Lin Carter


The Man Without A Planet DOUBLEAce US£3.00vg
The Warrior of Worlds EndDaw£2.50f1974
Thongor of LemuriaAce US£2.50vg
Hurok of the Stone AgeDaw£5.00vg+1981
The Enchantress of Worlds EndDaw£5.00vg+1975
The Immortal of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1976
The Barbarian of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1977
The Valley Where Time Stood StillPopular Library£4.00vg+1976
Sky Pirates of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Black Legion of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Mad Empress of CallistoDell£5.00vg+1975
The Quest of KadjiFive Star£2.50vg1973
Giant of Worlds EndFive Star£2.50vg+1972
Thongor at the End of TimeWarner£4.00vg+1979
Tower at the Edge of TimeBelmont£4.00vg+1972
Flashing Swords 1Mayflower£2.50vg1974

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