Confessions of A – Window Cleaner/Driving Instructor/Holiday Camp

I have to admit, though well aware of the genre, both in film and book I can’t remember watching or reading any of the series. I could be unfair to either Tim Lea, or Benny Hill to put them in the same category. Bit today I think they make a “jokey” gift for window cleaners or driving instructors.

Confessions ; Window Cleaner / Driving Instructor/ Holiday Camp / See List by Timothy Lea

Sphere paperback Please specify which title titillates you fancy. The price is for one book delivered to your door in a plain brown paper wrapper to any UK location.



Lea TimothyConfessions from a Holiday CampSphere£2.50vg1973rep
Lea TimothyConfessions From a HotelSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Driving InstructorSphere£2.50vg1972rep
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Window CleanerSphere£2.50vg1973rep
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Film ExtraSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Traveling SalesmanSphere£2.50vg+19731st

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