the 15th edition it must have had a wider audience. If you are called Shirley, or have a friend called Shirley who is into dogs, or even a friend not called Shirley who is into dogs then I would be willing to sell this copy for the bargain price of £4.00


Fantasy and Science Fiction – most US but a few UK editions

I think four are UK editions with different contents that US editions for same year and month, but just to complicate the issue, many have a UK price overprinted on US editions. However to make matters easier all mine are priced at £2.50.

I think I may have listed some of these earlier, if I did the covers will be on a blog.

1957 August £2.50 Walter M Miller – Stuart Palmer – Mildred Clingerman – Rog Phillips – William Morrison – Les Cole – Damon Knight – H Ken Bulmer – Doris P Buck – Anthony Boucher – Robert Heinlein – Isaak Asimov
1960 October £2.50 Gordon R Dickson – Charles G Finney – Will Worthington – Miriam Allen Deford – Isaac Asimov – Howard Fast – Clifford D Simak
1960 October £2.50 Gordon R Dickson – Charles G Finney – Will Worthington- Miriam Allen Deford – Isaac Asimov – Howard Fast – Clifford D Simak
1962 June £2.50 Robert F Young – Kate Wilhelm – Maria Russell – Isaac Asimov – Henry Slesar
1962 June £2.50 J G Ballard – Avram Davidson – J T McIntosh – Isaac Asimov – Josef Nesvadba – Barry Stevens – Ward Moore
1962 May £2.50 Robert F Young – Kate Wilhelm – Maria Russell – Isaac Asomov – Henry Slesar – Poul Anderson
1963 £2.50 Brunner – Hall – Mackin – Rome
1965 June £2.50 Poul Anderson – Frederic Brown – Judith Merril – Ron Goulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck – L Sprague De Camp -Isaak asimov -Roger Zelazny – Robert Arthur
1965 June £2.50 Poul Anderson -Frederic Brown – Carl Onspaugh -Gahan Wilson – Judith Merril – Ron Gulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck
1966 “March
arch” £2.50 Zenna Henderson – Kathleen James – Henry Slesar – Richard Olin – John Tomerlin – Julius Fast – Rudyard Kipling
1966 April £2.50 Philip K Dick – Jack Vance – A M Marple – Carol Emswiller – J T McIintosh – Gilbert Thomas – James Fulley – Larry Niven
1966 June £2.50 Roger Zelazny – Jack Vance – Doris Pitkin Buck – Barry Rothman – Kenneth Bulmer – Len Gutterage – John Decles
1966 July £2.50 Keith Laumer – Ardrey Marshall – Jack Vance – Robert Bloch – Ron Goulart – Norman Spinrad – Herb Lehrman
1966 October £2.50 Isaac Asimov – L Sprage De Camp – Gahan Wilson – Arthur Porges – Vic Chapmen – R L Stephenson – Jon Decles – Brian W Aldiss – Sally Daniell
1968 February £2.50 Kate Wilhelm – Chet Arthur – Mose Mallette – William F Nolan – Ted White – Robert Lory – Harry Harrison – Robert L Fish – Booth Tarkington
1968 September £2.50 Piers Anthony – Ed Jesby – Gilbert Thomas – Gahan Wilson – Stephen Barr – David R Bunch – Henry Slesar
1968 October £2.50 Larry Niven – Robert Silverberg – Phullis Murphy – Harvey Jacobs – D F Jones – Harlon Ellison – Isaak Asimov – Ron Goulart – Arthur C Clarke
1969 May £2.50 Poul Anderson – Suzette Haden Elgin – William C Abeel – M John Harrison – Ron Goulart – George Malko
1969 May £2.50 Poul Anderson – Suzette Haden Elgin – William C Abeel – M John Harrison – Ron Goulart – George Malko –
1973 November £2.50 Phyllis Gotlieb – Gordon Eklund – Poul Anderson – Bill Pronzini – Herbie Brennan – Leonard Tushnet – Barry N Malzberg
1974 July £2.50 Sterling E Lanier – Robert Thurston – Charles W Runyon – Maskell Barkin – Larry Trtten – Michael G Coney – Barry N Malzberg – Margaret St Clair – Harvey Jacobs
1977 November £2.50 Charles L Harness – George Alec Effinger – Malzberg & Pronzini – L Sprague de Camp – Edward Wellen – Jeffrey Bullock – Richard Fred
1977 July £2.50 Harlan Ellison -Robert Silverberg – Richard Delap – L K Swigart – Eric Norden – Edward Wellen – Bruce McAllister – Steven Utley – Jane Yolen
1978 March £2.50 Varley – Brentnor – Wellman – Thomas – Cook – Grant – Young – Garrett
1978 April £2.50 Priest – Roberts – Aldiss – Aickman – Brunner – Watson – Cowper Bulmer
1978 May £2.50 Weiner – Cook – Olin – Malzberg – De Camp – Gilden – Moore

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