Harrison GBA Book of English PoetryPelican£2.50vg19455th
Bagley & RowleyA Documentry History of England Vol I 1066-1540Pelican£2.50vg19661st
Pelling HenryA History of British Trade UnionismPelican£2.50vg1967rep
Spear PercivalA History of IndiaPelican£2.50vg19651st
Mackie J DA History of ScotlandPelican£2.50vg+19693rd
Fordham FriedaAn Introduction to Jung’s PsychologyPelican£2.50vg+19531st
Cook StaneyAn Introduction to the BiblePelican£2.50vg19523rd
Neill StephenAnglicanismPelican£2.50vg19653rd
KritzeckAnthology of Islamic LiteraturePelican£2.50f19641st
Wheeler MortimerArchaeology from the EarthPelican£2.00vg19561st
Haskell ArnoldBalletPelican£2.50vg19383rd
Haskell ArnoldBalletPelican£2.50vg+1955
Winbolt SEBritain Under the RomansPelican£2.50vg19451st
Giles FTChidren and the LawPelican£2.00vg19591st
Hutchinson JCommon Wild FlowersPelican£2.00vg19482nd
Betram AnthonyDesignPelican£2.00vg19433rd
Wooley LeonardDigging up the PastPelican£2.00vg19492nd
Hadfield JADreams and NightmaresPelican£2.00vg19541st
Lloyd SetonEarly AnatoliaPelican£2.50vg19561st
Cecil DavidEarly Victorian NovelistsPelican£2.00vg19481st
Jackson & MarsdonEducation and the Working ClassPelican£2.50vg1972
Myers AREngland in the Late Middle Ages (1307-1536)Pelican£2.00vg19532nd
Aitken James (ed)English Letters of the XIX CenturyPelican£2.50vg+19461st
Aitkin EditerEnglish Letters of the XIX CenturyPelican£2.50vg19461st
Aitkin EditerEnglish Letters of the XVIII CenturyPelican£2.50vg19461st
Newton EricEuropean Painting and SculpturePelican£2.00vg19411st
Read JohnExplosivesPelican£2.50vg1st
Lloyd SetonFoundations in the DustPelican£2.00vg19551st
Cole J PGeography of World AffairsPelican£2.50vg1965
Truman AEGeology and SceneryPelican£2.00vg19522nd
Fearnsides & BulmanGeology in the Service of ManPelican£2.00vg19502nd
Hubberd CEGrassesPelican£2.00vg19541st
Chesser EustaceGrow Up – And LivePelican£2.50vg+19491st
Halevy ElieHistory of the English People 1895-1905 Book 3Pelican£2.50vg/vg19401st
Bullock AlanHitler a study in tyrannyPelican£2.50vg19685th
West DJHomosexualityPelican£3.00vg19601st
Harrison G BIntroducing ShakespearePelican£2.50vg1948
Hatfield H StaffordInventions & their use in Science TodayPelican£2.5019401st
Rubinstein RonaldJohn Citizen and the LawPelican£2.50vg19656th
Ure Percy NevilleJustinian and his AgePelican£1.00vg-19511st
Bennett ArnoldLiterary TastePelican£2.50vg19381st
Bacharach ALLives of the Great Composers Vol 3Pelican£2.50vg19431st
Bacharach EdLives of the Great Composers Vol IPelican£2.00vg-19473rd
Alexander & StreetMetals in the Service of ManPelican£2.00vg19492nd
Nicol HughMicrobes by the MillionPelican£2.50vg19391st
Hutchinson JMore Common Wild FlowersPelican£2.00vg19481st
Lambert ConstantMusic Ho!Pelican£2.50vg19481st
Blom EricMusic in EnglandPelican£2.50vg19432nd
Treble EditorNarrative Poems of the late XIX CenturyPelican£2.50vg19431st
Stapledon OlafPhilosophy and Living vol 2Pelican£2.00vg19391st
Rosenthal ErnstPottery and CeramicsPelican£2.50vg+19491st
Piggott StuartPrehistoric IndiaPelican£2.50vg/vg19501st
West RanyardPsychoilogy and World OrderPelican£2.50vg+19451st
Neale J EQueen Elizabeth IPelican£2.50
Richmond IARoman Britain History of England Vol 1Pelican£2.50f1966rep
Not NamedScience and the NationPelican£2.50
Walker & FletcherSex & SocietyPelican£2.50vg19551st
Vaillant GCThe Aztecs of MexicoPelican£2.50
Whitlock DorothyThe Beginnings of English Society HofE vol 2Pelican£2.50vg1966rep
Roberts EditorThe Centuries’ Poets 4: Hood to HardyPelican£1.00vg1945rep
RobertsThe Century’s Poetry Vol IPelican£2.50vg19402nd
Roberts CompilerThe Century’s Poetry vol IPelican£2.50vg/vg19381st
Allegro JMThe Dead Sea ScrollsPelican£2.00vg19562nd
Jackson HolbrookThe Eighteen NinetiesPelican£2.50f19391st
Allen WalterThe English NovelPelican£2.50vg19581st
Graves RobertThe Greek MythsPelican£2.50vg+19604th
Graves RobertThe Greek MythsPelican£2.50
Kitto HDFThe GreeksPelican£2.50vg1952rep
Barnett AnthonyThe Human SpeciesPelican£0.00
BellThe Letters of Gertrude Bell (2)Pelican£2.50g/vg19391st
Watson GeorgeThe Literary CriticsPelican£2.50vg1968
Cunliffe MarcusThe Literature of the United StatesPelican£2.50vg19614th
Valentine CWThe Normal ChildPelican£2.50
Fox H MunroThe Personality of AnimalsPelican£2.00vg19401st
Mottram VHThe Physical Basis of PersonalityPelican£2.00vg19493rd
Mottram VHThe Physical Basis of Personality new edPelican£2.00vg19522nd
Cole SoniaThe Prehistory of East AfricaPelican£2.50vg19541st
SandstromThe Psychology of Childhood & AdolescencePelican£2.50vg1974
Bromley DBThe Psychology of Human AgeingPelican£2.50vg1975
Schwarz OswodThe Psychology of SexPelican£2.00vg19586th
Archer PeterThe Queen’s CourtsPelican£2.50vg+19561st
Williams Ed.The Readers GuidePelican£2.00vg19612nd
Cook StanleyThe Rebirth of ChristianityPelican£2.50vg19421st
Mann & PirieThe Science of SeeingPelican£2.50vg/vg19502nd
Shanks MichaelThe Stagnent SocietyPelican£1.00vg+19611st
Waddell HelenThe Wandering ScholarsPelican£2.50vg19541st
Stebbing L SusanThinking to Some PurposePelican£2.00vg19422nd
Hamilton editerVenture to the ArcticPelican£2.50vg+19581st
Fry RogerVision and DesignPelican£2.50vg19612nd
Solomon AKWhy Smash AtomsPelican£2.50vg19451st
Bronowski JWilliam BlakePelican£4.00vg19541st

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