Fleetwood a Town is Born – Bill Curtis

Fleetwood - a Town is Born 179

Obviously not local to “Not in Heckmondwike Book Shop” but “Local History” just the same.

This 128 page illustrated book, though very well illustrated is more than just a collection of photographs as so many “Local History books” are these days. Well written and indexed, a proper book, though I was mystified when trying to find out more about the author as “Bill Curtis” appears to be Mrs Curtis, or is she. The “About the Author” on the dust jacket is confusing;

Fleetwood - a Town is Born 180

See what I mean, google didn’t help, Bill produces some American and Elinor (found on a search) concentrates on an actress. The book is credited to Bill yet the blurb constantly refers to “She”.

Whatever, or whoever wrote it, it is a good read and I am only asking £7.50 for this excellent book.

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