Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

Most of these books would have been fine but for a previous owner cutting out her name from the front free endpaper, it does not distract from text.


Nancy Drew 1 Secret Shadow RanchArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 2 The Mystery ..99 stepsArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 3 Mystery at the Ski jumpArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 4 Spider Sapphire MysteryArmada£2.00vg1983
Nancy Drew 5 tcit Crossword CipherArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 6 Quest Missing LampArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 7 tcit Old StagecoachArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 8 tcot Brocken LocketArmada£2.00vg1980
Nancy Drew 9 Message…Hollow OakArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 10 The Inviible IntruderArmada£2.00vg1980
Nancy Drew 11 Ghost of Blackwood HallArmada£2.00vg1983
Nancy Drew 13 The Bungalow MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 14 The Whispering StatueArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 16 tcot dancing PuppetArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 17 tcot tapping HeelsArmada£2.00vg1983
Nancy Drew 18 tcit Crumbling WallArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 19 mystery Tolling BellArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 22 Scarlet Slipper MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 24 Secret…Old AtticArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 25 The Ringmasters SecretArmada£2.00vg1982
Nancy Drew 26 Nancy’s Mysterious LetterArmada£2.00vg1983
Nancy Drew 28 Mystery Fire DragonArmada£2.00vg1983
Nancy Drew 36 Moonstone castle MysteryArmada£2.00vg1985

Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

The price is per book through the post please specify the title you are interested in. Please email me if you want more that one title and I can discount the P&P that is included in the price below for UK post.


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