Victorian & Leather Bindings

Home Words 1878 1881 1882 & 1883

Home Words 1878. 1881, 1882, & 1883

No idea where ’79 and ’80 got to. This is a 1,136 page volume. a crack starting on hinge otherwise vg+. Well illustrated, especially if you are into “vicars”, or sentimentality. But there are some interesting articles, there just had to be with 1,136 pages. This is a very heavy book (9″ X 7″ X nearly 3″) if you can make it to the shop it can be yours for £20, but if you wish me to post it (to UK address) £25


Just a selection of some of the illustrations, may not rock your boat but I am a great fan of engravings. I think the early photographs used in popular publications in the 20th century were a backward step.

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