HARDY BOYS – Franklin W Dixon


Arctic Patrol MysteryArmada£2.50C2rep1977
Danger on Vampire TrailArmada£2.50421st1987
Footprints Under the WindowArmada£2.50231984
Game Plan for DisasterArmada£2.50741st1984
Haunted FortArmanda£2.503rep
Hunting for Hidden GoldArmada£2.5025
Revenge of the Desert PhantomArmada£2.50821st1987
Sign of Crooked ArrowArmada£2.50C19rep1977
Sky SabotageArmada£2.50771st1985
The Billion Dollar RansomArmada£2.50712nd1986
The Blackwing PuzzleArmada£2.50801st1986
The Clue of the Broken BladeArmada£2.50371st1985
The Clue of the EmbersArmada£2.50201983
The Clue of the Screeching OwlArmada£2.5091984
The Crisscross ShadowArmada£2.5024rep1984
The Demon’s DenArmada£2.50C791st1986
The Four-Headed DragonArmada£2.50671st1983
The Ghost of Skeleton RockArmada£2.50361st1984
The Great Airport MysteryArmada£2.5018rep1983
The Hooded Hawk Mystery #29Armada£2.50ISBN29
The Infinity ClueArmada£2.50681st1983
The Mark on the DoorArmada£4.00C271st1977
The Mummy CaseArmada£2.50611st1982
The Mystery at Devil’s PawArmada£2.50351st1984
The Mystery of Cabin IslandArmada£4.00C26rep1978
The Mystery of Smugglers CoveArmada£2.50621st1982
The Mystery of the Aztec WarriorArmada£2.5011985
The Mystery of the Chinese Junk #34Armada£2.5034
The Mystery of the Disappearing FloorArmada£2.5051985
The Mystery of the Melted CoinsArmada£2.5071984
The Mystery of the Missing FriendsArmada£2.50321984
The Mystery of the Spiral BridgeArmada£2.50C8rep1977
The Mystery of the Whale TattooArmada£2.5041986
The Outlaw’s SilverArmada£2.50651st1983
The Outlaw’s Silver #65Armada£2.5065
The Phantom FreighterArmada£2.50391st1985
The Roaring River MysteryArmada£2.50781st1985
The Secret Agent on Flight 101Armada£2.5030rep1985
The Secret of Pirates HillArmada£2.5014rep1987
The Secret of Skull MountainArmada£2.50401st1986
The Secret of the CavesArmada£4.00C131st1977
The Secret of Wildcat SwampArmada£2.50381st1985
The Shattered HelmetArmada£2.50451st1988
The Shore Road MysteryArmada£2.50171st1980
The Sinister SignpostArmada£2.50221979
The Skline PuzzleArmada£2.50831st1987
The Stone IdolArmada£2.50631982
The Submarine CaperArmada£2.50661st1983
The Swamp MonsterArmada£2.50811st1986
The Tower TreasureArmada£2.50311st1982
The Twisted ClawArmada£2.50111984
The Vanishing ThievesArmada£2.50641983
The Viking Symbol MysteryArmada£2.50331st1983
The Wailing Siren MysteryArmada£2.50121984
The Yellow Feather MysteryArmada£2.50281983
Trapped at SeaArmada£2.50731st1984
Voodoo PlotArmada£2.50C701st1983
What Happened at MidnightArmada£2.50C21rep1977
While the Clock TickedArmada£2.50101981
Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys – Super SleuthsArmada£2.50C21491983

and a cross over

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