BIGGLES * GIMLET * KING – Captain W E Johns


Johns WEBiggles Air CommadoreArmada£5.001st
Johns WEBiggles and the Black MaskKnight£2.50vg
Johns WEBiggles and the Black RaiderArmada£3.00vg19701st
Johns WEBiggles and the Dark IntruderKnight£3.50vg19671st
Johns WEBiggles and the Plot that FailedKnight£2.50vg
Johns WEBiggles Breaks the SilenceKnight£2.50vg19831st
Johns WEBiggles Defies the SwastikaArmada£5.00vg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Goes to WarArmada£2.50vg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Hits the TrailArmada£2.50vgr
Johns WEBiggles Hunts Big GameArmada£4.00vg1983r
Johns WEBiggles in the BalticArmada£5.00vg19631st
Johns WEBiggles in the TeraiKnight£2.00vg19681st
Johns WEBiggles Learns to FlyArmada£4.00vg-
Johns WEBiggles’ Second CaseH&S£3.50vg1st
Johns WEBiggles Sorts it outKnight£2.50vg+1961
Johns WEBiggles The Rescue FlightArmada£2.50vg19621st
Johns WEBiggles Works it OutKnight£2.50vg19841st
Johns WEGimlet Bores InArmadaSOLDvg+19641st
Johns WEGimlet Comes HomeArmadaSOLDvg19641st
Johns WEGimlet Goes AgainArmadaSOLDvg19631st
Johns WEGimlet Mops UpArmadaSOLDvg
Johns WEGimlet Off the MapArmadaSOLDvg19641st
Johns WEGimlet Takes a JobArmadaSOLDvg19631st
Johns WEGimlet’s Oriental QuestArmadaSOLDvg
Johns WEKing of the CommandosArmada£5.00vg19631st
Johns WEKings of SpacePiccolo£2.50vg-
Johns WENo Rest for BigglesArmada£5.00vg+19631st
Johns WEReturn to MarsScholastic£2.00vg1980
Johns WESegeant Bigglesworth C.I.D.H&S£4.00vg+19542nd

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

I haven’t stock checked all of the above, when I do some of the prices will go up.


Biggles and the Rescue Flight – Captain W E Johns

Red Fox – Fine


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