Collins White Circle

I don’t know if Collins were trying to copy the Penguin with these lack of imagination covers, made even more sad when you see the Canadian covers on the same book.


Walsh JMKing’s MessengerWhite Circle£2.50vg1936
Hornsey DennisThe Pilot Walked HomeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryWhite Circle£2.50vg
Farjeon J JeffersonThe House of ShadowsWhite Circle£2.50vg
Blake Nicholastcot Abominable SnowmanWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideWhite Circle£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndWhite Circle£2.50vg
Dawson PeterStagline FeudWhite Circle£2.00vg
Christie AgathaOne, Two, Buckle my ShoeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Robertson FCThe Noose Hangs HighWhite Circle£2.50vg
Fox NormanSilent in the SaddleWhite Circle£2.50g
Gregory JacksonBorder LineWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsWhite Circle£2.50vg-
Dawson PeterLong RideWhite Circle£2.50vg
Dawson PeterBattle RoyalWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunWhite Circle£5.00f
Robertson FCQuicker on the DrawWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they Ask Evans?White Circle£5.00f
Marshall GaryDown Mexico WayWhite Circle£1.50vg
Christie AgathaPartner’s in CrimeWhite Circle£5.00f
Cheyney PeterDangerous CurvesWhite Circle£2.50vg
Stout RexThe Broken VaseWhite Circle£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodWhite Circle£5.00f
Cheyney PeterYou Can Always DuckWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterIt Couldn’t Matter LessWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterI’ll Say she DoesWhite Circle£5.00f
Cheyney PeterDark HeroWhite Circle£2.50vg
White Ethel LinaHer Heart in Her ThroatWhite Circle£2.50vg-1947
Cheyney PeterDark InterludeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterDark DuetWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterMister Caution, Mister CallaghanWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterPoison IvyWhite Circle£2.50vg1952
Cheyney PeterDark WantonWhite Circle£2.50vg
Anthony NormanHow to Grow Old DisgracefullyWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterAnother Little DrinkWhite Circle£2.50vg
Cheyney PeterSinister ErrandWhite Circle£5.00f
Ashton HelenYeoman’s HospitalWhite Circle£2.50vg1946
Berkeley GrayKiller ConquestWhite Circle£2.50vg
Macaulay RoseGoing AbroadWhite Circle£2.50vg
Elton LordIt Occurs to MeWhite Circle£2.50vg

White Circle book priced at £2.50 above – Specify what book

Through the post to UK address


White Circle book priced at £5.00 above – Specify what book

Posted to any UK home



Out Goes She – Rex Stout

Collins White Circle. Undated but I would guess 50’s. Unfortunate booksellers label on front cover (see photo) on what is otherwise near fine copy. I have not tried to lift it. Through post to UK address


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