Jan Westcott – The BORDER LORD

Dell 439 undated “MapBack” vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Stock that I should have but has not been recently stock checked. It is possible that some of the titles below may be listed with PayPal on other pages.

Allen HerveyAnthony Adverse in ItalyDellvg19491st281
Allen HerveyAnthony Adverse in AmericaDellvg1949285
Allingham MargeryTen Were MissingDellR102
Auchincloss LouisThe House of Five TalentsDellvg+19611st14
Barnes Margaret CampbellThe King’s ChoiceDellf563
Bax RogerTwo if by SeaDellvg1959634
Blumberg GaryHit WomanDellvg19751st3651
Brean HerbertDead SureDellvgD221
Carter LinMad Empress of CallistoDellvg+19751st6143
Carter LinLankar of CallistoDellvg+19751st4648
Carter LinMind Wizards of CallistoDellvg19751st5600
Carter LinYlana of CallistoDellvg19771st14244
Carter LinRenegade of CallistoDellvg19781st14377
Carter LinThe Black StarDellvg19731st932
Carter LinTime WarDellvg19741st8625
Chamberlain AnneThe Tall Dark ManDellvg19551st925
Chesterton GKThe Amazing Adventure of Father BrownDellf819
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinDellg570
Christie AgathaN or MDell6254
Cochran HamiltonRogue’s HolidayDellvg144
Conkin Groff Editor17 X InfinityDellvg+19631st7746
Conrad BarnabyMatadorDellvg1952714
Darrow WhitneyHold it FlorenceDellvg786
Dean SpencerThe Frightened FingersDellvg893
Dietrich RobertMurder on the RocksDellvg-19571st141
Dietrich RobertAngel EyesDellvg19611st203
Disney Dorothy CameronThe Golden Swan MurderDellvg-1st15
Eberhart MignonNever Look BackDellvg1953669
Eberhart Mignon GNever Look BackDellvg+669
Ellin StanleyQuiet HorrorDellvg19591st325
Ellis William DonohueThe Bounty LandsDellvg19581stF71
Elston AVGold Brick RangeDellvg-707
Ford LeslieWashington Whispers MurderDellvg908
Ford LeslieThe Clue of the Judas TreeDellg61
Fox James MThe Scarlet SlippersDellvg+685
Fox Norman ANight PassageDellvg19571st950
Gabreski FrancisGabby – A Fighter Pilot’s LifeDellvg+19920
Gault William CampbellBlood on the BoardsDellvg835
Gowen EmmettDark Moon of MarchDellvg1952572
Halliday BrettWhen Dorinda DancesDellvg++1960359
Halliday BrettNever Kill a ClientDell6300
Halliday BrettMurder and the Married VirginDellvg-19631st5932
Halliday BrettFramed in BloodDellvg578
Hammett DashiellThe Big KnockoverDellvg19671st628
Hawthorne NathanielThe Marble FaunDellvg19675388
Higham CharlesCecil B DeMilleDellvg19761st5007
Hitchcock (ed)Once Upon a Dreadful TimeDell6622
Hitchcock Alfred ed.Anti-Social RegisterDellvg+19751st216
Hitchcock Alfred ed.Murder RacquetDellvg+19751st5931
Hitchcock Alfred ed.Murderer’s RowDellvg+19751st6036
Hitchcock Alfred ed.Speak of the DevilDell7654
Hitchcock Alfred ed.16 Skeletons from my ClosetDellvg+19733rd8011
Hitchcock Alfred EditorBleeding HeartsDellvg19741st1420
Janmnmey RussellThe Miracle of the BellsDellvg474
Kane FrankGrave DangerDellvg886
Keyes Frances ParkinsonThe River RoadDellvg1953692
Lay Margaret RebeccaGeorgia GirlDellvg-597
Leonard ElmoreFifty-Two PickupDellvg19751st4555
Lewin & GilmoreSex After 40Dellvg-761
LichtyGrin and Bear ItDellvg0
Mansur HaroldThe Big MoneyDell274
Margulies Leo editorThe best from Mike Shayne’s Mystery MagazineDellvg+19641st5642
Marshall EdisonThe Splendid QuestDellvg1947188
Masur Harold QThe Big MoneyDellvg1954874
McKay Don editorWild WheelsDellvg19691st9553
Milburn GeorgeAll Over TownDellvg676
Millar KennethThe Three RoadsDellvg19511st497
Miller ArthurThe MisfitsDellvg+1961!st115
Mitchell JamesA Red File for CallanDellvg19741st0
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormDellvgBrass2
Overholster Wayne DSteel to the SouthDellvg+624
Remarque Erich MariaAll Quiet on the Western FrontDellvg19631st60
Rinehart Mary RobertsEpisode of the Wondering KnifeDellvg+19751st2380
Short LukeWanted-Dead Bold RiderDellvg1st7
SimenonInspector Maigret and the Burglar’s WifeDellvg19571st964
Spicer BartThe Day of the DeadDellvg19551st909
Treynor BlairSilver DollDellvg-762
Van Vogt A ESlanDell1st696
VIPMan the Beast and Wild Wild WomenDell843
West MaeDiamond LilDellg525
Westcott JanThe Border LordDellvg439
Wilson John HNell Gwyn : Royal MistressDellvg766
Young GordonTall in the SaddleDellvg780

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