A couple to check if you are looking for the rare short stories by your favourite author and a series I have not come across previously.

Larry Kent (protagonist not the author who is not mentioned) – Homicide Hell £3.00

Larry Kent – Homicide Hell

In shop £2.50 By post (UK) £4.00


Manhunt Detective Monthly January 1954 ; Henry Kane, Richard S Prather (Shell Scott Story), Richard Dening, Harold Q Masur, Evan Hunter, Michael Fessier, Charles Beckman Junior, Emmanuel Winters, and Vincent H Gaddis –

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly January 1954 – English Edition

£5.00 in the shop – when I can open again. £7.50 within the UK using our postal service


Suspense Monthly February 1958 ; Hugh B Cave, Agatha Christie, Gerald Kersh, Charles Irving, Octavus Roy Cohen (what a great name), Simenon, Cornell Woolrich, Manning Coles, Ben Ray Redman, Michael Barker, Mignon G Eberhart, Gerald Bell and James Hadley Chase £2.50

Suspense Monthly February 1958

In shop £2.50 In post (UK) 4


Larry Kent – Homicide Hell – Manhunt Detective Story – Suspence Monthly

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